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Here's a Step-by-Step Breakdown of Donald Faison's Scrubs Dance!

Nine years after the series finale of Scrubs, there are still moments of the comedy that stand out in fans' minds. One of those moments was Dr. Christopher Turk's audition for The Cool Cats — an air band formed by the Janitor and Ted. The band was holding auditions, and Turk was definitely not impressed by Dr. Todd, who was hoping to be the lead vocalist.

Cue Bell Biv DeVoe's hit single "Poison" and Turk's impressive dance moves, which included a Michael Jackson high kick, the running man, and of course, his signature swag. All that was missing was a with his BFF J.D. and it would've been perfect. In the words of the Janitor, "I don't know what 'it' is, but he's got it… He's so damn talented."

In the episode titled, "My Half-Acre," The Cool Cats almost don't get to perform when Turk mocks Dr. Kelso, who retaliates by banning air banding in the hospital. However, by the end of the show, Turk, the Janitor and the rest of the guys are rocking to "More Than A Feeling" by Boston.

More recently, Donald Faison, who played Turk, reprised his "Poison" dance on The Queen Latifah Show and fans were loving it. Oh, and his moves were so iconic they were also featured on the popular video game Fortnite and it's known as the "basic dance" on the platform.

In honor of Donald's birthday month, we are breaking down his "Poison" dance — keep scrolling for the step-by-step instruction to channel your inner Turk:

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Step 1

The shoulder pop: get into character by popping your shoulders as the intro of Bell Biv DeVoe's "That Girl Is Poison" kicks off.

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Step 2

The King of Pop: Follow that up with a homage to Michael Jackson himself, which requires you to bit your lip while simultaneously kicking and pointing your right finger at the same time.

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Step 3:

The Running Man: Next, you break into the running man — but this is Turk we're talking about, so it's not your average running man. Make sure to cross your legs and clap before putting on your imaginary sweater. By this time, the lyrics of the song should be just beginning.

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Step 4:

The Point: Continue your running man but take a moment to point at your audience and then at yourself. After that, make sure to transition from the running man to a knee pop.

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Step 5:

Strike a pose: The running man can be tiring so take a moment to cross your arms and strike a pose for your audience.

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Step 6

Slide and Dip: Still catching your breath? No worries! After striking a pose, spread out your arms and legs and swag and surf.

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Step 7

Running Man (Again): Break out into the iconic dance move once again, but don't forget to cross your feet and point to your head for that touch of Turk.

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Step 8

The Shimmy: Transition from the running man into the shimmy. This move might take a bit of practice.

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Step 9:

Check the time: This move is pretty self-explanatory. Just make sure you're wearing a watch. Rookie move, Turk.

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Step 10

Saturday Night Fever: Channel your inner John Travolta before doing a couple of free kicks.

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Step 11

Sidestep: Do a little turn, clap your hands, and then proceed to kick your legs from side-to-side to the beat.

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Step 12

Pose: End the dance by crossing your arms and adding a touch of spirit-fingers-meets-tada.

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Step 12

Soak in the glory. In the words of Glen, aka the Janitor, "I don't know what 'it' is, but he's got it."

Where do the Fortnite dances come from

Are you wondering why kids are swinging their arms and hips from side to side in a asymmetric rhythm, sports players are celebrating their goals or victories with some weird dance moves? Do your children talk about the floss and who is the better at it? Don’t worry, they are only reproducting some Fortnite dances.

What is Fortnite?

The fifth season will end in 64 days (end-of September).

Release date Fortnite was released in 2017 by Epic Game. But it’s popular mode only became available in September 2017 and was launched with a different title than the original one Fortnite: Battle Royale.  This was in reaction to the the success of the Battle Royale video game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).
Age restriction PEGI 12 rating in the UK for frequent scenes of mild violence.
Platforms Fortnite is played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, and Mac. Recently, it also became available on mobile but for a restricted number of players and on Nintendo Switch.
Purpose The game pits 100 players against each other in a last-man-standing battle. They can collect resources, build hideouts, and shoot enemies. In its duo or squad versions, you play against other duos or squad teams – but are still 100 in the Island. Overtime, the area where you can play get smaller and smaller, ensuring that the games don’t last forever. You can also choose to leave the game once you die and start a new one, or stay in the game until the end and watch other players still competing.
Price Battle Royale is a free to play but players can choose to buy a Battle pass. The battle pass is a reward system that unlocks emotes, skins, gliders and other cosmetic rewards for the player who completes challenges during a particular season. There is also a Free Pass where you can unlock a limited set of rewards.
Season It is currently the fifth season of the game and each season has been marked by a different theme and different challenges and rewards.
Average length of a Battle Royale game A game lasts approximately 20 minutes provided you are still alive.
Teams You can play solo, duo or in a 4-men squad.

Why is it so popular?

Fortnite is one of the most famous game this year for the following reasons:

  • It is free while PUBG costs £26.99.
  • Its graphic style is bright, with cartoon-like characters.
  • Resource collection and construction concepts attract Minecraft players.
  • The outfits, skins and graphic rewards are diverse and funny. The dances are ridiculous yet very popular in the school playgrounds.
  • Once you are dead, you can start a new game and don’t have to wait until the previous one is over.
  • It also leaves space to different playstyles: do you prefer hiding and sniping people, over close range fights? No problem, you can collect resources and build yourself a sneaky hideout.
  • Furthermore, on a weekly basis, new play modes are available making the game always attractive. Recently it had a 50v50 mode that I particularly enjoyed playing.

Its success is also obvious on social media: Ali-A has reached more than 14 millions subscribers on Youtube and Ninja had a peak of 600 000 viewers while streaming with Drake.

Epic also recently released some  official real life costumes and fans can know dress up with their favorite outfits from Fortnite. Check up this article to see which costumes are now available for sale.

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Fortnite Dances – how to unlock them?

The Fortnite dances are often reference to past moves. You can either buy them in the shop with V-bucks or earn them by completing the challenges through the Battle Pass.

And they have had a massive influence all across the world. Ali-A video has released a real life challenge (where we tries to perform some of the famous dance moves) that has more than 12 millions views. The 2018 Football world cup, the major league Baseball were also tainted with references to this famous game.

My son and his friends have practice session during the break at school and he has been teaching his sister (with limited success) the floss.

Where do these Fortnite dances come from?

The floss

The most famous Fortnite dance is the floss, it was not created by Fortnite itself but is the one you are most likely to see!

  • The Backpack Kid, an instagram famous dancer, made it famous when he did the dance during a live performance of Katy Perry’s song Swish Swish in a Saturday Night Live episode 2017.
  • Millie Bobbie Brown (Eleven in Stranger things) posted a video of her dancing the floss on her instagram.
  • Tothenham player Dele Alli celebrated a goal against Manchester with a floss.
  • Love Islanders Josh, Wes and Alex were practicing it.

Take the L

In September 2017, the movie IT was released in cinemas. In this movie, the Clown can be seen dancing with exactly the same music as you can hear in Fortnite.

Antoine Griezman (french football player) performed this dance move on several occasions, including during the word cup final where he scored against Croatia, or with his club, Atletico de Madrid.

Ride the pony

This dance resembles the one PSY dances in his famous Gangnam Style. The English player Dele Alli, performed this dance in the word cup during the game against Sweden.


Conor McGregor’s strut might have inspired this dance.


You should recognize this dance, performed originally by Carlton in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Orange Justice

This emote was inspired by Orange Shirt kid, who became a popular meme in the Fortnite Reddit community thanks to his dance.

Electro Shuffle

Initially called the “rave shuffle” in the 80s, this dance move was performed by Gabby J David, a professional dancer and choreographer on a YouTube video she released in 2017. This video may have inspired the Electro Shuffle in Fortnite.


Hype has been inspired by Shoot, a video of BlocBoy JB, an american rapper.

Best mates

The Best Mates dance was created by Marlon Webb on his Vine channel.

Basic Dance

This Fortnite dance has been inspired by Scrubs, the famous tv-show. In season 5, Christopher Turk was performing this dance. 

The wiggle

This dance was created by a former Call of Duty french player, named Broken.

Groove Jam

Groove Jam was inspired by Napoleon Dynamite, a 2004 American comedy film. The music to witch Napoleon is dancing is called canned heat. 

Shake it up

If you are a fan of Jim Carrey or the mask, you probably already recognized this Fortnite dance. Shake it up is the dance the Mask performed in front of all the police officers ready to arrest him.


This is one of the recent Fortnite dances. It has been inspired by a topless raver nicknamed the Techno Viking, who was seen performing this dance in 2000 in Berlin.

Llama bell

This Fortnite dance was first seen in April 2000 in the More Cowbell sketch.Will Ferrell was performing his cowbell dancing during a Saturday Night Live.

I like the orange justice dance but I’m for sure unable to perform it. Which one is your favorite?

 Fortnite dances – PIN ME FOR LATER

Turkish traditions. Dancing. Video: turkeyonair - LiveJournal

The day before yesterday I showed you a little video from the wedding of my husband's younger brother. How and what is happening. And today I will show traditional dances and various directions in music. Turks are very musical people. And they love to dance. Even if they don't, it doesn't bother anyone. They dance simply and from the heart. The Turks do not have many opportunities to get together. Families are large, but often all live in different parts of the country. Therefore, when they gather, everyone is glad to see each other. And when the soul is good, what could be better than dancing? Be it a wedding, Sunnet (a celebration of circumcision), Ramadan and Kurban Bayram. Sending off to the army? So let's dance friends so that the road is smooth, and a friend returns quickly! nine0002 It should be noted that all dances have certain canons. This is how the legs are rearranged, and how to shrug, and much more. From an early age, children learn to dance. They are always taken with them and taught to local traditions.

So, how else do they dance in Turkey?

The first direction I would like to show is Halay. The dance begins slowly, but then speeds up and speeds up. Not everyone survives and gradually only the strongest dancers remain. What did you actually see yesterday. :) nine0004

This video is long, you can watch it from 6 minutes, they are already dancing faster there. :)

I danced this dance. Hard to get used to, I tell you! Legs are constantly tangled and twisted. Although it seems that everything is simple.

Let's move on. The next dance is Kolbastı/Kolbasty. This is an even more difficult dance, in my opinion. Here it is already necessary not only to rearrange the legs, but also to spread the arms correctly. The most popular dance among young people. Look!

These are children dancing, but they are professionals, I can't do that. :) Pay attention to the baby, who is also trying to repeat the movements of older children. This is how Turks teach their children to dance. They take it everywhere with them and the children watch how adults dance, repeat ...

And this is the bride and groom dancing. From the heart! There is no alcohol at Turkish weddings. But in order to make a sausage like this, you don’t need him, but just the right dance! :)

Did you dance? Hard? Well then, here is the next direction for you and the dance of Çiftetelli/Chiftetelli. This is the easiest thing to learn in a short amount of time and dance at Turkish parties. Let's see what and how to do.

Two flushes, three flushes. More precisely, not even slaps, but snapping fingers. And shoulder, shoulder lead the girls! :) nine0004

And the masses are already dancing. Next time I hope to see you among the dancers!

And the last dance that I would like to show is Oyun Havaları / Oyun Havalari. This dance is more to the liking of adults who do not dance Kolbasta. But since everyone wants to fool around, they dance this dance. So, let's look.

Male version.

Women's version.

At Yulia's request, I add one more dance - Harmandalı/Harmandaly. This is a slow dance. Mostly men dance. This is a story dance. nine0004

And this is a couple.

The dance is so deep that it was even included (out of all other dances) in the mega-popular series "Kurtlar Vadisi/Valley of the Wolves", in the wedding scene of Polat Alemdar's best friend - Memati. Well, many people know how it all ended...

Well, these are the most popular dances in Turkey. I don’t know much yet, but I’m learning and dancing with pleasure. :)

Which dance did you like the most? Would you like to learn how to dance them? :)

Dervish dance - description and video

  • Dervish dance what is it?
  • Whirling Mevlevi Dervishes
  • Dervish
  • What does the dance of the dervishes mean
  • Turkish Dervish Dance
  • Where to watch Dervish dance in Istanbul
  • Dervish dance at Sirkeci railway station
  • Dervish dance in Khojapasha
  • nine0042 Dervish dance video
  • Attraction map

Dervish dance is an unusual performance that attracts tourists who come to Istanbul. You probably won't see this anywhere else. The dance of the dervishes is also called Sama or Sema. It is accompanied by singing, reading poetry, prayers and playing national musical instruments. By the way, the dervish dance is included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage.

To watch the dervish dance with pleasure and understanding, it is worth turning a little to history. nine0004

Dervish dance

Dervish dance what is it?

The Dervish Dance is a meditative dance that used to be a religious ritual. Dervish dance is associated with the history of the Mevlevi Sufi Order.

Whirling Mevlevi Dervishes

Mevlevi is a famous Sufi tariqat that originated in the 13th century in Turkey. Sufism is a mystical movement in Islam that preaches asceticism and increased spirituality. And tarikat is a method of spiritual elevation and mystical knowledge of the Truth. The founder of the ideas was the Sufi poet Jalaladdin Rumi, and his son Mavlad became the founder of the order. nine0004

Mevlevi was the most powerful order in Ottoman Turkey. It was called "The Brotherhood of the Spinning Dervishes". In 1925, the Mevlevi brotherhood was abolished by a decree of President Atatürk. It was allowed again only in 1954.

The religious side of Mevlevi attaches great importance to music, song and dance. The dance performed by whirling dervishes is one such ritual.



To answer the question who are dervishes, it is worth plunging into history. In essence, a dervish is a Muslim monk who shares the philosophy of Sufism. But unlike traditional monks, dervishes could get married and have their own house. Although for the most part they led a fairly ascetic lifestyle. nine0004

Dervishes were both wandering and settled - living in monasteries and monasteries. But before being called a dervish, a novice had to pass a probationary period in the brotherhood.

Only dervishes could perform the dance. Before being allowed to perform a ritual dance, a novice had to serve in a monastery for three years: the first year was devoted to service in the name of others, the second - in the name of God, the third - for the benefit of his soul and its improvement. After this trial period of 1000 days, the novice was accepted into the brotherhood, and he received the status of a dervish. nine0004

Attire of Mevlevi adepts traditionally consists of a conical cap made of felt, a long white shirt, a wide belt and a black wool cape. Dervishes perform the dance in wide skirts - jaluns.

The clothes of the performers are symbolic. The white color symbolizes the funeral shroud and shroud, the headdresses are a kind of tombstones. All together - this is the transition from the world of real life to the world of the eternally living near God.

Suf means wool or woolen cloak. Perhaps that is also why the Sufis chose such clothes. nine0002

Dervish dance in Istanbul

What does the dervish dance mean

There are several varieties of dervish dance.

The first variation is a single dance. The dancer rotates around its axis, standing on one leg, and the second periodically pushing off, gives itself acceleration. One of his hands is lowered down, symbolizing the connection with the earth and reality, the other is turned up, to God, from where the dervish draws energy, support and faith.

There is also a group dance with several dancers. One of them is in the center, while the others circle around it, creating a round dance. The movement of the dervishes in a circle begins slowly, with a gradual acceleration. This shows the constant rapid movement of life and the world around unshakable values. Each participant in the collective dance, due to the constant rotation of the surrounding picture, losing the clarity of the outlines of objects, gradually enters a meditative trance and enjoys a feeling of detachment and euphoria. nine0004

The dance of the dervishes, subject to special rhythms, is aimed at releasing consciousness, removing blocks and complexes, opening internal resources for further enlightened life.

Constant rotations in the dance helped the dervishes to move away from extraneous thoughts, to free the brain from thoughts, doubts and everything oppressive. And trust only the call of the heart and God. According to legend, if the dervish has even one thought during the dance, the skirt will fall.

Dervish dance - throat singing

How the Turkish dervish dance goes

Before the start of the ritual, the floor is covered with sheepskin, determining the place of the sheikh - the spiritual master. This is a kind of ritual Sufi throne.

The ritual begins with the throat singing of the soloist or the whole ensemble, accompanied by the playing of national musical instruments.

After reading Rumi's prayers and poems, the dance itself begins. First, in turn, moving around the perimeter of the hall, the dervishes go around several circles and, stopping at the skin, bow to each other, greeting each other and the Almighty. After the dervishes take their starting places, they go through several dance "salutes" or acts. nine0004

The dervishes are moving around the hall, gradually spinning, plunging more and more into a meditative trance. In the center of the dance action is the sheikh - the mentor of the dervishes. It is easily recognizable by its special cap, usually green. The dance is accompanied by the sounds of a flute and beats of a tambourine. The ritual ends with a general reading of the prayer.

Where to watch the dervish dance in Istanbul

Because of its mysticism and mesmerizing beauty, the dervish dance has become not only ritual, but also artistic. Currently, it is performed on stage not only by real monks, but also by trained dancers. Although, at the annual festival of dervishes in the Turkish city of Konya, where the mausoleum of Rumi is located, you can also see real Sufis performing this dance according to all the canons. nine0004

Please note that the dervish dance is a meditative ritual. You have to be prepared for the fact that whirling to monotonous music will not produce the same wow effect on you as from an incendiary show.

There are several places in Istanbul where you can watch a dervish dance.

Dervish Dance at Sirkeci Train Station

To see the Turkish dervish dancing, the cheapest and easiest way is to go to the Sirkeci Train Station near Galata Bridge and Hagia Sophia. This station was the terminus of the "Orient Express" - the train, famous for the detective Agatha Christie. nine0004

The old building now houses a free railway museum. And in the main hall with colored stained-glass windows you can watch the bewitching dance of the dervishes.

Istanbul Sirkeci Station

Performances are held daily at 19:30. Tickets can be bought from the cashier at the entrance to the hall in advance or immediately before the session. The ticket price is 70 Turkish lira. The duration of action is about an hour.

Spectators sit on chairs around the perimeter of the hall. In the season they put two, three, or even four rows. Arrive early to choose the most convenient viewing spot. All spectators are treated to tea before the start of the performance. nine0004

Dervish dance in Hodjapasha

The most striking performance is shown at the Hodjapasha Cultural and Art Center. It is housed in a 15th-century hammam, close to Sirkeci Station. In the hall under the high domed ceilings, you will witness the Sema Ceremony with whirling dervishes and a light show.

Duration 1 hour. Start daily at 19:00. This performance is almost twice as expensive as at Sirkeci Station. The price of an adult ticket is $22, for children from 7 to 12 years old - $16, for children under 6 years old - free of charge. The ticket price includes a visit to a small exhibition of dervishes (clothes, musical instruments, books, reconstructed scenes from the life of dervishes, multimedia stands). nine0004

Tickets can be purchased at

Organizers recommend arriving early, 30 minutes before the start. Here, too, free tea is served before the session. If you are late for 10 minutes, then you can still enter the hall, but 15 minutes after the start of the performance, entry into the hall is prohibited.

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