How to do a heel stretch in dance

Tips and Tricks for Dance - ~How to Correctly Hold a Leg Hold/Leg Mount/Heel Stretch~

Tips and Tricks for Dance


Assorted tips for dancers of all levels. This book will include tips on Flexibility, turns, aerials, and much more.

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Hey guys, Emmy here! (Yay for little Sophia!)

This chapter is all about holding your leg hold properly. These are just a few tricks and tips that help me to get a technically good leg hold.

~Supporting Leg~
• Keep this leg straight at all times, it will help you to keep balanced.
• Squeeze your butt. It actually keeps you balanced and makes you feel supported.
• Dig your big toe into the ground and keep your leg slightly turned out. If it's too turned out, or not turned out enough, you will lose your balance.

~Upper Body~
• Keep your shoulders down and back, but not too far back.
• Tuck your tail under and keep correct posture. If you need to, use a chair or barre to help balance.
• While in the centre, keep your arm out to the side, like you would at the barre, or at a similar angle to your leg, to counter balance.

~The Leg~
• Make sure you squeeze your leg and keep your foot pointed at all times.
• Draw your leg up your supporting leg to your hand, don't bring your hand down to your foot.

~Random Tips~
• Set your balance before you lift your leg.
• Your weight should be on your supporting leg, but still towards the centre, but not to far towards either side.
• Keep your hips square. It's hard, but once you get it, it becomes easier.
• Don't bend your supporting leg at all! I've said this before, but it is important, as important as keeping a good posture.
• I say this to my cousin all the time, but don't stick your chest out. At all. It does not look pretty. It does not feel pretty. And it is definitely NOT technically correct.
• Point. Your. Feet. Full stop.
• Breathe. It keeps you relaxed and makes everything easier.

~Stretches to Get this Skill~
• Straddle then lean to the side. If you're leaning to the right, your left arm should go over your head, and your right arm should go infront of your right leg, and vice versa for the left.
• Splits and oversplits for front leg holds.

*Comment if you would like another stretches chapter*

• Don't give up!!


Thanks for reading!! Comment any requests or ideas or questions....and don't forget to vote!

Xx Emmy xX


QOTC: Can you oversplit your leg hold?

AOTC: Yea, I can.

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Stretching for dancers

- Legs and back preheat!
- slopes to the floor. Stand up straight and spread your legs, slowly bend to one leg, the second and to the middle. Try to reach the floor and hold for a few seconds
- Folds for longitudinal and transverse splits (with open legs)
- Deep forward lunges and their varieties (Runner). Hind leg straight straight line from hip. Front leg angle 90 degrees.
- Deep lunge with catching and raising the shin of the back leg. The back is straight, the body is even.
- Lunge and knee stance of the back leg and straight front leg. Smooth exit.
- Butterfly. Knee swings. Leaning forward.
- Single leg split.
- Sitting legs apart. Tilts to each leg.
- Horizontal stretch and on the floor. Rubber bands may be used. Variation on the back and on the side. Gently pull your leg up, gradually straightening. If you can, straighten your leg and pull it as high as you can. Change sides, repeat the exercise. You can use rubber bands.
- Power stretching in a standing position with a leg grip.
- Vertical twine. Wall workout.
- Classical stretching of the longitudinal and transverse twine.

Link on stretching 1

Providing exercises for longitudinal twine:
- We pull the legs to the legs in the standing position , stretch the popliteous tendons
- in the position of standing with our hands, we take the pelvis with the knee with the knee forward .
- Pull the rear leg in a lunge towards you
- Lunge forward (90 degree angle) + 2 elbows on the floor or hands
- fold with legs forward 40 sec.
- we catch the leg - one handle under the foot, the back is even. Next, without hands, hold with muscles
- wrap one leg in half twine and fold for 40 seconds.
- prone swings on 8 we catch
- standing tilt in the warehouse and do intensive back swings. At 8 we were detained and kept in a candle.
- lunge, the back is even, the knee does not go over the heel. Lunge and bend back leg.
- standing swings 3 sets of 8 reps
- get on 2 knees , back straight, bring one leg forward, tilt towards it, stretch the hamstring, then slowly move apart, shoulders are even, the heel of the back leg is looking at the ceiling! Two shoulders and two hips look straight at the front leg. Next, bend the back leg.

Lead up exercises for the splits:
- bow tie, bow tie
- 6th position pleat + shortened feet. Fold with a straight back to straightened legs. Crease with the foot in the pass and a twist in the body.
- legs to the sides, stepping forward with hands and fold forward, bending to the legs, then bending sideways
- wrap one leg behind us and lie down forward
- frog (legs form an even rhombus). Sit on your knees and spread your legs apart as far as you can. Resting your hands on the floor and keeping your back straight, bend over and stretch your arms forward. Lower your head and stay in this position for a few seconds. Rolls forward and backward.
- Side lunges. Lunges and going up without fixation and with fixation to the side with a deep stretch
- Stretching the legs to the sides while lying on your back.
- swing forward to the side (cross exercise)
- hands on the floor, slowly open your arms to the sides, sit on the twine. DO NOT turn the toes forward and knees, the back is straight, the legs form one straight line.

Tilt (water split):
- lying leg up to the side, change legs (8-10 times 3 sets)
- lying legs up, open legs to the sides for 8 counts
- lying legs in a butterfly, open in a transverse sword
- lying watch - one leg up - to the side - down, the second down, to the side, up (tighten the fingers!)
- standing the leg inverted, throw the leg into the transverse twine, grab it with your hand (The leg looks clearly at the ceiling! If it falls forward, this is a fold). Next, we try to remove the hand from the leg. Further, the output through the devlope of the leg without the help of the hand
- A difficult version of the arm to the sides, the body is tilted, we bring the leg up into a split in the air

- On the splits we stretch to the legs with the opposite hand
- On the floor, lying down, we pull the leg in the knee towards us
- leg swing to the side in support of the hands in the stalls
- on the floor, leg swing and catch the leg with the arm while lying

50 exercises for stretching muscles of the whole body

When you stretch after a workout, the muscles are already warmed up and no additional warm-up is required. If you decide to arrange a separate stretching lesson, first do a few exercises:

  1. Joint warm-up: twist the joints, bend and turn the body.
  2. 5-7 minutes cardio: running or jumping jacks, climbing, running in place with high knees, jumping rope.

After you've warmed up a bit, you can start stretching.

How and how much to stretch

With these exercises you can arrange an independent stretching session and stretch all the muscles of the body well. However, it will take about 60–90 minutes. For a quick stretch, choose one or two exercises for each muscle group involved in the workout.

To stretch your muscles well, hold each position for 30 seconds to two minutes. You can remain still or gently bounce. Sudden movements are fraught with injury, so leave them for another sport.

We will give exercises for stretching from top to bottom: neck, shoulders and arms, chest and back, abs, buttocks, thighs, shins.

Neck stretching exercises

1. Tilt the head back and sideways

Photo: Lifehacker

Tilt your head back, pulling the front of your neck. From this position, tilt your head to the left. For greater effect, place your left palm on the right side of your head, but do not press hard.

Repeat on the other side.


Tilt the head forward and sideways Photo: Lifehacker

Place your right hand on the left side of your head. Tilt your head forward and to the side, increase the pressure with your hand.

Repeat on the other side.

3. Stretching the back of the neck

Photo: Lifehacker

Place one hand on the back of the head and the other on the chin. Lower your head, making a double chin. At the same time, the neck remains straight, the back of the head tends upward. You should feel tension at the back of your neck, especially at the base of your skull.

Shoulder stretch exercises

1. Stretching the front of the shoulders

Photo: Lifehacker

Put your hands behind your back, grasp the wrist with the other with one hand. Bend your elbows and lift your wrists higher. Push your chest forward and feel the stretch in the front of your shoulders.

2. Middle Shoulder Stretch

Photo: Lifehacker

Grab your opposite elbow, pull your shoulder towards you and pull it down. Repeat with the other hand.

3. Stretching the back of the shoulders

Photo: Lifehacker

Grasp the right arm with the left above the elbow, press it to the body and straighten it, lower the right shoulder down. With your left hand, pull your right hand up, lifting it with your elbow. Feel the tension in the back of your shoulders.

Repeat with other hand.

4. Triceps Stretch

Photo: Lifehacker

Go to the wall, lift your left elbow up, put your forearm behind your back. Lower your left shoulder blade down. To check that it has really dropped and will not rise during the stretch, place your right hand below your left armpit.

Repeat on the other side.

5. Biceps Stretch

Photo: Lifehacker

Grab a door handle, counter or other support, turn your back to it. Turn your arm with your elbow up and move the body slightly forward.

Repeat with other arm.

6. Triceps and Shoulders Stretch

Photo: Lifehacker

This pose allows you to simultaneously stretch the triceps of one arm and the front of the shoulder of the other. Put one hand behind your back from above so that the elbow looks up, and the second from below - the elbow looks at the floor. Try to connect your wrists behind your back at the level of your shoulder blades.

Change hands.

7. Wrist extensor stretch

Photo: Lifehacker

Sit on your knees, put your hands in front of you so that the backs of the hands touch the floor and the fingers are pointing towards each other. Gently shift your weight onto your hands, stretching your forearms. To enhance the effect, try clenching your fists.

Chest stretching exercises

1. Stretching the chest in the doorway

Photo: Lifehacker

Go to the doorway, lean on the jambs with your elbows and push your chest forward, stretching the pectoral muscles.

2. Chest stretch against the wall

Photo: Lifehacker

Put your hand on the wall, lower your shoulder and turn around in the opposite direction. Repeat with the other hand.

Exercises for back stretching


Back stretch at the counter Photo: Lifehacker

Stand next to a rack, exercise machine or other support, turn your left shoulder towards it. Grab a stance high above your head with your right hand, tilt your pelvis to the right and down, stretching the entire right side of your body.

Repeat on the other side.

2. Lumbar stretch

Photo: Lifehacker

Sit on the floor, move your right leg forward, left leg back. Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle or slightly more. Place your right hand on the floor, raise your left hand above your head. Pull the left leg down and back, tilt the body forward and twist towards the right leg.

Change legs.

3. Stretching the extensor muscles of the back

Photo: Lifehacker

Sit on the floor, bend your knees and place your feet on the floor. Grab your shins with your hands from the inside, put your wrists on your feet. Lean forward with a round back as low as possible.

4. Child's Pose

Photo: Lifehacker

Sit on the floor with your buttocks touching your heels. Bend forward, lie on your knees with your stomach and stretch out your arms.

Learn more 🧘‍♀️

  • Child's pose will help relieve tension in the back and neck. Try

5. Downward Dog Pose

Photo: Lifehacker

Get on all fours, then tilt your pelvis back and up so that your body looks like an angle. The arms and back should be extended in one line, the knees can be bent, and the heels should be torn off the floor. The main thing is that the back remains straight, without rounding in the lower back.

6. Hanging traction

Photo: Lifehacker

Grasp a low horizontal bar and hang freely, relaxing your body. Feet must remain on the ground. Relax them, slightly bend your knees.

7. Inverted back stretch

Photo: Lifehacker

Lie on the floor on your back, arms along the body, legs straight. Raise your legs and then throw them over your head. Hands rest with elbows on the floor, hands support the lower back. Do not lean on the neck, the fulcrum is the shoulders.

Abdominal stretching exercises

1. Camel Pose

Photo: Lifehacker

Get on your knees, push your chest up, stretching your spine, and then lean back with your hands on your heels. Try to bend in the chest. Do not throw your head back, look up.

2. Upward facing dog pose

Photo: Lifehacker

Lie on the floor on your stomach, put your hands under your shoulders. Push yourself up, the pelvis rises, the legs remain on the floor. Lower your shoulders, bend in the thoracic region.

3. Standing backbend

Photo: Lifehacker

Stand up straight with your feet together. Raise your arms and join your palms above your head. Bend in the thoracic region and tilt the body back. Tighten your buttocks to eliminate a strong deflection in the lower back.

4. Side bend

Photo: Lifehacker

Stand up straight, raise your arms above your head, interlock your fingers and turn your palms up. Stretch up and lean first to one side and then to the other side.

5. Lying spinal twist

Photo: Lifehacker

Lie on the floor on your back, spread your arms out to the sides, palms down. Move your pelvis to the left, lift your left leg, bending it at the knee, bring it behind your right leg and try to put your knee on the floor. Turn your head to the left and relax.

Repeat on the other side.

Buttocks stretch

1. Lying stretch

Photo: Lifehacker

Lie on the floor on your back, raise your knees bent. Place the ankle of the left foot on the knee of the right. Press your right knee against your left to deepen the stretch. Repeat with the other leg.

2. Stretch on all fours

Photo: Lifehacker

Get on all fours, put the ankle of the right foot on the knee of the left. Push your pelvis back to deepen the stretch. Repeat with the other leg.

3. Sitting Stretch

Photo: Lifehacker

Sit on the floor, stretch your legs forward, straighten your back. Bend one leg at the knee, grasp the shin with your hands and press it to your chest. The lower leg should be parallel to the floor, the forearms lie on top and press it to the chest, one brush covers the other.

Repeat with the other leg.

4. Dove Pose

Photo: Lifehacker

Sit on the floor, bend one leg at the knee at a right angle and move forward, take the other back and straighten. You can lean forward and place your forearms on the floor.

If you find it difficult to do this pose on the floor, try placing your foot on a raised platform.

Photo: Lifehacker

Exercises for stretching the front of the thigh

1. Lying quadriceps stretch

Photo: Lifehacker

Lie on the floor on your stomach, lift one leg and place your hand on your ankle. Pull the leg to the buttock, trying not to tear the thigh off the floor. Repeat with the other leg.

2. Quadriceps stretch on one knee

Photo: Lifehacker

Stand on one knee, grab the toe of the leg behind you and pull the heel to the buttock. Tighten your gluteal muscles: this will deepen the stretch. Repeat with the other leg.

3. Hip flexor stretch

Photo: Lifehacker

Stand on one knee, bend both legs at an angle 90 degrees. The back is straight. Tighten your gluteal muscles and move your pelvis slightly forward. You should feel tension in the front of the thigh of the back leg and in the groin.

Change legs.

4. Deep lunge

Photo: Lifehacker

Take a deep lunge forward. Place your fingers on the floor on either side of your foot. Lower the knee of the straightened leg to the floor. Try to go lower and do not turn your pelvis to the side.

Change legs.

Back Thigh Stretches

1. Stretching the back of the thigh with an expander

Photo: Lifehacker

Lie on the floor, leave one straight leg on the floor, lift the other. Throw an expander, rope or rope around your foot and pull your leg towards you. Change legs.

2. Standing stretch

Photo: Lifehacker

Stand up straight, take a step forward. Tilt your torso almost parallel to the floor. If you leave the leg straight, the upper part of the back of the thigh is more stretched, if you slightly bend the leg at the knee, the lower part is stretched.

Repeat with the other leg.

3. Tilt to the legs

Photo: Lifehacker

Sit on the floor, stretch your straight legs forward. Bend over to your feet and place your hands on either side of your feet or slightly further away. To deepen the stretch, you can straighten your back for a few seconds and then bend over again.

4. Tilt to one leg

Photo: Lifehacker

Sit on the floor, stretch one leg forward, bend the other at the knee and place the foot next to the pelvis. Bend over to a straight leg, grasp the foot with your hands and pull the toe towards you. Try not to round your back.

Repeat with the other leg.

5. Standing Bend

Photo: Lifehacker

Spread your legs wider, toes pointed forward. Lower your body down, keeping your back straight, until you place your palms on the floor.

6. Longitudinal split

Move into a longitudinal split with the iliac crests pointing forward. Place your palms on the floor and keep your body weight on your hands. Try not to turn your hips and shoulders to the side.

Inner thigh stretching exercises

1. Deep Squat

Photo: Lifehacker

Stand next to a rack or machine that you can hold on to. Feet shoulder-width apart, toes and knees turned outward. Lower yourself into a deep squat, keeping your back straight.

2. Butterfly against the wall

Photo: Lifehacker

Sit on the floor with a straight back, put your feet in front of you with your feet to each other. Try to lower your knees to the floor, but do not put pressure on them with your hands. Keep your back straight.

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  • How to do the butterfly pose to improve stretch and protect your back


Frog Photo: Lifehacker

Lie on the floor on your stomach, spread your knees to the sides and bend your legs at a right angle. Try to put the pelvis on the floor.

4. Frog with a straight leg

Photo: Lifehacker

Lie on the floor on your stomach, spread your knees to the sides so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Bend one leg at the knee, straighten the other. Try to put the pelvis on the floor. Repeat with the other leg.

5. Fold forward

Photo: Lifehacker

Sit on the floor, spread your straight legs wider, and then lean forward. Try to lie on your stomach on the floor, do not bend your knees.

6. Transverse split

Photo: vova130555 / Depositphotos

Move apart in a transverse split. Don't push your pelvis back too far, ideally it should be in line with your knees and feet. Place your palms on the floor, and if stretching allows, your forearms. Pull your pelvis down towards the floor.

7. Stretch next to the wall

Photo: Lifehacker

Lie on the floor close to the wall. The body must be perpendicular to it. Spread your legs and let them slowly lower under your weight. Stay in this position for 5-10 minutes.

Outer Thigh Stretches

1. Hip Abduction

Photo: Lifehacker

Stand next to a wall with your right side turned towards it. Cross your right leg behind your left and squat down. The left leg is bent, the right leg remains straight and moves further and further to the left. The straight body hangs over the left leg.

Repeat on the other side.

2. Standing Stretch

Photo: Lifehacker

Place your left leg behind your right in front and lean to the left. You can put one hand on your belt, put your hands over your head or in front of you. The more the body leans, the better the muscles are stretched.

Exercises for stretching the lower legs

1. Stretching against the wall

Photo: Lifehacker

Press the toe of your right foot against the wall, take your left foot a step and a half back.

Learn more