How to introduce a dance performance

How to Introduce a Dance Performance on Stage in English

Dance performances bring huge excitement to the audience, an art form that is almost everyone’s favorite. Isn’t it? So, considering the importance of the art and how it is so relevant even in today’s times, we have covered welcome speeches for a dance performance. Dance performances are a part of every cultural program in our country, whether in School, college, marriage, etc.

Long and Short Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance in English

If you have to address any such event and don’t know how to address your audience in a welcome speech, then there is no need to worry as here you would find both short welcome speeches for a dance performance and long welcome speeches for a dance performance. These welcome speeches are comprehensively written in an easy-to-understand language. Read on to know more.

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Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance 1

Respected Guest of Honor, the theatre staff, and the audience – I warmly welcome everyone to our annual cultural evening!

As you all know, we have celebrated this cultural event for ten years with equal zeal and enthusiasm. And now that we have completed ten years, it indeed calls for a special celebration. Fortunately, we have built a huge audience base. The highlight of the event which most of us have been waiting for is the “Cultural Dance Performance.” Culture is an important part of our upbringing, and it is because of our Culture we are who we are, both as a nation and as individuals.

Our country’s Culture and ethnicity are something we identify ourselves with throughout our lives and die with. So we should consider ourselves privileged that we are getting to showcase the cultural glory of our nation through these events. On top of it all, we have children who would depict Indian art forms in their dance performances.

These performances will be even more special on account of the successful completion of these 10 years, and we want to give our audience something they will never forget with a smile on their faces. After watching these performances, I am sure you all will feel great patriotic vibes, and our hearts will palpitate with strong emotions.

Our students have put in a lot of hard work in their preparations which have been going on for the past 2 months. They want to ensure that every move is perfect, and every dance performance should give our audience a standing ovation. With this expectation, our students work daily on their dance performances.

But before we kick start the performance, let me invite our Hon’ble chief guest on stage, who took his precious time to grace our event as we all know that he is a trained classical dancer who has been teaching his students for the past 20 years and is a globally renowned figure. We couldn’t have asked for more on this day. I am sure our students will have a lot to learn from his presence. I would also request our theater director to come on stage and felicitate our guests with this small gesture.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please give our guests a huge round of applause.

Now, get ready for a heavy dose of entertainment. I would request all our students to come backstage and get ready for their turn. The first performance is by our very famous Aatkrishti Group – with students aged 10-14 years. They have won several awards for their spectacular performances, and now it’s time for them to still your hearts. So ladies and gentlemen, hold your breath and welcome them on stage.

With this, I rest my speech and wish you all a very happy evening.

Thank you for being such a wonderful audience.

Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance 2

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, and My Dear Students – A Warm Welcome to all of you!

How spectacular are the day and the vibrations that we all are experiencing? Very soon, the excitement of this celebration will get stronger with every performance and will take us to another world.

I am Aakanksha Shukla, the head girl of this School, and I present the theme of our School’s annual function, “A Glimpse of Indian Culture through Cultural Dance Forms.” It is the concept of vivacious and applauding imaginative concoction and acts of our gifted students to showcase their talent on stage. The prophecy of our 15th Annual Function 2019 has yet again brought in our students a level of encouragement that it brings along with it. It is an important day not only for the School but for the students too as it encourages a wholesome development of their personalities and helps them to outshine in a competitive environment. Am I right?

On this special day, I would like to extend special thanks to our team, which acts as strong support in organizing such events. In other words, they are our pillars of support or a firm backbone, and I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to them.

Dance is one of the most sacred art forms, I believe. It goes much beyond just shaking your hands and legs. Dance is a way to express your emotions and feelings without having to speak anything. In fact, in ancient times, dancers were considered to be the messengers of God as through dance, we can express various emotions and narrate history or a story in an impactful manner. Music helps give life to this art form and is an indispensable part of the dance. Many dancers believe that “music is an extension of their personality and bears a direct connection to their souls. The music opens up endless possibilities and helps the dancers bring out the best.

So get ready for all the delight and excitement. Save your excitement, everyone, because today you are going to eye on some amazing sights and great dance performances. So without any further ado, let us gear up for an outstanding beginning of the function.

I am already very thrilled to have Mr. Remo D’Souza, the jury member of the Dance Reality Show called Dance Plus. His extraordinary personality doesn’t require any introduction. He is extremely talented, has touched great heights in the dance discipline, and encouraged our youth to be like him. He has also directed movies and achieved a great name in the Bollywood film industry. He is the epitome of knowledge and experience. Thank you so much, Sir, for taking your precious time out and sharing your wealth of experience with us.

On this note, I would like to rest my speech and kick start the event today.

Thank you, everyone!

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Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance 3

Good Evening Vice Principal, Beloved Teachers, Parents, and My Dear Students– Warm welcome to everyone! On behalf of our School, I extend a very sincere welcome to all of you present here for the Annual Cultural Night we have been hosting for ten years.

Completing ten years gives us an occasion to celebrate it with great pomp and show, and that is the main reason for the enormous gathering present here. Indian Culture is an important part of our lives; it helps grow our personality, strengthens our roots, and helps us remain grounded. The main event of today’s function is the “Cultural Dance Performance,” which will be performed by students from all classes and different cultures. This kind of theme allows us to portray India’s diverse and varied Culture and demonstrates that despite this kind of variation, we follow “Unity in Diversity.”

Children are considered the flag bearers, and you take the country on the path of development, growth, and success. Students portraying our Culture give a sense of satisfaction. We wanted the Annual Cultural Night should prove to be an event that could be remembered for ages, and whenever you all recollect the memories, it should bring a bright smile to your faces.

All the students have been waiting and practicing for this day for months, and finally, the day has arrived when their labor will bear fruits. They have been enthusiastic about converting every single move into a perfect one. Dance, a unique art form, has no boundaries; everyone can understand and feel it equally. Whether team-based or individual, dance performances are a great activity for students and provide them with various benefits other than inner satisfaction. Participation in dance competitions can help build self-esteem and confidence and motivate students to excel and build social skills. It allows students to learn and adapt to the skill of goal setting & practice.

So with this purpose, we organize a cultural night every year in order where 100% participation is encouraged, and each participant is rewarded. It is the participation of every individual that is most important for us and gives us immense joy. I am pleased to share that the distinguished guest to honor us with her presence today as our Cultural Night’s Chief Guest is Mrs. Shubha Chandra, Senior Member from Dance Academy in New Delhi. She has been a legendary dance performer in every theatre across India. She has exemplified the true spirit to thrive despite unforeseen circumstances. It is a privilege for all of us gathered here to have such a famous personality between us as our esteemed guest of honor. I wish all the best to students who are now going to present before us their abilities, and I pray to God that the best one should win.

Please welcome the children with a huge round of applause, the applause they deserve and they worked hard for months together.

I hope you all will have a great time.

Thank you!


Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance 4

Good evening to one and all present here, our esteemed Director, well-acclaimed Chief Guests, and Guests of Honor. I would also want to welcome the invitees and revered teachers who took out time to attend this event from their busy schedules. A thumping round of applause for all the students who have put in their hearts and soul to make this event a success! The varied performances for today’s event will mesmerize you to the core, and I assure you that you will be glued to the stage for the next two hours.

I, Aakash Mehta, Head boy of the School, introduce to you the theme of our Annual function, “Empowering Indian Culture through varied Dance Forms. ” This concept displays the creative young minds behind this event. The 20th Annual Day in 2019 has yet again delivered the students the values of motivation and hard work. It also displays the robustness of our nascent scholars. This platform allows students to turn their weaknesses into strengths, which ultimately fulfills our objective of developing the complete persona of an individual, which would help them survive in the competitive world.

There are some behind-the-scenes flag bearers who, although are not otherwise visible but they, play a major role in the structural organization of such events. They are our support pillars, and we express our wholehearted gratitude to them.

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Dance is one of the most divine art forms and a way to express varied feelings and emotions. Several individuals relieve stress through dance, while others feel it is an opportunity to display emotions to their loved ones. Dance is considered to be the heart, while music is its soul. You may wonder about the dance form, which does not involve music. Rather, it is only related to beats. This type of dance form requires more energy and effort than dance forms that encompass music.

So get set ready for all the exhilaration and delight. Save your energy, everyone, because today we will catch sight of some great dances. So let us gear up for a striking beginning of the function.

We are thrilled to have Ms. Geeta Kapoor, Jury Member of the Dance reality show “Dance India Dance.” Her introduction needs no exemplification as she is regarded as a noblewoman with a character of great heights, distinct capability, and an originator of multiple dance forms in India. She started her career at 18 and has come a long way. She, too, has had her share of scuffles, but despite all this, she has proved to be an epitome of success. You have made us proud with all the great endeavors taken over time. You have acquired this stature through rigorous effort and experience, and we exalt your accomplishments. You are an inspiration to all of us.

Thank you so much for devoting time to enlighten our young minds with your wise and motivational words.

Enjoy and have a great time ahead.

I appreciate your patience!

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Related content

Welcome Speech For Dance Performance in English For Students

Dance performances attract a lot of energy in large crowds, and it's a widely adored artistic expression. We have thus presented here both a long and short welcome speech for dance performance along with 10 lines for writing an anchoring script for dance performance, taking into account the importance of art and how it is still relevant in today's events. Dance performances are a part of every cultural programme in our country, whether in schools, colleges, weddings, or other events.  

A welcome speech is very important for cultural functions, and it should be as simple and formal as the function dictates. The dance performance is a part of any cultural program, whether it is in school, college, school, or any wedding function, and many more. While giving a welcome speech for a dance performance, it is essential to express your opinions and view. To help students with this, Vedantu has provided here Welcome Speech For Dance Performance in English that students can easily use.

Long and Short Anchoring Speech For Dance Performance

These welcome speeches for dance performance provide insight on how to introduce a dance performance on stage for students of Classes 1 to 12.

Long Anchoring Script For Dance Performance

Greetings to all! I am ABC and I am fortunate to have this opportunity to present the welcome speech for dance performances lined up for today’s event. As a nation and as a country, culture is an important part of our upbringing and who we are today. Our country's culture is something we will be buried with when we die, and we will have to live with it for the rest of our lives.

What could be more wonderful than children representing our cherished culture? That's right, today the teachers and students have decided to give the audience something to remember for the rest of their lives, something that will bring smiles to their faces and help them go home with a flood of feelings, a river of patriotism coursing through their veins, and their hands on their beating hearts.

We Indians have a long and illustrious history of dance and music. Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Sattriya (Assam), Mohiniyattam (Kerala), Chhau (West Bengal, Jharkhand), Gaudiya Nritya, Ghoomar (Rajasthan), and others are examples of classical or semi-classical dance. We should consider ourselves fortunate that we are able to showcase our country's cultural glory through these events, and on top of that, we have children performing dance performances that represent Indian art forms.

Our students have been working extremely hard for the past two months on their preparations. They want to make sure that every move is flawless, and that every dance performance receives a standing ovation from our audience.

But, before we begin the performance, I'd like to welcome on stage our honorable chief guest, who has taken time out of his busy schedule to attend our event. On this particular day, we couldn't have asked for anything more. I am confident that our students will benefit greatly from their presence. I'd also like to invite our dance teacher to come on stage and welcome our guest for the occasion.

Now, Brace yourself for a high-octane dose of entertainment. I'd like to invite all of our students backstage to prepare for their turn. 

Our ancient scholar Bharatmuni may not have imagined that the Rasa and Bhava of his writing would last for millennia when he wrote the "Natya Shastra." Our first performance is just a small step toward carrying on his legacy. Please welcome the students of class 8, who have come up with this beautiful opening performance. They have won several awards for their mesmerizing performances and are here to steal your heart. So, hold your breath and welcome them with a big round of applause.

With this, I conclude my speech. I hope you all have a wonderful evening ahead. 

All the best to all the performers!

Short Anchoring Speech For Dance Performance

Greetings everyone! Today, we all are present here to celebrate our identity and our heritage. I am ABC, your host and I am glad to have this opportunity to deliver the welcome speech for dance performances. 

Our nation's way of life and ethnicity is something we identify throughout our lives and until we die. Therefore we should count ourselves as blessed that we are getting a chance to showcase our country's cultural splendor through these events and that we have youngsters that can represent Indian artistic expression through their strong dance performances.

I am pretty sure these performances will be considerably more outstanding than what we have witnessed in the past few years. We will give our guests something that they will not easily forget. I'm sure all of you will feel extraordinarily devoted vibes after seeing these performances, and our hearts will palpitate with powerful and strong positive emotions for our country's culture and heritage.

Our students have put in a lot of effort into their preparations, which have been ongoing for several months. The goal was to ensure that each dance is perfect and that each dance performance results in thunderous applause from our audiences. Our students have worked hard every day on their dance performances in order to meet this wish.

I'd like to express my gratitude in particular to our team, which provided invaluable assistance in the planning of all such events. They are our pillars of support, or in other words, a solid backbone, and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to them.

Dance is, in my opinion, one of the holiest art forms. It entails far more than simply shaking your hands and legs. Dance allows you to express your thoughts and emotions without having to speak. Dancers were once thought to be God's messengers because they could convey a wide range of emotions and narrate history or a story in an engaging way. Music plays an important role in bringing this art form to life, and it is an integral part of the dance.

So get ready for a whirlwind of joy and excitement. Without further ado, let us prepare for a spectacular start to the function.

On that note, I'd like to conclude my remarks and unveil today's event.

Welcome Speech For Bollywood Dance Performance in English

Deepika and Priyanka rocked the silver screen with this song and made history. Our girls ABC and XYZ, not an inch short of that. Let’s welcome ABC and XYZ to set a stage on the fire. They are going to make you guys crazy with their bollywood signature steps.

Welcome Speech For Punjabi Dance Performance in English

They are strong, they are synchronous, and they have a shiny outfit and lots of martial art tricks up their sleeve. Please welcome one and only “ABC '' Dance group on the stage… Oye, DJ Wale Inka Gaana Chalade…. Chak De Phatte..

Welcome Speech For Lavani (Maharashtrian Folk Dance) Dance Performance in English

Well boys, don’t go crazy on the next dance performance as ABC is coming up with a sensational Lavani performance on Ajay- Atul’s epic song “Jaudya Na Ghari” from the movie “Natrang”. So give it up for ABC.

Welcome Speech For Western Dances- Hip Hop, Krumping, Break Dance Performances in English

They got the moves, they got the attitude and they have rocked the stage before too. They were the winners of last year’s inter-college group dance competition, any guesses?…… Yes, you are right, they are no other than “ABC”.

Welcome Speech For Classical Dance Performance in English

While writing the “Natya Shastra”, our ancient scholar Bharatmuni might not have thought that the Rasa and Bhava of his writing will last for millennia. Our next performance is a tiny step to continue his legacy. Please welcome, ABC Group, presenting XYZ performance. They will be expressing PQR in their XYZ performance.

10 Lines For Writing a Welcome Speech For Dance Performance

Students of Classes 1 to 4 can refer to these lines for writing an introduction for dance performance to be performed in their schools.

  1. Good Evening Vice Principal, Beloved Teachers, Parents and My Dear Students– Warm welcome to everyone! 

  2. On behalf of our school, I extend a very sincere welcome to all of you present here for the Annual Cultural Night which we have been hosting for ten years now. 

  3. Completing ten years gives us an occasion to celebrate it with great pomp and show and that is the main reason for the enormous gathering present here.  

  4. Indian Culture is an important part of our lives; it not only helps in the growth of our personality but also strengthens our roots and helps us remain grounded. 

  5. The main event of today's function is the "Cultural Dance Performance" which will be performed by students from all classes.

  6. Dance, as a special art form, knows no bounds and can be understood and felt by everyone.

  7. Dance performances, whether team-based or individual, are a fun activity for students that offer them a variety of benefits in addition to inner satisfaction.

  8. Participating in a dance competition will help students develop self-esteem and confidence, as well as inspire them to achieve their goals and improve their social skills.

  9. It allows students to learn and practise the skill of goal setting and practise.

  10. Please give the children a standing ovation, which they deserve after months of hard work.


Dance is a divine art form that allows people to express a wide range of thoughts and emotions. Several people use dance to alleviate stress, while others see it as an opportunity to express feelings to their loved ones. The heart of dance is considered to be the soul, while the soul of music is considered to be the heart. You might be curious about a dance form that has nothing to do with music and is solely based on beats. In contrast to dance forms that include music, this type of dance takes more energy and effort.

Presentation of dances, or How to announce dances is interesting

It means to announce dances in a non-standard way at a concert or competition in order to pronounce not only their names.

Written for "Dance Spring" according to a given list of choreographic numbers.

There may not be performances with such names at your concert, but it is easier to figure out how to announce the dances that you will have with examples.

See the script of the dance concert/competition in the previous article - it will be clear where the Leader should insert the given text. nine0003

Let's go)


Announce the performer and choreographer.

For example - variety dance group "X", the head of the group - ... full name.

Next, say the name of the dance (choreographic number) and to them - the introductory words of the Leader.

I'm writing in a list, but I'm going to announce one at a time, of course.

============================================ ======

We are small children

- That small children will take the stage now, and that these kids dance great, we already guessed. But if everything was simple, they would not perform at Dance Spring. And they are performing. And how they perform! Watch and applaud!

Flight attendants

- We do not have an airport, but this does not mean that there should not be flight attendants. Meet "Stewardesses", not on the plane, but on our stage. nine0003


Lullabies are many and different. Let's watch "Lullaby" by the group "X".

Sleep, my sunshine

The next number is "Sleep, my sunshine." It seems that it looks like a lullaby, but what will actually happen, and who is whose sun, now let's figure it out.

============================================ ======


“Militari” means “military” in Italian, and this is the name of this dance. I will say one thing - I really want this word to remain only in art and clothing style. And completely disappeared from people's lives in its sad sense. Look!


- Many girls at least sometimes dream of being a Princess or a Princess. And some do not even dream - because they are born right away. Which Princess will be shown to us now by the dancers of the studio "Y", we will find out in a second. nine0003

You are fire, I am water

- The next number is about incompatible opposites. "You are fire, I am water." But in dance, they seem to complement each other perfectly.

Cheerful zebrik

- Who is Zebrik, we could not reliably find out. Either he is a kitten, then he is the son of a zebra, and then suddenly he is an entertainment center or a studio. Our version is dance. "Merry Zebrik" for a cheerful mood! nine0003

============================================ ======

Even if a specific text is attached to the word - for example, as in the song "Ocean Elzy" with the same name. And what is the meaning of our today's stars in this word, now we will find out.

Village nursery rhymes

- The younger group decided to amuse us all, and we are only happy about it. Meet new stars!


- Tarantella is an Italian folk dance accompanied by a guitar, tambourine and castanets. For 200 years it was considered the only cure, can you imagine! And what was treated with this dance - it’s better for you not to know. Just watch and enjoy! nine0003


- I'm sure everything will be great. The main thing is that the goats do not get carried away and do not jump from the stage to the hall, and from there to the street.

============================================ ======


- Turntables are different - and on the guitar, and on kefir, and on the pike. Which ones will be shown to us is still a surprise. But I feel it will pleasantly surprise us. nine0003


- May is on the calendar, the mood is eternal spring. So why not remember winter for 5 minutes for a change? Especially when they show it to us so interestingly.


- It turns out that dancing with a flood is a favorite question of the compilers of scanwords. And the answer, it seems, will not be told to us now, but they will dance.

Young country

- Youth is always good, and not necessarily in the passport. The main thing is to be young in soul, head and feet. What we are now showing.

============================================ ======

Curtain, applause of enthusiastic audience))

========================== =========================


In this or a similar way, you can imagine dancing at a competition or concert. Where with a joke, where with mystery, where with touching words. And there will be not just a concert, but a small show. Or a big one. And maybe, taking into account other things, even grandiose))

with a wish to pleasantly surprise the hall,

Evelina Shesternenko and the site "Feast of BIS"
I liked the article - the article - Friends. Didn't like it - click to discuss. Thank you, you are adorable!

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Leads to concert numbers - examples for the leaders of the concert (how to announce a dance, song, sketch) - TOP, TOP, BOOT

This article presents leads to concert numbers. Here you will find examples for the leading concert in verse and prose. nine0003

How to announce lead lines to songs, dances, sketches?

In cultural institutions, schools and other educational institutions, competitions are often held that require the presence of a jury. Competitions of a competitive nature awaken individuality, organization, looseness in the participant. Help to reveal hidden talents. Team events - KVN, "Ah, come on, girls", bring up diligence, team spirit, cohesion in the team.


  1. How to introduce the jury at the competition
  2. How to introduce the participants of the competition
  3. Leading the ditties in the script
  4. How to announce the song at the concert in prose and poetry
  5. Introducing the New Year's dance
  6. 6
  7. How to introduce the parents at the wedding
  8. wedding
  9. Dance of father and daughter at the wedding
  10. Number at the concert in verse
  11. Guests at the anniversary for congratulations
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  16. We announce a lottery at a holiday in verse

How to introduce the jury at the competition

Greetings to the jury should focus on the theme of the event. Mind games require a more serious introductory speech, and the following quatrain is suitable for an evening of humor and jokes.

You can’t do without them at the competition
They will sum up the results by the final
So that the contestants set a goal,
We went to victory! The jury will not be strict.
They have a keen eye and very sharp hearing
They evaluate the competition fairly
The jury will announce its decision aloud,
The participant will be made happy with the victory.

Jury at the KVN competition

The jury are the main characters in the KVN show-program. Humorous and intellectual games of KVN are very popular in schools and other educational institutions. It is impossible to imagine such an event without judges. They evaluate the creativity, ingenuity, humor and creative approach to the tasks of the participating teams. nine0003

For the "Cheerful and resourceful" competitions, a verse indicating the theme of the evening is suitable as a greeting from the jury.

Play, laugh, fight, spark!
The jury is sitting in front of you.
Appreciate humor, creativity,
Enthusiasm, activity, positive,
Picky to the smallest detail,
But fairer than all judges.
Frowning like bullfinches,
But very kind inside.
We wish them good luck,
Let the best be chosen!

Girls of all ages love to participate in beauty contests. At such an event, they demonstrate their grace, attractiveness, various talents and skills. The jury chooses the winner among the contestants or distributes the titles: "Miss Smile", "Miss Charm" and others. The judges' faces can be represented by the following poem. nine0003

Look, what beauties,
They shine like stars!
Of course we all like them,
They will be judged today by the jury.
Each contest will be worthily appreciated
Wish victory for everyone,
Let the jury decide wisely and evenly,
Success will also be useful to them.
Song for the jury

A very original trick is to present the jury at the competition in a song version. Such a greeting is suitable for competitive events: KVN, “Ah, come on, girls”, “Miss - Autumn” and others. nine0003

Greetings from the jury (to the motive of Artur Pirozhkov's song "Hooked")


Good evening, glad to meet you!
Let it last forever,
It will be fun and good.
Hello glorious jury!
Look at us with kindness.
Give us a score, but only a big one.
We prepared like this, didn't sleep for seven nights,
Please look at us better,
We will jump, sing and dance,
After all, we came here today to win. nine0359 How we try, just look,
You will reward us with a victory today,
But just don't be boring, don't sit.


Check us out the jury,
And cheer up with an assessment,
To make joy in the eyes
Light up the whole hall.
Dear jury,
Look at us,
With kindness in our hearts
Appreciate the performance
Check us out, jury!

A song in honor of the judges will help increase the score for the performance. The jury will appreciate the original greeting of the participants and the presenter. nine0003

How to introduce contestants

Fun and intellectual contests are great fun for both contestants and spectators. The organizers of recreational activities delight pupils of school institutions with interesting competitive programs. Such events are held according to the plan or in connection with the upcoming holidays and seasons. In the fall they hold "Miss Autumn", in the winter - "Ah, come on, guys!", in the spring - "Miss Beauty". Funny KVN games are arranged between classes or other teams. nine0003

Before the start of the event, the host greets the participants of the competition, according to the theme of the evening.

Participants - KVN teams

The KVN competition program includes a greeting from all the actors of the event: the jury and competing teams. Before the beginning of the evening, the host introduces the participants in a poetic form.

To appear on the stage in front of you
They prepared diligently for many days.
With fun, humor, smile and dreams,
Come to the competition to win soon! nine0359 They will show who is capable of what
Talents will conquer us
After all, each of the participants is special,
And they will be able to prove it!
Good luck to the participants,
Hope, vivacity, fun and success,
And we help them a lot with you
Applause and ringing laughter!

For a beauty contest

Girls take part in beauty contests with great pleasure. They like to circle around the stage in beautiful outfits, move gracefully and take an active part in competitions. Such events help to reveal feminine qualities in girls: charm, housekeeping, charm, softness. Beauty contests develop the creative abilities of the participants. Before going on stage, the girls are very worried and worried, despite careful preparation for the tasks. The presenter needs to support the contestants and call the applause of the audience, which is so necessary for the participants. nine0003

Beautiful, unique,
Graceful, loved by everyone,
The participants are like princesses -
How wonderful they look!
Shine with dresses and charm,
Being queens is their vocation!
Undoubtedly, they are reaching for victory,
Although they are worried, they are smiling.
May success accompany them,
Happy happy laughter rings!
Ah, we are waiting for them on the stage,
We wish each of them victory!

Greetings for Miss Autumn

The annual Miss Autumn pageant is held among middle and high school girls. Such events have gained great popularity among students of lyceums and other educational institutions. nine0003

Before the performance of the participants, the MC will give a welcoming speech .

So the summer has flown by, the leaves are spinning,
Everything has changed so much in the last week.
New weather brought winds,
This means - Autumn has come to us!
Brought a crown, with a rustle of foliage,
Golden Guest, of wondrous beauty.
I visited Autumn, but not alone,
I brought beautiful girls with me.
The title of "Miss - Autumn" will be mined,
They will tell about themselves, they will dance. nine0359 Each of the participants - as if on a selection,
Marvelous, beautiful - the eye rejoices!
It's hard to pick just one...everyone is so good!
We wish them good luck from the bottom of our hearts!

Competition program for boys

Competitions and activities are not only for girls. Evenings are organized for boys, where participants need to show ingenuity, intelligence, creativity or intellectual knowledge. Usually such events are associated with a festive theme: "February 23".

Boys do not take part in competitions so often, they are not as liberated and artistic as girls. Therefore, support and warm words of encouragement are extremely important for them. The task of the presenter is to arrange the audience for applause, and to set the contestants in a positive way.

Brave guys, what good fellows!
Smart, skillful, glorious youths.
Today they are performing on stage at a good hour,
They will show intelligence, ingenuity and amuse us.
We wish you victory, goodness and good spirits,
Well, friends of success, no feathers, no fluff! nine0003

The leader should support the participants of the celebration with words of greeting, present their best qualities and attract the attention of the audience. A well-chosen speech will help to focus on the artists, defuse the situation and maintain a good mood throughout the event.

Lead to ditties in the scenario

Chastushka is a funny naughty song that is suitable for any celebration. Chastushki are full of mild criticism, humor, funny moments and a cheerful motive. Chastushki are performed for any reason. They can be applied to the New Year, Anniversary or Birthday, to another holiday. A number of ditties perfectly relieves the situation, dispels boredom. They cheer up, charge the audience with optimism and fun. Before the performance of the ditty, the presenter introduces the artists with an introductory poem. nine0003

There is no more fun song for the eye
Which will invigorate and make you laugh,
Like a catchy song - a ditty,
It will sound for you today!

Rings like a rattle
Cheerful ditty,
Jokes and enthusiasm in it,
Cheerful words set!

And now stop sitting in despondency
Let's sing funny songs
An old lady plays and dances an accordion
When ditties are sung loudly.

Performing in front of you
Our laughter girls,
They will dance merrily
And ditties will sing!

Something has become boring
At our feast
To make it "hot",
Drinking ditties.

It will sound now for you
A song - a frolic,
Many jokes, funny phrases
In a small ditty.
We are allowed to sing along
And laugh loudly,
It is forbidden to be bored
And yawn on the sidelines.

Chastushkas refer to a cheerful number. A funny lead to the ditty will set the audience to listen to a funny song. Before the first dashing melodies of the ditty, the audience present at the concert will feel a surge of vivacity and pleasant expectation. nine0003

How to announce a song at a concert in prose and poetry

Song is an extraordinary art. It conveys the feelings and emotions of the performer. A beautifully executed composition is able to tell an interesting story and mentally transfer to other lands. The song has magic and magnetism. It melts the ice in the hearts, cheers up and gives birth to a love of life. It creates a gentle and beautiful atmosphere in which you want to return again and again.

Not one concert is complete without a vocal number. Talented singers captivate the audience, fascinate with unusual notes. Songs can be sad and thoughtful, gentle and affectionate, cheerful and cheerful. Before the performance of the artist, the presenter must choose a suitable eyeliner to prepare the viewer for the upcoming number. nine0003

Introduction to a slow composition in verse

Before the artist's performance, the presenter announces the number, preparing the audience for the atmosphere of the song.

There is no more beautiful and tender
A beautiful song that flows like oil.
She gently removes the load from the soul,
Embraces with an invisible hand.
Her words touch the hearts,
Bring the cold, longing end.
So enjoy the sweet breeze,
Enchanting and inspiring singing.
Presentation of the song in prose

The facilitator may announce the performance of the vocalists as a prosaic speech.

“Dear friends! They say that the song "helps to build and live." Indeed, the sounds of a beautiful song help to overcome difficult situations, they can calm and cheer up. Good lyrics teach to dream, to believe in goodness and harbor hope. Now you will hear a composition that will not leave you indifferent. Enjoy the sounds of this beautiful piece. "

“A lot of books have been written about love, a lot of poems have been invented. But only a song is able to convey the romantic range of feelings that rages in the heart of a man in love. And now you can see for yourself.” nine0003

“From the first days of life, a person learns to talk in order to communicate with people around him. Having learned to speak, he tries to sing in order to better express his feelings. The song opens the door to the inner world of each of us. She teaches to dream, create and believe in miracles.”

Announcement of a cheerful song in verse

Cheerful songs cheer up and decorate the holiday concert. Before the performance of the vocalist, the presenter needs a suitable eyeliner. nine0003

For a good mood
Warmth and general joy,
To feel wonderful
This song will be performed for you!

How good for the heart
From a beautiful song!
Legs are eager to dance,
Either in tango, or in a waltz.
The soul unfolded,
Oh, how good the song is!

Presentation of a song about love in verse
For a romantic composition, a beautiful presentation of the presenter is necessary.
Love - what a beautiful sound!
She caresses the eyes and ears! nine0359 Love gives birth, inspires
Lovers pushes to exploits.
She sounds in love songs
With her the world is more tender and wonderful.
She excites the blood so much,
A song about eternal love.

It is important for the presenter to announce the vocal number with feeling and expression. The performance of the song tunes the viewer into the attention and enjoyment of the concert.

Choreographic number

Choreographic performances serve as a wonderful decoration of the concert. The talented performances of the dancers evoke a flurry of positive emotions from the audience. The host announces the dance with proper intonation, depending on the genre. Bright and rhythmic numbers are presented appropriately. nine0003

Our talented artist performs in front of you,
Clap your hands loudly
And shout: “Bravo! Bis!"

Presenting for your review
A beautiful and bright performance
For your pleasure,
Loud applause in the hands.

Not just a dance, but an outburst of emotions,
You will be surprised by the brilliance of talents.
How they move quickly deftly,
Dancers in this production.
Don't hold back, don't be bored,
Meet the Ensemble cheerfully! nine0003

Slow composition

A choreographic number is not just a dance. He conveys to the audience the atmosphere of music, "tells" an interesting story. The movements of the dancers fill every musical measure with sensuality. Spanish dance, gypsy dance, tango is a hot number. The presenter needs an appropriate lead to the performance of the group or solo dancer.

Love and passion, hot heat,
Every movement of a dancer,
Fanfare sounds in the soul
And notes of ardent enthusiasm.
Excites, attracts and intoxicates
A wonderful dance of inspiration
It will undoubtedly impress you
Giving birth to a storm of admiration.

There is nothing more beautiful in the world
Than to contemplate a wonderful wondrous waltz,
As if in an old minuet,
Artists will perform for you.
We wish you to enjoy the performance,
Close your eyes for a moment and dream,
And with quivering deep admiration,
Meet them with applause.

The choreographic production adds a twist to the concert evening. The audience really likes dance numbers of any genre. The performance of the number should convey the atmosphere of the dance. nine0003

Introducing the New Year's dance

There are many festive concerts, events and matinees on New Year's Eve. Gala evenings are not complete without a concert program. Pupils of school institutions are carefully preparing for a significant event. They perform songs and funny dances. At matinees, there is always a host who takes care of organizing the event. He announces dance numbers with words of welcome.

Without dancing, the holiday will be fresh
Dull, dreary, uninteresting...
To light up the lights in our eyes,
We need different dances!
Especially on New Year's Eve,
People are dancing merrily.
Without shyness and without embarrassment,
For a joyful mood

The New Year holiday is coming soon!
Do you hear him coming?
We meet him cheerfully,
We have fun, we do not miss.
Let's clap and knock,
Dance together dance!

New Year, fires are burning,
Lanterns are shining brightly,
Flappers will shoot loudly,
And we clap our hands.
Under the perky frisky dance,
What we will see now.

Snowflake dance

The most popular dance at all New Year's parties is the performance of snowflakes. Girls in light snow-white outfits whirl to the sounds of a wonderful melody. The dance of snowflakes will certainly be included in the program of the New Year's party of the kindergarten, school and city holidays. The following words are suitable for the announcement of the Dance of the Snowflakes:

Winter has come,
Blizzards swirled,
And fluffy white snow is falling.
Magic time!
Covered with snowflakes
So that every person would be happy.
And they are spinning
Wonderful fluffs
Dancing like at a fabulous ball.
Like the lights of fireflies,
Brilliant snowflakes
Their wondrous waltz in the morning is beautiful!
And at this very hour
They flew to us
They will please the kids and guests
They will dance a magical waltz
Snowballs - mademoiselles,
Let's call them as soon as possible!

White fluffs are spinning merrily,
Light and delicate, bright snowflakes.
Meet the New Year,
Rejoice in the New Year
With wind and blizzard
Fabulously dancing!

Announcement of a general New Year's dance

At the end of the New Year's party, the organizer of the holiday announces a festive extras. Children and guests of the celebration are invited to the circle for general fun and dancing.

On the eve of the New Year
Let's forget about sadness and sadness
Let slumber leave us
And boredom will go into the distance.
To the sounds of cheerful melodies
I invite you all here!
Let's dance, have fun,
And celebrate together, friends!

The leader of the festive scenario should positively and cheerfully invite those present to actively participate in the dances. Funny eyeliners, jokes and laughter will set the guests in a festive mood and good mood.

Gypsy dance at a concert

Since ancient times in Rus', the performances of gypsies have been seen with great pleasure. Gypsies sang soulful songs, danced hot and languid, fast and incendiary dances. Together with the gypsies, for the amusement of the people, trained bears performed. In modern times, gypsy dance does not lose its popularity. It is relevant for city concerts, for school and kindergarten matinees. nine0359 Collective gypsy dance

In kindergarten groups or in school classes, gypsy dances are prepared for New Year's mornings, consisting of a large number of people. Fry dress up in colorful shirts, girls in wide skirts with flounces. Little gypsies and active "gypsies" are ready to please the guests of the celebration with an interesting dance composition.

The following verses will help the host announce the gypsy dance in the festive program:

Hot dance, sensual and bright,
It will be a gift for the audience,
It fascinates, attracts like a magnet,
It intoxicates with gypsy motives.

Hey romale, come on!
Take a ringing guitar.
Let her stir the heart,
She will tell us about free life.
Ringing guitars to the strings,
Daring gypsies will dance!

The harmonica plays, the guitar sings,
When the gypsy people dance cheerfully.
They surprise and delight us,
When they start dancing with bells!

"Gypsy with an exit"

Gypsy dance is beautiful both in ensemble and solo performance. The dancer, performing to the sounds of gypsy melodies, captivates the eyes of the audience. The talented production and the charming motive of the gypsy song make up an amazing number that will impress those present in the hall.
Before the “gypsy girl” leaves, you can imagine the number as follows:

Beautiful and proud soul,
Oh, how good she is at dancing!
She is as sincere as a moth is light,
That you even envy her a little ...
We present to your attention
Gypsy dance for contemplation!

A gypsy girl doesn't just dance,
To the sound of exciting notes,
She gives her heart
And sings with every movement.
Her incendiary dance
Will melt all the ice in the soul
A blush shines on her cheeks
It’s already reluctant to be bored ...
She performs so nicely
I want to applaud,
And with admiration: “Bravo!”
Our dancer scream.

Gypsy dance - will be a great addition to the festive evening. It fits well into any environment: a children's party, a school party, an adult cooperative. nine0003

Introducing Jewish dance

Folk dances are often featured in holiday scenarios. Jewish dances are very popular. Incendiary motives and peppy dance movements cheer up the audience and bring fun and enthusiasm to the atmosphere.
Before the start of the dance number, the presenter says the appropriate introduction to the Jewish dance. You can choose one of the options you like:

Impossible to resist
and pulls to dance,
After all, Jewish motives
awaken to a playful dance.

Jews are a cheerful people,
They dance briskly and sing loudly.
Knows how to have fun on the holidays,
It's not good for them to be bored on the spot.
As soon as a rhythmic motive plays,
A large group of Jews dances.

On this solemn day
There are many songs.
After all, there is a significant reason
This day is wonderful.
And so that you don't get bored
At this performance
We ordered
Cheerful dance of the Jews for you! nine0003

Folk costumes and a rhythmic Jewish dance performance will perfectly entertain the participants of the festive evening.

How to represent parents at a wedding

A wedding is one of the main family holidays. It is the dream of both parents and their growing children. When young people find a worthy couple, they want to start a new family. On this occasion, parents and newlyweds arrange a big celebration. The wedding is attended by the dearest and dearest people. The organizer of the celebration mostly focuses on the bride and groom. They are congratulated, admired and expressed the warmest wishes. At the wedding celebration, special attention should be paid to the parents of the young. For them, this event is no less important and exciting. nine0003

Option 1

The toastmaster or the wedding organizer must definitely pay special attention to the parents of the newlyweds in the first part of the holiday. The following speech can be used as a sample:

“Dear guests! At this moment, let's pay attention and applause to the most important participants of the event. It is impossible to imagine this holiday without them. These are dear and respected parents of the bride and groom.

Let's welcome the royal couple, His Highness (the name of the groom's father) and Her Majesty (the name of the groom's mother). Many years ago, Prince Charming (the name of the groom) appeared in their royal family. They put a lot of patience and love into raising such a smart and wonderful guy. The head of the family (the name of the groom's father) is always young at heart, full of enthusiasm and noble qualities. He is an excellent master in his domain. Under his tireless gaze, the harvest in the garden grows and sings. His wife feels like behind a stone wall. nine0359 The kind and charming Queen (the name of the groom's mother) has an extraordinary gift of culinary skills, an unsurpassed style of dress and a radiant smile.

Thanks to this couple, a brave young man was born who was able to win the heart of a beautiful bride.

Ah, now let's look at the next pair of parents. Blooming and joyful personalities with the talent of a gardener, because it was they who were able to grow such a wonderful flower as beautiful and fragrant (bride's name). nine0359 A respected gentleman who has the skill of a jeweler and great patience (the name of the father of the bride) and his charming life partner (the name of the mother of the bride) are participants in a magical mission. Once their eyes and hearts met to one day produce the fruit of eternal love: a wonderful girl of unearthly beauty (name of the bride). The father of the family is a tireless worker, an intellectual, a pleasant conversationalist and a respected person. And, mother is the owner of gentle and skillful hands, kind and wise words, a gentle and radiant smile. nine0003

Thanks to the first and second pair of parents, we have before us their children: the Groom and the Bride. Love united their families, guiding them along the path of Happiness and Understanding.

Option 2

An original way to introduce parents is a poetic version. Parents will be pleased to hear compliments addressed to them, which will sound in the genre of poetry.

“Dear dear guests
We would like to ask you for a minute of your attention.
Let us draw your attention,
To those who are so worthy of contemplation. nine0359 No, this is not a bride, not a groom,
We'll talk about them more than once.
Now I'm talking about important people,
Without them, nothing would have been, would not be.
Let's give a standing ovation,
Parents - they deserve it!”
(guests clapping)

The host points to the groom's father .

“Here we have the groom's father
With the appearance of a dashing Cossack.
What to become, and the appearance of the hero
Problems will solve everything, arrange.
He is a witty lover of life,
A restless hard worker. nine0359 He raised his son well,
We are grateful for this now.
Dear wife to match him ...
Let's welcome the groom's mother!

(The host raises the groom's mother)

“She has golden hands,
They don't know laziness, they don't know boredom.
How he prepares wonderful dishes!
Everyone will be glad to try them
She is a hostess, what is needed,
For her husband a reward!”
The host switches to the bride's parents:
"Ah, now let's introduce the new father-in-law
Before us are friends - the father of the bride!
Smart and sociable, reads books,
He knows everything in the world.
He watches the news patiently,
He does not utter an angry word.
Many people in the city know him,
And his neighbors adore him.
Kind and courteous,
Prudent person.
And his other half
They are very dear and loved!”

(The mother of the bride gets up)

“Here is the beauty of the bride!
The eyes are the ocean, and the whole image is wonderful. nine0359 Graceful, sweet, acts like a peahen,
That's what she is, mother of the bride!
Gently characteristic, polite, affectionate,
Dreams of telling fairy tales to grandchildren.
The presenter ends with the following speech:
“How lucky the bride and groom are!
New relatives turned out to be wonderful.
Will visit them on Sunday,
Maintain peace, love and fellowship.

Dear parents, we wish you health, wisdom, mutual understanding with the newlyweds and great strong love. From today, your family has become larger, and God willing, stronger and more friendly! Be happy!" nine0003

The organizer of the party or toastmaster can add a few prosaic phrases that speak about the personal qualities of the parents of the young. Do not use sharp facts or harsh jokes when introducing parents and other guests. A few general compliments and warm phrases will please the close relatives of the bride and groom.

The first dance of the young at the wedding

A wedding is an exciting event in the life of a couple in love. On the day of the wedding, they officially seal the bonds of marriage and testify to others about their love. The first time of family formation, the first marriage kiss and the first dance of the young. These exciting and reverent moments will leave the best memories in the memory of the bride and groom. nine0359 Tamada announces the first dance of the young at the beginning of the wedding feast. You can use one of the presentation options:

Embraced with tenderness, love,
Like a pair of cute swans,
In a union created and new,
In the rays of happy eyes - lights,
Young people will spin in a waltz
To the sounds of romantic notes,
In a duet slow for the first time,
Their dance of sparks will ignite!

There is no more charming couple
The bride and groom!
Shine with happiness
Burn with love
Walk arm in arm
And they start around
For the first time they will start their dance!

Worthy of applause and words of admiration,
The bride and groom in white attire
The couple embraced with love and tenderness
Their dance is beautiful, like the sun at sunset.
Let's meet them with applause,
With our smiles and compliments.

The first dance of the newlyweds is the decoration of the wedding feast. A slow musical composition and a waltz bring the necessary romance to the festive event. nine0003

Dance of father and daughter at the wedding

There is a wonderful tradition during the wedding: the father of the bride performs a dance with his daughter. This touching dance number evokes emotion and tender feelings of parents. The toastmaster announces the dance of father and daughter at the wedding as one of the following options:

Once he held the baby in his arms,
He sang songs to her and rolled on a sled,
But the years passed, the daughter became big
At the wedding, she sparkles in the bride’s dress.
And at this moment, as in childhood, long ago,
Walks hand in hand with his beloved father.
A melody is playing, they will come out in a circle
A beautiful daughter will dance with her father!

A daughter has grown up and is going down the aisle,
Today her father sighs sadly,
Now the daughter has a different family,
But for her father, she is still a child
And for the guests at this festive hour
They will perform a wonderful waltz!

Relatives and friends dance at the wedding,
Bride, groom and all godfathers.
They shine with talents and skills
Now the bride and father will also dance! nine0003

Toastmaster can say a touching dance performance or a cheerful, cheerful eyeliner that lifts the spirits of those present at the celebration.

Number at the concert in verse

Who doesn't love concerts? Since ancient times, people have gathered for interesting spectacles. Contemporaries arrange concerts for any occasion and holiday. Especially if a big celebration is approaching: New Year, March 8, May 1, May 9, Mother's Day and others. The host of the event should interest the viewer and prepare for the next performance. To do this, he presents the numbers with a prepared speech. An eyeliner in poetic form is perfect for a concert program:

You won't be bored at our concert,
Here the songs sound, the music flows loudly,
Meet and clap your hands loudly,
A good number has been prepared for you!

Attention, dear friends,
Now you can't yawn, you can't be distracted
Artists are getting ready to go on stage
An inspirational surprise has been prepared for you!

We are glad to welcome so many guests
A, so that your soul becomes brighter
To do this, we will announce a wonderful number
A wonderful marvelous glorious song! nine0359
The artists prepared for a long time, diligently,
To perform successfully here in front of you.
I hope you appreciate the generous efforts,
Applause, share your attention!

An interesting concert awaits you
A lot of dances, jokes, songs await you,
Believe me, you will be satisfied.
And we will announce the very first number!

Cheerful eyeliners from the lips of active and positive hosts will set the audience in a good mood.

Guests at the anniversary for congratulations

Anniversary is a wonderful family holiday. A lot of warm and sincere congratulations, wishes and compliments are dedicated to the birthday man. Guests of the festive evening try to pay maximum attention to the hero of the occasion.
Anniversary is arranged more extensively than an ordinary birthday. A festive scenario is being compiled, many guests are invited. The host of the gala evening introduces the guests with an interesting eyeliner:

Congratulations are pouring today,
Poems, a stream of beautiful phrases,
They came to congratulate with admiration,
All the hero of the day at this hour.
Friends, relatives, everyone who is dear,
With a smile, a sincere soul,
And a box full of wishes,
We prepared everything with us.

They came to this holiday
Not just a time to spend
A, a birthday present as a gift
Bring a piece of heart.
The warmth of the soul and the flame of friendship
Words that warm like a fireplace,
What else do you need for happiness?
To know that you are not alone in the world.
wish to congratulate on the holiday
And express their feelings,
For the hero of the day on this holiday,
Worried, they will perform.

Guests are waiting and can not wait,
When they congratulate,
Happiness, vivacity, health
wish the hero of the day.
They brought presents with them,
Prepared poems,
Wishes, compliments,
Their arms are wide.
Well, I don't interfere anymore
I invite you to congratulations.

After an appropriate introduction, the host of the holiday calls the guests in turn, who bring their congratulations to the hero of the day and give gifts. nine0003

Comic scene or number

Not only KVN shows have funny performances. A comic scene or a humorous number can become part of a concert program or a festive scenario. Before the number of the humorous genre, the presenter pronounces the appropriate eyeliner.

Now in front of you
Funny words
Artists will tell some story.
So that you don't yawn,
You don't get bored at all
And your merry laughter floated through the hall.

Laughter - uplifting,
Ah, a joke makes the heart happy,
A performance is ready for you,
Where humor and enthusiasm reign.

Want to laugh,
Hold on to your bellies?
Wallow from laughter?
And check out the jokes?
We will show you the number
Forget about drowsiness,
He will be able to make you great
Now to have fun.

They say that laughter prolongs life,
Yes, and each of us knows it.
So let's get healthier,
Let's unite with loud laughter.
Presents you a wonderful scene. nine0359 For health - very useful

For the sake of a joke and your fun
For a cheerful loud laugh
We will show an unusual number
It would be indecent not to laugh.

Goodbye yawns and boredom!
It's time for a merry laugh!
Our number will decorate our faces with smiles,
It will be a funny story now.

Funny eyeliners set the audience in a positive and necessary way. They relax in advance in anticipation of a comic scene or humorous.

Bubble show

The Bubble Show becomes very popular at the children's party. Soaring up transparent balls delight babies, grown-up children and even adults. An amazing number can be announced as follows:
They fly up, to the delight of the children,

Such unusual transparent balls.
They will circle in a marvelous round dance,
Try to catch up and burst them!

It's not rain, not snow, not hail,
Everyone is happy to catch them,
How amazing they fly,
They gently settle on the ground.
And the kids are very happy
When the soap bubble is spinning.

Water and soap made a miracle,
Inflate a balloon and it will fly.
Clouds fly from soap bubbles,
Run after them, burst as soon as possible!

Soap bubbles are an excellent show for young children, which will decorate a children's party.

Boys' choir at a concert

The all-boy choir is often presented at music school concerts. The host presents the boys' choir with the following options:

will perform before you. It has a young and many-voiced enthusiasm.
Under the notes of wonderful music,
The boys will sing a song for you.

Because of the forest, because of the mountains
A loud, harmonious choir is heard,
They perform before you
With sonorous voices
Our glorious youths,
Vocalists - well done!

The ensemble will perform wonderfully
With a good glorious cheerful song
The boys' choir is very good
Clap your hands loudly for them.

The host invites the audience to everyone's attention and applause. nine0003

How to lead to a round dance

Round dance around the Christmas tree is a favorite entertainment for children on New Year's Eve. In company with Santa Claus, the guys line up in a circle and, holding hands, dance around the Christmas tree. In order to gather the children for a solemn round dance, the host of the event says a cheerful eyeliner:

Let's join hands together
Gather in a circle, people!
Under cheerful motives,
We will arrange a round dance!

Friends, come all here,
Let's stretch a big circle,
And, going around the Christmas tree,
Let's sing a merry song.
Our New Year's round dance
Will amuse and drive away the cold
Nobody is far behind us
After all, our round dance is very friendly!

Let's join hands,
Let's smile at each other,
To music and songs
Our round dance is wonderful.
Let's go first to the left,
Then we'll go to the right,
Our round dance is beautiful,
Big and very nice!

Round dance can be arranged on the birthday, on the holiday of Ivan Kupala and on any children's event. Round dances unite the team. nine0003

We announce a lottery at a holiday in verses

A lottery will come in handy at every festive event. Undoubtedly, everyone likes an interesting competition with prizes: both big and small. Especially if the lottery is a win-win. Both significant and comic prizes can be played on the lottery. The main thing is to improve the mood of others.

The host happily announces the lottery, trying to attract a large number of participants:

Come quickly, my friend,
Choose a number,
A surprise is waiting for you now.
Great prize in the lottery!

Luck awaits you today,
Believe it this way, and not otherwise,
The bag is full of beautiful presents
You just need to take a number.

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