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How to Belly & Hip Roll | Live Healthy

By Lisa Mercer Updated April 16, 2018

Undulating torsos along with fluid, sinuous hip movements characterize the dances of the Middle East. Some, like belly dancing, offer significant fitness benefits. As a weight-bearing activity, belly dancing helps you maintain bone density, while enhancing grace and coordination, strengthening your legs and mobilizing your hips, back and shoulders. Movements like the belly roll teach precise abdominal muscle control, and hip rolls relax the tight hip joints that suffer as you sit at your desk.

Belly Rolls

  1. Stand facing the mirror with your feet hip-width apart, and your knees slightly bent. Place one hand on your lower belly and the other on your upper belly.

  2. Contract your upper abdominal muscles, then contract your lower abs.

  3. Relax your upper abs, then your lower abs. When you master the sequence, reverse the order, contracting your lower abs first, then your upper abs.

  4. Lift your chest and upper ribs forward and upward, as if someone had a puppet string on your breast bone pulling it upward toward the ceiling. Contract your entire abdominal region as you do this.

  5. Lower your ribs as if you were flexing your upper torso into an abdominal crunch. Relax your abs as you do this.

  6. Connect the two movements in a fluid motion, contracting your abs and pulling them up like a zipper as your ribs move forward and upward. Relax your abs as your ribs release downward and inward. Follow the cadence of the music.

The Hip Roll

  1. Face the mirror and stand with your feet hip-width apart and your knees relaxed. Imagine that you're holding a full load of groceries, and you need to use your hip to close the car door. Slide your hips to the right, then do the same to the left. Establish a side-to-to side rhythm in cadence with the music.

  2. Slide your hip to the right, and lift your right heel from the floor.

  3. Slide your hips all the way to the left. Place your right heel on the floor and repeat the movement, lifting your left heel.

  4. Tip

    Add variety to your belly rolls by varying the size of rib movements. Other forms of ethnic dance and Latin-oriented aerobic workouts also use the hip roll, but in a wider stance. To exaggerate the hip roll, lean your waist away from the hip. If you can't find traditional belly dancing music, even music from someone like the artist Shakira can set the mood.


    Never keep your feet wider than hip-width apart during belly dancing The belly roll initiates by drawing your rib cage forward, not by pulling your shoulders back. Consult your doctor if you have back problems.


  • Hip Expressions: Belly Dancing : Belly Rolls in Belly Dancing


  • Add variety to your belly rolls by varying the size of rib movements.
  • Other forms of ethnic dance and Latin-oriented aerobic workouts also use the hip roll, but in a wider stance.
  • To exaggerate the hip roll, lean your waist away from the hip.
  • If you can't find traditional belly dancing music, even music from someone like the artist Shakira can set the mood.


  • Never keep your feet wider than hip-width apart during belly dancing
  • The belly roll initiates by drawing your rib cage forward, not by pulling your shoulders back.
  • Consult your doctor if you have back problems.

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how to do the hip roll



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How to twerk |


The fashion for impulsive hip dancing spread around the world faster than the most dangerous virus, and Miley Cyrus is blamed for this. We learned from teachers who will teach competent twerk all the features of this dance.

Three basic movements

Alexandra Pirogova :

I can distinguish two main elements in booty dance: these are shaking shake (a huge number of different options) and hip-roll - all kinds of twists-rotations and stops-"points" of the hips, in which all movements come from the stomach and lower back, while the body remains motionless.

Zhanna Ukraintseva:

SHAKE. Take your hips in your hands so that your thumbs rest on the muscle (on the soft spot of the thigh) and push your hips forward with your fingers. You will feel like a cowboy. So remember - this is the wrong performance of buti-dance, which, I heard, is punishable by law. Correct would be: with the other four fingers remaining on the front side of the thighs, push them back and up a little, repeat this several times back and up, raise and later gain speed without the help of hands.

Polina Shatokhina:

HIP ROLL. The rotation of the hips is one of the elements of hip-roll. It is necessary to always keep the legs fairly bent, as this will give freedom of movement in the hip area. It is very important to ensure that during the rotation of the hips the shoulders remain at the same level, both horizontal and vertical. If you can do the above, you can add chest rotation. It is important to note that the chest rotates in opposition to the hips: hips behind, chest in front, hips to the right, chest to the left. Even if it doesn’t work out right away, don’t be upset, sooner or later everyone succeeds.

What if there is nothing to shake?

Alexandra Pirogova:

Anyone can learn anything, another question is how it will look like. Naturally, on girls with magnificent forms, such a dance looks more spectacular, but if a little thin girl experiences positive emotions while dancing bootydance, then why shouldn't she do it? Moreover, as a result of hard work, the figure will noticeably change: the butt and legs will pump up, the stomach will tighten.

Zhanna Ukraintseva:

Everyone can learn to twerk. With any physique. The main thing is the desire and listen to the advice of the teacher.

Polina Shatokhina:

I have a strong opinion about fragile girls, based on experience - the main thing is the technique of movements. If a thin girl believes in herself and puts her energy into achieving the right technique, everything will work out "

Text: Ksenia Bunina

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Kate Kuznetsova,


How to

Basic elements in Hip-Hop (practice)

Exemplary team Dance and sports club AJAX #RedPAntherscrew

Basic elements in Hip-Hop style

Base study. 16 initial movements

Each dance is based on the basic elements on which it is built. The same applies to Hip-Hop
After the student has caught the approximate nature of the movements and understood what he is moving and how, we begin to acquaint him with the base.
Important. The second and third stages take place simultaneously.
We take 2-3 new movements at each lesson. We disassemble. Adding hands.
At the end - freestyle, to fix all the material.
In this way, we repeat and consolidate the old material and impose new material on it, which allows the student to accumulate knowledge, and not learn new things every time and forget. Every student must know the basics.
Here are 16 basic moves and their variations on the basis of which you can make a combination:
1.Steve Martin 2.Running man 3.Kick 4.Roger Rabbit 5.Alf (March Step) 6.Kriss Kross 7.ShamRock 8.PartyDuke 9. Monestery 10.Bart Simpson 11.Bobby Brown
12.Happy Feet 13. Sponge Bob 14.PartyMachine 15.Atl Stomp 16.Reebok

Basic hip hop elements

Old school (1979 - 1990) Basic hip hop elements of the old school

  • Basic Bounce Combo
  • Two step The simplest movement found in many hip-hop dances. "One" - a step towards the launch vehicle. "Two" - the second leg is substituted for the PH. The movement is repeated on the other leg. Step stand to the side, forward, diagonally, loop back.
  • Step slide, slide step , Glide , Circle Glide / Turn Glide
  • March step with movement. Combination with kick - kick - raise the knee - stand with a body turn. Mandatory accented pumping. We raise the knee and rebound back, without swinging, lifting the leg from the calf muscle.
  • Criss cross step on the rise with a jump, cross - initial, add lower back on the sides, knees bent. Add diaphragm and uncomplicated hands. Do not strain your neck and back!
  • Criss Cross Variations
  • Humpty Dance Humpty Dance. In this dance, the “Kach” of the pelvic girdle becomes the main one. The dance is performed in the second wide position and the knees must always be bent. Starting position II free position of the legs. "And Raz" - Chris Cross. "I" - the pelvic part of the legs is retracted slightly back. "Two" - So with an accent moves forward. "And Three", "And Four" - "And Two" is repeated. You can add hands, as in the video below, or come up with something of your own.
  • Kick it drink it. Kick [Kik] is one of the most common movements in modern dance. A simple kick in the air. When performing, you must remember about the Groove (Kach). Starting position: I parallel position of the legs. "And" - kick [kick] or kick with the right foot forward. The movement is similar to kicking a soccer ball. The body makes a “pitch” forward. "One" - the right leg returns to its original position. The left leg swings back. The body leans back slightly. "And" - the left foot makes a kick [kick] forward. "Kach" forward. "Two" - similar to the movement to "One", only from the opposite leg. On the next beat, the movement is repeated. Kick, Kick + Back jump
  • Kick and slide kick and slide. A kick is made with one foot, and then a slide is made with the other.
  • Kick & Step - Kick Cross Step
  • Kick ball change On I swing, for once swing up, on I swing, 2 steps back and kip up. Hands work in opposition. Back and to the side, back with a twist in the hips, forward, back with a turn and to the side, forward and forward crosswise . Kick out - leg bent to the side, kick, change of leg to the side.
  • Party Duke + variations - leg abduction to the side.
  • Cabbage patch The name comes from the Cabbage Patch Kids, a toy popular in the 80s and 90s. Usually performed comically. Often accompanied by funny "grimaces". The starting position is free. Hands move in a plane parallel to the floor. Starting from the chest describe a circle. During performance, the shoulders rise. Any steps can be used in the legs.
  • Smurf [Smurf] is a movement named after cartoon characters. The knees do a swing with an emphasis down, the body and head with an emphasis forward. Hands in turn move forward, as in swimming. Starting position - free. "One" - one hand begins to "float" forward in a small arc. In the legs, body and head, "kach" begins.
  • Prep (Pretty Boys)
  • The wop
  • Reebok jumping. : Reverse, With touch. Raise the knees, when descending, the weight of the body between the legs, hands “pump”
  • Reject Step
  • Shamrock - step sideways out, back, bouncing legs together, landing.

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