How to do a good robot dance

How to do the robot

Learn how to dance like a robot in this video tutorial! Robot dancing is really all about dime stops from popping dance style. In this video you will learn how to dance the robot easily with foundational popping concepts.

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If we go to one of the purest forms and definitions of popping, it is actually to act or imitate as a robot. Robotics is all about dime stops. So dime stops is another huge fundamental dance style of popping. And it is the ability to freeze at a point in time.

Now technically speaking, you don’t even really have to hit to do dime stops. It’s more of just about the freeze. You definitely see a lot of poppers do a miniature hip when they dime stop.

Dime stop is definitely used a lot in robotics and I think it’s a great tool to use to develop patience when you dance. Starting out, it’s really easy to get caught in, “I got to do this. I got to go over here and do that.” But dime stops force you to freeze. So practicing dime stops can develop patience which is an awesome thing to have starting out.

So dime stops are I think a really easy move you can do on the first try. It’s just about freezing. So I’m going to give you a pattern to follow. Start with the left and the right arm to match it. And I’m just going to pick four corners. So I’m going to go left, down, down right, right. Pop.

Now, I want to add a little bit more. I’m going to start using my heels to turn. Heels. Head.

Robotics is actually I think one of my favorite dance styles. I found myself roboting throughout the whole day. Roboting is definitely something that you can take your natural day-to-day movements and turn that into robotic style kind of dime stops.

So for example, let’s say I’m at dinner table. That’s the way I’m going to sit down. I put my arms out, set my plate right here, instead of just reaching out to get my fork and grab, I can go. So really, it’s just about using a regular way of doing things and thinking like a robot and using dime stops to kind of beat your communication for interpreting that as a dance.

I want you to think of a natural thing you do every day whether it’s brushing teeth or [0:02:26] [Indiscernible] and interpret that right now as a robot. If you were a robot, how would blank? OK? Fill that spot in. And we’ll catch you guys again.

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How To Robot Dance - Easy Robot Dance Moves

You do not have to be a trained classical dancer to learn the robot dance. The robot dance has two versions - the Michael Jackson one and the “everybody” robot dance. While you may take time to perfect the legendary Michael Jackson moves, you can try your legs and arms at the “everybody” robot dance, for sure. Moreover, with dedicated practice, you can master them in no time. The robot dance, also known as mannequin dance style, demands imitating the dancing motions of robots to come up with a crooked yet cool dance form. With a little patience and constant practice, you can melt hearts on the dance floor and have a good time. So what are you waiting for? Put on some dance music, like “Mr. Roboto” by Styx or “Kyur for Itch” by Linkin Park, and set the stage on fire. Learn some easy robot dance moves by steering through the instructions stated below. Watch all the heads turn as you display some of your coolest robotic dance moves amongst the crowd.


Easy Robot Dance Moves


Set Your Back Taut

Remember, robots have their vertebrae missing and the whole idea behind doing a robot dance is to imitate robotic movements. Thus, the accuracy of your movements will judge how successfully and efficiently have you done your robot dance. Therefore, keeping your back firm and stiff is the backbone of any robot dance move.


Bend Your Arms

Bend both your arms at the elbow forming a 90 degree angle. Maintaining the position, raise one arm at a time, such that the open palm reaches your eye level. The move is one of the signature steps in a robot dance and should resemble a chopping motion. Alternately, raise your arms throughout the dance while maintaining a slow pace.


Pivot Your Head

While raising your arms alternately at a slow pace, swivel your head from right to left, repeating the motion at regular intervals. Make sure that your neck and head are upright and taut to your best possibility. Combined with your arms, this completes the upper-body portion of the robot dance.


Walk Around

Though it is fine to keep your robot dance stationary, advanced robot dancers prefer to use their legs and move around displaying their skills and talent. To mete such potential robot companions, you can start walking around while performing the upper-body movements. However, maintain your pace in your walking as slow as in your arms and head. As your raise one arm, take a step, keeping your legs bent at the knees in 45 degree angle.


Bend At The Waist

After you have mastered the above steps, reveal your perfection and talent by continuing with this move. Keeping your back taut and stiff, perform all the steps combined together and bend at your waist in a 45 degree angle occasionally. While maintaining the bent position, you can let lose your arm swinging it back and forth like a pendulum. To show your flair and style, end your robot dance with a robotic bow.

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