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'Fortnite' Guide: How to Get BTS, Dua Lipa, and Other Grammy Emotes

Czarina Grace Del Valle, Tech Times

(Photo : Screenshot from: @KRoolMain5116 Twitter) 'Fortnite' Guide: How to Get BTS, Dua Lipa, and Other Grammy Emotes (Photo : Joshua Hoehne / Unsplash)

Emotes are one of the best gestures to equip your avatars and give them style. With your avatar performing different actions and expressions, the 10-second dance sequences, along with its soundtrack release, is now available by the hundreds in "Fortnite."

You got to keep focused on @yodelinghaley and her smooth moves.

Grab the Say So Emote, available in the Item Shop now!

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) September 5, 2020

PSY's Gangnam style is coming to Fortnite. The first leak comes from a Korean Tweet. Unfortunately, there is no soundtrack. The pony-stepping dance however, is unmistakable for one of the most viral dance moves the internet has ever seen. American and European counterparts are undoubtedly receiving this patch next. 

Aside from PSY, one of the most popular South Korean group, BTS will also be included on the list. 

(Photo : Joshua Hoehne / Unsplash)

Nanzer and his team had built this program over the course of last year, creating emotes based on viral dances and popular music. Working together with publishers, labels, artists, and TikTok creators, this system presents new revenue and exposure opportunity for their music industry.

The new emotes also commemorate six songs that earned Grammy nominations last year on March 12. Fortnite is celebrating this event, remembering these artists by featuring their emotes in the Item Shop, starting on Sunday, March 14. 

Classy. Sassy. Savage.

Get the Savage Emote with moves by Keara Wilson in the Item Shop now!

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) December 26, 2020

Players can support their favorite artists by buying their songs in-game! Epic Games pay a direct fee to the artists and creators of each TikTok dance used in the emotes. Nanzer says it is to give proper credit and compensation to the original owners.

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According to Billboard, the emotes confirmed available in the Item Shop are:

  • Psy "Gangnam Style"
  • DaBaby's "Rockstar"
  • Doja Cat's "Say So"
  • Dua Lipa's "Don't Start Now"
  • Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage,"
  • BTS' "Dynamite,"
  • Drake's "Toosie Slide"

Availing emotes is easy. Just log-in "Fortnite" and go to the Item Shop to buy them. The new emotes can be bought around 200-800 V-bucks via in-game Item Shop and around $2-$8 total cash-in. Some emotes might take a few weeks before release. The emotes confirmed available in the Item Shop are:

New emotes can spice up your gaming experience. You can use them to taunt opponents, dance away while waiting for your friends or simply have fun watching your avatar break out with cool new viral moves.

The hype does not end there, as Nanzer and his team report that they are working with choreographers and artists of new music releases to create original dances.

"Fortnite" is a worldwide popular game, and now their Item Shop celebrates the launching of season six on March 16 in "Fortnite," The game is proudly releasing this new feature in hopes that players can also enjoy celebrating Grammys and a new season start.

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Fortnite dances list: All Tiktok emotes & Icon Series songs

  ❘   Published: 2022-12-07T10:12:00

  ❘   Updated: 2022-12-07T10:12:48

Fortnite dances are everywhere in the popular battle royale, with many of them based on viral TikTok trends or popular songs on the charts. Here’s every dance emote you can get so far.

As well as epic crossover skins featuring everyone from Ariana Grande to Dragon Ball’s Goku, Fortnite also features loads of well-known songs that are available to purchase as popular dance emotes.

After all, there’s no better feeling than scoring a Victory Royale and busting out dance moves to one of your favorite songs, whether that’s Lizzo’s About Damn Time or Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up.

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Below, we’ve rounded up all of the dance emotes, including TikTok trends and Icon Series, that you can get in Fortnite so far.

Epic Games

There are loads of dance crazes and viral songs in Fortnite.

All dance emotes & TikTok emotes in Fortnite

Emote Song Cost
Bim Bam Boom Bim Bam toi by Carla 500 V-Bucks
Blinding Lights Blinding Lights by The Weekend 500 V-Bucks
Build Up Build A B*tch by Bella Poarch 500 V-Bucks
Chicken Wing It The Chicken Wing Beat by Ricky Desktop 500 V-Bucks
Copines Copines by Aya Nakamura 500 V-Bucks
CrazyBoy 500 V-Bucks
Crossbounce Kẻ Cắp Gặp Bà Già (DJ Long Nhat Remix) by Hoàng Thùy Linh 500 V-Bucks
Dance Monkey Dance Monkey by Tones And I 300 V-Bucks
Don’t Start Now Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa 500 V-Bucks
Dynamic Shuffle 500 V-Bucks
Everybody Loves Me Teach Me How To Dougie by Cali Swag District 500 V-Bucks
Feel The Flow Toco Toco To by Dixson Waz 500 V-Bucks
Fishin’ 500 V-Bucks
Forget Me Not Forget Me Nots by Patrice Rushen 500 V-Bucks
Freedom Wheels Skate by Silk Sonic 500 V-Bucks
Frolic 500 V-Bucks
Gangnam Style Gangnam Style by PSY 500 V-Bucks
Get Gone 500 V-Bucks
Get Griddy Right Foot Creep by NBA YoungBoy 500 V-Bucks
Gloss 500 V-Bucks
Go Mufasa BOP by DaBaby 500 V-Bucks
Hang Loose Celebration Part of the Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass
Head Banger SICKO MODE by Travis Scott & Drake 300 V-Bucks
Hey Now! Iko Iko (My Bestie) by Justin Wellington 500 V-Bucks
Hit It Hit the Quan by iLoveMemphis 500 V-Bucks
I Like To Move It I Like To Move It by Reel 2 Real & The Mad Stuntman 500 V-Bucks
I’m Diamond Dynamite by BTS 800 V-Bucks
In Da Party In Da Getto by J Balvin and Skrillex 500 V-Bucks
It’s A Vibe Alors on danse by Stromae 300 V-Bucks
It’s Dynamite! Dynamite by BTS 800 V-Bucks
Jabba Switchway BOP by DaBaby 500 V-Bucks
Jiggle Jiggle Jiggle Jiggle by Duke & Jones and Louis Theroux 500 V-Bucks
Jug Band Poker Face by Lady Gaga 500 V-Bucks
Jump Around Jump Around by House of Pain 400 V-Bucks
Keep It Mello Free as part of the Showtime Challenges
Last Forever Last Forever by Ayo & Teo 500 V-Bucks
Lazer Blast 500 V-Bucks
Leave The Door Open Leave The Door Open by Silk Sonic 500 V-Bucks
Leilt Elomr Leilt El Omr (ليلة العمر) by Hamaki 500 V-Bucks
Marsh Walk 500 V-Bucks
Maximum Bounce Vibr8 by Marshmello 500 V-Bucks
Monster Mash Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett 500 V-Bucks
My World Fly N Ghetto by Ayo & Teo 500 V-Bucks
Never Gonna Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley 500 V-Bucks
Ninja Style 300 V-Bucks
Onda Onda Tesouro Do Pirata by Tchakabum 500 V-Bucks
Out West Out West by the JackBoys 500 V-Bucks
Poki 500 V-Bucks
Pull Up ROCKSTAR by DaBaby 500 V-Bucks
Pump Me Up About Damn Time by Lizzo 300 V-Bucks
Pump Up The Jam Pump Up The Jam by Technotronic 500 V-Bucks
Roller Vibes Kiss Me More by Doja Cat & SZA 1,200 V-Bucks (built-in to the Joy Skin)
Rollie Rolex by Ayo & Teo 500 V-Bucks
Rushin’ Around Rasputin by Boney M 500 V-Bucks
Savage Savage by Megan Thee Stallion 500 V-Bucks
Say So Say So by Doja Cat 500 V-Bucks
Smeeze In My City by KingMostWanted 500 V-Bucks
Socks 500 V-Bucks
Steady Own Brand Freestyle by FelixThe1st & Dreya Mac Only available in the Chapter 3: Season 3 Battle Pass
Stuck Up by Cardi B 500 V-Bucks
Sway 500 V-Bucks
The Flow alternative woah challenge by Adam Rose 500 V-Bucks
The Macarena Macarena by Los Del Río 500 V-Bucks
The Pollo Dance 300 V-Bucks
The Renegade Lottery by K Camp 500 V-Bucks
The Silencer 200 V-Bucks
Toosie Slide Toosie Slide by Drake 500 V-Bucks
Triumphant Triunfo by Emicida 500 V-Bucks
Wake Up Lit Right Now by Ayo & Teo 500 V-Bucks
Wanna See Me Whole Lotta Choppas by Sada Baby 500 V-Bucks
Wu-Tang Is Forever C. R.E.A.M. by Wu-Tang Clan 300 V-Bucks

When is Stuck (Up by Cardi B) emote returning to Fortnite?

Epic Games

Stuck is quickly becoming one of the rarest Fortnite emotes.

While most of these dance emotes have made regular appearances in the Fortnite Shop, one emote that hasn’t returned since its debut in September 2021 is Stuck, the dance to Cardi B’s hit song Up.

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Despite many players asking Epic Games to bring it back to the game, it’s still nowhere to be seen. In fact, it’s now been well over a year since it last appeared in the Shop.

There’s no confirmed reason for this, but it could be that the song was only meant to appear in the game once, or Epic could be saving its return for a future event. No one knows, but hopefully, it returns soon.

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How to dance in Fortnite on PC ▷ ➡️ Creative Stop ▷ ➡️

9000 real virtual flash mobs, going crazy with crazy dances. You would also like to participate in these events, but, unfortunately, you are new to this game and still do not know all the teams well.

How to say that everything is so and you would like a hand to open How to dance in Fortnite for PC ? Don't worry, you just went through the right lesson at the right time, as I'm going to explain everything to you in detail. In the following chapters, I will explain in detail how to add dance emoticons to Fortnite closet , as well as how to find the key that allows you to dance in the game. I will also explain what to do to get the new dances in Fortnite as these specific emotes can be obtained in-game using V-Bucks, Fortnite's virtual currency. But we are fine and will not immediately stop the stages. nine0005

Now that you understand what I'm going to talk about, are you ready to start? Are you comfortable sitting in front of your computer? Fine! At this stage, I suggest that you take a few minutes of free time and read the following lines carefully so that your attempt is successful. I wish you good reading and, most importantly, fun!


  • 1 Add an Emote to the Box
  • 2 Check Keybindings
  • 3 Fortnite Dance for PC
  • 4 Get new dances in Fortnite

Add emote to the box

The first thing to do if you want to know what the key is Press to dance in the fort with PC to start the game so you can add replay all" closet or the section dedicated to personalizing your virtual avatar

To do this, select the icon thrower epic games that you will find in the Windows desktop or macOS Launchpad, and once you are logged into your account, press the 9 button0013 starts which you will find in the video game Fortnite.

When the game starts, select the game mode you are interested in by clicking on it (for example, click Battle Royale ), then click the Esc button to display the lobby screen .

Now go to section closet to add replay from dance to hotkeys that you will assign later as I will explain in the next chapter. nine0005

To do this, click on the menu item wall cabinet is located in the top bar, after which, the corresponding section replay click on the symbol (+) and select the emotions of the dance that you have opened by clicking on them. Then confirm the addition by pressing save and exit.

You can add up to 6 to replay to its "wheel"; This, as I will illustrate in a later chapter, can be activated in-game by pressing a pre-assigned key or one you have configured. nine0005

Check the keybinds

Once you have added replay dance in closet , go to the menu settings to see the control section and find out which key to press to dance in Fortnite (the key, which, as we will soon we will see, you can also change as you wish).

To continue, press the menu symbol ( ) is located in the upper right corner, then in the corresponding drop-down menu on the screen, press gear symbol, to see section Settings. Now press the arrow symbol located at the top to see the map entry . Esta es la sección relacionada con la lista de todos los controles del juego y las teclas predefinidas relacionadas que se han asignado.

As you can see, the key used to dance in Fortnite is called replay ; by default, this is assigned to key (B). Sin embargo, si desea cambiar esta asignación automática, haga clic en la redacción (B) and then press the keyboard key you want to set as the command for the dance.

In the dedicated key mapping screen, see also item Emote Slot Cabinet and also the one called Repite el último Emote. El primero se usa para activar uno de los 6 replay previously assigned to the field, and the second serves to quickly repeat the last replay is performed. These keys are not assigned by default (as you can see, the wording exists Not assigned ). Then click on it to assign a key to your liking.

If, on the other hand, you have connected the controller to your PC, click on the controller symbol located on the tab at the top: in this way you can see which relative key is for the dance. In this case, you must press the button Flecha hacia abajo.

How do you tell if you want to play fortnite with a controller but don't know how to connect it to your PC? Therefore, I suggest that you read the procedure that I have provided in some of my guides on this topic, in which I have explained how to connect a PS3 keyboard to your PC, PS4.Xbox 360 or one Xbox One. nine0005

Finally, if you have changed the default assignments for Fortnite commands regarding keyboard usage (controller commands cannot be reset), press the Esc button to return to the main menu and, on the screen you are viewing, press the item to save to confirm your changes.

Dance in Fortnite for PC

Now that you have identified the team required to dance in Fortnite for PC, you can start a new game via screen lobby by pressing the button juego you see in the lower right corner.

Once the game has started, dance on Fortnite just press the button (B) i.e. the default key or previously assigned key.

Clicking on the corresponding button, as you can see, will open a virtual wheel, with which you can choose by clicking on it, the dance you want your character to perform, or replay You want to express yourself with

If ​​you have also assigned commands Wardrobe Emote Slot and repeat the last emote , you can press them to make your character dance with one of overplay previously assigned to armario.

Get new dances in Fortnite

Fortnite This is a free game, but it gives you the opportunity to buy items related to the aesthetics of the characters. They are available in rotation in section Buy items and you can buy it through V-Bucks, virtual currency available with real money or unlocked directly in the game after completing certain tasks.

If you have already bought or purchased enough V-Bucks, you can buy them. Alternatively, if you have Season Pass you can get something by replaying as a reward, level up. nine0005

If, on the other hand, you do not have enough V-Bucks to buy the emote you are interested in, you must buy this in-game currency by clicking on the symbol (+) on the top right side of the Fortnite main screen to see the packs to purchase them (prices start from €4.99).

In this sense, if you want me to V-Bucks you need to unlock the parts to replay I strongly recommend that you read my guide on how to get V-Bucks in which I have provided you with various tips and tricks on how how to get this virtual currency. nine0005

Recent Posts

Using the Dancer Mannequin Device in Fortnite Creative Mode

On This Page

The Dancer Mannequin Device can be used to project holographic dance images of characters that perform various dance emotions.

Customize your mannequins with a wide variety of character designs, emotes and device colors.

Finding and locating a device

Click image to enlarge.

  1. In creative mode , press the Tab key to open the creative inventory .

  2. Click on the Devices tab. Scroll to select a device, or use the Search field or the [ list of categories relevant for the device ] option on the Category panel on the left.

  3. Click PLACE to place the device immediately, or drag it to the QUICK ACCESS PANEL to place it later.

  4. Press Esc to return to the island in creative mode. Use the phone to position the device, then click to place it. Press F to switch to the pickaxe and disconnect the device from the phone. Press tilde key (\~) to switch back to phone.

  5. Point your phone at the device. If the pop-up "Edit" does not open immediately, move your phone closer until it appears, and then press E to open the personalization panel.

Device Settings

The main settings of this device allow you to change the character and emote, add a flicker, or change the color of the device. Additional device options allow you to select additional character skins and emotes that will be switched when activated through a channel. nine0005

The following device parameters are available to you.

Standard values ​​in bold .

Basic parameters


Light steel , Dark steel





Standard character skin

nine0002 Chewing Gum , Choose Character Skin

Allows you to select a standard character skin preset.

Pedestal display

Incl. , Off

Determines whether the pedestal is displayed.

Show lighting

On , Off

Turn the hologram lighting on and off.

Standard dance blank

A1 , Select blank

Allows you to select a standard dance preset.

Standard Shade Stock

0. 0 , Select shade

Allows you to select a default shade preset for the device.


Enabled, Disabled

Specifies whether the device will use a flicker effect during operation.

Pedestal color

Allows you to select the color of the pedestal.

Hue priority

Off , Party Mode, Silhouette Mode

Enables the modes Party or Silhouette . Takes precedence over hue settings.

All options (optional)




Active during phase

No, All , Pre-game only, Gameplay only

Determines at what stages of the game the device will be active. The "Before the game" stage includes all the stages that precede the start of the game. nine0005

Second character template

Gum , Choose Character Skin

Allows you to select the second character skin preset.

Activated with signal "Activate second blank on channel" .

Third character template

Gum , Choose Character Skin

Allows you to select the third character skin preset.

Activated with signal "Activate third blank on channel" .

Second dance piece

A1 , Select blank

nine0002 Allows you to select the second dance preset. Activated with signal "Activate second blank on channel" .

Third dance piece

A1 , Select blank

Allows you to select the third dance preset. Activated with signal "Activate third blank on channel" .

Second shade blank

0.0 , Select shade

Allows you to select a second shade preset for the device.

Activated with signal "Activate second blank on channel" .

Third shade blank

0.0 , Select shade

Allows you to select a third shade preset for the device.

Activated with signal "Activate third blank on channel" .


When one device needs to "talk" to another device, it transmits a signal on a special channel. The receiving device must be configured to receive a signal on the same channel.

The channel is identified by a number and the channel numbers are configured for the device by the parameter using the channel. Most devices also identify the player who activated the device with a signal. nine0005

The device has receivers that perform various actions when it receives a signal on the channel. In addition, this device can transmit signals when certain conditions are met.


Receivers wait for a signal on a channel and perform an action when they receive a signal sent on that channel from any device (including themselves).


nine0002 Meaning


Enable capture of images and emotions when receiving a signal

Without channel , Select channel

Takes on the appearance and emotions of the character that activated the signal on this channel.

Disable capture of images and emotions when receiving a signal

Without channel , Select channel

Returns the image and emotions on this channel to their original settings.

Activate standard stock when signal is received

Without channel , Select channel

Activates a stock preset when a signal is received on a specific channel. nine0005

Activate the second blank when receiving a signal

Without channel , Select channel

Activates the second blank when a signal is received on a specific channel.

Learn more