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‘U Can’t Touch This’ by MC Hammer Essay Example [1388 Words]

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MC Hammer released his track ‘U Can’t Touch This’ in January 1990 before releasing his third album Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt Em. This paper reviews the hit single as it delves into its Merriam Function and the views three separate people had on it.

MC Hammer, a popular hip-hop and pop-rap artist released his song ‘U Can’t Touch This’ (Burrell, James, & Miller, 1990)which went onto become his most successful single. Receiving five nominations, winning two awards and reaching the top of the charts in multiple countries, the song is still remembered today by many and is considered by me to be good music. The song was written by Stanley Kirk Burrell, Rick James, and Alonzo Miller and performed by Stanley Kirk Burrell, commonly known as MC Hammer. The beat of the song encourages any person to get up off their chair and dance to its hip-hop rhythm.

The song’s melody is simple with MC Hammer singing the same lines repeatedly. It mainly uses computer generated beats and a bass guitar. The song does not make use of acoustic instruments such as a guitar or piano. The melody of the song offers little variation and instead repeats the same riff throughout the recording. The riff used is the same as that in ‘Super Freak’, a signature single by Rick James, However, three times during the song an electric melody is introduced for a few seconds always to serve as a dance interval. MC Hammer also incorporates the use of human voices as a harmony to the melody. The song is four minutes and sixteen seconds in length.

In 1964, Merriam A. P created Merriam’s Functions of Music. These are ten ways or functions that a person engages with the music in a culture or society (Schubert, 2009). Music can serve as a stimulant or means of emotional expression. This is one of the biggest ways music is used commercially in areas like movie soundtracks. Music could also serve the purpose of communication or enforce conformity to social norms. This is especially used in classrooms to educate children on social etiquette or to reinforce values held by the community.

Thirdly, music could serve as aesthetic enjoyment or entertainment. These two functions relate to MC Hammer’s song that offers entertainment to the listeners in the form of the witty lines MC Hammer raps. An additional function that music serves, which also applies to this song, is a physical response. A song can be used to encourage people to physically move in a specific way such as an upbeat song encouraging a runner to run faster. ‘U Can’t Touch This’ is an upbeat song that invites the listener to move and dance. This call to dance is clearly reflected in the line MC Hammer raps “Dance to this…” Through the music video, MC Hammer even created a specific dance move. For those that viewed the video, the song may evoke the desire to perform that dance move.

Different Points Of View on the Hit Single

The first person to listen to the song was my father. Immediately upon hearing the song, his eyes light up as the familiar tune played, a tune he liked. The song reminded him of ‘them days’ when he younger in university and it brought back fond memories. He noted that in the late 1980s and throughout the1990s, the hip-hop and rap music scene was being transformed with the likes of N.W.A. At that time, hip-hop had a meaning and served the function of emotional expression and communicating the harsh reality many people experienced in the ghetto. However, with MC Hammer, his music served for entertainment and had a light tone compared to some of the heavy reality-filled hip-hop songs of that time. He was not the only artist to release more carefree hip-hop jams but he was definitely one of the most popular. One of the most distinctive features of this tune that stood out for my father was the beat. The type of beats created virtually and used in this song is no longer used presently. In fact, the beat immediately allows one to place the song in the 1990’s as it was the type of beat was commonly used then. Another feature that made the song so enjoyable to my father was the lyrics. The lyrics use the slang and jargon of that time making it easy for my father to relate and understand what MC Hammer was trying to say. For a listener like myself, I wouldn’t be able to fully understand their meaning.

This was also stated by the second person, a friend of my age. They too struggled to grasp the full meaning of the lyrics and understand what MC Hammer was trying to talk about in every line. However, they understood the general message of the song; MC Hammer is rapping about his talent and stellar ability to create music and then perform it. From the lyrics “You talking about the Hammer you talking about a show” to “… let me bust the funky lyrics”, MC Hammer was clearly setting a self-admiring tone to the song. One interesting function that my friend noted was symbolic representation. The song stands a symbol of the 1990s and the rhythm of that time. Referring to the song as a ‘throwback’ my friend went on to explain that it was an old-school song that represents her parent’s generation and that era. A melodic feature that stood out for my friend was the electric harmony previously mentioned. It’s played three times through the song and my friend found all three times annoying. Instead of the sound encouraging her to move or dance, it irritated her. The song, in general, was tolerable but she didn’t enjoy it. She didn’t like the song but recognized it as a hit of its time. She agreed with the first person’s view that the song also serves the Merriam function of entertainment but disagreed on its function of physical response. It didn’t serve that function for her and didn’t make her want to get up and move.

The third and last person to listen to the song was a male friend my age. He heard the song and immediately got up to dance and do the popular dance move. Throughout the song, he continued to dance to the beat as he sang along to some of the lyrics he knew. This song wasn’t new to him as his uncle would constantly play and dance to it when he was younger. For him, the song served the functions of emotional expression, entertainment, physical response, and communication. The emotional expression came from the memories of childhood it invoked and the emotion of happiness it brought out. Entertainment came out from the enjoyable tune and how pleasant it was to him to listen to the tune. The physical response was due to all dancing and how the song made him feel like moving. Lastly, the function of communication came from the lyrics of the song. This friend had a clearer understanding of the lyrics and this may be due to the fact that he had the reference of his uncle to ask for explanations and meanings. What stood out the most for him in this song was the popular phrase “can’t touch this” where MC Hammer refers to himself as being too talented to be competed with. This friend agreed that the song is good music and thoroughly enjoyed the track.

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The song ‘U Can’t Touch This’ was written by Stanley Kirk Burrell, Rick James and Alonzo Miller and performed by Stanley Kirk Burrell also known as MC Hammer. Released in 1990, the song was a big hit that was recognized internationally and is what I consider to be good music. The views offered from the three parties are varying in nature. Two agreed that the song is good music and they both enjoyed listening to it. In both, it invoked dancing and participation. The third view, however, was differing and the person thought the tune annoying and old. They struggled to relate to it and didn’t enjoy the song or think it good music. However, if going with the majority, the song can be concluded to be good music and all parties involved definitely agreed that it is a memorable tune.

MC Hammer – U Can't Touch This (Remix) (1990, Vinyl)

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AU Can't Touch This (Video Mix)4:06
B1U Can't Touch This (LP Version)4:16
B2It's Gone3:54

  • Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Capitol Records, Inc.
  • Co-producer – Felton Pilot*, James Early* (tracks: A, B1)
  • Executive-Producer – Big Louis Burrell*, M.C. Hammer*, Scott Folks
  • Producer – M.C. Hammer*
  • Written-By – Miller* (tracks: A, B1), M.C. Hammer*, James* (tracks: A, B1)

EMI boxed (non-ink stamped / embossed) appear on the back cover.

5'' Maxi-CD 560-20 3990 2
12'' Maxi-Single 060-20 3925 6
5'' Maxi-CD 560-20 3925 2
Single 006-20 3925 7

℗ 1988 Capitol Records, Inc.
℗ 1990 Capitol Records, Inc.

Made in EEC

  • Barcode (Text): 5 099920 399061
  • Barcode (Scanned EAN): 5099920399061
  • Label Code: LC 0148
  • Rights Society (Boxed): BIEM
  • Rights Society (Boxed): GEMA
  • Matrix / Runout (On labels side A): 060-20 3990 6 A
  • Matrix / Runout (On labels side A): 060-20 3990 6 B
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A, stamped variant 1): 2039906-A2
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B, stamped variant 1): 2039906-B2
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A, stamped variant 2): 2039906-A1
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B, stamped variant 2): 2039906-B1

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Lyrics and lyrics MC Hammer

You can't touch this (Repeat 5x)

My, my, my music hits me so hard,
Makes me say: my lord! Thank you for bless me touch

I told you homeboy (You can't touch this)
Yeah, this is how we live and you know (You can't touch this)
Look at my eyes, man (You can't touch this)
Hey, let me bust a funky text (You can't touch this)

Fresh new beats, advance
You gotta so, now you know you wanna dance
So move, outta your place
And get a fly girl and catch that rhythm
While it's rolling, hold on
Pump a little and let 'em know what's going on
Like that, like
Cold on a mission so drop 'em back
Let them know you're too much
And that beat, uh, you can't touch

Hey I told you (You can't touch that)
Why are you standing, man? (You can't touch it)
Yo, the bell is ringing, the school is in, sucka (You can't touch it)

Give me a song, or a rhythm
Make 'em sweat, that's what I give 'em,
Now they know ,
You talk about Hammer you talk show
It's cheating, and tight
Singers sweat so pass them a wipe
Or a tape to find out
What will it take in the 90s to burn
Charts ? Legit
Either work hard or you might as well quit

That word because you know. ..

You can't touch it (Repeat 3x)

Smash it! (Music breaks) Stop, hammer time!

Go with the funk, he said
That if you can't groove to this, then you're probably dead
So swing your arms in the air
Bust a few moves, funny fingers in your hair
This is it, for the winner
Dance on it and you'll get thinner
Move, slide backwards
Just for everyone a minute let's do a kick, kick, kick

Yeah. .. (You can't touch this)
Look, man (You can't touch this)
You better hype, boy, 'cause you know (You can't touch this)
Ring back ring, school's in (You can't touch this)

Smash it! (Crazy bridge) Stop, Hammer time!

You can't touch it (repeated 4x)

Smash it! (Nice pants, Hammer) Stop, Hammer time!

Every time you see me
Just so the hammer hype
I'm dope on the floor and I'm magic on the mic
Now why would I ever stop doing this?
Make records with others that just don't hit
I've toured all over the world, from London to Bay
It's Hammer, go Hammer, MC Hammer, yo Hammer
And the rest can go and play

You can't touch this (Repeat 8x)

Apartment, room. Sofa. A table covered with long green leaves. A woman is sitting on the couch, next to her is her son. Both chew leaves. Arabic music sounds. The son crawls up to the woman, slowly unbuttons her jacket, removes a scarf from his neck, ties it around the woman's head, gets up, and slowly begins to dance an Arabic dance. Without a jacket, the woman finds herself in a bright golden bra. She gets up and starts dancing with her son. The music gets louder, the woman is belly dancing, the son plays her slave. Police officers in masks run into the room, they shout something, but no one hears them, one of the policemen approaches the CD player and turns it off.

Police officer. I'm sorry, you can't hear me at all!

Woman. Oh! What?

Policeman. Your music is... loud, they called us, asked to check - your neighbors are afraid... that it is too loud!

Woman. What's the matter, it's my son's birthday, we don't have the right to listen to music? What confuses you?

Police officer. This music... interferes! The neighbors are worried!

Woman. Who bothers? Who has the right to call, worry about me?! I don’t understand, I don’t call, although you know how much I care?

Police officer. Well, don't call in vain... May I have your documents?

Woman and son submit documents to the police.

Police officer. Who lives in this apartment?

Woman. Me and my son, also my husband, but he is not here yet!

The policeman checks the documents. The son sits down.

Police officer. Stand up and never sit like that!

Son. What's wrong?

Police officer. What's wrong?.. you know who sits like that? In the mountain villages they sit like that... they came to us in large numbers, taught us their rules, habits... sit on the sofa like a real European, what are you, like I don’t know who. .. (The policeman hands over the documents to the woman.) documents...

The police take off their masks.

Police officer. Is it your birthday?

Son. I have!

Police officer. Congratulations!

They are about to leave. Stops at the table.

Police officer. What is this?

Woman. This... this is such a herb... Iranian salad!

The police put on masks.

Policeman. What kind of salad?

Son. Not Iranian... he is from...

Police officer. Is he from?.. (There is a pause, no one wants to answer.) So! What kind of grass, I ask, who brought it and from where?

Comes, tries the grass, tries some more. The rest of the police also come up to the table, start chewing grass.

Son. These are coca leaves... from Bolivia...

Police officer. Yes? Delicious, just like a salad! Is there mayonnaise?

Woman. Yes... just a minute... (Goes out for mayonnaise.)

Police officer. What's the difference between you?

Son. With whom?

Police officer. With mom...

Son. Five years... she is not my own...

Police officer. Aaaa. Well done! There is no dad, it's your birthday ... mom is not native, mom is young, - well done! What are you up to, handsome? Bolivia is not Iran, relax... well, what's the problem?

Son. Who?

Police officer. At your school! Or are you already done?

Son. I'm cumming... this year...

Mom comes in, brings a jar of mayonnaise.

Woman. Here... mayonnaise...

Police officer. So... (Takes mayonnaise, dips salad in it, eats.) I don't envy your son!

Woman. Look, he's still young, he didn't know, we just thought it was more profitable...

Police officer. No, it's not profitable to be young now! Especially finishing school ... what can modern society offer him? Nothing... All this upbringing, growing up... family! What is the point of educating if everyone dies anyway? Why such costs to society? And no one can really answer why they are educated ... I grew up, you know, under what regime? Under totalitarian! In one European country, Eastern European ... (The rest of the masked police officers squat down, chew grass). That's where the upbringing was, yes! Everyone clearly knew that they would die and nothing else would happen, so they told everyone from school, they didn’t cheat like now ... And you know, the result was! No one turned out to be a villain, although it is amazing, they inspired us that there is no God! And the villains did not work! How to explain it? BUT? I don't want to pronounce the name of my homeland. .. I left there a long time ago, as soon as the totalitarian regime fell, I immediately left... But sometimes I remember... I think that's where we were taught to believe, for real! Because you can believe in what is not, in what is, you cannot believe! Everything was clearly explained there: what is and what is not. In our country, you know, meat was sold only on holidays ... it was so convenient to control everyone! What a holiday - they all gathered in one store, in a long line and stood ... for meat ... and you couldn’t have your own meat, I mean cattle - a pig, for example ... they could even be shot, if only found out that you were keeping a pig... But everyone, of course, kept... they were terribly afraid, but they kept... And now the most crucial moment came when this pig grew up and it was time to slaughter it! Everyone suspected that the neighbors might report that you were keeping a pig... so you had to kill quietly so that it would not squeal! They could hear and call the police . .. A pig, you know how it squeals when you cut it? Where did you ... of course, you don’t know! (Starts to squeal, his colleagues pick up his squeal, he begins to conduct them, stops everyone with a sharp wave of his hand.) How to kill a pig?! It was the most important question! But even if you managed to get your own meat, you still had to go to the store and stand in line ... because if you suddenly don’t come, everyone will think that you have meat, which means you kept a pig and quietly it .. ... we had to go and stand ... I think that everyone had their own meat ... they were only afraid, they went ... to stand ... so that all together ... Now we have the same masquerade begins, only already don't leave... where? All countries are now in one place... (slaps his ass) everywhere is the same...

Arabic music plays, the policemen and the woman begin to dance. Jon enters. He is holding a gorilla by the hand.

Woman. Oh! Finally!

Jon. Why is the door broken? What's going on here?!

Woman. We have police!

Jon. Yes... What happened?

Woman. It's your son's birthday! What is this?..

The music turns off, everyone looks at the gorilla.

Jon. It's Arthur!

Woman. Arthur? Where?

Jon. From the zoo... I bought... we'll have to sell a lot... the animals are terribly expensive... so far I've only been able to buy a gorilla...

Woman. Is he a gorilla?

Jon. Yes...

Woman. Is this a gift?

Jon. To whom?

Woman. Well, it's your son's birthday!

Jon. Ah... no, it's for my boat...

Woman. For what?

Jon. Well, the one I won against Lays, remember. ..

Woman. Are you serious?

Jon. Yes!

Police officer. Did you win the lottery?

Jon. No, it wasn't exactly a lottery... and you?..

Police officer. I checked your wife, I'm from the police!

Jon. Uh... are you all right?

Police officer. Yes!

Jon. Why don't you leave?

Police officer. It's your son's birthday, we made friends, he invited me... here... a salad... (Hands the grass to the man.) And Arthur should like it... (Gives the grass to Arthur.)

Woman. Listen, you... how far have you gone, who did you bring into the house?! What is a gorilla?!

Jon. Crocodile is generally unbearable...

Police officer. You mean by weight?

Jon. No, for the money... I never thought that crocodiles are so expensive... but what can I do...

Police officer. Yes... what to do?

Jon. You still have to buy, you can't do without a crocodile... I'll sell the car!

Woman. Are you thinking about your son? How can I take him to school?

Jon. I just think about him... and in general... about everyone. It will rain and everyone will die! I must collect animals, people on this boat, and we will be saved! If it wasn't like that, I wouldn't have won!

Son. Dad... maybe it all just happened... well, imagine, you really believe that everyone will die, you alone on your boat will be saved?

Jon. You will be saved too, I will take you with me... and mother...

Son. Mom?

Jon. That's her, I mean...

Son. And mother?

Jon. She... you know, she's so passionate about her theater... I wanted to call her, I really did... I feel so bad... I don't even know, I was never ready for a situation where you need to understand what I want... who do I want to take with me... I feel so bad... Everything that I was so attached to is really worthless... I really believed that it was all for nothing and maybe the rain will really flood it all!

Son. Dad, right now, not then, right now, what kind of flood? Everyone will survive, so we will not be destroyed ...

Police officer. No, young man, you're wrong... (Dips grass in mayonnaise, feeds Arthur.) Theoretically, if water starts pouring, typhoons will start. And what is around us - nuclear power plants, military bases ... how everything will fly into the air ... nature is not controllable ... sometimes this happens, I spent a day in Frankfurt this year, in this smelly airport with the Chinese . .. snow fell out, and everything is a disaster! In Germany, after all, how is it - the working day is over, everyone is at home, and no one cares that you are sitting and waiting for your plane, if you want - go yourself and clear the runway ... but what about nature ?! People are so crazy right now... they can make such a flood without any outside help! Here in "British Airways" just such "peppers" work! Either their cooks go on strike, or the pilots get drunk ... but we suffer ... ordinary passengers ... and most importantly, they can’t prove anything to them, wrapping themselves in their English burqas and mumbling: “Thank you for your cooperation,” and why thank me , I am a simple passenger, I suffer! No, I believe in the end of the world ... only, of course, you can't escape on a boat!

Jon. But Noah escaped...

Police officer. Ha, there was no British Airways back then!

Woman. Listen, what kind of Noah are you? Who gave it to you? Crisps? You know how many people win the lottery, but no one has gone crazy after that!

Police officer. No, why... It happens... I once... won a watch at Pepsi-Cola... I was so happy that I couldn't be upset for a long time, I deliberately provoked such situations in order to be upset, to fall into another state ... and could not, I can imagine what happens to people if they win a yacht!

Two men in identical raincoats enter the room.

First man. Forgive you openly...

Second man. We won't interfere?

Jon. The door, yes, we have an unpleasant case ... listen, what kind of grass, I don’t understand anything ...

Police officer. And I'm the opposite, and everything is so clear in my head!

The first man in a raincoat opens a case, takes out a folder, from the folder a file with a letter.

First man. Belorechenskaya street, house seventeen?

Jon. Yes...

First man. Is this your letter? (Gives the man a file with a letter.)

Jon. Yes, my... are you from Lays?

Second man. Yes, we are from Lays... You must have a winning chip...

Jon. Yes, I have it... (Takes out a chip from his pocket). I did everything by the rules, didn't I? I sent a letter with the package number... And I have to give the winning chip to the representatives of the company...

Second man. Yes, that's right...

First man. Let's chip!

Stretches out his hand.

Jon. In the presence of a notary!

Clenches the chip in his fist.

First man. Could we talk in private?

Jon. We can go to another room...

Woman. I won't let you go anywhere, speak here, I want to hear it, what are you inventing, that then people go crazy over your lotteries!

Second man. Is it just your family here?

Woman. Yes, only our family is here, but what's the matter, what do you want to tell us?

Policeman (holds out a handful of grass to the men). Help yourself!

Men take grass.

First man (speaking to a colleague). Can?

Second man. Yes, I think so...

First man. You see, the company is going through hard times now... Sales are falling...

Second man (trying grass). Of course, we come up with new flavors... with greens, for example...

First man. But still, even compared to last year...

Second man. In general, we don't even make a profit anymore... Especially, you know, these cheap chips from Eastern Europe...

First man. They fry four times in the same oil...

Second man. And their additives!

First man. What about the quality of potato starch?!

Second man. What can I say, okay...

First man. In general, we came up with this lottery to increase sales ...

Second man. Marketers assured that the chance to win is minimal, and we will not lose anything!

First man. We, of course, could not put anything in the pack at all, we are strictly checked ...

Second man. But since it all worked out...

First man. We want to show the estimate... (takes out a table from the case) so everything is listed here point by point, how much you will need to spend...

Jon. What?!

Second man. To litigate with "Lays"... You see, you will have to hire lawyers, we will appeal the verdict anyway, that is, we will work to delay the process, and given that a good lawyer takes from the moment you open the door of his office, you will spend just the cost of the yacht that we cannot give you. ..

Jon, Woman, Son, Policeman. How can we not?

First man. Because we don't have it...

Second man. And no money to buy it...

First man. But there is another option!

Second man. Yes... I have a nice... motorboat... sports... we bought it in better times... back then we even had money to pay MC Hammer to sing the promotional song "Lays" ...

First man. Remember this... he's a rapper, remember?

Second man. Tra-ta-ta ta-ta, Kent touch sis! Tra-ta-ta ta-ta, Kent touch sis!.. Tra...

First man. In general! (Interrupts colleague.) We've already brought it to you... put it in the yard... now it's up to you...

Police officer. Agree! I tell you the truth, otherwise you won’t get anything and you’ll exhaust all your nerves in the courts, you know how long I’ve been waiting for these hours from Pepsi-Cola! And I didn’t wait, you are still lucky that they offer at least something . ..

Jon. How?! What are you?! I need a normal ... yacht, as shown on the chip! I need! You are not only against me, you are going against God!

First man. This is not an argument for us! Especially after crab flavored chips...

Second man. This boat is great, your whole family will fit, I just changed the motor, you know what speed it is picking up!

First man. You, most importantly, do not raise the stink in the newspapers ...

Second man. Here are the keys, agree...

First man. Of course we don't need a bad reputation! But she won’t spoil things for us too much ... so ...

Jon. And when I put animals on it, I'm going! We know how long to sit on it! Until the water subsides! No, you know, you... you are setting up all of humanity now! Unfortunate company!

First man. Yes, we are an unfortunate company. .. but what can we do... it's not our fault... how many new states have appeared now! And everyone with their chips climbs into the European Union ... there are not so many mouths on earth to gnaw them all!

Jon. There will be a flood, who can I save?

Second man. What flood?

Jon. World...

First man. So what? When?

Woman. Listen! Your worker told my husband to buy your chips! He told that the husband will win the yacht on which he will be saved, because he is the new Noah! This is how your advertising company turned against you! You need to think about what to say to employees!

First man. We didn't have such a development! Yes?

Second man. Yes... there was no such thing... Noah... and then so many Muslims buy our chips, do you really think that we will focus on this aspect in our advertising. .. Yes, and how so... do you really believed?

First man. Even if you believe, no one will believe you.

Arthur. Nobody believed Noah either! It's so natural. Only then no one believed that the world to which everyone was accustomed could be destroyed. And now everyone knows that this can happen at any second, and they are so used to it that no one will believe that you can save yourself in a boat! Yes, there will be a flood, and many more things can happen, for example, the earth can explode. Will you survive in this boat from the company "Lace"? But let's think, maybe we have another boat? Seventy percent of your body is water. And your water flows up and down you every day, giving rise to different feelings, thoughts. Sometimes your feelings drown you from the inside like a big wave, anger explodes in your body and devours you like a delicacy. It seems to me that there is no need to collect different animals, because all the animals are already inside you.

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