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5 Simple Steps to Master the Slow Dance for Beginners

There are many occasions to slow dance such as weddings, proms, and just wherever there is a music of a slow tempo. But, maybe you are intimidated by a slow dance. You don’t know where to put your hands, or don’t know how close to stand to the other person. What steps do you do in the slow dance? We’re not talking about a specific dance step like the Foxtrot; we are just talking about the slow dance in general. Are you a beginner-level dancer and looking for easy dance moves? In this article, we will give you five simple steps to master the slow dance so you’ll never again be fearful of being out on the dance floor when the music slows down.

Slow Dancing Arms

There are two options for your arms when you slow dance.

Option 1- Slow Dancing Arms

In this option, you can think of slow dancing as an extended hug as you and your partner sway back and forth. The female places her arms on the guy’s shoulders or hangs them loosely around his neck. The guy puts his hands on the female’s hips or wraps them loosely around her lower back. Leave enough room between you so that you both feel comfortable.

As for head placement, this depends on you and your partner’s height. If you are a couple and are dancing closely, you can rest your head on your date’s chest or over his/her shoulder. Or, you can look at each other.

It’s important to stay relaxed. Try to control your breathing by inhaling and exhaling steadily to maintain an even heart rate.

Option 2 – Slow Dancing Arms

Holding your partner’s hand is the more traditional way to sway in a slow dance. If you aren’t dating or don’t know each other well, this position can be more comfortable. The guy puts his right hand on the females’ hips or on her mid- or upper-back. If you’re dating and close, the guy can wrap his arm loosely around her waist. Then, he uses the left hand to take her hand or lace his fingers into hers. The female should put her left hand on her partner’s shoulder and hold his hand with her right hand. With this stance, your heads will probably stay forward, so you are looking at each other. Be sure to smile at your dance partner and maybe start a conversation to help relax.

Slow Dancing Feet

It’s good to be cautious of where you put your feet when slow dancing so as not to step on each other’s toes. When you first join together to dance, look down at where you and your partner’s feet fall. This gives you a general idea of how far over you can move your feet without stepping on his/her toes. 

If you are close together in the slow dance, you can put one foot between your partner’s feet and your other foot on the outside. If there is more space between the partners, you can put your toes in front of your date’s toes and about an inch off to the side. Don’t get too technical on this aspect. When your bodies come together to dance, your feet should naturally fall in place.


It’s traditional for the guy to lead a slow dance. If this is just way too traditional for your taste, then the female can change it up and lead. But, someone has to lead. To lead, gently push your partner’s hand in the way you want to go as you also move your body in that direction. Follow the music and move to the beat. To follow, just follow your partner’s moves.


The basic slow dance doesn’t require much footwork at all, so it is an easy dance for beginners. You can keep your feet planted in one place, make sure your knees are loose, and then gently sway back and forth using your hips and knees. If you are confident with this, you can gently lift your feet off the floor just a bit. These small lifts can turn you in a slow circle. Remember to keep your arms and elbows loose. This will make it easier to breathe and sway comfortably.

The Twirl

If you are leading and are feeling confident and a bit adventurous while you’re slow dancing, you can invite your partner to twirl. This is a common move so your dance partner will probably know what to expect. Take a step back from your embrace and hold your partner’s left arm up in the air with your right arm. After guiding her in turning 360 degrees, you simply return to your starting position and resume swaying.

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No Partner Necessary

7 Romantic Dance Moves to Perform with Him in Your Own Living Room ...

7 Romantic Dance Moves to Perform with Him in Your Own Living Room ...

love • ★★★★☆

By Holly

When you want to have some fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend, there are romantic dance moves that you can try. Even if you don’t know how to dance properly, you’ll have a blast together. You don’t have to be professionals in order to move well and look good doing so. Of course, even if you make a fool of yourself, your partner will still think you look adorable. Now turn on some soft music, and try out these romantic dance moves:

1 Twirl

Let him hold up your arms and twirl you around in a circle. This is one of the romantic dance moves that doesn’t have to look graceful. All that matters is that you’re having a good time, so don’t get so focused on doing well that you forget to have fun. This isn’t Dancing with the Stars. You’re not expected to be perfect.

2 Dip

Make sure that he has a firm grip on you, and then have him dip you backwards. He can do it slowly and sensually, or if a fast beat song is on, he can do it quickly and cutely. As long as he doesn’t drop you, then it’ll be an adorable experience.

3 Slow Dance Close

Hold each other close and sway to the music. You don’t have to do anything more than that. It’ll just feel nice to have your hands on each other in a non-sexual way. If you’ve chosen a song that’s romantic enough, then the dancing will stop soon anyway, and the kissing will begin.

4 Dirty Dance Crawl

If you’ve never seen Dirty Dancing, there are plenty of videos of the famous dances on YouTube. In order to be like Baby, all you have to do is get on the ground and crawl toward your partner while they do the same. You technically aren’t even dancing, so you don’t have to worry about your rhythm. It’s just a sexy way to have fun with your mate.

5 Lift by Waist

Let him grab you by the waist and lift you straight up into the air. Don’t expect him to hold you for too long, because you don’t want to end up tossed on the ground. Enjoy the cute little lift, and give him a kiss in return.

6 Spin

You can always act like children by grabbing hands and spinning around in a circle. It doesn’t sound all that romantic, but hey, Jack and Rose did it. They might not be the perfect example of a couple, but they sure did have fun. Try out this move when all else fails, because it’s one that’s impossible to mess up.

7 Kiss

Kissing isn’t exactly a dance move, but when you’re standing so close to the love of your life, it’s difficult not to press your lips against theirs. As long as you’re still moving to the music while you’re kissing, then you can consider it dancing. Just don’t get too carried away.

You don’t need to be a talented dancer in order to enjoy the activity. Remember the famous saying about dancing like no one is watching, and you’ll have a much better time than if you’re over-thinking every move you make. What kind of music do you and your mate like to listen to together? Have you ever tried to dance together?

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The most romantic pair dances

Do you still think that dancing is an exclusively “girly activity”, and romantic pair dances are definitely not for you? Do not believe that by dancing in a duet, you will get the opportunity to refresh the relationship? Finally, do you doubt that your man can move or are you convinced that you are “wooden”? This article will make you at least doubt these statements, and at the most - run to sign up for a master class in pair dancing. The latter are not in vain called “social”: this is not just an entertaining pastime, but also a fantastically interesting dialogue with a partner using body language (which, by the way, promises to become fit soon). In general, the "For the Love of Love" team recommends leaving all prejudices aside and starting to dance, having previously familiarized yourself with our selection of romantic dances for two for every taste.


“One, two three; one two Three…". Of course, we could not fail to mention the well-known dance, the performance of which is instantly reproduced in the imagination thanks to fairly simple basic “pas”. However, the waltz is not just the correct uniform steps, but “just not to step on his or her foot” is not its main message. This insanely romantic pair dance is a living embodiment of noble and sublime feelings. Elegant and stately, it received its recognition on the European continent several centuries ago (according to rumors, back in the thirteenth century!) and is still considered the key dance of the aristocrats. The man here is the support and support of his woman, and in the truest sense of the word, because the lady should lean back, keeping her back and neck straight. Not the most stable position, but such a spectacle, leaving an aftertaste of drama and luxury, cannot but delight either the audience or the performers themselves.


The most famous and probably one of the most passionate and beautiful pair dances in the world originated at the end of the 19th century in bustling Buenos Aires. To date, there are many varieties of tango, up to the absurd-sounding “Finnish”, but we are talking exclusively about Argentine - that very sensual, sexy and exciting every cell of the body. The movements are clear, the tempo is the perfect middle ground between gliding smoothness and brisk rhythm. It is in the process of performing this dance that the closeness of a man and a woman reaches its climax. Indeed, tango is a real story of relationships, including all the main stages: from seduction to jealousy, from awe to crazy passion. Professional teachers will gladly help you and your beloved to tell this story at a dance master class.


Of all the romantic pair dances, the rumba is probably the most erotic and even slightly provocative. Surprisingly, initially this dance implied a completely different mood: bright, dynamic movements, still very sensual, but without any hint of drama and open flirting. The name speaks for itself: "rumbo" in Spanish means fun. Nowadays, this dance is an excellent tool for showing its gentle, but at the same time hot feeling: the movements are smooth, slow, quivering and at the same time incredibly sexy. Both girls and young people will plunge into breathtaking music with pleasure and will have the opportunity to enjoy each other and, of course, kindle their inner fire with even greater force.


If you are still interested in fast pair dances, but the secrets of competent salsa performance seem out of reach, pay attention to its simpler, but no less spectacular "cousin" - bachata. Originating in the Dominican Republic, the dance and the musical style of the same name quickly won the hearts of people around the world and currently occupy almost the leading position among the most popular Latin American dances. Slightly smoother than salsa, but no less sensual and incendiary, bachata allows partners to feel each other and have fun at the same time - the rhythm is still groovy. Literally maddening intimacy will allow you and your beloved to experience a sea of ​​bright positive emotions.


Of all the romantic dances for two, the foxtrot stands out for its amplitude movements, literally embodying all the breadth and power of tender feelings. Initially, this ballroom dance, slightly reminiscent of a waltz, meant wide and slow steps, indescribably smooth, which gave the impression of sliding on the parquet. However, over time, the classic version of the foxtrot gave rise to another variety, faster and more dynamic, called the quickstep. Despite the cardinal acceleration of the rhythm, the fast foxtrot still allows the partners to feel like birds soaring above the ground (although you have to flap your wings much more actively). Both versions are still considered kings of the European competition program in ballroom dancing. If you both love the classics and also want to impress both your friends and each other, this style is perfect for you and your significant other.

So, whether it's hot Latin American or slow and noble "European" "pas", romantic pair dances are a fun way to breathe new life into your relationship, boost your own self-esteem, or simply enjoy joint leisure that is good for the body as well as for the soul. Well, shall we dance?

And if you still decide that a more relaxed pastime suits your couple, then we suggest attending a culinary master class for two or inviting your soul mate for a romantic date by the fireplace!

Article - Bachata - romance and passion! about the direction of dance

Article - Bachata - romance and passion! about the direction of the dance
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Bachata is a very gentle, incredibly sensual and slightly sad dance, which is performed to the piercing sounds of musical accompaniment. Among other things, this choreographic composition has a fantastically passionate character, which is hidden in all the movements of the dancing couple. The peculiarity of this dance is that a man always leads, demonstrating his masculinity and strength, and a woman can truly feel her femininity and seductiveness while performing bachata. Probably, there is no more sensual dance in which the partner could feel even more desirable and charming.

Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic. This dance was born in the 60s in the lowest and poorest strata of the public during the reign of the dictator Rafael Molina. This time period was very difficult for the people, so it is not surprising that people found their outlet in the dance. This dance was bachata, and it was literally called "music of bitterness." In this dance, all the sadness of the people can be traced and the hope for happiness is hidden.

It is worth noting that bachata is not only a choreographic production, but also music that for quite a long time was a real “outcast” and was despised because of its origin, because it was born in the most miserable and poor stratum of society. But in the 80s, everything changed dramatically - music and dance, in particular, became interested in a huge number of musicians who liked their melancholy character. The pioneer of bachata can be safely called Luis Diaz, who gave this dance a free path to development and improvement with his new album of musical works. Since then, all prejudices about “lower” music and contemptuous dance have been completely dispelled. Bachata has gained immense popularity and captivated with its rhythm not only Latin America, but the whole world.

This dance is performed in pairs, and the distance between partners should be as small as possible.

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