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Tú Maestro de Danza

Responder a @alberthdzrocha #AprendeEnTikTok #TutorialesCheck #parati

1.2K Likes, 11 Comments. TikTok video from Tú Maestro de Danza (@tumaestrodedanza): "Responder a @alberthdzrocha #AprendeEnTikTok #TutorialesCheck #parati". Cintura a los lados | Integro el brazo, abajo y arriba en diagonal | Ahora un poco de estilo | .... More Than A Woman - From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack.


More Than A Woman - From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack - Bee Gees


Derek Lyons

John Travolta montage from Night Fever#cooldance #foryoupage #dancemove #dancersanatan #saturdaynightfever #tutorial #travolta #disco #linedances

TikTok video from Derek Lyons (@dereklyons2): "John Travolta montage from Night Fever#cooldance #foryoupage #dancemove #dancersanatan #saturdaynightfever #tutorial #travolta#disco#linedances". Travolta montage . original sound.


original sound - Derek Lyons


Miranda Derrick

Doing one of my fav dances with my fav guy❤️ @bdash_2 DC: @_aubreyfisher @itzslavik #fyp #foryou #stayinalive

611.1K Likes, 10.5K Comments. TikTok video from Miranda Derrick (@itsmirandaderrick): "Doing one of my fav dances with my fav guy❤️ @bdash_2 DC: @_aubreyfisher @itzslavik #fyp #foryou #stayinalive". Stayin' Alive - From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack.


Stayin' Alive - From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack - Bee Gees


Linda Félix

Cuantos pasos ya conocías? 🕺🏻 #disco #tutorial #retro #dancing #goodvibes

2. 2K Likes, 10 Comments. TikTok video from Linda Félix (@lindafelixr): "Cuantos pasos ya conocías? 🕺🏻 #disco #tutorial #retro #dancing #goodvibes". ✨ Disco ✨ | Paso 1 | Paso 2 | .... Night Fever - From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack.


Night Fever - From "Saturday Night Fever" Soundtrack - Bee Gees


Julia Ravey Science

Saturday Night Fever - Rave Sister Style 🔥 #dance #newdance #goviral #fyp #learndance #foryoupage #sisters

TikTok video from Julia Ravey Science (@juliaraveyscience): "Saturday Night Fever - Rave Sister Style 🔥 #dance #newdance #goviral #fyp #learndance #foryoupage #sisters". Night Fever - Workout Remix 128 BPM.


Night Fever - Workout Remix 128 BPM - Power Music Workout


Screen Devils

Saturday night fever- iconic scene with #johntravolta showing how its done #saturdaynightfever #dance #dancing #beegees #film #movies #fyp #foryourpage #share #youshouldbedancing #dancemoves

21. 4K Likes, 828 Comments. TikTok video from Screen Devils (@screen_devils): "Saturday night fever- iconic scene with #johntravolta showing how its done #saturdaynightfever #dance #dancing #beegees #film #movies #fyp #foryourpage #share #youshouldbedancing #dancemoves". John Travolta showing how its done. You Should Be Dancing.


You Should Be Dancing - Bee Gees

'Saturday Night Fever' Solo Disco Routine

This week we are going to teach you the Brooklyn Bus Stop, more commonly recognised as the dance from Saturday Night Fever.

For licensing reasons we aren’t using the song Night Fever, but feel free to practice to that song at home if you prefer.

The Dance – Saturday Night Fever

We’ll break the line dance down into bitesize chunks and build up to the full routine, before including the rotating between walls element.

In the movie, the dancers keep repeating the same routine. However they use editing to make sure that the ‘finger point’ always falls on the “Night Fever” chorus. Therefore don’t be surprised, if practicing with the Night Fever music, that you’re not pointing at that point every time.

The Music

The song from Saturday Night Fever where they use the Brooklyn Bus Stop is the Bee Gees Night Fever

But for this video we have used Special Delivery by The New Fools

See our Saturday Night Fever video

A few years ago we had a cinema night at the studio, showing the film. Before the screenings at our cinema nights we always run a workshop inspired by the film.

In the workshop for Saturday Night Fever we used a modified Brooklyn Bus Stop, as well as taking other dance elements from throughout the film. The routine is taught over a 45 minute workshop and then we sit and watch the film.

For this routine we choreographed it to Stayin’ Alive, rather than Night Fever. If you want to check out the outcome you can see our video below:

About Learn To Dance

Learn To Dance is a Ballroom and Latin American Dance School based in Burnham, Buckinghamshire.

Whilst our studio may be closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re still trying to help all our students to keep dancing!

Don’t forget, if you enjoyed our online Saturday Night Fever Solo Disco dance video please send it to your family and friends. Why not also check out our other online dance lessons.

You can check out our website, or follow us online, at:


Hustle • Arzamas

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Author Irina Sirotkina

Hustle performed by John Travolta and Karen Gorney from the movie "Saturday Night Fever". 1977

The musical and dance style of disco (from disc - "vinyl record") developed at the end of 1960s - early 1970s, when in clubs instead of jazz bands and rock bands playing live music, records began to be played. A nightclub in Paris, on rue Huchette, where a whole library of discs was collected, became known as "Disco". The disco style absorbed many different influences: jazz, rhythm and blues, soul, gospel, Latino - everyone could find something to their liking in it. The generation of loners, "atomized individuals", could not help but like the fact that disco is danced with little or no physical contact, and that the dancer is given complete freedom - he can improvise his movements. Musicians who created the style - Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Bee Gees, Van McCoy; the latter's hit "Do the Hustle" gave rise to the dance of that name. Hustle has incorporated Latin American rhythms and its rhythmic structure is similar to two-step or lindy-hop - two steps per measure. The basic structure of the steps is complemented by improvised movements, which makes each dancing couple unique, unlike any other. At the same time, hustle has something in common with tango: the movements of the partner in it can be no less and even more expressive than the movements of the partner. So in the movie "Saturday Night Fever" John Travolta dances - he simply outshines his partner Karen Horney.


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