How much do justin bieber dancers make

How Much Do Justin Bieber Backup Dancers Make? [Comprehensive Answer]

How much do justin bieber backup dancers make?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing more specifics about the backup dancers in question. Generally speaking, backup dancers make anywhere from $50-$200 per hour, with the average being closer to $100 per hour. This ranges widely based on experience, geographical location, and the size and budget of the dance company or artist they are working for. For example, backup dancers working for a major artist on a world tour can make significantly more money than those working for a smaller artist or dance company.

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How much do Justin Bieber's backup dancers make per show?

As of 2019, Justin Bieber's backup dancers are estimated to make $50-$100 per show. This wage is significantly lower than what is typically earned by backup dancers working for other artists. For example, Beyonce's backup dancers make an average of $600 per show. It is important to note that the average wage for a backup dancer does not include additional money that may be earned through tips, merch sales, or other forms of compensation. Justin Bieber's backup dancers likely earn less money per show because Justin Bieber is not as established or as popular as other artists.

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How much do Justin Bieber's backup dancers make per year?

Backup dancers for Justin Bieber are paid a salary of $52,000 per year. Dancers are also given the opportunity to earn bonuses and residuals based on ticket sales and merchandise sales.

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How much do Justin Bieber's backup dancers make in total?

Justin Bieber's backup dancers are paid a total of $1,890 per month. This is their regular salary, and does not include any potential bonuses or additional payments.

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How much do Justin Bieber's backup dancers make per dance?

Backup dancers for Justin Bieber are paid $500 per show, or $250 per rehearsal. Rehearsals are typically held the day before the show, and last for about five hours. Performances are typically around an hour long.

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How much do Justin Bieber's backup dancers make per minute?

Justin Bieber's backup dancers are paid a very competitive salary. Although their exact salary is unknown, it is estimated that they make around $60,000 per year. This equates to approximately $1,154 per week, or $2.88 per minute. This is a very respectable salary, especially considering the demanding nature of their work. Bieber's backup dancers are required to be in excellent physical shape and are expected to perform complex choreography flawlessly. They must also be able to learn new routines quickly and be able to adapt to changes on the fly. In addition to their salary, Bieber's backup dancers also receive many perks, such as free travel and access to exclusive events.

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How much do Justin Bieber's backup dancers make when they are not dancing?

It is difficult to say how much Justin Bieber's backup dancers make when they are not dancing, as their salaries are not publicly disclosed. However, we can infer that they make significantly less money when they are not working as dancers than when they are. This is because dancers are typically paid an hourly rate for rehearsals and performances, and they only work when they are needed. It islikely that Bieber's dancers are paid a per-performance rate, meaning they only make money when they are actually dancing. Therefore, when they are not dancing, they are not making money.

While we cannot say for certain how much Bieber's dancers make when they are not dancing, we can speculate that it is significantly less than their usual earnings. This is because they are only paid for their time dancing, and they are not guaranteed any work when they are not dancing. Therefore, they likely have to find other sources of income when they are not dancing, such as other jobs or freelancing work.

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How much do Justin Bieber's backup dancers make in tips?

Backup dancers for Justin Bieber make an average of $150 in tips per show. However, this amount can vary greatly depending on the venue, the size of the audience, and other factors. For example, backup dancers who perform at large stadiums or arenas can make significantly more in tips than those who perform at smaller clubs or theaters. Additionally, backup dancers who have been with Bieber for a longer period of time or who have gained a certain amount of notoriety may also be able to command higher wages.

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How much do Justin Bieber's backup dancers make from merchandise sales?

When it comes to how much Justin Bieber's backup dancers make from merchandise sales, it really varies. Some backup dancers may make a percentage of the sales from the merchandise that is sold at the concert venues, while others may make a set salary. Some backup dancers may also receive a commission for any merchandise that is sold through their own personal website or through a company that they are endorsed by. Ultimately, it depends on the contract that the backup dancer has with Justin Bieber and his team.

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Related Questions

How much does a backup dancer get paid?

Backup dancers typically make $17.15 per hour in 2017, with some earning more and some earning less than that.

Who is Justin Bieber’s dance partner?

Shreibman is Bieber’s dance partner on the “Believe” world tour.

How much do professional dancers get paid on a tour?

Professional dancers on a tour typically get paid between $5000 and $10,000 per week.

What happened to David Shreibman after Justin Bieber 65th concert?

David Shreibman was found unresponsive outside of the MGM Grand at about 2 a.m. on Oct. 5, after his night of dancing and celebrating with friends concluded at the final concert of the "Purpose" tour in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reports stated that an investigation revealed that Shreibman had died from intoxication due to dehydration and malnutrition, likely as a result of overeating andbinging late into the night. They also suggest he may have sought medical attention for dehydration but not received adequate treatment because he was not sober enough at the time to identify himself as such.

Is backup dancing a good career?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the hours and physical strain required for a career in backup dancing will vary depending on your dance training and experience. However, according to a 2016 study published in "The Arts Journal," many backup dancers report that the job is challenging but rewarding. Many participants say that they enjoy the opportunity to work closely with celebrity professionals and see their skills developed through regular practice.

How much do backup dancers get paid at Disney World?

Backup dancers at Disney World are paid $16.05 per hour.

What is the meaning of backup dancer?

Backup dancers provide visual symmetry and rhythm to accompany the music in live musical acts or music videos.

Who is Justin Bieber’s girlfriend?

Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend: What We Know So Far! www. Just last week, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were seen out at a social function and it seems like their break up may have been finalized.

Who has Justin Bieber hooked up with?

Here are five of Justin Bieber's former girlfriends who you may be surprised to know he has been linked to!

Are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber still together?

Yes, they are still together.

Are Justin Bieber and Madison Beer still together?

Justin Bieber and Madison Beer are still together but there is no denying their chemistry in this photo!

How much do professional dancers get paid per performance?

Dancers can earn $500/performance or $2,000. Some contracts are 20K. As a stage dancer I earned $1500/week. It depends on if it is for a music video or concert or tour. There are talent agents. Some dancers earn 600 or 800 per week and others earn that in 1 day.

How much do you get paid when you tour the world?

The amount you get paid for touring the world depends on your experience, fame and contract. A common fee for a musician is around $10,000 a week.

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How Much Do Justin Bieber Backup Dancers Make

How Much Do Justin Bieber Backup Dancers Make

It was certified Platinum in the US. The 21-year-old hung out with Elysandra Quiñones one of his very own backup dancers while having some fun at the The Square Pig and Pen.

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Dancer Cj Salvador Justin Bieber Believe Justin Bieber Pictures Believe Tour

Who are the backup dancers for Justin.

. R10 depends on how many and what kind of credits they had coming in to the job which would have determined their starting negotiated salary and theyd get raises with every new contract signing. Theyre also given food and hotel accommodations on tour days as well as the standard 150 pay increase for rehearsals or performances meaning those who work with them can expect to be compensated between 50-150. Justin Bieber was charged by a Canadian court with assault and careless drivingThe Canadian pop-star plead guilty for an incident that happened last August.

For gigs including live performances music videos and industry engagements the pay should start at 175 for a one-to-four-hour commitment and 250 for. Ensemble minimum is currently 186100week so no one makes any less than that. There was just a new production contract negotiation that.

Last week Emma Portner a choreographer who functioned on Justin Biebers. Back up dancers also teach. Choreographer Emma Portner Says Justin Bieber Paid Her Less Than Minimum Wage By Helen Holmes 070219 403pm Emma Portner performing in.

The 27-year-old Purpose tour backup b-boy was decked out in full. Instead the payment you to be going to acquire exposure claimed Windy Tsoi a dancer and choreographer who states the story is typical. In the video Berntsen talks about the physical difficulties.

Although dancers do not have an official union some dancers may be part of Actors Equity or another theater union certain standards do exist to govern the working conditions of dance jobs. Fresh off Justin Biebers Purpose Tour backup dancer Mona Berntsen has released a thoughtful video looking exploring her profession. On the morning after his 65th Justin Bieber concert dancer David Shreibman was standing but just barely.

The average Backup Dancer salary in the United States is 35528 as of May 27 2021 but the salary range typically falls between 29285 and 44038. Running over justin bieber lyrics how old is justin bieber how tall is justin bieber all i want for christmas is you ft justin bieber how old is justin bieber how tall is justin bieber. Justin Bieber seems to be enjoying the single life.

Justin Biebers Albums and Songs Biebers launching album My World struck shops in November 2009 offering more than 137000 copies within a week. Although dancers do not have an official union some dancers may be part of Actors Equity or another theater union certain standards do exist to govern the working conditions of dance jobs. Im not relee sure but since my best friends uncle is one of his backup dancers ill.

For gigs including live performances music videos and industry engagements the pay should start at 175 for a one-to-four-hour commitment and 250 for working four-to-eight hours. Justin Drew Bieber born March 1 1994 is a Canadian singer and songwriter. How much money does a backup dancer earn.

Pay also depends on so many things. September 15 2015 359 AM. After a talent manager discovered him through his YouTube videos covering songs in 2008 and signed to RBMG Bieber released his debut EP My World in late 2009.

Ive been paid 10000 USD and Ive been paid 100000 USD. Being a back up dancer in KPop certainly will not make someone a millionaire. Some have the good fortune to choreograph.

The base salary for Backup Dancer ranges from 29649 to 44585 with the average base salary of 35969. Most have other jobs. Though backup dancers need to have enough personality and style to stand out at auditions they often learn they cant draw too much attention away from the main performer or the theme of a shoot.

About 10000 gig Who dances better Justin Bieber or Chris Brown. Touring backup dancers are paid a flat rate of 500 per show. Chris Brown and Justin Bieber are both very talented people and dancers but as much as i love Justin.

These charts show the average base salary core compensation as well as the average total cash compensation for the job of Backup Dancer in the United States. How much do justin bieber backup dancers make. Some dancers however jumped in the chance.

How much is the salary for Justin beabers dancers. He became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record. How much do you get paid as a K-pop backup dancer.

I think dancers earn 1700 i think dancers earn 1700. The total cash compensation which includes base and annual incentives can vary anywhere from 29649 to. How much do justin bieber backup dancers make.

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fortune for 2021, how much he earns per month and year, cars, real estate


  1. Who is this
  2. Earnings of a musician for different periods of time
  3. The path to success
  4. Popularity came unexpectedly 9004 60006
  5. Growth in earnings exponentially
  6. How much Bieber earns
  7. Details of Justin's fortune
  8. Singer's real estate
  9. Luxury on wheels
  10. Comparison with other singers
  11. Singer's expenses
  12. Charity
  13. Family members fortune
  14. 3 worst acts of the singer
  15. Interesting facts about Justin

He is rarely called on television, there are no concert tours, and the last album did not even enter the Top 100 popular songs. Nevertheless, he remains on everyone's lips, and many are interested in Justin Bieber's condition for 2021. Now the singer suffers from Lyme disease, and last year he did not get out of depression.

Who is this

  • date of birth - March 1, 1994;
  • place of birth - London, Canada;
  • height - 175 cm, weight - 53 kg;
  • residence - Waterloo, Canada;
  • marital status - married to Hailey Baldwin;
  • Education - Canadian Public School and Avon Public School;
  • occupation — musician, singer, actor;
  • pets - 2 Savannah cats "Sushi" and "Tuna".
  • favorite color is purple;
  • favorite movie - Stepbrothers;
  • social networks - Instagram

Earnings of a musician for different periods of time

Bieber is on the list of the richest people under 30 years old. The total fortune of Justin Bieber is estimated at 300 million dollars. Between 2017 and 2021, he earned approximately $83. 5 million.

Period Earnings (dollars) Earnings (rubles) 2.8 203.27

When there were concerts, Bieber could earn more than $100 million. Perhaps the state of health of the musician is to blame for their absence now.

The path to success

Justin started his singing career at an early age. According to the singer, he became interested in music from the age of 3, and independently began to learn to play the guitar, not without the help of his parents, of course.

Newborn Justin with parents

Newborn Justin with parents

Little Justin was a very active child

Justin started to get acquainted with drum music

Justin started getting into music with drums

Justin was also interested in sports

Justin Bieber and his first manager




Popularity came unexpectedly

When Justin was 12 years old, he entered a music competition called Stratford Idol. He earned 2nd place with his performance. His mother posted a video of the performance on YouTube to show to relatives. However, a lot of people watched the video, and she decided to post recordings of her son's other performances. At some point, Scooter Brown (a former producer) came across these videos and suggested Justin go to the studio to demo.

Millionaire at 14

It was at this age that his first single was released, which entered the top 10 hits in Canada. A little later, the first album was released, and very quickly went platinum. This was Justin Bieber's first $1-2 million 14 years old. In the photo at the beginning of his career, Justin Bieber looks like your neighbor with whom you played football in the yard.

Growth of earnings exponentially

The musician quickly became popular all over the world. In 2010, the famous singer Usher gave him a Land Rover. In 2011, the My World concert tour was in full swing. Despite the criticism, it turned out to be very profitable for the singer, and increased his fortune by $ 50 million. In the same year, Justin was included in the Forbes list.
By his adulthood, Justin managed to play many concerts, and sold a large number of copies of albums, which increased his fortune by another 150 million dollars.

How much does Bieber earn?

Now, besides selling albums, Bieber has a large number of sources of income. Let's see them in more detail.

Details about Justin's condition

The singer has no official salary, the main source of income is profit from the sale of albums, singles and concert tours. For example, each of his albums brought an average of 3 million dollars. The most successful of his career was the "Purpose" tour, which brought in almost $250 million, making this the most profitable year for Justin. Bieber himself receives about 70% of these amounts. Do not forget that after that he still pays taxes. The commercial success of the albums looks like this: My World 2.0 ($6,600,000), Under the Mistletoe ($15,000,000), Believe ($2,670,000), Purpose ($8,715,000), Changes (about $7,000,000) .

The single "Baby" became Justin's most successful single with sales of over 4,300,000 copies, increasing his net worth by almost $10,000,000.

The singer's YouTube channel brings him an average of $130,000 per month. Justin's autobiographical film "Never Say Never" brought him about $70 million. The picture was released in 2011, and Justin played himself.

Since 2014, he has been advertising Calvin Klein products. This increases Bieber's fortune by $40 million a year.

In addition, Justin owns a clothing website. The cost of one item can reach $100. Justin also launches his line of perfumes in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden. For all the time, about 7 flavors were released. It is known that the first brought him 60 million dollars.

Justin Bieber stickers can be found on Twitter. In the first days after the release, they were free, but now the price is $3. His account has over 100,000 followers, but the exact number of purchases is unknown. Even if a third of the people bought emoticons, he was able to get $100,000.

[Total_Soft_Poll id="179"]

Singer's property

Bieber's main home in Los Angeles, ion is worth approximately $11 million. Two years ago, he bought a luxurious mansion in Canada on the shores of Pushlynch Lake. It cost Justin $7 million.

Luxury on wheels

Justin Bieber's fortune allows him to buy the best models of cars. The first one, a Ferrari F430, was bought by him in 2009 for $200,000. In 2010, he was presented with two cars - Land Rover ($100,000) and Lamborghini Gallardo ($200,000). In 2012, he was presented with Fisker Karma ($110,000). In the same year, he bought a Ferrari 458 Italia for $350,000. He also has two motorcycles in his fleet, with a total value of $50,000.

Comparison with other singers

Let's see who has increased his fortune more or less, in comparison with Justin Bieber.

No. Name Annual income (in dollars) Dre 950 000 000
2 Taylor Swift 825 000 000
3 Beyonce 685 000 000
4 Lady Gaga 500 000 000
5 Justin Bieber 83 500 000
6 Yegor Creed 3 000 000

quite modestly, but still good, taking into account that it is recently affected by jistal. not really.

Justin Bieber's first studio album My World 2.0

Justin Bieber's first studio album My World 2.0

Justin's second studio album - Under the Mistletoe

Justin's third album - Believe

Third Album of Justin - BelievE

Four plate of Justin - Purpose

The latter currently album - Changes



NEXT 9000 9000 9000


Jastin BIST. spend the money you earn on trinkets. So, for example, he bought a piece of jewelry of his own design for $25,000. The singer had to pay the same amount for spitting in the face of a neighbor during a quarrel. A trip to a beauty salon costs him another $ 750 a month. Most of all, of course, goes to pay for housing. Rumor has it that he pays about $ 80,000 for a mansion in the USA alone. And we complain about the high communal. Although, given his condition, this is not such a lot of money.


Justin founded Believe Charity. In addition, he collaborated with other foundations, such as Pencils of Promise, which were building schools in third world countries. When the musician was 17, he asked his fans and relatives not to give him gifts, but to donate money to charity. Justin blogged that he wants as many children as possible to live to be 17.

Condition of family members

Justin has been married to Hailey Baldwin since 2021. This is a famous American model, the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin. She has over 20 million followers on Instagram and earns from ads. For 2021, her total fortune is estimated at $3,000,000.

Parents - Jeremy Jack Bieber and Patty Mallet. The father left the family when Justin was a child, but the couple managed to maintain friendly relations. Their total annual income is about $100,000.

3 worst things a singer did

Justin Bieber fans may be the most loyal people on the planet. They did not turn their backs on their idol, even when he spat on them from the balcony in 2013. What for? Even he can't answer that question.
He used to have a pet capuchin monkey named Molly. Once, he waited 8 hours for her to arrive, delaying the departure of a private jet. It would seem that a devoted friend, but in 2014 he abandoned the unfortunate animal in one of the cities in Germany. But her fate was successful - she was taken under guardianship by the zoo staff.
In one of the restaurants in New York, Bieber got very drunk, after which he relieved himself in a bucket for mopping the floors. It is unlikely that his condition can be a mitigating circumstance.

Interesting facts about Justin

Singer's career requires him to travel a lot, but he categorically dislikes airplanes and uses them as a last resort. He has a special bus, equipped with everything necessary, on which he moves around the country, although this takes longer.

Justin is partial to his female fans. He loves to hug and kiss them.

During a performance in Argentina, Justin greatly offended the local population with his behavior. He used the country's flag as a rag and wiped the floor with it.

One day he canceled his concert in order to go to the hospital to see a girl suffering from leukemia. A little later, he cut his hair, sold it at auction for $12,000, and transferred the money to the animal welfare fund.

Justin Bieber's health is frightening. He was diagnosed with the deadly Lyme disease and chronic mononucleosis.

Fans often give him soft toys that he collects.

There were rumors that Hailey Bieber could not have children, but at the end of 2021 it became known that she was expecting a child.

There are many ways to relate to Justin Bieber. But one cannot deny the fact that this is a successful media personality. He was making millions at an age when most of us were still batting nettles. And he achieved success thanks to his talent. He writes the lyrics himself, and invests himself in them, which allowed him to make such a fortune.

Teen idol Justin Bieber conquers Silicon Valley

18-year-old pop idol Justin Bieber not only sings - he is very successful in investing in technology startups in the early stages

Leaning on a mixer in a Hollywood recording studio, 18-year-old pop Idol Justin Bieber makes an offer that would send millions of puberty girls around the world into hysteria: listen to a compilation of songs from his next album, Believe. “It's just a bomb,” the singer convinces. A second later, a heartfelt love song in the spirit of early Michael Jackson sounds from the speakers, the power of which would be enough for the whole stadium. On the third tune, Bieber jumps up from his seat and shows his version of the moonwalk.

He deserved this victory dance. Debuting just three years ago, Bieber has already sold 15 million copies of his albums, made 157 tours in 24 countries, which brought in $150 million. His biography film Never Say Never grossed about $100 million at the box office, and the proceeds from the sale of his fragrance has exceeded $60 million for half a year. Of all this money over the past two years, Bieber himself is estimated to be owed $108 million. He is ranked third on the Forbes list of the most influential celebrities. How does he do it? “I think Bieber is half-human, half-alien,” jokes show business veteran Timothy Timbaland Mosley.

Bieber has 21 million Twitter followers - only Lady Gaga has more on the planet, 43 million Facebook fans - more than US presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama combined. His ballad Baby is the most viewed video in YouTube history (740 million views). Bieber's talent to charm people and make money is undeniable. But even more amazing is what he does with that money.

After the dance, Bieber jumps to the keyboard and starts strumming a fresh beat on the complex equipment as easily as a previous generation pop star would pluck the strings on a rhythm guitar. "Can you fix what I just did?" he asks the engineer. And he adds: “I am amused by the technical side of it all.”

Bieber's tech-savvy is at the heart of his strategy to transform fleeting fame into long-term income. Instead of investing in stocks of well-known companies, the singer invests in technology startups early on. “I'm not going to invest in something I don't like. I have to believe in the product,” says Bieber. According to his manager, the singer has a stake in a dozen such companies. Which ones, exactly, is kept secret.

Forbes was able to install four. These are the messaging platform Tinychat, the social app Stamped, the gaming company Sojo Studios and the music service Spotify, where all the famous venture capitalists from Sean Parker to Li Ka-Shing have invested. Bieber is one of the most visible examples of new Hollywood fashion: tech-savvy celebrities use their names to secure stakes in Silicon Valley's favorite companies, while other VCs smoke nervously on the sidelines.

A little over a year ago, when asked by Forbes about financial matters (at the Grammy Awards), Bieber escaped with the phrase: "I have a manager." Now he seems to delve deeper into business issues: "Every week I learn something new from the manager and lawyer about my business, about what I need for my career."

Looking for business opportunities for Bieber is Scott Brown, known to everyone as "Scooter" - a fitting nickname for a 30-year-old manager who works with a teen idol. The story of how Brown discovered Bieber four years ago has become a legend and deserves to be cited at least briefly.

Bieber grew up in the Canadian town of Stratford of 30,000, a two-hour drive from Toronto. His mother was only 18 when he was born, she raised Justin alone. They lived in an apartment provided by the state. “Yellow pile carpets. And mice,” Bieber recalls. His passion for music helped him forget about mice - he learned to play the piano, guitar, trumpet and drums. At the age of 12, he won second place in a local talent competition for his arrangement of the song by singer Ne-Yo So Sick. His mother posted a video of his performance on YouTube for those friends who couldn't make it to the show. And she began to regularly upload videos with arrangements of soul songs performed by her son.

Brown was then a party promoter in Atlanta and a not-so-famous music manager. When the singer Akon asked him to search YouTube for fresh ideas, Brown came across one of Bieber's amateur videos. I began to look at others and was amazed at the variety of talents of the young man. After finding Bieber's mother, he invited her and Justin to fly to Atlanta to audition for him and singer Usher.

“I didn't even think it was possible,” Bieber admits. “I lived in a small town, stories like this just never happened there.” Before the Web 2.0 era, this may have been the case. In March 2008, the audition took place. Brown immediately became Bieber's manager, and his joint venture with Usher - the label Raymond Braun Media Group - signed a contract with the singer. They soon secured a deal for Bieber with Island Def Jam. His first single in July 2009year topped the top twenty hits, and the debut demo album My World in the same autumn received universal recognition. In December, President Obama invited Bieber to speak at the White House.

Quick fame is explained not only by performing talent. The Bieber cultural phenomenon is born of social media. He opened a Twitter account in June 2009 and by September had amassed 1 million fans (in 2010, a Twitter spokesman admitted that 3% of the content was taken up by Bieber-related tweets). He became one of the first users of Instagram, a photo-sharing service that was recently bought by Facebook for $1 billion. Here, Bieber boasts the largest number of followers - he has 1.5 million of them. His girlfriend is singer and actress Selena Gomez, who is on two years older than him, is in third place with 1.4 million followers. “Before, the life of an artist was surrounded by mystery,” says Bieber. “Now there is no secret - the fans want communication, they want you to post photos on Instagram, how you have breakfast in a cafe.”

Social media exposure is one of the factors that Brown converts into money when looking for deals related to venture investments or Justin's brand promotion. “We're always looking for something new,” says Brown. “If we go into a project and put Justin’s name, brand, image and influence on social media next to it, then we are trying to get decent compensation for this.”

In many ways, Bieber and Brown are the most promising talent-manager pairing since Elvis Presley and Colonel Tom Parker. Both managers became famous for discovering young talent, and both had the problem of promoting their players in a volatile market - among young fans whose tastes change quickly.

But if Parker took on every opportunity, Brown is sensible. He believes that long-term success requires selectivity. “I don’t let him get involved in everything – just what he likes,” he says. By turning Bieber into one of the world's most unorthodox venture capitalists, Brown has demonstrated the benefits of such a philosophy.

The idea that Bieber should invest in startups first occurred to Brown three years ago, when rapper Diddy invested in Ciroc vodka and Jay-Z launched a line of sneakers with Reebok. But teenagers—Bieber's audience—can't buy vodka, and not all of them can afford $150 shoes. The only thing they consume in unlimited quantities is social media. “I told Bieber, here you can have a huge impact and do more than just make your money work,” recalls Brown. “You work hard and these startups benefit from what you do. You have to be part of the process." Bieber adds, "Social media has kick-started my career."

Bieber started investing in startups in 2009. It is known that in January 2011, he and Brown joined the financing of Tinychat for $1.5 million along with the A-Grade investment fund. Personal contacts helped - A-Grade is headed by actor Ashton Kutcher, billionaire Ron Berkley and Guy Osiri, Madonna's manager. In May of that year, Bieber joined Google Ventures and Bain Capital to invest in Stamped, an app that allows users to rate everything from restaurants to music. Sweden-based music service Spotify is Bieber's biggest investment yet. The founder of the startup, Daniel Ek, specifically raised several artists as shareholders in order to increase the credibility of the service before launching in the United States. Next up is Viddy, a video-sharing app with an Instagram-like interface.

Brown has a management team that selects startups. But Bieber remains a self-confident teenager who believes he has the world in his hands. His assessment of technologies and trends ultimately determines which projects are given a chance and which are not. Some projects have appeared in the portfolio thanks to his own contacts. For example, not so long ago, TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres drew Bieber's attention to Sojo Studios, a social gaming company. Soon he joined her as an investor. One of his favorite products is the WeTopia Facebook game. Similar to FarmVille, players also collect virtual points that can be paid out as donations to charities.

Bieber typically invests around $250,000 and gets a share of the early-stage investor price that could help the startup in the long run. Brown does not disclose the size of the singer's portfolio, but says that investments in startups range from 2% to 5% of his capital. Forbes estimates Bieber's fortune at $80 million, that is, roughly speaking, venture capital investments could be $3 million. His agent for this tour, AEG Live, guaranteed him $80 million for 125 concerts. Anyone who believes that Bieber is a momentary whim of the public should take note of this figure. “It's not just an internal American phenomenon, it's a global phenomenon,” says Randy Phillips, CEO of AEG.

Bieber's Believe tour performance will not only appeal to young female fans. For the singer, this will be a key step on the way from a youth idol to an idol of a more mature audience. “It's not really a transformation, it's just the opening of a new door,” he insists. "I'm trying to make music that appeals to people of all ages without abandoning my young fans."

Bieber is often compared to another Justin - Timberlake, an ex-star of a male group, who also became interested in venture capital investment. Like Timberlake, Bieber is getting more serious about acting and plans to co-star alongside Mark Wahlberg in a 2013 basketball film. But Bieber himself claims that he has only one role model - Michael Jackson. Inspired by the generosity of the King of Pop, Bieber says he includes a philanthropic component in every deal he makes: "People bought 20 of Jackson's records because he did good deeds."

The choice of AEG to promote Bieber's tour is no coincidence: AEG's chief executive Randy Phillips was a long-term partner of Jackson. Rodney Jerkins, producer of Believe, worked on Jackson's latest hits. The first day Bieber walked into the studio, a producer played him a video of Jackson singing in a recording booth; Bieber watched the video twice. "There's something about Justin that reminds me of Michael," says Jerkins. “This applies not only to music, but also to personality.”

And why not? Jackson was a trendsetter during MTV's media breakthrough. And Bieber claims to be the king of social media (regarding Lady Gaga, Justin responds with disdain: “Her fans on the Internet appeared only after she began performing on the big stage”). And just as Jackson's investment in the Beatles' discography was an excellent insurance against bankruptcy, Bieber's comfortable life may someday be provided not so much by his songs as by the assets acquired thanks to them.

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