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Kid 'N Play – Funhouse (The House We Dance In) (1990, Vinyl)

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A1Funhouse (Vocal)4:25
A2Funhouse (Mad Funhouse Vocal Extra)0:51
B1Funhouse (Instrumental)4:25
B2Funhouse (Acappella)1:10

  • Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Select Records
  • Copyright © – Select Records
  • Published By – Hittage Music
  • Published By – Turnout Bros. Music
  • Mastered At – Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs
  • Co-producer – Stanley Brown
  • Executive-Producer – RichLen Productions
  • Mastered By – Carlton Batts
  • Producer – Hurby Luv Bug, The Invincibles
  • Written-By – Fingerprints

From the Motion Picture 'House Party' Starring Kid 'N Play.

  • Barcode (Text): 0 1091-22356-0 5
  • Rights Society: ASCAP

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Funhouse (The House We Dance In) (12", 45 RPM)BCM RecordsBCM 12459Germany, Austria, & Switzerland1990

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Funhouse (7", 45 RPM, Stereo)Select Records, CNR Records145.817-7Netherlands1990

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Funhouse (The House We Dance In) (12", 45 RPM, Maxi-Single)Musidisc106196France1990

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Funhouse (The House We Dance In) (12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Promo)Select RecordsFMS 62356-2US1990
Funhouse (The Promo CD) (CD, Single, Promo)Select RecordsSDS-002US1990
  • It Takes Two

    Rob Base & D. J. E-Z Rock*

  • Mama Said Knock You Out

    L.L. Cool J*

  • Rump Shaker


  • The Humpty Dance

    Digital Underground

  • Bust A Move / Got More Rhymes

    Young MC

  • Poison (Extended Version)

    Bell Biv Devoe

  • Da Butt


  • Rollin' With Kid 'N Play

    Kid 'N Play*

  • Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em

    Eric B. & Rakim

  • The Choice Is Yours


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Kid ‘N Play Reveal How Their Iconic ‘Kick Step’ Dance Was Born

(Photo by Aaron Davidson/WireImage)

The name Kid ‘N Play is synonymous with Hip-Hop royalty. With their slick rhymes, smooth dance moves and classic filmography, they are one of the most enduring acts in the culture. The Queens, New York natives were trailblazers as MCs, embodying the viability of Hip Hop across the entertainment industry as they achieved mainstream success without compromising their integrity.

In preparation for their performance at the upcoming Boombox! A Vegas Residency On Shuffle, the iconic duo spoke with HipHopDX about the creation of their famous “Kick Step” dance (aka the Funky Charleston) and performing live in Vegas with some of their peers.

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April 20, 2022

“That dance pretty much came out of a sense of urgency because promoters of the shows didn’t want to pay us for backup dancers,” Play recalled. “So Kid and I not only had to deliver the rhymes, but we had to dance because we knew that that’s what people were expecting because of the music videos preceding us.”

Not only was the “Kick Step” born out of necessity, but it was created by a group of dancers who wanted to add to the group’s live performances. One of the most famous dances in the history of Hip Hop was a total group effort.

“We had dance groups that we were friends with at the time, such as Non-Stop, which was comprised of Hi-Hat, Lil Bit, and Swatch. Hi-Hat went on to become a choreographer for Missy Elliot and has worked with her on a lot of her videos,” Play said. “I remember us all getting together and having conversations about how to deal with this dilemma. So it was like a brainstorming session and everybody contributed.”

“In the ‘Gittin’ Funky’ video, the group Non-Stop does something very similar to the ‘Kick Step’ where they kind of do a kick where one girl opens her legs and the other girl swings their legs in between her legs,” Kid added. “We wanted to get something fun going and that’s how it all came about.”

The duo also spoke about looking forward to hitting the Boombox! stage and returning to perform in Las Vegas. In this interactive, one-of-a-kind live show, they are going to bring all of the vibes and energy that made them legends in the game. 

“We had a residency in Las Vegas with Salt-N-Pepa. It was the ‘I Love the 90s’ at the Paris Casino Hotel,” Play recalls. “Personally, these Hip Hop residences remind me of some real deep conversations I used to have with Heavy D. We used to clown around and talk about rap music being in Las Vegas. I could only imagine if he was alive today to see what Biggie said, ‘Whoever thought that Hip Hop would make it this far?’ It’s amazing to be invited to such a party.”

Kid noted that he’s excited to perform on stage with the other acts in this innovative show.

“While some of the stage show is still in the formulation stage, we’ve had discussions about the performances being interactive, literally like a boombox with us going back and forth on it on stage like a playlist on shuffle,” Kid said. 

“We’ll be getting everything together in the upcoming rehearsals just to tighten it up and get the show on its feet,” he added. “We’re really excited about it. Like Play mentioned, we had the chance to do it with Salt-N- Pepa and we did it in a similar style and the audience really seems to enjoy it. It keeps you on your toes because you always have to get ready for the next set or the next time you get out there and perform. We’ll be ready and we’re excited about it.”

Kid ‘N Play along with Cee-Lo Treach of Naughty By Nature, J.J. Fad, and Thea Austin of SNAP! are touring together on “BOOMBOX! A Vegas Residency on Shuffle” bringing the party to Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino from May 11 – 15 and May 18 – 22. Tickets are on sale at


Basic elements in Hip-Hop (practice)

Exemplary team Dance and sports club AJAX #RedPAntherscrew

Basic elements in Hip-Hop style

Learning the basics. 16 initial movements

Each dance is based on the basic elements on which it is built. The same applies to Hip-Hop
After the student has caught the approximate nature of the movements and understood what he is moving and how, we begin to acquaint him with the base.
Important. The second and third stages take place simultaneously. nine0011 We take 2-3 new movements at each lesson. We disassemble. Adding hands.
At the end - freestyle, to fix all the material.
In this way, we repeat and consolidate the old material and impose new material on it, which allows the student to accumulate knowledge, and not learn new things every time and forget. Every student must know the basics.
Here are 16 basic moves and their variations on the basis of which you can make a combination:
1.Steve Martin 2.Running man 3.Kick 4.Roger Rabbit 5.Alf (March Step) 6.Kriss Kross 7.ShamRock 8.PartyDuke 9.Monestery 10.Bart Simpson 11.Bobby Brown
12.Happy Feet 13.Sponge Bob 14.PartyMachine 15. Atl Stomp 16. Reebok

Hip Hop Basics

Old school (1979 – 1990) Hip Hop Basics old school

  • Basic Bounce Combo
  • Two step [Tu step] - two steps or step, prefix. The simplest movement found in many Hip Hop dances. "One" - a step towards the launch vehicle. "Two" - the second leg is substituted for the PH. The movement is repeated on the other leg. Step stand to the side, forward, diagonally, loop back. nine0028
  • Step slide, slide step , Glide , Circle Glide / Turn Glide
  • Combination with kick - kick - raise the knee - stand with a body turn. Mandatory accented pumping. We raise the knee and rebound back, without swinging, lifting the leg from the calf muscle.
  • Criss cross step on the rise with a jump, cross - initial, add lower back on the sides, knees bent. Add diaphragm and uncomplicated hands. Do not strain your neck and back! nine0028
  • Criss Cross Variations
  • Humpty Dance Humpty Dance. In this dance, the “Kach” of the pelvic girdle becomes the main one. The dance is performed in the second wide position and the knees must always be bent. Starting position II free position of the legs. "And Raz" - Chris Cross. "I" - the pelvic part of the legs is retracted slightly back. "Two" - So with an accent moves forward. "And Three", "And Four" - "And Two" is repeated. You can add hands, as in the video below, or come up with something of your own. nine0028
  • Kick it drink it. Kick [Kik] is one of the most common movements in modern dance. A simple kick in the air. When performing, you must remember about the Groove (Kach). Starting position: I parallel position of the legs. "And" - kick [kick] or kick with the right foot forward. The movement is similar to kicking a soccer ball. The body makes a “pitch” forward. "One" - the right leg returns to its original position. The left leg swings back. The body leans back slightly. "And" - the left foot makes a kick [kick] forward. "Kach" forward. "Two" - similar to the movement to "One", only from the opposite leg. On the next beat, the movement is repeated. nine0007 Kick, Kick + Back jump
  • Kick and slide kick and slide. A kick is made with one foot, and then a slide is made with the other.
  • Kick & Step - Kick Cross Step
  • Kick ball change On I swing, for once swing up, on I swing, 2 steps back and kip up. Hands work in opposition. Back and to the side, back with a twist in the hips, forward, back with a turn and to the side, forward and forward crosswise . Kick out - leg bent to the side, kick, change of leg to the side.
  • Party Duke + variations - leg abduction to the side.
  • Cabbage patch The name comes from the Cabbage Patch Kids, a toy popular in the 80s and 90s. Usually performed comically. Often accompanied by funny "grimaces". The starting position is free. Hands move in a plane parallel to the floor. Starting from the chest describe a circle. During performance, the shoulders rise. Any steps can be used in the legs. nine0028
  • Smurf [Smurf] - movement named after cartoon characters. The knees do a swing with an emphasis down, the body and head with an emphasis forward. Hands in turn move forward, as in swimming. Starting position - free. "One" - one hand begins to "float" forward in a small arc. In the legs, body and head, "kach" begins.
  • Prep (Pretty Boys)
  • The wop
  • Reebok - swing up with shoulder and arm jumping. nine0028
  • FILA
  • Happy Feat
  • Spongebob -knee to shoulder, jump, straightening the leg to weight
  • The Charleston

Middle School elements of high school

  • Party Machine - VARIATIONS forward kick, opposite arm strike, rebound, leg and arm lashing variation, side jump and arm variation.
  • Running Man : Reverse, With touch. Raise the knees, while descending, the weight of the body between the legs, hands “pump the pump”
  • Reject Step
  • Shamrock - step sideways outward, back, bouncing legs together, landing. Option back. Option 2
  • Steve Martin - forward - backward swing, extension of the bent leg back, knee forward, change, remove the error when turning with the knee to the body back.
  • Pepper seed
  • BK Bounce (Peter Paul)
  • Roger Rabbit : Bobby Brown, Janet Jackson, Henry Link. Video 2
  • Janet Jackson
  • Bart Simpson
  • Buttlerfly
  • TLC - Stepy with elbows
  • Wu Chung - Hands in terms block
  • James Brown
  • Biz Markie
  • CAT DADDY - Robocop variation 2 variation 3
  • Chiken head
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Aunt jackie
  • Pop, lock & drop it - body twist and lock squat
  • Trammps
  • Beneton

hip-hop elements different

hip-hop elements for insulation, waves, infants

  • 4 Corners -Circular movements of
  • TRAVE WAVE Man - kick sideways pelvic rotation
  • Neck-o-Flex - head to side, turn
  • Ticking - ticking
  • Puppet Style - puppet style

    • Run It - forward step twists
    • Egyptian Twist - legs together, side twist. Egyptian Twist with Step Out . Egyptian Twist with Walk Out
    • Camel Walk
    • STEP OUT DANCE - Steps in diagonals
    • 9000 9000 KID'NPLAY --PLAY
    • Dime Stop
    • Up An Down Shake
    • Hummer Shake
    • Add Locking Tricks

    HIP-HOP in the 9000-FILLS, MALES, MADEN buttocks, on the back

    Basic landing options. Go downs

    • Squad
    • Drop
    • Spin drop
    • Kick Drop
    • Pin Drop

      • Slenergy Extreme Ground Combo
      • Easy Floor Combo (Hip Hop Dance Moves Tutorial) | MihranTV

      Video footage with the basic elements of HIP HOP

      Basic Hip Hop moves

      Hip Hop basics beginners should know

      One of the things that is special about hip hop dancing is that it is a common language of steps that can bring people together through its individuality and take the movement of the movement. The various dance steps come to popularity through repetition and evolution in regional dance. Hip-hop dance, at its core, is a celebration of humanity and community. You can dance in a hip-hop vein without knowing a single step and still "doing it right", but it can certainly help to learn a few fundamental grooves to get you started, especially since many are technically "easy!" hip hop dance is often about how much you can use your spirit, your struggles, and your joy to fuel your movement. To help you out, we're going to take you through a few of our favorite basic basics with the help of our friend, Phil Wright. Phil Wright is an upbeat dancer, choreographer and creator. He is the executive producer and choreographer of the Disney Channel Show Fam Jam, which is based on his successful YouTube series Parent Jam. We use his Phrases book course as a guide to the hip hop dances you need to know. If you check out his full course, you can enjoy a live band that creates melodies and tempos to match Phil and his assistant's hip-hop grooves during each mini class. A-Town, framed by the city in which it originated, stomped A-Town was popular at 90s and 00s. You can hear the reference to it at the beginning yes! Usher Ft. Lil Jon. Atlanta is a rich city for hip hop music and dance, and that top channel is just one example of that. Coined the Snap era, in part as a literal reference to the amount of bouts in the moves, the early 00s were a particularly reliable time for hip-hop song and dance in Atlanta. Songs like "Walk It Out", Lil Jon and Dem Franchise Boy'z franchise "Lean with it with with It" will be included in this era of almost viral dance moves. Tootsee Roll Tootsee Roll is a dance that comes from the music video of the same name and song 69Boyz released in 1994. Does the lyrics start with a butterfly? Uh-uh, it's old! Let me see the roll of Tootsee! Phil Wright says he "grew up on that step" and the history of the step is richer than any song or music video. Kid N ‘Playkid N’ Play is an American hip hop duo that rose to popularity in the late 80s and early 90s. First seen in their "Do My Way" music video. Inspired by the Charleston, the "Kid-n" game is meant to be a partner dance, although it can be danced alone. The dance was made popular at the Kid N' Play Play House Party. You can check out the dance performed by the original creators, as well as the signature Kid's Hi-Top Fade with Tisha Campbell and Adrienne-Joey Johnson in the film. Cross and Cross and Clap is the name Phil chose for a common movement in hip hop dance . The action of the bounce, the use of both feet at the same time in a jump or change of weight, and the clap are all tools used in the house dance. This move evokes the best dance party ever, and when accompanied by energy and personality, can fool any room you start doing it in! Swag and Surfmany Social dance has come out of the YouTube peak era of early Aughts. Some like Soulja Boy's "Crank That That That". Swag N Surf stood out not for its bizarre footwork, but for its allure - both song and dance. The song Swag Surfin' was released in 2009Fast Life Yungstaz, or F.

      Learn more