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Kia Soul Hamster Commercials: Videos and featured songs

May 31, 2019

When the first Kia Soul was released, people lost their minds over the unique look and weird boxy shape. But it wasn’t only the Soul’s style that shot sales up for this Kia model.

The iconic, award-winning Kia Soul hamsters danced their way into the hearts of drivers. With their impeccable music taste and hip dance moves, the Kia Hamsters became idols. Let’s take a look through time at the Kia Soul Hamster commercials from their debut to now!

*There are several versions of some commercials featuring different songs*

View Kia Soul: Inventory – Specials

2010 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

Song: Goldfish – Fort Knox

2010 Superbowl Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

Song: Black Sheep – The Choice is Yours

2011 Hamsterdance Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

Song: The Boomtang Boys – Hamster Dance 2.0

2012 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

Song: LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock

View Kia Soul: Inventory – Specials

2013 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

Song: PSY – Gangnam Style

2014 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

Song: Lady Gaga – Applause

Song: Maroon 5 –  Animals

2016 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

‘Hamsters: Share Some Soul’ Feat. Nathaniel Rateliff

2017 Kia Soul Turbo Hamster Commercial

Song: Motörhead – Ace of Spades

2020 Kia Soul Commercial – The New Species of Soul

View Kia Soul: Inventory – Specials 

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Kia Dancing Hamster Actor Pleads to Disability Fraud

Leroy Barnes ordered to pay more than $24,000 in restitution

Looks like one of the Kia hamsters is going to have to dance with an electronic monitoring bracelet around his ankle for the next three months.

Leroy Barnes, an actor who portrayed a dancing hamster in the famous Kia commercials, pleaded no contest to disability fraud on Thursday, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Barnes, 29, also pleaded to making false statements regarding aid.

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According to the DA’s office, Barnes collected state disability benefits from September 2010 to September 2011, claiming that he wasn’t employed while he was working on the Kia commercials.

The actor was sentenced to 90 days of electronic monitoring. He was also ordered to pay more than $24,000 in restitution and perform 400 hours of community service.

However, his punishment is probably preferable to being locked in a giant hamster cage, with only pellets and water for sustenance.

Watch Barnes shake it during happier times in the video.

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90,000 advertising KIA Khomyaki

Miscellaneous »Advertising Kia Khomyaki

New Advertising Kia Soul: Escape from the hospital


Korean car manufacturer Kia and the American agency David & Goliath released another funny video about the adventures of chimiles in advertisements .

The video is a continuation of a large-scale advertising campaign for the promotion of a hybrid crossover model featuring famous furry heroes. Now they have a baby named Turbo, symbolizing the powerful turbo engine of the new Soul Turbo.

According to the plot of the video, a newborn hamster, deftly bypassing obstacles, escapes from the staff and guards of the maternity hospital. The result of the escape is real chaos, which the rodent arranges in the medical center. After that, he jumps from the roof and gets into a new generation KIA Soul car, in which hamsters ride. The video was filmed in the style of modern action movies and pursuit races.

Famous rodents have been featured in KIA's commercials since 2009. Hamsters have not only had a positive impact on the carmaker's sales, but have also become part of popular culture in the United States.

2020 Kia Soul Ads - Where are the hamsters?

Does Kia still use hamsters to advertise the soul?

By product expert | Featured in Ads, Kia Soul, Wed Nov 27, 2019 at 6:40 pm

2020 Kia Soul Ads - Where are the hamsters?

Other than the insurance-focused gecko, perhaps no other animal is as recognizable in advertising as the hamsters used in the Kia Soul commercial. Unlike the aforementioned gecko, hamsters, which have been central to the 10-year history of the Kia Soul, have sought to embody the fun and whimsy of the model.

>>> DETAILS: Family Tree: Kia Soul

Hamster advertising is so common that many of the Kia Soul models we sell are for parents or grandparents who are happy to give in to pressure from children that make them "buy a hamster car". It's a win-win because kids can ride in the same vehicle as their beloved Rodentia and adults enjoy a vehicle that's perfect for transporting kids.

The Hamster Car is, after all, great for families with more than 60 cubic feet of cargo space, and it's one of the safest vehicles on the market.

Will there be more Kia Soul ads with hamsters?

If you've been paying attention to the world of Kia advertising or car advertising, you may have noticed that hamsters have clearly been absent from recent Kia campaigns.

To the dismay of many children, Kia has abandoned hamsters and changed the model's ads to emphasize its more mature qualities with the launch of the all-new 2020 Kia Soul. While we were unable to get an official word from Kia on what hamsters have been up to since Kia's glory, we've followed some of them on social media, and most of them seem to be doing well. One of them is even set to appear in the next season of Dancing with the Stars.

We kids. To be honest, this step makes sense. While the first and second generation Kia Soul models were marketed to highlight the model's quirkiness and quirkiness, the ubiquity of the Kia Soul has made the latest model one that is capable of focusing on more sporty SUV-like qualities.

While we don't know if a chameleon will have the same cuteness as fluffy hamsters, it's still out of the question. After all, some insurance company has been squeezing miles out of another lizard for literally decades.

For more information on the 2020 Kia Soul or to see for yourself what made the Soul such a ubiquitous and durable model, take a test drive and contact us today!

>>> Contact us today

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Hamsters in Kia Soul commercials: why are they funny? (VIDEO)

Who knew hamsters could be so cheeky? Take a look at the gangster rude rodents in this Kia Soul ad:


Seriously, this commercial is pissing me off. Partly because I like cute anthropomorphic animals, but also because I like the absurdity of three hamsters who are gangsters in their Kia. I mean, genius: 40-:42 alone... with H-Tweezy in the back seat, rocking his head from side to side, tapping his paw to the beat of the dance while the car door light flashes in time. Even RuPaul doesn't have that much self-confidence. Don't these hamsters realize that they are hamsters?

But that's all, right? This video is funny because it's so disproportionate. Hamsters are small animals. We dominate them so much that we build their worlds for them, driving them through labyrinths of plastic pipes and clapping our hands as they run. Therefore, to see how a hamster behaves like a bully is so bold that it is even funny.

You must like a creature that refuses to acknowledge the low position we've given it... who instead considers himself the king of the hip-hop highway.

This bold, charming confidence extends to hamsters. Because really... Kia? It's almost like hamster machines. Or at least it's not the first thing you imagine when someone says "pimp".

However, in this commercial, Kia Soul is presented as the only car in the world that does not have rodents in the wheel. Those hamster wheels we see on the road could be Mercedes, BMWs, Audis, etc. The thing is, they're not Kias, so they're unconvincing by the standards of this ad.

Again, you have to marvel at a car company that refuses to accept the less ferocious image that is being foisted on it. This attitude is not permanent. This is great.

So let's say I'm a middle-class American who can't afford a luxury car, but I can afford a Kia Soul that costs less than $14,000. I can understand that I don't drive with champagne, but this ad tells me not to worry. This ad prompts me to pick up a bottle of sparkling white grape juice from the sunroof and wave it from side to side like it's a damn big bottle of Cristal.

In other words, advertising encourages a change in perception in which "little guys" like hamsters, Keas and the middle class are aware of their ability to be cool. There's a knowing joke to it - you can't take yourself that seriously if you're rolling in Little Hammy's whip - but that nonchalance is just another sign of confidence. If you drive a Kia Soul, the ad says, you know yourself, love yourself, and fail. If consumers buy the message, Kia sales could skyrocket. Affordability for the middle class could be higher than ever.

I wish I had a car in New York and that there are no pets in my house. Otherwise, I'd be hosting a Hamster Grand Prix here, featuring some completely refurbished Kia Souls. Word.

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Kia ​​Motors' musical hamsters return to share the unifying power of music in a new ad campaign for the Soul city passenger car - photo

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Kia: Hamsters -Share Some Soul

"Hamsters - Share Some Soul" is another great commercial made by David and Goliath for Kia Motors America. An advertisement featuring Nathaniel David Rateliff (American musician, singer-songwriter from Herrmann, Missouri), Julie Dolan (plays hamster keytar) and Kurt Quinn (plays hamster on banjo) promotes unity, unity and world peace through music. Kia's largest commercial hamster product to date brings together 30 different musical instruments representing more than 20 cultures from around the world.

Soul Jam required nearly 3,000 hours of computer rendering (CGI) to bring the hamsters to life. And to ensure authenticity, ethnomusicologists including Dr. Steven Loza, Chair of the Herb Albert Ethnomusicology Department of the UCLA School of Music, helped organize a globally inspired jam session featuring authentic instruments, dances and clothing from around the world.

Advertising slogan: "The world needs more soul."

Advertising agency David & Goliath explains the commercial: “The world needs more soul. It seems that every day more and more negativity fills our screens and people become more divided. But it's time to change that. It's time to celebrate our differences and unite. In the latest Kia Soul commercial, we see the Hamsters bringing together different people and cultures through the power of music and an epic jam session to bring more positivity into the world.”

“Music is truly a universal language. It transcends boundaries and borders, bringing people together on an emotional level because it's something we can all understand, feel and appreciate,” said Colin Jeffery, Chief Creative Officer of David & Goliath.

Learn more