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💃 Windmill Floss dance is a Rare Fortnite Emote.

📅 This emote was added at Fortnite Battle Royale on 1 August 2019 (Chapter 1 Season 10 Patch 10.0).

🙈 First released in the Fortnite Store on 10 August 2019 and the last time it was available was 10 days ago.

🛍️ Dance Windmill Floss can be purchased from Fortnite Item Shop for 500 V-Bucks when listed again.

Official Music Video for Windmill Floss

How To Get Windmill Floss Dance Fortnite

Windmill Floss belongs to Chapter 1 Season 10. This gesture can be purchased in the Fortnite Item Shop for 500 V-Bucks when it reappears in its diary rotation .

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Tier 49 (Chapter 1 - Season 2)

No Sweat


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Emote Cheat Sheet

TypeFortnite Dances
AvailabilityFortnite Shop
ChapterChapter 1
SeasonSeason X
Price VBucks500
Added 1 August 2019
Release Date10 August 2019
Last Seen25 November 2022

Item Shop History (40 Sales)

DateDays AgoPrice
Nov 25, 2022 10500
Oct 17, 2022 49500
Sep 14, 2022 82500
Aug 10, 2022 117500
Jun 18, 2022 170500
May 17, 2022 202500
Apr 17, 2022 232500
Mar 16, 2022 264500
Feb 7, 2022 301500
Dec 19, 2021 351500
Nov 19, 2021 381500
Oct 16, 2021 415500
Sep 6, 2021 455500
Aug 4, 2021 488500
Jun 20, 2021 533500
May 13, 2021 571500
Apr 12, 2021 602500
Mar 11, 2021 634500
Feb 14, 2021 659500
Jan 15, 2021 689500
Dec 11, 2020 724500
Nov 13, 2020 752500
Oct 23, 2020 773500
Sep 19, 2020 807500
Aug 27, 2020 830500
Aug 4, 2020 853500
Jul 12, 2020 876500
Jun 16, 2020 902500
May 26, 2020 923500
Apr 26, 2020 953500
Mar 31, 2020 979500
Mar 9, 2020 1001500
Feb 15, 2020 1024500
Jan 15, 2020 1055500
Dec 17, 2019 1084500
Nov 30, 2019 1101500
Nov 9, 2019 1122500
Oct 3, 2019 1159500
Sep 12, 2019 1180500
Aug 10, 2019 1213500

The Floss Dance: Where Did It Come From And How Did It Become So Popular?

Did Fortnite Floss Exist Before Fortnite? The floss dance was popularized by the release of the game Fortnite in 2017. However, the dance move actually predates the game, with its origins tracing back to the early 2010s. The floss dance first gained mainstream attention in 2016 when the dance move was featured in a music video by the rapper Silentó. The music video went viral, with the floss dance becoming a global phenomenon. While the floss dance originated before the release of Fortnite, the game played a significant role in popularizing the dance move. Fortnite is a massively popular online game with millions of players worldwide. The game features a number of dance moves that players can perform, with the floss dance being one of the most popular. The popularity of the floss dance has led to it being featured in a number of high-profile events, including the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the Super Bowl. The dance move has also been adopted by a number of celebrities, including Will Smith and Justin Bieber.

When Did Fortnite Add The Floss?

Photo by:

The floss dance was first popularized by the character Fresh in the movie Scrubs. In the scene, Fresh is shown doing the dance in front of a group of people. The floss dance became popularized on the internet after the release of the movie and has since been used in various memes and videos. Fortnite added the floss dance as an emote in the game in 2018.

Epic Adds New Rare Emote

The Floss, a new rare emote introduced by Epic Games, can be found in the game. The Season 2 Battle Pass Tier 49 item is available for purchase as a reward. The Floss is a simple dance that can be performed while standing still or moving around. When performing the Floss, twist your hips in one direction and swing your arms in the opposite direction.

Who Created Floss?

Photo by:

Russell Horning, 16, an American schoolboy who goes by the username backpack kid, first coined the Floss Dance.

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Why Did Fortnite Remove The Floss?

There are a few reasons why Fortnite removed the floss. One reason is that it was becoming too much of a meme and people were using it in inappropriate ways. Another reason is that it was becoming too popular and was taking away from the game itself.

Epic Games Hit With More Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

The developer of Fortnite, Epic Games, has been accused of copyright infringement in a number of lawsuits for using three dance moves in the game. These two dances, known as the Floss and the Carlton Dance (known as “Fresh” in Fortnite), have been removed from Forza Horizon 4. It has been widely speculated that Epic Games removed the Floss and Carlton Dances from Forza Horizon 4 to avoid any potential legal issues with regard to copyright. It’s unknown if the Floss will ever return to the game. Despite the Floss’ absence from Fortnite, other games have been negatively impacted by the legal battle between the Floss and Sony. Epic Games was accused of copyright infringement on three dances in the game in December, in a series of lawsuits.

When Did The Floss Come Out Fortnite

The Floss dance was created by Russell Horning, aka Backpack Kid, in 2016. The dance move went viral after Horning performed it alongside Katy Perry during a Saturday Night Live sketch in May 2017. The dance became synonymous with the game Fortnite after it was added as an emote in the game in July 2017.

Floss Dance Fortnite

The Floss Dance is a fortnite dance that has taken the internet by storm. The dance is simple, but looks really cool when done properly. The dance is done by moving your arms back and forth while simultaneously moving your hips from side to side.

The Floss Dance: A Simple Yet Popular Dance

The Floss dance, which was created by Russell Horning in late 2018, quickly became the most popular dance on Fortnite. It’s difficult to believe that this dance was created by a teenager, but that’s exactly what it was. The Floss dance was a clear indication of how much Fortnite is changing as the game progresses. It’s simple and sleek, so it’s ideal for showing off your competitive side. Furthermore, it’s simple, so you can share it with your friends if you want to show off your work. Is it true that Fortnite created the Floss dance? Despite this, it’s clear that the dance has grown in popularity and has become a staple in the game. If you’re looking for a dance that can be performed quickly, the Floss is an excellent choice.

Fortnite dances and emotes - what are Fortnite 2022 emotes

All dances in Fortinte

Fortnite dances and emotes can be obtained by purchasing them with V-Bucks or by completing Battle Pass missions. Each season features new emotes and dances.

Fortnite dance and emote categories

Each emote or dance is assigned a rarity and each category has a cost:

  • Green (Uncommon): 200 V-Bucks.
  • Blue (Rare): 500 V-Bucks.
  • Purple (Epic): 800 V-Bucks.

List of all dances and emotes in Fortnite

Shared dances and emotes

Currently there is only one shared dance/emote and that is “Dances”. This is the default dance you get at the start of the game.


Unusual dances and emotions

Each of these items will cost you 200 V-Bucks.

Breaking Point


Battle Call

Brush your shoulders


Bring it


Face Palm


Fist Pump

Finger Guns

Finger Wag

Go! Go! Go!

Job Well Done


Ground Pound

Hot Stuff


Mind Blown

My Idol!

Gun Show


Rock, Paper, Scissors

Red Card

Shaolin Sit-Up


Slow Clap


Take 14


Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up

True Love



I don't know

Air Horn

Time Out

Rare Dances and Emotes

Dances and Emotes from this category cost 500 V-Bucks each.





boneless (without bones)


Clean Groove (GRUV)




9000 EAGL


Fancy Feet

Flippin' Incredible


Hand Signals


Sexy Flippin0005

Shake It Up

Rocket Rodeo


Squat Kick

Star Power

True Heart (in the heart)

Vivacious (movement)



000 9000

All the emotes and dances available in the Battle Pass are no longer obtainable.

Dances and Emotions Season 2

Wave - lvl. 5

Ride the pony - lvl. 20

The Worm - lvl. 28

Floss - Lv. 49

Dances and Emotions Season 3

Salute (military salute) - lvl. 10

Take the L - lvl. 31

Best Mates - Lv. 63

The Robot - Lv. 95

Dances and Emotions Season 4

Orange Justice - Lv. 26

Popcorn - ur. 31

Respect - lvl. 54

Hype - ur. 63

Groove Jam - lvl. 95

Dances and Emotions Season 5

Gentleman's Dab - Lv. 6

You're Welcome - Lv. 31

Swipe it - ur. 63

Calculated - ur. 46

Breakdown - lvl. 95

Dances and emotions of the 6th season

Regal Wave (Royal greeting) - lvl. 6

Running Man - Lv. 31

It's Go Time! (Unbearable) - ur. 46

Slitherin' - lvl. 63

Flamenco - ur. 95

Glitter Up - Giddy Up Skin

Season 7 Dances and Emotions

Golf Clap - Lv. 14

Shimmer (asterisk) - lvl. 31

Mic Drop - ur. 46

Get Funky - lvl. 63

Free Flow - ur. 95

CAT FLIP - Lynx Challenges

Point It Out - Ice King Challenges

Promotional Dances and Emotions

Boogie Down

Freestylin '

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  1. Fortnite 9 Dance and Emote Costs0012
  2. List of all dances and emotions
  3. 7 season
  4. 6 Season
  5. 5 Season
  6. 4 Season
  7. 3 Season
  8. 2 Season
  9. How to dance in Fortnite
904 Launched by Epic Games in July 2017, the battle royale Fortnite platform game has gained global popularity in a short period of time thanks to its vivid storyline, high-tech graphics, and the introduction of new game modes. Also in the gameplay of the "Royal Battle" there is an opportunity to express yourself through dance emotions. Many Fortnite dances are an item required to complete quests.

Fortnite dancing and emotes spending

Part of the gameplay of Fortnite is entirely music. These are special promotions that precede the launch of a separate season, and collaborations with leading musicians invited to special events in the gaming space, and emotions, with the help of which each gamer can celebrate a victory over an opponent or greet a friendly team.

Emotes can be created by users who play Fortnite, fans of the game, or anyone else.

The developers also use the names, songs and dance moves of the star performers from show business. The table shows all types of dances that can be used by gamers.

Dancing & emotions gradation and pricing in Fortnite
Feature Price Where to buy
Standard Free Fortnite game
Fancy 200 V-Bucks Fortnite game store
Rare 500 V-Bucks Fortnite game store
Epic 800 V-Bucks Fortnite game store

General dances and emotions

The start of the game in Fortnite is marked by a free emote "Dancing!". Each new user gets the opportunity to mark their presence in the Royal Battles with simple dance moves.

Unusual emotions and dances

Unusual dancing & emotions are available to players for the in-game currency - V-Bucks. Musical compositions have their own unique style and are designed to characterize a particular action of a gamer.


You can try roasting burger meat with Sizzlin'. And then perform this dance with a team of friends, intimidating rivals. The Burger Lord first appeared in the 9th season of Fortnite.

Call Me

Stay connected even when you're not online. The Call Me emote will tell your teammates that it's time to take a timeout and reload the guns.

Feelin' Jaunty

Season 11 of Fortnite introduces the Winner's Walk. Step along with Feelin' Jaunty towards your dream, overcoming obstacles.

Rock Paper Scissors

Play Rock-Paper-Scissors with your friends to find the winner in a fair competition. This emote first appeared in the 3rd season of Fortnite.

Ikonik dance

Gamers' favorite character Ikonik performs the best dances of Fortnite season 8.

Air Horn

The trumpet call of the Air Horn, announcing your location, will help your teammates find you. But this furious sound can also attract game rivals.


Freeze in a T-pose with your arms wide apart and your opponent may not be able to distinguish you from part of the game landscape.

Fist Pump

Fortnite season 5 has a Winner emote. Energetic waving of the arms during the dance will tell you that this skating rink is behind you.

Slap Happy

Happy dance claps can tell about your good mood and good spirits before the upcoming match.

Raining Doubloons

A rain of real doubloons (gold coins) that a lucky player scatters with both hands is an emote added to the game during the celebration of St. Patrick's Day.


The Jubilation dance is one of the brightest emote in the game. Its unusual rarity will allow you to express a good mood in full force.


The Floss Dance could be obtained in Fortnite Season 2 by completing the 49 Battle Pass. It was first performed by the teenager Backpack Kid, who became a member of the show Katy Perry.

Rare Dancing & Emotions

Rare dancing & emotions are available to players for the in-game currency V-Bucks in the Fortnite in-game store. Each of them has a unique style and is designed to characterize one or another action of the gamer.

Knee Slapper

Cowboy dancing in the Wild West appeared in the game in the 6th season. Clap to the beat of your own rhythmic dance moves.

Fancy Feet

Move, move, move, and your feet will lead you to victory with the Fancy Feet emote.

On the Hook

The rare "On the Hook" emote will show who pulled the ice rink. If your opponent is On the Hook, victory is in your pocket. Dance and drag the caught fish.

Orange Justice

The Orange Judgment Dance was introduced in Season 4. There are several versions of his appearance in Fortnite.

One of them tells about a boy in an orange shirt who became the first performer of a dance he invented.

In his version of Orange Justice and appeared on the Internet.


The Baller sports emote appeared in the 4th game season and immediately fell in love with all Fortnite gamers.


The "Boneless" dance was presented by the famous UFC fighter Conor McGregor, after which Boneless appeared in the in-game store and became the favorite emote of the players.


"Perpetual motion", "Fidget" - as soon as they do not call this emote. Enough time has passed since its appearance in the game, but the popularity of Rambunctious among Fortnite players is only growing.

Keep it Mello

"Marshmallow Dance" appeared in the game after the DJ Marshmallow event. To get it, you had to pass the tests of the Concert. Marshmallow energy is charged with positive emotions and drive. Raise your hand and you will feel a surge of vivacity along with DJ Mello.


Fans of "Aerobics" developers have introduced emote Zany. This dance can be found in the Fortnite in-game store.


Emote Wiggle's undulating motions help you secure your victory in the best possible way. The Hinged Dance can be purchased from the Fortnite in-game store.

Electro Swing

Swing and get electro powered. Old school fans will find dance Electro Swing in the Fortnite in-game store.

Epic Dancing & Emotions

Epic dancing & emotions are available to players for the in-game currency V-Bucks in the Fortnite in-game store. Each musical composition has a unique style and is designed to characterize one or another action of the hero.


"Dance of the Nutcracker" appeared in the 7th game season under the motto: "For someone to dance like cracking nuts." Suitable for Nutcracker or Shell skin.

True Heart

Disco-emote "True Heart" is dynamic and effective. Creates a light moody flair. Will decorate the locker of any hero or heroine of Fortnite.

Phone It In

Phone It In is an epic emote for jazz lovers. It's called "Saxophonist". High-quality emote for the heroes of Fortnite.


The energy of dance and vitality for lovers of movement and vivid emotions is presented by the developers in the form of Vivacious.


Zombie emote from girl band Necrophilia has found its way into Fortnite. The incarnation of Reanimated in the gaming space went with a bang. The high-quality emote appealed to both experienced Battle Royale players and new gamers.

Smooth Moves

A quality emote for the Smooth Moves launch pad will allow you to arrange a real dance-battle. Everyone who finds themselves in the rhythm of this dance will feel like stylish and fashionable characters.

Boogie Down

Dance with everyone using the free emote Boogie Down. To get it, you need to enable two-step authorization in the game.


The American series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has become another emote supplier for Battle Royale. Stylish and incendiary music has made Fresh the favorite dance of Fortnite gamers.

Star Power

The energizing emote Star Power is enhanced with rainbow radiance. Whoever uses it is a real superstar. No autographs please.

Llama Bell

Emote Llama Bell is dedicated to the most important symbol of the Fortnite game - Lama. The game legend says that the one who uses this emote finds Lam more often, and Lama is a mysterious and random creature.

Disco Fever

Passionate disco came to Fortnite from the distant 70s. 20th century

However, Disco Fever is still able to make anyone who wants to be the star of the dance floor.

Electro Shuffle

Electro Shuffle has an original artist, a teenage girl. Thanks to her, the incendiary emote has become a great addition to the Fortnite dance collection. Express yourself on the battlefield!

Promotional dances and emotions

In addition to paid store dancing & emotions, there are also promotional compositions in the game. Among them are:

  1. Boogie Down. In 2018, the developer Epic Games presented a free emoji dance, which could be received by every user of the Royal Battle by enabling 2-factor authentication to protect the game account. The news was launched on the official Twitter of the developer.
  2. Freestylin'. This free emote was given out to Fortnite gamers for linking their game account to Twitch Prime in 2018.
  3. Hot Marat. The new Hot Marat emote was created as a result of a collaboration between Epic Games and Disney in 2018. Each player could get it for free as part of an ongoing promotion in the in-game store.
  4. Take the Elf. The free "Christmas Mood" emote was timed to coincide with the New Year's Fortnite 14 Days Challenge, and every player could get it for free for completed tasks in 2019.

List of all dances and emotes

Battle Royale Fortnite has multiple seasons, each with its own distinct dancing & emotions.

Season 7

Season 7 Emotion Dance:

  • Golf Clap;
  • Shimmer;
  • Mic Drop;
  • Get Funky;
  • Free Flow;
  • Cat Flip;
  • Point It Out;
  • Backstroke;
  • Ground Pound;
  • Accolades;
  • WayPoint;
  • Wing Tip;
  • Clean Groove;
  • Crackdown;
  • Fandangle;
  • Jam Boree;
  • Knee Slapper;
  • Mime Time;
  • Overdrive;
  • Showstopper;
  • Unwrapped;
  • Marsh Walk;
  • Take the Elf;
  • Keep It Mello;
  • Air Horn;
  • Bobbin';
  • Cheer Up;
  • Daydream;
  • Flux;
  • Lazy Shuffle;
  • Mind Blown;
  • Shaolin Sit-Up;
  • Glowsticks;
  • IDK;
  • Slick;
  • Whirlwind.

season 6

Season 6 dance emotions:

  • Regal Wave;
  • Running Man;
  • Slitherin';
  • Flamenko;
  • Glitter Up;
  • Bombastic;
  • Behold;
  • Busy;
  • Crazy Feet;
  • Criss Cross;
  • Drop the Bass;
  • Denied;
  • Electro Swing;
  • Headbanger;
  • Hot Marat;
  • Howl;
  • Llamacadabra;
  • Phone It In;
  • Scorecard;
  • Smooth Moves;
  • Somethings Stinks;
  • Spike it;
  • Sprinkler;
  • Tai Chi;
  • T-Pose;
  • Treat Yourself.

Season 5

Season 5 Emotes:

  • Gentleman's Dab;
  • You're Awesome;
  • Swipe It;
  • Calculated;
  • Breakdown;
  • Boogie Down;
  • Capoeira;
  • Fancy Feet;
  • Flipping' Incredible
  • Go! Go! Go!
  • Hand Signals;
  • On the Hook;
  • Hula;
  • Intensity;
  • Job well done;
  • Living large;
  • Llama Bell;
  • Pumpernickel;
  • Shake it Up;
  • Hot Stuff;
  • Dance Therapy;
  • Praise the Tomato;
  • Twist;
  • Work it out;
  • Battle Call;
  • Fist Pump;
  • Hitchhiker;
  • My Idol;
  • Vivacious.

Season 4

Season 4 Emotion Dance:

  • Orange Justice;
  • Popcorn;
  • Respect;
  • Hype;
  • Groove Jam;
  • Baller;
  • Boneless;
  • Bring it;
  • Chicken;
  • Click!;
  • Infinite Dab;
  • Dip;
  • Eagle;
  • Freestylin;
  • Kick Ups;
  • Laugh it Up;
  • Pop Lock;
  • Rambunctious;
  • Rawr;
  • Red Card;
  • Rock Paper Scissors;
  • Rocket Spinner;
  • Snap;
  • Sparkler;
  • Squat Kick;
  • Star Power;
  • Take 14;
  • Thumbs Up/Down;
  • Tidy;
  • True Heart;
  • Waterworks;
  • Zany.

Season 3

Season 3 Emotes: