How to do a dance moms bun

How To Do Maddie Ziegler's Bun Perfectly Every Time


by Lindsey Rose Black

Sia's mini-me muse might only be 12, but the girl has already got some serious style. If you're not totally familiar with Maddie Ziegler, you might only know her with a platinum wig. If you're a hardcore fan, however, you've probably been wondering how to do Maddie Ziegler's bun forever, because it's definitely one of her areas of expertise aside from dancing. What's more, it's the perfect hairstyle to compliment the fall ballerina off-duty trend. If you want to recreate the tiny dancer's perfect 'do, you came to the right place. I spent a full forty minutes on YouTube to find the best Maddie Ziegler bun tutorials so you don't have to. Don't worry, you can thank me later.

If you're not already obsessed with pint-sized Ziegler, you should be. The girl has more #hustle than most adults, and the talent to match. Already a professional triple threat, she's also quite a talented makeup artist. Ziegler told Fashionista, "If I weren't dancing or acting and singing, I would definitely be a [beauty] YouTuber. It just seems so fun." Since Ziegler is only 12, she's literally got all the time in the world to explore her future!

When Ziegler isn't rocking her iconic ballerina bun, she keeps it simple with "either a ponytail, a messy bun, or side braid," she told Fashionista. Her go-to products are Big Sexy hairspray, and, as a former Texan pageant girl, I can vouch for how good that stuff is!

She also loves Tigi Bed Head and said, "It's like a lotion for your hair that makes it really shiny." Make sure to nab both those products for the ultimate Ziegler-esque bun!

But if you're really trying to nail Ziegler's enviable bun, you need to stock up on some bobby pins. A lot of them. She told Betsey Johnson during an interview for Elle that her secret to creating the perfect ballerina bun is not just hairspray, but also hardware. "When I'm dancing, it needs a lot of bobby pins... if you want that perfect "ballerina" bun, you'll need about 15." She went on to say that one time, she had to use 100 to keep it in place. I can't imagine how awful that would be to pull out after. Yeesh.

Here are 3 ways to learn how to recreate Maddie's oh-so-perfect bun.

1. Classic Sophia Lucia Bun

This young girl knows what she's doing! Her video is simple and straightforward.

2. Lace Braided Sophia Lucia Bun

This is definitely a step up in complexity, but worth the effort.

3. Thick Bun For Thin Hair

Thinner-haired ladies represent! This tutorial is all about maximizing thin hair and still getting a beautiful, full bun.

Image Credit: Maddie Ziegler/Instagram; Gianna Verrico, Cute Girls Hairstyles, USAICE/YouTube

how to do dance mom bun



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Ellie Miller

Reply to @xin_out23 here you go! Good luck! 🤗 #momtok #momsoftiktok #momlife #mombun #hairtutorial #hairhack #bunchallenge #fyp

TikTok video from Ellie Miller (@elliekets): "Reply to @xin_out23 here you go! Good luck! 🤗 #momtok #momsoftiktok #momlife #mombun #hairtutorial #hairhack #bunchallenge #fyp". 5 second “mom bun” tutorial. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes).


Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) - Edison Lighthouse



Hair tutorial for my fellow dancers #fypシ #fyp #dance #dancerslife #dancehair #tutorial

440 Likes, 20 Comments. TikTok video from Morgan (@morgan_coughenour): "Hair tutorial for my fellow dancers #fypシ #fyp #dance #dancerslife #dancehair #tutorial". Dance bun tutorial | That doesn’t fall out. Everybody Wants To Rule The World.


Everybody Wants To Rule The World - The Moving Stills



Throw back to not being pregnant and my favorite bun 😍 #buntutorial #mombun #hairtutorial #easyhairstyles #hairhacks #simplehairstyle

637 Likes, 5 Comments. TikTok video from Courtney (@courtneyy_travis): "Throw back to not being pregnant and my favorite bun 😍 #buntutorial #mombun #hairtutorial #easyhairstyles #hairhacks #simplehairstyle". Wannabe x Best Friend remix.


Wannabe x Best Friend remix - Malibu Babie



Dance hair in 1 minute (i wish it only took that long) #dancebun #balletbun #dancehairstyle #fyp #dancerecitalhair #dancemoms #dancemom

351 Likes, 10 Comments. TikTok video from Jenizzle (@stfujenizzle): "Dance hair in 1 minute (i wish it only took that long) #dancebun #balletbun #dancehairstyle #fyp #dancerecitalhair #dancemoms #dancemom". Paper Planes.


Paper Planes - M.I.A.



for everyone who asked this is how u do the hair thing #fyp

129K Likes, 160 Comments. TikTok video from SimplyMade (@emmarylee_): "for everyone who asked this is how u do the hair thing #fyp". ⚠️HAIR BUN TUTORIAL FOR THIS DANCE⚠️. original sound.


original sound - Ant🪐


Dance Mom Dana

If you have suggestions for how to make this bun better, please drop it in the comments. I want to love it, I’m just not there yet #dancemoms #dancemomlife #balletbun #balanchinebun #buntutorial #hairtok #naturalhair #brownballerina #curltok #bunhead #fyp #ballet

40. 8K Likes, 141 Comments. TikTok video from Dance Mom Dana (@dancemomdana): "If you have suggestions for how to make this bun better, please drop it in the comments. I want to love it, I’m just not there yet #dancemoms #dancemomlife #balletbun #balanchinebun #buntutorial #hairtok #naturalhair #brownballerina #curltok #bunhead #fyp #ballet". Attempting | Curly Hair | CLASSIC | .... Sia.


Sia - Xeptemper


Eva Hurtig

Reply to @kenraprofessional @olaplex #hair #hairtutorial #dancer #bun #fyp #dance #dancertok #ballet #ballettok

1.1K Likes, 12 Comments. TikTok video from Eva Hurtig (@eva.hurtig5): "Reply to @kenraprofessional @olaplex #hair #hairtutorial #dancer #bun #fyp #dance #dancertok #ballet #ballettok". MIDDLE BUN TUTORIAL!!. space girl.


space girl - Frances Forever

iDanceDaily Dance Fitness

Ballet bun tutorial. Is this how you do your ballet bun? #idancedaily #balletbun #balletbuntutorial #ballettutorial #ballet #dance #dancing #dancer #motherdaughter #fitness #fit #music #onlinedanceclass #onlinedanceteacher #tiktok #tiktoklovers #love #video #lifestyle #foryou #lovedancing #foryoupage #fyp #tiktok

TikTok video from iDanceDaily Dance Fitness (@idancedaily. "Ballet bun tutorial. Is this how you do your ballet bun? #idancedaily #balletbun #balletbuntutorial #ballettutorial #ballet #dance #dancing #dancer #motherdaughter #fitness #fit #music #onlinedanceclass #onlinedanceteacher #tiktok #tiktoklovers #love #video #lifestyle #foryou #lovedancing #foryoupage #fyp #tiktok". You Will Need: | Ballet Bun Tutorial | •Hair Elastic •Hair Net • 8-10 Bobby Pins. original sound.


original sound - iDanceDaily Dance Fitness

May there always be a mother | Educational Social Network

MBU BC S. Frunze Saksky district

Feast scenario for senior preschoolers

Musical leader Kvasova Ksenia Vladimirovna


Leading 1,



Grandma Grandma Matryona (Boy)

Grandmother Claudia (Boy)


BACKGROUND 1 Children enter the hall to the sound of the song "MAMA" (Only one word on the planet MAMA . ..)


Perform a dance composition.
They stand in a semicircle at the central wall, leaving a passage for the leaders. The presenters come out, stand in the middle of the hall, congratulate everyone on the holiday.

Presenter 1: Good afternoon, our dear guests!

Presenter 2: We are glad to see you again in our festive hall!

Presenter 1: March 8 is Women's Day. We are accustomed to it, as to a good and spring holiday. We love him for pleasant chores, for the smiles of our mothers, and therefore all women.

Presenter 2: Mom is the closest, dearest and most affectionate person on earth. On this day, it is customary to give flowers. Today, accept an unusual spring bouquet from us on a holiday, which consists of songs, games, and words of congratulations!

Leaders go to the side walls, children-readers go to the middle of the hall.

Boy 1. Spring is coming around the world And now there is no winter.
We recognized Spring by joyful signs

Boy 2. We recognized it by the windows open everywhere,
We learned from the paths, from the snowy water.

Boy 3 Along the street, along the flexible brooks.
And at home by the smiles of our beloved mothers!

The song "You are the best in the world, mother!"

1. I love your sonorous laugh, mother!

You are the best in the set, mom!

Open the door to a fairy tale, give me a smile,

Mom, mom, mom!

2. If you sing a song, mother,

Then you will hear the rain, mother!

Say good morning to me-

The sun will flash in the window, mother, mother, mother!

3. Look at the stars from above, mother!

It's good that you are near, mom!

Smile, sing songs, I will always be with you,

Mom, mom, mom!

Presenter 1: There is no dearer mother in the world!
Her love. ..,
will warm you from birth.

Presenter 2: You come into the World so helpless.
And the first breath and the first cry... and tears in my eyes.

1 boy. Then, tears of joy, a baby came into the world.
Welcome dear! - Whisper softly "MOM!"

2 boy. And the happiness of joy in the eyes.
And tenderness and a smile on his lips.
From happiness and love shines "MAMA!"

3 boy. My love! Blood and joy!
You are not alone baby!
Now the Angel "MOM!" is with you!

BACKGROUND 3 (Music is playing. Children sit on chairs.)

Presenter 1: It was in the evening, there was nothing to do.
Who sat on a cloud, Who looked at the world from above.

FON 5 "Dance of Angels"

Presenter 2: Angels in the face of children
Mothers were chosen.

1 Angel. Soon I will be born! I need to decide.
Mom will be with me, Like a clear dawn.

2 Angel. Mom will be with me, Like the sun is red.
Will warm me with warmth, And with a clear smile.

3 Angel. Mom will be with me, As the water of the key is pure,

4 Angel. As soft as fluffy snow,
Warm, like rain in spring,
The sweetest and dearest.

5 Angel. I want the same, I'll fly with you too!

6 Angel. I will find my mother. Tight, tight hug.

1 Angel. I want this mom! In the whole world, I know, there is no
Merry, gentle kinder, More beautiful than my mother.

2 Angel. Better than my mother Not in this world!

3 Angel. I love my mother very much. I always give her happiness!

4 Angel. Mom, mom, mommy, my sunshine!
How joyful with you, How warm with you!

5 Angel. Without you, mommy, flowers do not bloom.
I will be happy then if you are near!

6 Angel. When I see my mother, I want to kiss.
I want to hug so tightly, To adopt tenderness!

Angels go to their mothers, take their mother to the center of the hall, take her hands.
Angel girls hug their mothers and dance with them.


then escort the mothers to their seats.


Presenter 1: There are no more words in the world!
Whatever path you follow,

Presenter 2: Mother's love shines over her,
To help you in difficult times.
1 boy: Mom means tenderness, This is affection, kindness,
Mom means serenity, This is joy, beauty!

2 boy: Mom is a bedtime story,
This is the morning dawn,
Mom is a hint in difficult times,
This is wisdom and advice!

3 boy: Mom is the greenery of summer,
This is snow, autumn leaf,
Mom is a ray of light,
Mom means


Our mother is like spring,

As if the dawn is clear.

And we all call her:

Mom is my sunshine.


Sunshine, sunshine!

Our mother is the sun!

Well, and we, well, and we,

We are her sunflowers.

2. My older brother says:

"I'm glad to help my mother."

And we all call her:

Mom is my sunshine.

3. Let's sing a song to mom,

Congratulations on Women's Day.

And we all call her:

Mom is my sunshine.



Presenter 2: And now I will guess a riddle, and you try to guess:
Who will bake the cheesecakes,
Will tie bows?
Will not scold seriously,
Will not seriously punish?
Who is used to playing football,
Can rock the doll,
Tie a scarf and mittens?
These are our…
All: Grandmothers!

Presenter 1: Grandmothers are sitting in our hall. Dear grandmothers, we are glad to congratulate you, people of different ages, but close in spirit, on the holiday!

Presenter 2: It is you who, with your warmth and affection, teach us to always be kind and sensitive.

The scene “Two grandmothers” is played by 2 boys
Baba Claudia. Tell Matryona, how are you?
Tell me, dear, where have you been?

Baba Matryona. I walked around the whole market in the morning
I did not find anything for retirement.

Baba Claudia. How long have we not seen each other,
How did you lose weight, oh-oh-oh?

Baba Matryona. I am busy with my grandchildren day-to-day,
There is no time to take care of myself.

Baba Claudia. Oh, it's hard to be a grandmother.
Grandchildren are naughty, do not pacify.

Baba Matryona. Oh, it's hard to be old.
Bones hurt, walking is difficult.

Child. Happy holiday, happy spring holiday
We congratulate all grandmothers in the world!

My grandmother walks in a colored apron

Bakes pancakes, cleans the house

I weave a wreath of cornflowers for her,

Because I love my grandmother very much.


Kiss my grandmother on pink cheeks

For pancakes, pancakes and warm socks.

Let's sit together with grandma and sing ditties

While the cheesecakes are cooling on the table with cottage cheese.

Grandmother is a sorceress, sorcerer and magician

And everything in the kitchen turns in her hands

She puts buns in the oven, ties me a beret.

because my grandmother is the best in the world.


Kiss my grandmother on pink cheeks

For pancakes, pancakes and warm socks.

Let's sit down together with grandma and sing ditties

While the cheesecakes are getting cold on the table with cottage cheese.

Children come out to the middle of the hall, read poetry.

1. Don't give grandmothers knitting needles and balls.
Do not give shawls and handkerchiefs to grandmothers.
Don't give grandmas either glasses or a stick...

2.Give grandmas a hoop and a skipping rope!..
Eskimo on a stick, a ball on a string,
Film "Karate Lessons" and crayons in a box.

3. An army of soldiers to play war,
Plus a telescope with a view of the moon!

4. So that your grandmothers see gifts,
So that grandmothers say: - How did you guess! -
So that grandmothers would say: - This is a holiday - really !!! -
To be so happy that they are rejuvenated!

Presenter 1: We are always happy about the holiday.
Shall we play now?
Children. Yes!

BACKGROUND 9 1. The game “Collect beads for mom” is being held (2 mothers and 2 children participate)

2. “Who spins the hoop longer”

Presenter 1: - Children help mom,
Sweep the house all by themselves!
Let's play the game "Merry Broom"

BACKGROUND 10 Game "Merry Broom"

(2 balloons, 2 brooms, 4-6 pins)

Narrator: Our boys are real men, and they have prepared a surprise for our girls. Congratulations boys girls.

1. In our group, we know all the girls

almost from the cradle,

Let them be shorter than us,

but calmer, quieter.

2. Look at the girls;

3. And apparently it happened in life

the beginning of the feminine in everything,

and we are the defenders of the fatherland,

as it is necessary, we will save you.

4. Congratulations, congratulations

and sincerely wish,

Do not offend the stronger sex,

Respect us boys.

5. Well, we promise you,

protect you everywhere,

Play your games,

And share toys,

Always be the first to put up.

Presenter: It turns out that our boys are like that! Real gentlemen! Ask the girls to dance!


After the dance, the boys escort the girls to their seats.

FON 12 (Music is playing, the presenter draws attention to the fact that someone is coming.)
(Vredina enters without greeting)

Vredina. So, so ... you celebrate, then you have fun, accept congratulations, sing, dance, read poetry. And I ... I'll mix everything up for you, ruin everything. Here! (shows tongue) I won't let you have fun!

Presenter 1: First of all, hello! And who will you be?

Vredina (crouching and bowing): I am Vredina-Priveredina! I don’t celebrate holidays and I won’t give you any! And I'm sure that many of these kids are like me.

Presenter 2: Impossible! Our children are kind, diligent, attentive, obedient.

Harm. I'll check now!
1. How did mother wake up in the morning? Approached you eight times? That's such nonsense! Am I right, kids? …Not!

2. If grandma calls you to dinner from the street,
None of you will wash your hands, that's definitely not going to work!
When they call you for dinner, do you wash your hands?! ... Yes!

3. And the trouble with the teeth! Too lazy to clean them as always! I’ll ask right away the answer: do you brush your teeth? … Yes!

4. And how mothers are helped, they only nod at each other:
Today you, not me, now it's your turn!
Children, mothers from an early age, do you help? … Yes!

Harm. Are your kids all that good?

Presenter 1. Yes, our children try to correct their mistakes and want to be better. And now let's recall the alphabet of useful tips -
You children should always remember this!

Reading children go to the middle of the room.

1st child. Everyone knows that a ram -
Surprisingly stubborn,
Unfortunately, there are more stubborn children in the world

Presenter 2. Do we have such children?
Moms, answer us now!

2nd child. If you like to spit,
Bully and pinch,
Then I'll say: like this, kids,
There's a place in the zoo, in a cage.

Presenter 1. Come on, give me the answer -
Do we have such - no?

3rd child. Anger cannot be accumulated in oneself,
This feeling is terrible,
Know, to be a villain in life -
The most terrible thing!

4th child. You need to grow up modestly,
Be good,
Do not shout, do not play around,
Do not get lost in a difficult matter.

5th child. It is necessary to be polite, kind,
So that in the souls again and again
Appear and not go out
Only friendship and love!

Vredina: Oh! Well, enough good advice to give, tired!

Presenter 2. And you, Vredina, need to learn to do the right thing!

Vredina: They invented some rules! I love to play pranks, I'm so interested! And in general, they put children here, they torture them, they force them to follow some rules, but they want to play. Really guys? (answers) Well, that's what I'm talking about?

Presenter 1 Our children love to play and have fun, and you, dear guests? (Guests reply)

Well, let's all play together!
Now let's see how you can play with balloons. It is necessary that the balloons fly longer and do not fall. (The presenter chooses the children who want to, they follow their mothers or grandmothers, Vredina also wants to play)
Come out to the center of the hall! Started!

FON 13 "Playing with balls"

Presenter 2 presents a flower with a wish to Vredina:

Presenter 2: Do you want to be happy?. ..Be like that! Please accept this unusual flower from us. This flower with a wish.

The vermin takes a flower, reads:

The vermin: Forget the vagaries, the harmfulness -

be kind as soon as possible!
Happy is he who is kind in soul,

in whom there is no anger!

Presenter 1: May it always be like this in the world.
Only kindness rules the whole world!

Presenter 2. We hope that you will no longer be mischievous and capricious. Yes, and it is impossible to achieve something by whims. It is much better to be polite and kind and, of course, to love your mother, grandmother.

Vredina: Yes, yes, I understood everything.
I'm sorry to part with you,
Now I'll correct myself! I'll run and congratulate my mom and grandmother on the holiday. I will definitely fix it! Honestly, I will try!

Presenter 1. We believe in you. If you want, you can do it! Goodbye!

Presenter 2: So our holiday dedicated to you, dear women, has come to an end.
Let mothers hear from their children,
That they are dearest to them.


The sun peeped in my mother's window
Affectionately and tenderly smiled at her
Many congratulations on this spring day
Of course they give everything to their mother

Mom! You are a wonderful holiday
I will give you a bouquet of beautiful flowers
Mom! Let bad weather go away
I wish you happiness and sing to you!

Dear, dear, kind such
This is because we love our mother
And of course the children are all in this world
Even Zhuchka and Murka are in love with their mother

Mom! You are a wonderful holiday
I will give you a bouquet of beautiful flowers
Mom! Let bad weather go away
I wish you happiness and sing to you!

Mom! You are a wonderful holiday
I will give you a bouquet of beautiful flowers
Mom! Let bad weather go away
I wish you happiness and sing to you!

On a gentle day, a little white flower
Gave to my mother for the Spring holiday
The sun shines brighter in my mother's window
And the soul shines full of joy!


We have prepared gifts for mothers on March 8th
We tried, we were in a hurry.
They were made with love.
Once again, congratulations to everyone,
And we present gifts to you!

FON 15 Children give their mothers their gifts to the music.

All together: Happy Holidays!

Music is playing. Leaving the group together with the guests of the holiday.

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🛑 8 reasons for childish disobedience:

1. Immature brain and weak psyche
2. Weak parent who cannot lead
3. Bad relationship with parents
4. Misunderstanding of one's own and others' emotions
5. Overprotection and excessive criticality of parents
6. Punishments, threats, bribery
7. No boundaries
8 Lack of routine and predictability in a child's life

If we know why a child misbehaves, we can take a sheet and write an action plan that will correct the behavior.

1. We do not demand from the child what he cannot: always sit still, do not cry, control himself, take into account the consequences

2. Working on ourselves and our goal: to become a calm, self-confident parent. Who understands what is happening to the child and takes responsibility for his behavior. Learning.

3. We improve relations with the child, we agree with all family members that relationships are the most important thing. They are more important than all spilled juices, soiled pantyhose, scattered toys and unfinished homework. We are working to strengthen the relationship.

4. We study emotions together with the child and suggest how to behave. If you are afraid, angry or want to hit someone. We learn to understand our emotions. We release our own emotional container so that the child's emotions can be placed in it.

5. Stop noticing only mistakes and bad behavior. We give the child the opportunity to be independent and relieve him of his own fears, anxiety and suspiciousness. We work with a psychologist and work through traumas from the past that once spoiled our lives, and now traumatize our children.

6. Stop threatening, punishing and bribery. This does not work. The child is well-behaved when he can. If he has the conditions for this and he feels good.

7. Introduce routines and rituals into your child's life. Children behave better when they understand what awaits them and there is no stress from the fact that every day you have to adapt to new conditions.

Is it difficult? Yes, it's harder than just yelling and putting you in a corner. But we are adults and we make this choice: a good relationship with a child or an eternal struggle with him. What do you choose? Which item is the most difficult for you?

37 33 one ER 0. 7370

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🧟‍♀️ 10 Ways NOT to get tired of motherhood:

1. Don't expect your kids to be perfect and don't freak out because you're not a perfect parent.

A child is not a sheet on which we will write our masterpiece. And attempts to correct all his “shortcomings” take away all his strength.

2. Don't become an entertainer who endlessly invents entertainment and invites other children home for socialization. It is useful for children sometimes to be both in silence and in solitude.

3. Do not interfere with sibling relationships. Yes, they make a lot of noise, quarrels and eternal rivalry. But it is on each other that they train to live with other people.

4. Let the children help you. Do not miss the age when it is important for them to be useful. By the way, it is also important to ask mom to help her relax and quietly play with cubes for now. Everyone needs to feel important.

5. Do not try to implement all the methods of upbringing and education that you have heard from your friends or read on the Internet. You know best what your children need. You feel with your heart. Do what you have the strength to do now.

6. Do not drag your child around all possible circles and sections. For a child under 5 years old, 5 quality minutes with their mother will be more useful than 30 with someone else's aunt.

7. Listen and don't say anything. When children tell us something, we begin to criticize, evaluate, resolve. But it is often important for children to just listen to them.

8. Remember that relationships are more important than school. Screaming because of a misunderstood lesson and blots in a notebook will lead to the fact that the child will completely lose the desire to learn.

9. Do not compare your children with others. It doesn't matter if your child is better or worse. Raising children is very difficult. Everyone is doing this the best they can.

10. Do not worry if the child is dissatisfied with something. Children need childhood to learn to overcome difficulties, to experience failures. And see happy parents.

+ remember, you are not only a parent. Don't forget your needs. Make friends, love, work, live.

How do you like my strength list? Supplement it with your points and don't forget about a good like.

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As time goes by, recommendations change. Early planting is now considered ineffective. Yes, a child can go to the pot even at 6 months, he has developed a reflex, but this process is still controlled by an adult. The “skill” is not permanent, and under any adverse circumstances or stressful situations (for example, illness, relocation, parental conflicts) may disappear.

Now it is customary to focus not on age, but on the individual characteristics of the baby. Whether he is ready physically, whether his nervous system has matured, whether he is able to hear and follow the instructions of an adult.
So, it's time to potty train if:

During the day, the child stays dry for 2 hours in a row
The child knows how to walk and can sit on the potty independently
Can remove panties, pantyhose, pull off the diaper
The child understands what the potty is for and how to use it use
Can say a two-word phrase
Follows instructions from an adult
Begins to demonstrate independence and says “no”
Can signal to an adult with gestures or words that she wants to go to the toilet
Defecation becomes regular and predictable
Resents and disdains if diaper is dirty
Mimics adults in the toilet
Child 18-24 months

If the baby does not have these signs of readiness yet, then the only recommendation that will save the nerves of the whole family is to leave him alone for now. Forget about the pot and return to it after a while.

Watch the episode of Mom's school about the potty on Saturday, I will voice all your difficulties to the specialist @nastya_tutik. And write to me in the comments at what age they began to teach the child to the potty and what recommendations were guided.

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7 Ways to Calm Your Child

1. Quiet time and night sleep are a priority

If the child is already awake at lunchtime, he still needs an hour of silence. A calm space with puzzles, felt-tip pens, quiet music and an audiobook. No gadgets. Children need to be taught to rest, so that later they themselves restore their energy and maintain emotional balance. I rested for an hour and without unnecessary tantrums in the evening went to mugs, classes, a walk.

2. Bath

Warm water soothes and relieves stress. They plunged the hysterical into the bath, got a normal person. If there is no bath nearby, a damp handkerchief applied to the forehead can also help. Or a jet of water in a sink. Let your child wash the vegetables while you prepare dinner and the whole family will feel better.

3. Massage

Place your child on your knees and gently massage his head and tickle his ears. Walk across the face. Gentle touches will soothe anyone. Stroke the neck, each finger. And the child will shine with happiness.

4. Theatre.

Ask the child to draw an autumn leaf that is slowly spinning and gently falling to the ground. Turn on a calm melody that will tell you how to move. At the end, you can take a deep breath and exit to release the wind from your body

5. Tactile and sensory activities

Children who find it difficult to control themselves need to use all the senses more often. Crumple gum for hands, sculpt from plasticine, listen to music, iron something silk or fluffy. Smell aromatic oil. Good for restful sleep under a heavy blanket

6. Physical and monotonous exercises

The child needs conditions so that he can run, jump, climb, swim. If it is not possible to use large muscles, give something to hand: a puzzle or a spring

7. Deep breathing

This technique is available even to toddlers. Show how to take a deep breath and also exhale. To make it more interesting, say that your finger is a candle on the cake that needs to be blown out

Like, save the post and share it with other moms. To keep everyone calm.

And tell us in the comments what can calm your child down.

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10 skills to teach your child before school

1. Eat quickly and change clothes quickly. This skill is needed in order to have time to have a bite to eat in the canteen and put on a sports uniform for physical training in 15 minutes of a break.

2. Recognize your own clothes and don't come home wearing someone else's trousers. White shirts and blue jackets are like twin brothers, so identification marks are needed.

3. Look after your appearance. The girl who came out of the bathroom with her skirt tucked into pantyhose may remember this until 11th grade.

4. Keep everything with you. Then there are more chances that you will not have to buy a new filling of the pencil case every day and a new shift every week.

5. Put together a briefcase. Give the child a picture-cheat sheet: what should be in the satchel. In order not to blush because you forgot your pen and you have nothing to write numbers with in a math lesson.

6. Find food in the refrigerator and heat up food in the microwave. Yes, even a first grader can handle it. By the way, if a child has a food allergy, he should be able to say “no” to prohibited foods by school.

7. Count and not lose pocket money. To buy a bun, take a minibus and not get lost, if suddenly the parents cannot pick it up from school.

8. Wash hands after going to the toilet, wipe nose with handkerchief, cover nose when sneezing and coughing without prompting.

9. Find your bearings and know your way home.

10. Ask an adult for help and know what to do if something goes wrong. For example, if you feel unwell or if the parents are late.

This checklist can also be used as an additional test of a child's readiness for school. Like so more parents can see it. And write how many items from the list your child has already mastered.

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So all the same: is a parent obliged to make a child always happy? Or is it enough to provide security and help grow?

Write in the comments. I'm not just asking this question to you.

I want you to perhaps change your attitude towards parenting.

A mother spends a lot of energy in order to have a happy child. To switch attention, to distract, to cajole, to give. And then, left without strength, breaks down.

If only the child would never cry! Does the child need it?

Raising children means teaching them to live through various emotions, including negative ones. Manage them. I'm not talking about the fact that the mother herself should become a source of negativity, so that "from childhood she knows what life is."

There is nothing wrong with bad emotions. We must allow children to be sad, and angry, and offended, and disappointed. Yes, you need to be there. Yes, calm down if necessary. But to allow the child to experience everything that happens in his soul. And not to remake all the “bad” emotions into “good” ones.

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Here it is customary for us to blame children for bad behavior. Although in fact, circumstances are to blame. Loads, stress, conflicts. Sensitive children respond to them by changing their behavior. Therefore, a child with bad behavior should not be scolded, but supported. The reasons are always deeper than just "he does not want to understand", "he stopped obeying."

Finding the cause is difficult. Maybe not guess, but just ask the child: why did you start behaving so badly?

That is, we adults do not know what is happening to the child, but does he know?! Everything is usually connected with emotions. And here, not every adult can formulate what he feels. So the child will not explain what is happening to him.

🔮 Then we will try to guess.

Psychologists identify 4 main causes of bad behavior.

1⃣The first is the struggle for attention. And the easiest way to get it is to misbehave. Then mom will break away from her affairs and pour threats, remarks, criticism. Yes, attention is not very pleasant. But at least this, than none at all. These are the eccentricities of the child's psyche.

2⃣The second reason is the struggle against parental authority or overprotection. When a child tries to assert himself with the help of bad behavior. How do parents generally communicate with the child? They give instructions (behave like this), make remarks (you are doing it wrong) and express fears (you will fall, you will hit, you will freeze, you will get sick). All day long children hear from us only criticism, remarks and, of course, begin to rebel. Childish - to be stubborn and do things in defiance of parents.

3⃣The third reason is the desire to take revenge. Parents often hurt their children. And without even noticing. When they give birth to other children, quarrel with each other, separate from the child, make promises and do not keep them, they are unfairly punished. The child suffers and he really wants to take revenge. Protests, disobedience, poor school performance.

4⃣The fourth reason is the loss of self-confidence. The child has accumulated a bitter experience of criticism and failure. Doesn't believe in himself. And he concludes: why behave well if they still punish and say that everything is bad. And behavior shows: you consider me bad, I already consider myself bad, and I will behave badly.

Do you know what the reason is for your child?

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Have time before September 1st. Checklist for parents, save:

Make an appointment for a haircut. Before September 1, all masters will be busy

Adjust school trousers and skirt at the seamstress

Buy a shift and a uniform for physical education

Return to the routine: go to bed and get up early

If the child is a first grader, go to school with him on an excursion. Show where the classroom, toilet, canteen

Teach your child to do exercises for the eyes and neck

Come up with rituals that will help you get ready for school

Take care of safety. Check if he knows the rules of communication on the Internet and with strangers

Support the child and discuss the school with a positive attitude

Think about how to celebrate the first day of school

Remember: the school will end, the relationship with the child will remain

Ready for school? What else can you add to this list?

Let's come up with rituals together to get in the mood for learning. If nothing comes to mind, let me know, I'll write my own.

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Parents always have complaints about their children:

- too sticky or too autonomous
- too quiet or too noisy
- too sociable or too modest

I remind you of a kind like in support of Mom's school.

There is no one for whom we do not notice the shortcomings so much as for our children.

And notice the pattern. When a child is small, he receives praise from his parents for everything: he drank milk, went to the potty, slept soundly, smiled, gurgled - well done everywhere. But as soon as the child grows up, something else begins to arrive from mom and dad:
- high expectations and demands
- criticism
- anger
- disappointment, they say you are not the right one.

Where do children come from who do not believe in themselves and are afraid of everything? A child's self-esteem, his self-respect, is formed by us, adults. In your own words.

Suppose the child is shy. How can parents react to this?

- Just pull yourself together, if you're always shy, you won't have friends at all and you won't achieve anything in life!

- You are shy, but I know you are brave and will gradually become more determined. When it really matters to you.

If you tell a child about his weakness, he will quickly believe and come to terms with the fact that shy = worthless.

If a mother says you are strong and I believe in you, the child is also infected by her faith. It turns out that we all need to be optimistic parents. And then the children with self-esteem will be fine.

Einat Nathan, mother of 5 children and author of the book “The Meaning of My Life” from [club388418|@mifbooks] believes that an optimistic parent does not pretend that there is no problem, does not cover it up. He recognizes the weaknesses of his child, accepts them. And he believes that they can be overcome.

In order to help a child, one must first of all admit one's imperfections. When we do not criticize ourselves harshly, children look at us and learn the same. They begin to empathize with themselves and believe in themselves.

Well, if something doesn't work out for a child, be there. At such moments, you can say nothing at all, let them survive the failure. And then hug tightly and whisper in your ear: I saw how hard it was for you today. I'm with you. Perhaps tomorrow will be easier.

Why do you criticize your children? What quality do you want to get rid of?

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