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Well, she was just seventeen
You know what I mean
And the way she looked was way beyond compare
So how could I dance with another? (Ooh)
When I saw her standin' there

Well she looked at me, and I, I could see
That before too long I'd fall in love with her
She wouldn't dance with another (whooh)
When I saw her standin' there

Well, my heart went boom
When I crossed that room
And I held her hand in mine

Whoah, we danced through the night
And we held each other tight
And before too long I fell in love with her
Now I'll never dance with another (whooh)
Since I saw her standing there

Well, my heart went boom
When I crossed that room
And I held her hand in mine

Whoah, we danced through the night
And we held each other tight
And before too long I fell in love with her
Now I'll never dance with another (whooh)
Since I saw her standing there
Since I saw her standing there
Since I saw her standing there

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    Why The Beatles Sang 'She Was Just 17' on 'I Saw Her Standing There'

    The Beatles’ “I Saw Her Standing There” includes one of the band’s most iconic lines: “She was just 17/If you know what I mean. ” However, Paul McCartney’s original opening lines of the song were very different. Here’s what The Beatles originally wrote — and why they decided that 17 was the right age for the girl in the song.

    The Beatles | Central Press/Getty Images

    The original version of the line ‘She was just 17/If you know what I mean’ from The Beatles’ ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ was much different

    According to the book The Beatles: A Hard Day’s Write — The Stories Behind Every Beatles Song, Paul McCartney started writing “I Saw Her Standing There” one night in 1962. He wanted the song to appeal to The Beatles’ fans, who were mostly female.

    “I didn’t think a lot about it as I sang it to myself,” he said. “Originally the first two lines were ‘She was just 17/Never been a beauty queen’. It sounded like a good rhyme to me at the time. But when I played it through to John the next day, I realized that it was a useless line and so did John. So we both sat down and tried to come up with another line which rhymed with 17 but which meant something.

    The Beatles’ ” I Saw Her Standing There”

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    John came up with the lyric “She was just 17/If you know what I mean.” Paul said the new line could be seen as innocuous or provocative. After all, 16 was the age of consent in England at the time. Even years later, the song still provoked controversy. According to the BBC, Jerry Seinfeld once told Paul “‘Just Seventeen, you know what I mean’? I’m not sure we do know what you mean!”

    Why ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ became the first song on The Beatles first album

    “I Saw Her Standing There” became the first song on The Beatles’ first album, Please Please Me. During an interview with Clash Magazine, Paul explained why this was the case. “Actually, what we used to do is we’d cut up the list and then play with it like a little jigsaw, and then go, ‘Oh, that looks good, what about that?’” he said. “So yeah, it was just a last minute thing with the group and George Martin… I think that’s kind of how most people do this stuff.”

    How the public reacted to The Beatles’ ‘I Saw Her Standing There’

    Tiffany’s “I Saw Him Standing There”

    RELATED: Paul McCartney: Elvis Presley Inspired The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’

    The final version of “I Saw Her Standing There” was a hit. It reached No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100, staying on the chart for 11 weeks. In addition, a gender-swapped cover of the song by Tiffany called “I Saw Him Standing There” also reached No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100, remaining on the chart for 14 weeks. “I Saw Her Standing There” remains one of the most famous songs from The Beatles’ bubblegum period — and it wouldn’t be the same without that iconic line.

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    History of the song I Saw Her Standing There – The Beatles

    This song was not released as a single in the UK, but in the US it was released on the back of I Want to Hold Your Hand, with which The Beatles won the hearts of American music lovers. Against the backdrop of the success of that hit, the achievements of I Saw Her Standing There seemed not so impressive, but this song also rose high in the charts and became one of the most famous works of the Beatles. Subsequently, it was performed by dozens of popular artists, including Elton John, The Who and Led Zeppelin.

    The story behind I Saw Her Standing There

    Paul McCartney came up with the idea for the song when he was returning from a concert in Southport. At first he called her Seventeen ("Seventeen"). Paul sketched out the first verse and a rough cut of the chorus. Then he called John Lennon and the two finished the song

    McCartney talked about the history of the track in many interviews:

    I Saw Her Standing There was my idea. I started it and came up with the first verse, which then gave me the melody, tempo and key. It gives you a subject to discuss, a lot of information, and then you have to refine everything. We wrote it together... and finished that day.

    Many Years From Now, Barry Miles

    I had “she was just seventeen” and “never been a beauty queen”. When I showed them to John, he laughed and said, "You're joking about that line, right?"

    The Beatles Off the Record

    I wrote it with John in the living room of my house at 20 Forthlin Road, Allerton. We got out of school and composed it on guitars and a small part on the piano that I had there.

    The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions

    We mastered the art. Sometimes John liked some of my lines, but not others. Basically, he liked what I did, but sometimes the phrases caused irritation, as in the case of “She was just seventeen, she’d never been a beauty queen”. John thought, “Beauty queen? Ugh!" … We came up with “You know what I mean”.


    The lyrics of the song were originally written in a notebook from the University of Liverpool.

    Mike McCartney's book Remember features a photograph of Paul and John composing this song while playing guitars.

    Macartney admitted that he borrowed the bass from Chuck Berry:

    Here's an example of an excerpt that someone stole: I used the bass riff from Chuck Berry's Talkin' About You on I Saw Her Standing There. I played exactly the same notes as him, and they fit perfectly into our number. Even now, when I tell people about it, it turns out that only a few believe me. Therefore, I am of the opinion that the bass riff may not be original.

    Many Years From Now, Barry Miles

    Recorded and released

    I Saw Her Standing There was first recorded in late 1962 at the Cavern Club. This slower live version of the song is found on bootlegs. It features John Lennon playing the harmonica instead of the guitar.

    The studio version of the composition was completed on February 11, 1963. The musicians performed it nine times, but only three doubles were complete. Of these, they chose the best option and later added claps to it.

    On the album version, I Saw Her Standing There begins with a countdown by McCartney: “One, two, three, four!”. George Martin decided to keep it to create the effect of a live performance. He took this passage from the ninth take. When the track was first released in the US, the score was cut, but the word "four" was still distinguishable.

    Although the song opens the Please Please Me album, it was not released as a single in the UK. In the US, the song was released on the back of I Want to Hold Your Hand, which won the hearts of Americans.

    I Saw Her Standing There peaked at number fourteen on the US Billboard Hot 100 but topped the chart in New Zealand.

    Anthology 1 (1995) includes a live recording of the song made on October 24, 1963 during The Beatles' tour of Sweden.

    In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked I Saw Her Standing There 139th in their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

    Clip I Saw Her Standing There – The Beatles

    Watch the music video I Saw Her Standing There from the Beatles' live performance.

    Cover versions

    I Saw Her Standing There was the last song that John Lennon performed at a paid concert. On November 28, 1974, he sang it as a duet with Elton John on the Madison Square Garden stage.

    Lennon introduced the song like this:

    We were trying to figure out what number to end with so I could get out of here and get sick more, and we decided that we should play the song of my old ex-fiance named Paul.

    Elton later released this version on the back of the Philadelphia Freedom single. It was his only collaboration with Lennon.

    In 1987 the singer Tiffany recorded a song for her debut album. She was then only fifteen years old. In her version, the song is called I Saw Him Standing There. The track peaked at number eight on the UK Singles Chart and number seven on the US Singles Chart.

    Members of The Who performed I Saw Her Standing There for a documentary about their career, but the track was not included in the film. Later, they often played it in concert.

    In 2004, a group of famous musicians played I Saw Her Standing There at the Grammy Awards.

    In 2006 I Saw Her Standing There was performed by Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. Their version was featured on Lewis' Last Man Standing album.

    On September 4, 1970, Led Zeppelin played the song I Saw Her Standing There. This track is included on the Live on Blueberry Hill bootleg.

    Interesting Facts

    • In Rain Man, Dustin Hoffman's character sings I Saw Her Standing There to Tom Cruise's character.
    • The composition is mentioned in the television series "11.22.63", based on the novel by Stephen King.

    I Saw Her Standing There – The Beatles

    Well she was just seventeenOh, when I saw her standing there

    Well she looked at me
    And I, I could see
    That before too long
    I'd fall in love with her
    She wouldn't dance with another
    Oh, when I saw her standing there

    Well my heart went boom
    When I crossed that room
    And I held her hand in mine

    Oh we danced through the night
    And we held each other tight
    And before too long
    I fell in love with her
    Now I'll never dance with another
    Oh, when I saw her standing there

    Well my heart went boom
    When I crossed that room
    And I held her hand in mine

    Oh we danced through the night
    And we held each other tight
    And before too long
    I fell in love with her
    Now I'll never dance with another
    Oh, when I saw her standing there
    Oh, since I her standing there
    Yeah, well saw since I saw her standing there LENNON, PAUL MCCARTNEY
    Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

    Lyrics to I Saw Her Standing There – The Beatles

    She was only seventeen,
    You know what I mean.
    And she looked
    Just incomparable.
    How could I dance with another,
    When I saw her standing there.

    She looked at me,
    And I knew right away,
    That very soon
    I would fall in love with her.
    She wouldn't dance with another,
    When I saw her standing there.

    My heart was pounding
    As I walked through the hall
    And held her hand

    We danced all night
    And held each other tightly.
    And very soon
    I fell in love with her.
    I will never dance with another again,
    When I saw her standing there.

    My heart was pounding
    As I walked through the hall
    And I held her hand

    We danced all night
    And held each other tightly.
    And very soon
    I fell in love with her.
    I will never dance with someone else again
    When I saw her standing there,
    Since I saw her standing there,
    Yes, since I saw her standing there.

    Quotes about the song

    This is Paul at his usual job of producing what George Martin called "hack". I helped write a couple of lines.

    John Lennon, All We Are Saying, David Sheff

    The Beatles are so sacred to a lot of people that you're really playing with fire if you go on stage and it's not well received. But I think we recorded a great version. The idea was to introduce The Beatles to my age group in a different way.


    BTS & The Beatles: Why are they compared and what do the two cult bands have in common? And is it even possible to compare such dissimilar groups with each other? Do they have at least something in common, or vice versa, there are so many prerequisites on the surface that you can cling to, but about which everyone stubbornly continues to remain silent. And what do you think? In any case, let's try together to figure out if BTS is really The Beatles of the 21st century? And how the new stigma is reflected on Korean idols. Let's do it! 🐱‍💻


    The Beatles: The Beginning of History

    As expected, let's take a look at each group separately. Do you remember how the Liverpool Four managed to conquer the world? Not? Then we tell. They put together a group for fun, none of the four (except Paul, perhaps) thought about world fame and something like that. This was thought by their commercial head of the group - Brian Epstein, who was also called the "fifth Beatle". In the show business categories, he was the main member of the group. He loved the guys very much, but Epstein himself said that his first impression of the guys was contradictory:

    “Very unkempt and not very clean. While singing songs, the guys smoked, ate, talked and jokingly exchanged cuffs. They turned their backs on the audience, squabbled with club goers and laughed at their own jokes."

    Doesn't sound like the kind of person who would dictate all the popular music of the 60s, you have to agree. However, Brian saw in them the spark that is necessary for public delight. Having no experience in producing or managing, he asked for the position of the head of the then unknown group and began working on them. How to behave on stage, how to wink at the audience, how to joke with TV presenters, how to please everyone. Consider fathering four boys just out of their teens and making them into legends. John, Paul, George and Ringo had alcohol, girls, parties on their minds. Of course, they were talented, but one talent for worldwide fame is not enough.

    It was the skillful hands of the leadership, or rather, the leader, who made a diamond out of coal. Unfortunately, Brian passed away in 1967, and two years later The Beatles announced their breakup. The reason for the split was the differences in the group and different views on music, but still Epstein was a powerful glue for such different guys.

    A phenomenon called The Beatles

    Management is important for gaining popularity and social significance, awards and titles, and competent leadership can save even mediocrity. But the Beatles weren’t exactly like that, they didn’t claim to be one-night-stands from the very beginning.
    Each of the participants was like a representative of his own element. John Lennon is fire: the same impulsive, unpredictable, but also the most attractive. Until now, he is known as the most legendary Beatle, but also as the most problematic. Paul McCartney is air: he was the main songwriter of the group (it was he who had the idea of ​​the most famous song Yesterday in a dream), the main composer, but at the same time he did not have any special ambitions and did not aim for the throne.

    Together - fire and air - did wonderful things (just look at the list of songs written under the authorship of Lennon + McCartney). Harrison - the earth: a simple shirt-guy who loves nature, ethnic tunes and his wife. However, it is his songs that are considered the most penetrating and deep. Ringo - water: transparent, almost imperceptible, but life-giving for everyone. The band members often said that without Ringo there would be no cohesive team.
    And how in "The Fifth Element" 4 elements unite the dots in one force, which was their music. Do you also think of the word “harmony” now? The guys not only somehow harmoniously stayed together for 10 years with such different characters and values, but their songs were about balance. Started with flirtatious "I want to hold your hand" rock 'n' roll and ended with devotional chants and declarations of love to Krishna. Guitars and sitars, drums and violin, erotic whispers in the ear and cute fairy tales for children - they knew how to do everything. Before they came, changing genres was unpopular, and the Bilts weren't afraid of anything. They could sing the word "love" in a sugary sweet way that would make you want to drink, and squeal like a chainsaw. They were able to do everything, and they used it.

    BTS: a story that started in a garage

    Unknown guys just showed up on the doorstep of a tiny music agency. The door leads to the garage, where work tables are arranged in the manner of an office. To record a demo, you need to go down to the basement, somehow converted into a recording studio. A small space where big dreams live. Here was Big Hit Entertainment, the company under whose wing the international phenomenon was born.

    The story is as old as the world - they just passed the casting. This is how the first members of the most popular K-Pop boy band were recruited. Many then just turned 18 years old, but young age did not become an obstacle to talent. True, the first composition of the group was very different: initially there were nine people, but due to disagreements within the group, two left the project. Therefore, the Bangtans themselves, as we know them now, were formed only in 2012. The Bangtan Boys actively tweeted, built a fanbase and solidified their name by uploading covers of popular songs to YouTube. And six months before the baptism of fire on a big stage, they were already well known. An important date in the history of BTS when half the world learned about them is June 13, 2013. It's safe to say that BTS' first album was a 100% success. This was their first step on the path to global success and popularity.

    A phenomenon called BTS

    So really, what is so special about these BTS? Why are they gaining popularity so fast? Their success story is like a rocket going into space. V, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin and Jungkook are not afraid to be different, not afraid to say what they think. Beyond the Scene has already proven that music can be universal, that it is not afraid of language barriers, different religions or being limited to one audience. And people around the world are much closer to each other than is commonly believed. It is this unity that ARMY, a fan club that unites millions of hearts beating in the same rhythm, tirelessly proves.

    BTS is always different, their albums are full of seemingly incompatible elements. The first track can be incendiary, and listening to it, you will want to dance, forgetting about all your problems and stresses. After all, the beats are so amazing that they leave no room for imagination. Their music is impossible to resist, you want to move. And then suddenly a tender ballad about love will play. And your mood changes too. Listening to the thin high notes professionally played by Korean voices, slightly diluting this harmony with light rap, you suddenly realize that the lines of each of their songs carry simple truths: you need to accept and love yourself as we are, you need not be afraid to take risks and love . It can be said that we have watched BTS grow, their art has also gone through a lot of changes. Comparing the first and last albums, you clearly notice this difference. Eccentric at the very beginning of their journey, daring, challenging the world, the music of the bangtans is also filled with their mood - incendiary hip-hop tracks with explosive lyrics. And after years of constant work, a slight sadness appears, some regrets, bitterness of loss. They grow up, get to know life, and their music grows with them. She becomes more calm. The light presentation contrasts vividly with the richness of the texts.

    Today their tracks are mature and the meaning of the tests is complicated. The interweaving of all lived memories and emotions makes itself felt. And that's great. BTS never let themselves stand still, constantly striving for perfection. Fans admire and idolize them, and the rest of the world freezes in delight before them. After all, BTS were able to achieve such heights on their own, relying only on themselves. Together supporting and experiencing not only triumphs and successes, but also difficult times of failures and crises, for so many years the guys have become almost a family for each other. And they were able to go through all the obstacles with their heads held high. Here is the answer to the question why BTS is so popular: they open their heart and soul to the whole world, and the world responds to them in the same way.

    What's more in this story? Are they similar or not? It is clear that in the music industry all successful bands can be called nuggets or diamonds. There will never be a second The Beatles, as well as a second Michael Jackson or Freddie Mercury. But history tends to repeat itself to some extent. Therefore, BTS is not the modern Beatles, as some people call them. One is from South Korea, the other is from England. Moreover, one cannot deny their conditions for becoming stars and the time in which they exist. If before the Beatles there weren’t really any groups that they could compete with and fight for the right to be the best, things are much worse in the K-pop industry. What a huge competition the idols had to go through to win their place in the sun. It was to win, because they broke through to the top with a fight. But on the other hand… there really is a feeling that there is something in common and similar in The Beatles and BTS: concepts, goals and a desire to change. But, like the fact of such a "difference", these two musical phenomena still have several moments when they can be connected with each other. And here are a few of them.

    BTS and The Beatles started from the bottom of the music industry

    As we know, SM, YG and JYP Entertainment have monopolized the K-Pop industry and are symbolically called the "Big Three" for a reason. Usually it is their artists who are the most popular. But at the time of the selection, the members of BTS came to the then unknown company Big Hit Entertainment, which did not have enough funds even to invest in the development of the group. It was because of this that the bangtans had a slow start.

    What about before the Beatles? The Beatles started out as a small Buddy Holly-inspired group, with lyrics that were accessible to most and a weak musical accompaniment. Aka hobby group. It took the Fab Four five years to come up with their first hits: Love Me Do and Please Please Me and become famous with them.

    Both groups acted as reformists of the music industry of their time

    Loud statement. However, this is so. BTS was the first to dare to be a "non-canon" K-pop group. They began their work in the hip-hop direction, their music was aggressive and militant. It mirrored the lyrics exactly as the early BTS sang about youth, the injustice of Korean society, and the desire for change.

    In the 60s, The Beatles worked the same way. They also experimented with sound, lyrics and, for that time, appearance. And this trend has remained with the Fab Four throughout the discography. With the freedom of action afforded them by Abbey Road Studios, the Beatles experimented on every track. This is especially evident in such well-known songs as A Day In The Life and Paperback Writer. And these experiments in sound just became one of the factors in the beginning of Beatlemania.


    A huge international fan base that actively helped both bands to break through to the very top

    In the 60s, The Beatles fans went crazy. The music industry has seen only a few such fan base activity in its entire history. After performing on The Ed Sullivan Show, which was attended by about 73 million viewers, the media and fans could not get enough of their favorite four: millions of applications were constantly pouring on radio and TV, asking them to play the Liverpool Four, and at every concert and music show everyone was always waiting exclusively the Beatles. They sang about love and friendship, about not being afraid of yourself and always following your dreams.

    Despite the big time difference, a fan of your favorite band will behave the same way in 2020. This is especially true for those who like K-pop. That's who is obsessed with their favorite artists. In a good sense of the word, of course! However, in modern realities, it has become much easier to support an artist: you can simply buy an album in a physical or digital version. But you know what's really cool? That the fan base of a particular group or idol has its own light stick, family crest, and anthem.

    Learn more