How to do popping dance style

Learn How To Pop, or Hit With Your Body! (Popping Dance)

Do you want to learn how to Pop your neck? How to Pop your arms? Your PECTORALS?

Let's learn about the *Pop (sometimes referred to as a Hit), and practice Popping with different parts of your body.

*We will be using the terms "Pop" in this article.

What is a Pop, or Hit?

A Pop, or Hit, is the most fundamental move in Popping. In fact, some might even say that it is the only move that really defines Popping.

Read about the style here: What Is Popping?

Popping is done by flexing specific muscle groups, usually to beats in music.

Dancers Pop continuously to a steady rhythm, while using different poses and pathways in between Pops.

How do you Pop?

The more energy you put into flexing, within a smaller amount of time, the stronger you Pop will look.

Learning how to Pop requires a lot of repetition and drilling, so practice Popping using one body part at a time.

As a result of conditioning, your body will memorize how to Pop certain body parts in different angles and pictures.

How to Pop your chest

Popping with your chest requires you to control your core. Suck in your lower stomach /diaphragm to push your upper chest out.

The faster you do it, the stronger your hit will look. Also, curve your spine in and out to create an even bigger effect.

How to Pop your neck

To practice neck Popping, use the muscles in the front of your neck to control moving your neck forward, back, and side to side.

While, try to keep your chin level, because isolating your neck will make it easier to see how much your head is moving.

“It should feel like something is tapping you on the back of your head.”

– Boogie Frantick

How to Pop your arms

Start with your arms outstretched, straight front of you (parallel to the ground). Loosen your arms by bending your elbows a bit, then flex everything.

If you want to know how to Pop with your hands, then snap downward with your wrists as your knuckles snap upward.

Pretend like you're revving a motorcycle engine really fast.

Afterwards, you can put all these parts together to create a full arm pop.

How to Pop your legs

Sit on a chair and focus all your energy on flexing your left, then right leg. Then stand up and try to execute the Pop with the same control.

Since it's more comfortable to train on a chair, you'll be able to strengthen your thigh and calf muscles before doing it standing.

All these tips are from Boogie Frantick's Beginner Popping Program on STEEZY Studio.

You'll learn all the basics, so it's perfect for beginners who don't know how to Pop.

He'll go in-depth with each technique, and give you drills that you can practice anywhere, anytime.

If you want to keep practicing your Pops/Hits, then take Clay's 7 Days of Hits Program on STEEZY Studio.

Each day, you'll practice hitting with a different part of your body, or learn a new concept like textures or timing. Try it now for free!

Popping Dance Moves - How To Pop And Lock Dance For Beginners

In this popping dance video mini-series you will learn the most essential moves and techniques you need to get started with. Pop and lock dance style is characterized by quickly contracting and relaxing various muscle groups to create a very sharp movement. Below you will learn forearms hits/popping, chest pop, and Dubstep dance basics. Please check out the full course if you want to learn more moves.

Video 1: Popping dance basics – Forearm hits
In this video you will learn how to create a “hit” or “pop” the forearm. While you can pop any part of the body the forearm is a great one to start with. El Tiro provides a great drill that helps you find your forearm popping muscles. Enjoy:

Want more? Get the full Course:

The Ultimate Popping Dance Course (Beginner to Advanced)
Learn how to dance popping and locking with step by step video lessons. You will learn hits/popping, waving, robotics, gliding, vibrating, slow motion effects and more. Become the freestyler you always wanted to be and impress your friends with your dance moves. Includes 3+ hours of video lessons. You can download it instantly or stream it online here.
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Video 2: Chest Pop
In this second pop and lock dance lesson you will learn how to do a chest pop. The chest pop is really cool because it can create such a big effect in your popping. You will learn the technique needed to do a chest pop and also get drills to practice it.

Video 3: Dubstep dance basics
Dubstep dance is actually popping dancing to dubstep music! In this lesson you will learn how to incorporate “dime stops” and “hits” when you dance to dubstep dance music. The instructor also gives you specific pattern to follow your moves, but at the end you can play with it to make it your own.

Want more? Get the full Course:

The Ultimate Popping Dance Course (Beginner to Advanced)
Learn how to dance popping and locking with step by step video lessons. You will learn hits/popping, waving, robotics, gliding, vibrating, slow motion effects and more. Become the freestyler you always wanted to be and impress your friends with your dance moves. Includes 3+ hours of video lessons. You can download it instantly or stream it online here.
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Popping is a dance style based on the technique of rapid muscle contraction and relaxation, which creates the effect of a sharp flinch in the dancer's body - pop or hit. This is done continuously to the rhythm of the music, combined with various movements and postures. Popping is called the dance of illusion, since many of its types (robot, wave, strobing) create the impression of unreality of what is happening.

What is Popping?

Dancers performing this style are called poppers. To achieve mastery in the art of popping, you need to thoroughly master the basic movements and only then move on. Pop is the basic movement of the entire dance style. It consists in a sharp, jerky muscle contraction and is usually used at the end of a movement, less often at the beginning.

The Fresno element involves putting one arm forward and turning the body in the opposite direction with a simultaneous double pop in the legs and arms.

Arm wave - a dance movement in which the hands are involved. Unlike Waving, where wave-like movements are carried out by the whole body, in Arm wave the wave passes only through the upper limbs. The unsurpassed master of Weaving was Michael Jackson.

Come to us and we will help you learn how to dance cool Popping even from scratch. Learning Popping at our school is easy and fun. Great hall, friendly atmosphere and funky music - it's all for you!

Teacher Level Class day Class time
Dima Kim Beginners Wednesday 18:00-19:00
Dima Kim Beginners Friday 18:00-19:00

Popping training VIEW ALL LESSONS >>>

Popping dance style video demonstration

The popping dance style was born in the 70s of the 20th century in the western United States. The name of the Popping style came from the word pop, which was pronounced by one of the founders of the style when he rhythmically strained his muscles in beat music. In Russian, the name Popping is pronounced as "popping" or "papping" (the latter is even a little more correct). They sometimes write poppin or poppin'. In the vastness of the Russian Internet there are spelling poping. But back to the dance. It is built on rhythmic muscle strikes that the popping dancer (be it a girl or a guy) does to the rhythm of the music. The very style of popping in its visual manner was the ancestor of the robot dance style. From this direction, popping inherited a certain illusiveness and ironness, to which was added danceability and groove. Today, the popping style has had a strong influence on the formation of other dance styles, such as hip hop, dubstep, electric boogie.

To successfully master the style, you need to pay attention to the study of the basics of popping dance. And even more precisely on the study of isolations and fixations. This process requires a certain concentration, but if you want to learn how to dance popping, then you will overcome it. If you feel that you need a mentor who would show all the subtleties of dance and help you take your first steps, then come to me at the Dragon School. Even if you have never practiced, you are shy - it's okay. My trainers and I train people even from "complete zero". Everything will work out, the main thing is to want!

Basic Technique: Video Lessons Popping Style for Beginners

1. Fresno/Pop. How to make pap. The most important lesson in teaching popping

As I said, the most important thing in the style of popping dance, you need to learn how to make a good, clear, powerful pop. Pap, or as it is sometimes called a hit, is done by cutting into the beat of the music of your muscles. Here it is necessary to make the blow the way you hear even scores in music, namely dry, biting. Sometimes it turns out to be done right away, sometimes it takes a little time to practice, but this is what will allow you to learn how to dance popping the way you have long wanted.

2. How to learn to dance popping: the Twist-o-flex movement

Moving on to learning the basic elements of the popping dance style, it is important to remember that it is necessary that the pop itself remains. Without this, you cannot master the dance and learn popping. Move on. Your dad should be related to the groove. Groove is the feeling in music that swings you and makes you move. Actually, the whole secret is how to make a groove and dads friends. Then the popping dance itself will be born in you, and you will understand how to dance. Keep all this in mind when you learn individual elements. Having mastered it, dance so that they fit into the music and you feel comfortable with the dance movements of the style.

3. Beginner's Popping Training: The Basic Element of the Walk Out Dance

This popping dance movement uses steps and body. Take a close look at this popping dance tutorial video and may the force be with you! Yes. don't forget about groove and dads. This is such a spell when you learn popping.

4. Popping dance lessons: Crazy Legs

Here's another basic Poppin dance style move. A small note: when you start learning leg movements, make sure that the body does not stagger from side to side, but is more isolated. In this case, your movements will look more stylish and correct.

5. School of popping: Old Man Walk

This is a difficult element, having mastered it, you will gain strong control over your body during the dance, therefore, the game is worth the candle. As you learn this popping move, pay attention to how you make the rings. Isolate the movement with the ring when doing it to the side. In general, follow the strictest isolation in this element, each movement is done independently of other parts of the body. Use your reflection in the mirror as an ally in learning this element and then you will learn how to pop.

Routines Popping dance.

1. Popping Dance Link #1

It's time to put everything we've learned together. Recommendation: first learn the dance combination popping to the count. Make sure that the movements flow smoothly from one to the other, without dullness and downtime. After that, try to do it along with the music. first make either 4 accounts or a figure eight, then move on to the next one, and only then glue everything together. Then, whether you are a guy or a girl, you will dance popping perfectly!

2. Dance combination in popping style No. 2. Popping Training

Another link to expand your range of movements that you can use in the popping dance and make the dance more varied. Remember that the links are given to you to show examples of how to use the basic technique. I would recommend that you try to collect your own bundles from elements, like from cubes. But, we are getting ahead of ourselves. and now master the video lessons of popping and learn the link!

I hope that my online popping lessons have helped you understand what popping is. I want to honestly note that this is not the easiest style, not everyone can immediately master it from a cavalry charge. However, if you want to dance to your own joy and to the envy of others, then just take a little patience and everything will definitely work out. Of course, if you learn to dance popping under the supervision of a wise mentor and coach, things will go faster.

Learn more