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Quartet for the End of Time: Dance of Fury, for the Seven Trumpets ("Hybrid Child" bonus track)

by District 97

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bennythemusicfan One of my favorite bands from the new generation. Serious musicians, skill, etc., but always well-constructed and meaningful songs. Even some humor, like in this track!
Don't let anybody tell you that "the kids today, they don't know how to play" etc etc. It's utter bullshit, and D97 was the first band on my radar to show me that!

Mike (ProgTracks)


Danny Blake

Rodney Kidd




David Temby


Jim Mumford


Paul Joyce




Heiko Egeler

Robin Boer


Dzanetos Andros


Sean Barnes


Alan Terrill


Geof Moody

Richard Armour

Lee Merrell

Ian Hall

Phillip C Merkel

Miles Milton

Syd Schwartz

Stephen Roberts



Charles Snider



Guillaume Doucet

Alan Edwards





Gregory Chludzinski

Marco Cayuso



rock messiaen district 97 prog progressive metal progressive rock Chicago


District 97 Chicago, Illinois

  1. district97. net

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10 most spectacular pole dancers

Pole dance is the name of a modern pole dance that combines choreography, elements of gymnastics and acrobatics. Many people who do not understand the nature of dance confuse it with striptease. Professionals do not like this approach. Moreover, they often classify pole dance as a sport that requires discipline and willpower.

We present you 10 girls living in different cities of Russia, who are united by their love of dancing and beautiful toned bodies. nine0005

1. Prorokova Anna, 30 years old, Samara.

Anna always knew that she would be doing pole dancing. Remarkably, she began her studies on a thick static water pipe installed in the "Skvoznyak" bar in the city of Samara. After some time, she took up pole dancing in earnest. Since 2011, she has been working as an acrobatics and pole dance coach. Currently, the girl is the head of a dance school and claims that her students are the best inspiration for her: their successes make her develop as a dancer and as a teacher. Anna claims that the most pleasant thing in such work is to watch how from clumsy and shy girls students become flexible, plastic, beautiful and relaxed. Anna says about herself: "This is the very happy occasion when a hobby coincided with work. I do what I love and enjoy it." nine0005

2. Anastasia Galetskikh, 29 years old, Novy Urengoy

Anastasia was born and raised in Tyumen, where she studied dancing and performed as part of show ballet. One day, the girl ended up in a club, where she saw how the dancers not only walked around the pylon, but performed power tricks, which fascinated her. Anastasia firmly decided to learn such dances by all means and gladly went to classes at the only pole dance studio in the city. After some time, she had to move to Novy Urengoy, where they did not hear about pole dancing. The girl decided to correct such a deplorable situation by opening the first studio in this city that specializes only in pole lessons. About herself, Anastasia says: “I love the teaching process itself: I like to watch how my students grow, how happy they are when they get this or that element. I am pleased to realize that I am directly involved in this, revealing talents and discovering eyes on their possibilities. nine0005

3. Alisa Kostromeeva, 24 years old, Rostov-on-Don

For the first time Alisa saw a pole in a nightclub where she was invited to work as a go-go dancer. The girl was so impressed by the dances of the striptease program that the very next day she rushed to them for a rehearsal. At that time, the direction of pole dance was not widely known. Alice taught elements from disks, books, sketched elements from the TV show "Striptease Star". After a couple of years, competitions, master classes began, and for the dancer everything acquired a completely different meaning. Now Alisa is the head of her own studio, coach and choreographer with vast experience. The girl says about herself: "My students inspire me every day. Coming to classes, they trust me with their health, time and mood. I am glad to see smiles on their faces - this is the main thing for me." nine0005

4. Solovieva Nadezhda, 23 years old, Simferopol city.

Nadezhda's mother was shocked when her daughter, at the age of five, announced that she wanted to become a stripper. Of course, as a child, Nadezhda did not imagine what meaning this word carries. An innocent dream of becoming the owner of the same beautiful costumes that my mother sews to order for dancers, turned into a road filled with bruises and abrasions. At the moment, Nadezhda is a pole dance coach. At first, much did not work out, since the girl did not have sports training. However, diligence, perseverance, dedication and regular training have paid off. Nadezhda believes that the name "pylon acrobatics" is more suitable for such a complex type of dance. In Simferopol, pole dancing is quite developed: a large number of studios and those who want to learn how to dance. nine0005

5. Kurochkina Tatiana, 29 years old, St. Petersburg

Tatiana was inspired to pole dance by the result of her friend, who lost a lot of weight from dancing. Following a similar example, the girl dropped 11 kilograms from the day of the first workout. The first impression of the classes was ambiguous: interesting, but difficult and almost impossible. However, having rethought her attitude to dancing and approach to business, Tatyana decided to be guided by the three rules she created: understand the technique, let the skin get used to the new element and gain strength. These rules helped the girl achieve first place in the Miss Pole Dance Championship Russia 2013 competition. At the moment, Tatiana's pole is not only a hobby and passion, but also a job that brings her satisfaction and joy. Despite the few injuries received in the course of coaching, Tatyana continues to inspire the girls with her example and claims that the best reward for her is the result of the students, one of whom lost 30 kilograms in her training. nine0005

6. Lyasheva Alina, 26 years old, Krasnodar

While looking through different styles of dancing, Alina came across a video with Felix Kane (the current world pole dance champion). The dancer caused Alina a flurry of emotions and delight. Literally a few days later, the girl went to training and did not stop there. In November 2009, Alina opened the first branch of the dance school in Krasnodar, and by the end of August 2015, the fourth branch will be opened. Now pole dancing is everything for her: a hobby, work and a means of self-expression. nine0005

7. Khotenova Valeriya, 20 years old, Orenburg

Walking past the children's palace of creativity 5 years ago, out of curiosity, Valeriya decided to drop in on the class and first got acquainted with dancing. Today, the hall with a pole is the second home for a girl, and pole dance has won her heart. Valeria is a teacher at the Podnebesye dance studio. In Orenburg, this direction is only gaining momentum, but rather quickly. For Valeria, pole dance is a mixture of a masculine sport and a very feminine dance. The girl says: “It combines two sides of my character: a tough nature, ready to go to the end and a thin, sincere, vulnerable nature, under which all the burden is hidden. Through dance we communicate, talk about something, flirt, want someone then please, we tell our spiritual anxieties. Inspiration comes from the desire to speak out to the world, to show oneself. " nine0005

8. Olesya Gilyazova, 25 years old, Ulan-Ude

As a student of the Faculty of Economics, Olesya was looking for a part-time job. Her friend suggested an open position at a local club then called the Metro. The choreographer of the club noticed the girl and offered to attend her classes at the Maximum dance academy. Olesya accepted the offer and stayed, and now pole dance is the main work of the girl. About herself and her occupation, the dancer says: “In our city, this kind of sport, I repeat once again, sport, and not anything else, began to develop only now. More and more people want to try this extraordinary hobby. I have always been inspired by pole dance exotic direction, because in it you can not only look beautiful, but also get aesthetic pleasure. nine0005

9. Elena Koroteeva, 23 years old, Moscow

Elena wanted to practice the popular go-go dance direction, but by chance she saw dancers rehearsing pole exercises not far from her gym. The girl was seized with interest, and an irresistible desire to learn how to move also beautifully, prompted her to take up pole dance. The most difficult thing in such a hobby, according to Elena, is to combine flexibility and strength. She has been a trainer at a Moscow dance school for 5 years. According to the girl, there are no shortcomings in this hobby, although, of course, with a professional approach, injuries cannot be avoided. The most important advice for beginners in pole dance from Elena: "do everything gradually, do not do the exercises if you are not ready for them yet." nine0005

10. Tatyana Shvedchikova, 23 years old, Nizhnyaya Tura.

Tatyana has been dancing since the age of 5, and after graduating from school she entered the institute as a choreographer. It was there that she began to sort out in more detail all types of dances, one of which was pole dance. Tatyana is inspired by music. The girl is always in search of something new, unusual and interesting. Having passed the last exam at the institute, Tatyana opened a studio called SHVEDA, which is popular among residents of the city of Nizhnyaya Tura. The dancer says about herself: "I try to take part in all kinds of competitions and events that contribute both to my development and the development of my students, and also give an incentive and desire to work further." nine0005

What is the name of pole dancing

Even despite the rapid development of Pole Dance (Pol Dance), many still do not know how to properly call pole dancing. So, Pole Dance is a dance direction that has nothing to do with striptease. This is a pole dance (acrobatics on a pole), where the performance takes place on a static or rotating pylon, at the same time combining:

  • choreography;
  • artistic gymnastics;
  • acrobatics. nine0112

Over the past decades, Pole Dance has become widespread throughout the world due to its diversity and versatility. Perhaps this is exactly the kind of sport in which there is always something to strive for and there is no limit to perfection. In it, it is impossible to immediately perform all the elements equally well, due to the physiological characteristics of the body. Gradually gaining strength, flexibility and endurance, the athlete replenishes the stock of mastered exercises, increases the level of their complexity. nine0005

The main directions of Pole Dance

Among the dancers of the whole world, there are three main directions of Pole Dance, in which competitions are held:

Pole Art

The emphasis of competitions in this direction is on the artistry and choreography of the dancer. Each performance should have a well-thought-out image, a story, which are accompanied by appropriate musical, sometimes visual, accompaniment. The flight of fantasy of the competitors is absolutely unlimited, there are no strict requirements and limits. The main task is the artistry, entertainment and scale of the performance. The most popular dance competitions in the world are: Pole Art France, Pole Art Cyprus, Pole Art Italy. nine0005

Pole Sport

It is a discipline of air power athletics and has become an independent sports direction. Competitions are organized by international organizations and federations, which can only be judged by accredited judges. Strict requirements are put forward for athletes, costumes and music; failure to comply with them threatens with deduction of points or disqualification. The performance itself necessarily consists of a set of gymnastic and acrobatic exercises, each of which is worth a certain number of points. Technical performance guarantees the athlete a high overall score. IPSF - international pole sport federation, or the international pole sport federation, is the main organizer of this type of competition. nine0005

Pole Exotic

The peculiarity of this direction lies in the minimum set of power elements. The main attention is paid to the parterre choreography, plasticity and eroticism of the performance. Dancers compete in special shoes - strips. Don't be fooled into thinking that Pole Exotic is an easy destination. It requires not only strength and endurance, but also plasticity, the ability to work with the public, to fascinate and intrigue it. This is a triumph of femininity and dance, which is not subject to every dancer. nine0005

Now, thinking about the name of pole dancing, you can remember not only the general name, but also a separate direction of the sport, understanding the subtleties and difference of the name.

Pole dance as a fitness

The high popularity of Pole dance is due to its versatility. During classes on the pole, the load is evenly distributed to all muscle groups, their elasticity and endurance increase. Bodyweight work promotes the development of the upper muscles, back, abs and legs without overloading a particular muscle group. Thus, the whole body is kept in good shape. The result is noticeable after the first month of classes. nine0005

It should be noted that after the first lessons on the pole, the students get bruises, small bruises on the body. This is due to the fact that the skin is unusual for her pressure and force. After about a month, the elasticity of the skin increases, and the number of bruises is noticeably reduced. Seeming lightness is achieved through regular and diligent training, but those who have embarked on the path of Pole Dance will never turn away from it.

Pole Dance Equipment

Pole - direct equipment is a polished metal tube, the diameter of which varies from 38 to 55 millimeters. Production material - stainless steel, sometimes a special coating is used:

  • chrome;
  • titanium;
  • brass;
  • plastic;
  • rubber.

This coating provides a secure grip and smooth glide at the same time. The rubberized surface is used on Chinese pylons, which are becoming more and more popular in recent times. It is recommended to engage in them in clothes, as sliding on such a pylon can cause burns. Pylons are installed and fixed depending on the characteristics of the room. These can be special stretch marks, frames for fastening or platforms. In any case, a prerequisite is the stability and reliability of fastening. Especially popular today are Chinese pylons, fixed only from above, thanks to which the athlete works not only in vertical or horizontal planes, but also diagonally.

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