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Review of Just Dance 3 for the PS3

Ubisoft released Just Dance 3 for the Wii and the Xbox back in October 2011, but noticeably absent was a version for the Playstation 3, which didn’t get released until two months later. Those of you who’ve read my rather detailed reviews for the Wii and Xbox versions know that I’m a big fan of this series and have been since the first version came out for the Wii two years ago. The pop music soundtrack has a little of something for everyone, the motion detection is decent, and the choreography is easy-to-follow and a lot of fun. It’s one of the best party games out there.

The best way I can describe Just Dance 3 for the Playstation is that it’s a direct port of the Wii version, nothing more, nothing less. As a result it’s not a bad game, but you can’t help but feel that it could have and should have been so much more.

As with the Wii version, when you start the game you get a pleasantly simple home screen which consists of three menu options: Just Dance, Just Sweat, and Options. Menu navigation is seamless using the Playstation Move controller.

Choosing “Just Dance” lets you select individual songs to dance to or lets you select different playlists that group songs together by style or genre. As with the other versions, as you play you can collect “Mojo Points” to unlock new playing modes, new songs, etc.

Turning on “Just Sweat” mode lets you choose a free session where you can start working out to any song or playlist, or a 7-Day Challenge section with three options of increasing intensity which are roughly the equivalent of walking, running, or swimming 30 minutes a day. As with the other versions, you collect “sweat points” as you dance to different songs. Like the Wii version, you’re basically on the “honor system”. If you just move your hands, you can get a high score. But to get real exercise (and have real fun) you should be putting your whole body into the dancing.

The choreography, graphics, and animations are literally identical to what you’ll see on the Wii and the Xbox. The only noticeable difference I saw was that some details are a little sharper in the PS3 version.

As with the Wii version, you hold a single Move controller in your right hand and mirror the on-screen character’s moves. The motion detection is decent, although not quite to the precision and detail of a game like Dance Central 2 on the Xbox or even Everybody Dance on the PS3. This is by design; while those games stress more complex dance instruction and technical accuracy, Just Dance was clearly designed to be a fun party game first and foremost.

As on the other platforms, all songs are marked with icons that designate their technical complexity and their workout intensity. All the songs can be played by 1 to 4 people, each with their own Move controller. In most of the songs all players dance the same steps, but there are a handful of songs that are cleverly choreographed for two players and four players to dance a full routine with each dancer having his or her own independent steps; these are a ton of fun to play in groups where up to four players can dance and the rest of the group can enjoy an entertaining performance. On the Xbox version multiplayer mode can get awkward, as all four players have to squeeze within the Kinect’s camera view. The PS3 developers wisely designed the game so that if the Move controllers happen to go outside the range of the Playstation Eye camera, the internal accelerometers of the Move controllers will still detect motion (much like a Wii Remote). While this may detract slightly from scoring accuracy, ultimately it makes multiplayer play a lot more fun as players don’t necessarily need to worry about squeezing into a tiny space.

While the port of the Wii functionality was near flawless, I have to admit I was disappointed that they decided to leave it at that. Given the capabilities of the PS3, it could have been so much more. For example, the choreography mode that was developed for the Xbox version is noticeably missing from the PS3 version (a shame given that Sony already demonstrated with Everybody Dance that it could be done and done extremely well on the PS3). Something else in the Xbox version that’s missing from the PS3 version is the ability to see your own video image and compare it to the on-screen character’s movements. Surprisingly, there isn’t even an option for downloadable content, something even the Wii version has.

In addition to the aforementioned omissions, I would have loved to see them push the envelope forward with a “record your performance” feature and the ability to share on social networks, both things which the PS3 is fully capable of. But there’s nothing like that here.

I’d say that Just Dance 3 is ideal for PS3 owners who happen to have friends or relatives who already have Just Dance 3 on the Xbox or Wii. You’ll be able to practice on your PS3 and not miss a beat (literally) when you play the same songs on their systems. Furthermore, if you have a child whose school uses Just Dance 3 in gym classes, this would be a great way for him or her to get a little practice at home. And of course, the fact that it’s casual makes it a lot of fun for families and friends to play together at parties.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best dance game on the PS3 and don’t have any ties to Just Dance on other platforms, I’d have to give the edge to Everybody Dance, which does a much better job of maximizing the use of the PS3 Move and the Playstation Eye camera, as well as overall better graphics.

Review of Just Dance 4 for Playstation Move

The king of PS3 dance games

While Sony attempted to establish itself in the dance genre with Everybody Dance, that title seems to have fizzled while the Just Dance franchise continues to go strong. The latest version of Just Dance is well done on all three major platforms, and the PS3 Move brings along certain advantages that are missing in both the Kinect and Wii versions.

Rating by steve: 5.0 stars

It’s been a while since I posted a new PS3 fitness game review. It’s certainly not been for want of trying; I’ve been checking the new game release schedule pretty closely for the past few months, but it seems that there are only two Move games that involve any kind of physical exertion this season. The first is Sports Champions 2, which I’ll be reviewing shortly, and the second is Just Dance 4, which I’ll be reviewing now.

Just Dance 4, of course, started on the Wii and continues to be the most popular dance franchise on that platform. For the Xbox 360, Dance Central 3 reigns supreme. For the Playstation 3, last year Sony released Everybody Dance, which I thought was a pretty good game, if the weakest of the three as a showcase for the platform. The fact that there is no 2012 edition leads me to believe that perhaps sales of Everybody Dance weren’t necessarily phenomenal. It’s clear that PS3 developers are focusing more on hardcore games and less on motion control or fitness games. Still, if you are a household who happens to own a PS3, there is still a lot of good exergaming to be done, and the game we’re going to review today is a shining example.

With Just Dance 4, Ubisoft made the good choice of developing it to be virtually identical between platforms. You can learn the moves on a PS3, take those same moves to a friend’s house with an Xbox, and the kids can use what they learned in gym class on a Wii.

When you start the game you’re asked if you want to create a Uplay account. In all honesty, between my Playstation Account and NIntendo account and my Microsoft account and my gazillion other accounts I wasn’t all that enthusiastic of signing up for yet another one. But since it seems that this will be the main way that Ubisoft allows users to access downloadable content, and there might be some interesting bonus content in the future, I figured I’d go ahead and sign up.

The opening menu of Just Dance 4 should be familiar to everyone by now; it consists of two options: Just Dance and Just Sweat. Selecting menu options is a pleasure on the PS3 with the extra big buttons and the precision of the Playstation Move controller. Reports are that the Xbox version suffers greatly because its menus are almost impossible to navigate using the Kinect.

Selecting “Just Dance” lets you go right away to selecting songs. One unique thing about Just Dance 4 is that depending on the song, you’ll get choreography for one, two, or four players. Four player choreography is especially fun if you’re playing with a group of people; each player gets a different and unique part to dance to, and the results are amazing if all four of you do it well and amazingly hilarious if you don’t (which will be the more common occurrence). Here’s a duet of my wife and me dancing to “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” (spoiler alert: she wins).

While the PS3 often gets third world status when compared to the popularity of the Wii or the full body motion detection of the Kinect, in this case the PS3 shines in that you get the best of both: because the PS3 Move controller’s motions can be detected both by light trails on the Playstation Eye, as well as through radio signals similar to the traditional Wii controller, players don’t necessarily need to be in camera range to be detected. This means that unlike the Xbox version where four players would have to squeeze to fit inside the camera view of the Kinect camera, on the PS3 version all four players can play, providing all have a PS3 Move controller.

The playlist for Just Dance 4 consists of a surprising number of licensed tracks from some of the hottest pop stars. There’s also a good selection of oldies and songs from multiple genres, so there’s a good chance that everyone in your group playing will find a song that appeals to him or her:

Asereje (The Ketchup Song) – Las Ketchup – Duo – 1 of 3
Beauty and a Beat – Justin Bieber featuring Nicki Minaj – Solo – 3 of 3
Beware Of The Boys (Mundian To Bach Ke) – Panjabi MC – Quartet – 2 of 3
Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen – Solo – 1 of 3
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Boys Town Gang – Duo – 1 of 3
Crazy Little Thing – Anja – Solo – 3 of 3
Crucified – Army of Lovers – Quartet – 3 of 3
Disturbia – Rihanna – Solo – 3 of 3
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love – Dancing Bros. – Duo – 2 of 3
Good Feeling – Flo Rida – Solo – 2 of 3
Good Girl – Carrie Underwood – Solo – 1 of 3
Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)” – Blu Cantrell – Solo – 1 of 3
Hot For Me – A. K.A – Solo – 2 of 3
I Like It – The Blackout Allstars – Duo – 3 of 3
(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life – Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes – Duet – 3 of 3
Istanbul – They Might Be Giants – Quartet – 1 of 3
Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley – Quartet – 1 of 3
Livin’ la Vida Loca” – Ricky Martin – Solo – 3 of 3
Love You Like A Love Song – Selena Gomez and the Scene – Solo – 1 of 3
Make The Party (Don’t Stop) – Bunny Beatz – Solo – 2 of 3
Maneater – Nelly Furtado – Solo – 2 of 3
Mas Que Nada – Sergio Mendes featuring The Black Eyed Peas – Solo – 1 of 3
Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera – Solo – 2 of 3
Mr. Saxobeat – Alexandra Stan – Solo – 1 of 3
Oh No! – Marina and The Diamonds – Solo – 3 of 3
On The Floor – Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull – 1 of 3
Oops!… I Did It Again” – The Girly Team – Quartet – 2 of 3
Rock N’Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain) – Skrillex – Solo – 2 of 3
Rock Lobster – The B-52′s – Duo – 2 of 3
Run The Show – Kat DeLuna featuring Busta Rhymes – Duo – 3 of 3
So What – Pink – Solo – 1 of 3
Some Catchin’ Up To Do- Sammy – Solo – 1 of 3
Super Bass – Nicki Minaj – Solo – 3 of 3
Superstition – Stevie Wonder – Solo – 1 of 3
The Final Countdown – Europe – Duo – 3 of 3
Time Warp” – Halloween Thrills – Quartet – 3 of 3
Tribal Dance – 2 Unlimited – Duo – 3 of 3
Umbrella – Rihanna featuring Jay-Z – Solo – 1 of 3
We No Speak Americano – Hit The Electro Beat – Solo – 2 of 3
What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction – Quartet – 1 of 3
Wild Wild West – Will Smith – Quartet – 3 of 3
You’re The First, The Last, My Everything” – Barry White – Quartet – 1 of 3

Gameplay is pretty much the same as always: you dance by mirroring the moves of an on-screen counterpart. The more precise your dance is, the more points  and stars you’ll get and the more positive on-screen feedback you’ll get. Pictographs will scroll along the bottom of the screen to cue you on upcoming moves. Unlike the Kinect, the Wii and Ps3 versions of the game only detect your right hand, which is holding the controller. In a sense, you’re on the “honor system” to move the rest of your body the right way, but after a lot of experimentation I found that to get the highest scores it’s a lot easier just to dance the correct moves with your whole body than to try to figure out how to game the system by moving your right hand in the right way.

Something new to Just Dance 4 is “Battle Mode”, where you can play against another player (or against the computer). You start by choosing a character that corresponds to a song. Then, you basically compete in a dance-off. It’s an interesting twist on fighting games like Street Fighter, where the player that dances the most precise dance steps will score “hits” on the other. Whoever has the most life left at the end of a round wins that round and their song will be imposed on the next round.

By most accounts, one of the best features on Just Dance 4 for PS3 is the improved “Just Sweat” mode. This mode lets you play several songs in a row for a set amount of time, either 10 minutes (burning around 50 Kcals), 25 minutes (about 100 Kcals), or 45 minutes (about 200 Kcals). Instead of choosing individual songs to work out to, you choose from the following four genres of music:

  • Aerobics in Space (Dynamic Fitness Steps / 80′s Pop Music)
  • Sweat Around the World (Latin Dance Practice / World Music)
  • Electro Body Combat (Cardio Fighting Exercise / Electro Music)
  • Cheerleader’s Boot Camp (Extreme Training / Punk Rock Music)

The routines start out with a slower warm up routine and end with a cool down routine. Your energy level from song to song is tracked in real time through a running graph at the top of the page, and will determine whether the next song is “COOL” or “INTENSE”, effective customizing your workout based on your individual level of energy. That they’re using a little artificial intelligence to give you a personalized workout is a nice improvement that’s definitely more sophisticated than in previous versions of Just Dance. The number of Kcals you burn is displayed in the upper left hand of the screen. Take the calories with a grain of salt, as it’s an average number that’s likely to be understated for heavier players and overstated for lighter players.

Overall, Just Dance 4 is by far the best dance game for the Playstation 3, and among the best fitness games of any kind. Highly recommended.

Review Just Dance 2015 PS3

The popular game series from Ubisoft continues every year grow with new parts, delighting fans with new songs and modes. Just Dance 2015 released last month, is the sixth part of the main series and has visited a huge the number of consoles, starting from the old woman Wii and ending powerful PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . All declared game systems have one thing in common: Just Dance 2015 is still fun Play alone, and even more fun in the company. New technologies certainly benefited the project: so, thanks to a special app Just Dance 2015, your mobile phone will be reincarnated motion controller, allowing your friends to join in any time for a party. nine0013

Before proceeding to the description of the gameplay, let's focus on ways to play in Just Dance 2015. The sixth part of the dance series visited, among other things, the consoles of the new generation, which had a result, first of all, on the PlayStation Camera, developed for PlayStation 4. Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners playing without controllers is nothing new thanks to Kinect.

So there are three different ways to play Just Dance 2015:

  1. With PlayStation Camera (PS4) / Microsoft Kinect (X360, XOne)
    PlayStation 4 owners finally got their hands on a game that makes full use of such an expensive system as the PS camera. Now players will not be able to cheat and "cheat" the program, because the camera closely monitors all the movements of your body. By far the most fun and unforgettable gaming experience you will get when playing with the camera, completely inspired by dance and music. However, in this wonderful technology not without drawbacks: for example, in the main menu, switching songs somehow happens with the DualShock 4, and not with using hand movements, as in Kinect, and when playing a song with frame rate drop occurs at some intervals, which was not seen when playing with PS Move. nine0024
  2. With PlayStation Move (PS4) and PlayStation Eye + PlayStation Move (PS3) / Wii Remote (Wii, Wii U)
    The most familiar way to play Just Dance for PS3 and Wii U. Players pick up a specific controller and repeat dancer's movements on the screen. Remarkably, the PlayStation 4 does not have no need to connect an additional PlayStation camera Eye, as in the case of the PlayStation 3. Now PS Move works exclusively on gyroscopes - very convenient! nine0026
  3. Using a mobile phone in the operating room iOS or Android system (PS4, XOne)
    The developers from Ubisoft pleasantly surprised the gaming community, because version of the dance game for new generation consoles excelled that can "transform" your mobile phone into a real additional controller. A really big plus for those who has not yet purchased a camera for one reason or another. To play with using your phone, you need to download the Just Dance 2015 app, connect it to the same Wi-Fi network that the console is connected to, and join the game. nine0026

As with previous games in the series, gameplay in Just Dance 2015 consists in repeating the movements of the dancer on the screen. For more amenities in the lower right corner, one after another, schematic images of movements to be performed. Thus, depending on your success, for each "pa" the game gives you rating: from "Perfect" or "Good" to "Ok" and "Miss". The better you dance, the more stars you get and the in-game Mojo currency on the results screen, which you can use to buy additional modes for songs or new avatars for the card dancer. Of course, Just Dance won't teach you how to dance, but it will give you you and your friends a pleasant physical activity and positive emotions. nine0013

There are 43 songs in total in the game, and many of them are for Russian listeners will probably be unknown. However, such hits like "What Does The Fox Say?" , Happy , Dark Horse" or "Don't Worry, Be Happy" , not spared Just Dance 2015. In addition, video game fans will rejoice musical composition dedicated to the game Tetris, authored by Dancing Bros. In it, players have to line up with familiar figures of his body, which, you see, are practically impossible to do without laughter. Some songs are focused on one person, others for a duet, and still others for a group dance. Besides, if your game is using a camera, it will record some moments from the dance, and at the end will show a small cut, allowing you and your friends to look at your movements from sides. nine0013

When starting the game for the first time, each player will receive "wall dancer" (Just Dance Wall) in which your successes: how many songs have you played, how many stars have you earned, and if you allow the game, a video cutting of movements from last song. Not done in Just Dance 2015 and without online functionality called World Dance Floor. There you can compete with players from all over the world and dance a song, dropped randomly. Another mode that me pleased with the game, it turned out to be “Just Dance VIP”, in which some celebrities from the internet. For example, last week the famous bloggers Smosh became the stars, who performed the dance Black Widow. nine0013

For trophy hunters, Just Dance 2015 presents significant interest, because, firstly, platinum is present, and, secondly, as many as 46 trophies. Most you will get just for playing, some for a long game with friend, others for dancing with players from all over the world online. One of the most difficult trophies is The Ultimate Just. Dance fan, for which you need to earn 5 stars during all songs. But, on the other hand, remembering the basic movements each song, earning "excellent" is not so difficult. nine0013

The game looks amazing and much brighter than the previous ones parts. Also noteworthy are the detailed backgrounds, quite individual and colorful. Many songs more than once change their appearance in one go, and some have an alternate appearance (such as "What Does The Fox Say?"). The dance movements themselves underwent significant differences: they become a little more complex and expressive than before.

Ubisoft knows full well that don't reinvent the wheel when a proven formula is perfect works. However, the developers managed to enrich Just Dance 2015 and make the dance game even brighter, even more fun. Just Dance 2015 will be great entertainment and will transform every party into an unforgettable show. There are 43 songs in total in the game, including time-tested (Bonnie Tyler - "Holding Out for a Hero") and modern (John Newman - "Love Me Again") hits. Quantity positive emotions and laughter will more than compensate for the shortcomings of the game, such like frame drops in some songs and not perfect tracking the movements of the player-dancer (to a direct competitor in the form Dance Central project has not matured yet). nine0013

The review is based on the disc version of the game for PlayStation 4, provided to our portal by the publisher.

The most difficult thing is not to dance for 5 stars, but to gain 5000 lvl plus gender years as a whole is required for platinum. The game is great! Energetic, funny, I really like the tracks more in the 2014 version, but in this also a lot of great songs. For the company, the game will go just fine and it's just as interesting to dance alone on the world's dance floor.

We dance it at our meetings from time to time))

The article is written in such a strange accent that it feels like 2014 did not go to next gene. But she went out there and it was with her joined the series.

Message from Vadim

The article is written with such a strange accent that feeling as if 2014 did not come out on the next gene. But she went out there. and it was from her that he joined the series.

The thing is that in JD2014 I played on PS3, there was no the chance to see it on PS4. That is why all new the game features of the latest version surprised and fascinated me so much Especially since in JD2015 they did more work on the camera, and on social pieces too. nine0013

Thanks for the review. It is a pity that they did not write how good the game is works with a mobile phone - the feature is still new and for the first time used in series. I'm also wondering if the Just mode remains Sweat (apparently not).

There all modes remained plus a new plus you can before the song download the results of random players and fight them.

Posted by kperep

Thanks for the review. It is a pity that they did not write how well the game works with mobile phone - feature still new and used for the first time in the series. Still interesting to me whether the Just Sweat mode remained (apparently not). nine0013

The new feature works fine, similar to Move. But with a camera much more fun to play. But if it is not available and not enough controllers, a mobile phone would be a great way out.

(to the direct competitor in the form of Dance Central the project is not yet matured).

Excuse me, what? Dance Central is Mike's dullest parody of the great JD. Are movements crookedly tracked? They are tracked well. it's you dancing crookedly. By the way from this year Just Dance officially became part of the esports league this year as well the first world championship was held. While Dance Central forcibly shoved into your Xbox One for free, the game failed, Here they are trying to attract people somehow. nine0013

Message from Fendor

(to direct competitor in the form of Dance Central the project has not matured yet).

Excuse me, what? Dance Central is Mike's dullest parody of the great JD. Are movements crookedly tracked? They are tracked well. it's you dancing crookedly. By the way from this year Just Dance officially became part of the esports league this year as well the first world championship was held. While Dance Central forcibly shoved into your Xbox One for free, the game failed, Here they are trying to attract people somehow. nine0013

I cannot agree with you. I played the first and second dance Central on Xbox 360 and the movements themselves are much more interesting there than in JD2015. Just Dance, as befits the name, does not difficult dance moves and made more for fun, so that at any time a friend can join you and spend good time driving. In Dance Central, however, the system is different: first you need to learn the movement, and only then go to the song execute. I liked it more, because the song really imbued, and the movements are very cool! I can not, really, nothing to say about Dance Central Spotlight for Xbox One, but the first two parts pleasantly surprised me at one time and left me where more impressive than simple Just Dance. nine0013

And yes, believe me, I don't dance crookedly :)

[QUOTE=Fendor;910476] Excuse me, what? Dance Central is the saddest parody Mike to the great JD. Are movements crookedly tracked? They then are tracked normally, it's you dancing crookedly. Incidentally with this year, Just Dance officially became part of the esports league and this year the first world championship was held.QUOTE]
You should first learn how to dance somehow, and then your jokes about optimizing the game for kinect and the complexity of dance ligaments began to speak. Just Dance gained popularity thanks to the Wii, and fixes it due to the fact that it is not exclusive, but multiplatform. So this is a pretty sure step Yubikov arrange cyber discipline due to such popularity of the series, but this is by no means does not say that this is the best dance series. Especially with crooked optimization for kinect compared to Dance Central, yes and on the Wii and PS3 sticks, it's not as good as reading motions. So curb your fanboyism or your "like dance knowledge" games". Just dance has a plus in more musical variety and less asynchronous between choreography and music. nine0024 I hope that in Dance Central Spotlight this is not a coincidence reduced, but then in Dance Central 3 it was too noticeable.

Checked out on the Wii (yes, they still release it)) interesting the selection of songs was a pleasant surprise, more than half are already familiar to my wow, and about ten tracks are still playing on local radio, from which makes dancing even more enjoyable. Interesting mode and online, something like a tournament for eight people. And it is possible look at each song as world records, and separately Russian dancers. But, probably for each platform its own server ??? In general, playing with friends is just as fun, and even you can shake the old days and rattle the bones) I advise. nine0013

Party with Just Dance 2015 - Gambling

Guests came almost at the same time, which is very rare. This was no ordinary bone-washing party for those who hadn't reached us through the snowdrifts that Saturday night, not an evening of crocodile and tarantulas. This time there was a rich cultural program, which is probably why there were no latecomers. Three girls and three boys (myself included) sat on the sofa, filled their glasses with ambrosia, and squirmed impatiently in anticipation of the hot evening. nine0013

" Just Dance 2015 party is open!" I solemnly proclaimed, took a sip of the drink of the gods and fired up the Xbox.

In order not to offend anyone, the party participants, as in the case of the “Fight! The best fighting games for parties”, perform under assumed names. But don't let that confuse you, they are all absolutely real.

[ Magic striped sock ] Producer-multiplyer, a bit of an operator, a bit of an editor, a bit of a sound engineer. Prefers reggae, indie and post-rock, fans of Nick Cave, Thom Yorke and The Beatles. nine0013

[ Transparent cat ] Head of the digital department in an advertising agency. Her tastes are quite diverse, but her favorites are Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Black Keys and Zemfira.

[ Thinker Pie ] A journalist who exposes corruption schemes twice a week. Listens mainly to Russian rock and metal. "Picnic", "Orgy of the Righteous", Scorpions.

[ Astral Pony ] Thinker Pie's wife and also a journalist. He cannot clearly define the genres, but he loves Evora Cesaria, Chizh and Beavers. nine0013

[ Door Treble Clef ] A radio PR person and also an excellent photographer. Likes classic old school rock, art rock, heavy metal. Loves Queen, Dire Straits, Bon Jovi and Pink Floyd.

Just Dance is one of those rare occasions when releasing new versions every year is good. In the end, the foundation of the game is perfect: a bunch of dynamic and recognizable songs from different times, extremely surreal clips, sophisticated movements, built-in karaoke and interesting social functions. That's it, nothing more is needed for a fun party. nine0013

Nothing fundamentally new in Just Dance 2015 was added to a perfectly working concept, but what is there was significantly improved. Now the game itself slips you opponents from other countries, so that there is an additional incentive to move skillfully, and the videos cut from your dance are now looped like “coubs”. Additional modes were relegated to the background so as not to interfere with “just dancing”, and the clips were made even more spectacular.

First we launched Lady Gaga with the famous song Bad Romance . This is a dance for three - one is the soloist and two more are backing dancers. The dance is simple, Gaga easily "knocked out" five stars. However, judging by the video, everything turned out far from being so perfect (it was a little embarrassing, frankly). In general, the game, as before, easily forgives mistakes.

Unlike Just Dance 2014 , there is much more room for madness here. In the playlist, in addition to well-known performers like Katy Perry, Rihanna, John Newman and Maroon 5, there is, for example, Bollywood Santa with a wonderful composition in all respects Xmas Tree .

Often what is shown on the screen does not look like a dance at all, but that makes it even more fun. The song Ylvis - The Fox in itself drives the unprepared listener into the paint, and even more so in the form of a dance. It was technically difficult to move. In a fit of hysterical laughter, it is generally difficult to do anything.

I did not understand, to be honest, how the game is fundamentally different from the previous part. More psychedelic things on the background, like a cat in an astronaut suit and other unknown garbage, perhaps. But I'm okay with it! nine0188
Elephants in the dance killed completely! Gnomes yet... cubed madness. There are a lot of stupid movements: when you spin around your axis on one leg and have to do something else with the other leg - this is generally hell. Dancing has become much more difficult.
The more ambrosia - the cooler, but the more traumatic. And I also have a feeling that by the end of the evening a paragraph will still come to the chandelier.
I don't know what elephants are... I hope this isn't about us. But this enchanting Indian dance that we got reminded us that we drink a lot and smoke too often. But in general, OK, sports are useful.
No, well, I just danced once, didn't understand anything, my hands hurt, existential shame in general. But Gaga is awesome.

Of course, boys and girls are needed for the perfect party, preferably in equal numbers. All dances at Just Dance 2015 is clearly defined by gender, not much mixed. And if, say, the girls will be quite comfortable to the thoroughly bored Happy by Pharell Williams, then the boys will be a little uncomfortable dancing to the Disney Let It Go . We tried and heard a weighty comment from the girls: “Well, gentlemen, you didn’t succeed as a princess.

The guys couldn't find anything better than to dance Don't Worry, Be Happy . Developer View Just Dance 2015 this song is about three elderly gopniks who like to sit on a bench in the park and crack sunflower seeds. However, shake the old bones is also not averse.

Well, the boys were erotic as hell. We got horny right here on the couch. I'm kidding, of course.
It was funny when they jumped over each other. Effectively. And at least the chandelier wasn't hit. I'm going to pour more ambrosia. nine0188
The boys were wonderful. Not once during the dance did they make a single movement synchronously. In short, the corps de ballet came out shameful.

The girls chose "Macarena" for themselves (many learned it at school), but were slightly shocked when they met many unknown movements. The movements in Just Dance 2015 are generally much more diverse than in last year's version. In this sense, the game has fundamentally evolved.

I noticed that Cat in the dance very often touched her ass.
Whoa whoa! I love my ass, why not touch it once again?
In general, the girls were beautiful. I don't even have anything more to add.

Every issue of Just Dance has one or two couple songs. These compositions are perfect for a first date: if you don't move like Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, you can beautifully bond with a girl and elegantly move on to the fun part. nine0013

The rather tipsy participants divided into pairs and began to choose songs. One couple even came up with a motto for themselves: “The main thing is not to ring eggs. All wool, and we are a lynx! - they agreed and went to dance to Only You . The rest were a little less fortunate - the second couple danced rumba (and this is still not quite romantic), and the third one did something hipster.

Based on the results of dependent and absolutely biased voting, Only You won.

Of course, Just Dance 2015 lacks variety in the playlist. First of all, I want to see less popular, but more incendiary music, instead of, for example, the work of the group 5 Seconds of Summer. However, there is a song in the playlist that changes everything - Tetris .

It doesn't look like a dance at all, but it does look like something we all players are used to. Pure gaming challenge!

The dance is designed for a perfectly played team, and all movements are aimed at co-op. If one player fails, the other can easily, for example, fly in with a foot on the head. No wonder guests asked to run Tetris again. An absolutely unique gaming experience.

No fancy social features can replace good old teamwork. However, now Just Dance 2015 is equated with e-sports, so a good online game is still needed, and the game's community, albeit small, is damn strong.

You know, I think it was the most awesome dance I've seen all evening. It was divine! Such team spirit , finally! If all dances were like this, it would be just 10 out of 10.
Ta-anets, about which you are lying now, I missed ... Many new movements ... Emotions, emotions, yes, ah-ah-ah, yes, you burned everything, in the end! Vs-s-se, who is here, they burned! And there was also a rock and roll song, for me it was very important!
Listening to obscene cries, I thought only about one thing: what would all these people say if we danced a year ago, when I was twenty-five kilograms heavier.

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