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Dance is an extremely passionate art performed to express one’s love for music. It is a form of art, a way to bring happiness, to express your feelings, be more fit or just feel about yourself within..

For instance, Bharatanatyam is often done by women to express Hindu religious stories and devotions. On the other hand, breakdance is an improvisation. People express energy, creativity, humor, etc. hence the name street dance.

Dance is also very good to invest our time and has health benefits. And if our family or friends are dancers, we must appreciate and compliment them.

1. Always compliment on something specific, in a form of dancing

2. Know your dancers

3. Never use sarcasm appreciation for dancers or teachers

4. Avoid over-complimenting

5. Give unique praises to dancers

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Compliments for Traditional Indian Dance forms:

    1. Your posture was very good. I have never seen a better posture.
    2. What energy! I was mesmerized by your dance.
    3. I never knew you danced so beautifully.
    4. Your elegance ruled everything.
    5. Your devotion is out of the world.
    6. Attire suits you. And I never saw a better dance performance.
    7. The music, your dance, and the colors it all feels like I’m in heaven.
    8. I loved your performance. Outstanding!
    9. You were born to be a dancer. Your dancing and your energy are beyond the best.
    10. You are multitalented. And all of your hard work has paid off.
    11. That expression just wowed us.
    12. It looked so divine, an excellent performance.
    13. And the sad part of this dance is, It ends.
    14. Unbelievable and one of the best performances by you.
    15. You are born to perform.
    16. What a great way to tell a story. Mind-blowing.
    17. It was a beautiful and entertaining performance.
    18. We can feel your energy in this act. You are so inspiring.
    19. Perfect moves. Perfect expressions. Perfect music. Overall, it was a perfect performance.
    20. Glad to witness this live great performance. Special thanks to you.
    21. I’m completely speechless. I don’t have enough words to appreciate you. 

Compliments for a Western Dance Forms

    1. You matched the beat like a professional.
    2. Woah! That is so awesome. Where did you learn to dance like that?
    3. You have some amazing skills.
    4. I have never seen a great dance in real life.
    5. That is so inspirational. The beats were cool too.
    6. Are you a professional dancer? Because those were some best moves.
    7. I wish I could dance like you too. You looked so good while dancing.
    8. Your energy is on the next level. I couldn’t stare away.
    9. Everything was perfect.
    10. Your dance is beyond good. If I could, I would have watched you all day.
    11. Amazing! What a performance, very clean and perfect steps.
    12. This is what you called a great act.
    13. So clean and perfect.
    14. What a performance.
    15. You have used this stage greatly.
    16. There is so much to learn from your moves. Those are just perfect.
    17. This is far ahead of our expectations. Great one.
    18. Powerful choreography and great efforts.
    19. Awesome energy, it was a beautifully performed act.
    20. You look even more beautiful when you perform.
    21. For me, this is the greatest live performance I ever witnessed. Enjoyed a lot. 
    22. Feeling so glad that I’m here to watch this great performance. 
    23. You are such an outstanding performer, and I love your expressions. 
    24. I thoroughly enjoyed this dance number. The variation used looks beautiful.
    25. Wow, you bring new energy to every performance, I’m very impressed.

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Best Compliments for New Dancer

    1. You looked good. It is nice that you are putting in a lot of effort.
    2. Keep it up and in no time you will outshine others.
    3. Dance is a passion. It’s okay to make mistakes but it is not okay to dance without love. You have passion.
    4. I wish you all the best for your efforts. Soon you will see the results.
    5. That was pretty neat for a beginner. Are you sure you are just starting?
    6. You have great energy and you match well with the rhythms.
    7. It is amazing to see such huge potential in you.
    8. You got the drive and the skills. Keep practicing and soon you will be the best.
    9. Dancing is not easy. It is about precision and practice. You are building a great foundation. Soon your body will flow naturally.
    10. I wish to look at your practice every day. Love your dedication.
    11. Indeed, a well-choreographed dance performance.
    12. Your hard work paid off.
    13. You made us proud, keep it up.
    14. Thanks for being on the team. You’re learning very fast.
    15. I truly like the song selection, that perfectly matches your style.
    16. Overall, great energies and powerful performance.
    17. We can feel your passion for the dance.
    18. Your performance was too good, just hope to see the improvement in transition.
    19. I think you need to work upon facial expression, overall the entire act was nice.
    20. Not the best, But I can see you’re improving, that’s for sure.
    21. Hats Off for your hard work and dedication to creating this act. Magnificent.
    22. I can see you improve day by day! Keep it up!
    23. Everything about this dance number is great. 
    24. This is not perfect but your best performance, I’ve to say.

One Word Compliments for Dancing

    1. Perfect
    2. Mesmerizing
    3. Energetic
    4. Synchronized
    5. Gifted
    6. Creative
    7. Exciting
    8. Lively
    9. Exceptional
    10. Wonderful
    11. Talented
    12. Remarkable
    13. Neat
    14. Perfect
    15. Stunning
    16. Hit
    17. Spectacular
    18. Masterpiece
    19. Impressive
    20. Unbelievable
    21. Surprised

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Compliments for Ballet Dancers

    1. Wow! You are very flexible.
    2. I love your calm spirit while performing.
    3. I never knew you are so great. The performance was mesmerizing.
    4. That music and your moves were made for each other. It was like magic.
    5. Your movement was so precise and perfect. I couldn’t look away for even a second.
    6. All your hard work and practice are paying off.
    7. The dress, rhythm, dance, and performance is like the ninth symphony.
    8. I have never seen a better ballet performance in my life.
    9. Your level of stage confidence and dedication to it is over the moon.
    10. I can’t wait to see your next performance. I was so happy throughout.
    11. Your tourner was the best.
    12. Now I’m a fan of your flexibility and moves.
    13. We can feel the story, through your dance moves.
    14. What a graceful performance we have.
    15. So a controlled and sharp act, that was.
    16. The fantastic job there, keep it up.
    17. Again, a big round of applause for your great efforts.
    18. Fully fantastic performance.
    19. You are a gifted dancer.
    20. More like a contortionist. You amazed us with your flexibility.
    21. I think you just beat your past performances, with today’s one.
    22. I believe you have a special talent that makes the audience watch and adore.
    23. Your dance inspires me to put my best in what I do.
    24. When I said let’s skip to the good part this is what I meant.
    25. Your passion for dance is enough to inspire many people. 
    26. So well-choreographed and perfectly executed. Great performance.
    27. Every move is so on point. I can see your hard work.
    28. What a phenomenal dance number. I’m so impressed with you guys.

Compliments for Instagram, Youtube Dance Videos

    1. Cool moves. I still can’t believe it. You are such a great dancer.
    2. Sick beats. Love your energy and passion. You are a mood.
    3. Where did you learn to dance so nice?
    4. Killer Performance.
    5. Post more videos. They are so good.
    6. You have great charisma. Hats off to you.
    7. Your transitions were smooth.
    8. Proud to be your friends. You are outstanding.
    9. Woah! You make me want to dance. You are my spirit animal.
    10. Thanks for making my day. Your performance was good.
    11. This post made my day, truly.
    12. Be yourself. Just love it.
    13. It may look easy, but I know it’s not.
    14. Well done seems like you practiced a lot for this number.
    15. We can feel your passion for dance.
    16. Very impressive. Can’t describe how beautiful it looks.
    17. Great efforts there. Keep it up.
    18. Wow, your outfits… perfectly match the theme.
    19. You are a highly skilled dancer.
    20. I wish I could dance like you… as if no one is watching.
    21. How do you manage to show everyone’s lyrics so precisely? you are damn perfect.
    22. You perform beyond perfection, too good.
    23. Overall, it was an excellent performance. 
    24. We were stunned by your unique dance number.  
    25. This was a breathtaking performance senorita!
    26. How do you always manage to perform something out of the box?
    27. I can see the improvement in your dance moves. Keep it up. 
    28. You’re such a natural dancer and like your passion for it.
    29. You dance with your heart that is what makes your performance truly amazing. 
    30. What we expect from you, we get it. You’re exceptional with your performance.
    31. This performance was filled with energy and has the potential to lift anyone’s mood! 
    32. Truly a mesmerizing performance. Every move was executed with perfect synchronization and utmost care.
    33. I don’t think that anyone could perform this number so gracefully. 
    34. Performance over performance, you’re becoming a better dancer. 
    35. When you dance, you do it not for anyone… but yourself.

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What are the best appreciation words for a dance performance?

  1. Just Awesome
  2. Superbbb
  3. Amazing
  4. Extraordinary
  5. Fantastic
  6. Magnificant
  7. Graceful
  8. Sensational
  9. Stupendous
  10. Marvelous
  11. Tremendous
  12. Mind-blowing
  13. The Best
  14. Unbelievable
  15. Phenomenal
  16. Skilled
  17. Outstanding

5 Tips for Complimenting A Girl or Boy for their Dancing Skills


Always compliment on something specific, in a form of dancing

You must comment on something specific that you saw. A dance step, the energy, the presence of mind, the passion, etc. something that you observed specifically. And if you pay more attention to details, you can find out what they have improved.

Appreciating the improvement will make you genuine and they will feel very positive about it.

2. Know your dancers

Dancers come from different backgrounds, cultures, ages, races, etc. And knowing that is important as you should not say something that they may find offensive.

For instance, giving little detailed compliments for a kid would be understood as bad. Kids love simple compliments that they understand. And if suppose someone does not know good English, and they may feel awkward to speak with you.

3. Never use sarcasm appreciation for dancers or teachers

People do this all the time and it seems normal. But if you are on the other side, you may not feel good. They may hide their feelings with fake smiles. But it is often advised to not use sarcasm while complimenting especially if they are of a different age category or the opposite sex.

So let your compliments be with a smile and you sound serious. And by serious, they realize you are speaking honestly and not just saying it for being nice.

4. Avoid over-complimenting

When people over compliment someone, the natural instinct is to defend. They feel like this person is just making me feel nice, as he needs a favor. Compliments lose their value when used more.

A simple compliment is better than an over-complement.

5. Give unique praises to dancers

Imagine you are a dancer, and you are coming out. And everybody is looking at you and complimenting you. They compliment without a second thought and most of them end up saying the same words.

Words like Superb, Nice, Good, etc. Instead, it is recommended to compliment using a different vocabulary so your compliment will sound unique and genuine. Words like Fabulous, Lively, Creative, etc. will catch their attention, and they feel really good.

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Dance is great visual art. And whether you are a friend, family, or teacher of a dancer, it is highly appreciated to give nice compliments. And who doesn’t like compliments? It is encouraging and a great way to appreciate the long hard work and practice session.

Simple and nice compliments can make their hard day a little better. Complimenting is a great way to break the ice to make some new friends.  So we hope this article will be helpful in doing just that.

10 Best Compliments For A Dance Performance (Praising Words)

Dance is a great expression of many things. You might know a great dancer, and you might be interested in a few ways to compliment them. This article will provide some of the best words to say after a dance performance to help you encourage someone you know.

The preferred compliments are “that was captivating,” “what a moving performance,” and “you move in a beautiful way.” These phrases are great when you want to share your positive feelings about someone’s performance in a dance show. You can use them to make someone feel great.

That Was Captivating

“That was captivating” is a very simple yet effective compliment for dancers. You can use “captivating” here to show that you couldn’t take your eyes off of the performance in front of you.

When a dancer is performing, they are often trying to capture their audience’s attention and imagination. Therefore, they will be very happy to hear that they delivered a very captivating masterpiece that managed to take your breath away.

  • That was captivating. Thank you for inviting me along to see this. I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing.
  • That was so captivating! You have such a talent for this kind of thing! Never give it up.
  • I thought that was incredibly captivating. I don’t think I’ve ever been that impressed with someone’s performance before.

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What A Moving Performance

“What a moving performance” is another great compliment. It uses “what a” as a start to the phrase, which is common when someone wants to create a complimentary sentence about something they’ve seen.

In this case, “moving performance” is used to show that you were moved by what you saw. “Moved,” in this sense, refers to feeling emotions that you might not have expected to feel when watching a dance show.

  • What a moving performance that was! I knew you were gifted, but I don’t think I realized just how gifted!
  • What a moving performance. Thank you for inviting me to see this. I knew it was going to be worth it.
  • What a moving performance! I am so proud of the person you’ve become. All your hard work has clearly paid off.

You Move In A Beautiful Way

“You move in a beautiful way” is a very obvious compliment. If you want to speak to someone’s ability or capacity to dance more obviously, you can use this phrase to show that you think what they did was beautiful.

Being able to move in a beautiful way is no easy task. Someone will have to teach themselves how to control their body in a way that can be perceived as “beautiful” when they dance.

  • You move in a beautiful way. I think it’s only fair that you hear that from me because I was blown away by you!
  • I think you are moving in a beautiful way. You definitely have to share this gift with the world. It would be a shame if you didn’t.
  • You move in such a beautiful way. I wish I could do half of the things you can with your body!

I Wish I Could Dance Like That

“I wish I could dance like that” is an interesting example of comments on dance performances. It shows the dancer that you’re slightly jealous of what they can do, but it’s phrased in a way that’s designed to compliment them.

Admitting that you can’t dance while the other person does it really well is a great way to boost someone’s confidence. It’s a complimentary tactic adopted by many people when they want to encourage their friends.

  • I wish I could dance like that. It would really give me a lot of confidence in myself. You’re fantastic to watch.
  • Wow! I wish I could dance like that! I didn’t even know it was humanly possible to get into some of those positions.
  • I wish I could dance like that. I think you have such talent, and I can’t wait to see where you take this.

That Really Touched Me

“That really touched me” is great as far as comments after a dance performance go. It works well because it shows that someone has managed to dance in a way that touched you (i.e. made you feel emotions you didn’t expect to feel).

Dancers always want to try and touch their audience. It’s part of the job description for them. That’s why it’s good to let them know if they managed to do it.

  • That performance really touched me. I think you did a marvelous job, and I would love to come and watch it again.
  • That really touched me. Thank you for letting me in on this side of your life. I will never forget this.
  • That show really touched me because of what I saw you do. You have a great gift for the dancing arts.

I Had No Idea You Were So Talented

“I had no idea you were so talented” is a good phrase to use when you didn’t expect someone to dance as well as they did. If you were genuinely surprised by the ability they possessed, then you might want to use this compliment to let them know.

Of course, if you know the dancer well, it might not be wise to use this compliment. This could work in the opposite manner, showing that you haven’t been paying close attention to the life or goals of the person you’re complimenting.

If you know them well enough, you should already know what talents they possess.

  • I had no idea you were so talented! Where have you been hiding all of this?
  • I had no idea you were so talented! I wish you could have told me sooner so I could have watched you perform earlier.
  • I had absolutely no idea you were this talented! You really stole the show with the moves you performed.

I’ve Never Seen Someone Dance Like That

“I’ve never seen someone dance like that” is a great compliment that leans into your disbelief. If you are shocked and impressed with someone’s ability, you can use this phrase to show that you’ve never seen something like it before.

It’s great for compliments for dance performances to be worded in this way. After all, dancing well isn’t something that everyone can do. If you can share your disbelief or shock, it shows that you really respect the performance you saw.

  • I’ve never seen someone dance like that before! You have a gift, and I hope you can share that with the world.
  • I’ve never seen someone dance the way you did before. I’m so glad I got a chance to see it.
  • I’ve never seen someone dance like that in my life! I couldn’t take my eyes off you! Not even for a second.

You’re Amazing

“You’re amazing” is probably the simplest compliment on this list. It’s also very general, allowing us to apply it to many situations when we’re impressed with something a person can do.

It still works as a good compliment for dancing because “amazing” shows that they’ve made you feel inspired. You might admire their performance because of how “amazing” it was.

  • You’re amazing! Have I ever told you that before? It’s the truth.
  • I thought you were amazing. I knew you could dance, but I didn’t know you could do it that well.
  • You’re so amazing! Thank you for spending the time with me after the show to talk about your performance!

I Felt So Many Things Watching You

“I felt so many things watching you” is a great way to show that you got emotional when watching someone perform. Many dancers want to convey emotions and make their audiences feel those things, so it’s good to share this with them.

It’s basically like letting the dancer know that they succeeded in their job. It shows them that they moved in a way that managed to provoke feelings in you.

  • I felt so many things watching you. I didn’t even know I could feel half of those emotions.
  • I felt so many things watching you! Thank you for letting me come along to see your show.
  • I felt so many things watching you. I can’t believe how good you are!

I Am So Proud Of You

“I am so proud of you” is a very generic compliment, but it works well nonetheless. We can use it to refer to someone’s dance performance when we want to show them that we understand how much work they’ve put into what they can do.

We can be proud of someone for their commitment or their ability. If they have proved that all the time they spent on the dance was worth it, then it’s worth telling them how proud you are.

  • I am so proud of you! You have no idea how much I enjoyed watching you perform.
  • Wow! I’m so proud of you. I can’t believe I got to see you perform like that! I loved every second of it.
  • I am so incredibly proud of you. I knew you had a gift, but I didn’t know just how special it was.

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“Dance is a state of the soul, not the possibilities of your body”

Nick Palmquist:

“Dance is a state of the soul, not the possibilities of your body”

Text — Ekaterina Baeva
Photo — Irina Tuminene

No fixed points expresses gratitude to Diana Vishneva's studio
Context Pro for help in organizing and conducting the interview.

Nick Palmquist is a dancer, choreographer and teacher who teaches commercial jazz at Steps on Broadway, one of the most famous dance schools in New York City. In March, he came to St. Petersburg and gave two master classes at the Context Pro studio. We met with Nick after class to talk about his dancing career, teaching experience and the art of dance. nine0003

Nick is tall, articulate and very charming. Even in an unfamiliar studio, with a new audience, he is both focused and relaxed at the same time. The class begins with a twenty-minute warm-up; when it comes to push-ups and ab exercises, half the class giggles nervously. Then, little by little, they learn an intricate bunch. The teacher is very talented: over and over again he patiently demonstrates the movements, but all the time he reminds that passion is more important than accuracy, you can learn the steps, but not dance them. He has a penetrating eye and polished movements, and while showing the dancers a combination, he closely watches each of them. They ask how to feel the movement. “You have to dance like you're trying to take some weight off your shoulders,” explains Nick. “You should feel good, really good. ” nine0003

He says that usually dancers are their own harshest critics, berating themselves all the time and, of course, shrugging off praise, but “you have to be the first to believe that you are doing great, otherwise how can you convince others of this? ". It seems that this advice would be useful not only for dancers. Encouraged, the audience perks up, and they get better and better.

Nick grew up in a small town in Missouri, was a very active child and played a variety of "coordination" sports. Having tried both karate and gymnastics, at the age of 10 he began dancing, because "my parents asked me to choose one thing, and it was the perfect combination of movement and music." In addition, his older sister also dances, and she became a kind of example for her brother. In a city of 4,000 people, you don't have much to choose from, and Nick went to jazz and hip-hop clubs "suitable" for boys, where, however, only girls went. The teachers were also exclusively women. Nick speaks very warmly about them and says that, in spite of everything, they tried very hard to make the boy interested in studying. nine0003

Oklahoma City College already had ballet, and jazz, and tap dance, and Nick, laughing, says that he had a real blast here - he enrolled in all classes at once. When asked about the dance idols of his youth, he simply says: “You know, I never had a dream job, just as there was no specific idol from the dance elite. My mom and I, of course, loved Center Stage, I had watched it a thousand times, and it was easy for me to admire these guys because I knew I would never be a classical dancer like them. I did not compare and compare myself with anyone. What really inspired me was the same dancing guys like me, with whom we met at competitions. I remember that I participated in some competitions all the time, traveled all over the country, and met amazing people there. We all loved dance, we could talk about it day and night, and I had two, so to speak, sets of friends: ordinary guys in my hometown and dancers in completely different states of America. I think that the company of bright creative people who fully share your hobbies, and the constant support of the family are the main factors that shaped me as a dancer. nine0007

After graduating from college, Nick moved to New York, the center of the nation's dance scene. He had no clear plans or goals for the future, and the young dancer, one might say, was lucky: one choreographer saw the portfolio of a guy who was as red as himself, and invited him to star in one of the episodes of Saturday Night Live, TV show, watched by all of America. So Nick was gradually recognized in dance circles and invited to participate in other projects - that’s why, Nick smiles, my resume is so motley: “When you work in some dance company or theater, they form your repertoire themselves, and you have no choice . When you're self-employed, your experience will be a little more eclectic." New York, Nick thinks, is an ideal place for experiments: today you can always do what you didn’t dare to think about yesterday, and it’s amazing. He fondly recalls his experience at American Dance Machine, where they danced Jerome Robbins and other well-known choreographers: “There I learned what dedication to work is and how the dance process works in general, and perhaps it is because of this experience that I enjoy choreographing so much: I love being in studio, surrounded by dancers, and compose something. I like that with my dance I can tell a story - or, on the contrary, not tell anything, and people will still come to see you. I think it's pretty cool." nine0007

Which is better, to stage it yourself or to dance someone else's? - Nick thinks for a moment, and then firmly answers: bet. “Actually, it really depends on the choreographer. I love working with craftsmen who clearly know and can explain what they want from you. I may not succeed, but I will try, I will learn and do the impossible - and in the end, my reward will be the satisfied face of the choreographer. It's terrible when you realize that you are dissatisfied, but you don't know why. The key to success is constant interaction.” nine0007 This is probably why Nick himself is so good at building work with his students: when he is not teaching, he, like them, goes to auditions and looks for new dance projects, and with them new sources of inspiration.

He has been teaching on Broadway for a year and a half now and speaks of the school, its staff and students with great respect and enthusiasm. The audience of Steps on Broadway is, as a rule, professional dancers who do not stand still, but want to constantly develop their skills. Nick says that he is extremely grateful to the school administration, who believed in him and invited him to teach even when he was not particularly famous: “I was told: do not look at others. Do not watch how your colleagues conduct classes, do not try to repeat them. Do yours. Let two people come to class, but they will come to you.” At first it was like that, but over time the teacher gained confidence in his abilities - and there were noticeably more students. Sometimes someone comes and stands at the end of the hall, doing something of their own based on the material of the lesson, and Nick believes that this is normal: “Sometimes you are ready to squeeze all the juice out of yourself, and sometimes you just need to be in a creative atmosphere, get energized dance. I understand this and never press anyone. If a person is not in the mood, he simply will not be able to dance perfectly, because dance is a state of mind, and not the capabilities of your body. Do you tailor the lesson to the level of the audience? - Well, no, Nick smiles: he is a big fan of order and therefore thinks through each lesson in advance, prepares bundles and combinations. The same combination is danced several times, and then it is replaced by something new. Isn't it a pity to let go? It's a pity - shrugs - but there's nothing to be done, such is the creative process. nine0007

The creative process, however, does not stand still: Nick has already directed several dance numbers and two musicals, but he has not yet had the opportunity to do his own projects for the stage in New York. He says that he wants to experience for himself what it is like to sit in the auditorium and watch with bated breath how others dance your work. He experienced a similar excitement preparing a project for a dance video to the music of Florence and the Machine: it was a voluntary, non-commercial project, and it was very exciting and honorable to understand that great dancers in their free time came to participate in it, simply because they like the choreography and idea. It turns out that when you do something primarily for the love of art, the work becomes truly special. “I would love to put on a show on Broadway,” admits Nick. - As a viewer, I don’t really like just lines and shapes, I prefer stories with a plot. I understand that the ability to relate yourself to the hero of the play is a double-edged sword, but I would still like to show some kind of story in which the viewer could see himself. On the other hand, if someone says “I didn’t understand what the performance was about, but I liked it”, I will still be satisfied: this will mean that body language helped me to reach the audience. ” nine0007

With perfect command of his own body language, which allows him to perfectly interpret other people's choreography, Nick admits that he prefers to compose: “What I like most is being in the class, discussing with the dancers what should be and how it should be, and talking about music and lyrics. I listen to tons of new music, and when I find a song stuck in my head and constantly spinning in my head, I add it to my special dance playlist. It's a oh-so-long playlist [laughs]. When I listen to music, I pay little attention to the lyrics. nine0003

Most of all I remember the melody, and not necessarily the most obvious fragments of it. Even as a child, I was like this: friends teased me that I could not remember a single line from popular songs, but I could sing some strange pieces of melody. And these are the snippets of melodies that inspire me to dance.” Nick shares his creations with subscribers on Instagram: “I have a rather complicated attitude towards the ubiquity of social networks: I don’t really understand yet whether it’s good or bad, it’s another matter that this is absolutely inevitable in the modern world. But I definitely love that the videos on my blog inspire others to go and dance.” Commercial jazz, explains Nick, is a dance that should be watched through a lens, as if it was filmed and shown on TV like a commercial, hence the name [commercial - "advertising on TV", approx. ed.] . TV commercials are always shot with a certain audience in mind, but during the broadcast, other viewers also watch it, and the creators' task is to make sure that the commercial attracts everyone's attention. “People who are far from the world of dance often leave comments to me. What you do seems so easy and simple, they say, I think I can do it too! This is the trick - to make the complex look simple. And I want people to try. I always say go and dance. Go to the theatre. A live performance is an incomparable experience, and the audience in Russia, who often go to the ballet in the theater, I think they will understand me like no other.” nine0007

The main piece of advice that Nick could give to dancers is to really love what you do. Be passionate, be passionate, be real. Dance, he says, is a form of freedom, it is the ability to always remain an enthusiastic ten-year-old child, without any fears, without looking at others, without embarrassment. So just show who you really are: when auditioning for some choreographer, focus not on remembering all the movements, but on how this choreography makes you feel. It is very important to show how you like to dance. Any choreographer will teach you the correct sequence of movements in just ten hours, but devotion to the cause and love for the dance is your task. nine0003

Publication date: April 6, 2018

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Development of rhythmic organization in children

Rhythm is one of the subjects included in the system of musical and aesthetic education. Rhythm is important in the acquisition and development of freedom, coordination of movements. Rhythmic exercises develop attention, concentration, coherence of collective actions, ear for music and memory, a sense of rhythm, and have a versatile effect on children. Rhythmics has a unique ability to recreate within itself a situation of synthesis, contiguity with many other disciplines. nine0003

In Russian pedagogy, under the name "rhythm" they understand, first of all, modern, folk and ballroom dances, aerobics. In connection with the development and improvement of the methodology, coordination-moving and finger games, plastic-rhythm-speech theater, and improvisation appeared in rhythm. This reveals the connection of rhythm with logorhythmics and rhetoric, music therapy, listening to music, drawing and physical education. Various forms of rhythm can be used in physical education, mathematics, native and foreign language classes. nine0003

Rhythm for a child is a laboratory for the accumulation of impressions and motor skills, where many things are just a sketch of a future artistic embodiment. Any of the presented lines of rhythm is permeated with music: the intonation of speech, the spatiality of plastic lines and the rhythm itself, as the most emotionally influencing and organizing component of music. Rhythm is the channel for perception.

An important issue is the choice of music for rhythmic lessons. It can be classical, of different styles and eras, folklore, music by contemporary authors for children, in audio recordings and in live performance. All types of rhythmic existing in the Russian methodology do not lose their significance, each has its own valuable features. nine0003

Junior group

(speech dance)

Here are some pens, flashlights

That's what fingers, fingering

Clap together, clap

Girls and boys clap

Here are some pens, flashlights

That's what fingers, fingering

Girls danced, stomped

The boys were dancing, stomping

Here are some pens, flashlights

That's what fingers, fingering

The girls are spinning, spinning

  • boys. spinning

These are the flashlight handles

That's what fingers, fingering

Girls bowed, bow

The boys bowed bow

Middle group


Piu-piu-piu, making beaks with fingers

  • mother hen. put hand to ear

Piu-piu-piu, beaks

Lost children "grieving"

Piu-piu-piu, beaks

What does it mean spring

Little chicks get clapped

Corn hides his face with his hands

Senior group

"In the garden or in the garden"

1 phrase walking around the chair

2 phrase walking the other way

3 phrase sit down clapping

nine0004 4 phrase sitting knee claps

Preparatory group


One, two, right, right hand to the side and on the belt

We are brave guys

One, two, left left hand to the side and on the belt

We are brave guys

One, two, sideways two arms to the sides and on the belt

We are all built in a circle

One, two, down, up crouch, stand up, arms up

We guys are the best to join hands

Any polka music

8 counts circle moves to the right

8 counts circle moves to the left

8 counts circle narrows

8 accounts circle extension

8 bills claps

8 accounts whirl, hands on the belt.

Memo to parents!

Success and failure of the child - what are the reasons?

Interest of parents (support, praise, repetition of exercises at home). nine0003

Even the most capable and industrious

a child can extinguish the love of activities if you repeat to him,

"how tired I am of all this"

A visit is one of the most important components. Excellent result can be

only at 100% attendance!

From the psychological characteristics of the child (mindfulness, composure, diligence).

It is clear that an attentive child

will understand movement faster and better than "head in the clouds". nine0003

How to help a child and what to do at home so that he/she has

was the result better?

Regularly ask the child what was new, what was repeated.

Ask for the name of the movements, the sequence of their execution.

Let the child remember and show in order all

dance moves. Ask what the score is in music. Count the child, and he will be

perform all movements.

If the child did not remember everything at home or did it wrong, in any case,

homework will help you comprehend the material, repeat

it and fix the error.


Many parents who want their children to be healthy plan to enroll their child in a dance hall. It does not matter whether dancing becomes a hobby or a calling for a child, the main thing is the amazing benefits of dancing for your child, for his overall development. nine0007 1) Strengthen physical health. The best gift you as a parent can give your child is to instill the habit of exercising to be healthy. Dancing is a form of exercise. It doesn't matter what kind of dance your child will do, in any case, he will be on his feet and get a good dose of physical activity. In addition, most dance steps are aimed at stretching the body to develop flexibility.
2) Helps improve self-esteem. When you dance, your smile is reflected, your emotions are expressed. Dance is the most beautiful form of communication. Dancing will help your child become more expressive. Will help his sense of self in the world of good. nine0007 3) Promote the development of social skills. Communication with a large number of children, the opportunity to joyfully jump with them and improve their positions and steps develop friendly relations. Dance classes with a partner or in a group instill teamwork skills and promote the development of communication skills.
4) Helps to concentrate. Dance involves the use of both body and mind. Not only does dancing help develop motor skills, but it's also a great way to develop coordination. These important coordination activities will help your child in many aspects of life. nine0007 5) They teach discipline. Little kids are full of energy. The dance teaches them to channel that energy into something constructive. Also, being in the same room with other children, the child learns how to behave around someone.


This exercise can be considered both diagnostic and corrective: it works to increase the child's self-esteem and shows well how certain ideas about themselves have been fixed in the child's mind. nine0007 To complete it, you will need a landscape sheet, felt-tip pens or pencils.
Ask your child to draw a sun with rays. There are no requirements for the drawing, the child draws the sun anywhere within the sheet and what he likes.
Let the child talk a little about the sun.
"The sun, what is it like?" Bright, yellow, red, kind, warm, joyful. Now imagine that the sun is you. The sun has your name.
Have the child sign, if he can, his name in the sun. If he does not know how to write yet, then sign the name yourself. The sun must have rays. If there are not many of them, then paint up to 7-9rays.
- You listed how wonderful the sun is: warm, bright, kind. Come on, let's sign each ray of sunshine, naming some of your wonderful qualities. What are you?
The child may not respond immediately. Help him by saying, for example: “I think you are kind. And what else?
Each quality named by you or a child is signed along the ray. Task: try to ensure that each ray is named. And let the child dream up a little, brag. Do not mind, even if you think that this quality or habit is not developed in him or is absent at all. So you can hear what the child considers his achievements. nine0007 “I do the dishes. I'm putting away the toys. Write down everything you hear, even if it is sometimes done with tears or even a scandal. There is no need for replicas: “Yes, this is done when you say ten times ...”, etc. In the exercise "Sunshine" we work only on the positive.
The reaction of parents who see in the classroom how the mood of the child changes is interesting.
And it is also possible, even necessary, to ask everyone who knows the child to sign the rays of this sun. You can add rays every time you notice something in the child for which he needs to be praised. Rays can be added by the child himself. One very important condition. No matter how angry you are with your son or daughter, no matter what they are guilty of, punishing them, never mention your man-made sun at this moment. nine0007 Believe me, one seemingly innocent phrase like "You're the sun, but you do it ..." can destroy the entire effect of the exercise. Misdemeanor, no doubt, requires a reasonable punishment, but not a cross out of the fact that your child is your sun.
We all want to hear kind words, but this needs to be taught.

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