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Arne ChristensenContributor IIOctober 23, 2008

In his book, Go Long, Jerry Rice claims that he retired from the NFL with very little dancing experience. Strictly speaking he may be right, but many 49er fans remember his younger days, when he brought out a Cabbage Patch Dance to celebrate his touchdowns. Rice didn’t invent the dance, but he brought it to new levels of fame. I don’t recall exactly when he started the dance-it may have been 1986-but in 1987, when he scored 23 touchdowns in the 12 games he played, it became a primary calling card for Rice.

Who were the Cabbage Patch Kids? They were a group of dolls that had tan skin, stubby bodies made from fabric, and long, stringy hair that looked like yarn. Their mid-‘80s cousins were the Smurfs and the Garbage Pail Kids. If this doesn’t ring a bell, you can think of them as the Power Rangers, Tickle Me Elmos, Beanie Babies, and Tamagotchis of their day.

In Go Long, Rice describes his dance as “a simple move of raising one's shoulders and pretending to churn butter.” You can see black-and-white pictures of Rice scoring a touchdown against the Bears in 1987 and then doing his Cabbage Patch Dance here. You can also find clips of the Cabbage Patch Dance on YouTube and elsewhere for a fuller visualization of the dance.

Rice retired his dance either toward the end of the 1987 season or before the 1988 season. In Go Long, he explains: “On Saturday nights before games, if we had won the previous week, the coaching staff showed us a highlight reel of the best plays from the latest victory. Watching myself celebrate like an ass embarrassed me, though most of my teammates thought it was funny. I didn't need to show off by dancing after scoring. . . . Joe [Montana] and Roger [Craig] were the consummate pros and they didn't need to show off, so why should I?” 

For a few years after retiring the dance Rice still had some eye-catching routines on the field, including having a pristine white Flash 80 towel hanging down from his belt and sometimes pointing into the crowd after scoring on a touchdown play. But, he gradually settled down into simply being the best receiver in the NFL. After his final season with the Seahawks in 2004 and retirement the next summer, Rice found himself with time on his hands.

He put in a brief stay at Spike TV, where he was the biggest star of the first season of a show called Pros vs. Joes that pits sports stars against ordinary guys off the street. Then, as you probably already know, he decided to go on Dancing with the Stars in early 2006, and came in second place in the show’s second season. The next season, in late 2006, Emmitt Smith tried his hand at the show and came in first.

What’s the explanation for why former NFL stars and other sports figures do so well on Dancing with the Stars? I’m not sure, but certainly in the NFL and most other sports, it’s crucial to develop and strengthen your footwork and balance in order to succeed, and those are two skills that translate very easily into dancing. In the case of Rice and Smith, it’s quite possible that the wear and tear from so many years in the NFL gave their dance moves a softness, lightness, and balance that made them look very good on the dance floor, whereas if they had been on a dancing show earlier in their lives they would have moved too quickly and too aggressively.


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YARN | - Do the cabbage patch. - It's a classic dance. | Rick and Morty (2013) - S02E01 | Video clips by quotes | bdb35438

YARN | - Do the cabbage patch. - It's a classic dance. | Rick and Morty (2013) - S02E01 | Video clips by quotes | bdb35438 | 紗


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- Do the cabbage patch. - It's a classic dance.

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- Do the cabbage patch. - It's a classic dance.


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myth or reality, how to choose the right seeds and arrange beds - Home and Garden

The method of winter planting vegetables is so old that it is calculated not even decades, but centuries. Cabbage is planted before winter for an early harvest. This allows not only to enjoy a fresh and tasty vegetable 2-3 weeks earlier than usual, but also makes it possible to earn on the sale of young heads of cabbage.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cabbage planting method

Even half a century ago, the cultivation of vegetable crops was somewhat different from modern methods. A lot depends on the climate. Previously, it was more stable: summers were hot and quite rainy, and winters were snowy and frosty. Plants did not experience large temperature fluctuations, they did not have to constantly adapt, and therefore vegetables and fruits were always in abundance. nine0004

What is happening now? Winters have become so warm that crops have to thaw several times a season. In summer, a long drought is replaced by two weeks of rain, which does not have the best effect on the development of crops. In addition, the quality of seed material has deteriorated greatly. If earlier, all the seeds were their own, now they are most often bought and they are not always suitable for further use.

Sowing cabbage seeds before winter makes it possible to protect yourself from crop failure in adverse weather conditions in spring. But this method has its positive and negative sides. The advantages of winter landing are as follows:

  • the opportunity to harvest the cabbage crop before anyone else;
  • seeds planted before winter are not afraid of drought, because they can be saturated with moisture from melted snow;
  • there is no need to bother with growing seedlings and equip a place for her in the house;
  • cabbage planted for the winter wakes up and sprouts at a time when most pests are still sleeping. This allows the seedlings to get stronger and withstand future attacks;
  • in winter, the seeds are hardened, their immunity increases, which means that in the spring they will already be strong and healthy; nine0015
  • cabbage planted before winter is juicier and has a more pronounced taste.

Late planting cabbage has a number of disadvantages. What pitfalls can gardeners face:

  • low temperatures in the soil have a detrimental effect on seeds. Of all the seed, more than half may not survive. To get a sufficient harvest in the spring, you need to sow twice as many seeds;
  • the preparation of the beds takes place after the completion of the main work, i.e., when the neighbors are already resting from gardening everyday life, you will still have to dig a little in the ground; nine0015
  • climate change does not make it possible to determine the exact time of sowing seeds. Keep an eye on the weather and have a thermometer handy. Planting requires a certain temperature, so you should always be ready for a trip to the garden.

As you can see, there are few shortcomings in planting cabbage before winter, but they are significant. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate all the risks well, and perhaps the spring planting of seedlings will be more profitable.

Preparation of beds for cabbage

Terms of planting cabbage before winter

The purpose of winter vegetable planting is early harvest in spring. The process of sowing seeds requires compliance with certain rules, and one of them is the timing of planting. If the cabbage is sown too early, for example in September, the soil will still be too warm. You need to wait until the weather more or less stabilizes, otherwise possible thaws can “wake up” the seeds and they will begin to germinate. The seedlings that have appeared above the ground will not last long, frosts will destroy them and all winter sowing will not make sense. nine0004

The optimal time for planting cabbage is when the daytime temperature is 0-+3 degrees. At such a time, the ground will already freeze enough and the seeds will not hatch. However, too late landing is not desirable. All work must be completed before the first snow falls.

In conditions of unstable weather, you need to listen to weather forecasts and choose the time for sowing cabbage, based on the current situation.

Sowing seeds of cabbage

Technology of planting cabbage before winter

Both a novice gardener and a professional can plant cabbage before winter. It is important to carefully read all the nuances of this procedure before landing and follow all the rules.

Criteria for selecting seeds

First of all, you need to decide on the varieties of cabbage that will overwinter in the soil. The choice here is quite large. This is white, and Savoy, and color. There is even a choice among "exotic" types: kale, pak choi, etc. The main condition is that the varieties are medium or late ripening, because. early cabbage seeds are unlikely to survive the frosty trials that await them. If you do not want to stop at one type of cabbage, you can experiment with several. nine0004

Having decided on the type of seed, you must not forget that its quantity must be doubled. So there are chances that not all seeds will be lost under the influence of low temperatures. In addition, they need to be sown as thickly as possible so that in the spring there are no large bald spots in the garden.

Preparing the bed

Choose a place for sowing cabbage before winter in such a way that it is blocked by a building on the north side, and melt water cannot flood the bed. In spring, the seedlings should receive sunlight. nine0004

It is also important to prepare the ground in advance. This is usually done in October 15-20 days before planting, but depending on the climate in the region, the dates may shift to September. After that, all weeds are removed and fertilizers are applied from humus and wood ash. Potassium-phosphorus preparations and deoxidizers are also suitable. Then again you need to dig them with soil and level the area. Before landing, the ground will have time to settle.

Planting cabbage

When the soil is prepared and leveled, grooves should be made in the area across the beds. If you leave this process for later, then the frosts that have come will make the earth “wooden” and it will be impossible to work with it. The depth of the grooves is made no more than 2.5 cm, the width is 2-3 cm, the distance is within 12-14 cm. These are standard values ​​that are most often used when planting kaputa. They can be changed depending on the size of the site and personal preferences. Before the onset of stable cold weather, the seat is covered with a film so that it is not washed away by autumn rains. nine0004

Another important point to consider is that the seeds do not need to be processed before planting, as they do in the spring. They do not need to be soaked, heated and disinfected. All planting material is sown exclusively in dry form.

When it is time to sow, the beds are removed from the beds and the seeds are sown. After that, they are covered with loosened soil. It can be prepared in advance, even at the stage of arranging the grooves. I cover the finished bed with spruce branches, sawdust or hay. In winter, when a lot of snow falls, they throw beds in a thick layer for insulation. nine0004 As soon as warm weather sets in, cabbage sprouts will appear on the surface of the earth

Nuances of caring for the bed in spring

The preservation of cabbage under the ground depends entirely on its wintering. If there were persistent frosts and snow lay, then it is highly likely that there will be a harvest. With the advent of spring, shelter is removed from the beds and cleared of snow. As soon as warm weather stabilizes, cabbage sprouts will appear on the surface of the earth. They will be strong and healthy, so if cold snaps come, they will easily survive them. As the seedlings grow, they will need to be thinned out or planted. nine0004

But that's not all, and it's too early to relax. In spring, the weather is very unstable and young sprouts can become their victims. Despite the strength of young cabbage, it is better to build a shelter for it and protect it from sudden frosts. It can be an ordinary canopy made of metal arcs and plastic film. If there are few seedlings, then each can be covered with a plastic bottle. To do this, cut off the bottom and cover the seedling, slightly drowning the bottle in the ground.

Additionally, you can insulate the cabbage with a bunch of early weeds, sawdust, straw. The mulch is distributed under the seedlings on the ground. nine0004

When the spring weather normalizes and the final warming comes, the cabbage will begin to grow actively and literally in two months, the neighbors will envy the rich harvest of young cabbage heads.

Winter-sprouted cabbages are cared for in the same way as normally planted vegetables. Organic and mineral fertilizers are applied to the soil: humus, potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, etc. Sprinkling ash on cabbage will help against caterpillar attacks. Parostkam provide abundant watering. Once every 10 days pour 25 liters of water. If you water more often, for example, every 4 days, then the volume can be reduced to 10 liters. The culture is fed twice with dry fertilizers or their solutions. The first procedure is performed at the first watering, the second - a week before harvest. nine0004 A rich harvest of cabbage

If you still have doubts about your strength and knowledge, then you can combine winter sowing and planting seedlings. If the first option does not give results, then the second one will definitely ensure the future harvest. Don't stop after one bad experience, though. You need to analyze your mistakes and, if possible, correct them, then most likely the second attempt will bring success.

Record Cabbage before winter: myth or reality, how to choose the right seeds and equip the beds


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Dancing like it was the last time…

Anya was spinning, forgetting everything in the world. The chopper was her dancing partner, the currant bushes that grew along the beds were other dancing couples. Anya and her partner skillfully walked around these couples without even touching them. nine0004

— Just look at this, good people! I sent her to weed, but she didn’t give a damn about work and dances her dances!

Anya suddenly stumbled, stepping on a hefty cabbage head. It cracked and broke into two halves. It seemed that there is such a terrible thing? But the crunch just drove Anya's stepmother crazy.

- Reptile! Pest! I hump in the garden for days, and she harms me here!

Tamara ran up to Anya and slapped her face several times with her palm. nine0004

Anya covered herself with her hands and started crying.

- Well, let's go clean the cowshed! I'll see how you dance in the manure! Come on, I tell you!

The stepmother waved her chopper at her, and Anya rushed out of the garden at a run. The girl was crying and could not calm down. She stayed in the barn until the evening - try to clean everything, a girl at eleven years old does not have too much strength.

It was already dark outside when Anya rinsed herself in a cold bath and went home. The whole family had dinner. Stepmother, father, and two brothers. Father, as usual, was drunk. Anya went to the table, sat down and reached for the plate, but her stepmother slapped her hand loudly. nine0004

— Uh, no. You have a different dinner tonight.

She put half of the same head of cabbage in front of Anya.

— Here, until you eat, you will not get any other food.

Anya looked at her father with tearful eyes, but he looked away in fright.

The girl got up and left the room. She went up to the attic - she only lived there in the summer - fell on her mattress and gave vent to tears.

She was about to fall asleep when she heard someone climbing up the stairs towards her. She raised her head, it was her father. nine0004

— Well, how are you? Here, I brought you sausages and bread.

Anya sat on the mattress and began to chew. She chewed and cried.

— Dad, tell me, why do we need her? What for? We're better off without her! She's mean, doesn't love anyone.

— Well, what are you talking about… We can't do without Tamara. She already accomplished a feat, she went to marry me, even though I have three of you. And if there is no Tamara, then they will take you all to the orphanage. You know, I ... drink it ... but what kind of people, if only to do it out of spite.

- Dad, don't drink!

— I can't stop drinking, my daughter. When I don’t drink, I see my mother all the time, but when I get drunk, I live like . .. and the way Tamara treats you doesn’t seem so scary anymore ... What do you think, I don’t notice anything? I see everything, but what I see makes me want to drink even more.


Anya's mother was gone only three years. She also loved to dance. She and mom could spin for hours, and dad just smiled looking at them. Mom said that she always wanted to become, if not a ballerina, then at least a dancer. nine0004

Anya, frozen, asked with delight:

— Why didn't you?

— Because I met your dad and decided that I would dance to him!

They laughed and twirled again, and the twin brothers, still on weak legs, also tried to twirl.

And then my mother passed away. Is this what happens? The man came home from work, sat on the couch, said that he was somehow not well, and died. It turns out it happens. The doctors said it was a blood clot.

A year later, dad brought Tamara. Once Tamara and mother were friends. But it so happened that dad had already met Tamara when he fell in love with mom. They didn't talk for a long time, but then they met. Dad started drinking heavily. True, I tried to do this in the evening, when the children were already sleeping. But Anya still saw everything. nine0004

Tamara immediately established her own rules. Yes, now they again had suppers, lunches. Everything was bought for the school, ironed, steamed up, the boys were well-groomed, but Tamara was a person ... to put it mildly - evil. And most of all she hated Anya, and all because the girl was very similar to her mother.

Anya always danced at all school holidays and even went to the district to see the show. Her teachers praised her, they said that she was a nugget, the pride of their local school, and therefore Tamara could not forbid her to dance. nine0004

Although doing is an understatement. There was a circle at the school where they, together with the teacher, learned dances recorded on video. Only there Anya felt real, the way she wanted to be. She closed her eyes and danced. She danced every time as if it were the last time.


Five years later, my father's legs failed. So much to drink - even the youngest organism could not stand it. Doctors didn’t really say anything, only that you need to be treated, you need to eat well. Money became sorely lacking. nine0004

Anya meekly endured all the poking of her stepmother, did the hardest work and stood in the market, selling vegetables and milk. And one day there, in the market, she saw an advertisement for a dance competition. The prize was cash, and they needed the money so badly!

She knew that her stepmother would not help her, but she decided to try anyway. In the evening, at dinner, she spoke:

— Tamara Petrovna, I saw an ad in town today. There will be a dance competition, the prize is money. Good money.

— So what?

- Let me go.

Tamara shrugged her shoulders.

- Well, go. Isn't that short? Lots of work in the garden.

— Not for long, only…

— Well?

— I need a dress. Well, this is for the performance.

Tamara looked up at her. She slowly turned crimson:

— You want me to buy you a dress? And you don't get sick? The whole family sat on my neck and hung their legs. The breadwinner became disabled from drinking, and three more for me instead of a collar! You won't get a dime! You will give me your whole life! nine0004

— You… receive a pension from us! So we eat for ours!

Anya couldn't stop her tears. It would be better if she didn't say that.

Out! Went out into the street to live, ungrateful!

Tamara habitually slapped her in the face, and the girl rushed out into the street.

Of course she was allowed to go home. But Anya did not start talking about the competition anymore.

Three days later, when she was looking ahead of her in the market with empty eyes, someone called her. Anya raised her head. nine0004

- Girl, milk and sour cream for me.

Before Anya stood an elderly woman of extraordinary beauty. Anya had never seen anything like it. The girl clearly understood one thing - this woman was non-Russian, very swarthy, very swarthy. Expensively dressed. And in general, the lady gave the impression of a person from the last century, as if she was about to go to the ball.

— Your eyes are very sad, has something happened to you?

The woman looked at her attentively. Anya shook her head and burst into tears. nine0004

— Well, that's it. I buy what's left here, and ... let's go out to the cafe, have some tea.

How a young man appeared from the ground, gave money to Anya, who was taken aback, and grabbed everything from the counter.

The woman turned out to be a gypsy. But only on the roots. Many years ago, she ran away from the camp with a Russian guy, with whom she lived in perfect harmony for almost 50 years. She got widowed last year. After listening to Anya's story, she smiled.

— How nice it is when you can help at least one person in the world. Let's go to me! nine0004

Then everything was in a blur. Gypsy dresses are so beautiful that Anya has never seen them on TV.

— Choose. I danced in the theater in this, I performed at the competition in this, in this…

— Wait… I recognized you! You are Sara! My mom adored you! She always wanted to see you, your performance! But what are you doing in our town?

- I live, baby. My husband is from here, and we decided to return when we were quite old ...

From that moment on, Anya rehearsed every free minute. And at home, and at school, and even when she came to trade.


The same competition has come. Anna was terribly worried. Her hair was pulled up, combed, twisted. On the side was a large red rose made of pebbles. The dress rustled and fluttered so that it seemed that Anna was immersed in red-black clouds.

She went on stage and for a second she became shy and confused. It turns out that it's so scary when so many people look at you. But then, in the very front row, she saw Sarah. A man in his fifties sat next to her and smiled at Anya. Sarah gave a thumbs up and Anya squared her shoulders. She came here to dance, not to shake with fear! nine0004

She danced, as always, as if for the last time. Today she felt different. She is not alone, they worry about her, and most importantly, her mother would be proud of her...

The dance is over - Anya sprawled on the floor. Why isn't anyone clapping? Did she dance that badly? The girl stood up, the hall exhaled and burst into applause. Anya saw that Sarah was crying. Anya flew down the wind and kissed the elderly woman.


She arrived home in the evening. Stepmother pounced on her from the threshold:

— What are you doing? Where are you wandering? Am I supposed to carry everything on my own?

Anya silently put the money in front of her and went into the room. Tamara counted the banknotes several times. Yes, it's a fortune! That day Anya saw for the first time that Tamara was drunk.

Several days passed, and Tamara began to bake Anya with renewed vigor. The girl was preparing for the final exams at night, because during the day her stepmother did not even let her breathe.

And at the graduation party Anya danced again. She danced and cried, because literally in the morning her stepmother announced that Anya would not go anywhere to study, because there was enough work at home. Dad supported Tamara, and Anya ran out of the house in tears. nine0004

She was walking down the stairs from the stage when suddenly someone gave her a hand.

— Permission?

Anya was surprised to recognize that swarthy, handsome man who was sitting with Sarah at the competition.

Is that you?

- It's me.

— Where is Sarah? Oh, I must have been stupid to tell her what to do at graduation...

— Mom died a month ago. That's why I'm actually here...


Anya immediately left graduation. Oleg, as the new acquaintance called himself, said that his mother had a heart attack, and in two days it was all over. nine0004

- Mom wanted me to help you. Money, education, in general, whatever you say.

I don't need anything.

Anya habitually threw back the slipping strand of hair and only then caught herself, but it was already too late.

- What do you have?

Oleg looked at the bruise hidden by the strand.

- Is that...

- Is that your stepmother? You can't be left with this family... I'll think of something.

He returned a few days later. But Tamara completely went berserk, and by this time Anya had several new bruises. nine0004

- Anya, I beg you, do not consider me mentally ill. I... I ask you to marry me. I understand how ridiculous this sounds. But it so happened that I, a man who is already fifty, fell in love with a girl who is not eighteen. Let them throw stones at me, but I can't do anything. I want to assure you, if you are disgusted with me, then I will never even try to hug you. But you will have everything. House, money, you can go to school, you won't be denied anything.


Anya watched her stepmother's face with pleasure when she told her that she was getting married.

— You wouldn't dare! You are not eighteen!

- Will be in three months. It's thanks to you that I spent a year at home with a complex fracture.

- I won't let it! Then take your brothers!

— With pleasure!


And so it all happened - she took the boys, got married, and soon entered the Institute of Culture. She had her own car, a lot of money. And Oleg never even once let her know by word or gesture that he was waiting for something, or that he was dissatisfied with something. Then she decided everything herself - she realized that she had fallen in love with her husband and wanted to become his real wife. nine0004

A year and a half after their marriage, their son was born. Oleg looked at this miracle with huge eyes and cried. This was his third marriage. His previous wives were just money hunters.

After a while the girl took her father to her.

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