How to dance in my feelings

What Is the Shiggy? Drake-Inspired “In My Feelings" Challenge, Explained


Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? 

Kat Tenbarge

There hasn’t been a good viral dance move since dabbing gave us some of the best Vines (RIP). Trends like dabbing, whipping and nae nae-ing, and even Miley Cyrus’ unique brand of twerking hold a sacred hall in meme history. They’re a combination of viral social media posts, inescapable bops, and a dance move challenge that participants can perform either remarkably well or hilariously wrong.

Drake is no stranger to chart-topping pop and hip-hop singles, no. 1 albums, like his latest, Scorpion, and inspiring hordes of memes with songs like “Hotline Bling” and “The Motto.” (Sidenote: Yes, Drake rightfully claims YOLO.) Now, with the track “In My Feelings,” off his new album, another dance craze has risen. Introducing, #DoTheShiggy.

How Did “In My Feelings” Turn Into a Meme?

It all started with Shiggy, aka TheShiggyShow, an Instagram account with 1. 4 million followers for comedian Shoker. He posted a video of himself performing a short routine he choreographed to the beginning of “In My Feelings.” It’s not an overly complicated routine, although the footwork would be tricky for a novice. It also plays off the chorus, a verse with an infectious rap that keeps the track moving: “Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me.”

The Shiggy dance, hashtagged #DoTheShiggy, is easy enough to copy that several celebrities have tried it. The first, New York Giants player Odell Beckham Jr., crafted the cinematography that really allowed the routine to take off as a challenge in addition to a meme. He gets out of a car while listening to “In My Feelings,” then performs a pretty good impression of the Shiggy on the side of the road, enunciating the movements that reflect the lyrics.

This Is Us stars and on-screen couple Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson did it next, followed by newlywed singer Ciara and Seattle Seahawks player Russell Wilson on their honeymoon in Cape Town, South Africa. Will Smith took the challenge to a literal new level, performing the dance on top of a bridge in Budapest with a drone circling to capture the action.

And Drake himself, never one to shy away from his viral impact, performed the Shiggy onstage at the London Wireless Festival this past weekend.

Will the Meme Turn Into a Lasting Dance?

Historically, a meme-turned-dance trend takes a lot more participation from the average folks, and not just celebrity endorsements, to become a cultural mainstay. The most memorable dabs were the ones performed in school hallways, subway stations, and by people’s real-life family members and friends. Memes only truly take root off the internet.

So, while iterations of the “In My Feelings” challenge have gained traction on Twitter, the likelihood that the Shiggy will be performed at middle school dances is low. For starters, it’s not a singular move or short sequence like the dance crazes of years past. It’s a routine that would take time to memorize, and while certain parts imitate Drake’s lyrics, the song itself isn’t instructional. Routines like “The Hoedown Throwdown” and even white wedding reception favorites like “The Cha Cha Slide” and “The Cupid Shuffle” spell out the moves for you.

But the Shiggy is undeniably fun — at least while it lasts.


Drake met his hit's viral dance creator

Drake's new song sparks viral dance challenge

01:19 - Source: HLN

Story highlights

Drake posted a photo with Shiggy

He thanked the viral star for helping the song go no. 1

CNN  — 

It’s safe to say Shiggy was probably in his feelings when he met Drake.

“Met the legend on the night we went number one,” Drake captioned a photo of the two of them together, which was posted on his official Instagram account.

Instagram post not found.

Post has been removed or is no longer public.

The viral star has been credited with starting the #InMyFeelings dance challenge based on Drake’s song of the same name.

Shiggy, who is also the creator of the #DoTheShiggy dance, posted the same photo with the caption, “Life Is Amazing It Is What It Should Be.”

In June, the social media star posted a video of himself, on a street with traffic going by, dancing to “In My Feelings” from Drake’s recent chart-topping album “Scorpion.

Instagram post not found.

Post has been removed or is no longer public.

The short video racked up more than 5 million views on Instagram. Soon, everyone from actor Will Smith to Rep. Joyce Beatty was posting their versions of the dance.

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This week “In My Feelings” bumped another Drake single, “Nice For What,” for the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Drake breaks Beatles historic record

Drake thanked Shiggy in a video posted Tuesday on DJ Akademiks’s Instagram page.

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A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akademiks)

“Oh my goodness,” Drake can be heard saying. “Man got me a No. 1 record today. Oh my God!”

You need to dance with feelings - KYKY.ORG

Everyone can dance. Even if you are stuck on the dance floor with a stake, clinging to a lifeline in the form of a glass of whiskey, you can spit on everything around you and start feeling the music. Especially for you, the editors of KYKY chose the best dance videos in the world and asked Minsk dancers how to move so as not to seem like a bear to themselves.

Daria Gaidukova

Daria Gaidukova, 8 years old dances in variety dance ensembles and makes her own productions

“If you don't have tangible injuries, your arms and legs are intact and suitable for simple body movements, and you stubbornly sit back while everyone is dancing, then you need to understand that the problem is in your head. Dancing does not give stiffness. It must be removed, and the body will begin to move differently. People may laugh at a strange dancing person, but they will never condemn a person who does it selflessly. Turn on music at home and dance alone, the body will begin to get used to the freedom of movement, and the stiffness will pass. nine0003

“Alcohol is extremely insidious: it seems to help relieve tension, but coordination is lost immediately. A glass of wine will help you relax, but after the bottle, the story will turn on: “You think I'm a sucker, but I'm actually God,” which in reality will look just the opposite for others. I dance very well, but when I'm drunk, my dancing is just a monstrous sight.

“You need to understand that all people dance in different ways, their bodies are arranged differently, so there is no need to sigh languidly that you are not dancing like Plisetskaya or Tsiskaridze. No need to memorize the movements from the clips or start to repeat after the young lady standing next to you. Your goal at a party or disco is to have fun, not to demonstrate a set of learned movements from a YouTube video tutorial. nine0003

The most important thing: to catch the tempo of the music, hear the beat and move to it. Start with a simple stepping from foot to foot to the beat of the melody. Remember that you are not a multi-armed Shiva, but only a two-pointed mortal, which simplifies your task.

Hands can be clicked, clapped to the beat, moved smoothly in space, or simply left on your own or someone else's hips.

The main thing is that all movements should be simple, but free and confident. It seems to me that in 70% of cases a person does not need to be taught to dance, but to give him confidence that he is already doing it well. Then everything will work out right away.” nine0003

Irina Shirokaya

Irina Shirokaya, teaches at the Sky Line Dance School, has been dancing folk dances and contemporary dance for 8 years

“I teach contemporary dance - the wrong classical dance that came from Isadora Duncan. Its elements are hardly used in a bar or disco - they require space. In dance, everything goes through the head: a person must understand what he is moving. When you feel yourself and your body, you begin to understand the body of another person - inertia, amplitude, help somewhere, dodge somewhere: do not slip on the ice, walk in the subway and not hurt anyone. Find your space in a moving crowd. Subcortex you feel what the person next to you will do. There are few people who are able to immediately trust: their weight and part of their thoughts. nine0003

Need to develop the basics: muscles, stretching, sense of rhythm. Then everything will start to work out, because the dance will be conscious.”

Valeria Khripach

Valeria Khripach, dancer at SKVO's Dance Company

“The main thing is not to think about what others think of you. Waiting for someone else's assessment kills the movement. You need to go to the dance floor for music and pleasure for yourself. Alcohol only interferes, especially in large quantities. This is such a pseudo-lifeline or doping called “I will drink and it will become easy.” What is the ease? Guaranteed shortness of breath in five minutes. She passed by herself. The main thing is not to think about anything and follow the music. It is better not to rush - 100 movements per minute with all parts of the body are uncomfortable, energy-consuming and even noisy. nine0003

“But in order to learn how to dance, at first you need a person who will tell you about the geometry of your body and explain the basics. It seems to me that first you need to learn how to dance in pairs. The ability to move in pairs, to protect the space of a partner, to feel and trust another person is a great thing, but here the issue of constraint is solved. It is difficult for us to move in everyday life, what can we say about dance?

KYKY Edition Pain

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Pain • Lavrentiy Teshenkov

Do you remember the joke about the Belarusian who hung in a noose for three days and answered the fascist's question that he was "kicking around like crazy"? It is believed that it is difficult to force a nation to fight and suffer for any values. The KYKY editors tracked down the leader of the workers' strike at Pinskdrev and found out how he managed to rouse the Belarusians to a riot in August 2013. nine0003


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One day in a Belarusian hairdresser: “Yabatki” complain that “traitors” were fired, and they have to do double work”

What kind of person are you, judging by the “srach” in the network ? A test that only Belarusians will understand

Fast of the day: “Let’s get rid of the position “I’m in a white coat and the rest are in shit”

What is Belarus in 2022: retelling, perhaps, the main study that will open up a lot of new things for you

“Didn’t respond to bullying”, “didn’t believe in my friend’s suicide.

” What do you regret the most - 10 candid stories of Belarusians

Exercise 16. Dance of my emotions. Psychological problems of modern teenagers and their solution

Goal: Teaching participants how to express emotions in a safe, socially acceptable way.

Time: 40 minutes.

Materials: musical accompaniment. Tantric music, "tam-toms", is best suited. nine0003


All of you, probably, are familiar with the state when you just want to put your fist on the table or break something. Most of the time we don't allow ourselves to do this. Sometimes there is such a state when a person bends and sways from side to side, or when he groans, or howls, or screams without words. But when a person experiences such strong emotions, he has to restrain himself - in order not to frighten people, because he does not want anyone to know about the experience, because it is indecent, etc.

However, unexpressed emotions do not go anywhere. They are “recorded” in our body, like on a tape recorder: during emotions, the chemical composition of the blood changes, impulses are transmitted to the muscles. This is so that a person can act in accordance with the emotion. And when there is no action, all this tension remains, pockets of muscle tension remain. If they accumulate, then the person's condition gradually worsens. Even when everything is in order, his mood may remain bad. This is the result of signals that continue to flow to the brain from tense muscles. nine0003

Of course, we have to think about the people around us and can't always express our emotions immediately. But later, when we are on our own, we can make sure that negative emotions do not remain in our body like a chronic disease.

Sometimes it's enough to cry. By the way, crying uncontrollably is very good for health. Nature has specially provided such a mechanism for discharging negative tension. It is also useful to laugh "until you drop." But it’s not always “laughing” when you want to howl. You can also express emotions with the help of the body, that is, by making different movements. For example, we can bend, twist, screw, stretch like a string. This is a kind of "dance of emotions." The body itself tells what movements it wants to do. You just need to listen to him. In dance, you can express longing, guilt, anger, resentment, fear, anxiety, jealousy and many other feelings - both unpleasant and good. Let's try to do this now. nine0003

Recall some of your experiences. Try to understand what feelings you experienced, and maybe you still experience. Now I'll put on some music. She is neutral. In it, everyone will hear what corresponds to his condition.

You can listen to it for a while, and then get up and start dancing. First, usually, with the movements familiar to you. During this time, listen to your body. After a while, I will turn off (dim) the light - this is a signal that it is time to move on to unusual movements - those that will express your feelings. If you are shy, close your eyes, turn away from everyone. This dance is not for the audience, but for the soul. Getting started. nine0003

(The dance lasts 15–20 minutes, of which 5 minutes are allotted for “entering the music.”)


Share your impressions.

Summing up

Now you see that dancing helps you experience emotions and sometimes helps you feel what you may have been hiding from yourself. It happened to those who started without really imagining what they would dance about, and then suddenly feelings and memories appeared. And it turned out that not everything has been experienced yet. Arrange sometimes such dances at home, and it will be easier for you to endure negative feelings, which for some reason cannot be expressed openly. nine0003

? Comments for trainer

If the exercise is carried out during the day, then care must be taken to be able to curtain the windows.

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