How to make a dance floor in minecraft

how to make a minecraft dance floor



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How to Build a Disco Floor in Minecraft

Home » Buildings » Misc » How to Build a Disco Floor in Minecraft

by Minecraft Building Inc

If you are wanting to know how to build a disco floor in Minecraft to add flair to your map, you have come to the right place! You will need to connect hoppers and a redstone comparator to rows of observers and redstone lamps in order to make it happen.

What You Will Need

Before you jump into the steps, you will need a few things in your inventory. The basic disco floor will need 4 hoppers, 1 redstone comparator, and as many observers and redstone lamps as you want.

Since the latter 2 items will determine how large your floor is, it’s up to you how many you will need. To make 1 redstone lamp, you will need 1 glowstone and 4 redstone dust. For any observer, it will take 6 cobblestone, 2 redstone dust, and 1 nether quartz.

Obviously, it’s easiest to make a disco floor in Creative Mode but you can make one in your Survival game with enough time and effort. You might need even more redstone dust if you intend to expand your disco floor around corners.

Steps to Create Your Disco Floor

1. To start making your disco floor, place a square loop of 4 hoppers that will flow into each other. If you are unsure how they work, dig underneath and you will be able to see the connections.

2. Put down a redstone comparator next to any of the hoppers, but make sure that the arrow faces outward. This is the first step to powering your disco floor.

3. Next, place observers in a straight line with the arrows facing away from your comparator. This line will determine the length of your disco, so make it as long or short as you want. The easiest way to make the arrows face out is to look at the comparator and walk backwards while placing your observers.

4. With your line of observers placed, put down more observers in columns facing away from the line. These will be the width of your floor. By this point, you should have a line of observers from the comparator and columns of observers branching left or right.

5. Once you’ve put down the foundation, place a layer of more observers on top of the floor. These will automatically point upward, so you don’t have to worry about directions this time.

6. Now you can put a layer of redstone lamps on top so that the middle layer of observers powers your lamps.

7. With that done, all you have to do is go back to your hoppers and throw any item into them. The dropped item will power your disco floor and it should put on a light show!


If for some reason your disco floor doesn’t light up, the most common reason to check is that all of the arrows are going in the right direction. Remember that everything essentially has to point away from the hoppers.

Make sure that the redstone comparator is facing out and all of the observers on the bottom flow out from there. If you put down redstone dust, all of the observers have to turn with it and face away from the dust.

You will know if your observers are powered because the redstone will brighten and there should be a red dot on the exterior of the observers. If you’ve placed everything correctly, enjoy your new disco floor!

Wait, There’s More!

If you want to get more creative, your disco floor can be almost any shape once you know how to make it turn corners or wrap around. It’s actually pretty easy and you probably already have what you need because redstone dust was used to make the observers and redstone lamps.

Once your disco floor is laid down, maybe you want to change direction or connect it to another disco. All you have to do is place redstone dust at the end of whatever you want to be the corner.

This will allow the flow of power to go another way, but you don’t need more hoppers or anything. Just put down observers again with their arrows facing away from the redstone dust and add another observer layer followed by a redstone lamp layer. 

When you’re done, the new floor should continue the waves of light coming from the original floor so it’s only limited to your inventory and imagination. Hypothetically, you could create a disco snake across your entire map!

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this disco floor for Minecraft and added to some cool places like in a room in a medieval castle or as part of your fancy apartment building. Regardless where you add it we are sure it will look great.

Credits: We also want to give credit to Rileybbyrne, we followed his tutorial for this article since we thought it was the best looking one out there. He is a Canadian builder with many great videos on his YouTube channel, make sure to follow him.

Have fun! We think this addition to your builds will make them pretty unique and memorable if you share it with someone.  

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Fascinating programming: learning Minecraft / Sudo Null IT News

Good afternoon, dear readers!

We have the second edition of a wonderful book about the Minecraft game world. We have already published a separate post about it.

We are pleased to remind you that all ages are submissive to this game, moreover, it will be interesting even for preschoolers, if the meaning of this wonderful game is correctly conveyed and a creative streak is awakened in children. Under the cut - a story of a mother of many children about how this is done.

Finally, if you are interested in translating Walter Higgs' introductory article about ScriptCraft, which the author refers to at the very end of the article - write, we will discuss it :)

If, like me, you have small children aged 5-10 years, then you probably know firsthand about the general craze for Minecraft; perhaps you even have books and toys on the subject. I began to think about whether this block game can teach your children something and decided to tell you how to get kids interested in programming while playing Minecraft. We have already tried to learn to code in Scratch, but children like Minecraft even more than this language. So I decided to build on Minecraft.

Getting started


This is exactly what I decided not to do with children. They're small, and I wanted to make sure that we can focus on the "big stuff" so that the kids get the "bang for their buck" from programming right away, rather than boring setup before they can start programming. It's good that I did just that: during installation, some hitches were discovered that could well spoil the children's mood. By the way, we worked on a Mac.


  • Use a normal account when installing. At first, I tried to work with the child's account by activating parental controls on it. Unfortunately, in this case, not only the capabilities of Minecraft itself are limited, but also the set of command line calls that may be needed is narrowed. This account does not require administrator rights.
  • Install the full client version of Minecraft. Since kids often play Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) on iPads, it took us a while to realize that this version didn't allow us to connect to a modified Minecraft server, which we did with CanaryMod. The client version can be purchased from the Minecraft website. Be sure to choose a strong password.
  • Install Java if you haven't already. Without Java, you will not be able to work with the modified server.
  • Finally, links: make sure the versions you are working with are compatible with each other, otherwise the ScriptCraft plugin will not load correctly.

This is what I worked with:

  • CanaryMod-1.2.0_0.jar
  • Scriptcraft-3.1.12


Need to understand: If you are required to “start the server”, then this means:

  • Open terminal
  • Go to directory
  • Enter
    java -jar CanaryMod-1.2.0_0.jar

If everything worked correctly, you should see the following:

Note that if you installed the ScriptCraft plugin correctly, you should also see "Found 1 plugin".
The status ends with a command line prompt for the working server. To gracefully exit the server when you're done, return to the terminal and simply type "stop". If you do not do this and close the terminal window, or press Ctrl-Z, then the corresponding Java process will hang on the port where CanaryMod was launched - by default 25565. In this case, you will have problems as soon as you try to start again server.

Navigating Minecraft

If you don't play Minecraft regularly (not like me), then make sure you know how to navigate the game.
The only question I couldn't find an answer to in the online manuals and a simple Google search was how to open the door without destroying it. In the end, I adapted to lay the path with Ctrl + click. Then you can not demolish the beautiful doors of houses and other buildings :). It is strange that the children preferred to break in everywhere, not sparing the doors. Hmmmm…

So let's go

When you first launch the Minecraft client, set up multiplayer mode. The manuals say that just "localhost" is used for the connection, but in fact you need to set
localhost: where port is either the default port for CanaryMod, i. e. 25565, or another port you may have specified in the CanaryMod configuration file.

Then try typing some text on the command line. Please note that the command line is available both in the Minecraft client itself and in the terminal window from which you launched the CanaryMod server. Sometimes it seems that the client does not respond to all keystrokes. My eldest likes to say “something is buggy” in this case. In this case, you need to restart the Minecraft client, and sometimes even the CanaryMod server.

If you do not want to be distracted by all sorts of monsters and creatures trying to devour your character, immediately set the game mode so that you can create. This can be done either in the config file or on the Minecraft command line by typing: /gamemode c
. In this case, you and your children will be able to come to grips with programming and playing, and not saving your character.

How to get kids excited

First, let's make sure ScriptCraft works:

/js 1 + 1

Starting with an exercise in which we learn how to programmatically create boxes, this uses a one-line call:

/js box(5,3,2,4)

The result is an oak box with id 5, which has the specified width, depth and height. It appeared in the air as we started from the point where the crosshair was.

Children immediately became interested if we could create animals here, for example, cows or horses:

/jsp spawn cow

/jsp spawn horse

These calls are different from what we did when creating blocks: they are preceded by /js, not /jsp. Remember the "op" command? It allows you to make powerful calls with /js that should not be made available to all players.

If it starts to rain or get dark in the game world, you can show your child the following quick commands to bring back a nice sunny day:

/time set 1000

/weather clear

Parent Demo

I had a hard time getting my kids to stop playing Minecraft and do some simple exercises to get them excited about coding. To do this, you need to carefully look at what children are doing in Minecraft and tell them what things can be done much faster with just a couple of lines of code. Here are some suggestions:

Show how to create a cylinder from cake blocks using a cylinder function that takes a cake id, radius, and height. My eldest daughter was completely delighted that in this square world you can make cylinders, moreover, from a cake (id 92). She switched to survival mode with the command game mode s
and “ate” cakes with appetite, in Minecraft this improves her health. Ah, if only it were like this in real life too :) . Do not forget to move the cross so that all these objects do not line up on top of each other.
/js cottage()

/js cottage_road()

/js fort()

/js castle()

Then show how to tile one of these structures with slugs. The children suggested that if we did this, our character could have fun flying in the clouds and landing in a virtual trampoline house. Slug blocks are mentioned in gamepedia, their id is 165.

You can even add a dance floor in one of the buildings:

/js dancefloor()

Free up a lot of space to make it easier to place different structures on it.

Learn more