How did danzo get sharingan on his arm

How Did Danzo Get Sharingan On His Arm?

by Alex Leon

After the Uchiha massacre, Danzo took many of their Sharingans. And later he transplanted them in his arm. Implanting Sharingan is nothing new as we saw Kakashi with his friend’s eye implanted. However, Danzo had Sharingan in his arm as well. As he had a connection with Orochimaru, it is quite possible for him to do the transplantation for Danzo.

Danzo Shimura is perhaps the most hated character in the Naruto series. He is hated for his actions without a doubt. He is the reason behind Yahiko’s death. Which later triggered Nagato to turn evil and who later started hunting down the Tailed beasts.

He even tried to assassinate the 3rd Hokage once. And the national enemy Orochimaru was under his shelter. He had no shortage of bad doing under his name. Not to mention the Foundation which was a shadow organization similar to the Anbu Black Ops was also under his command. It was notoriously famous for cruelty and dirty jobs. He had numerous sharingan eyes in his arm. But how did danzo get sharingan? We will discuss that.

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As we all know, Sharingan is a Kekkei Genkai which is found only in Uchiha bloodline. Then the question is how did Danzo get them. Well, he at first ordered Itachi to massacre his entire clan. And after Itachi did that with Obito’s help, he collected all the Sharingan eyes he wanted.

It’s not like he ordered to kill them for their eyes. Rather he used that opportunity as he always does. Then again, maybe he had that intent. He’s Danzo after all, anything is possible for him.

He has the first Hokage Hashirama cell in his arm. That is how he could maintain and use those Sharingan eyes.

How Many Sharingan Does Danzo Have?

Danzo had 10 sharingan eyes in his right arm. And on his right eye, he transplanted Shisui’s sharingan. So in total, he had 11 sharingan eyes. 

The Uchiha clan members have a pair of Sharingan eyes. Kakashi had one sharingan given by his friend. And at the very end of the series, he got 2 sharingan eyes for a short period of time.

Did Danzo Have A Sharingan Before Shisui?

Danzo had Sharingan even before he fought Shisui. In the fight against Shisui, he used Izanagi and broke out of the Genjutsu. And it is clearly visible in the anime that his right eye becomes white just like it’s supposed to be after using Izanagi.

It was before the Uchiha massacre. So, he got it either from his teammate Kagami Uchiha or from any other Uchiha with the help of Orochimaru. As we all know, Orochimaru used to kidnap villagers and ran test on them. So, it’s not impossible.   

Why Didn’t Danzo Use Kotoamatsukami? 

Sharingan drains a lot of chakra. And those who aren’t from Uchiha cannot turn that off, it keeps draining chakra constantly. That is why Kakashi ran out of chakra quickly after he got the sharingan. Well, Danzo used Hashirama’s cell to cover that up. However, having or using 10/11 Sharingan is no joke. Even with that chakra boost, he couldn’t manage to use them efficiently. 

And Kotoamatsukami is a high-level Genjutsu that requires a lot of chakra and precision. With his chakra draining constantly and little mastery over Sharingan, Danzo couldn’t use Kotoamatskumi on Sasuke. If he could, he would have used that on Hiruzen to announce him the Hokage. 

Is Danzo An Uchiha?

No, Danzo is not an Uchiha. He belongs to the Shimura clan. There is no information about his Shimura clan in anime, manga, or databook. The only thing we get is his full name, which is Danzo Shimura. 

What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Danzo?

After the five Kage summit, Danzo was coming back to the village. Tobi intercepted him and took his bodyguard out in order to let Sasuke fight Danzo freely. Then Sasuke comes and starts fighting Danzo.

The fight between Danzo and Sasuke begins in 209th episode and it ends in 211th episode. So the fight lasts for 3 episodes.

To know more about danzo and his sharingan you can check this video:


Danzo got his sharingan from the dead Uchiha clan members after the Uchiha massacre. Also, he snatched one of Shisui Uchiha’s sharingan eyes. He implanted that in his eye. And even before doing that, he already had a sharingan. It could be from Kagami Uchiha or any other dead Uchiha from the village.

How Did Danzo get Sharingan? - Explained

in Naruto

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Danzo, the most hated character in the entire Naruto series. And yes, he deserves the hatred. Like seriously, what wrong didn’t Danzo do? We are not here to discuss all the evil things that Danzo did. The list would be pretty big, I can certainly assure you that.

We are here to let you know exactly how did Danzo get Sharingan.

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How Did Danzo get Sharingan?

Danzo before the Uchiha clan massacre

Orochimaru transplanted Sharingan in Danzo’s right eye. Orochimaru was always interested in the Sharingan and human experiments. So, it is possible for him to collect the Sharingan.

Another possible reason for Danzo having Sharingan in his right eye could be someone had given him the Sharingan.

As he was no Uchiha, so someone must have given it to him or he could just take it from someone.

a. Danzo took from his friend Kagami Uchiha by force:

It can very much be possible to be true. As vile as he is, betraying his own friend and snatch his eye, it is not impossible for him.

b. Kagami Uchiha gave his Sharingan to Danzo Shimura:

It is possible that Kagami himself gave his eyes to his friend. Earlier we came to know a similar incident in which Kakashi got his Sharingan.

How does Danzo have Sharingan on his arm?

During the fight against Sasuke, we saw him using those Sharingan. He used those Sharingan to cast Izanagi which is a forbidden visual Jutsu. Not only he had Sharingan in his hand, but he had a hand full of Sharingan in his arm.

Danzo’s Sharingan arm

Well, we all know Itachi, Sasuke’s elder brother slaughtered the entire clan. So, there was no shortage of Sharingan. There was plenty of Sharingan to have in an arm. While Obito himself stole a couple of dozen, Danzo had access to the Uchiha afterward and could’ve harvested the remaining eyes. This was before he was fired by Hiruzen.

Danzo has Sharingan on his arm because of the slaughter of the Uchiha clan and with the help of Orochimaru. Since Danzo cooperated with Orochimaru, it was likely that Orochimaru helps Danzo with his arm.

Danzo Sharingan arm abilities

Danzo showed only one of his borrowed Sharingan abilities. Izanagi. Izanagi literally means ‘He who invites’. In Naruto, Izanagi means the Fate changer. It is a Jutsu that the caster cast on himself to change his fate. Izanagi is more like a checkpoint in a game. Just like in the game, by this Jutsu, the caster can return to a certain checkpoint if he wants. But, that does cost him dearly though. The caster of Izanagi has to sacrifice one of his eyes.

Well, in Danzo’s case that was no problem though. As Danzo had multiple Sharingan in his right arm he could use them as he likes.

How many Sharingan does Danzo?

Danzo’s arm was implanted with ten Sharingan and was enhanced with the first Hokage Hashirama Senju’s DNA.

Is Danzo a Uchiha?

No, Danzo is not an Uchiha, he was able to use the Sharingan powers because he was using Hashirama cells. Danzo’s Sharingan was harvested from the victims of the Uchiha Massacre, which he himself helped organized.

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Why is Itachi holding his hand? - The official website of the Serdobsk TV channel

Why did Itachi wear his hand under his coat? Itachi had many defining physical characteristics. The lines he wore under his eyes, the Hidden Leaf's cut headband, and his nearly incessant Sharingan are all testament to his looks. But, even more intriguingly, his left arm is dangling from his Akatsuki Cloak. At some point during his journey, Itachi developed an unknown but fatal illness. While his days were constantly dwindling, he managed to keep his life alive with great determination, enduring at the very least the possibility of dying at Sasuke's hands in order to build up his strength for his next journey. Another popular theory is a bit more symbolic.

Why is Itachi pulling his hand out?

He also took Itachi's physical weakness as a symptom, in particular the position in which he pulled out his left arm and laid it to rest, as if on a leash. He suggested that Itachi was experiencing pain in the muscles of his shoulders and was using this position to alleviate it. The same applies to his weak stamina.

What did Itachi want from Izumi?

Itachi Shinden: Book of Bright Light Here, Itachi asked Izumi about her desire to become stronger. She explains her desire to become stronger in order to help others, inspired by her father's sacrifice, but a persistent Itachi insisted that she give up her resolve, causing her to cry and leave.

What is Itachi's strength?

He often enveloped shurikens in fire to increase his attack potential. Itachi was also proficient in Water Release and was capable of performing the Water Dragon Projectile Technique without any existing water source, as well as shaping water into a drill shape to strike an opponent from behind.

How did Itachi get the mangekyou?

Itachi Uchiha awakened his Mangekyō Sharingan after witnessing the suicide of his best friend Shisui Uchiha, shortly before the Uchiha Clan Massacre. With the help of his left Mangekyō, he was able to use Tsukuyomi, a very powerful genjutsu that warps the victim's time perception.

What disease does Naruto have?

The story is based on Naruto's illness with a strange illness, which, at one time, was picked up by the Sage of the Six Paths. This disease gradually takes away chakra and slowly deprives a person of strength until he dies. Learning about his illness, Naruto told about this problem only to a narrow circle of people.

Who is stronger Itachi or Madara?

So it became interesting to me, and which of them is now stronger? Let's check) Let's start with the advantages that they both have and because of which we have to take into account some nuances 1) They both have infinite chakra 2) They are both immortal Now let's analyze their abilities and Madara's advantages: 1) Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyo, Rinnegan 2) Mastery of Fire and Wind Release + Wood Release 3) Gunbai and Reflection Uchiha 4) Completed Susanno 5) Strong Genjutsu 6) Good speed 7) Good Intelligence 8) Colossal combat and military experience 9) Can absorb any chakra 10) Can create about 24 wood clones 11) Can distinguish between a clone and an original using WMS And now Itachi 1) Sharingan and Mangekyo 2) No side effects from using MSH 3) Incredible intelligence 4) Awesome speed 5 ) Excellent command of Fire and Water Elements 6) Very powerful genjutsu and skills to use it 7) Izanami and Koto-Amatsukami 8) Yato Mirror and Totsuka Blade 9) Little experience in the ANBU 10) Masterful use of shurikens and kunai 11) Shadow, Crow and Explosive Clones 12) Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi Now let's still compare both of them Speed: Based on the fight with Naruto in RSM and Killer B (who previously turned fresh Sasuke with MSH on easy into a sieve) in which Itachi countered all their attacks without any problems and dodging them, we can assume that he was extremely fast.

  • Madara can't boast of this, but he also has good speed.
  • In the battle against the alliance, he easily reacted to all the attacks of the enemies around him, parried them and even counterattacked.
  • On average, he is 30% behind Itachi in strength in terms of speed - in close combat, Madara will be able to counter Itachi, even if he sometimes misses his blows.

But parity here is still on Itachi's side. Elemental Techniques: This time, Madara takes over parity. What did you understand, he is so good at the element of fire that in the battle with the shinobi alliance he burned to the ground a third of the entire battlefield, and only a whole squad of shinobi with a high level of mastery of the element of water could stop his flames.

  1. I am already silent about what he is capable of if he also makes clones.
  2. Genjutsu: At this point, we don't take Tsukuyomi and Koto-Amatsukami, they will move to another point! Here they are both +/- equal.
  3. Firstly, they are both excellent at genjutsu and secondly, their sharingan allows them to see through genjutsu.
  4. So it's practically useless here.

Experience and Intelligence: Here the picture is a bit more interesting. Experience - Takes Madara. He lived much more than Itachi, and given the fact that he lived almost his entire life in wars and battles, he has much more of it (experience) than Itachi. Intelligence - Takes Itachi.

Yes, Madara is also quite a smart-ass asshole, but Itachi is smart-ass, no comment)))) Susanno: And here is the most interesting thing. Madara: For you to know, Madara's full humanoid Susanno, I'm not even talking about the armored one for now, is so huge that Itachi is even unlikely to approach him. It is at least 2 times larger and 2-2.5 times higher than Itachi's.

I know it might sound a little funny, but Madara's humanoid Susanno's sword is roughly the size of Itachi's full Susanno.) If we take the scolded version, then a live Itachi would have almost no chance at all.

Why did Itachi kill his entire clan?

Aftermath -

Itachi warns Danzō to keep his promise. During the massacre of the clan, only three of the Uchiha survived: Itachi, Sasuke and Tobi, although the rest of the world, including Sasuke, did not know about Tobi's participation in the massacre. Itachi reported the success of the mission to the Third Hokage, the Third, unaware of Itachi's assignment given to him by Danzō, was saddened to learn of the incident.

No longer able to change anything, the Third promised to perpetuate the fake story that Itachi acted alone for no reason, so that no one could find out about the plans of the Uchiha clan, and also that Konoha would not be tarnished by his involvement. The main thing for Itachi was that the Third swore to protect Sasuke from Danzō.

In the anime, the Third also ordered the Danzō Root to be disbanded as punishment for their unauthorized actions without his permission. Itachi then left the village, joining the Akatsuki organization to reinforce his criminal image. In reality, he monitored Akatsuki's activities from the inside, keeping Konoha informed of their activities and preventing the organization from doing anything against the village.

  • Itachi also threatened to reveal all the confidential information of the Hidden Konoha to foreign forces if Danzo did any harm to Sasuke.
  • As Itachi planned, the Uchiha massacre had a huge impact on Sasuke.
  • Sasuke's only motivation in later years was to become strong enough to kill Itachi, initially training as a Konoha shinobi and later fled to Orochimaru, dissatisfied with his slow progress in Konoha,

Under Orochimaru's guidance, Sasuke gained enough power to finally pose a real threat to Itachi, resulting in Itachi's death when they finally met in battle. Sasuke enjoyed a fleeting moment of faith that he had finally avenged his family, but not long after, Tobi appeared and revealed the truth behind Itachi's actions.

After realizing that Itachi was only acting in the interests of his village, Sasuke decided to destroy Leaf for what they had done to his brother. However, after reconciling with the resurrected Itachi, Sasuke decided that his intention would be contrary to what Itachi sacrificed his life for, and then he decided instead that he would protect the village.

The truth about the destruction of the Uchiha clan was successfully kept secret for many years, although Kabuto Yakushi, an experienced information gatherer, was able to reveal it at some point. However, after Itachi's death, Tobi no longer felt obligated to maintain the fake story's "trueness" and would reveal the truth whenever he saw fit.

How old is Itachi?

Itachi Uchiha
Jap.うちは イタチ
from Hidden Leaf Village
Appearance Manga Chapter 139 Anime Episode 80
Creator Masashi Kishimoto
Seiyuu Hideo Ishikawa
Floor Male
Blood group IV
Age Part I: 17-18 years old Part II: 21 years old (deceased; his soul is summoned by Kabuto)
Height I part: 175 cm II part: 178 cm
Weight Part I: 57. 1 kg Part II: 58 kg
Date of birth 9 June
Rank Nukanin
Formation Kisame Hoshigaki's partner in Akatsuki
  • Fugaku Uchiha (father, deceased)
  • Mikoto Uchiha (mother, killed)
  • Sasuke Uchiha (younger brother)
  • Sarada Uchiha (niece)
Wikimedia Commons media files

Itachi Uchiha (うちは イタチ Uchiha Itachi) is one of the main characters in the Naruto manga and the anime based on its plot. The hero was voiced by Hideo Ishikawa. Translated from Japanese, the name Itachi means weasel (jap. 鼬). In Japanese mythology, this beast symbolizes failure, illness and death.

What is Sasuke's girlfriend's name?

Sasuke Uchiha (jap.

Sasuke Uchiha
Relatives Sakura Haruno (wife) Sarada Uchiha (daughter) Fugaku Uchiha (father, deceased) Mikoto Uchiha (mother, deceased) Itachi Uchiha (older brother, deceased)
What could Itachi's eyes do?

Sharingan Wielders - All Sharingans are incredibly powerful and spectacular in combat. But some of its owners in "Naruto" managed to develop the technique to an incredible level:

Uchiha Itachi.

Itachi acquired the

Mangekyo Sharingan after his best friend Shisui committed suicide. His left eye is able to activate Tsukuyomi, a genjutsu that distorts the opponent's perception of time. Itachi's right eye can use Amaterasu: a black flame appears at the place where his gaze is directed, which does not go out until the target is completely destroyed.

Uchiha Sasuke.

Sasuke received the Mangekyo some time after Itachi's death and acquired similar abilities as his brother - Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, Susanoo. Later, Sasuke developed a rare form of Choku Tomoe (Choko Tamui) - Sharingan, which grants special agility in battles.

Obito Uchiha.

One eye with Mangekyo Obito gave to his friend Hatake Kakashi. This hero is a vivid example of the fact that not only Uchiha can use the power of the Sharingan. Obito and Kakashi, thanks to the connection between their eyes, were able to use Kamui, a teleportation technique.

Uchiha Madara.

This is the first Uchiha to awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan, but almost nothing is known about his unique abilities. Blinded by the Mangekyou, Madara transplanted his brother Izuna's eyes. Because of this, like Sasuke, Madara's Sharingan possesses the rare form of Choku Tomoe. Even in the Naruto manga, the nature and powers of the Sharingan remain a mystery, and its wielders are always on the lookout for more power.

Why is Itachi hitting Sasuke in the forehead?

The forehead poke that was always followed by 'maybe next time' is what Itachi did whenever Sasuke wanted to play with him but didn't have time, and you can understand the meaning of this gesture just by looking at him : the hand separating them indicates some kind of barrier (physical or otherwise) between them, then

Who was stronger Sasuke or Itachi?

Itachi is stronger than Sasuke. Let me explain: 1. Itachi went to fight with Sasuke when the pills stopped working. He was severely ill due to exposure to the Mangekyou Sharingan. He was completely blind during the fight and had problems with his arm.2. Itachi had a Yata mirror and a Totsuka blade.

With these relics, his Susano was invincible, because the Yata mirror could reflect any attacks, and the Totsuka blade could seal anything. How he did it to Orochimaru.3. Itachi had problems with the Mangekyou due to low chakra. He had a strong chakra, but he had small reserves of it, because of this, Mangekyu had such an effect on him.

Itachi was born a genius. He perfectly mastered shurikenjutsu, mastered the three elements, skillfully could combine them together. He was an excellent strategist (which Sasuke does not see in any way). Itachi is ready and sacrificed himself for the good of others (as he sacrificed everything for the Village).

Who is older than Itachi or Sasuke?

Age too young. Itachi is 5 years older than Sasuke, respectively, at the time of the destruction of the Sasuke clan was 7-9 years old, which means Itachi was 12-14.

How does Itachi speak Japanese?

Mata Kondo Da (また今度だ, Mata Kondo Da; Literally meaning: 'Sorry, next time') is the catchphrase of Itachi, later Sasuke Uchiha.

Why did Itachi kill his lover?

Naruto Manga: "Itachi's Story - Bright Light" In the series she is chained by Obito, and in the manga she is killed by Itachi. During the Massacre of the Uchiha Clan, Itachi came to her, starting the massacre with her, since Danzō Shimura told him that he could only spare his younger brother Sasuke.

Believing that taking her life first would help quell his inner doubts, Itachi killed her and her mother first. As he distracted her mother, Itachi approached Izumi and placed her in an extremely powerful Tsukuyomi, where she lived her full life in 0.000000001 seconds. In the illusion, she became a chūnin, gave up the life of a shinobi to become Itachi's wife and raise their children, and lived quietly, dying of old age at eighty years next to Itachi.

Thus her mind drifted away from reality, and the dying Izumi collapsed into Itachi's arms. Izumi thanked Itachi for giving her the life she wanted to have with him, even if it was just a dream, and Itachi thanked her for loving him, after which she passed away peacefully.

Why did obito help Itachi slaughter the clan?

Obito assisted Itachi on the night of the death of the Uchiha clan. He could blackmail Itachi by threatening to reveal the truth. The wide disclosure of this information would tarnish the authority of the Konoha leadership and the authority of the Uchiha clan, and Itachi categorically did not want this. But Itachi had something that made Obito reckon with his terms.

Who did Shisui Uchiha love?

Shisui Uchiha: Personality, Age, Girl - The surprisingly talented and strong boy Shisui's first appearance in the manga takes place in 459chapter, and anime viewers get to know him in episode 130. The child was born on October 19 in the Uchiha clan in the village of Konoha. Shisui's year of birth is not given in the anime.

The age of the character in different sources is different. Some indicate that the hero was about 15-16 years old, others claim that he lived to be 25 years old. But if we take into account that Shisui was only a couple of years older than Itachi, it becomes clear that at the time of his death he was no more than 17 years old. Outwardly, Shisui is very similar to Kagami Uchiha, who is his ancestor.

The young man's head has dark, short, disheveled hair, a slightly wide nose, and eyelashes with ends sticking up. The character is dressed in typical Uchiha clothes - dark pants and a shirt with a large high collar. Behind his shoulders, the character wears a leather mount for a small blade called a tanto.

  1. Shisui's head is adorned with a forehead protector bearing the Konoha emblem.
  2. When Shisui Uchiha served in the regular forces, he wore the standard Konoha ninja uniform.
  3. From early childhood, the child showed strength, analytical skills and amazing insight.
  4. He could easily recognize the location of the target by such insignificant signs as wetness or dryness on stones, trees, footprints left on soft moss.

Shisui was convinced that the goal can only be found if one learns to think like her. Thanks to his analytical abilities and the ability to clearly recognize the feelings of other people, he thought through his own plans in several stages. It was Shisui who developed the idea of ​​how to stop the coup d'etat and even planned what to do with his own body after death so that it would not become a weapon in the hands of the enemy. Photo:, Pierrot, Shueisha: UGC One day at the end of the III World Shinobi War, the boy witnessed the death of his best friend, but at that moment he could not do anything to save him. This event awakened his Mangekyo Sharingan - a unique ability that manifests itself through the emotions that a person experiences in connection with the death of a loved one.

A year later, Shisui met a five-year-old boy, Itachi Uchiha, who became his best friend. Their relationship was so close that it was more like a brotherly bond than a friendship. Later, Itachi said that it was Shisui who taught him the correct real laws of Shinobi. Family ties and family were of great importance to Shisui.

Despite his enormous amount of talent, Shisui Uchiha remained modest at any age.

How did Rin from Naruto die?

Past -

Rin at the Entrance Ceremony Rin was present at the entrance day of the academy along with the other students. When Obito Uchiha arrived late and arrived at the end of the ceremony, she gave him his admission papers, for which he was very grateful. When they competed in the Chūnin Exams, Rin and Kakashi Hatake stood outside the gates of the Forest of Death and waited for Obito, who was late.

Then, in the forest, they encounter Team Guy, Genma, and Ebisu. Before they could attack the team, Rin was horrified to see that Obito was going to attack first. However, the Uchiha gets kicked in the face by Guy and loses. Later, Rin bandaged Obito's wounds and spoke to him. During the conversation, he began to boast that he was very proud of his clan and said that his dream was to become Hokage,

Later, she watched with bated breath as Kakashi and Guy fought during the third round of the exam, in which the former won. After Kakashi became a jōnin, Rin asked all her classmates to prepare gifts for Kakashi in honor of this. Rin herself gave Kakashi a first aid kit.

Minato's team at the destroyed bridge. During the Third Shinobi World War, Minato's team was tasked with destroying the Kanabi Bridge, Rin was kidnapped during this mission by a shinobi named Taiseki, Kakko, one of her captors, began to interrogate her with genjutsu,

Obito wanted to save her, but Kakashi was more interested in the success of the mission, so he wasn't going to come back for her. Obito said that Rin often saved their lives, to which Kakashi only replied that it was the duty of the Iryonin. However, after some time, Obito convinced Kakashi and they went to save Rin.

In the battle against the kidnappers, Obito was buried under rocks. He lay dying and asked Rin to transplant his left eye, with his newly awakened Sharingan, to Kakashi, who had lost his eye in battle. Kakashi's last words to his comrade were a promise to protect Rin.

Rin Jinchūriki Isobu.

What is under Itachi's eyes? He became a criminal after the massacre of his clan, leaving only his younger brother Sasuke alive. He then joined the criminal organization Akatsuki. Sasuke wanted revenge. But after Itachi's death, everything turned out in detail that all his actions were aimed at the benefit of his beloved brother and his native village. He remained a loyal shinobi until the very end.

From a young age, Itachi was a quiet and intelligent child. He was very mature for his age. He studied at the Academy for only a year and became a genin. And then he became a member of the ANBU. He lived at a distance from others and watched them in order to understand them. I often thought about shinobi, the village and its future.

Itachi loved his little brother very much. Always flicks Sasuke's forehead. It means that he loves him.

And even after the massacre of the clan, Itachi let him live, and showed him his bad side, so that one day he would die at the hands of his brother for his sins.

And Itachi's best friend was Shisui Uchiha, who before his death gave him his Sharingan and Itachi awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan. And he transplanted Shisui's Sharingan into a crow.

:dango: By the way, he loves Dango very much :dango:

Itachi has dark and black eyes. Stripes under the eyes, from the eyebrows to the cheeks. Long dark brown hair with bangs. When he lived in Konoha, he wore a dark blue shirt with the symbol of the Uchiha clan and gray pants. In the ANBU, he wore a special squad uniform consisting of a protective vest and mask, and under it on his forehead, a Leaf protector, on his leg, standard shinobi shoes.

Itachi's ANBU Mask

As a member of Akatsuki, he wore a black Akatsuki cloak with red clouds and high collars. And also a protector with a crossed-out village sign, which symbolizes the breaking of his ties with the village. Under the cloak is a mesh T-shirt, over a dark blue T-shirt with a white belt at the waist and trousers of the same color with bandages on the shins, and also white and blue sandals. On the right ring finger there is a red ring with the symbol "cinnabar", the legs are painted black, and on the neck there is a chain with three rings.

1) Will be
2) Unknown. Itachi's eyes are incomprehensible (in the manga, at least). Probably, during repeated resurrection, the eyes will remain blind

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Hands will be - Obito with his attacks simply canceled the technique based on which the souls were summoned.
The eye is likely to be if the call is well prepared by Kabuto or Orych.

Denis, the soul image just matched the appearance of the Edo Tensei body. Therefore, Minato in the form of Konoha without hands, Itachi in a cloak, and so on.

If we take the option with the cancellation of the technique, voiced above, then the hands returned to the Pure World, since nothing, in this case, the technique, held them back. Therefore, with Minato's return to the Pure World, the severed hands would return to the soul "body", as Orochimaru did when he released his hands from the Shinigami's abdomen.

Sasha, it's not clear about this training either.
The only thing changed in ET is Madara's body. Madara was recreated in a young body, but at the same time he had KH and R. I doubt this is possible with Itachi's eye.

Arbi Abdulaev answered Denisa

Arbi Abdulaev answered Denisa

Victor Volkov. 0003

Ah, what does it mean at the soul level?
Why then did Madara have his brain restored after isanagi?

Victor, yes, the same as Safin says about the loss of Itachi's eye. Although earlier, as we remember, he said that Izanagi simply blinds his eyes.
The awakening of the Rinnegan canceled this effect somehow. Dima Saneckov

Dima, the soul went to the afterlife without hands. Itachi blinded at the level of the soul, his eyes were not restored by the regeneration of Edo Tensya

Dima Sanecov answered Deleted

9000 9000

Dmitra, also Madara. eye during life. But when Kabuto summoned him with his eyes, everything was fine

The soul went to the afterlife without hands. Itachi went blind at the soul level, his eye was not restored by the regeneration of Edo Tensei

Dmitry, maybe the eye was not restored, since the Edo Tensei technique perceived it not as an injury, but as part of the user's technique? In fact, the structure of the eye changes and it becomes white.
Similarly, Nagato's body did not begin to regenerate when he used Ashura and changed his body.
In addition, "soul level" blindness was not claimed.

Sukuna, blindness is the result of jutsu, not part of it. Blindness is as much an injury as Itachi's bad eyesight, which was restored to Itachi after being resurrected. And what was supposed to be healed by Nagato? The action of the jutsu ended - the limbs disappeared

Dmitry, blindness is not an injury. An injury can cause blindness, but not vice versa. The eye after Izanagi and Izanami just becomes white and blind. It doesn't bleed or burst.

Nothing should have been healed, like Itachi, because there is no injury.

I don't understand where you get blindness on a spiritual level, if it's not stated anywhere. And how should this work in principle: those souls whose Sharingan used by Danzō should go blind? If not, why not? Or the user's own soul goes blind, then why didn't Obito go blind in his left eye? If Izanagi causes blindness at the soul level, then why did awakening the Rinnegan restore Madara's sight? This concept should fit in as a whole, not again, taking one page out of context and pasturing it.

Sukuna, at the time of death, Itachi's eyes were almost blind, Edo Tensei fully restored his sight, so it can heal such damage. The eye after Izanami was not cured.

Yes, souls must go blind. Obito used someone else's eye with someone else's Sharingan chakra. Why the Rinnegan returned Madara's sight is unknown, he was not declared to have such an ability anywhere

Dmitry, Itachi's eyes were blind due to physical damage caused by the load, so it was restored in Edo Tensei. Izanagi does not have this, his vision is simply blocked. Danzō's eyes would simply close "forever".

If there is such a chakra connection, why didn't Sasuke go blind with Itachi's Sharingan? Or was there no part of Itachi's soul in his eyes? What is the difference from Obito's eyes then? Where is this Soul Blind mechanic mentioned?

Itachi's eye was only shown to be white. Nothing more. But for some reason, it is confidently concluded from this that the eye goes blind at the level of the soul, other souls also go blind, the rest is unknown, but the version of interest should fit.

Sukuna, what is blocking? It is said that Izanami and Izanagi simply blind the eye, similar to using MSH.

VMS creates a new chakra in the eyes and restores vision, this is the mechanics of MSS fusion. Why is Obito here?

Itachi's eye was shown not to recover until after the soul's departure from the body.

Reread the answer. It's about voiced connection and soul in the eyes.

The concept of soul blindness was not mentioned anywhere. It's just some kind of fantasy.

I answered eyes their curse the higher the level of the eyes the more damage to the body like a demon in naruto the more tails the more damage the fox does to the body naruto

itachi transferred the power of the eyes to sasuke and therefore he is not in the aisle
but if sasuke continues use the eyes it will die like itachi if it does not activate or capture the 10 tailed juubi as modara wants to do
he has rono 7 demons another 8 tail and naruto 9 tail is not captured . . kanohe for brother will soon open level 10 and then sasuke will be immortal in this world

Itachi died because of the eyes at 2 stages of development they are called mangeku sharingan there are several levels of eye development 1 ordinary sharingan capable of reading movements by chakra to copy techniques and movements, stage 2 is mangeko sharingan there appear abilities that are named after the gods susano in honor the god of storms susano no mikoto is a ghostly warrior who can be controlled by uchiha amaterasu the flame is able to burn everything it burns for 7 days and nights or until the tsukiyomi is put out by the mangokoy this is one of the strongest genjuts stronger than his toko kotoamatsukami which imposes the user's wishes on the one on whom this technique is used and sacrifice he doesn’t even notice this genjutsu that it’s not his desire, but what about tsukiyomi, it creates a world where the user can do anything with you for 72 hours, and in real life 1-3 seconds pass, while nothing remains on the body from the fact that they did with you there more izanami and izanagi it will be more difficult to describe so I won’t eat another ability kamui she is for manga users, basically your body is interspersed into another dimension and only their silhouette remains, so it seems that the enemy is not tangible, well, the 3rd stage is the eternal mangeku sharingan, in principle, the same current does not bring any damage to health or body and the techniques come out more powerful than a regular mangeko, it can only be obtained if relatives exchange mangeko well, and the last level is the rine sharingan, there appears the ability of the rinengan and sharingan, let me remind you of the rinengan, these are the original eyes of the sharingan, these are the same eyes Toko is weaker to awaken the rinengan, you need to merge the blood of the 2 founder of the Uchiha clan and the senju so got his eyes Madara and what about itachi he got stuck at level 2 and died from using too often they didn’t have any mangeki then so he was weaker initially and succumbed so Sasuke lost and something else to awaken the sharingan you need to experience strong feelings such as hatred and rage and they will awaken how much hatred of rage and pain they will experience there is such a carrier and it will be a stage, but it won’t switch to mongeko right away, there you need to experience more pain not bodily, of course, I’m talking about spiritual and psychological pain, for example, the loss of the best friend of my dad’s mom’s brother, and so on, earlier, to get them, they killed their best friends, but I think that because of their own strong and peculiar love, they can awaken such strong eyes, I could describe everything, but I’m already tired of typing so immeno because of stage 2 and itachi was dying all

What the hell are you talking about? What abilities? Each eye has a unique ability. A person cannot use kamoi while having mongyoke itachi. It's like a fingerprint!

What kind of nonsense people wrote above, hello from 2019. Most likely Itachi had cancer, but it turns out to be absurd, because Shisui gave his eye to Itachi before his death, which means Itachi could not go blind, at least in one eye, but in the anime he is blind.

The guy from above is delusional, well, or he didn't look carefully. Guy. Itachi didn't transplant Shisui's eye. He pushed it into the crow and the crow into Naruto. And already when Sasuke would use Itachi's eyes, the raven is activated. He throws Kotoamatsukami at Sasuke and he can no longer harm Konoha. Watch anime carefully. In order not to go blind, one must exchange eyes with a relative

damn you guys are you serious what the fuck is Itachi’s disease he didn’t get sick with anything he spit up blood from susano unlike amaterasu and tsukiyomi when using which the eyes start to hurt and vision deteriorates then susano already uses the whole body and the higher the stage of susano starting from ordinary ribs and ending with full susano, but this is not exactly because, according to my memory, no one except Indra could immediately use full susano and this is due to the fact that his body was suitable for these eyes, since he was the first, apart from Hogoroma, who awakened MS, so full susano like me it seems that you can only awaken with the WMS, and with the usual MSH, you can reach the maximum humanoid form, like Itachi Sasuke Madara or Shisui

As far as I know, it has nothing to do with his eyes. It's just some sickness. About the comments above. Itachi didn't transplant Shisui's eye. He used the eye so that if Sasuke decides to destroy the village, use kotoamatsukami on Sasuke so that he can no longer harm Konoha (But in the end, kotoamatsukami was used on the resurrected Itachi, saving the latter from the power of Kabuto, who resurrected him). And about the fact that each eye has its own ability. Yes, each MS has its own ability. But if you transplant one or two MSh users to exchange eyes, the eye abilities will remain (when Sasuke transplanted Itachi's eyes to himself, the pattern on his eyes remained the same, although the same eyes (literally) Itachi had a different pattern. As for the abilities xs, for and Sasuke and Itachi have the ability of the eyes - Amaterasu.. But if you transplant the MS to someone who has not yet awakened it, the ability of the eye, for example, Kamui from Kakashi, will also be transferred. I think it's just because Kakashi is not an Uchiha.In other Uchiha, I think MS would have a different ability after awakening if the transplant was before awakening. But what will happen if the Uchiha transplant MS, and he will experience such emotions that he awakened without a transplant I don't know if he had his own MSH (again, he was transplanted with MSH before he could awaken his own), because I have never seen such a thing in manga, anime, or even fanfiction. it was helpful)))

Don’t talk shit, he had Pneumonia or Tuberculosis due to not being treated for Pneumonia and developed tuberculosis, which made him cough and look bad and couldn’t fight for a long time
Remember the moment where Itachi and Kisame were in the rain and Itachi was walking in open Rain, and Kisame told him "Itachi don't walk in the cold rain, otherwise you will get sick" so he got this disease.

Thus, Kishimote told us what he got sick and how) we just need to watch anime carefully

b. l. yat obviously from
frequent use of the mangekyo sharingan
he is blind + get both moral and physical damage
this is not quite a disease, but rather a payment
for imbo eyes
this can be fixed if you find, for example,
other dows. on with mangeke and sp. and. zdit one eye
from him, then you rip out one eye
, insert the stolen
and get the eternal mangeke
and still no damage from the mangeke
but there is an exception like
if the ability is unrealistically tough in type like Sasuke forgot how gov. but called
it may even be bleeding from the eyes even with the eternal mangeke
but the damage when the eternal mangeke is not

Itachi had tuberculosis, because just like Itachi, Sai's brother died, although Sai's brother did not have a sharingan, a common contagious lung disease idiots

Che people carry from above I xs) but Itachi died because of the eyes because he does not have an eternal mangekyo sharingan and the eyes slowly kill the wearer due to severe harm to the body until he transplants the eyes of a relative! Itachi did not transplant Shisui's eyes on purpose, because he knew how strong this eye was and understood that he must die at the hands of his brother, and if this eye gets to Sasuke or Tobi, Konoha and the world will end! That's why he entrusted Shisui's eye to Naruto before he died, saying "What if you can't stop him?" and if Sasuke attacked the village, the raven would take control of Sasuke with the help of KOTOAMATSUKAMI)
I would say that Itachi Hokage if he was recognized because Itachi could even kill Sasuke if he attacked the village as he killed his best friend Hashirama with the words "Be it a friend, brother or own child. I will not forgive anyone who will threaten the village!")

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Riley think who could stand against tsukuyomi, kotoamatsukami (crow's eye), totsuka sword from susano, yato susano mirror shield. Well, for a snack, amaterasu.

Madara is stronger in nin jutsu and tai jutsu, but he is weaker in gen jutsu, and when he hits one of them, it's gg.

Nagato technically, 6 body pain would be stronger. Itachi won't last that long, and if 1-1 only with Nagato, then it's easy for Itachi.

Narik/Sasuke otkidon with gen jutsu.

Minato, Hashirama - here xs-xs, purely whoever uses skills faster first, Hashirama will drag on endurance, provided that both do not fall into the jutsu gene.

Shisui with 2 eyes is the only one who can draw 1-1. Only Masashi Kishimoto drained the imbu, and Itachi nerfed with a small supply of chakra, stamina + some kind of tuberculosis at the end. Kishimoto himself admitted that Itachi turned out to be too imba.

Any person who doesn't need to make eye contact or any of the otsotsuke

I think the puppet guy would unwind him quickly

itachi imba : as soon as he got out of his mother, he predicted all the fights, planned and arranged cheap things, died, rose again and even so everything goes according to plan

would have unwound it quickly

itachi imba not because of the eyes, but because of the fact that he has a style of fighting like a jojo: as soon as he got out of his mother, he predicted all the fights, planned and furnished cheap things, died, resurrected, and even so everything goes according to plan

I think the concept of a genius is about him, purely with brains, he uses skills as efficiently as possible.

Puppeteers fly away from Susano.

Might Guy, ok, how do you dodge Totsuki's sword and punch through Susano. Guy rips after 8 gates

Guy would have hit on fifth, he is not as weak as kage

I think any genzutsu will be lost if you suck chakra - chelas who can do it or leave golems/summoned creatures/clones to wake themselves up/drain their chakra and pass out/go into a mode like that guy from orochimaru lab/take shape which is not subject to Sharingan (sand, water), etc. - a few souls, for example, suck in

That is, the main thing is to know about itachi and never meet him, but prepare yourself

and you can wait out susana

Nagato technically, 6 body pain would be stronger.

Kishi wrote this manga under Itachi's genza, Itachi came up with Stump, what would he do to him even with 600 bodies?

Minato, Hashirama - here xs-xs

There are only two of them, and Itachi has at least 10 fingers

Shisui with 2 eyes is the only one who can pull 1-1

No, Yata reflects, Totsuka prints like in the manga

Solo king imba and can't counter

Guy would hit fifth, he's not as weak as kage

I think any genzutsu will be lost if you suck chakra - chelas who can do it or leave golems/summoned creatures/clones to wake themselves up/drain their chakra and pass out/go into a mode like that guy from orochimaru lab/take shape which is not subject to sharingan (sand, water), etc.

That is, the main thing is to know about itachi and never meet him.

The sword of totsuka generally snarls into the gourd.

Kotoamatsukami, people will be under control, by the way Danzō used it without eye contact, Shisui used it somewhere 1km away on someone, there's another person with Ao's byakugan saw it and recognized this chakra from Danzō's eye.

Might Guy, ok, how do you dodge Totsuki's sword and punch through Susano. Guy rips after 8 gates

I think the concept of a genius is about him, he uses skills as efficiently as possible with his brains.

Puppeteers fly away from Susano.

puppets don't genzize, no brains = can't be genzed with the sharingan. Gaara pulled out Madara with the help of his sand, and here only Sasori has it poisonous and you immediately die without strength.

Sasori destroys your tubercular with poisonous gas + zhp

Sasori looks from the doll and does not have time to do something with his finger as he will be in tsukuyomi or kotoamatsukami.

Sasori from the doll looks and does not have time to do something with his finger as he will in tsukuyomi or koyoamatsukami.

people, sasori has no eyes, it's impossible to kill him + while itachi sick will cast something, the gas will flood the bum.

Sasori destroys your tubercular with poisonous gas + zhp

dolls don't genize, no brain = can't be genzed with sharingan. Gaara pulled out Madara with the help of his sand, and here only Sasori has it poisonous and you immediately die without strength.

Sasori has a mind, he thinks.

Kotoamatsukami (別天神, Exquisite Sky Gods ) is a dōjutsu that casts a powerful and subtle mind control genjutsu on a target. he won't do anything.


do you really think that itachi would beat the first chuckle

genjutsu is of course good, but the best ninja fight looking at their feet

You really think that Itachi would have defeated the first hehihi

Genjutsu is certainly good, but the best ninja fights looking at the legs

Kotamatsuki does not require eye contact

9000 885 9000 9000 9000

Kotoamatsuki not requires eye contact

why didn't he throw his cat-amatsukami at obito then?

why didn't he throw his cat-amatsukami at obito then?

CD more, + held for Sasuke, and so technically 1-1 Itachi top


but he is weaker in gen jutsu, and how he gets into one of them, then it’s yp.

Also, do you really think that the strongest Uchiha can be broken by a genjutsu?? hahahahahahaha

Sasori has a mind, he thinks.

Kotoamatsukami (別天神, Exquisite Heavenly Gods ) is a dōjutsu that casts a powerful and subtle mind control genjutsu on the target

Kotoamatsukami doesn't require eye contact, as demonstrated when Danzō cast it on Mifune without removing the patches that covered his right eye.

infa from your own wikia
A genjutsu is created when a ninja controls the flow of chakra in the nervous system of the target's brain, thereby affecting his five senses. This is often used to create false images and/or trick the body into experiencing physical pain. Genjutsu can also be used to control others, reminiscent of brainwashing, by giving illusory suggestions to the victim. Most genjutsu are performed visually, requiring the target to make eye contact with the user. Other techniques include integrating with nature's transformations, as shown with Water Release and Lightning Release, and in the anime, ingesting special pills that activate when the target falls asleep. [2] Sonic genjutsu are considered the most dangerous, as the user can trap victims from great distances. [3]

Kotoamatsukami still has genjutsu and sasori still has no brain to control + 100 poison puppets, he can control them from cover.

Sasori is the strongest 1v1 character in naruto, this is the will of kishimoto. Itachi is not even standing next to him, puffed sun kabuto for 1000 years

so why keep him for Sasuke if he had subdued obito, then this whole story would not have happened at all

btw you idolize catoamatsukami so much, but it doesn’t even work on rinnegan

These are plot moves and they are not for me.

Rinegan doesn't block gene jutsu, remember jiraiya + frogs fight and 3 pain bodies, and kotoamatsukami is even stronger, it doesn't require eye contact + you don't understand that you are controlled.

infa from your own wikia
A genjutsu is created when a ninja controls the flow of chakra in the nervous system of the target's brain, thereby affecting his five senses. This is often used to create false images and/or trick the body into experiencing physical pain. Genjutsu can also be used to control others, reminiscent of brainwashing, by giving illusory suggestions to the victim. Most genjutsu are performed visually, requiring the target to make eye contact with the user. Other techniques include integrating with nature's transformations, as shown with Water Release and Lightning Release, and in the anime, ingesting special pills that activate when the target falls asleep.[2] Sound genjutsu are considered the most dangerous, as the user can trap victims from great distances.[3]

Kotoamatsukami still has genjutsu and sasori still has no brain to control + 100 poison puppets, he can control them from cover.

Sasori is the strongest 1v1 character in naruto, this is the will of kishimoto. Itachi is not even close, puffed sun kabuto 1000 years

Sasori flew off from the grandmother and the girl of the doctor. Even after the res without his doll he didn’t drag already, he was too vulnerable.


Sasori flew off from the doctor's grandmother and girl. Even after res without his doll he didn’t drag already, too vulnerable

if anything, sasori could have done something there at the end, but he changed and chiyo herself talked about it

Well, Rinegan doesn't block gene jutsu, that's

Rinegan doesn't block gene jutsu, remember the battle of jiraiya + frogs and 3 bodies of pain, and catamatsukami is even stronger, it doesn't require eye contact + you don't understand that you're in control.

Sasori flew away from the grandmother and the medic's girl.

It was a battle beforehand, he conquered a huge country in solo + killed the strongest Kazekage in history, lost the meaning of life + leaked information to sakura at the end.
Kishich took him out of the plot in such a way, but his abilities have no chance to endure 40 kg of tuberculosis, one cut with a fine grain of sand and you are dead, since no one will make an antidote.



the rinnegan is the final evolution of the eyes in naruto and you seriously think that it doesn't block genjutsu?

It was a battle beforehand, he conquered a huge country in solo + killed the strongest Kazekage in history, lost the meaning of life + leaked information to sakura at the end.
Kishich took him out of the plot in such a way, but his abilities have no chance to endure 40 kg of tuberculosis, one cut with a fine grain of sand and you are dead, since no one will make an antidote.

Orych, Hashirama, Tsunade, Sakura are not afraid of poison


Exactly, it doesn't block, these bodies got into the jutsu gene, that's all.

it's just a pity that in addition it's a great musical genjutsu of 2 sage toads

Well xs, Sasori is too weak against Persians with strong regen like Tsunade, Hashirama, Sakura.

he will genzi them himself, some of his dolls had sharingan
1 doll
2 doll

If your strongest jutsu can be easily countered by simply injecting chakra into yourself, I would not be so happy.

We've already been shown that bijuu can counter lubon in the light of genjutsu, as they can simply pour their chakra into the user, which will completely counter tsukiyomi. At the very least, you could come up with a simple technique that shoots someone else's chakra into you, which is activated simply at will, this is the simplest jutsu, I'm sure it can be easily done, but it would completely break the balance.

Amaterasu, the strongest weapon, I remember how Naruto countered it simply by pulling aside with chakra. I would cry if I were Sasuke.

Totsuka sword. I still don't understand the joke, but shouldn't every susanoo have one? Well, like, beads and a shield, so everyone has it.

Well, it doesn't really matter, this blade is only dangerous against living bodies, but it's useless against other Susanoo and any chakra vestments.

Against Madara in any of his forms, Itachi will lose miserably, because if Madara doesn't have the rinnegan, he has the Complete Susanoo.

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