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A.T. Slater

Dance, Music

A.T. Slater

Dance, Music

YouTube is a game changing platform for the dance industry. Top dancers who were once nameless faces behind major music acts are now some of the world's biggest influencers thanks to social video platforms (most especially YouTube because of it's massive global reach and active music streaming audience).

At DanceOn, we are always tracking and collaborating with the dance influencers doing it best. Some of the names have been on the list for several years; others are relative newcomers. All are crushing the YouTube game scoring millions of views on average videos and tapping into a vast fanbase of dancers and non-dancers from around the world.


Nika is not only a top 10 dance influencers on YouTube, she's also the official Slovenian Ambassador of Dance! Originally from Slovenia, she now resides in Los Angeles and is known for her incredible classes in a variety of dance styles.

Her top video has over 18mm views: 

Check out Nika crushing it in her DanceOn Class to Sia's Move Your Body: 

And this video set to Enrique Iglesias' El Bano:


A long time top 10 influencer, Tricia is one of the most in-demand choreographers of this generation. Her #1 video to the tune of Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" has nearly 60MM video views:

And if you haven't seen her version of "The Water Dance", you are missing out!

Check out Tricia's DanceOn Class to Taylor Swift's Ready for it?


French choreographer Yanis Marshall took the world by surprise as the man who danced (really really well) in heels... 

He may have stolen your heart in one of these early viral videos…

This amazing Spice Girls mashup:

Or this Beyonce medley:

Check out the NYC DanceOn Class taught by Yanis:

Get to know more about what inspired him to dance in heels:

And just for fun, check out Yanis as the tough-to-please casting director in this super fun Too Faced brand video: 


Will Adams aka WilldaBeast is one of the most sought after teachers in Los Angeles. Often working in partnership with his long time partner Janelle Ginestra, this pair has created some of our all time favorite viral vids.

Check out some of their epic dance classes here:

Will and Janelle dance together in Tyce Diorio's Artist Request video: 


Originally from small town Indiana, Caleb Marshall aka the Fitness Marshall is YouTube's most in-demand Dance Fitness Star.

Some of our favorite routines that will make you want to dance until you sweat:

Did you know DanceOn launched a reality series starring the Fitness Marshall, Life of a Fitness Pop Star!? Check out the trailer! 

And of course, Fitness Marshall got his very own DanceOn Class in LA: 


Nicole Kirkland has had quite a year. A long time YouTuber, 2018 brought her significant viewership and subscriber growth. Known for heels as well as hip hop, Nicole is a powerhouse choreographer who draws top digital personalities to her class.  

We love seeing Tessa Brooks get down in this Kirkland class: 

Check out Nicole Kirkland’s DanceOn Class:


One of the best influencers at creating both dance-centric and lifestyle content on her channel, Dytto is currently the top female dancer on YouTube. 

Fall in love with her style here:

Ditto’s rendition of Barbie Girl is a must-see:


Known for winning Season 1 of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew and for their long running live shows in Vegas and Los Angeles, the Jabbawockeez can't help but win on every platform. 

Check out their top performing video filmed at the NBA's finals 2017 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA:

Throw back to one of the most amazing dance collabs of all time created in partnership with Coca-Cola to raise money and awareness for RED. This video features the Jabbawockeez, Les Twins, Harry Shum Jr, Ian Eastwood, Brian Puspos, Jasmine Meakin aka Megajam and more! 


Leveraging his 3. 3MM subscribers, Kyle created the #2 video ON ALL OF YOUTUBE in 2017!!!! Check it out here: 

Check out one of our early collaborations with Kyle. This concept video stars a young Larsen Thompson and features Charli XCX's new track Boom Clap: 


Matt Steffanina reigns above all with over 13MM subscribers across 4 YouTube channels. His style is Hip Hop, and he's known for teaching and mentoring some of the most incredible young talent in the biz. His #1 video has over 70mm views: 

Check out Matt’s rendition of the beloved party track Watch Me Whip Nae Nae:

Matt has been a part of a variety of DanceOn original programs. Check out his choreography for our original series Boy Squad:

A.T. Slater

Dance, Music

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T. Slater

10 Best Dance Workout Videos And Channels Of 2022

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There's everything from Zumba to ballet.

By Jasmine Gomez

AleksandarNakicGetty Images

You may be used to getting your sweat on by strength training or doing cardio workouts like running or HIIT, but those go-tos aren't the only ways to rev your heart rate and sculpt your bod. If you've never tried a dance workout, you're seriously missing out, so here's your invite to the party.

The best dance workouts make you feel like you're in the middle of a dance floor instead of, well, your living room. Plus, there's something for everyone, whether you're looking for a specific type of dance like Zumba or barre, or intricate choreography that'll feel like a challenge to master.

But just because you're having fun doesn't mean you're experiencing less bennies than a typical workout sesh. In fact, dance fitness classes are associated with an improvements in mental and physical health such as building muscle and a better mood. The latter is thanks to the endorphin-releasing effects of music combined with cardio, per a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health that looked at how adding Zumba classes to their weekly routine affected the health of women who weren't regular exercisers.

What's more: Dance training may even have the ability to slow down your brain's aging process, according to a study published in the PLOS One Journal that found taking dance classes where you had to learn new choreography boosted the cognitive function of older adults more than when they did workouts with repetitive movement patterns like strength training or steady state cardio (think: jogging or going for a spin on an exercise bike).

So, if you're ready to switch things up, here's a list of the best dance workout channels on YouTube. These top-rated channels have earned thousands of subscribers, are all beginner-friendly, and represent a mix of dance styles from ballet to hip-hop. Go ahead and shimmy, shake (and sweat!) like nobody's watching.


Best Dance Workout Videos For Those Who Love Afrobeats - Afrifitness

If songs like Beyonce's "Already" and Afro B's "Drogba (Joanna)" rule your playlist, then you're going to enjoy moving along to the Afrobeat-inspired workouts on Rachael Okesola's channel. The channel, appropriately named Afrifitness, merges African dance techniques into fitness programs like resistance training and HIIT. On the page, you'll find total-body workouts, but Rachel also has videos made for toning specific areas like your abs, thighs, and butt.

Subscribers: 138K


Best Dance Workout Videos For Apartment Dwellers - MadFit

Working out in a small space where you can't necessarily jump and rave without disturbing the neighbors? No problem. Maddie Lymburner of MadFit creates at-home workouts designed with people of all fitness levels to be performed in close quarters. Her workouts are quick, think 15 to 30 minutes, and are set to pop music hits you'll probably want to sing along to.

Subscribers: 4.72M


Best Dance Workout Videos For Bollywood Lovers - Dhruvi Shah Dance

The channel Dhruvi Shah Dance has racked up almost 17 million views from people looking to burn cals while nailing some Bollywood choreography. To follow along, you'll need to work on lots of quick hand movements, while stomping and kicking your feet along to the music. But don't worry about keeping up, all fitness levels can tackle Dhruvi's routines.

Subscribers: 131K


Best Dance Workout Videos For People Who Love Ballet - Lazy Dancer Tips

When searching for dance workouts, you may turn up a lot of club-inspired routines and choreography, but Alessia Lugoboni, a professional ballerina, slows things down with ballet-inspired barre routines even people with absolutely no background in dance can follow. Yep, even those who feel they're rhythmically-challenged can follow along to her en pointe choreography with a little practice.

Subscribers: 171K


Best Dance Workout Videos For Zumba Lovers - Zumba France By Alix

With Alix's videos you may technically be in your living room breaking a sweat, but mentally you'll be at the club, thanks to all the neon lights and other dancers in her videos. Her workouts consist of choreos sequences set to specific songs (each is about 3-minutes long), but they're so high-energy, it'll feel like an hour.

Subscribers: 301K


Best Dance Workout Videos For Barre Lovers - DanceFIT University

Created by an ACE-certified group exercise instructor, DanceFit University by Jessica Hoogendyk features routines inspired by barre and Zumba, and her music selection spans all genres from pop to bachata. To make her choreo a little less challenging, Hoogendyk's channel also features tutorials for the harder-to-learn dance moves she includes in her Zumba choreo, like a mambo 3-step or cumbia breaks.

Subscribers: 24.5K


Best Dance Workout Videos For Those Who Need Extra Motivation - The Studio By Jamie Kinkeade

If you miss the vibes of in-studio workout sessions, meet your new favorite YouTube channel. Aside from total-body workouts, the Studio by Jamie Kinkeade channel features muscle-specific routines designed to tone your arms, abs, and booty, and though you'll likely be out of breath, the trainers keep you going with their upbeat and energizing words of encouragement. The videos are filmed in their actual fitness studio in Missouri.

Subscribers: 134K


Best Dance Workout Videos For Learning Choreography - The Fitness Marshall

Caleb Marshall, a. k.a. the Fitness Marshall, wants you to stand at attention to get through his dance workout videos. He creates original dance sequences to today's top hits, so you're guaranteed to sing along the whole time, too. His page is actually designed to allow you to customize your workout. Each video is labeled with a tag: warm-up, main workout, or cool down. So you can choose your own adventure.

Subscribers: 2.91M


Best Dance Workout Videos For Dance Cardio Fitness - 305 Fitness

Squatting, twerking, jumping— nothing's off limit in 305 Fitness's online workouts. The workouts are trainer-led and are filmed with a live DJ that plays a mix of genres from hip-hop to reggaeton. Expect to be drenched by the end thanks to these high-intensity classes. But don't sweat it (ha!), you'll love these dance parties so much you'll definitely be back for more.

Subscribers: 63. 1K


Best Dance Workout Videos For Latin Dance Cardio - Salsation Fitness

Get ready to move your hips. It's a requirement for these Latin-based dance workouts. Each video features a different team of trainers delivering choreo routines with lots of repetitive movements (which'll make it easier to learn for newbies), hip swinging, and rhythmic footwork. Videos are added every few days, so don't get too comfortable, as there will always be new moves to master.

Subscribers: 91.3K

Jasmine Gomez Associate Commerce Editor Jasmine Gomez is the  Associate Commerce Editor at Women’s Health and covers health, fitness, sex, culture and cool products.

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Not everyone has the time or budget to go to the gym. This, however, is no longer an excuse for not moving the body and therefore sending off some calories.

Nowadays you can learn everything from Youtube. There are many mother universe video recipes, makeup tutorials and of course material for those who want to be healthy!

Channels with dance lessons are becoming a reality and becoming more and more popular every day. With the help of the video, you will learn the steps of the success of the moment with teachers and dancers from different parts of Brazil and the world! Just plug in and start dancing. nine0003

Remember that dancing is a great option for those who don't usually exercise and are looking for something fun and don't require equipment. Just have a seat at home and let your body sink into the music!

Ready to rock the skeleton? Check out this selection with 10 Youtube channels with dance lessons beyond animation!

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Mete Dance

The channel, which already has over 400k subscribers, brings unpublished choreographies of hits of the moment including pop, funk and latin music. The video features dancers Danilo Smera, Guy Oliveira, Bia Hellen, Renata Cerqueira and Rayanne Pablin. nine0003

2. Move Brazil

With a new video twice a week, Move Yourself Brasil features choreography by Dandara Mendez and Alice Araujo. A great choice for those who like to roll on the ground, with fun rhythmic beats and easy to follow steps.

3. Fit Dance

The purpose of Portal Fit Dance is to make life more fun through dance. There are choreographies for every taste and style. Make a room in your living room and prepare a washcloth? You will sweat with these steps! nine0003

4.Cia. Daniel Saboya

Cia. Daniel Saboy's dance channel is one of the largest in the world! The video contains step by step choreography perfect for those who are now entering this universe or who want to learn all the moves of their favorite music.

5. Shall we dance?

The Bora Dancer project has a team of qualified professionals and encourages physical exercise through dance. The selected songs follow the latest trends. Do you want to upgrade? Check out the latest classes now! nine0003

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6. Lore Improta

Lorena Infeta is a Bahian, publicist and Faustão dancer. On her channel, you can watch videos about everyday life and beauty, but the highlight is dancing, with creative and energetic choreography!

7. Dancing couple

Binho Reis and Rafaela Zhusan are passionate about dancing. So much so that they created this YouTube channel together, full of super-legal choreography and easy to follow. New videos are posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Let's move the body? nine0003

8. Dance more online

How about learning ballroom dancing on Youtube? This channel brings some very useful tips, from the gafieira samfi step sequence to the giro de forró. Call on a friend or your big guy to be your partner and fall in love with the dance.

9. Gemini. С

Make a roll! The twins Tahuana and Tamirez choreograph the best funk. It contains songs by Mc Fioti, Mc Kevinho, Mc Lan and others. Great choice for those who love funkeira playlist. nine0003

10. Anitta

How about learning the choreography of hits like "Her Face" and "Explosion" from Anitta herself? It's possible! Official videos with real dance lessons are available on the singer's channel. Rehearse and rock the next ballads!

Also Read: 13 Life Lessons We Learned From The FRIENDS Series

Now just choose your favorite rhythm and train your body with great pleasure. How about inviting your friends to dance together? Share this idea with them! nine0003

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Fall in love with modern dance right now: 5 rare performances on YouTube

Modern dance can be scary, repulsive and alarming. Especially for readers of the magazine about art Point ART Olga Ugarova - journalist and author of the popular Telegram channel about ballet "VeryBallet" has collected five energetically charged productions from YouTube for safe immersion in the choreography of the XXI century - some of them are posted only due to quarantine circumstances and thanks to industry fans. All performances can be reviewed without worrying about online broadcast deadlines. nine0081

Ohad Naharin. Batsheva Dance Company. Deca Dance (2016)

Deca Dance © youtube.com

Master, teacher, Mr. Gaga, a role model, the ageless Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin is known to many, including the fact that he invented his own language of improvisational continuous movement - GaGa (emphasis on the first syllable). The main beauty of GaGa is its accessibility. To appreciate and feel it, even sitting in the hall, you do not need a special context or refined knowledge of conventions - just tune in to the perception of a miracle, and the Batsheva Dance Company ensemble will certainly manifest it. Deca Dance is a composite performance of the best numbers, created by Naarin in different years. One of them is the famous episode where dancers in black suits, hats and white shirts dance (and themselves sing) the Passover song of the Israeli people. nine0003

Hofesh Schechter. The Art of not Looking Back (2018)

The Art of not Looking Back Dee Conway © Opéra National de Paris

The choreographer, who left Israel at the age of 21, has become one of the strongest phenomena on the European scene in recent years. After the final chord is heard in his productions, I want to jump out of my chair and give a standing ovation, which was what the Petersburgers did in December last year at the Context festival. Diana Vishneva - then Schechter brought his work Grand Finale, nominated for the prestigious Laurence Olivier Award. The Art of Not Looking Back is a ballet staged only for dancers and discusses the importance of the past (the voice of the choreographer himself periodically sounds from the speakers, who tries to find an answer to his very personal questions through dance). First staged in 2009year, and then re-edited for the Paris Opera in 2018, but retaining Schechter's traditional powerful visuals, techno rhythm and full rock and roll. If you don’t figure out what is there and how in the choreography, then you will catch the drive for sure.

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Puzzle (2012)

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui © welovebuzz.com

Believe me, you will remember the hard-to-pronounce name of this modern dance shaman (Cherkaoui is a Belgian of Moroccan origin) right after the first performance. His choreographic designs, a mix of 21st century techniques and folk dances from all over the world, the artists’ catlike plasticity, a musical sequence with live vocals and oriental harmonies fascinate right in the first minutes of viewing. The rest (despite the timing of two hours) looks like under hypnosis, which leaves a magical aftertaste. nine0003

Russell Malifant. Push (2005). Sylvie Guillem

Push © youtube. com

A half-hour ballet for the cult Frenchwoman Sylvie Guillem, the muse of Rudolf Nureyev, Maurice Béjart, William Forsythe and the entire dance world of recent decades, was staged by the British choreographer Russell Malifant, who was originally her partner in this essay. The viscous compositions, solos followed by duets, the weightlessness of seemingly disembodied dancers introduce the viewer into complete meditation, and now it can have more than a therapeutic effect. nine0003

Mats Ek. Place (2007)

Place © youtube.com

It's not new in the last few years, but the recording posted a month ago is good. The film work of the main philosopher of modern dance, one of the most important choreographers of the 20th century, the subtle and smartest Mats Ek, was staged on two greats: the muse Ana Laguna and Mikhail Baryshnikov. The story of love and tenderness Place shows that dance is a territory for everyone, where you can talk about any topic and at any age.

Learn more