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Nyannyancosplay is a cosplayer known for creating lip dub videos on the video-sharing application TikTok. In September 2018, Nyannyancosplay gained much notoriety online for a video in which she lip syncs a portion of the diss track "Mia Khalifa" by iLOVEFRIDAY.


On March 15th, 2017, Nyannyancosplay[1] uploaded her first video to TikTok, which included a duet with user @tennant_490.

"Hit or Miss" TikTok Video

On September 10th, 2018, Nyannyancosplay uploaded a lip dub video featuring part of the diss track "Mia Khalifa" by ILOVEFRIDAY with the message "Hit or miss? 😎💕" to TikTok.[2] On October 3rd, the video was reuploaded by YouTuber White Rationalist (shown below). On October 14th, the video was reposted by Twitter user @EthicalChad.

The following day, YouTuber Tomentos uploaded an edit of the video included other footage of Nyannyancosplay dancing (shown below, left). On October 21st, YouTuber Bob uploaded a compilation of Nyannyancosplay videos (shown below, right).

On October 27th, Lushsux posted a photograph of a mural of Nyannyancosplay on both Instagram[4] and Twitter[3] along with an emojipasta of the song's lyrics (shown below).

"🤕Hit 👊 or miss😳 I guess 🤔they 👉never ❌ miss, huh 😕😕? You 🙌got 🤪a boyfriend😍, I bet 🎰😶he 😨doesn't 👎kiss 😘😘 ya🤭 mwah💖 😻He 🧐gon' find 🔍🔍 another girl 👶 🤩and he 😮won't😤 miss👌 ya🙀 He 🤤gon' 😲skrrt and hit 👊👊 the dab😎 like 😄😄 Wiz 🤠Khalifa🤑"

I Guess She Took the Kids Parody

On October 31st, 2018, Facebook user Chicken Dad posted[6] parodied lyrics of "Hit or Miss" (shown below). The post gained 576 reacts, 215 Comments and 666 Shares in three months.

On November 17th, YouTuber Thane uploaded an animated depiction of the "I Guess She Took the Kids Parody" which gained 264,800 views within two months (shown below, left). In the meantime TikTok users continued to use these alternative lyrics. On December 12th, YouTuber Preadator360 uploaded a TikTok video of a person dancing to the "I Guess She Took the Kids Parody" which gained 130,250 views within a month (shown below, right).

TikTok Test / Hit Or Miss Challenge

On December 18, 2018, Twitter user and comedy producer, Reed Kavner, tweeted[5] an early example of the TikTok Test, later calling it the TikTok community's "handshake" (shown below).

Fast forward to December 5. The "hit or miss" lyric had become so ubiquitous in the TikTok community that user itsstomahs thought he could use it as a verbal secret handshake to detect if he was in the presence of other TikTokers IRL, like in Marshalls:

— Reed Kavner (@reedkavner) December 18, 2018

On December 28th, 2018 YouTuber TikTok Trends uploaded a video entitled "'Hit or Miss' Challenge TikTok Compilation" featuring people participating in the TikTok Test to see if any other individuals around them know to answer the question, "hit or miss" by answering "I guess they never miss huh?" (similar video below).


On January 6th, 2019, YouTuber CDawgVA uploaded an interview with Nyannyancosplay (shown below).
In the interview, she discussed the popularity of the "Hit or Miss" video along with her reactions to online fame and bullying. She reveals future plans to upload gaming videos to Twitch and more cosplay videos to YouTube.

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Hit or Miss | A Semiotic Analysis of the Use of the song "Mia Khalifa" on the app TikTok

A Semiotic Analysis of the use of the song “Mia Khalifa” on TikTok

By Questen Inghram

Its videos are hitting your Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter feed. Ads for it plague your Snapchat. That’s right, it’s TikTok, the debatable successor to Vine. Users upload 15 to 60 second videos, more often than not accompanied by music or sound which is dubbed over the video. The app hit one billion downloads in February 2019, and that’s not counting android users in China, where the app originated and is known as Douyin (Yeh, 2019). Over half of TikTok users are between the ages of 13 and 24 (Philips, 2018).

Because the app is very music-oriented, having been merged with the similar in 2018, users can search videos by the song used. For this semiotic analysis of social identities users associate with on TikTok, I used videos which use the song “Mia Khalifa” by iLOVEFRiDAY, a diss rap which was made in response to a fake tweet that was photoshopped into looking like it was a hypocritical statement aimed one of the rappers from the Lebanese-American former pornstar Mia Khalifa. Mia Khalifa became a controversial figure after wearing a hijab in a porn video, and the tweet iLOVEFRiDAY was apparently responding to was made to look like Mia Khalifa saying that one of the rappers was disrespectful for smoking in a hijab (Kavner, 2018).


iLOVEFRiDAY. (2018, March 4). “iLOVEFRiDAY – Mia Khalifa (TIK TOK & ROBLOX ANTHEM) [HIT OR MISS]”. Retrieved from


This song went viral and became a very popular meme on the app, with over 4.7 million videos using the song as of March 2019. One video in particular by user @nyannyancosplay became viral and became strongly associated with TikTok culture. Many users copy her image, dress and gestures in their videos. The association of the song with the app became even stronger with the #tiktoktest trend, which involves going to a public space (mostly supermarkets and schools) and yelling “Hit or Miss”, a line of “Mia Khalifa” and waiting for a stranger to complete the lyric with “I guess they never miss, huh”, in order to find other TikTokers. Videos with that hashtag have collected over 120 million views.


White Rationalist. (2018, October 3). “Nyannyan cosplay hit or miss guess they never miss huh- tiktok”. Retrieved from


When a TikTok user makes a video to the song “Mia Khalifa” there is a twofold meaning-making process going on. The first is with the musician and the creation of the lyrics and music and the meaning they are putting into it. Then, it is interpreted by the TikTok user, who creates yet another layer of meaning-making for their viewer to interpret.

Let’s take a deeper look at the song lyrics:

Hit or miss, I guess they never miss, huh?

You got a boyfriend, bet he doesn’t kiss ya!

He gonna find another girl and he won’t miss ya!

He gonna skrrt and hit the dab like Wiz Khalifa!


The first line is about the hypothetical question known as hit or miss (also known as smash or pass), whereby one is to say whether or not they would have sex with a given person. So the implication is that everyone would “hit” the subject of the song… stigmatizing the subject for this perceived sexuality. The next two lines are pretty straightforward––their boyfriend doesn’t find them appealing anymore and they will find someone else. Skrrt, in the last line is in reference to a car driving away and of course, hitting the dab is in reference to the memetic dance move. Wiz Khalifa is a rapper, with no relation to Mia. I could not find anything about whether he dabs often. There is an additional line occasionally included, but for the sake of this project we won’t go there.

Overall, this section of the song which has been used again and again for millions of TikToks is very aggressive and demeaning.

So, how are TikTok users making meaning and forming group identities? That’s where semiotics comes in.



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Ansbach miss. Scene 8 - Come in and write. - LJ

- Hold on, fraulein, I'm driving in class A, - a sympathetic tone rustled over the ear, neatly fitting into the pause between chords. - It's not my fault, there's no time to explain, later.

Hildegarde appreciated the accuracy of what was said and gestures - Loengram actually did not have time, but he managed to warn in time. Because the ceremonial invitation could not be rejected, but even entering it did not mean anything good - the cloak thrown back with the aplomb of the winner flew into the hands of Kircheis, frozen in place, demanding to move away and free up space, because by the beginning of the dance the couple did not close, but, on the contrary, dispersed into the most ambitious distance. Assessing her partner’s habit of moving in the first eight bars, the Countess calmed down a little - the partner’s merciless maneuvering was postponed for the second half of the dance, and it was still possible to swim next to the gallant gentleman, who demonstrated very complex steps around the lady. Reinhard honestly showed his chosen one what he was capable of - and it would have been very nice if the whole ball had not been staring at them. To answer - or rather, to allow oneself the most daring things - it was already clear how. Hildegard felt a certain intense excitement - well, so what, she had not done this before, even in her thoughts with someone? The dance technique has been familiar to her for a long time, and what a misfortune if the opportunity finally presented itself to apply the skill, and even with a considerable spark ...

The Countess's heels were already throwing out sheaves of sparks on a regular basis, several times quite frivolously having been on the shoulders of a partner who led really flawlessly - after the promptings of Kircheis, Hildegarde enjoyed with hitherto unknown pleasure the polite precision of Loengram's movements. He seemed to fully feel her condition and the most dangerous things to do with him were absolutely not scary and even pleasant. Yes, and such feline grace among the instructors was not observed. Catching once again virtually the entire weight of the lady in one hand, Reinhard invariably managed to reward her with a penetrating tender look, as if asking her not to worry about the future. Quite quickly, therefore, it became possible to guess and carry out the rest of his rather sharp plans - and the steps of the Queen Hildegard performed flawlessly, although the noise around and an attempt to provoke an ovation could well not only knock her off the beat, but even drop her. She even had time to admire with delight the skill of Lohengram, who, with the agility of a lynx, dived in time under the knees of his lady. And at the same time he managed to smile cheerfully, without opening his lips - he clearly enjoyed this ballet complexity of the action. This became especially noticeable closer to the finale, when his hands took complete control of the partner’s body, wrapping it around his waist with the equanimity of a winner - a similar expression of pleasure on the face of the commander after the fraulein will be seen in hot battles in space ...

The music quickly faded into the background in this whole celebration of movement - and it was easy to forget about the rest of the people for a while, the pleasure that the dance gave turned out to be too sharp. The complexity of the movements did not allow to be distracted by attempts to consider the reaction of others. Therefore, when I had to end this celebration of the most complex dance technique, going into the infinity of a mutual embrace or into the farthest retreat to the eight of self-expression, I had to experience real regret, because it seemed that the magic would last for another forty minutes ... But curtseying was still on time - only when she felt how the world around her again appeared and began to put pressure on her shoulders and with glances in the back - hot and piercing, Hildegard caught herself and deigned to realize what she had just done with her partner herself. If she had thought about this before, even silently, she would have blushed like a mischievous schoolgirl. But now her whole being was filled with reinforced concrete confidence that everything had been done on time and correctly. Moreover, Lohengramm again looked like a winner and managed to wink at her cautiously with the same friendly expression - they say, do not hesitate, Fraulein, the maneuver was carried out successfully. Yes, and there was no time to be shy amid the roar of applause - you had to ceremoniously lay your hand on the one offered to her by the young regent, and move further through the general noise with him, somewhere else ... A couple of glasses of sparkling wine, of course, was by the way, and on which balcony they went out with the commander in order to breathe and admire the stars, it was already unimportant.

Pretty soon there was nothing particularly important in the universe, except for the very pleased Loengram, who now smiled so radiantly that there was no desire to think about anything else. He said something about those star systems he had visited, said something else, without letting go of the lady's hand from his, and now and then trying to kiss her fingers. This was felt by consciousness very vaguely, merging into a kind of gentle and powerful roar, like an ocean surf. Hildegard listened too absently, because she looked only at the young man's face - and tried to understand, it seemed to her, that it exuded some kind of pearly radiance, or that it simply became too noticeable against the dark sky and the even illumination of the balcony, which almost merged with the stripes of planted around the perimeter of lush flowers exuding a heady aroma. And those eyes of his that suddenly became bottomless - now one could drown there and not notice it at all. If it was appropriate when to talk about stopping time, then this was clearly such a case. When there are no more desires, as long as nothing else happens besides what is now.

However, after a while, Hildegarde was able to notice that Lohengramm was not at all calm and serene, as it had seemed for so long. A little waking up from an obsession, she realized that he was just waiting for a maneuver from the outside, and this returned her vigilance. And I even managed to find an accent - these were just not even current speeches, but quickly thrown on the way here, obviously so that the steps would confuse the wiretapping:

- Remember what I said to you in the cell, fraulein, always, whatever neither happened.

So that's where you were completely real, Countess Mariendorf thought with a strong tinge of sadness, well, this is quite logical, usually one does not lie before death. But we note that you don’t really look like yourself then, if you don’t take into account the wounds after torture there, in prison. Then why was it necessary to show such an attitude to the whole world today? They will decide that I am too ... marking you among all the other people in the universe, and why would they know that then? There are still many traps on the way to the throne, and it would not be more logical then not to indicate certain priorities so clearly... For example, the fact that for you, Lohengramm, it’s not a sin to tear anyone apart, I completely agree with Oberstein in this approach to people and events...

- Fraulein, I don't want my officers to seek your favor, - the regent suddenly spoke in the same soft and even tone, as if he had heard the thoughts of a comrade-in-arms. “At the moment, none of them is worth you, and besides, I don’t want your promotion to be misinterpreted. Let them get used to the fact that I need smart fighters, and not arrange a demonstration of the habits of the old guard. It looks like the Ansbach shooting incident didn't teach them anything, so a sequel will soon follow.

"It seems that Kircheis is inclined to expect that after a while all these troubles will be left behind," she answered cautiously, not knowing whether to rejoice at the complete acquisition of control over herself or grieve that she had not completely lost it in the company of the interlocutor. – He made it clear that he intends to serve you with the same zeal...

Lohengramm bowed his head so that their eyes no longer met, which upset the young countess even more, and smiled very sarcastically...

- Still, it's beneficial for him, isn't it? However, I believe that soon we will see this zeal, very soon. Just refrain from assessing what is happening then, okay?

- Is it that bad, Commander? - Hildegard again did not notice that she was speaking completely sincerely, and the interlocutor catches this without any difficulty. Sorry, I shouldn't have asked about that.

- Everything is as always, - Reinhard smiled sadly. “But my back feels that something has already changed. But whether it got better or worse - we will see later, when we deal with all the rubbish that has no place in the Universe. Or even earlier.

- But he gave all the evidence to prove Lichtenlade's guilt in high treason even before his death, didn't he? Reuenthal told me about this - the Countess realized that if Lohengramm hesitated for a couple of seconds, continuing to look past her, she would blush with sadness.

This did not happen. The regent returned his even and warm gaze, shining again at the interlocutor, and even slightly moving closer to her.

“Damn boring to be the card that has to beat Yang Wenli, otherwise it would have been thrown out of the deck a long time ago,” he said in a voice thick as if from desire. “Will you allow me, if I succeed, to throw this victory at your heels, fraulein?” Or do you think that I do not need to get dirty about this figure?

She answered quite calmly, without noticing at the same time that she simply blossomed in response:
- So far, we have too little information to draw such an unambiguous conclusion. We don't even know yet why this person undertakes to fight with you so ... recklessly.

- For some reason, I also believe that this is not just a whim of their command - to direct it against us ... But ... this moment on his face…

"Reinhard, I've brought the raincoat," the tone was impeccably polite, but Kircheis's voice was too ringing to suggest that he was really unperturbed. “Are you willing to be replaced now?”

"You could have left my cloak there," Lohengramm said as if every word immediately turned into a rock falling to the bottom of a deep gorge. “Are you leaving on your own or will I help you?”

- I think it's time for you, - now the favorite of the Reich Commander-in-Chief responded completely calmly. – It’s time to take advantage of the break, and I can do it as well as you, as usual…

- Go away, - this word was pronounced quietly, but with such a chilling intonation that one could safely begin to turn pale.

However, Kircheis did not seem to notice this circumstance. He calmly snorted like a well-fed cat, and confidently folded his arms over his chest, not moving. Perhaps Reinhard decided that the next move would be to push him away. Perhaps he had reason to think so - that's all that Countess Mariendorf managed to guess, sadly watching as her hand was carefully released and took a step with a turn towards her former friend - His Serene Highness did this with no less grace than a smooth movement in a dance …

The next movement was not particularly visible - but what followed was as impressive as the most luxurious gestures. Kircheis managed to let out a kind of muffled howl before his body flew a few meters towards the corridor that led everyone to this picturesque balcony. Having slumped on the floor quite inaccurately, he got up quite briskly, covering his lower lip with his palm, cursing grumblingly.

- Since when did you become so picky? I just wanted to fill in for you, and there's nothing to be angry about, Reinhard!

"Get out of here," hissed Lohengramm, turning as black as the sky in the phase of a total solar eclipse. “Do me a favor, get out of my sight, and immediately.

- All right, that's why, - Kircheis said with sharp aplomb, turning slowly to leave. – Just think how much sentiment there is today...

The regent, turning pale, closed his eyes, as if he was fighting the urge to swear or rush to follow him with cuffs... Hildegard took advantage of this to carefully cling to him and hug him tighter.

"That's enough, Commander," she seemed to be speaking calmly and sensibly, but Lohengramm heard only the gentle cooing of her delighted friend. “Do we have anything else to do at the ball, or can we leave without damaging our mood?”

He sighed slowly, enjoying the moment, and slowly opened his eyes. He pulled his companion close to him, wrapping his arms around her waist.

- Fraulein, there are always things to do, they threaten not to end for a very long time. However, I think that we should now take care of ourselves. Would you like something?

"Oh," she said with a touch of slyness, just the way he liked it. “First from here, Your Grace, and then we'll see.

JUN-JUL. Alla Pugacheva: On the steps of glory


Pugacheva was still in Tashkent, when part of her troupe arrived in the capital of Tajikistan, the city of Dushanbe, to install the necessary scenery for the upcoming concerts of the number one star at the Frunze stadium there. It is worth noting that Tajikistan turned out to be one of the few union republics that Pugacheva had not yet “scrambled”: she had never been there on tour (Turkmenistan was also on this list). And this unfortunate blunder had to be eliminated. They met the singer like a king: they provided her with the best hotel, in the main press organ of the republic, the newspaper "Communist of Tajikistan", on the eve of the tour, an article was published about her under the meaningful title "Winner". Tickets at the box office sold out a week before the performances.

The concerts in Dushanbe lasted four days - from June 1 to June 4 - and brought real pleasure to both parties: both the artists and the audience. Leaving the hospitable republic, Pugacheva admitted in an interview: “I confess, I didn’t even expect such a warm welcome as your viewers gave me.”

While Alla Pugacheva travels around the country with her Song Theater, her native press forgot about her. You will not find a single, even a tiny mention of the name of Alla Pugacheva in the then Soviet newspapers. Moreover, her songs were no longer shown on the Central Television, played on the radio. And this despite the fact that Pugacheva's concerts continued to collect full houses (performances in Tashkent and Dushanbe confirm this). But at that time, not all representatives of the national stage, who considered themselves to be the "old guard", could boast of such a thing at that time. We are talking about Joseph Kobzon, Lev Leshchenko, Edita Piekha, Lyudmila Zykina, Muslim Magomayev. If earlier they could easily collect stadiums for weeks, now they were not always taken to national concerts (they were also no longer invited to Blue Lights and even to Songs of the Year, which had never happened before). The only exception was Sofia Rotaru, whose tour of Belarus that summer turned out to be truly triumphant. But Rotaru also had the appropriate title: the main rival of Pugacheva.

Meanwhile, the “youth” or “plywood” era has begun in Russian pop music. Numerous girl and boy ensembles filled the country, performing only simple songs "for the feet." Take, for example, the hit parade (“ZD” for June. If the veteran rock movement Chris Kelmi settled in the 1st place with the song “Night Rendezvous”, then the remaining six places were sorted out: 2. “My blue-eyed girl” - Zhenya Belousov. 3. "Student" - Dima Malikov. 4. "Until tomorrow" - Dima Malikov. 5. "Marriage procession" - Dima Malikov. 6. "Night taxi" - Zhenya Belousov. 7. "White, white evening "- "Combination". The same wave was represented by other songs presented in that top list: "Pink Evening" - "Tender May" (13th), "Moon Dream" - Dima Malikov (14th), " Russian Girls" - "Combination" (15th), "Music Tied Us" - "Mirage" (16th), "White Roses" - "Tender May" (17th), "You will never be mine" — Dima Malikov (19-e). There were, of course, exceptions in this hit parade in the form of the following hits: “Stop, who goes” - Valery Shapovalov (8th), “I love” - “Autograph” (9th), “Aerobics” - “ Alice" (11th), "Russia" - Igor Talkov (12th), "Panther" - "Agatha Christie" and "Angel" - "Urfin Deuce" (18th), "Oh, my boy" - "Autograph" (20s).

The same thing happened in the All-Union hit parade TASS, where the top three songs included: 1. "My blue-eyed girl" - Zhenya Belousov. 2. "Margarita" - Valery Leontiev. 3. "White Roses" - "Tender May". True, unlike the top list (“ZD” in Tassov for Alla Pugacheva, even if there was only one song (there were three a month ago), it was listed. It was an unsinkable hit “I kissed you” (10th place). Pugacheva's "best performers" also lost their positions, sliding from 2nd place to 6th.0003

On July 16, an interview with Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. was published in ZD. It did not appear by chance. The fact is that recently rumors have become especially widespread among the people that Presnyakov has an affair with Kristina Orbakaite (despite the fact that this novel was already in its third year, they knew about it only in the musical party, and the broad masses remained in the dark). Naturally, letters from the singer's fans went to the newspapers, which contained an urgent request to shed light on this problem. (" ZD" was one of the first to respond to this call.

The interview was preceded by two letters from Presnyakov's fans. The first one said the following: “In one of the central newspapers, to the question - is it true that Kristina Orbakaite and Volodya Presnyakov are spouses? We have read that this is a hoax. And we were sure otherwise. After all, Volodya himself in the “Music Elevator” unambiguously hinted at his relationship with Christina, and in the program “Pop Antenna” he even said that he was going to become a father ... "

to meet Vladimir Presnyakov (Jr.). I would like to know who his wife is? It is felt that his personal life greatly influenced his work. Therefore, it would be useful for us (his fans) to find out about the singer's immediate creative plans. "

Presnyakov began his interview with the following statement: “I am not yet married and will not become a father in the near future. What sounded in the "Pop Antenna" was perceived by many viewers as a fait accompli. I was just talking about the state of mind, that I want to become a father. This is an internal need. Hope it gets implemented someday. But for now, I'm still."

Oddly enough, but Presnyakov did not even hint about his relationship with Kristina Orbakaite, although there was plenty of space for an interview. Apparently, realizing that the singer's fans would still have to answer, ("ZD" decided to take the initiative and accompanied the interview with a very unambiguous photograph in which Presnyakov stood ... in an embrace with Kristina Orbakaite.

This text is an introductory fragment.

June-July 1970

June-July 1970 June 4Things are gradually getting better. The Committee seems to be allowing the length of Solaris. 4000 m? 14 pieces? 2 hours 20 min. And as if the case of a trip to Japan for filming is sorted out in the Central Committee. Larisa was at the doctor, and she was told that maybe she had twins (!?). Ira in connection with the divorce is very

June-July 1982

June-July 1982 June 1 Called Larisa. So far nothing new. Today she is going to the village for two days. Tyapa is there with Manechka and Olga. Maybe tomorrow, Wednesday? Norman doesn't help me at all. "9. Do not take with you gold or silver or copper in your belts, 10. Not a bag for the road, not two

June - July

June July In June, the management of Mosfilm made the final decision that Alla Pugacheva would play the role of the singer Anna Streltsova in the film The Third Love. When this became known to the singer, she was eager to add her songs to the picture, good

June - July

June July Pugacheva was still in Tashkent when part of her troupe arrived in the capital of Tajikistan, the city of Dushanbe, to install the necessary scenery for the upcoming concerts of the number one Soviet pop star at the Frunze stadium there. It should be noted that

June - July

June July In June, Alla Pugacheva almost flew out of the Top 20 on the Soundtrack hit parade: the song “Young Man, Invite to Dance” took the last, 20th place. And the leaders were: 1. "Golden Domes" - Zhenya Belousov; "Don't cry, Alice" - Andrey Derzhavin and


JUNE JULY In June, in the hit parade ("ZD" Alla Pugacheva almost flew out of the top twenty: the song "Invite the Lady to Dance" took the last, 20th place. And the leaders were: 1. "Golden Domes" - Zhenya Belousov; "Do not cry , Alice" - Andrey Derzhavin and "Stalker". 2. "Squadron" - Oleg


JUNE JULY Alla Pugacheva continues to "romance" with Sergei Chelobanov. Both have legitimate halves: she has Evgeny Boldin, he has a young wife and two children. But the heart, as they say, you can not command. Moreover, both other halves are no decisive steps against


JUNE JULY Alla Pugacheva returned from Switzerland, still young and refreshed. Part of the money earned by sweat and blood went to new operations, but the singer was not concerned about earning it, she knew how. Doctors demanded adherence to strict recommendations, diet and healthy lifestyle


JUNE JULY At the very beginning of June, on the new stage of the Moscow Art Theater, the premiere of the play "Monday after the Miracle" based on the play by William Gibson took place, where one of the main roles was played by Christina Orbakaite, the national heroine of America, the deaf-blind girl Helen Keller (in other roles


JUNE JULY In June, domestic media reported another sensational news about Pugacheva: she allegedly bought herself a place . .. in the most expensive cemetery in the world. This graveyard is located in Israel, in Jerusalem, on the Mount of Olives. According to legend, it was from this ancient

June - July

June July Alla Pugacheva continues to "romance" with Sergei Chelobanov. This looks strange, since both have legitimate halves: she has Evgeny Boldin, he has a young wife and two children. But the heart, as they say, you can not command. Moreover, their "halves" are no

June - July

June July Alla Pugacheva returned from Switzerland, still young and refreshed. Part of the money earned by sweat and blood went to new operations, but the singer did not care about that - she knew how to earn money. Doctors demanded adherence to strict dietary guidelines and

June - July

June July At the very beginning of June, on the new stage of the Moscow Art Theater, the premiere of the play "Monday after the Miracle" based on the play by William Gibson took place, where one of the main roles - the national heroine of America, the deaf-blind girl Helen Keller - was played by Christina Orbakaite (in other

June - July

June July On June 2, Pugacheva "lit up" already in Novokuznetsk, the next day - in Kemerovo, on the 3rd - in Krasnoyarsk.

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