How to do the oops i did it again dance

Britney Spears - "Oops I Did It Again"

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Video concept #1.2


Shooting script
This video will be very different for Britney. Janet Jackson meets Metropolis meets Fellini meets Capricorn One, meets surreal! It will have a simple story-line running through it (Britney meets gorgeous space-adventurer on surface of Mars and dances her butt off) and the end result will feel warm, light-hearted, energetic. And it will feature dance, dance, dance. It will be CRAZY X2!

The camera pans past loads of technicians in a dark concrete control room, steam and wires can be seen everywhere. We happen upon a young controller sitting at a wild looking console - tubes with seeping liquid criss-cross the console area, lights flash and gleam. The controller peers into a hemispherical monitor screen (think half a goldfish bowl) (GAG #1) and listens to John the Astronaut talking to him from a far-off planet. The controller is eating a donut and drinking coffee from a paper take out mug.

Earth to Mars Lander. Report status please.

John The Astronaut
Mars Lander here. Gravity device status effective, Oxygen status 98%. Planet seems to be covered with red dust. Kind of like a day at the beach sun of course, not many babes either.

We see scanner footage of John the Astronaut’s feet kicking through dust as he walks across the planet’s surface. (The scanner is a small video camera attached to his helmet, a white snowy line wipes continuously across the screen as the signal comes in.) (GAG#2).

Any sign of habitation?

John The Astronaut
Nope. Not so much as a...woah there horsey. What the...

We cut to a view of John The Astronaut’s foot which has disturbed something in the red dust. .. We cut full frame to the planet as John The Astronaut’s hand pulls a cracked tile from the dust which has an image of Britney fused into it.

Cute. What is it?

John The Astronaut
Oh it’s cute allright...

(to himself)

It couldn’t be...

The planet’s surface suddenly starts to shake. (GAG #3) The camera hurtles up to John The Astronaut’s face as he reacts to the Mars-shake. Back on Earth the controllers screen starts to crack up - the signal starts cutting out.

Mars Lander what’s happening up there? Can you hear me?

John The Astronaut
(voice cutting in and out of static)’t believe...buildings...incredible...

We cut to John The Astronaut’s face as the shaking continues. We hear a distant laugh - a distorted, processed version of Britney giggling.

The ‘quake comes to a stop. John The Astronaut’s voice is full of wonderment.

John The Astronaut
(voice cutting in and out of static)

The camera moves around him and hurtles back over his shoulder (GAG #4) ...we find that the ‘quake has revealed a huge plaza on Mars - and John The Astronaut is just a speck in the middle of it!

...everything is built in tones of red and carved out of the living Mars rock. John The Astronaut is dwarfed by the location. The architecture of this place is just incredible.

The distinctive Max Martin keyboard figure heightens the drama. We hear Britney’s subtle moan underneath and cut to where we sense her peeking through a thick red-tinged lace curtain watching John The Astronaut alone below her in the Plaza.

John The Astronaut looks around - he knows something is up. Chains unfurl from the ceiling, ladders descend slowly from the ceiling.

A huge woosh of air, cued with the sound effect in the track, nearly knocks John The Astronaut off his feet. (GAG #4A) The track kicks in big time and John The Astronaut looks up to see four buff male figures that have suddenly appeared high up in the structure. The four figures pump handles of some large and indescribable machine which puffs out red steam and seems to provide the plaza with energy. As they pump an incredible cage descends from the ceiling which contains the intoxicating shape of beautiful young woman with her back turned to us in an amazing red jump suit. (GAG# 5) The whole image is set off by a shock of blond hair. As the cage reaches the ground the figure turns - It’s Britney.

What an entrance!

“I think I did it again / I made you believe we’re more than just friends...” Britney leaps out in front of John the Astronaut...Suddenly the whole set comes to life. There are ‘Martian’ dancers appearing from everywhere sliding down the chains, and flying down on ropes to join Britney in front of John The Astronaut. But Britney is front and centre.

Britney looks amazing as she dances and sings with her full team. Behind her the hunks continue to pump on their levers. Britney continues to sing and dance with people doing flips behind her, as the camera pans pulls back from Britney we see there are dancers dancing away in foreground.

Britney approaches John The Astronaut and, in a Matrix-style move, flies over him , grabs a chain hanging down from the ceiling and attaches a hook at the end of the chain to the back of John The Astronaut’s suit. High above her the four hunks pull on ropes and John flies up into the ceiling. (GAG #6)

We cut and find Britney spread out on a surreal, Mars-style sun bed. The camera descends from high as she looks up and sings for John the Astronaut hanging forlornly above. (GAG #7). Around the ‘sun-bed’ the other dancers are spread out like writhing tendrils of the sun - it is a gorgeous visual image.

Britney leaps off the sun bed, runs and starts a flip like the one she did in Baby One More Time. As she spins we cut to a shot of Britney spinning and flying shot against blue screen before she lands in the middle of the plaza. (GAG # 8). (We drop Mars plaza landscape in behind her in the blue screen).

As Britney lands John The Astronaut has been lowered down once again. Britney rips his helmet off and we see he is a gorgeous young man. For a second his head expands to double size (video effect) before contracting and as he panics and gasps for air he suddenly realizes he can breathe and there’s nothing to worry about. (GAG #9). Britney smiles at John and John takes her hand and smiles back. We see an angle on Britney and John The Astronaut which shows the earth and moon high over their shoulders (video post effect).

We cut back to Mission Control as the music slows down. The controller leans in to a microphone on his table into which he speaks:

All aboard!

From the controller’s POV we see the dialogue take place between Britney and John The Astronaut as John places a gift in Britney’s hand.

John The Astronaut
Britney before you go there’s something I want you to have

Britney looks down at the gift in her hand.

Oh, it’s beautiful. But wait a minute isn’t this?

John The Astronaut
Yeah, yes it is!

But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?

John The Astronaut
Well baby I went down and got it for ya!

Aw you shouldn’t have!

John The Astronaut walks away leaving Britney and her dancers in the Mars Plaza. As the music kicks in she starts to dance again. Now we are in a full blown dance spectacle. The guys heaving on their levers above, Britney and the dancers in the plaza beneath, people breathing fire.

Finally Britney steps back into her cage. She looks wistfully into the sky and sees a streak of fire traveling across the sky as John the Astronaut leaves Mars orbit. She clutches at the gift in her hand and looks skywards... “I’m not that innocent.”

Her cage lifts skywards surrounded by steam. (GAG #10).

The End.

© Nigel Dick, A Band Apart 2000

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Britney Spears: Oops!...I Did It Again (Music Video 2000)

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An astronaut goes to Mars to give Britney a special necklace.An astronaut goes to Mars to give Britney a special necklace.An astronaut goes to Mars to give Britney a special necklace.





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    Classic Music Video

    I'm not the biggest fan of this song but I have to admit the accompanying music video is sensational.

    The skintight red suit donned by Britney here will forever be a classic.

    The choreography is fun. The storyline involving the gorgeous hunky astronaut is cute and quite funny.

    Overall just a great and somewhat iconic pop music experience!



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    • Release date
      • 2000 (United States)
      • United States
      • English
      • Stage 24, Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA
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    • 4 minutes

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    Chapter 120 Oops, I Did It Again | Retired villain

    ". ..I still want to play."

    “Pretty arrogant little bastard, isn't he? As expected of Whitking's son: "

    With a thick ocean of dust that flooded all their vision; it was almost as if they were already close to going blind. But even so, their exchange of words was very clear—one mocking the other.

    Their whispers, however, were slightly broken by all the screams and rumblings that came from outside their artificial cloud. It was almost certain that the destruction had reached outside; people panicked and ran; Sophie and Riley, however, seemed completely lost in their own ocean. nine0007

    "But I wonder if you can keep this facade?" And as the distance between Sophie and Riley got shorter and shorter as Sophie got closer, her silhouette finally took on color. Her face, somewhat surprised, when her gaze landed on Riley.

    “Your skin…” She muttered as she looked at Riley's skin, which was now completely covered in some kind of silvery chrome, “…I see you're trying not to reveal your identity. But why not just wear a mask?” nine0007

    "You won't like it if I wear a mask, Miss Sophie," Riley breathed, adjusting his sweatshirt to cover most of his face. The wind blew off the hood - but soon it completely died down.

    "..." Seeing this, Sophie couldn't help but narrow her eyes as she felt her long purple hair touch her cheeks as they danced through the air; the dust floating around them was also completely still—only streaming when Sophie cautiously raised her hand, but then returned to her position. nine0007

    "...You really are a real little monster, aren't you?"

    "It's debatable."

    “Do you want to just hold hands instead? I swear I can make it worth your while.” Sophie then slowly extended her already raised hand towards Riley. "I swear I'd let you have some fun," she then said, her tone of voice rather... seductive.

    "We'll see, Miss Sophie."



    And without another word, Sophie's gentle hand was gone as she waved it furiously at Riley. nine0007

    A hole has appeared in the dust cloud; a fissure that cut violently yet elegantly through the murky air.

    And now, with all the dust in its path, Sophie's once invisible and mysterious ability finally revealed her sword form; giant sword.

    "…" Riley quickly tilted his body to the side so that this invisible giant sword wouldn't threaten to cut him in half. And judging by the screams and the slight rumble of the ground after that, the adjacent building next to the destroyed nightclub may have been destroyed. nine0007

    And hearing the screams of people whispering in his ear, a smile slowly crept across Riley's face again—his eyebrows trembled slightly as his breathing slowly became labored.

    "..." Then he moved aside again as another invisible sword darted straight towards him, but this time before his foot landed on the ground; he also waved his hand forward.

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    And just as he did, a streak of light appeared in front of him - a red and flat luminous crescent, almost like the bloody side of the moon. nine0007

    Even though Sophie was a bit taken aback by the sudden crescent-shaped beam flying towards her, she still waved her hand forward, splitting the red beam in half and completely missing it - the red beams, however, continued to fly, again causing screams to echo from outside the ocean of dust.

    "Just tell me how much ability you have?"

    "I don't want to answer that question, Miss Sophie."


    And before Sophie could say another word, Riley suddenly ran up to her, waving his arm and summoning several rays of a crescent moon as he did so. nine0007

    "…Rough," Sophie breathed, flailing her arms as well, neutralizing all of Riley's attacks without moving a single step from her position.

    "You're really trying to have fun, aren't you?" She then sighed softly as she noticed the odd smile on Riley's face, "But for how long?"

    And as soon as Sophie said that, Sophie's legs began to move in some pattern; then half a dozen invisible swords appeared around her—all the size of a bus.

    And, as if performing on a stage, Sophie began to rotate her body with refined elegance; gracefully waving her arms as the swords around her began to dance; not letting any of Riley's crescents scratch even one strand of her purple hair. nine0007

    "..." Noticing this, Riley couldn't help but stop; his eyes moved erratically as he tried to follow the dancing swords.

    "That's a beautiful power, Miss Sophie," Riley said as the smile on his face turned into a smile that was almost a cheerful child's.

    "Finally someone who appreciates art when they see it," Sophie hummed faintly as she continued to dance, "It's just too bad you're too young, too ignorant...

    ... and too dead!"

    Sophie then clapped her hands—and without even a single pause in their graceful movements, the once-dancing swords all charged furiously towards Riley, spinning as they did so. nine0007

    Riley, however, instead of flying away and trying to avoid these brutal blades, charged forward.


    Riley leaped into the blade storm, carefully turning his body and adjusting the creases of his limbs, completely avoiding the furious barrage that threatened to tear him to pieces.

    "Fool," Sophie said with a wave of her hand. And as soon as she did, an unseen force merged into one - pinning Riley to the pillow...

    ...or at least that's how it should have been. nine0007

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    Then there was a soft thud in the air as Riley landed on the ground, seemingly completely unharmed; not even his clothes were torn.

    "I'm sorry, Miss Sophie," Riley then said with a slight sigh, "My telekinetic powers... act on their own to protect my body from any threats, I got that from my biological mother."

    "oh?" Sophie just smirked, “Then you better use them to attack. I'm telling you now that this is the only way you'd have a chance of beating me." nine0007

    "I beg to differ, Miss Sophie," Riley shook his head, "If I use this, I'm afraid our game won't last even a second. "

    "You..." Sophie's eye twitched as Riley's words reached her ears, "...You're starting to get on my nerves, kid."

    And with that, Sophie began her dance again as many swords appeared around her again, twice as big this time, but smaller in size.

    But before they could fly back to Riley, he suddenly disappeared from his seat, destroying the ground beneath him as he jumped forward. His fist, tightly clenched, with Sophie's face as a target. nine0007

    "...Oh?" Riley's fist came to a complete halt just a foot from Sophie's face, however, as several layers of swords blocked his path. He then quickly jumped back several times, quickly avoiding the rain of swords that threatened to turn him into a barbecue.

    "This is really fun, Miss Sophie," then Riley whispered, "Maybe we could..."

    "It's coming from there!"

    "…" Riley's smile quickly faded as a familiar voice whispered into his ear from afar.

    "I can't see anything with all this dust!"

    "Leave it to me!"

    And with these words a strong gust of wind swept through the air.

    "That... dust won't go away!"

    "..." Riley could only shake his head in disappointment. And as soon as he did, the dust cloud instantly dissipated along with a gust of wind, finally revealing Riley and Sophie to the rest of the world.

    Riley looked around quickly, only to see their surroundings almost completely destroyed. There are big cracks everywhere, no doubt sponsored by Sophie and Riley's attacks. He then turned cautiously towards the group of voices, only to see Hannah and the others approaching their seat. nine0007

    Riley then looked down at his hands, making sure his skin was still covered in silver armor.

    “oh? Your reinforcements are here,” Sophie chuckled, “Maybe it’s time to say hello and start…”

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    And before Sophie could finish her words, she felt a cold touch on her lips when Riley suddenly appeared in front of her.

    "Shh, Miss Sophie," then Riley tilted his head; his warm whisper reached Sophie's ear, "Let's continue this elsewhere. " nine0007

    "It's them!" Hannah's snarling voice then rang through the air as she pointed at Sophie and Riley, “These are the ones who…”

    But before the Kids Team could reach them, Riley suddenly hugged Sophie before they suddenly flew into the air.

    Hannah's entire body was quickly engulfed in flames as she prepared to pursue them, but before she could even get her feet off the ground, Sylvie grabbed her arm.

    "Let's prioritize saving people first." nine0007

    "..." Hannah just looked Sylvie in the eyes before nodding as the fire surrounding her body faded, "It's good to have you back with us."

    “…No,” Sylvie shook her head, “There…something still wants to come out of me. But…

    … people's safety always comes first.”

    “Well said, Mega Girl,” Hannah grinned, “Gary! Make sure no one gets stuck under the rubble!”

    "Dark Frost, set up a perimeter so that no one can enter the danger zone!" nine0007



    …where the hell is my brother!?”


    A low rumble rustled through the air as Sophie's body was dragged across the ground; Riley hurled it furiously as they flew west out of Miami, toward vast and empty clearings far from the city.

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