How to become a famous singer and dancer

How To Become A Famous Singer In 8 Steps

Today we're going to look at how to become a famous singer in 6 steps. If you're a beginner singer and want to know what it takes to give yourself the best chance of making it in the music industry, be sure to read to the end for all the details.

If you want a guide which will help improve your vocals in general, check these great value online singing lessons.

Disclaimer: While these below six points will go a long way to helping you reach your desired level of fame as a singer, there is no guarantee that you will become famous. This will come down to a few different things, such as how talented you are, being in the right place at the right time, and more.

That said, doing the below will greatly increase your chances of making it as a successful singer. Be sure to read all 6 points to get a good idea of what needs to be done.

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Build Your Way Up To Fame

A common misconception about fame in the music industry is that it will come overnight. It's easy to see someone in the charts for the first time, and assume they haven't been working hard for some time leading up to that.

In reality, this isn't normally the case. If you want to be a famous singer, you will need to work at it.

You won't start out doing world tours or writing number one hits. You need to work your way up the ladder.

Start out by aiming to become known with your family and friends. When they recognize your talents and let you know you're genuinely good enough, network out and start to build up your name in different areas.

Start establishing your name in your local area, on online music forums, on already established YouTube channels, on local radio stations and the like.

Once you have this local market covered and people are talking about you, expand once again. Each time aim to conquer a bigger market, using the buzz you gained in the previous area to get more people to give you a chance.

This is the best way to become a famous musician, one stage at a time.

2. Have A Unique Selling Point If You Want To Become A Famous Singer

A unique selling point, USP for short, is a way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. You don't want to be doing the same thing as every other singer out there; if you are, what's going to make people buy into you over the others?

Your USP doesn't have to be anything big, but it has to be noticeable. It could be that you structure your songs differently, that you have a voice that's different from the norm, or simply that you do what you do at a much higher level than everyone else.

Yes, that in itself is a unique selling point, as people will see they can only get the best by being a fan of yours. If you don't already have a USP, you may want to think about creating one.

Once you do, make sure it's clear to people what it is. Sometimes it will be tangible, but other times you will have to drop it into the conversation via interview or on your website, etc.

Don't say “My USP is”, instead say “I like to do *this* which I don't think is something fans get anywhere else”. This will help make you sound like you're thinking of them, and also put the idea in their mind that you stand out in some way.

This is an important step if you want to be a well-known singer.

3. Market Yourself As A Singer

If you want to become a famous singer, you will need to learn how to market yourself. That, or you will need someone to market for you.

If you haven't got the budget to pay someone to market you, then it's all down to you. You may want to check out our marketing for musician guide for tips and advice on how you can do this.

Marketing is the process of raising awareness of yourself as a singer. The first step in getting your fans is letting people know you exist.

Second is making them be open to listening to you. This is a much trickier job than it sounds, so don't underestimate how much work is required to make this happen.

With all the other singers and musicians fighting for people's attention, music fans have become overwhelmed with the choice available to them. The result?

Many people are blocking out most artist that throw themselves their way. Even if you're giving away a free download, the majority of people will actively ignore it.

Giving out a free CD? A lot of the time it'll end up on a shelf never to be listened to.

It has become increasingly difficult to market yourself as a musician, but with the right knowledge it is possible. Being a famous singer will require you to have a lot of fans, so if this is what you want to achieve, then you need to get your marketing hat on asap.

Without it, you simply won't reach your goals.

OK, so here are three other tips teaching you how to become a famous singer. Point number 8 is especially important, so make sure you read on to the end:

4. Learn How To Sing Properly

OK, so this may seem like an obvious point, but if you aren't a good enough singer you'll never, never become a famous singer. You can market yourself all you want, but if people don't want to listen to you, you'll never move forward in your singing career.

It's never a bad idea to take online singing lessons if you haven't already, so you may want to look into that. Alternatively, you can always take an online singing course which is a lot cheaper than the hourly rates many vocal teachers charge.

Either option is good, as strengthening your voice and improving your vocal range can only be good for your music career as a whole. Ultimately, your goal should be to be the best you can be.

Britney Spears is not an impressive singer. Neither is Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips.

There are plenty of others that can hold their own, in their own unique way (they've developed their USP), but aren't necessarily at the top of their game. Nevertheless, they are famous.

It's true that being undeniably good will open doors that being so-so simply won't. But you don't need to be Idina Menzel either.

You can make up for your weaknesses with image, branding, marketing, and attitude. But don't fool yourself about how good you are (or aren't), because that can come back to bite you in the butt later.

Get an honest opinion from someone you trust. If you're tone-deaf, you're in trouble.

But most of the time, there is a way to progress and to improve as a singer, and that's the path you should follow.

5. Collaborate With Musicians And Industry Figures That Are Bigger Than You

The art of using other's authority is one of the best ways to get yourself known. One of the quickest ways of getting in front of a relevant audience is working with someone who already has an established audience in your niche.

If you can get this person to recommend you or be on a song with you, you are going to get in front of their audience, and have the chance for them to become your fans too. You can also study under them as a backing singer, if they are amenable to the idea.

While it may be hard to collaborate with someone big in your genre at first, keep working at it. Start with a lesser-known person with a decent buzz, and start working with more known artists as you are able.

The more you work with others and get your name out there, the more people will want to work with you. As time goes on, you'll find it easier and easier to get the more prominent collaborations, and your audience will grow at a decent rate as a result.

6. Join A Band & Generate A Ton Of Interest In The Music

What do you do when you’ve been putting your best foot forward for years, and you still can’t find success and fame as a singer? You take charge of the situation.

There are many bands looking for great singers. Working with a talented singer can make a huge difference for them, because signing duties often fall to the bass player or guitarist, who may not be great singers to begin with.

They can develop in time, but if they could concentrate on what they’re genuinely great at (i. e. their instrument), they’d have a better chance of reaching their goals and getting somewhere in the music industry.

That’s where you come in. If you sang for the band, and delivered killer vocals, that would free up everyone else to focus on their strengths.

It’s a win-win. And when everyone is doing what they’re good at, amazing things can happen. A band becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Just look at The Beatles.

If you choose to take this route, then make it your goal to sell a lot of music. It’s getting tougher and tougher to sell CDs and digital downloads these days, but getting streamed and featured on notable playlists can also get you to where you want to go.

Once thousands or tens of thousands of people are listening to your music, industry people and labels will have no choice but to take notice of what you’re doing. And if you land a contract or an amazing opportunity as result, achieving fame will only be a matter of time.

Note: finding a band isn’t hard, but finding the right band isn’t easy. You must ensure that there is good chemistry between the members, and that they are good players.

They should also have the same goals in mind that you do, or at least aspire to the same level of success. Otherwise, the band won’t be together long enough to achieve anything worthwhile.

You also must ensure that you aren’t the culprit of issues within the band. Beware of lead singer disease (LSD). Singers sometimes have a tendency of seeing themselves as the most important piece of the band, and set different standards for themselves than they do for others.

This is not only unfair to the band, but it can also cause unnecessary tension. You are important as a singer, but not that important. So, bring the best version of yourself to the band, always.

7. Build Your Following & Own It

Again, sometimes you must take matters into your own hands. Today, it’s rare for you (or anyone) to be presented with massive opportunities randomly and unexpectedly.

You must make your own way, and as you keep hustling, serendipities and synchronicities will begin to occur. But you can’t expect this to happen by default or on autopilot.

If you want to make it big, you’ll have to earn every inch of your success. If you let others dictate to you what your portion should be, you’ll get the short end of the stick every single time.

That’s why you should take initiative and build a following that’s all your own. Prove your worth!

But it isn’t enough to set up a website (find a techie friend to help you), ask for emails, and send people to your social media profiles. This might get you a few signups and followers, but you’re going to have to be more aggressive in your approach.

Everywhere you go, you need to smile, shake hands, hand out business cards, and make real connections. It doesn’t matter who you talk to, or how important you think they might be.

You must treat everyone as though they are the most important and valuable person you know. And then, you need to follow up with everyone you connect with, and introduce them to others you know.

But only introduce people when there is a genuine, mutual benefit. Send an article that might be of interest to them if you can’t introduce them to anyone.

Can you connect with one new person every single day? It’s not that hard.

And just think of how many doors that could open for you in terms of opportunities and new connections. Think of the 365 follow-up emails you’ll be sending every single year (make strategic use of your email signature to draw attention to your email list and social media profiles).

Every email you send can be used to promote who you are and what you’re doing. Want to pick up the pace?

Then connect with two, three, four, or even five people every day! Want to take your hustle even further?

Then become an influencer in the industry. Write a new blog post every single week, guest post on other popular blogs, leave blog comments, connect to people on forums, send email campaigns, be active on social media, distribute press releases, go to networking events, and so on.

Again, own your following and build a relationship with them. This alone may not make you famous, but it will become a vital contributing piece to the larger fame puzzle.

8. Never Give Up

So finally, let me give you one of the most important factors of becoming a famous singer: NEVER GIVING UP!!! The thing is, fame doesn't come overnight.

If this is what you expect, you'll be in for a very demotivating journey indeed. It's taken some of the biggest musicians in the world years to become successful.

If they had given up half way through, do you think we would have heard of them? No, we wouldn't have.

Every singer has up and down periods. If you're going to quit at the first few down periods, you may as well not have started in the first place.

People will let you down sometimes, but deal with it. Learn from it, and take a new path with someone else.

Eventually you will get to where you want to be, so keep building on and leveraging previous successes.

How To Become A Famous Singer Conclusion

So there you have it, 8 tips on how to become a famous singer. If you want to gain exposure and fame from your music career, you'll do well to follow these tips. If however you want to learn to sing better, check out guide on how to become a better singer.

As mentioned, there is no guarantee to fame and fortune for anyone. But by using these best practices, you will greatly increase your chances of doing well.

Good luck with achieving your dream, and let us know how you get on in the comments section below. If you find this guide useful, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, and any other sites you use.

P.S. Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and earn from it. Want to learn how to do that? Then get our free ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career' ebook emailed directly to you!

How to Become a Famous Singer

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Thousands of people want to be famous for singing in the music industry and Tik Tok but very few make it to the top. There is no right way to do it and many people give up way too easily because they can’t find fame quickly. 

How to become a famous singer fast? Working on vocal performance, image and songwriting are essential to get famous for singing. However, one of the fastest ways to become a famous singer is through talent competitions, performing on big stages for famous judges from the music industry. 

Being a great singer is no guarantee of fame. Even after years of work, many singers still struggle to find the recognition they are looking for. Without a doubt, you’ll need plenty of hard work and dedication. There are also many things that you can do to help yourself become a famous singer.  

How to become a famous singer

There’s never any guarantee to become a famous singer. However, these 9 steps will only help you on your quest to fame.

  • Work on your vocal technique
  • Sing and write amazing songs
  • Become a great performer 
  • Believe you can be famous
  • Own your look and style   
  • Know your core audience 
  • Get recording in the studio 
  • Make engaging videos
  • Build an influential network 

9 ways that could help you to become a famous singer 


Work on your vocal technique

It is very difficult to become a famous singer if you can’t sing. If you can’t sing and do become famous for it then it will almost definitely be for the wrong reasons. This is why you need to start working on your vocal technique as soon as possible. 

It is a good idea to get a vocal coach or get classically trained to help you become the best technical singer that you can be. This may not be an option for everyone but there are great videos online that can help train your technique.  

It is also important to work out who your favourite singers are and find out the technique behind their voices. Being technically great is one thing. However, it is by finding your own unique sound and style of singing that will set you apart from the rest. 

#2 Sing and write amazing songs 

The music industry revolves around the performance of songs because people are emotionally moved by great songwriting. A great singer without great songs to sing is like a great builder with no tools or materials and won’t be able to accomplish what they were born to do.  

You should start learning covers to understand how songs are written and structured and practice performing them. When you’re entering talent competitions, song choice is very important. You need to pull the judges and audience in straight away with your voice and also connect with what you’re singing.  

Once you’ve learnt some covers and explored the process behind songwriting then start writing your own songs. Don’t expect hits to come out straight away. If you get into a habit of writing regularly by yourself and with others then you will only learn more and get better. 

#3 Become a great performer 

You can be a great singer behind closed doors but you need to be just as good in front of others. Some people with great voices don’t know how to perform in front of a crowd and will never be famous because no one will know how good they are.  

Being a great performer doesn’t mean you need to have a whole dance routine with lights and fireworks. Great performers can stun a whole audience with their presence through their talent and vulnerability on stage.  

At the end of the day, famous singers are entertainers so you need to provide entertainment value for audiences. The most famous singers are those that can entertain crowds of thousands of people and this always comes down to their ability as a performer. 

#4 Believe you can be famous

Self-belief is vital in an industry that will constantly knock you back. You need to get used to rejection at an early stage because almost everyone thinks that they are ready before they are. Your confidence is just as important as your voice because there are plenty of famous singers with more confidence than talent.  

Never let rejection knock your confidence though. If you use it as motivation to become better and more resilient then it will serve you well in the future across all aspects of your life.   

The most famous singers were rejected constantly when they started out. No one else would believe in them and some were even told that they would NEVER be famous. However, their belief in their self and their resilience after countless rejections is what proved their critics wrong and enabled them to handle the immense pressures of fame. 

#5 Own your look and style 

When you walk onto a stage, people will see you before they hear you. As a result, they will instantly form an idea and expectation about who you are as an artist without even hearing you sing.  

It is a great idea to think about a distinctive visual style early on because this can really help audiences remember you and identify you as a performer. It will also help you translate your style to create stunning music videos further down the line. 

Keep an eye on what your favourite performers are wearing and learn basic style tips. Also, work out what colours and patterns you like and how you can integrate that into your style. Many artists are remembered for what they wear as much as their music so don’t take your look for granted. 

#6 Know your core audience 

It won’t matter how good you or your songs are if you’re performing in front of the wrong crowd. For example, an audience of metalheads is unlikely to be entertained by a 12-year-old girl performing Justin Bieber songs. 

You have to find your core audience before you become famous in the mainstream. The artists you like and songs that you enjoy singing will help you find out more about your potential audience. Try and find out more about who else enjoys the same things that you do. 

To build your audience, you need to understand them and give them something different that they aren’t getting elsewhere. Try and communicate with them no matter how big they are and find out more about what songs and covers they want to hear.   

#7 Get recording in the studio 

You’ll be ready to get into the recording studio after you’ve built confidence as a singer and songwriter. Recording sessions are a very different experience compared to performing in front of an audience so give yourself some time to get used to it. 

Recording studios will have engineers and producers that could really help you improve.  Working with producers will give you a professional perspective and they could be connected with famous singers from previous work. 

Great recordings are very important to help you build a larger audience. Whilst performance will build the buzz and your core audience, your records can be used to get on radio and Spotify to help bring in extra income and gain new fans across the world.  

#8 Make engaging videos 

Videos of you singing are a great way to showcase your voice whether it’s covers or originals. Some very successful singers such as Justin Bieber and Jorja Smith got their break through uploading videos of themselves singing on YouTube.   

Very simple videos in your bedroom can be really effective in gaining attention but you can also be more creative with it. If you can engage with your fans and show off your personality through videos then you can effectively build an audience online.  

If you have a great song and made a great recording, you might want to make a music video for it. Many artists have elevated their fame through great music videos and it can be a good opportunity to show off your confidence and style as an artist. 

#9 Build an influential network 

If you are going to have any chance of being famous in the music industry then you need people who are active in it to get behind you. Actively building your network to meet influential people can bring you new opportunities and increase your chance of success.  

There are a lot of people in the industry known as gatekeepers who are well connected to people that can help you become famous. These can be managers, lawyers or agents who really understand what it takes to be successful and can send you in the right direction.   

Having someone influential that really believes in you can make a huge difference. They can offer a lot of guidance and enable you to progress more quickly than if you were trying to achieve fame by yourself.   

How to get famous for singing with talent competitions 

Talent competitions are brilliant opportunities to become famous as a singer. If you believe you are good enough to win and have had positive honest feedback about your ability, then you might be ready to apply. 

When you audition, bring a lot of confidence but don’t be arrogant. Your success comes down to how well you interact with the crowd and judges as much as your voice and performance ability and you don’t want to put them off. 

Be friendly and humble to win over the audience quickly. A great voice with a poor attitude and personality won’t get you very far because people won’t want to vote for you. If you combine a top attitude with a great look and amazing vocal talent then you stand a better chance of going all the way. 

How to become a famous singer using social media 

Social media is a very crowded place so you need to be consistently uploading to get your content in front of more people. This will keep you in the mind of your fans on a daily basis and build buzz around you.  

Make sure that you engage with your followers all the time. If someone comments on your post make sure you reply so they don’t feel put off commenting again. Also, comment on their posts and this can make them feel more invested in you.  

Build your profile with content outside of you singing. Show your followers behind the scenes of your daily life and constantly connect with new people that you meet. This can build up your following much more organically and give you a better response on your music-related content.  

How to get famous on Tik Tok

Tik Tok is one of the newest social media platforms and has exploded in popularity. Becoming famous on Tik Tok may seem easier than on long-established platforms such as YouTube or Instagram but it is still challenging.

  • Create consistent content
  • Post regularly
  • Work with other Tik Tok creators
  • Engage with your fans
  • Be an energetic and positive entertainer
  • Use hashtags and engage with trends
  • Stay sincere and be yourself

How to become a famous kid singer at ages 12-16 

You are in a great position to get a kick start on your career as a kid singer. If the talent is there then age won’t matter. In fact, you are more likely to really impress a crowd if you are a kid. You can show off your confidence and a great voice as well as your potential to improve. 

Don’t rush yourself into being famous if you are young. There is a lot of pressure when you are famous and you can put unnecessary strain on yourself to succeed too quickly. Many kid singers get signed to artist development contracts where you will have more time to improve and build your audience. 

Getting involved in other creative industries such as acting, dancing or modelling can help you be confident on stage and on camera. Some young singers had careers on television and became famous for that first but there are those simply uploaded videos to YouTube.  

How to get famous for singing on YouTube 

YouTube is the biggest platform for people listening to music online so it is a great idea to start building your audience on there. The social media tips are very relevant here as you will need to be consistent and engaging to be successful. 

It can take a long time to build up a big following on YouTube but you may not need to if you want to become famous. Having a couple videos of yourself on YouTube may be enough to grab the attention of labels or managers looking for new talent.  

Don’t be afraid to upload content onto YouTube because you never know what can happen through it. It’s a great opportunity to see yourself sing on camera and get feedback from others on your ability. 

How famous singers got their big break 

Looking at how some famous singers got their break can give you the inspiration to stay motivated. It can also give you insight into different roads to fame. 

Ed Sheeran 

After playing over 300 gigs in a year and self-releasing his own music, Ed Sheeran’s career began to take off. There was a lot of hard times with barely any money and no place stay but he still managed to keep pushing on and his latest tour sold millions of tickets and raked in £342 million.   

His extensive collaborations with other artists have helped him boost his profile, especially early on in his career. He featured on videos for YouTube channel SBTV and his great personality and talent helped propel him to fame within the next year.  

Zayn Malik 

When he was 17 years old, Zayn auditioned for the X Factor and was actually eliminated from the competition. However, he was put into a group with four other boys and One Direction went to take on the world.   

X-Factor provided a great platform for One Direction to become famous and despite not winning the competition, they became the most successful X-Factor story. Zayn has since gone solo and also ventured into fashion, modelling alongside his supermodel girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. 


Adele attended BRIT School, an exceptional performing arts school that also paved the careers of Amy Winehouse and Jessie J. Adele wasn’t even that fussed about being an artist and was pursuing a career as a scout when she was scouted herself.  

One of the biggest independent labels, XL Recordings signed her after hearing her demos online. She even went to meet them thinking she was going to get a scouting job. She has since become one of the biggest selling artists of all time and her album ‘21’ is the highest selling British album of the 21st century.  

Do you want to become famous as a singer? Let us know what route you’ve decided to take in the comments.

where to study, salary, pros and cons

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Dancer is a person of art who performs rhythmic movements to music, taking part in theatrical performances, shows. The profession belongs to the type “a person is an artistic image”, it requires excellent self-discipline and, of course, talent. Children who distinguish literature, physical education, music and singing from all school subjects can become dancers. By the way, the ProfGid career guidance center has recently developed an accurate career guidance test that will tell you which professions suit you, give an opinion about your personality type and intelligence. 9Ol000

  • Best Colleges and Academies for Dancers
  • Best Universities
  • Place of Work
  • Salary
  • Dancer Salary as of October 2022
  • Professional knowledge
  • Famous dancers
  • Examples of companies with vacancies as a dancer
  • Brief description

    This profession has a rich history and is closely associated with the arts. However, the success of dancers by more than 50% depends on dedication, endurance, self-discipline. A specialist can work independently, performing solo choreographic numbers, it is also worth highlighting pair and collective dances. There are a lot of types and techniques of this art direction:

    • ballet;
    • pop and folk dance;
    • historical dance and others.

    See also:

    Also distinguish styles such as street jazz, hip-hop, R'n'B, contemporary dance, street dance, etc. Dancers choose the style and type of performing arts based on their physical abilities, temperament, personal preferences. On stage, they create artistic images, convey emotions, making the hearts of the audience tremble.

    Features of the profession

    Anyone can become a professional dancer, but it is worth starting training in childhood. Choreographers recommend giving children to dance studios at the age of 3-7 years, which will allow them to develop good posture, plasticity, stretching, a sense of rhythm and other skills necessary for professional performance. Dancers most often work in 1-2 overlapping styles, they pay special attention to training and rehearsals, maintaining excellent physical shape. A career is short, because its peak is at the age of 15-25 years, and after 30 years, most specialists change their field of activity. They can realize their talent and knowledge in other areas, working as directors, choreographers, school teachers.

    Dancers independently or under the guidance of a choreographer create performances: choice of music, sequence and rhythm of movements, costumes and image, facial expressions, plasticity. Before performing the dance, they rehearse for a long time, honing their skills. Many members of this profession often travel around their home country and travel abroad, where they give concerts. The activity is associated with certain difficulties, which leaves an imprint on the lifestyle and character of the dancer.

    Pros and cons of the profession

    1. Excellent physical development, because dancing strengthens the body and willpower.
    2. Opportunity to work on the best stages.
    3. Talented dancers achieve success quickly.
    4. The profession is interesting, active and ambitious people will like it.
    5. Opportunity to earn income from various sources, because dancers work alone or in pairs, can take part in private productions, star in music videos.
    6. Useful business connections in the world of art.
    7. The opportunity to change the field of activity, because dancers often open schools, give private lessons, work as choreographers - the choice of directions is huge.
    1. High injury rate.
    2. Serious injuries can put an end to a professional career.
    3. Short career period.
    4. Very high competition.

    See also:

    Important personal qualities

    Dancers have excellent plasticity, but in this profession not only technical performance is important, but also emotionality. The dancers convey the idea of ​​the performance with the help of movements, facial expressions, so they must be distinguished by well-developed artistry. Increased efficiency, resistance to physical stress and low pain threshold are very important, because rehearsals and performances often end with sprains, dislocations and other minor injuries. Only those people who do not suffer from laziness, negligence, and excessive self-confidence ascend to the pinnacle of success.

    Dance training

    Professional education can be obtained in different institutions:

    • schools and academies of choreography;
    • dance studios;
    • colleges;
    • universities.

    There are no special requirements for the education of a dancer, the level of his skill is determined during choreographic tests. It is worth starting training at a young age in order to reach a professional level. Let's consider the most interesting directions:

    • "The art of dance (by type)", implemented in choreographic colleges and schools. You can start training after grades 7-9, which depends on the requirements of the college;
    • The Art of Ballet. The direction of training is open in many creative colleges, studio schools, academies. Children who have completed the 4th grade of the school are invited to study.

    You can also go to study at a university, choosing a specialty related to choreography, folk dance and other areas. Primary training can be obtained in public and private schools of choreographic art, during individual lessons.


    • 4 years

      90,000 ₽/year

      12 budget places

    • 4 years

      158,100 ₽/year

      23 budget places

    • 4 years

      65,000 ₽/year

      8 budget places

    • 4 years

      200,000 ₽/year

      16 budget places

    Best Primary Schools

    1. Dance Quarter School.
    2. School for children "Dancevaliya".
    3. State 27 Dance Studio.

    Best colleges and academies for dancers

    1. ARB im. A. Ya. Vaganova.
    2. MGAH.
    3. MCU at the Moscow State Academy of Theater Arts "Gzhel".
    4. School-studio (school) at GAANT them. I. Moiseeva.
    5. KMTI them. G. P. Vishnevskaya.

    Best universities

    1. IPCC.
    2. GITIS-RATI.
    3. MGAH.
    4. ARB them. A. Ya. Vaganova.
    5. Russian State University A. N. Kosygin.
    6. ISI.
    7. UGAI.
    8. SPbGUP.
    9. AGIIK.
    10. KemGIK.

    See also:

    Place of work

    Dancers are in demand in theaters, film industry and organization of holidays and events. They can work as teachers, find vacancies in nightclubs, private groups - there are many options for employment.


    There is no exact tariff rate in this segment, because everything depends on the style in which the dancer works, personal qualities, education, reputation and experience. Dancers can receive a fixed salary or fees for each performance, lesson.

    Dancer's salary for October 2022

    Salary information provided by portal.

    Russia 25000–160000 RUB

    Moscow 30000–25000 RUB

    Professional knowledge

    1. Classical choreography.
    2. Acting.
    3. Fundamentals of physical training.
    4. Art History.
    5. Foreign languages ​​(for professionals who work abroad).

    Famous dancers

    1. Karen Hardy.
    2. Ekaterina Krysanova.
    3. Yankovsky Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich.

    See also:

    Examples of companies with vacancies as a dancer

    Job as a singer in Moscow

    • Select a task and apply for it
    • Become a performer and fill out a profile
    • Get paid after completing the task

    Orders from clients

    Concert director required

    150000 Р


    We need a concert director with his own database of contacts of clubs and venues for cooperation with a famous singer. Up to 10 concerts per month in Russia need to be organized. Moscow , Moscow, Leningradsky prospect, 39c27


    5000 R

    Singers, DJs

    up to 3000 R


    Hello. We are looking for singers, cover bands, DJs for a new institution on Taganka - they have at least some kind of their own audience. We are waiting for the prefabrication)

    Big Drovyanaya Lane, 8s1, Moscow, Russia


    to 3000 r

    Georgian singers

    from 10,0003

    I need:

    We need a small (3-4 people) group of Georgian singers per day birth. Requires a short performance at a birthday party. in a restaurant. Several Georgian songs. It is possible without tools or with minimal "with you". without a separate stage, just in the hall. Event on March 3rd, Saturday. Performance in District 19- 20 - 21 hours.

    Trubnaya street, Moscow


    from 10000 R

    Singers needed

    up to 2500 R

    salary from 2500 . .. all the necessary equipment is available! We are waiting for offers...

    Moscow, Volochaevskaya street, 12As1


    up to 2500 R

    Looking for a singer

    up to 1250 R


    Play the song on the video. Remotely. Words are


    Revolution Square

    to 1250 R

    Singers for the holiday

    to 5000 R


    Birthday in the cafe of Moscow, 15-man

    Energy Street, 22, Moscow, Moscow, Moscow Russia


    up to 5000 R

    Singers for the holiday

    up to 5000 R


    Event: Party

    Arbat 22/2, Moscow, 220003

    up to 5000 R

    Singers needed

    10000 R


    We would like to invite you to have a good time at Vazuza Country Club! More: Performance for 1.5 - 2 hours. We would like it to be something very similar to: https://www. A cozy evening in the restaurant, with live music, you can just play the guitar. In general, if you have a desire to relax in a good place and perform for our guests, we are waiting for you! For our part, we are ready to provide hotel accommodation, food and entertainment. If we become friends and fit each other, we are ready to sign a long-term cooperation agreement. On certain demanded dates, they are ready to work for money.


    Revolution Square

    10000 R

    Singers for the holiday

    from 10000 R


    We need a songwriter.

    Malkovskaya street, Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Region, Russia

    from 10,000 r

    Singers for wedding

    100000 R



    Leninsky Prospekt, Moscow

    100000 100000 R

    Holiday Singers

    from 5000 R


    We need a singer 25-35 years old with a musician, a cover band to perform modern compositions for the anniversary

    Natashinskiye Prudy, Lyubertsy, Moscow region, Russia

    from 5000 R

    3 Singers for the holiday

    up to 5000 R


    Need a singer to perform 1 birthday song on the street under the window with his own equipment

    Dnepropetrovskaya street, 33B, Moscow, Russia


    to 5000 r

    Singers for the holiday

    to 1500 r


    Events 18 year old children

    Bronnitsa, Moscow Region, Russia

    to 1500 r

    singer in cafes

    1100 r

    is needed :

    We need a singer in a cafe in China City to sing songs for visitors from 1900 to 23:00 all the equipment is available.

    Russia, Moscow, Bolshoy Spasoglinishevsky lane, 9/1s1

    1100 R

    Singers for the holiday

    up to 2500 Р


    Come to work to the birthday girl and sing a song!

    Russia, Moscow

    to 2500 r

    Georgian singers in a restaurant

    to 5000 r


    Georgian trio of singers for restaurant

    New Basmannaya Street, 32, Moscow

    to 5000 P

    Double pop singer

    10000 Р


    In Khimki on March 8, we need a double pop singer (any, I will listen to suggestions). The number of songs and time is negotiable. We will discuss the conditions of the task with the contractor in more detail. Waiting for your suggestions!

    Moskovskaya st., 21A, Khimki, Moscow region, Russia, 141402


    10000 Р

    Group of singers for the event

    Negotiated price

    can perform the song All you need is love without musical accompaniment in the registry office this Saturday. This is a flash mob surprise for the newlyweds. Singers come to the registry office in ordinary clothes, stand in the corners as if they are someone's guests, and when the "necessary" newlyweds come out, they begin to sing "All you need is love" - ​​first one, and then all the queues join and approach the newlyweds and together with the guests sing the song. All you need is a few phrases from the song and a chorus. This Saturday 19March, 16.00, Griboedovsky registry office.

    Russia, Moscow, Maliy Kharitonevsky pereulok, 10

    Chistye Prudy

    Negotiated price

    Find a job for a singer

    up to 2500 Р


    Sing at holidays My Konal on YouTube Gubaidulin Bikbulat

    Dmitrovskoye Shosse, Moscow


    to 2500 R

    I am looking for a singer or singer

    9000 5000 R

    I need:

    One person for hits from 70-2017 .. We will discuss the conditions of the task with the contractor in more detail. In the proposals, indicate the time when you can complete the task and the price for the work. Waiting for your suggestions!

    Dalnyaya street, 20, Vyalki village, Vyalkovskoye rural settlement, Ramensky district, Moscow region, Russia

    Moscow, Tallinskaya street, 26


    25000 R

    Singers and DJ on New Year's Eve

    25000 R

    There is a program of the presenter, you only need musical accompaniment and a disco (There will be additional orders from guests)

    Prospekt Mira, 109, Moscow, Russia, 129515

    25000 Р

    We need a room with sound for a singer

    2000 Р

    You must have a room or something else where there is a microphone sound

    Moscow, Zamoskvoretskaya line, Paveletskaya metro station


    2000 Р

    Need a group of singers for the wedding

    40000 Р

    event, we are also considering a duet of a guy with a girl. Performed by modern hits, good voice

    Savvinskaya embankment, Moscow, Russia


    40000 R

    Find a singer/dance group

    2000 R


    Amateur music/singer group needed. Possibly from DC or other institutions. It is necessary to give a concert in the sanatorium Peredelkino Duration 1 hour.

    6th Lazenki st., 2/2, Moscow

    2000 R

    Singers needed to dub songs in the film

    up to 3000 R


    Two male voices are required for the songs in the film instead of real actors. The first voice has 3.5 songs. The second voice has 2 songs. Video and audio of how it looks in the film - I will throw off those who responded to the mail. Recording will take place in the studio at Tushinskaya metro station. In time, it will take no more than 3-4 hours. Payment - by agreement.

    Vishnevaya, 7


    up to 3000 R

    Singers for an event, performing Cossack songs

    up to 5000 R


    An event at the Taras Bulba restaurant on Krasnokazarmennaya street. Interested in the performance of Cossack songs, a male group, one of them is a bandit

    Krasnokazarmennaya street, 6, Moscow

    up to 5000 R

    Order of singers / musical group / cover band

    from 5000 R


    Nu zhna

    with a singer (jas, contemporary music, lounge) for 2 hours for a cocktail reception after the conference at the Lotte Hotel (Novinsky Boulevard, 8, building 2., Moscow, Russia, 121099). The age of the performer is irrelevant. Cash payment on the spot All proposals should be sent by e-mail, please do not call.

    Novinsky Boulevard, 8, building 2., Moscow, Russia, 121099


    from 5000 R

    Conduct a master class from a famous singer

    to 91500 R


    vocals from a member of the famous project "KAZZAKY"

    Beskudnikovsky Boulevard, 16k4, Moscow


    up to 1500 Р

    Singers, leading, cover groups, dance ensembles

    20000 Р


    I need leading, singers, ensembles, musical cover groups for the new year. For customers. Size on the site and will offer customers. Write who is direct and creative with their program

    Kastanaevskaya street, Moscow, Russia


    20000 R

    Need help from a singer, presenter, etc.

    10000 R


    We need a young man for the anniversary

    Petrovsko-Razumovsky passage, Moscow, Russia


    10000 R

    Happy birthday by singer, dancer

    to 5000 r


    must be congratulated happy birthday girl, sing or dance, you can play any instrument, give flowers. It is desirable that it be 2-3 people

    Petrozavodskaya street, 7, Moscow, Russia

    River Station

    up to 5000 R

    Shoot in a trial video for a famous singer's HIT

    1000 R


    Looking for people who are ready to act in a trial video for a famous singer's HIT The role of a glamorous person. We will discuss the conditions of the task with the contractor in more detail. In the proposals, indicate the time when you can complete the task and the price for the work. Waiting for your suggestions!

    Novorizhskaya Zastava, Moscow region

    1000 R

    Performance venues for singer and guitarist in Crimea

    up to 1250 R


    We need a person who has access to the sites of the Crimea. Just recommend. I will perform for free because I will be on vacation. Details of it in PM.

    Moscow Region, Khimki, Library Street

    up to 1250 Р

    We need people who play musical instruments and

    5000 Р


    We need people who play musical instruments and singers. Concert programs are planned for the New Year holidays of the sanatorium of the Moscow region. We look forward to continued cooperation in the future. If you sing and play the violin, piano and other musical instruments write. performance 30-50 minutes. payment of 3-5 thousand.

    6th Lazenki st., 2/2, Moscow

    5000 R

    We need a group of singers for a surprise (birthday prank

    15000 R

    they will sing a song under minus or a cappella at a predetermined time and according to the script.Composition of the group from 6 people (the number of singers is at least 3), age 25-35 years, technical issues (turn on the minus on the bar equipment, etc.) you decide with a representative of the bar (he is not the organizer. Estimated time for the whole event with a wait of about 1-1.5 hours. Your experience in such events as well as video examples are welcome. Ready to answer additional questions.

    Petrovka street, Moscow, Russia


    15000 R

    Organization of a competition for the selection of singers and dancers

    7000 R


    9000 singers for subsequent shooting in the clip. The budget is discussed personally with the contractor.

    Khodynsky boulevard, 11, Moscow


    7000 Р

    Singer with the voice of Sukachev, re-sing Song 9 from the studio0003

    5000 Р


    We need a professional singer, with a hoarseness.

    metro station Kurskaya, Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line, Moscow, Russia


    5000 Р

    Real Spanish (Spaniards!!!) variety

    10000 Р

    needed for the broadcast We need: 9002 artists in the broadcast variety genre.

    Moscow, Akademika Koroleva street, 12

    10000 Р

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