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Fox performing a frame-perfect dash-dance in Melee.

The dash-dance is an advanced technique in the Super Smash Bros. games. Performed by rapidly tapping the analog stick left and right while on the ground, it cancels out the character's initial dashing animation with another animation in the opposite direction, causing the character to quickly and repeatedly dash to the right and left in a short distance.

In Melee, the time window in which a character can dash and then change directions by dash-dancing matches the amount of frames in their initial dash animation. After they complete their initial dashing animation, they'll transition to their standard running animation; at this point, tapping the analog stick in the opposite direction will cause the character to enter their turnaround animation, during which no attacks can be performed. In Brawl and Smash 4, characters can only reverse their direction within the first six frames of their initial dash animation, making dash dancing more difficult to perform and also less useful.


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In competitive play[edit]


Super Smash Bros.[edit]

In the original Super Smash Bros., dash-dancing takes longer to perform, because no matter how fast it is performed, there is a small turnaround animation (except for Captain Falcon). This long window leads to generally fewer applications for dash-dancing than seen in Melee; however, this also allows for pivoting to be easier to perform than in Melee.


Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

An application of dash-dancing in competitive Melee; S2J, as Captain Falcon, constantly uses dash-dances in order to quickly pursue Fox out of Falcon's throws, allowing for tech-chasing.

While dash-dancing can be performed in all five games, it sees most of its use in Melee. In Melee, dash-dancing is used primarily to play spacing mindgames with the opponent. By continuously switching directions, the player can confuse opponents in regards to their approach, as they can potentially either backtrack or approach while dash-dancing; in addition, it can also cause opponents to attempt an attack in the dash-forward animation, only for the player to dash backwards and quickly punish the end lag of such attacks by doubling-back. As players can also jump out of a dash-dance, it can allow players to quickly use SHFFLs and wavedashes. Dash-dancing can also be used in conjunction with low-knockback throws to perform tech-chases, as the action allows players to quickly run in either direction, allowing for quick pursuit of rolling opponents. Characters with long dashing animations, such as Fox, Marth, and Captain Falcon, make the most use of the technique, and proper use of dash-dancing is important in all of their respective metagames. Sheik has the shortest dash, making her dash-dance harder to perform, though this also gives her a faster crouch cancel out of her run in return.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

In Brawl, dash-dancing is more difficult to perform, as every character now has a short initial dash animation, and the window for reverse dashes ceases before the animation completes, making it difficult to consistently perform. In addition, many throws have increased knockback, which, coupled with Brawl's hitstun cancelling, makes tech-chasing more difficult. Random tripping can also interrupt dash-dancing whenever the dash input is performed, leaving the player vulnerable should it occur; as random tripping can occur whenever the control stick is tapped to the left or right on the ground, dash-dancing increases the number of opportunities for a random trip. As a result of these changes, dash-dancing is considerably less useful than it was in Melee and therefore sees little use in competitive play. The technique, however, does see some use in Sonic's metagame, as it heavily relies on mindgames and punishment to garner KOs.

Brawl introduced a new method of dash-dancing, called extended dash-dancing. However, this variant also sees little use in competitive Brawl, as it increases the number of opportunities for tripping.


Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

Pikachu performing an extended dash-dance in SSB4

In Super Smash Bros. 4, the removal of random tripping allows safer dash-dances than in Brawl. However, no changes have been made to the general length of initial dash animations or the reverse dash window; thus, dash-dances are still difficult to perform as in Brawl, and coupled with throws that are stronger than in Brawl, the technique again sees very little use in competitive play.

Extended dash-dancing[edit]

To compensate for dash-dancing's continued ineffectiveness, a number of competitive players perform a similar technique known as extended dash-dancing, which returns from Brawl. This maneuver combines fox-trotting and dash-dancing: the player inputs a dash and returns the control stick to a neutral position, and then inputs another dash in the same direction and quickly flicks the control stick in the opposite direction, which causes the character to change directions without going into their turn-around animation. The timing for this varies depending on each character's fox-trot window. In terms of appearance, extended dash-dancing is slower than dash-dancing in Melee; this makes it less versatile while being more difficult to perform due to more frequent inputs and tighter timings, but it is still a useful technique that improves many characters' mobility. If one is adept with the inputs, mixing up between the two techniques is possible, potentially confusing opponents and pressuring them to approach or dodge.

In Brawl and SSB4, a dash can be cancelled with a new dash on frame 16. If a character's dash animation is shorter than 16 frames, they must return the control stick to neutral in order to avoid entering their run animation before they can dash again, so characters with longer dash animation have an easier time extended dash-dancing.

Extended dash-dancing has varying degrees of usefulness on each character:

  • Characters such as Captain Falcon, Little Mac, Lucina, Marth, Roy, Wii Fit Trainer, and Donkey Kong can use extended dash-dancing easily as their dash animations last 16 or more frames.
  • Characters like Shulk and Wii Fit Trainer benefit from using extended dash-dancing over alternating foxtrots because their foxtrots cannot be interrupted quickly.
  • Characters such as Bayonetta, Corrin, Diddy Kong, Fox, Falco, Luigi, Mario, Sheik, and Zero Suit Samus gain little benefit from extended dash-dancing without frame-perfect inputs because they can simply fox-trot in alternating directions for similar results without any extra effort, due to the lenient interruptibility window after their initial dash.
  • Cloud, Lucario, and Mr. Game & Watch gain no advantage from extended dash-dancing over alternating fox-trots even with perfect timing, as their dashes have the fastest interruptibility in the game at frame 18.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the dashing mechanics have been altered. In addition to the small window at the start of the initial dash inherited from Brawl and SSB4, a dash dance can be performed in a similar fashion to foxtrots due to the interrupt frame for the initial dash animation being universally earlier. As such, any character is free to dash back without the laggy skid animation as long as the run phase of the dash has not begun. This revised dash-dancing mechanic benefits characters with fast initial dashes the most, such as Zero Suit Samus, Little Mac, Charizard, Bowser, and Marth.

Unlike in previous games, however, Ultimate now features a new additional initial dash turnaround animation for all characters which is initiated when performing an initial dash in the opposite direction; this animation is similar to the regular initial dash animation, except that at the beginning of animation, characters visibly turn themselves around to face the opposite direction. While most of the characters are unaffected by it, this new animation has adversely affected Captain Falcon more than everyone else, since his initial dash turnaround animation during its initial frames actually slides his model toward the direction he was originally facing. This is especially noteworthy since Falcon, who has the second-fastest running speed, relies heavily on his ground game when compared to other characters.

See also[edit]

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Dash Dancing 101 | Smashboards

Dash Dance Variants

Frame Perfect/Very Little Delay Dash Dancing is a technique in the Super Smash Bros. games. Performed by rapidly tapping the analog stick left and right while on the ground, it cancels out the character's initial dashing animation with another animation in the opposite direction, causing the character to quickly and repeatedly dash to the right and left in a short distance.

Figure 1 shows a frame perfect dash dance in which Fox cancels his initial dash animation within the first available frame in the opposite direction.

Figure 1

The maximum time a character can dash in one direction and still change direction by dash dancing is the same as the number of frames in their initial dash animation. After this animation is over, the character will enter their regular dashing animation; at this point, tapping the analog stick in the opposite direction will cause the character to enter their turnaround animation, during which no attacks can be performed.

Applications: The dash dance in Figure 1 has very little practical uses due to your stationary positioning. However, it can be used to play mind games on missed techs, similarly to repeated turnarounds as seen here.

Delayed Dash Dancing is a technique used in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Project M. It is performed by tapping the analog stick left or right, a slight delay, then tapping the stick in the opposite direction of the initial dash. The delay time depends on the number of frames the character goes into in their initial dash animation. The longer the delay, the farther the delayed dash dance.

Figure 2 shows how the Fox uses delayed dash dances in order to pressure and punish a reaction. In this case, Peach, pressured by little stage control goes for a hasty dash attack, only to miss and get punished.

Figure 2

Applications: This form of dash dancing is the strongest universal form of grounded mobility in both Melee and Project M. The list below shows its applications.

Scouting: This form of dash dancing lets you see how your opponent responds to your approach. This opens the option of making reads, which ultimately creates mindgames.

Punishing: By dashing you have access to virtually your whole offense toolkit depending on what option you choose. Know all your options while dashing and try to convert into the strongest punishes.Through dashes you also can cover many options which give you more opportunities to punish. In the gif, DK could easily could have got hit with a dash attack but the opponent used a forward smash. You need to always know how your opponent responds to your dashes! Shorter dashes are more punishable but they give you the option for stronger punishes.

Pressuring: Depending on stage positioning you can effectively pressure your opponent into alleviating it, which is more often than risky and can be easily punished as shown in Figure 2.

Spacing: The reason why this form of dash dancing is so useful is because you can effectively space yourself from your opponent and easily dash back and forth responding to their movement. PewPewU dashed back out of Fox’s SH n-air range and when he saw no commitment he went in for the grab .

Low Risk Approach: Delayed Dash Dances give you a low risk approach, which is an invaluable tool in neutral. With good reaction speed, you can effectively react to any incoming projectile.

Mindgames: Dash Dances hide your attentions effectively forcing the player to think about what you are going to do, creating mindgames. This all ranges from how long you’re dashes are and when you are dash dancing.

Extended Dash Dancing is an advanced technique in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Performed by tapping the stick rapidly left/right twice then again in the opposite direction.

This technique has virtually the same benefits in melee, however it is not as useful due to the generally bigger stages and prevalence of zoning.

When to Dash Dance

Knowing when to Dash Dance is the most important part of the technique and ultimately relies on many factors such as the stage, matchup, and opponent’s habits. Generally, you want to dash dance whenever your opponent is at a disadvantageous position in which you can cover many options. These can include tech chases, you have center stage, after a grounded poke, when the opponent is on the platform, when opponent is on the ledge, etc. The most important part to knowing about when to Dash Dance is how your opponent react to being in a bad position and your dashes. With experience, you will eventually always know when to dash dance.

Knowing your Dash

One key thing about Dash Dances is knowing how fast your character’s initial dash speed is, how long the dash is, and when it’s interruptible. Characters that have fast and long initial dashes with low traction can use dashes more effectively since they naturally exert more pressure and can change their spacing more quickly.

Optimizing your Dashes
It’s very important to know your options out of dashing, which allows you to convert into stronger punishes or defense. In Smash 4, you can use perfect pivots and turnaround f-smash and f-tilt out of your dashes as well as jumps, and many other options to strengthen your punish. In Melee, Falco can use his SH Laser out of dash dances to create more pressure by forcing shield.

As you can see PPMD uses Dash Dances and wave dashes in the beginning of the set to approach with little commitment, scout for habits, as well as having the opportunity to punish if possible. However, he doesn't achieve one critical thing to spawn punish opportunites: pressure. Mew2King is semi-pressured but doesn't commit to anything punishable by reaction and instead uses relatively safe choices such as wave dashes, needle toss and running shield to approach. Neither does he try to overextend with burst options such as dash attack or boost grab. There is a lot more to analyze in these few seconds but let's look at the 7th minute and 38th second mark.

So, PPMD gets a hit confirm from d-tilt and runs back. Why? To punish M2K of trying to relieve pressure via roll forward or jump away. He can also punish shield and spot dodge with dash grab out his dash back. This is Dash Dancing 101. The opponent is hit in a pressured state and a dash back allows you to cover virtually all of their defensive options with good reaction time. The same thing could've been done in the middle of the stage as well, in fact PPMD does the same thing in the Marth Ditto earlier in the video. M2K probably though PPMD might try to go for SH f-air after the d-tilt hit confirm so he throws out an f-tilt. Either way, M2K chose an offensive retaliation to defuse pressure.

I hope you enjoyed my quick guide on dash dancing and give me critique to make it better. I might write other guides on the aspects of the neutral game but with so much to cover it can become overwhelming. Also will have to make it on specific games.

Life needs a breakthrough. How to build a business on a hobby and captivate others with it / NV

Author: Vitaly Zhdanov

As a boy, Maxim Yaroshenko simply loved to dance hip-hop and break-dance. And now he is 29, he has his own fitness studio, an author's technique and a queue of businessmen for the right to work under his brand. How he did it

Dancing: start

It all started in the tenth grade, when Maxim rented a gym at school No. 147 in Kyiv, where he taught dance. So the student became a coach and director of his first dance school. After graduating, he entered the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics as a marketer, and a year later he was drafted into the army, into the border troops. But even there dancing helped Maxim. At the birthday party of the military unit, he showed a couple of numbers, and they were seen by the head of the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the State Border Service. Since then, Maxim has served in this team. “It’s hard to call it service in the army. We then went on tour in Spain, and we performed there for almost four months. I did different tricks: somersaults, jumps. And we were paid for it. It was more like a vacation,” recalls the fitness trainer. nine0003

Video of the day

When Maxim was demobilized, he wanted to open a dance school again. The level of the school gym did not suit him, and Maxim did not have enough knowledge or funds for more. The former border guard went to work in an advertising agency, where he quickly turned from a simple manager into the head of the event organization department.

“I worked not so much for money, but for experience, acquaintances, new knowledge. Working in advertising introduced me to many people who in the future helped me realize what I have now, ”admits Maxim. nine0003

In 2009, he already had the capital to open the first official dance school. It was located on Podil, in a hall with an area of ​​120 square meters. Maxim, together with his partner, repaired it and began training there. Six months later, this size was not enough, and I had to move to a hall nearby, there were 350 "squares". The school developed at a new pace. But Maxim was no longer happy about this.

“At some point I seemed to fall asleep. For me, dancing since school was more of a hobby, a means of self-expression. And as a means of earning money, they ceased to inspire me. I reached a certain level and no longer saw a perspective in this: well, here is one dance school, the second, a constant stream of people - all this has ceased to inspire me, ”he says. Therefore, in 2012, Maxim went to Canada to relax with friends. And all the changes started from there. nine0003

Fitness: a new challenge

Canadian friends invited him to a cardio fitness class. Maxim was initially skeptical about this idea - he is a dancer, why does he need fitness? But I went

The lesson was held at the stadium, and the number of people who came Maxim was amazed - about five thousand. “There was such a crazy energy, everyone’s eyes are burning with drive, even if you just stand, your heart is already jumping out,” he shares his impression. - Moreover, the training was so structured that even though I am a professional dancer who does not even sweat during training, after 20 minutes I could barely move. And next to it, a girl jumps, a man with a stomach - and he does the exercises, only this spurred me to reach the end. Krepatura after that lesson with Maxim lasted a week, which was unexpected. Fitness has become a new challenge. nine0003

When Maksim returned to Kyiv, he still hadn't gotten over his strength, when he began to wonder what was similar in Ukraine, or at least in the CIS. It turned out nothing. So, a new culture of fitness had to be introduced from scratch. Maxim saw two possibilities: either to take a franchise overseas, or to create his own program. It took six months to make a choice, and during this time I had to think a lot, communicate, learn, but in the end Maxim came to the conclusion that we need to create our own brand. Because during this time he gained both understanding and experience, and most importantly, people who are ready to help and support. And your brand will allow you not to depend on anyone, which means experimenting and developing. nine0003

Top news digest

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Newsletter is sent from Monday to Friday

Maxim studied many similar fitness programs, methods of preparing for different sports, chose the most interesting, some I changed the exercises and brought them closer to the capabilities of modern Ukrainians. As a result, in a year he created a program of 12 workouts and called it "Snatch".

At first, the future fitness trainer tested it on himself, friends and relatives. His friend, who until then had tried many different activities, with her help, lost ten extra pounds in two months, pulled himself up and got rid of his hanging belly. The comrade was so inspired by the result that he began to recommend fitness from Maxim to everyone and bring more and more of his friends, and those - their own, and so on. There were already many people who wanted to try the new technique. nine0003

The Podil hall was not enough for such a large number of people. Maxim left the dance business and, using the money he received from his share, was looking for a more spacious room. This was found on Petrovka, but they did not have enough funds for it - they needed an investor. Fortunately, Maxim, while still working in an advertising agency, crossed paths with many people, and built trusting relationships with everyone. Therefore, I quickly found a person who became interested in new directions and believed in its creator. They agreed to become a businessman Andrei Klimenko, who participates not only with finances, but also with experience and organizational skills. Maxim learned a lot from him and continues to learn. “Max is a very bright person for me,” says Andrey. - He was successful in dancing for many years, and I helped him when he opened his previous studios. I really liked the way he conducted his business and was responsible.” nine0003

Aspiring fitness businessmen filmed workouts – from now on, Maxim could conduct five or six sessions a day instead of one or two: now the trainer was both on the screen and in the gym at the same time. So he could pay attention to the participants, help them and correct them. So he was eventually able to entrust the classes to other coaches.

And in 2013, Maxim, together with a business partner, opened the Kvadrat studio on Petrovka. They did not advertise - its participants came thanks to recommendations, and there are already more than three thousand of them today. And in the summer of 2015, the author of "Ryvka" set a Ukrainian record - he held the most massive cardio workout in the country. 1062 people came to this lesson, for which the organizers rented the Olimpiysky National Sports Complex. nine0003

Snatch: there is a result!

Why are more people joining Ryvok? People see the result, Maxim explains. And if so, they will definitely bring friends. Typically, program participants get rid of seven to eleven extra pounds in two months - that's how long the course lasts. The maximum effect was minus 24 kilograms. “After the course, people not only lose weight and become slimmer,” Maxim shares. “Each Ryvok workout is challenging - you can’t get used to it. That is why people transfer the ability to overcome themselves to everyday life. I often hear words of gratitude for the fact that someone stopped suffocating, someone stopped smelling bad, someone began to have sex more often, someone was promoted in their career, someone became more self-confident, someone changed life - and everyone is associated with the Jerk. It inspires me a lot." nine0003

The author of the program does not hide its secrets. “What I suggest is cardio interval training. They were before, but only available to athletes who were preparing for competitions. And my team and I adapted these workouts for ordinary people. In such classes, we work only with our body - without any simulators or dumbbells. If you give different exercises in the right sequence and with the right load and speed, you get a good result, ”explains Maxim. nine0003

But 60% or even 70% of the success is the diet and routine that the participants adhere to. Therefore, the Ryvka team has its own nutritionist. “My team and I are constantly looking for words to convince participants to eat right. For people to last at least a week or two, when the result becomes visible. And then a person sees himself in the mirror, begins to hear from friends “how you lost weight”, “how you got prettier”, then he no longer wants to miss training and break the regime, says the coach. “Then the person is the best motivator.” nine0003

Now about 450 people are participating in the Ryvok program: 250 people in the Kvadrat studio and another 100 each in two franchised studios. Anatoly Babich owns one of them - this is "Jerk on the Left Bank". When he heard about Maxim's method, he was skeptical at first. “I thought, how can girl fitness change the body? Anatoly recalls. - Maybe. And not only the body - "Jerk" turned my life 180 degrees: it's a cool reflection in the mirror, new opportunities and surroundings. Why did you buy a franchise? It allows you to sell a healthy product. Before my eyes, people are changing, their attitude to life. And it still brings profit.” nine0003

Others want to get the right to work with the brand, but Maxim has strict requirements for franchisees. “This is not a business that you can just invest money in and it will work like a conveyor belt. Will not be. What is needed here is a person who is ready to constantly learn and develop, participate personally, believe in the approach and live it. I have turned down many. It was not easy for me to give a franchise to those who work in Kyiv, where I can always come to the studio myself and check everything myself, and if anything, fix it. And what about other cities? After all, this is my face,” explains the owner of the brand. nine0003

The main thing is not to stand still

In the near future Maxim plans to set a world record, that is, to organize the most massive fitness training. For this, it will be necessary to attract not only the people of Kiev, but also enthusiasts from other cities of Ukraine. Most likely, it will be a kind of teleconference. What for? “It is very important for me and my team to set big goals. They motivate, force you not to stop, not to stand idle, ”Maxim replies.

In October 2015, Microsoft Ukraine launched the Your Own Upgrade project. In it, the company shows that it is possible to realize a dream, and surprisingly quickly. To do this, you just need to pass the selection, and the winner receives technical assistance and support from a personal trainer. The company devoted one of the directions of the project to the body. nine0003

This topic is not accidental. Ukrainians are getting fat, and the statistics confirm this. According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 26% of women and 16% of men are overweight in the country. The main reason for this completeness, the department calls the fact that most of our fellow citizens lead an unhealthy lifestyle: they move little and eat unhealthy. Moreover, the proportion of overweight Ukrainians is gradually growing, and Ukraine risks getting an obesity epidemic in the coming decades. To draw attention to this problem and show that it can be successfully solved, Microsoft Ukraine singled out the TiloUpgrade direction. In it, a lucky person can improve himself physically in two months: become slimmer, more resilient, healthier. This is not easy, so the company entrusted Maxim with such a task. nine0003

And he happily responded. Making a new person in two months is not an easy task, but the complexity only encourages Maxim. “A new result and a happy participant is the best advertisement in the world for my technique,” ​​explains the future coach. - But the main thing is that it is important for me that my work brings real benefits. For me, participation in projects such as “Your Power Upgrade” is another chance to introduce someone to a healthy lifestyle, to instill love in them. And when I see that at first a participant is not able to do push-ups more than once, and after a month he performs a full-fledged bench press and boasts of his achievements, then this is my best motivation to further develop my business. nine0003

More than 400 people took part in TiloUpgrade direction. Irina Fedorova won. Maxim will personally monitor her progress: help, motivate, convince, monitor her lifestyle. Irina's result will also be his new personal result - so far no less significant than the future world record. So, we will see a tense struggle. So stay tuned for the project.

Follow the development of the project and Irina's success in her training diary, as well as on the Microsoft Ukraine Facebook page. nine0003

Leap into history! Mathematics student was the first woman in Tver to complete the standard of a master in weightlifting

22-year-old Zlata Pavlova achieved historic success at the All-Russian tournament "The Way to Olympus". July 23, 2022. This date, for sure, will go down in the history of Tver sports, weightlifting - 100%. More than 300 weightlifters from 35 regions competed for prestigious awards in the Olympic biathlon in Moscow at the All-Russian Tournament "The Way to Olympus". First time by

22-year-old Zlata Pavlova achieved historic success at the All-Russian tournament "The Way to Olympus".

July 23, 2022. This date, for sure, will go down in the history of Tver sports, weightlifting - 100%. More than 300 weightlifters from 35 regions competed for prestigious awards in the Olympic biathlon in Moscow at the All-Russian Tournament "The Way to Olympus". nine0003

For the first time, following the results of wrestling with a barbell, two girls from Tver climbed the podium of honor of the sports complex "Salyut Heraklion". Pupils of coach Alexey Semiletov , who are engaged in weightlifting in the sports club "Khatazal", won bronze medals among women. Irina Nilova took third place in the category up to 76 kg with a total of 142 kg (snatch - 62 kg and clean and jerk - 80 kg). Zlata Pavlova became a bronze medalist in weight up to 55 kg with the same amount (snatch - 64 kg, clean and jerk - 78 kg) and fulfilled the standard of the Russian Master of Sports in weightlifting. nine0003

The most surprising thing is that Zlata went from a beginner to the strongest weightlifter in the history of Tver in just a year and a half.

A girl came to my gym in February 2021 to keep fit. I looked at her - and immediately said that this is the future master of sports. Zlata has good anthropometric data plus diligence, discipline, a bit of healthy fanaticism, determination and a desire to achieve the set result. Thanks to all these qualities, she began to progress by leaps and bounds, - said coach Alexei Semiletov.

Mentor of the sports club "Khatazal" - 29 years old. At the same time, his entire conscious life is connected with sports. From the age of 13 he was engaged in rowing and canoeing. At 19, he gradually switched to weightlifting. After graduating from the Faculty of Physical Education of the TV State University, Alexei Semiletov took up coaching, continuing his sports career. Over the past two years, he almost simultaneously fulfilled the standard of the Master of Sports of Russia and became the most effective weightlifting coach in Tver, having prepared four candidates for the Master of Sports. nine0003

Since the beginning of our cooperation, Zlata has been actively involved in the training process and began to regularly participate in competitions, fulfilling one standard after another. Literally a month ago, we handed her a qualification book and a badge of a candidate master of sports in weightlifting, - continues the story of Alexei Semiletov. - At the same time, back in the spring, in training, she collected the amount for the master of sports. In May, in order to officially fulfill the master standard, we went with her to the Central Federal District championship in Yaroslavl. But then the excitement and lack of self-control prevented Zlata from showing the desired result. In her best attempt, she lifted 60 kg in the snatch, 75 kg in the clean and jerk, and gained a total of 135 kg. Five kilograms were not enough for the master. nine0106

As you know, failure only makes real champions stronger. Zlata Pavlova confirmed this postulate by her own example. Even in her school years, she became interested in power sports and for about four years she was engaged in powerlifting under the guidance of Ekaterina Shodikulova . After graduating from school, Zlata entered the Faculty of Mathematics of the TV State University. In my third year, I decided to renew my love affair with the barbell. So, on the advice of friends, I ended up in Khatazal and met Alexei Semiletov. As they say in such cases, the student and mentor found each other. nine0003

Despite some superficial similarities, weightlifting and powerlifting are quite different sports. In powerlifting, everything is put on physical strength, nothing else is required. In weightlifting, you also need to be able to keep balance, fix the lifted weight, as well as self-control and tactical calculation. Here it is important to have a fresh mind in order to correctly assess your capabilities and quickly make decisions in accordance with the results of your opponents, - Zlata Pavlova shared her own experience

A month after the Central Federal District championship, the girl trained hard and became not only older (on June 26, Zlata turned 22), but stronger and wiser. At least last Saturday, on the platform of the Salut Heraklion sports complex, the Tver woman felt much more confident and calm.

She did just that - clearly and calmly, with personal records at the competitions and even exceeded the task. On the first attempt in the snatch, she recorded 60 kg, in the clean and jerk she conquered 78 kg for the first time. Then, on the second attempt in the snatch, she took 62 kg and, according to the accumulated amount, she fulfilled the standard of the master of sports. But she consulted with the coach and went for the third attempt - 64 kg in the snatch and brought the Tver woman a bronze medal of the All-Russian test. nine0003

– Of course, when Zlata got on the podium, we were happy. As a coach, I got my first master of sports. In addition, Zlata became the very first weightlifting master among women in Tver! And we're not going to stop. We will definitely continue our joint work,

- Alexey Semiletov smiled.

Indeed, the significance of the event can hardly be overestimated. In 2017, the first master of sports in weightlifting among women appeared in the Tver region in history. nine0093 Alexandra Samuylova from the village of Staraya Toropa, Zapadnodvinsk district, completed the standard at the Russian Championship among boys and girls under 19.

Learn more