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the wiggle leg dance #shaxicula #loveshack #toxic #dance #dancetutorial tag dc! #shaxiculadancetutorial #fyp

69.7K Likes, 387 Comments. TikTok video from nika.kermani (@nika.kermani): "the wiggle leg dance #shaxicula #loveshack #toxic #dance #dancetutorial tag dc! #shaxiculadancetutorial #fyp". SHAXICULA LOVE SHACK X TOXIC DANCE TUTORIAL. Shaxicula (Toxic x Love Shack x Dragula).


Shaxicula (Toxic x Love Shack x Dragula) - DJ Cummerbund


Omo Aston🖤

Reply to @littlepissbaby1010 I look ridiculous, but I hope this helps 😂 #dancetutorial #bobblewalk #howto #CleanTok

1. 4K Likes, 18 Comments. TikTok video from Omo Aston🖤 (@ast10n): "Reply to @littlepissbaby1010 I look ridiculous, but I hope this helps 😂 #dancetutorial #bobblewalk #howto #CleanTok". 👉🏾bend your knees 👉🏾go on your toes 👉🏾wobble your legs | Now wobble and step forward with each foot (slowly first) | 👉🏾include the hands (if you want) | .... Lotus Flower Bomb Carneyval Remix.


Lotus Flower Bomb Carneyval Remix - carneyval



The Wobble #Tutorial #WobbleTutorial #Howtodothewobble #Linedance #BasicSteps #Getit #Duet

91.5K Likes, 1.2K Comments. TikTok video from DjD_Nail (@djd_nail): "The Wobble #Tutorial #WobbleTutorial #Howtodothewobble #Linedance #BasicSteps #Getit #Duet". Wobble Tutorial | Jump Forward | Shake it 3x | . ... original sound.


original sound - DjD_Nail



Reply to @cuttifacetx01 If it makes you smile you’re doing it right!💕 #wobblechallenge #wobbletutorial #familydance @amandalawsonglam

300 Likes, 18 Comments. TikTok video from amandalawson1026 (@amandalawsonglam): "Reply to @cuttifacetx01 If it makes you smile you’re doing it right!💕 #wobblechallenge #wobbletutorial #familydance @amandalawsonglam". Teaching my mom the wobble | I had to post…she was so happy! | She just had surgery and can finally dance again | .... Wobble.


Wobble - V.I.C.


Brooke Tidball Linedancer

Reply to @deitrich2969 The Wobble tutorial & dance! #thewobbledance #cruiselinedances #weddinglinedance #linedance #learntolinedance

3. 3K Likes, 49 Comments. TikTok video from Brooke Tidball Linedancer (@linedancerbrooke): "Reply to @deitrich2969 The Wobble tutorial & dance! #thewobbledance #cruiselinedances #weddinglinedance #linedance #learntolinedance". Wobble.


Wobble - V.I.C.



DID THIS HELP I tried my best 😂 #fyp #foryou #yourajerk #minitutorials #howto #xyzbca #travelthrowback #dance #viral

543 Likes, 10 Comments. TikTok video from RealCaelonLogan (@realcaelon): "DID THIS HELP I tried my best 😂 #fyp #foryou #yourajerk #minitutorials #howto #xyzbca #travelthrowback #dance #viral". how to jerk🔥🔥 | wiggle your legs like this | move one leg behind the other while wiggling | .... original sound.


original sound - Jackson😁💙


delia bazile

y’all asked for a tutorial here it is !!❤️@abspauldssss and me !! #fyp

231.6K Likes, 475 Comments. TikTok video from delia bazile (@deliabazile): "y’all asked for a tutorial here it is !!❤️@abspauldssss and me !! #fyp". GOOBA dance tutorial!! | Cross arms across ur cheast 4x | Bring arms up then twist | .... original sound.


original sound - delia bazile



Reply to @luludavonna2320 hope that helps #ChewyChattyPets #viral #sfxmarie #thickthighs #dancing #viral

1.1K Likes, 12 Comments. TikTok video from SFX_MARIE (@chunky_marie): "Reply to @luludavonna2320 hope that helps #ChewyChattyPets #viral #sfxmarie #thickthighs #dancing #viral". Get silly | Firm stance | Wobble your legs in and out | .... original sound.


original sound - Markus Smith 🥂


Mellanin Woo

DUET THIS & LET ME SEE HOW YOU DO!! I’ll be posting them all on my page 🥰. Share and tag a friend ❤️ #lgbtqi #wobble #viral #tutorial

231 Likes, 24 Comments. TikTok video from Mellanin Woo (@mellaninwoo): "DUET THIS & LET ME SEE HOW YOU DO!! I’ll be posting them all on my page 🥰. Share and tag a friend ❤️ #lgbtqi #wobble #viral #tutorial". Apparently The Wobble made it to tik tok.. | The nerve to be creating new dances to this legendary song | Let me show you how to really do The Wobble | .... original sound.


original sound - Mellanin Woo


Irina 💃🏻

Which one you like the most? 👀 #howtodance #ladydance #floorwork

TikTok video from Irina 💃🏻 (@kaz_irk): "Which one you like the most? 👀 #howtodance #ladydance #floorwork". 5 variations of the basic leg twirl 👇🏼 | 1 | 2 | .... INTO THE LIGHT.


INTO THE LIGHT - Kelvyn Colt

Easy Instructions for Beginners to Learn the Wobble Line Dance

Love watching the wobble line dance? Now you will love doing it as well! All the beginners out there, we at DancePoise bring step-by-step instructions of the wobble for you. Have fun, and do the wobble!

Burn that fat with some wobble!

Wobble line dance not only burns lots of calories, but also is a very fun group activity. If you are looking for some offbeat idea for exercising, include this dance form in your workout.

Unconventional dances are a craze nowadays. All we want is another excuse to go crazy. In the ever expanding list of these quirky dances, like the “Gangnam style” or the “Harlem shake”, comes another worthy addition―the wobble line dance.

Line dances have been very popular since the 1950s. The wobble has become famous in the last couple of years. Today, you can see people doing the wobble everywhere, right from parties to weddings to reunions. In these dances, a group of people stand in one or two lines and do similar steps. The best thing is that anybody can wobble; yes, it’s very simple and super fun. No need to worry even if you are a beginner or haven’t heard of this dance as we come to your rescue with these step-by-step instructions. So ladies and gentlemen, young and old alike, it’s time to do the wobble.

Do not immediately start the steps; get into the groove first, feel the music, loosen your body, and then begin.

Step 1: Jump Forward

Jump forward (one-step distance) in such a way that both your feet touch the ground simultaneously. This is the first step of the four-count step.

Step 2: Wobble your hips

As soon as you jump, start swaying your hips from right to left. This is called wobbling your hips. Don’t forget to cross your arms to the beat. Wobble your hips for four counts.

Step 3: Jump back

Jump back to your original position to start the four-count step again.

Step 4: Wobble them again!

Now repeat the wobble again. Sway your hips from side to side, and move your hands as well.

Step 5: Twist to the right

Now it’s time to wobble your entire body. Twist to the right in such a way that you are facing left. Now sway your shoulders and hips alternatively for a four-count step.

Step 6: Twist to the left

Twist to the left, and repeat the wobble of the shoulders and hips. You can do the hand roll at chest level or cross them as well according to the beat.

Step 7: Wobble and wobble more!

Enjoy the dance by wobbling your body like a waving flag. When your shoulders are in front, your hips should be at the back and vice versa. You can try a variety of movements with your hands.

Step 8: Do the step

Now, it’s time to “do the step.” It’s a four-count step, and your hands should sway as well. Take a step with your right leg, and then bring the left leg in front as well. Take a step with your right leg again returning to the original position followed by your left leg.

Step 9: Step forward and do the cha-cha

You can also go forward normally and come back by doing the cha-cha step. Step your right leg in front, followed by the left. Now, do the cha-cha; that is step back with your right foot, left foot, and right foot again. But this should be quicker with more swaying of the hips.

Step 10: Cha-cha step

Now do the cha-cha step in your place. Take a forward step with your right leg, followed by a backward step with the left one. Quickly step in place with your right foot, left foot, and right foot again.

Step 11: Swing to the right

Now start swaying your body from side-to-side and cross your arms to the beat. Continue wobbling your shoulders and hips alternatively.

Step 12: Swing to the left

Gradually turn your body to the left and continue the wobble. Turn very slowly and naturally, continuously swaying your body.

Now, you will be facing left. Repeat all the above steps, complete the entire circle, or continue this pattern till the song ends. The above steps are the basics; you can combine them or try out different variations as well.

Dance is about losing all your inhibitions and having fun, so just relax and let yourself loose. Don’t get too mechanical with the steps; feel the music and do the wobble!

Dubstep Dance (dubstep dance training) VIEW ALL LESSONS >>>

Dubstep Digital Dance (3D) - a new style of dance, the musical basis of which is dubstep music, and the technical one is largely based on the movements of electric boogie, popping, tatting and some other dance styles. Having studied the basic movements of this direction, having understood how to connect them together, you will discover a very dynamic, emotionally illusory world of dubstep 3D dance. So it's time to answer question how to dance dubstep (how to dance to dubstep)!

How to learn to dance dubstep dance (dubstep dance).

If you live in Moscow and feel that it will be easier for you to master the dustep dance under the guidance of an experienced mentor - come to a trial lesson. It's free. By training with experienced trainers, you can learn dubstep much faster. Even if you have never danced before and are afraid that it will not work out. In our dance school, even those who are very shy begin to dance well.

1. Dubstep Lesson for Beginners (Required to watch)

In this video lesson you will get acquainted with the structure of dubstep dance, with basic musical and technical movements. Be sure to check out this tutorial. It is for beginners, but even those who have danced this or other styles before will be able to find valuable nuances of dance technique. Moreover, one should always remember that technique is a solid base, a foundation on which one can build the most perfect dance. It's time to develop!

2. How to vibrate in dubstep

This video tutorial is about how to vibrate when dancing dubstep or popping (which also uses this a lot). Dubstep music is replete with vibrations that are a sin not to dance, so vibration is an important thing :) Vibration is a rather complicated dance element, but it can be mastered if you know the nuances and subtleties. Therefore, watch this dance lesson to the end and clearly follow all 4 steps that are explained in detail in it.

3. Teaching dubstep lessons: a bunch of dubstep dance 1

It's time to start learning combinations from the basic technique. The main principle in dubstep dance is a series of continuous transformations. The very principle of transformations is taken from the direction of tutting, but in dubstep dance we can transform not only corners and boxes, as in tutting, but also waves, include any other parts of the body.

4. How to double the entertainment of dubstep dancing

It's time to pay attention to one important technical element that allows you to add a sea of ​​cosmic illusion to the dubstep dance style. Therefore, watch the online lesson to the end and try again. The fact is that learning to dance dubstep is an ongoing process. Each time your technique will get better and better. Therefore, even if the dance element does not immediately look the way you want, it means that it needs to be trained and over time you will achieve an excellent result.

5. Dubstep Lessons: Dustep Dance Link 2

It's time to learn another link. I want to draw your attention to this. It is necessary to work out the basic technique separately: hand wave, body wave, glide, fixation. You can easily find all these dance elements on our website in the "Online Lessons" section. And separately it is necessary to learn and invent bundles. This is necessary in order for you to understand how dubstep movements connect and then be able to improvise better and repeat less.

6 Dubstep dance lessons for beginners: dubstep dance combo

How to learn to dance dubstep quickly? To do this, you need to do two things: the first is to master the technique of dancing dubstep. The second is to learn to dance to the music. This dance lesson has both of these elements. Enjoy watching and good luck.

7 Online dubstep school: Dubstep Link 3

By learning links and dance combinations you find new ideas for your dance and make it more varied and therefore more spectacular!

8 Dubstep dance is different from popping dance

Some people sometimes confuse and call dubstep dance popping dance. In fact, this is not so, although these areas of street dance have common elements. In this video tutorial you will learn about the three main differences between dubstep and popping dance. By learning about this, you will better understand how to dance your favorite style, which means you will move better!

Our Dubstep School will help you learn how to dance this incredibly spectacular dance and let you dance dubstep the way you want!

what does your client content look like?

Blog - if you really have something to say, this is a great way to make a name for yourself and prove your competence in a certain area. For a company, a blog is, first of all, a platform for communicating with customers. This is a dance floor where you invite the client to "dance". If you lead skillfully in the dance, the client will not even think about changing a partner. And content is music for dancing: the more a dancer likes a song, the longer he wants to dance.

If it doesn't, you might be doing something wrong. Perhaps you turned on dubstep, and you are calling to dance the tango? We want to give you 4 simple tips to help you improve your blog.


  • Tip #1: Redirect blog readers to a landing page Your content should help users solve a specific problem before they make a purchase. At the same time, your blog needs to "sell", and if it doesn't, then you're losing profits. This doesn't mean you have to turn your blog into an online storefront, but there are plenty of ways to optimize your content in a way that converts casual readers into potential buyers. For example, you can create a custom landing page for blog readers. This will help increase user engagement and, as a result, conversion. Here are some tips on how to make a good landing page:

    1. Make the page as targeted as possible: include a welcome and closing word written specifically for blog readers.

    2. In order to engage the user in interacting with blog materials, offer him content that is similar in topic to the one he just read.

    3. Describe your product or service and the problem you promise to help solve.

    4. Make a special offer just for blog readers (for example, extend the free trial period for one of your services).


    • Tip #2: Create content faster

    A good blog requires quality content, and quality content requires a lot of time to write and edit. As a rule, in the beginning, 95% of the time is spent on creating content and only 5% on its promotion through e-mail newsletters, social networks and other platforms. But you must remember that the popularity of a blog is not only about the quality of the content, but also how you convey it to users. We advise you to devote as much time to promoting content as to creating it. In addition, you need to promote your content not only with your own efforts, but also with the help of opinion leaders.

    Here's how to do it:

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    • When you're ready to post content, ask influencers to help you distribute it . People who have spent time working with your content will be happy to repost your article.

    Networking with influencers will allow you to use their resource potential (subscribers) almost free of charge to expand the audience of your blog.


    • Tip #3: Make it as easy as possible to sign up for blog updates

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    The simplest changes often provide a significant increase in


    • Tip #4: Always be within the user's line of sight

    Regularly updating blog content and promoting it through e-mail newsletters allows you to maintain a stable level of subscriber engagement. Lack of a clear content plan or disappearing from the information field for several weeks will cause your email newsletter to annoy subscribers rather than engage.

    There is no universal approach to the frequency of blog posts. For example, Derek Halpern, a blog conversion specialist, writes about posting a few posts a month. Another traffic specialist, Neil Patel, writes 8 posts a week on his blog. The best way to find out which schedule is right for your business is to test different approaches.

    Whichever approach you choose, make sure subscribers get content from you regularly and in a timely manner.

    Learn more