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Let's Have a Kiki by Scissor Sisters

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  • This fun-fuelled dance track starts as a message that co-vocalist Ana Matronic is leaving on someone's phone. She proceeds to describe her night out at a club, which gets shut down by the cops so she is forced to move the party home.

  • So what is a 'kiki'? "The term 'kiki' is a drag queen term," Matronic explained to Spinner, "and it's used in the drag community in America to describe a good time. You can have a kiki on the phone with your friend. It also means gossip. Or you might hear a conversation where somebody says, 'Did you go to the club last night?' and you're like, 'Wow, girl, you should have been there. It was a kiki.' It would mean that your friends were all there and you had a good time. "

  • The song became an online hit after Anne Hathaway admitted she was a fan of "Kiki's" on Late Show With David Letterman.

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Let's Have A Kiki (Almighty Super Clean Radio Edit) — Scissor Sisters

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8 women of Boris Moiseev | STARHIT

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On the eve of the 60th anniversary, which Boris Moiseev celebrates on March 4, the artist told StarHit about the main women in his life.

March 4, 2014 14:001 424

Alla Pugacheva and Boris Moiseev


Alla Pugacheva

- Alla is sacred to me. Amazing woman, superstar. At 19In 80 I worked in Jurmala - in the famous restaurant "Kaburg", where the first persons of the state and stars visited. One evening she appeared - together with her husband, Zhenya Boldin, and Ilya Reznik. I caught fire: I need to make her remember me! I had a dance "Signor Cha-cha-cha", and I performed it with a huge rose between my teeth. On the last chords, he danced to her table - and lowered the flower in front of Alla. She smiled and said, "I like you." And when I saw the entire program, I offered to work together. We exchanged phone numbers, Alla said: call! For a whole month I dialed her, but Pugacheva did not answer. And suddenly she called herself: “Borya, the time has come, take things, girls (members of the Expression trio created by Moiseev - Lari Khitana and Lyudmila Chesnulyavichute. - Approx. "StarHit") and come to Moscow! We started working together. Three years later, on tour in Tomsk, I ... dropped it. For the “Race” number, we came up with support: Alla leans her back on me - and I catch her. The number was perfected to the smallest detail, but this time I was distracted for a moment. And Alla instead of my hugs fell on the stage! After the number, I rushed to the dressing room like a bullet, grabbed my things and fled to the hotel. He knew: Alla is quick-witted, the next day she will forgive. And so it happened, although, as I was told, backstage she demanded in anger: “Moses to me!” ... Alla and I are still friends. When I was in the hospital with a stroke, he and Maxim came to me among the first. Pugacheva brought cutlets with buckwheat porridge, she cooked it herself. She knows that this is my favorite dish. I was touched to the core! nine0005

Boris Moiseev and Lyudmila Zykina

Personal archive

Lyudmila Zykina

– I became friends with Zykina at a difficult time for her. In 1991, she, along with other cultural figures, signed the "Word to the People" against Yeltsin and Gorbachev - and fell into disgrace. At that time I was preparing the show "Boris Moiseev and his lady." Irina Ponarovskaya was "Lady Charm", Valeria - "Lady Jazz". I called Zykina and invited her as "Lady Russia". She was touched... And at 19On the 93rd, after the premiere of the play "Borya M and Boni M", she invited the whole crowd of artists along with the Germans to her home. Organized a chic table - pies, caviar, vodka. They sat for half the night - they sang in chorus both "Rasputin" and "The Volga River Flows" ...

Boris Moiseev with his mother

Personal archive

Mother Genya Borisovna

– I was the youngest and beloved of three sons. Mom was ready to tear everyone to pieces for me! She defended me, even if I was wrong, and I often misbehaved. She passed away at 1989 year. At that time, I was on tour in America, and in order not to disrupt them, people from the State Concert forbade my loved ones to tell me the tragic news. But I seemed to feel trouble, it was that evening that I sat down to write a letter: “Hello, mommy, how are you? I really miss you
... ”My brothers, Vitaly and Maximilian, and the workers of the tannery where she worked buried my mother. Since I was not there at that moment, I still live with the feeling that my mother is with us. Every year I visit her grave. And imagine: no matter what the weather is, as soon as I approach the monument, the sun immediately peeks out. Mom comes to me! nine0005

Boris Moiseev with housekeeper Lida

Personal archive

Housekeeper Lida

– Lida has been with me for 14 years. In 2000, I came to Krasnoyarsk on tour with the Premier Ballet team. We sit and have dinner in a restaurant. And then a woman of about 50 comes up to me: “Borya, hello! My name is Lida, I'm Veronica's mother (this is a girl from our ballet). Take me to your place, I will serve you faithfully!” I say: “Well, if you want it like that, come!” She did just that. Surprisingly kind, cordial, I completely trust Lida. I love her signature pancakes and French baguette in olive oil, with mayonnaise and kiwi. She comes every day, and lives with Veronica. 10 years ago, my daughter gave Lida her granddaughter Polinka, and I became her godfather - that's how we became related. Beautiful girl, I love her! I try to be attentive: I used to give toys, but now I give money - my mother and grandmother know better what the girl needs. nine0005

Boris Moiseev with driver Diana

Personal archive

Driver Diana

– Diana has been driving me for the last three years on the New Wave in Jurmala. In 2011, she first worked as a driver, she was attached to me - and we became friends. First she drove me in a Mercedes, a year later in an Audi, then in a Chrysler. I was surprised how you change cars! Turns out she rents them. Your old one. Concerts and after-parties end late, but Diana waits, takes me and only then goes to Riga to her husband and 3-year-old daughter. I even try once again to free myself early so that she can get home as soon as possible. nine0005

Boris Moiseev and Lyudmila Gurchenko

ITAR-TASS / Victor Tolochko

Lyudmila Gurchenko

– We often met Lyudmila Markovna at combined concerts in the Rossiya hall, and in 1996 he invited her to my solo album. Gurchenko came to my dressing room and struck me with the phrase: “I love you!” Since then, we often visited each other, she always paid attention to
how I was dressed, shoes, watches - she had excellent taste! When I became a burning brunette, she saw me on TV and immediately called:
"Urgently repaint in white! It's not your color!" When she died, I was in the hospital and only on the 40th day I was able to go to the cemetery ...

Nelli Kobzon

- We have known each other since 1980, Nelli amazed me from the very beginning: an amazingly sensitive woman, the guardian angel of her family and friends. Nellie often visited me in the hospital. Once, when I was still in intensive care, but was already slowly getting out of bed, my director Seryozha turned on the song “Petersburg-Leningrad” on the phone. And Nelly invited: "Borya, let's dance?" She helped me up, supported me - and so we, half-embracing, moved a little to the music. I still remember that feeling: my favorite song, a beautiful woman next to me and the feeling that the worst is over ...

Boris Moiseev and Laima Vaikule


Laima Vaikule

- Our friendship with Laima is almost 40 years old. We are close in spirit, tastes, outlook on life. We met in 1979 in Jurmala: she started performing at the Kaburg restaurant a few months earlier and by the time I arrived she was already a star. And the girls from Expressia and I just arrived from Kaunas, we have no money, nowhere to live. On the very first day of their acquaintance, Lyme offered to stay with her. And for a month we settled in her three-room apartment, where Lyme lived with her husband Andrei. Then things went uphill, we rented a house. 5 years ago I bought a house in Jurmala - next to Vaikule. I come every summer and constantly "hang out" at her place. We chat about everything in the world, come up with new stage costumes, hairstyles. Of all the trips, she brings me gifts - either an unusual jacket, or a shirt. I also try to pamper her, most often I buy accessories, jewelry, which she loves so much. nine0005

Text author: Olga Frolova

new year | Material (Grade 8) on the topic:

New Year's Watch

Grades 8-9.7 12/27/2007

The phonogram sounds on the stage leading
Ved. Our dear guests,
The hour of fun is coming!
Hello, silver holiday,
The long-awaited… NEW YEAR!

V. He gives us faith in a good chance,
On a new day and in a new turn,
Helps to become better
All people in the world in the New Year! nine0005

-F.- Music "Night Watch" sounds. The lights go out on the stage and in the hall,

Voice-over: Before the New Year, light and dark forces gathered and argued.

The forces of Light were led by Frost.

Commanded the Dark - Koschey.

- F. - fanfare - Everyone get out of the dusk! New Year's Watch!

-F.- (D. Moroz and Kashchei appear on the stage, come out from different directions.)

Frost: Our new year will be bright!

Koschei: No, he's ours! Knots, puzzles, poked apart! nine0005

Calm down and freeze!

Let the darkness destroy the light!

No warmth and no friendship!

-F.- Robbers exit

The robbers run in, the Christmas tree district runs, they run onto the stage.

Well, here we are friends and arrived at the New Year's holiday, but where is our ataman?

Hey, robbers, but they forgot the chieftain, one leg is here and the other is there! (points to the exit, 2 robbers run to the exit).

-F. - song of the robbers "Byaki Buki"

Ataman and 2 robbers come out

Raz. Today is New Year's Day! We love to have fun here! We also love pranks and noise! Let's just BOOM here!

-F. - The chieftain's whistle sounds

The dance of the robbers (Cl. 7a) (8b)

Frost: No, it won't work like that, the New Year will be bright.

-F.- “Finist the clear falcon” enters: Emelya with an accordion under his arms is held by the little girls Veselushki.

Cheerful. We also love to have fun, yes:

- F.- Sing (chastushki)

  1. Divorced in the forest on the mountain

Evil sea.

It's time to drive her away,

Call psychics!

  1. How tired we are,

We have no patience anymore:

They scare everyone and fool them

These evil "ghosts".

  1. Grandfather Kashchei brews all the potions,

He destroys all living things, poisons.

If only he were enchanted,

Choked on his potion.

Q. We also want to have fun, you know the dance of little ducklings, well then let's dance! nine0005

-F.- Dance of little ducklings

-F. - Game: "Snowballs" Everyone is divided into 2 teams, notebook sheets are distributed, they need to be crushed and thrown into a box.

-F.- to the music. enter Kikimora and the devil.

Kiki: Did you forget anything? Visited a beauty salon. (looks in the mirror) My mirror light, tell me....

(The devil is hovering around the kikimora and wants to take the mirror.)

Kiki. Go to hell!

Damn. Got it! They send to themselves. Where to go now, where to go? nine0005

Kiki. Where did you get hairy from?

Damn. From there! (cries)

Kiki. What are you eating?

Damn. Do you see Fingal? (takes the mirror)

Kiki. I see!

Damn. The tail is tied, see?

Kiki. Yes, you certainly look like a homeless child. Who do you like that?

Damn. (waves his fist in the direction of Emelya) I wanted to congratulate Emelya on the New Year, so I got it!

Kiki. Well, start congratulating...

Damn. Wow! What? nine0005

Kiki: Wow? - go!

Damn. Wow…

Kiki. Did you congratulate the horses?

Damn. No, Emelya, but he fights...

Kiki. Where is he? (Looks into the hall, sees Emelya - smiles, blows him a kiss.) No, beauty is still a terrible force! More beauties like this need to be found!

Damn. Are you out of your mind? The old woman is completely mad! She has been living in the world for 300 years - she, you see, wanted to love, an old ruin.

-F.- N. Kamenskikh "Not a couple"

Kiki. Yes, to hell with you! Let's have some fun. I love singing and dancing.

Dance: "Letka - Yenka"

-F.- Entrance of the Snow Maiden

S. Snow Maiden
Congratulations to all girlfriends,
Congratulations to all friends!
And with all my heart I wish you
the brightest days!

Where is Grandpa?

Entering the stage

Damn. Wow! What a beauty! Who are you? (goes down to the hall, dancing)

Sn. I am a Snow Maiden, I came to the holiday. nine0005

Sings to the tune of the song “Wonderful Neighbor”

1. The snow is white and white today,

It is light all around,

I put on mittens,

I am warm in a winter coat.

I was going to the holiday:

There will be games, there will be laughter,

There will be fairy tales, there will be dances

A joyful holiday for everyone!

Chorus: pa - pa pa - pa - ru-pa - pa,

2. How can we not have fun

After all, the new year has come to us.

Joyful faces everywhere

It looks like the holiday will be here.

Santa Claus will arrive soon

Everyone has been waiting for him here for a long time,

The guys and I are wondering

Where is his route now

Chorus: pa - pa - pa - pa - pa - ru - pa - pa

Kiki grimaces to the Snow Maiden) Look, you sang, dressed up, undressed. Ugh!

Ref. Do not touch me. Who are you? Where is Santa Claus?

Koschey: I'm a granddaughter here, a beauty here. Well, don't you recognize me? nine0005

Sn. Something does not look like Santa Claus at the pole, where the reindeer live. And you, who, probably, have never seen deer?

Koschey. Why did I see them with horns and a tail!

(Devil jumps on stage and says)

Damn. Let's dance better!

Kashchei. So there you are, what a reindeer!

Damn. Boss you, what a scrip survived it's me!

(Kikimora and the devil laugh)

Koschey. Tsyts evil spirits of the forest. You need to bewitch the Snow Maiden and the dark forces will win! There will be no holiday. nine0005

(The snow maiden is taken away from the hall)

Emelya and Veselushki appear on the stage, looking around

Emelya. It has long been time to start the holiday, but there is no Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. Did something happen?

Lead. Shall we wait a little more?

Let's look at the guys. 7b class. (8 acl.)

Kiki and the Devil enter during the performance

Emelya: Where is the Snow Maiden with Father Frost?

Devil: Hey! Hey! Emily what are you doing?
Eat aspen bark
And cheer up for the time being:
Tea is not chemistry, what,
Tea is natural gifts!


Take away the poison!
Where is the Snow Maiden, speak?


I'll tell you everything, but for the sake of order,
Make three wishes.
Hey, Emel, I'm not lying to her!
When I saw the Snow Maiden,
So dreamy,
I'm about to die!
And the other day there was a sin,
I almost invented a rhyme,
The doctors got scared!
They say - love shock!


Ah, weirdo! Nasty slave! nine0051 Al has completely lost his head!
I laid eyes on the Snow Maiden!
I'd be shy even if I was!

Kiki. Guess the riddles you

Maybe we will release your Snow Maiden.

Now I will guess a riddle, difficult, difficult!

Come on, guess!
What is: ding-ding, meow-meow!
I don't know!
And you? (turns to the audience) Don't they know either? Okay, I’ll say: this cat arrived on the tram!
Me too! And I! I know the riddle too! What is ding-ding, woof-woof? (speaking to the audience)
The dog has arrived in the tram!
And that's wrong! This mom came home from work!
Kikimora and the Devil are laughing.
But I'll tell you one more thing: what is in my pocket?
No, that's not fair! You at least tell me what letter!
On the letter "Li"!

What then?
I've got lipisin here! (Shows.) And in the other pocket, what do I have with the letter “F”? nine0051 Emelya.
I give up!
I have lipisin fluoride there! (Pointing and laughing).

Emelya. Wow, you wicked forest now I'll show you, (swings, imitates a fight)

-F.- "Night Watch" the lights are turned off.

Voice: And enmity began between the light and dark forces, and no one wanted to yield. And the battle reached the skies. And Frost realized that their strengths are equal. And stopped the fight. Stop! nine0005

-F. - Exit D.Moroz and Snegurochka

D.M. Are you waiting for me?
I could not help but come to you friends.
I've already started work -
I can't be late!
I don't like reservations,
But I want to warn you.

Just thinking, guys,
We will live in peace with you,
And study the way you should,
And work and be friends!

-F. - You came to visit us D. Moroz

Sn. Santa Claus, let's give the evil spirit the Elixir of "Humanity". nine0005

(Gives the vial to the devil, he kisses her hand)

Voice. The forces of light and darkness have concluded a peace treaty on a truce. And it was said:

Frost. I call the Yolka symbol of the holiday as witnesses of the truce.

Shine fire - as a sign of reconciliation!

Light and darkness are together today!

To light the symbol of happiness,

Let's say the cherished words

All: 1,2, 3, the Christmas tree burn!

(The tree lights up)

Snow. I invite everyone to dance again,
So that the blood does not freeze in the veins.
Let the tired legs not know,
These movements are repeated.

-F. - "Whirl and sing"

D.M. I know that you can give us wonderful moments.

7th grade performances. (grade 9a)

Sn. Here from your smiles it became brighter and warmer.

D.M. Let's put on some real theatre. (the roles are distributed by the moon, wind, trees, wolves, dog, sparrow, fox, rooster, owner))

Ved. "Night" The moon rose in the sky. Suddenly a strong wind blew. Trees swayed. Wolves howled in the forest. On the outskirts of the village near the house stands, shuddering, a dog. Not far away, a sparrow perched on a perch, he dozes, sometimes opening one eye, then the other. nine0005

The trees are noisy, and because of the noise you can't hear the fox sneaking into the chicken coop.

Suddenly a rooster crowed, sensing a fox, the dog barked and chased after it. The owner ran out of the house and started screaming.

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