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TikTok video from Chris Rosas (@piano_withchris): "easy fortnite default dance on piano! #fortnite #piano #tutorial". original sound.


original sound - Chris Rosas


Amosdoll Music

Learn how to play Fortnite Default Dance music on piano! #fortnite #fortnitedefaultdance #defaultdance #LearnOnTikTok #pianotutorial #pianoguides

474 Likes, 8 Comments. TikTok video from Amosdoll Music (@amosdoll): "Learn how to play Fortnite Default Dance music on piano! #fortnite #fortnitedefaultdance #defaultdance #LearnOnTikTok #pianotutorial #pianoguides". original sound.


original sound - Amosdoll Music



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234 Likes, 8 Comments. TikTok video from Thunder_Gaming (@gaming_chicken_nuggets): "#fortnite #fortnitedance #piano #defualtdance #fyp #tiktok". Try not to laugh. original sound.


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2.1K Likes, 69 Comments. TikTok video from Kwelsh (@kwelsh_): "#fortnite #defaultdance #justdancemoves #meme #kwelshau #sexyman #xbox #piano". original sound.


original sound - Kwelsh



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original sound - fastforza


clan zero

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TikTok video from clan zero (@filipkot8890): "#duet with @vaze_vaze #defaultdance #fortnitepiano". original sound.


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suono originale - davidedinapoli



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suono originale - davidedinapoli


Sci Zard

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TikTok video from Sci Zard (@sci_zard): "#fortnite #pianofortnite #piano #fortnitekids #Ldance #defaultdance #fyp #foryoupage #viralvideo". Me and the boys after playing 48 hours of fortnite:. original sound.


original sound - Sci Zard

How do you play fortnite dance on piano?

What are all the fortnite dances? List of Emotes

Name Rarity Type
Azarath Metrion Zinthos! DC Emote
Backstroke Rare Emote
Baller Rare Emote
Balletic Rare Emote


similarly What is the fortnite dance song called? “Hit The Quan,” or the Hit It Dance is the newest dance emote background music in Fortnite which is influenced by American rapper Richard Maurice Colbert.

How do you play best mates on piano?

What are the music blocks called? The Music Block Gallery is arranged according to the chromatic scale. This is 12 notes that are equally spaced in pitch (like playing black and white piano keys in sequence). Each set of 12 notes is an octave.

What are music blogs are called?

An MP3 blog is a type of blog in which the creator makes music files, normally in the MP3 format, available for download. They are also known as musicblogs, audioblogs or soundblogs (the latter two can also mean podcasts). MP3 blogs have become increasingly popular since 2003.

How do I stop fortnite music?

How do I disable in-game music?

  1. Press Start.
  2. Go to the Options menu.
  3. Toggle over to the Audio Section.
  4. Move down to Story Mission Music and toggle through until you select “NONE.”
  5. For extra measure, we also recommend going to the “Music Volume” in the Audio Section and lowering the volume all the way down.

Can you play your own music on fortnite?

Now launch the game you want to play and then alt-tab back over to the desktop. … That’s about all you need to know to listen to music while playing a game, now you can own in CoD, Fortnite, or Apex while blasting the Numa Numa song to your heart’s content!

Is Pitchfork a blog? Pitchfork (formerly Pitchfork Media) is an American online music publication (currently owned by Condé Nast) that was launched in 1995 by writer Ryan Schreiber as an independent music blog. The site is best known for its daily output of music reviews but also regularly reviews reissues and box sets. …

What does blog stand for?

A blog (a truncation of “weblog”) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts).

How do I blog my song?

  1. Decide on The Focus of Your Music Blog. …
  2. Choose Your Music Niche. …
  3. Choose Your Blogging Platform. …
  4. Decide on Your Domain Name. …
  5. Buy Your Domain Name and Hosting. …
  6. Choose a Theme For Your Music Blog. …
  7. Create Essential Pages & Logo. …
  8. Begin Blogging.

How do you play a disc on Minecraft? In order for players to play music discs in the current build of vanilla Minecraft without mods, they’ll need to craft a jukebox to place the disc in. Jukeboxes are crafted using eight wooden planks of any type and one diamond, and will play music discs that are placed within until the song ends or the disc is ejected.

How do you play Rick Roll on Minecraft?

What is the rarest music in fortnite? List of Music

Name Rarity CollapseSource
Ahoy! Rare Battle Pass Season 8
B-Day Beats Rare Fortnite 2nd Birthday Celebration
Banger Rare Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 3
Battle Breakers Rare Item Shop

Who writes fortnite? Pinar Toprak (born 18 October 1980) is a Turkish-American composer for film, television and video games.

Who made the fortnite theme? Trivia. The music is the old lobby music, composed by Rom Di Prisco (the composer from the original Fortnite music), which was removed at the launch of Season 3.

How do I turn off lobby music?

How do I mute episode? Episode does not have any sound settings. In order to hear or mute Episode sounds, you must adjust your device’s main volume settings and turn on/off your ringer switch. Please note, some stories don’t use sounds and some do. Most authors put a disclaimer at the beginning to warn people that sound is used.

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Dance Till You Drop Challenges - cheat cards and walkthrough

Dance Till You Drop Challenges will send anyone into a crazy dance! And what other dance style can Fortnite have after the onset of September 1st? Is that still hysterical! But this is more of a positive factor than a negative one. Maybe.

Support us, hard workers and laborers! Author code: FNFUN

Departing from my lyrical digression, I present to you the new challenges of the 6th week of the 10th season - "Dance until you drop"! Today, we dance and destroy more than ever, but we do damage and visit objects in moderation.

As usual, completing a series of tasks in a team brawl is not difficult! And even more, the team brawl is especially welcome here, because we have to interact with the players!

Small rewards for exhausting dances are waiting for you. Everything, as usual - stars, experience, pickaxe, emotion and style. Soon such sets will be issued as dry rations!

  • Complete at least 1 of any challenge to earn 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete at least 2 of any challenge to earn 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete at least 3 of any challenge to earn 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete at least 4 of any challenge for a reward - 5000 xp
  • Complete at least 5 of any challenge to earn 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete at least 6 of any challenge to earn 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete at least 7 of any challenge for a reward - Pickaxe
  • Complete at least 8 of any challenge for a reward - 1000 xp
  • Complete at least 9 of any challenge for a reward - 1000 xp
  • Complete at least 10 of any challenge for a reward - 1000 xp
  • Complete at least 11 of any challenge for reward - Emote
  • Complete at least 12 of any challenge for a reward - 1000 xp
  • Complete at least 13 of any challenge for a reward - 1000 xp
  • Complete at least 14 of any challenge for a reward - MC 9 Skin Style0017

By the way, I want to congratulate the winner of the last mini-raffle for an in-game gift! Angry Pepe, we sent you a Charleston emote as a gift!


Hit the enemy with a Boogie Bomb

We haven't seen this deadly weapon in the Trials for a long time! However, nothing has changed over time, and you can still find boogie-woogie bombs in chests and machine guns.

Throw at unsuspecting enemies or afk if you want 100% completion! Of course, it is better to wait for a fierce mess at the end and throw it under everyone's feet.

You need to hit the enemy 2 times.

Dance in front of the bat statue, in the floating pool and on the chair for giants

What a statue of a bat, a chair for giants, even a floating pool perfectly fit into the concept of the game and with its presence not only take us by surprise, but also amuse.

You can find the first object in a dilapidated, but still sinister castle on a hill, not far from the dump. There is a whole area dedicated to the statue of the bat, so missing it is a crime that will undoubtedly be noticed by the coffins scattered nearby.

Look for the Floating Pool on the floating island in the Killing Fields. Well, if you require exact coordinates, then take a look at the map and cool down the fighting ardor when you arrive!

Chair for giants - wooden structure, south of the mines. Jump on it and start dancing!

Dance in front of each of these objects and get closer to completing the entire series of "Dance till you drop" challenges!

Eliminate opponents with a shotgun, assault rifle and submachine gun

There are plenty of shotguns, submachine guns and submachine guns on the map, it's enough just to find this excess. As you find, hit and cut left and right.

You need to kill 3 enemies.

Walk 100m while dancing

To complete the "walk 100m while dancing" challenge, make sure you have a move emote in your locker. They are marked with a bat right arrow, and while using them, you are able to move.

If there are such emotions, go to the lobby of the game and start your journey right there by selecting the desired dance (usually the B button). If you are a beginner and came to the game with Season 10, then especially for you in the free battle pass at level 14 is the Jumping dance. Get it and dare all the remaining challenges!

100 in-game meters is quite a long distance, so you may have to walk a little more in the dance whirlwind when you land.

Visit the Giant Piano

To complete the "Visit the Giant Piano" mission, you must fly to the easternmost point of the map. To the south of it is the broken base of heroes, which we visited in the last Killer Movie challenge series.

The piano has been standing in this place for a long time, and you must have already noticed it.

Visit the giant piano and complete the challenge!

Support us, hard workers and laborers! Author code: FNFUN

Destroy "No dancing!"

Today we are violating not only all moral norms by killing enemies and plundering cargo, but also public ones by destroying the Fortnite property - the "Do not dance" signs!

They are predominantly located on the hills, but can also be found on the plains with the same success. And if there is no sign in place, then you were ahead of you and someone broke the sign for you!

To complete this task, use our map of signs "Do not dance" and do not know trouble!

Signs must be destroyed 3 !

Dance inside B.R.U.T.E. in different matches

Quests are getting easier and easier! To complete this mission, get into the B.R.U.T.E. as a driver and press the emote button. The dance will begin, and you can watch the entertaining movements of the mechanical chicken breast.

Dance 3 times in different matches!

Deal damage to an enemy that is under the influence of a boogie bomb

Once again, we are sent in search of boogie bombs. However, this time, when throwing them at enemies, you must deal damage. You can also shoot at opponents who are already under the effect of the bomb through no fault of yours.

Need to deal damage 2 times, there are no exact numbers in this task.

Dance in front of the Bat Statue, Floating Pool, and Giant Chair in a single match

A map with a statue of a bat, with a floating pool and a chair for giants was attached above. And you, once you have reached this task, remember perfectly where to find them.

But transport will help you visit these three objects in one match. Yes, we know very well that there are not very many of them on the map now, but the existing one, namely the BRUT and a flying snowboard, is definitely suitable for this simple purpose. Choose a distant object from the circle (it is desirable that the circle be on one of the points) and land there, dancing and searching the area for vehicles. Move to the next distant object, and then, as you dance, die and respawn in a circle, heading towards the last object! And voila, mission accomplished, to me (you) applause and fanfare.

Eliminate enemies with a sniper rifle, pistol, and grenade/rocket launcher

Finding a sniper rifle and a pistol is fairly easy. The former are placed in abundance in vending machines and cargoes, while the latter are left lying on the floor unattended. Killing with them is also easy - with a sniper, aim at afk players or snipers, and with a pistol, fight to the end at close and medium distances. Say you'll kill someone!

Well, with a grenade launcher and rocket launchers it's even easier! As B.R.U.T. lovers used to say, you can’t find a rocket launcher better than his! Let's take their word for it and get on with the mission. BRUT, if you didn't know, spawns in different places and its location is indicated on the map with a special mark.

Need to kill 1 enemy!

Support us, hard workers and laborers! Author code: FNFUN

Dance with other players to raise the disco ball in the ice hangar

Everyone dance! In this challenge, we are called to the hangar at the airfield to pick up a disco ball.

To do this and praise the dance deity, wait for another player, stand on different squares and start dancing! The ball will begin to rise, and as it rises - the test is completed!

Play the notes on the giant piano

Now we need not only to visit the same giant piano, but also to jump on it. Yes, you were right when you read "jump". After all, in order to play a melody, you need to move through the necessary notes (C, E, G, E, C), preferably in a jump. Sometimes, when you leave the music and move on foot, the piano skips and the task is not completed.

The required key combination will be right in front of the piano, so this makes it much easier to do.

Search the supply shipment and then dance in different matches

Here we must search the supply shipment and dance after that. But why dance then? Better right away, thereby saving yourself from the possibility of forgetting the second condition of this task.

Supplies with supplies are marked on the map with blue boxes, come to the place of their fall and fight fiercely, because without a fight the cargo is unlikely to be lost to you. Well, if you are not principled, wait a few days and the boxes will not be so in demand.

Search the supply drop and then dance in 3 different matches.

Dance at the DJ booth in a dance club wearing MC gear

MC outfit is given at level 47 of the battle pass, so you must be the same level or higher to complete this task. Put on the mentioned skin and go to the dance club.

The Fortnite Dance Club is located north of the Holiday Village. This is a huge room with a suspended disco ball and a DJ console. For the latter, we need to get up and turn on the dance!

Look for the star for the current 6th week of the 10th season in the "Return" challenges.

Using the Dancer Mannequin Device in Fortnite Creative Mode

On This Page

The Dancer Mannequin Device can be used to project holographic images of characters performing various dance emotes.

Customize your mannequins with a wide range of character designs, emotes and device colors.

Find and locate device

Click image to enlarge.

  1. In creative mode press Tab to open creative inventory .

  2. Click on the Devices tab. Scroll to select a device or use the Search field or the [ list of categories relevant for the device ] option on panel Category on the left.

  3. Click PLACE to place the device immediately, or drag and drop it onto the QUICK ACCESS PANEL to place later.

  4. Press Esc to return to the island in creative mode. Use the phone to position the device, then click to place it. Press F to switch to the pickaxe and disconnect the device from the phone. Press tilde key (\~) to switch back to phone.

  5. Point your phone at the device. If the pop-up "Edit" does not open immediately, move your phone closer until it appears, and then press E to open the personalization panel.

Device Settings

The main settings of this device allow you to change the appearance of the character and the emote played, add flicker or change the color of the device. Additional device options allow you to select additional character skins and emotes that will be switched when activated through a channel.

The following device parameters are available to you.

Standard values ​​in bold .

Main parameters




Standard character skin

Chewing Gum , Choose Character Skin

Allows you to select a standard character skin preset.

Pedestal display

Incl. , Disabled

Determines whether the pedestal is displayed.

Show lighting

On , Disabled

Turn the hologram lighting on and off.

Standard dance blank

A1 , Select blank

Allows you to select a standard dance preset.

Standard Shade Stock

0. 0 , Select shade

Allows you to select a default shade preset for the device.


Enabled, Disabled

Specifies whether the device will use a flicker effect during operation.

Pedestal color

Light steel , Dark steel

Allows you to select the color of the pedestal.

Hue priority

Off , Party Mode, Silhouette Mode

Enables the modes Party or Silhouette . Takes precedence over hue settings.

All options (optional)




Active during phase

No, All , Pre-game only, Gameplay only

Determines at what stages of the game the device will be active. The "Before the game" stage includes all the stages that precede the start of the game.

Second character template

Gum , Choose Character Skin

Allows you to select the second character skin preset.

Activated with signal "Activate second blank on channel" .

Third character template

Gum , Choose Character Skin

Allows you to select the third character skin preset.

Activated with signal "Activate third blank on channel" .

Second dance piece

A1 , Select blank

Allows you to select the second dance preset. Activated with signal "Activate second blank on channel" .

Third dance piece

A1 , Select blank

Allows you to select the third dance preset. Activated with signal "Activate third blank on channel" .

Second shade blank

0.0 , Select shade

Allows you to select a second shade preset for the device.

Activated with signal "Activate second blank on channel" .

Third shade blank

0.0 , Select shade

Allows you to select a third shade preset for the device.

Activated with signal "Activate third blank on channel" .


When one device needs to "talk" to another device, it transmits a signal on a special channel. The receiving device must be configured to receive a signal on the same channel.

The channel is identified by number and the channel numbers are configured for the device by the parameter using the channel. Most devices also identify the player who activated the device with a signal.

The device has receivers that perform various actions when it receives a signal on the channel. In addition, this device can transmit signals when certain conditions are met.


Receivers wait for a signal on a channel and perform an action when they receive a signal sent on that channel from any device (including themselves).




Enable capture of images and emotions when receiving a signal

Without channel , Select channel

Takes on the appearance and emotions of the character that activated the signal on this channel.

Disable capture of images and emotions when receiving a signal

Without channel , Select channel

Returns the image and emotions on this channel to their original settings.

Activate standard stock when signal is received

Without channel , Select channel

Activates a stock preset when a signal is received on a specific channel.

Activate second blank when signal is received

Without channel , Select channel

Activates the second blank when a signal is received on a specific channel.

Learn more