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NBA cheerleaders salary: How much money do they make a year?

If you are a basketball fan, you must know that cheerleaders are a significant part of any game. These girls keep the crowd entertained and also boost their team's morale. But have you ever wondered about the NBA cheerleaders salary? Naturally, netizens have been eager to discover what these women earn per game in different teams.

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Surprisingly, cheerleading was initially a men's affair reserved for Ivy League Schools. However, during the second world war, women took up the role because the men were out fighting. They introduced diverse activities, including acrobatics and gymnastics, and the profession has evolved into its current state. So, what are the NBA cheerleaders salary rates?

How much do NBA cheerleaders make a year?

Different NBA teams across America pay their entertainers using various criteria. However, most teams pay their dancers per game with an extra fee for special events, like charities and public speaking engagements.

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In 2017, sports network ESPN reported that the NBA cheerleaders' pay was between $75-$150 per game. However, several individuals considered this amount relatively low, considering the role these dancers play in each game.

Thankfully, these rates have significantly increased over the past few years. Today, a professional basketball dancer's salary is between $400 and $650. In addition, the cheerleaders enjoy other benefits like:

  • Bonuses if their team qualifies for the playoffs
  • Free tickets
  • Free arena parking

So, do NBA cheerleaders travel with the team? Yes, they do. However, all their travel expenses are taken care of, which is an added benefit. The dancers also earn an extra fee for practice sessions.

NBA cheerleaders salary for various teams in America

LA Lakers cheerleading team. Photo: @AdamPantozzi
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Cheerleaders' salaries vary across the different states and the contract that they sign with their respective teams. Here are the wages for popular teams across the US:

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New York Knicks

Dancers earn an impressive $650 per game and a bonus of $2,000. The annual salary is $35,000

LA Lakers

How much does a Laker Girl make? The Los Angeles Lakers are among the best-paying cheerleading teams. They pay $600 per game and $1,500 a bonus. The annual salary is an estimated $30,000.

Boston Celtics

These women take home $600 per game and $1,500 as a bonus. In addition, they earn $30,000 annually.

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks is also among the highest-paying squads, paying their cheerleaders $650 after every game and a bonus of around $2,000. So, these women pocket $35,000 every year.

Miami Heat

The Miami heat dancer salary is $500 per game and an additional bonus of $1,500. These dancers earn an estimated annual salary of $28,000.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland cheerleaders earn $400 per game, with an additional bonus of $1,000. The dancers' annual salary is approximately $28,000.

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Toronto Raptors

The salary for the Toronto Raptors cheerleaders is $500 for every game and a bonus of $1,000. Their annual salary is $28,000.

Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards pay their cheerleaders $400 for every game and a bonus of $1,500. They earn $28,000 per year.

Milwaukee Bucks

These girls earn $350 per game and a bonus of $1,000. Their annual pay is $22,000.

Indiana Pacers

The rate for the Indiana Pacers cheerleaders is $400 after every game and a bonus of approximately $1,000. In addition, they earn an annual salary of $28,000.

LA Clippers

These women take home $350 per game with a bonus of $950. Their annual salary amounts to $22,000.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Cheerleaders in action. Photo: @PatrickSmith
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In Minnesota, the Timberwolves pay their entertainers $200 for every game and a bonus of approximately $700. Their annual salary is roughly $15,000.

Chicago Bulls

The famous Chicago Bulls cheerleaders earn $200 per game and an estimated bonus of $700. Their annual fee is $15,000.

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Golden State Warriors

This team pays its cheering squad $550 per game and an additional bonus of $1,000. Their annual salary is $30,000.

Memphis Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies cheer girls earn $350 at every game and a bonus of $800. The women's annual salary is $22,000.

Oklahoma City Thunder

The cheering team for Oklahoma City Thunder earns $250 per game and $800 as a bonus. Annually, these women earn $18,000.

Orlando Magic

This team pays its cheerleading squad $200 per game and $700 as a bonus. In addition, the women earn $15,000 per year.

Philadelphia 76ers

Philadephia 76ers cheerleaders earn $200 at every game and a bonus of $700. In addition, they make an annual salary of $15,000.

Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns team is among the lowest-paying teams, paying their cheerleaders approximately $200 per game and a $700 bonus. In addition, they take home $15,000 annually.

NBA dancer requirements

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Most young women dream of being part of a cheering squad and earn a living from it. But, for most of them, it is an opportunity to be part of a social circle and interact with professional basketball players.

However, while no school teaches cheerleading, it is a prerequisite that potential cheerleaders go through dancing school. More specifically, these women should familiarize themselves with contemporary hip hop, Zumba, and belly dancing. They should also be physically fit to ensure they build the endurance and strength required.

The NBA cheerleaders' salary scales have been in contention for several years, with some of the dancers suing their teams for underpayment. However, according to sources, the industry will grow exponentially over the next ten years, so the pay grades will likely increase.

Did you know how much NBA referees make? published an article stipulating how much these individuals earn. There are different categories, including entry-level and professional referees. So, how much money do they make?

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Professional referees earn approximately $70,000 for officiating one NBA game. On the other hand, entry-level individuals make $20,000 per game. Some of the highest-paid referees include 59-year-old James Capers; whose estimated salary is $550,000 annually. Others include Sean Corbin, who earns $550,000 per year, and Eric Lewis, whose annual salary is $500,000.

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NBA 21/22 season: How much does a cheerleader earn?

Cheerleaders have become part and parcel of NBA games, but they are not quite like the cheerleaders who take part in competitions, participating in difficult athletic routines that involve tumbling and complex, dangerous sequences.

NBA cheerleaders are basically attractive dancers in skimpy outfits who provide entertainment and cheer the team on during games or represent the team in events.

While the men on the teams they represent earn millions of dollars a year, the best-paid women on the floor are lucky to earn a few hundreds per appearance.

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The demands on an NBA cheerleader

These cheerleaders need to have dancing skills, and be familiar with contemporary hip hop, Zumba, and belly dancing. They also have to be physically fit to be able to cope with the rigors of rehearsals and performances, and of course, to look good in their revealing uniforms. Reports indicate that some of them have been pressured to lose weight and comply with weight restrictions.

They put in hours of practice to perfect their dance routines, and they also need to have a flexible schedule as they need to be present for events to promote the team.

Cheerleaders' cheerless pay

According to an ESPN report in 2017, NBA cheerleaders earn between $75 to $150 per game. Not bad for a few hours of work, you would think, especially when you compare it to the minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Peanuts though, if you compare it to the people they are sharing the court with.

The pay has increased a little since then, maybe as a result of lawsuits filed by former cheerleaders regarding their low salary. The first lawsuit by an NBA cheerleader for low pay was filed in 2015 by Lauren Herrington against the Milwaukee Bucks, which the team settled. There have also been similar cases filed by NFL cheerleaders.

Headline: "NBA Cheerleader Files Lawsuit Against Basketball Team for Alleged Low Pay." At $65 per game, there's nothing alleged about it.

— Ben Bolch (@latbbolch) October 28, 2015

Professional basketball dancers these days get paid between $200 and $650 per game, with bonuses if their team makes it to the playoffs. Some perks include free tickets and free arena parking.

The highest paid NBA dance squads

The best paid cheerleaders work for the New York Knicks and the Atlanta Hawks, with a rate of $650 per match and a bonus of $2,000. This comes out to around $35,000 a year.

Next on the list are the women who dance for the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics. They pocket $600 a game with a $1.500 bonus. The annual rate is approximately $30,000.

Among the lowest-paying squads are the Philadelphia 76ers, Orlando Magic, and Phoenix Suns, with a payout of $200 per game and a $700 bonus, for a total of some $15,000 per year.

Cheerleaders’ salaries are highly unlikely to go anywhere near the pay of the players that they are cheering on. (After all, Kyrie Irving can apparently afford to miss out on around $200 million for his decision to remain unvaccinated.)

But they can at least continue to use the courts (the ones used for legal matters, that is) to push the bar a little way up and sue for the pay that they believe they deserve.

Miami - NBA Salaries - Blogs

NBA Salaries


Season 22/23 salary cap - 123.7 million, tax threshold3 - 150.7 million
nine0012 16.9 million
Player 2022/23 2023/24 2024/25 2025/26 2026/27
Jimmy Butler 37. 7 million 45.2 million 48.8 million 52.4 million
Bam Adebayo 30.3 million 32.6 million 34.8 million 37.1 million
Kyle Lowry 28.3 million 29.7 million
Duncan Robinson 18.2 million 19.4 million 19.9 million
Victor Oladipo 8.8 million 9.5 million
Caleb Martin 6. 5 million 6.8 million 7.1 million
Tyler Herro 5.7 million 27.0 million 29.0 million 31.0 million 33.0 million
Dewayne Dedmon 4.7 million 4.3 million
Nikola Jovic 2.2 million 2.4 million 2.5 million 4.4 million OCA
Yudonis Haslem 1.8 million
Max Strus 1. 8 million
Gabe Vincent 1.8 million
Omer Yurtseven 1.8 million OCA
Haywood Highsmith 1.8 million 1.9 million
Drew Smith TW OCA
Jamal Kane TW OCA
Total salaries: 150. 1 million 177.5 million 141.6 million 144.8 million 33.0 million

Symbols: Not Guaranteed / Team Option / Player Option / Dropped / TW = Two-Way Capholds: Free Agent / OCA = 9 Restricted Free / First Round Pick / Empty Seat Penalty

Ceiling space : — Luxury tax : — Hard ceiling (~157 million) : not installed

Exceptions :

  • Mid-level: 4.0 million (includes hard ceiling)
  • Bi-annual: 4.1 million (includes hard ceiling)
  • Trading: -

Player rights :

  • Drafted: -
  • Byrd's rights: -

Exchange restrictions :

  • Caleb Martin - until 12/15/22
  • Yudonis Haslem - until 12/15/22, the right to block the trade until the end of the season
  • Dewayne Dedmon - until 01/15/23
  • nine0342 Victor Oladipo - until 01/15/23, the right to block the trade until the end of the season

Partial warranty (total warranty date January 10):

  • Haywood Highsmith in 2022/23 - 0. 1 million after 07/01/22, in 2023/24 - not guaranteed until 07/15/23
  • Dewayne Dedmon in 2023/24 - not guaranteed until 07/08/22
  • Duncan Robinson in 2025/26 – 9.9m until 07/08/25

Bonuses :

  • Gaming bonuses: Tyler Herro - 2.5 million per year (unlikely)
  • Trade kickers: -

Notes: Jimmy Butler's salary from 23/24 to be determined July-23, will be 35% of the salary cap; At 25/26, Dankan Robinson has an early termination option


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How much does a Manicurist make in USA?

In all US states, nail technicians work in salons, spas, in-home or mobile (visiting clients at their homes). To work in this area in the country you need to obtain a license. How to get it and how much it costs, I will tell in the next article. For 2020, there are officially more than 110 thousand such masters in the country. Some earn very little ($9-12 per hour), while others make quite decent money (from $50 per hour and more). Why is there such a difference, you ask? nine0003

Final earnings are strongly influenced by a number of factors:

  • Whether you work for yourself or for an employer.
  • You are a beginner or a professional.
  • The speed with which you provide services.
  • The average income level of the inhabitants of your area.
  • The room where you receive clients.
  • Equipment and materials you work with.
  • The state of your health.

Thinking back to myself, I will say that when I came to the USA, I started working from the minimum, like any novice master, and I managed to earn about $10 per hour. Today, having a lot of experience behind him and regular customers, my average salary is $100 per hour . Thanks to this, I can not overload myself with a 10-hour working day: it is enough for me to work several days a week, not a full shift. At the same time, it turns out to earn as much as I need for a comfortable life on the ocean in my beloved Southern California.

I will definitely write to you in one of the following articles about how to create a convenient and balanced work schedule for yourself so that you have time for your family, for being alone, for sports and hobbies. nine0445

Would you like to earn $50 or more per hour?

As I listed above, there are a number of factors that strongly influence the amount of earnings of a nail service master. Let's talk about them in more detail.

About working for yourself or an employer. If you work in a salon for an employer, they usually offer a 60/40 pay plan. With this scheme, no matter how cool the master you are, you still will not earn more than $ 25 per hour. I'm not saying that working for an employer is bad. Most masters in the US do just that: a minimum of stress and stability attract. This option is also very good for beginners or those who have just arrived in the US and are looking for work. For example, I am very grateful that I was once hired by a local Russian salon, where I gained valuable experience and became more self-confident. But if you want to earn more, then you should think about self-employment. nine0003

How to open your own manicure business in the USA from scratch, how much investment you need to make and how quickly it will pay off, I will tell you in detail in one of the following articles.

About experience. If you are a master without experience, then you will have to start with a modest price list. Gradually, by improving the quality of work, you will have every right to raise prices for your services. In addition, if you do your job well, you will have a growing number of regular customers and perhaps soon you will set the status on your Instagram “I don’t take new customers anymore!”. For example, at the very beginning I started doing a classic manicure for $25 dollars, and now I do a hardware / combined manicure for $140 without a design. Also, at the moment I have a large list of regular customers and the appointment needs to be made 1-2 months in advance. nine0003

But it wasn't always like that. It took me about six months to form a list of regular customers who would completely fill my schedule. Also, speaking of improving skills, unfortunately, American manicure schools are very inferior to European ones. Therefore, in addition to obtaining the license itself, I strongly recommend taking additional courses from Russian masters, since their services are especially valued and expensive.

For example, from time to time I give courses in Russian manicure and pedicure techniques, both individually and in groups. If you are interested, please email me: [email protected]. nine0003

Operating speed. Since time is money, the faster you work, the more you earn. And at the same time, a quick result should not be at the expense of quality. When I started, I sat for 2.5 hours to do a classic manicure. Now I spend an average of 1 – 1.5 hours on this.

In one of my future articles, I will definitely share with you the secrets of how to work faster.

Geography or location . If you live in an area where residents have a high level of income, then the prices for your services will be higher accordingly.

About the premises. It is very important that it is sterile, private and at the same time cozy. If you host at home and are surrounded by unwashed dishes, dirty floors, a dog running around, screaming kids distracting you all the time, and every now and then a husband in his underpants showing up to look in the fridge, it's unlikely that your customers will like it and want to to return to you. The same principle, if you receive in a salon or rent a private studio - everything should be highly sterile and comfortable. Then you can safely raise prices, because customers see what they pay for. nine0003

About materials. Of course, customers will appreciate the quality professional equipment and materials that do not harm health or cause allergies. In my work I use the equipment and materials that I sell in my online store. And although many of them seem expensive, there are many more advantages when using them: work with them is faster, safer, they are more reliable and last longer without breaking. And most importantly, my clients often tell me that they visit me also because they see what expensive and professional equipment I use! nine0003

About health. As in any other profession, in order to stay in the ranks for a long time and continue to make good money, you need to take care of your health. Make your workplace safe and comfortable not only for your customers, but also for yourself. Don't skimp on this! Do not skip meals, take breaks to exercise, get enough sleep. In addition to work, you should have time for family, sports and hobbies. Work for joy. If you're not enjoying your work, then you may be pushing yourself and you need to make some changes to your schedule. But if this does not help, then urgently change the type of activity - this is not yours! nine0003

Career prospects nail technicians

If $50 per hour is not enough for you and you can’t sit still, routine is alien to you and you constantly strive to develop and grow, then I offer you possible ways of development:

  • Studio owner
  • Owner of a salon or a network of salons
  • Founder of an advanced training school
  • Blogger, selling lessons online
  • Owner of a manicure and pedicure store
  • Manicure and pedicure shop owner

To sum it up: how much can a nail technician earn in the US? At least $50 an hour, if you follow the advice in this article, and at the most, much more! It all depends on you and your goals in life.

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