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Aqua – Barbie Girl (1997, Vinyl)

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A1Barbie Girl (Spike's Plastic Mix)

Remix – Spike (33)

Remix – Spike (33)

A2Barbie Girl (Radio Edit)3:16
B1Barbie Girl (Spike's Anatomically Correct Dub)

Remix – Spike (33)

Remix – Spike (33)

B2Barbie Girl (Extended Version)5:17
  • Phonographic Copyright ℗ – MCA Records, Inc.
  • Lacquer Cut At – Absolute Audio
  • Lacquer Cut By – BAJ*
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A Label): MCA 12975
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A Runout Etching): MCA-5593-A AA BAJ MCA-12975
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B Label): MCA 12976
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B Runout Etching): MCA12-55393-B AA BAJ MCA-12976
  • Other (Decal Number): MCA8P-4040

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Barbie Girl (12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Stereo)Zac RecordsZAC 241Italy1997
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Barbie Girl (12", 33 ⅓ RPM)Universal RecordsUMT 80438Europe1997
  • Pump Up The Jam

    Technotronic Featuring Felly

  • Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)

    Crystal Waters

  • One More Time

    Daft Punk

  • Rhythm Is A Dancer


  • Vogue


  • Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over)


  • Music Sounds Better With You


  • Everybody Everybody

    Black Box

  • U Can't Touch This

    MC Hammer

  • What Is Love


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8 best cartoons about dancing

Here's one informative fact for you: April 29 is International Dance Day. The date was not chosen by chance - on this day, almost three hundred years ago, Jean-Georges Noverre, the "father" of modern ballet, was born.

And here is another surprising fact: with the obvious abundance of films on the dance theme (for sure, you can immediately remember a couple, but there are several dozen of them!) In cartoons, this question is surprisingly sparingly revealed. There is a possibility that this is partly due to a technical difficulty: sending animated characters circling in reliably performed pirouettes and fouettes is not an easy task. nine0003

And yet the cartoon characters are dancing. Separate scenes of dances and dances are found everywhere from Disney to Soyuzmultfilm, and we have selected those cartoons where this topic is in the spotlight.

Happy Feet

(USA, Australia, 2006)

That rare moment when the ability to dance bothers someone. Meet the penguin Mumble, who was not lucky enough to be born among relatives who recognize only one art form - singing. The baby cannot sing for technical reasons, but all the time he strives to start dancing, which, of course, is prohibited. Penguins are generally strange birds. nine0003

Of course, everything turns out well for Mumble in the end: the ability to dance helps him reunite with his family and at the same time stop fishing in his native land. In total, in this cartoon, dance acts as the engine of the plot about "not like everyone else." And here you can also hear Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman - if you watch the cartoon in the original voice acting, of course. But the music of John Powell (author of the soundtrack for How to Train Your Dragon and many other DreamWorks films) you can enjoy in any case. nine0003


By the way, the cartoon also has an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, a Golden Globe for Best Song, and a sequel to Happy Feet 2. Even more stellar people were driven into the voice actors of the sequel, famous personalities were also involved in our country, but there were fewer dances, more plot weaknesses, and sequels “about children” very rarely have a chance to repeat the success of “parents”.


(Canada, France, 2016)

But a relatively fresh cartoon devoted entirely to the topic. Felice, a young orphanage pupil, lives with a passionate dream of becoming a dance profession, and despite all the obstacles on her way, she achieves her cherished desire. There are intrigues, a love triangle, and hard training with the cherished goal of getting a role in ballet. In general, young dancers are highly recommended not to miss. nine0003


However, the rest, too - it's not in vain that "Ballerina" set our record for box office among independent animation, overtaking another red-haired street kid - the main character of the cartoon "Cat Grom haunted house."

Separately, you should pay attention to the excellent graphics - even against the backdrop of Hollywood animation, "Ballerina" is just a pleasure to watch. Unless there may be problems with “listening” - instead of ballet classics, the cartoon is accompanied by offensively modern music. nine0003

Cats don't dance

(USA, 1997)

Don't believe the name of this cartoon. The cats in it dance and sing, and in general rush to the stage with all their might - to conquer the audience. This is exactly how things are with the young cat Danny, who came to Hollywood in search of stardom. But here’s the problem: people don’t put a penny on even talking and anthropomorphic, but still animals, relegating them to third-rate insignificant roles.

Needless to say, Danny was not happy with this arrangement - together with his animal friends, he decided to prove to everyone that animals in general and cats in particular have the right place on the stage. Dances here closely coexist with songs, and the central theme is still about the show in general, it is more of a musical, but in this collection it still has the right place.


An interesting fact: despite a complete commercial failure and twenty years of age, the cartoon is considered a classic among connoisseurs of good animation and fans of "furries" - these same anthropomorphic animals. nine0003

Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses

(USA, 2006)

The time of old 3D graphics and one of a whole series of Barbie cartoons. This ageless girl generally loves to dance - a well-known fact regularly covered in cartoons. But some tapes focus on the theme with special force - for example, "Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses."

Yes, the lone widower king does indeed have 12 daughters, each with their own unique hobbies and interests. The sisters are united by a general love for dancing, so strong that one pair of shoes for each daughter is only enough for a week. Dissatisfied with this state of affairs, the father invites his relative to the castle as a teacher, but this lady arrives in the role of a true villain. Of course, 12 sisters cope with the problem and at the same time save their father and the kingdom. Here's the cartoon in its entirety. nine0003


Let's add that there are other dance cartoons about Barbie - for example, "Barbie: Ballerina in pink pointe shoes." What will be discussed, you already guessed for sure.

Three Caballeros

(USA, 1944)

Let's turn to the old musical classics. "Three Caballeros" is a colorful Disney expanse that tells about the journey of Donald Duck to Mexico. Insanely bright and incredibly fast-paced animation, the presence of live actors dancing with painted birds, and just an unbridled riot of everything Mexican. Of course, this is basically a cartoon about a journey, but there is dancing everywhere. The second half of the timing did not stop at all! nine0003


The cartoon was nominated for an Oscar for Best Sound and Best Score for a Musical Picture. It is also the seventh animated Disney film, older than Cinderella but younger than Bambi.

Chroma Chameleon

At the end of the review, we want to present you three short cartoons on the topic. Let's start with an unlucky chameleon who really wanted to impress the audience at a dance party. Let not quite go according to plan, but he succeeds. nine0003

Ballerina on a ship

A Soyuzmultfilm classic about an elegant dancer training her ship to the music of Alfred Schnittke. Everything would be great, but the team inspired by the beauty also decided to dance - to general destruction.

Thoughts about you

And for dessert - a charming light dance sketch that tells about the delightful feeling of being in love. Beautiful music and the smooth movements of the characters perfectly combined with it - it's only three minutes, but what passionate ones! nine0003

Karina Barbie is an erotic dancer, blogger and vlogger who gained popularity through black PR and her own scandalous acts on the Internet and on TV shows.

The infamous Barbie was born on January 24, 1989 years in Karaganda. The mother was 18 years old when she gave birth to a daughter. The girl was raised by her maternal grandmother.

Erotic dancer Karina Barbi

Karina Sharobokova (better known as Karina Barbi) says that her parents spoiled her, didn't refuse anything and didn't punish her, because they were busy with work. She was left to herself, often fought with peers in the yard, hooligans, tried in any way to attract attention.

Karina was not interested in studying at school, she studied poorly - deuces in eight subjects. The girl did not think about the institute - she dreamed of becoming famous in the world of glamor and went towards it. In adolescence, Karina already had a pole - her parents bought it at her request. Barbie experimented with him, studied striptease and belly dancing. nine0003

During her school years, she re-read the book "How to be a real bitch" several times and strictly followed its recommendations. The girl often provoked scandals to be in the spotlight. At breaks, Karina Barbie showed her classmates the elements of striptease and oriental dances.

Karina Barbie as a child

She has always had a commercial streak. At the age of 13, she was already earning money on her own - growing fashionable cacti. Three years later, in Karaganda, she opened the first school of oriental dance and earned about 600 dollars a month from it. Karina proudly says that her income was higher than that of the deputy director of the mine. nine0032

She never finished school – she left after the 9th grade. Not only Karina Barbie breathed a sigh of relief, but also her teachers. Soon, the girl began blogging on LiveInternet. Her electronic diary, designed in pink colors, stood out among thousands of user diaries. The girl wrote about her life, fun parties in nightclubs. There, for the first time, her pseudonym appeared - Barbie.

Karina Barbie with her mother

Karina understood that in Karaganda the career she dreamed of would not shine for her. The girl decided to go to Moscow. On the eve of the trip, an entry appeared in her diary that she wants to find a millionaire husband, become super popular and drive around the capital in a pink limousine. In Moscow, Karina Barbie settled in a little room near Ostankino, because it was with this television company that she wanted to start her journey to the top of fame. nine0032


When Karina came to Moscow, she was under 18 years old. The girl started as a stripper in bars, lying to employers that she was already an adult.

At the age of 18, Karina Barbie made her TV debut - the girl appeared in the program "Sex with Anfisa Chekhova". For the video shown in the TV show, Karina Barbie danced a striptease on Pushkin Square. After such a start, the outrageous girl was noticed by the directors of popular television shows.

Karina Barbie

In her blog, Karina wrote that she was ready to sell her virginity for a million dollars, but later added that she would agree to an amount 10 times less. The money was needed to buy an apartment or a room in Moscow. Soon Karina was invited to the main role in the film "Virginity". The image of the heroine of the film was like a biography of a girl. Karina played a provincial heroine, spoiled, all in pink. nine0032

The outrageous and immoral behavior of the girl caused a wave of negativity on the Internet. A Karina Kaput community dedicated to Karina Barbie appeared, whose members made offensive photo collages with Karina, criticized the girl’s behavior and discussed how soon the underage stripper would start acting in porn.

In parallel with filming and participation in the TV show, Karina Barbie performs at corporate parties and private parties. She has her own show program with songs and striptease. nine0003

In her blog, Barbie often advertises the world of glamor - expensive cars, beauty studios, boutiques. She writes a post, posts photos and reports that she has bought a new smartphone or got a new haircut at such and such an institution at such and such an address. Karina Barbie quickly became famous, Eсho of Hollywood invited her to become a consultant for a new line of erotic lingerie.

The girl participates in many popular projects, among them - "Let them talk", "Fashion sentence", "Let's get married", "Dinner Party" and others. At the same time, the appearance of Karina Barbie in these TV shows provoked scandals more than once. nine0003

For example, while participating in the filming of the TV show Let's Get Married, Karina got into a fight with Olesya Malibu. The show was also remembered by viewers for Karina's scandalous statements about the uselessness of education and work, and the girl's attempts to "glamorize" TV presenters.

When Karina appeared at the "Minute of Glory", the audience and the judges were shocked - there had never been a striptease from the coffin before. At the same time, there is a rumor on the Internet that a bottle somehow appeared in Karina Barbie's room, but this fragment was cut out during editing due to the obscenity of the girl's actions with this item. nine0032

Barbie doesn't mind being looked at as a freak. Her goal has not changed - to be in the spotlight, to be heard.

Karina promotes her own Instagram account, where she calls herself a Russian Barbie. To match the image of the famous doll, Karina Barbie is photographed only in pink outfits - the signature color of the Barbie doll, or in bright, emphasized doll dresses. For the photo, the girl chooses fabulous and picturesque scenery, uses photo correction and processing. nine0003 Blogger Karina Barbie

Karina Barbie's Instagram photos are only staged or reportage from social events, no home photos without makeup or gatherings with friends - this will spoil the puppet image. Today, 4,000 fans have subscribed to the live Russian Barbie on Instagram.

Today Karina Barbie also realizes herself as a singer. In 2015, Karina already released her debut album “Just a Doll”, which, in addition to the title track, included the songs “Bride of Satan”, “Club Life”, “Secret”, “Internet Star” and “Oh, Witchcraft.” nine0003

Personal life

Her turbulent personal life began in Moscow. The girl regularly informs subscribers about her fans and relationships with them. Karina's first man was Evgeny Shubaev. She dedicated the book Tears of Popularity to him.

Karina Barbie

Barbie's next lover was a certain Anatoly, who introduced himself as Ken. Then the “pink girl” announced an affair with the ex-participant of “Tender May” Alexei Burda. Karina married him. But the marriage was short-lived - Alexei died. A year after his death, Karina announced that she was expecting a child from her late husband, they say, she did artificial insemination. nine0032

On November 7, 2013, Barbie gave birth to a baby girl, Aurora. The media reported that the father of the child is Andrei Razin. The producer allegedly acknowledged paternity via Twitter and even came up with the daughter's name in advance. Razin denied this information, saying that the entry was on fake Twitter, and he himself is raising sons and is not going to become "the father of the child of the abnormal Karina Barbie." The parents of the late Alexei Burda also did not recognize their granddaughter.

Karina Barbie and Sergey Pastukh

Barbie's life is seething, from time to time she publishes photos with new gentlemen. nine0032

In the winter of 2013, information appeared that Karina had found a new boyfriend and got married. Barbie's chosen one was Sergei Pastukh, who is also called the "Ukrainian Sergei Zverev."

Karina Barbie now

Today Karina continues her life as a freak. The girl is regularly called to TV shows and Internet channels. In 2017, Karina Barbie appeared in the Dobrov on Air program on Ren-TV, gave an interview to the popular public Overheard, and appeared in the Friday! News". Karina Barbie also regularly uploads videos to her own vlog. The girl shows how she goes shopping, relaxes at the sea, takes selfies and does makeup - Karina's video releases are dedicated to a chic and glamorous life. nine0003

Barbie continues to record songs and collect material for a new album. In 2017, Karina Barbie presented a new song "Burning Bridges". In April of the same year, the girl released a scandalous track called "MY PIZDA". Fans supported such an act by Karina Barbie, noting that such a song would make "the herd choke on poison.

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