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Original title: Dansu in za vanpaia bando

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Vampire queen Mina Tepes comes out of hiding to offer peace between vampires and humans. Japan gives her a bund, where she goes to live with her people. However, extremist human and vampire ... Read allVampire queen Mina Tepes comes out of hiding to offer peace between vampires and humans. Japan gives her a bund, where she goes to live with her people. However, extremist human and vampire groups do not want to coexist.Vampire queen Mina Tepes comes out of hiding to offer peace between vampires and humans. Japan gives her a bund, where she goes to live with her people. However, extremist human and vampire groups do not want to coexist.





  • Stars
    • Colleen Clinkenbeard
    • Monica Rial
    • Eric Vale
  • Stars
    • Colleen Clinkenbeard
    • Monica Rial
    • Eric Vale
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    Colleen Clinkenbeard

    Monica Rial

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    Eric Vale

    Alexis Tipton

    Yûichi Nakamura

    • Akira Kaburagi

    Terri Doty

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    Tia Lynn Ballard

    Cherami Leigh

    • Mei Ren

    Jamie Marchi

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    Kara Edwards

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    Well-intended, but doesn't quite reach high enough

    Having seen three episodes of the "Dance in the Vampire Bund" series already, I am not really hooked. There is something very confusing about the wholesome feel of the series.

    Most of the characters are lacking depths and personalities, and it is hard to keep track of whom they are and what their motives are. Had they done more work of the characters it would be better.

    There is somewhat of a storyline in the series, although it is continuously disrupted to irrelevant pieces of sidestory.

    I do like anime and manga, but there are a lot out there available that are far better than this series.



    • paul_haakonsen
    • Jan 25, 2010

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    • Release date
      • January 7, 2010 (Japan)
      • Japanese
      • English
    • Also known as
      • Bailando con vampiros
      • Vampire Bund Gyouseifu
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    Technical specs

      • 1. 78 : 1

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    This is a great series

    Alright, I had to submit my own review after seeing all of these other terrible reviews that make absolutely no sense. Shaft always does a terrific job on artwork and Dance in the Vampire Bund is no exception. If you didn't like the art in EF, Bakemonogatari, or Puella Magi, then this probably isn't for you.

    Addressing the complaint about the plot: I have read 10 volumes of the manga and this adaptation covers to about volume 5. Although, in the anime there is some alterations to the plot, but I was ok with this and welcomed the originality. If this could be a problem for you then I would recommend watching the episodes online before buying just in case.

    The voice actors bad? Ok what I really didn't get is people complaining about the VA's. I can understand if you didn't like the VA's for the judges on the show in the first episode, but otherwise the VA's were perfect for the characters. Monica Rial does a perfect Mina Tepes, and Yuki's voice fit her character perfectly.

    To sum this up, If you wanted a 100% true to the manga story then you might not like this, but If you don't care either way then I really recommend buying this because this is a terrific anime that will leave you wanting more.

    Totally terrible

    This junk doesn't in any way match the quality of the graphic novels.

    The first terrible five minutes of this insipid DVD made me want to throw it away; I actually managed to watch it instead, and it still was terrible.

    The voice actors are horrible; it sounds more like a grade school stage play than an actual for-sale DVD product. These can't possibly be real actors doing the voices.

    The first five minutes of wasted junk deservedly were not in the graphic novels, and I am now actually trying to watch the rest of it while restraining the urge to find the voice actors and manually strangle the lot of them.

    Watched more of it and it only gets worse!

    The so-called animation is jerky (Poor frame rates) and obviously done as cheaply as possible. Saturday morning animation at its worst doesn't get this bad.

    Don't waste your money buy the graphic novels instead.

    Great fun To watch..

    Pretty cool, I sure hope this isn't it. There has to be more seasons? I hope!!

    Very disappointing

    I have to say, I expected much more from studio SHAFT. The animation was decent, but the story was severely lacking. As far as voice acting goes, the japanese voice acting was fairly standard, not great but not too bad, but the english voice acting could have used improvement. Characters were fairly weak, the romance between the two leads was decently executed but really nothing more than average, but above all else the story was just very disconnected and didn't seem to go much anywhere (or be interesting). It isn't the worst series I have ever seen, but I can't recommend it to anybody.

    A extended metaphor to Marriage

    If you can handle the age gap between several characters relationships then you will adore the supernatural romance in this anime. Action is decent or at least much better than anime witchblade. Yes there are some changes compared to the manga, but I don't want to spoil it for you. Lets put it this way, your better off watching the anime first. Then read the manga since the anime ends early. Somethings went unanswered, but despite that I left the world of "Dance in the Vampire Bund" with both sadness and never ending joy. Hey, at least it wasn't a cliffhanger like highschool of the dead.

    Quite enjoyable

    Very well done. Covers up to the first few volumes of the manga. While true there were some minor changes in the beginning I can say as a fan of the manga that they didn't bother me that much. I have seen much, much worse adaptations out there.
    The art was beautiful and I thought the VAs performances were fantastic! If you're on the fence about it give it a try. And if you liked the anime then you'll love the manga!

    Anime Dance on the Vampire Shore season 2 (episode 1, 2) release date

    Curiosity and a thirst for adventure take Gwen to the world of the past and make her plunge into it headlong. The girl studies the culture and etiquette of various historical times, attends social events. Gwendolyn stubbornly reveals the secrets and history of her Shepherd family. Traveling back in time, she finally learns new information about her grandfather Lucas. The TV program Eagle and Tails in the new format "Shopping" will allow us to see from the other side what we buy when we go on vacation abroad. When we find ourselves in another country, it’s like a demon of shopping instills in us, and we start buying everything in a row, even things that we don’t really need. Our heroes, as always, will travel the world, from where they will bring various trinkets and expensive items of various kinds, and who will buy what and what, as always, heads or tails will decide. Maria and Konstantin will visit small markets and look for places where there are big discounts on goods of different production, as well as closed auctions with rare items and shops of fashionable and famous designers. nine0003 He must single-handedly find answers to many questions that have arisen.

    Photo and who Director:
    Akiyuki Shinbo, Masahiro Sonoda, Tatsuwa Naoyuki
    Yuichi Nakamura, Monica Rial, Alexis Tipton, Eric Weil, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Terry Doty, Jamie Marchi, Aoi Yuki, Yuko Kaida, Yoshi Tanaka
    Toshiaki Asaka, Atsushi Iwasaki, Mitsutoshi Kubota


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    Vera Lehan - frwiki.


    For articles of the same name, see Vera.

    Vera Lehane is a fictional character created by Joss Whedon for the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer , set in the fictional city of Sunnydale, and its spin-off series Angel , which focuses on Los -Angeles. Faith is played by Eliza Dushku. She is a vampire slayer who first appears in the third season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer" . The character serves as both a foil and an antagonist to Buffy Summers' heroine, also a vampire slayer.


    • 1 Appearances
      • 1.1 Television
        • 1.1.1 1998–1999: Season 3 Buffy
        • 1.1.2 2000: Season 4 " Buffy" and Season 1 " Angel"
        • 1.1.3 2003: Angel Season 4 and Buffy Season 7
      • 1.2 Comics
      • 1.3 News
    • 2 Concept and creation
    • 3 characteristic
      • 3.1 Character name
      • 3. 2 Social class
      • 3.3 Happiness and suffering
      • 3.4 Independence
      • 3.5 His gender expressions
      • 3.6 Dagger wielding
      • 3.7 Calm relationship
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    A television

    Buffy Season 3

    The character Faith first appears in Season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A young girl arrives in Sunnydale after being activated as a vampire slayer following the death of Kendra (Bianca Lawson) in episode of Akafla Part 1 , which was activated after Buffy's death in Manuscript . She attempts to escape from the vampire Kakistos, who killed her first watcher in front of her, whom she ends up killing. She is presented as a lover of sex, violence, and food. Despite her traumatic past, she tries to integrate into the Scooby Gang. Episode El Eliminati , where she involves Buffy in her pastimes, i.e. dancing, stealing weapons, and hunting, Faith accidentally kills a man she thinks is a vampire. She then betrays the Scooby gang and allies with Richard Wilkins (Harry Groener), the mayor of Sunnydale and the season's main villain, after killing her second, Mr. Trick, who tried to kill Buffy, with whom she develops a genuine father-daughter relationship. After trying to kill a vampire angel (David Boreanaz), Buffy's lover, on the mayor's orders, Faith fights her in the season finale. Vera emerges alive, but fails and falls into a coma. During her psychic journey, she helps Buffy defeat the mayor by telling him that she is her weak point. nine0005

    2000: Season 4 "
    Buffy" and Season 1 " Angel"

    Vera reappears in two episodes of the 4th season of the series. After waking up from her coma, she manages to swap her body with Buffy's using a mystical object left behind by the mayor. While Buffy in Faith's body is arrested by the Watcher Council, Faith experiences Buffy's existence. Feeling obligated to save the captives, Faith fights against Buffy again and the two assassins claim their bodies. Faith manages to escape. The Slayer decided to go to Los Angeles, the story continues in Season 1 " Angel" . She is hired by Wolfram & Hart to kill Angel. She tortures Wesley Wyndham-Pryce (Alexis Denisof), her third Watcher, to force Angel to kill her. But he understands this and refuses to obey. He manages to convince her to face the consequences of her actions and set her on the path to redemption. Faith then turns himself in to the police. She ends up in a women's prison, where Angel regularly visits her.

    Angel Season 4 and Buffy Season 7

    In season 4 of Angel , the soul of the vampire of the same name is taken from him, and he again becomes the demonic Angelus. Wesley then visits Faith in prison and convinces her to flee to neutralize Angelus. To do this, Faith injects himself with a mystical drug and forces Angelus to drink his blood, who also absorbs the drug. She and Angel almost die from this, but they manage to save each other on a psychic journey. Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan) returns Angel her soul and then asks Faith to accompany her to Sunnydale to fight the Force. The character then appears in season 7 Buffy the Vampire Slayer . Whereas she used to be very lonely, Faith becomes friends with Buffy again and bonds with would-be Slayers to the point where they choose her as leader over Buffy. This decision proves disastrous: Vera's plan leads the potentials into a trap, causing some of them to die. Thus, Faith loses his leadership status, but begins a relationship with Robin Wood (D.B. Woodside).

    A series centered on the character Faith was planned, and it was supposed to start where the series " Buffy " . According to Tim Minear, Faith "would probably be on a motorcycle, traveling the Earth in search of her place in the world." Eliza Dushku, however, had already signed on for the first role in Call: Countdown and was therefore unavailable.


    The first comic in which Vera appears is called Haunted . This happens while she is in jail and tells Angel about her memories of her coma. She then shared a psychic link with the mayor and could see through his eyes when he attacked people during the release in episode Ceremony part 2 . In Note from the Underground , the second comic where the character appears, Faith is temporarily released from prison by Angel in order to save Buffy from the Scourge, a fascist organization of demons.

    Faith also appears in Season 8 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer . In No future for you! ( No Future for You ), Giles asks Faith to infiltrate Genevieve "Gigi" Savage, a rebellious Slayer, and kill her. "Gigi" aims to take Buffy's place and become the new leader of the Slayers. Faith befriends Gigi and finds herself in the middle of a fight between her and Buffy, during which she accidentally kills Gigi. The arc ends when Giles offers Faith to lead the Assassins so that none of them go down the same path as her and Gigi. Faith appears in " Predators and prey" , which tells about one of her missions in Germany. In Last Light , the final story arc of the season, Faith takes part in the final battle against Twilight and inherits all of Giles' possessions, with the exception of his vampire book, at the behest of the latter.

    Faith leaves Buffy and a group of Slayers to join Angel in England. The two team up to finally find their redemption in episode Angel and Faith . Faith helps the Angel reanimate Giles and they end up accomplishing this by harvesting all of his soul pieces and killing the demon Aegon with Spike, but the Watcher now occupies the body of a twelve year old. They must also face the threat posed by Whistler, Angel's former mentor. After defeating Whistler and his demonic allies, Angel decides to stay in London while Faith and Giles return to the United States. Faith decides to work for the bodyguard agency founded by Kennedy, but is traumatized when Giles suddenly leaves her to look for Buffy. nine0005


    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tests of Faith Volume 1 El Eliminati and The above laws . The story spans from Faith's arrival in Sunnydale to her betrayal by the Scooby Gang and her loyalty to the mayor of Sunnydale ( Betrayal , Gavrock Box and Ceremony ). "Go Ask Malice" , a story written in the form of a diary tells the story of Faith's life before her arrival in Sunnydale.

    Concept and creation

    “I know Faith couldn't be on the cover of Sanity Fair, but life hasn't been kind to her. Had circumstances been different, she might have been me. "

    - Buffy identifies with Faith in episode "Two Faces" , echoing the parallel between the Slayers the writers are looking for. nine0005

    Initially, faith was conceived as a “path not traveled”, like a Slayer who made the wrong choice in life. She is a reflection of Buffy, and more specifically, what Buffy could have become if she hadn't been supported by her friends and family. Whedon says they wanted to "explore what it means to be a Exterminator." The power that comes with it, the pleasure she can get from it, but also how intoxicating it can be. We used Faith." For Marty Noxon, she is "the dark side of what can happen when empowered by the Slayer". nine0005

    The authors wanted to answer the following question: “Even though education and the environment are made from the same ‘raw material’, how do they affect what kind of people they will be in their lives? Joss Whedon describes Faith as everything Buffy would never let herself become; although Buffy is seduced by how Faith sees herself as a Slayer, she eventually decides to make a different choice. In the book "Faith" the authors explore the nature of power, as well as the limits and consequences of its use. They want to show that if the Slayer kills creatures, good or bad, she is still a professional killer. According to Doug Petrie, Faith is not wrong when he identifies Buffy and them as killers. He expresses the idea that for Faith, her contribution to society absolves her of any moral or legal responsibility, a view that Buffy does not share. Petri took inspiration from the comic book character Elektra created by Frank Miller to create Vera. "In a different context, more punk, more teenage, Faith is very similar to Elektra." nine0005

    According to Jane Espenson, if Faith evokes so much sympathy, it's because of her father-daughter relationship with the mayor. His goal, along with the other writers, was to make the two characters as human as possible, showing that they need relationships and love just as much as the characters. Eliza Dushku claims that Faith's connection to the mayor is because he is one of the few people who doesn't humiliate her, and it's one of the things she's struggled with all her life.


    Character name

    "Vera", which means "faith" in English, is a "fiercely ironic" name, according to Petri, given the character's cynical nature. According to him, “She is the least loyal character of all. She doesn't believe in herself or anyone around her." His last name is not given in the series; Joss Whedon later gave her the name " Lehane " in reference to the character's origins around South Boston ("Southie").


    Eliza Dushku describes Vera as a "Working Class Killer", suggesting that this is the reason why so many people identify with the character. Lorna Jowett, in her book Sex and the Killer: A Gender Studies Primer for Buffy Fans , finds many clues in this direction. The fact that she didn't graduate as she says in episode "The End Times Part 2", or her harrowing family history (specifically her mother's alcoholism) are all working class related elements in the series. nine0005

    Happiness and suffering

    Doug Petrie describes her as a tragic character. “The key to understanding Vera is her suffering. If you take that away, she becomes a monster. But she is so lonely and desperate, and all her harshness is just a cover. That's what real monsters are made of. Nobody thinks they are real monsters. His suffering is covered by Joyce in episode "Ghost" part 2 . She wonders about Faith's motives, and when Faith, in Buffy's body, hypothesizes "that she likes being like this", Joyce is unconvinced: "I'll never believe it. .." I find her terribly unhappy." Greg Forster at Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy: Fear and Awe in Sunnydale reconciles Buffy and Faith's body swap in this episode through Plato's thought experiment in Republic or a bad person who would be considered virtuous and virtuous. about a virtuous person mistaken for a bad one. For Karl Schudt, Faith begins with a rejection of traditional morality because she sees it as nothing more than a series of prohibitions with no justification, as her parody of Buffy proves in To Ghost pt 2 : "Why don't we do this?"? Because is wrong ! Living the life of Buffy, she is aware of her misfortune and sticks to her morals.


    Petri says Faith's biggest motivation is her search for family and friends; she sees Gwendoline Post as the mother she never had, the Scooby Gang as the friends she never had, Richard Wilkins as the father she never had. "She's always looking for a family, getting close, and then making this terrible choice and it drives her crazy," says Petri. "If you don't love me, you will be afraid of me" - that's what from his course of action . She is not a stable girl, but a cheerful girl. According to J. Michael Richardson and J. Douglas Rab, Faith seeks approval by going to Sunnydale having lost self-esteem along with his supervisor. For them, if she joins the mayor, it means getting rid of Buffy's disapproving look, as well as the guilt of killing a man. The mayor also told him in episode "The Ceremony", part 1 that "no father is more proud". But she can't always escape the consequences of her actions, as Buffy points out to her:0035 Vera, you can turn off all the emotions you want. But eventually they find the body. ("Faith, you can silence your emotions all you want. But they will find the body in the end.") Buffy talks about both the corpse of the murdered person, which the authorities will eventually find, and the body of Faith, whose emotions will make her feel the brunt of it. guilt. He follows a long path to redemption, which also leads to his independence. When Wesley and Angelus define her as a criminal again after her release from prison, she manages to escape stating "I have changed", which is proof that she is beginning to define herself. nine0005

    His Gender Expressions

    Lorna Jowett in Sex and Murder: A Gender Studies Primer for Buffy Fan describes Faith's various gender identities/gender expressions. She becomes hypersexual at first: Willow's character describes her as a "seductive whore" in episode "The Ghost, Part 1 "; killing vampires turns her on, she sleeps with Alex and then dumps him in "male" style; Inside Buffy's body, she takes a long bath, a scene often analyzed as a form of masturbation/sex and repeated lesbian innuendo between her and Buffy seduces Spike at "Revenge, Part 2" and tries to do so. Love with Riley in a sadomasochistic and exhibitionist way. She contrasts with the other characters in the series, who only make love in the context of a stable emotional relationship. Jowett describes his attitude as "a feminist way of avoiding patriarchal heterosexism". She also notes other elements that contribute to the "masculinization" of faith, in particular the fact that she feels self-sufficient and her inability to express her emotions, a quality that is considered "feminine". nine0005

    Upon her return in Season 7 of Buffy, Faith has changed. Although Buffy in Shadow Army feels threatened by Faith and Spike, whether she takes on the role of leader with Potentials in Slingshot or makes love to Robin Wood in Counterattack , it's no longer in perspective "manly" competition with Buffy ". She is no longer alone, but bonds with the Potentials, knowing everyone by name. Finally, she begins a real relationship with Robin Wood, with whom she forms an emotional connection. Jowett describes Wood as a tamer who frees her from her "uncontrollable appetite for violence and sex, forcing her to take on the responsibilities that come with being a powerful warrior." nine0005

    Dagger wielding

    In episode "Gavrock's Box" , the mayor offers Faith a dagger, which she sensually admires. Therefore, she wields the dagger in the sense that the object is hers, but also because she invests it emotionally, she invests her essence in it. Richardson and Rab even claim that it becomes a dagger as a warrior's object to grant the mayor's wishes. In this way, she frees herself from responsibility and guilt, from feelings that people experience, not objects. Thus, when Buffy grabs a dagger and uses it against Faith, she makes her reflexively realize your guilt. During her coma, Faith's dreams show Buffy chasing her with a dagger: she represents guilt, the Sartre look Faith is still trying to escape from. When, after waking up from a coma in Buffy's body, she enters her own Buffy-possessed body, screaming at herself, " You're nothing!" Killer bitch! " ("You're nothing! Killer bitch!"), " Nothing " can be understood simultaneously as "nothing" in the sense that it doesn't matter, but also in the sense of "Zero", from "not-didn't choose " nine0035 (non-thing) as in Being and Non-Being Sartre. Faith is not an object, but it is able to develop in order to receive redemption.

    Calm relationship

    In Season 1 episode of Angel , Sanctuary, Faith manages to bond with Angel. David Greenwalt explains that Angel manages to help her because only he is able to understand the suffering she is going through and help her atone for her sins. She then manages to get back into the elevator in season 4 " Angelus" , where she is the only person who chooses to defeat Angelus without killing the Angel in the process. David Boreanaz says that "the writers found the dynamic where a former bad girl does some kind of heroic deed against the main character-turned-villain of the series to be interesting. "

    "I love Buffy, but I'm much happier when I create flawed, damaged characters, characters who don't always make the right decisions. Faith is such a complex and beautiful character. " nine0005

    - Brian K. Vaughan

    For David Solomon, "[Faith] was such a pivotal character at a very specific time on the show" that it was unthinkable that the final season of Buffy would have been without her. The dynamics between the two Slayers became more complex, allowing the writers to use Faith as a critical point of view on Buffy's leadership qualities rather than as a mortal enemy. In episode Slingshot that would-be assassins no longer trust Buffy and choose Faith as their new leader, a decision that literally explodes in their face. As Drew Goddard explains, “Faith is like a nice aunt that everyone loves because the nice aunt is not in charge of raising children. She's here and having fun. The problem is that Vera is not ready to lead. He is too destroyed and is just starting to collect his own parts. As strong as her desire to be Buffy is, she must learn to become Faith." nine0005


    • (fr) This article is taken in whole or in part from the English Wikipedia article titled "Vera (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)" (see list of authors) .
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