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Everyone loves the B-52s’ “Love Shack” mp3 and the great video which was created from the popular dance song that the world has been listening to for decades now. If you want to learn how to do the Love Shack dance, then follow our steps below!

Love Shack Dance Steps

Step 1

One the Love Shack dance starts, you start by shaking your entire body to the left and the right.

Step 2

Then put your hands up and flow with the beats before the artist says “Love Shack!”

Step 3

While the chorus of the song is playing, while shaking your chest, hips, and legs along with the Love Shack dance song, pushing your left arm forward while keeping your right arm down. Now push your right arm forward while keeping your left arm down. You continue doing this step 8 times, exchanging your left hand with your right hand. Bring your left hand forward four times and your right hand forward four times.

Step 4

Now it is time to move up your feet.

Push out your left foot forward while shaking your entire body and leaving the right foot backward. Bring both feet together, do a wiggle, and then push the left foot backward while bringing the right foot forward.

Do this step 16 times. Bring your left foot forward 7 times and your right foot 7 times too.

Step 5

After this step, you repeat step 3 about six times.

Step 6

Raise your left hand and leave your right hand down sharply, bringing your left hand back down and raising your right hand. You do this for both hands once, and then you leave the left hand on the air and bring the right hand down. Then you do the wiggle and go over step 6 again, where this time you leave the right hand in the air and bring down the left hand.

Step 7

Repeat step 3 about seven times.

Step 8

From here, do step 4 but in between bringing your feet together, you do a wiggle of your two feet side-to-side while shaking your entire body. Then you go back with the left foot or the right foot. Depending on which foot you started wiggling with is which foot you will end with.

Step 9

While moving with your feet back and forth, when your right foot is behind, you use your right hand and make a side peace sign to cross your face. Then you come forward with your left foot and make a side peace sign with your left hand that crosses your face 7 times. Do the left peace sign 4 times, and the right peace sign 3 times.

Step 10

Repeat the steps above and interchange them, which will complete the Love Shack dance. Make sure you have fun with it.

You could even turn around and around when the song screams “Turn around.”

Still curious about the band? Read the oral history of The B-52s by Rolling Stone magazine.


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Love Shack by The B-52s

  • The "Love Shack" is in many ways a state of mind; a place where people of all stripes come for a groovy good time. The band drew inspiration from the club in the movie The Color Purple, and also from a real club outside of Athens, Georgia, called the Hawaiian Ha-Le, where they would hang out. This place drew a multifarious crowd of hippies, scenesters, and lots of students from the nearby University of Georgia. Drummer Keith Strickland has also mentioned keg parties out in the country as another inspiration.

    In a Songfacts interview with B-52s singer Cindy Wilson, she explained: "When you're jamming, everybody is conjuring up their own images. Sometimes we're all singing at the same time and later you go back and you hear what you're doing. I personally was thinking about this bar that was out in the country [the Hawaiian Ha-Le]. It was a really cool place - a run-down love shack kind of thing, but it was a disco. It was a really interesting place."

  • In 1970, the Temptations released a song called "Psychedelic Shack," which has the refrain: "Psychedelic Shack, that's where it's at. " This was clearly an influence on "Love Shack," although Fred Schneider insists he wasn't thinking of any other song when he came up with the title.

  • The album was recorded at Dreamland Studios near Woodstock, New York, a town famous for giving off lots of love vibes (although the Woodstock festival took place 50 miles away in Bethel). According to Fred Schneider, he was driving up there, there thinking of song titles when "Love Shack" popped into his head. When he, Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson worked on the lyrics, they thought about what the "Love Shack" meant. For Schneider, it was the Hawaiian Ha-Le.

  • This introduced The B-52s to a mainstream audience. They had a strong cult following, especially in the gay community and on college radio, but "Love Shack" broke them big. Many listeners who discovered them through this song had no idea they had been around for over a decade and had released four previous albums.

    "Love Shack" was their first entry on the US Top 40 (their most popular song to this point: "Rock Lobster"). The follow-up single, "Roam," also made #3, but pop success proved fleeting and they never got higher than #28 ("Good Stuff" - 1992) with any subsequent releases.

  • One of the most famous breakdowns in pop music comes near the end of this song, when the music stops and Fred Schneider asks, "You're what?"

    Cindy Wilson replies with one of the most famous misinterpreted lines in pop music, as she wails, "Tin Roof, Rusted." The line is commonly misheard, often as something like, "Hennnnn-ry, busted."

    This section came from a happy accident: the track stopped as Wilson was doing her vocal, and she just kept singing, which gave them the idea to stop the music in this section. As for the line itself, there were rumors that "tin roof, rusted" meant a pregnant woman. According to Wilson, it's just her recollection of the rusty roof at the Hawaiian Ha-Le.

  • For Kate Pierson, the actual Love Shack is where she lived in the '70s: a five-room cabin with a tin roof in Athens, Georgia. The band would sometimes work up songs there, including "Rock Lobster." It really was set way back in the middle of a field (off of Jefferson River Road), with no plumbing or running water (an outhouse was nearby). The shack was later renovated, but in 2004 it burned down.

  • The lyrics are fun and harmless, but they can be interpreted as being about a place where people go to have sex. At Disney World, you will never see Mickey Mouse dancing to it. Really - they refuse to play it at Disney weddings.

  • The video was shot at a house in Upstate New York belonging to a friend of the band who can be seen in the garden as the camera sweeps by the window. It was directed by Adam Bernstein, the go-to director for irreverent videos. His other work includes "Baby Got Back" for Sir Mix-A-Lot, "Hey Ladies" for Beastie Boys, and several episodes of the TV series Breaking Bad.

    The clip was meant to capture the vibe of their shows: a big party where everyone's invited, and spontaneous dancing is likely to break out. Someone on set had a big-as-a-whale Chrysler convertible that the band takes to the love shack at the beginning. Partygoers included friends of the band, along with their touring musicians Zack Alford, Sara Lee and Pat Irwin. The dance line is something the band often did; Fred Schneider's spotlight dance is called The Panty Fling, where you pull down your undies and throw them away.

  • Drag queen Rupaul, unknown at the time, is in the video. He had a dance hit called "Supermodel (You Better Work)" a few years later.

  • Don Was, whose other clients include Jewel, Bob Dylan, Elton John and The Rolling Stones, produced this track. He also had his own group in the '80s called Was Not Was, which had a hit with "Walk The Dinosaur." The B-52s wanted Nile Rodgers to produce the Cosmic Thing album, but he was tied up on another project, so they started working on it with Was, planning to record three songs with him. Those three were completed early, so the band played him their rough demo of "Love Shack. " The first attempt at recording the song didn't go well, but the next day they got it on the first take. The other tracks Was produced on the album are "Junebug," "Bushfire" and "Channel Z." Rodgers did the rest.

  • The line, "The love shack is a little old place where we can get together" originally showed up just once in the song, but producer Don Was convinced the group to repeat that line, as it makes a nice hook. Kate Pierson credits Was with turning this song into a hit; on previous albums they often performed the songs live before they recorded them, but the tracks on Cosmic Thing were recorded before they could play them outside of the studio. "He really helped us structure that," she told The A/V Club. "It's just such an iconic song that everybody just feels this joy. When we play it, everyone just lets their inner freak out."

  • When this song took off, Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson embarked on a number of non-B-52s projects. In 1991, Schneider made a video for his 1984 solo track "Monster" and re-released it as a single which went to #85 US. In 1990, Pierson sang on the Iggy Pop song "Candy," and the following year appeared on the R.E.M. track "Shiny Happy People."

  • The group performed this on an episode of The Simpsons as "Glove Slap." In the 1999 episode, titled "E-I-E-I-Doh!", Homer takes to slapping people with a glove and challenging them to a duel.

  • Over the years, various adult video stores have cropped up using the Love Shack name. There was also a movie released on video in 2010 called Love Shack, which is about a group of porn stars who get together to make a film in honor of a deceased producer.

  • The horns were provided by The Uptown Horns, a New York-based section that toured with the J. Geils Band on their Freeze Frame tour and played on Tom Waits' Rain Dogs album.

  • The Cosmic Thing album was the first one the group recorded without guitarist Ricky Wilson, who died of AIDS in 1985 while they were recording their fourth album, Bouncing off the Satellites, which was released the following year. They didn't tour and weren't sure they would continue, but they carried on with drummer Keith Strickland recording guitar parts in Wilson's style.

  • Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson performed this at the 2002 Jammy Awards with the group Particle. Since the awards honored jam bands, they stretched the song into an extended jam.

  • This was a global hit, but not in Japan, where a band with the name of an American bomber was not a good fit. The group was named after a hairstyle Pierson and Wilson wore, but there was no way to get that message across.

  • Love Shack -

    Love Shack is a song by the American band The B-52's, written by four of its members: Kate Pearson, Fred Schneider, Keith Strickland and Cindy Wilson. Released single is the second single from the album Cosmic Thing . Note that the first single, Channel Z also appears on the B side of most presses.

    Love Shack is the band's biggest selling single and has received multiple certifications and tops the charts in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

    Rolling Stone magazine named Love Shack the best single of 1989 and included it in the list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time at 246- and .

    A remix was released in 1999: Love Shack '99 .


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    Produced by Don Vas, it has a festive atmosphere. The lyrics, as is often the case with B-52s, are eccentric or ambiguous. They describe "a love hut where one can meet". The phrase "The tin roof is rusty", spoken by Cindy Wilson, which raised many questions, would be American slang for talking about an unwanted pregnancy.

    The inspiration for the song was a house destroyed by fire in 2004, located near the US city of Athens, Georgia, where Kate Pearson lived at 1970s and where the band wrote the track Rock Lobster .


    Cluster was a parody of the track episode of The Simpsons Animated Series, Hell Harvest , which first aired in 1999. Love Shack becomes Glove Slap by such occasion.


    Clip made by Adam Bernstein (en) . He won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Group Video and the MTV Video Music Award for Best Art Direction at 1990 year. Drag queen RuPaul, then unknown to the public, makes an appearance.

    Weekly ratings and certificates

    Original version
    Love Hut '99
    Rating (1989-1990) Best place
    Australia (ARIA) 1
    Belgium (Flanders Ultratop 50 Singles) 12
    Canada (100 rpm Singles) 5
    France (SNEP) 42
    USA (Billboard Hot 100) 3
    USA (Modern Rock Tracks) 1
    Ireland (IRMA) 1
    New Zealand (RMNZ) 1
    Netherlands (Single Top 100) 15
    United Kingdom (UK Singles Chart) 2 Best place
    Scotland (OCC) 71
    United Kingdom (UK Singles Chart) 66
    Country Certification
    Australia (ARIA) 2× Platinum
    USA (RIAA) Gold
    United Kingdom (BPI) Gold

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    Love Shack The B-52's lyrics translation

    If you see a faded sign on the side of the road that says

    "15 miles to

    Love Cabin ...

    Love Cabin, yes, yes

    I'm on the highway to Atlanta

    Looking for a love getaway,

    Heading for a love getaway.

    900 from Kita,

    And we're heading to the love shack

    I have a Chrysler that holds about 20

    Man so hurry up and bring your money to the jukebox

    The love shack is a little old place where we can get together .

    Love Hut, baby (a-Love Hut, baby)

    Love Hut, baby, Love Hut

    Love Hut, baby, Love Hut

    Love Hut, baby, Love Hut (love, baby, that's where it is)

    Love Cabin, Baby, Love Cabin (Love, baby, that's where it is)

    The sign says (Whoo!): "stay out you fools,

    because love rules in the love shack..."

    Well, he's standing way out in the middle of the field,

    Just a fancy old shack and I have to get back.

    Mattress Glitter

    Highway Glitter

    Porch Glitter

    Highway Glitter

    Love Shack is a little old place where we can get together.

    Love hut, baby (Love hut, baby)

    Love hut, that's where it is,

    Love hut, that's where it is.

    Hug, kiss,

    Dance and love.

    I hardly wear anything,

    because it's as hot as an oven in here.

    The whole hut is trembling.

    Yes, the whole hut is shaking.

    The whole hut is trembling.

    When everyone's moving in circles

    In circles, in circles, in circles...

    Everyone's moving, everyone's on fire, baby.

    People line up on the street only to go downstairs.

    Everybody move, everybody rock, baby.

    Cool little hut

    Cool little hut

    Hop in my Chrysler, it's big as a whale and it's about to set sail.

    I have a car, it can hold about 20

    people, so come on, bring your money from the jukebox.

    Learn more