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“As owner/director, I am proud to have created a place where children learn to love the art of dance and become not only exceptionally trained dancers, but outstanding young adults.”

Michelle Stafford

Studio Director

What Is Next Step Dance?

Next Step Dance is the ultimate training facility for dancers of all ages and abilities located in Frisco, Texas. We provide the very best venue and instruction in tap, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, ballet, modern, and drill for students ages 2 through adult.

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Important Dates

  • Ugly Sweater Week
  • Studio Closed – Winter Break
  • Crazy Hair Week
  • Studio Closed – Spring Break
  • Studio Closed – Easter


  • Showtime @ Argyle H. S. – Drill Company
  • RIFF
  • Hollywood Vibe – Intermix Company
  • Monsters of Hip Hop Austin – The Officials
  • Stephen F. Austin Competition – Drill Company

About | Next Step Dance

Next Step Dance ~ Springfield, OR

Our Philosophy

The mission of Next Step Dance is to provide excellent dance education in a caring environment, which encourages the growth and development of the individual while developing the character qualities to last a lifetime.


Next Step Dance is the practice location for dancers within the Sheldon Colleens Inc. program.  Sheldon Colleens Inc. is a non-profit that provides dance team opportunities for elementary, middle, and high school aged dancers.


Next Step Dance is owned and operated by Hillary McClintick.  Hillary offers weekly classes in Hall B at the Emerald Square Dance Center in Springfield, OR.  Private lessons are offered at her home studio, and she regularly travels to work with teams for instruction and choreography.


Don’t just do it; Do it right!


Above all, dancing should be fun! You dance because it is part of who you are; you dance because you love it!  Next Step Dance believes in the value of hard work.


Work Hard ~ Have Fun!


Training your body requires focused practice and persistence. Attention to detail is important when training your muscles as a dancer. Always giving your best effort while maintaining a positive and focused attitude will produce the results you seek.

Owner & Instructor

Hillary McClintick

Hillary McClintick has an extensive background in multiple genres of dance and in cheerleading. She grew up enjoying several forms of dance and moved on to dance and cheer, competing in both sports in high school. Hillary earned her Bachelor's degree in Journalism and a Masters degree in Education from the University of Oregon and participated in athletics as a UO cheerleader throughout college. 


She has been teaching and choreographing since 1995 and has worked for reputable cheer and dance companies teaching camps all over the Northwest. Hillary has been blessed with countless opportunities to train, judge, and choreograph for many elementary, middle school, high school, and collegiate dance and cheer teams throughout the state since 1999. She has been the coach of the Sheldon Colleens since 2004 and has enjoyed coaching at the University of Oregon for both dance and cheer.


Hillary started Next Step Dance in 2007 when she was working with teams all over the state.  Passionate about training dancers, she opened the doors to the Next Step Dance Studio in 2018. Her current desire is to help young dancers find the confidence to believe in themselves and work hard to achieve their goals. 


Sophie Wollmuth

2022 - 2023

Step 1 Technique

Step 1 Jazz

Step 3 & 4 Jazz

​Sophie Wollmuth has been dancing for the past 15 years and teaching since 2018. She was trained in Hillsboro, Oregon and is currently a part of the University of Oregon Dance team. Sophie is very excited to work with students at Next Step Dance and be a part of their dance training!

Brooke Tucker

2022 - 2023

Step 2 Jazz

Brooke Tucker has been dancing since she was five and began competing at the age of nine with the Next Step Dance Studio. She is currently entering her senior year on the Sheldon Colleens and is a Varsity dancer in every competitive genre. Brooke played Ms Hannigan in Next Step's Production of ANNIE in 2021. Brooke is looking forward to inspiring and developing the next generation of dancers!

Trinity Straayer

2022 - 2023

Step 3 & 4 Turns

Step 3 & 4 Contemporary

Trinity Straayer has been dancing for 18 years. She grew up in Parker Colorado and is a senior at the University of Oregon with a major in Biology and Neuroscience. She is heading into her fourth year on the University of Oregon Dance Team and has served as a team captain since 2020.  She is excited to have the opportunity to dance and work with the dancers at Next Step!

Jianna Rice

2022 - 2023

Little Steps Hip Hop

Hip Hop 1


Elleot Gordon

2022 - 2023

First Steps Funk 

Pom 1

Elleot Gordon danced on the Irish Middle School Dance Team and then the Sheldon High School dance team for all four years of high school. Elleot was the team captain her senior year and led her team to two championship wins in both Novelty and Kick. She is studying Social Science at the University of Oregon. Elleot is very excited to train with students at Next Step and be part of the Next Step Dance Family!

Olivia Opton

2022 - 2023

Little Steps Pom

Step 1 Contemporary

Olivia Opton has been dancing for the past 15 years. She trained in ballet and jazz and was part of her local studio for 11 years. In high school, Olivia was a member of the Sprague High School dance team and was team captain. In her senior year of high school, she was honored to be selected as part of the 2022 DDCA All-State team. Olivia will continue her dance training by minoring in dance at the University of Oregon this year. She is excited to be a part of the Next Step Dance family and work with the students!

Sofia Oseguera

2022 - 2023

Little Steps Lyrical Ballet

Step 2 Pom

Hip Hop 2

Sofia Oseguera has been dancing for 18 years. Sofia trained in Orange, County, California in Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, and Pom. Sofia was a part of her varsity high school dance team and was captain her senior year. Sofia is currently a 4th year member and Captain of the University of Oregon Dance Team. She has been teaching since 2019 and is excited to be teaching the fresh young talent at Next Step!

Hannah Nason

2022 - 2023

Jump & Acrobatics 3 & 4

Cristina Johannesen

2022 - 2023


Cristina danced with the Colleens from 2017 - 2022. She is studying Human Physiology at the University of Oregon. Cristina is excited to interact with the dancers and be a part of the Next Step Dance Family!

Mattie Nealon


Step 2 Contemporary

Mattie Nealon has been dancing since she was three years old and has been training at Next Step since age four. Mattie is a senior at Sheldon High School in Eugene, OR and is on every Varsity competitive team for the Sheldon colleens. Mattie has been to Disneyland with Next Step in 2016, 2018, and 2022. She also performed as "Lily" in Next Step's Production of ANNIE in 2021 and as "Elsa" in Next Step's Production of FROZEN in 2021. Mattie is exited to teach at Next Step and help students blossom into confident, young dancers who find the same love for the art of dance as she holds near to her own heart.


Eohe Chambers


2022 - 2023


Eohe Chambers has been coaching High School Dance Team for 17 years. She is passionate about the art and athleticism of dance and inspiring young dancers to push themselves and experience the joy of dance! She has been an assistant coach at Sheldon High School for the Colleens since 2020.  Eohe is married and delights in her four wonderful children!

Cha-cha-cha (Latin American dance program)

Principles of movement and basics of dance:

  • RHYTHM . Stocked rhythm. Fast and active dance. Isolation of the first, sometimes the first and third beats - brighter and more active. It's important to keep the timing. Cha cha cha step - timing - "I" - we bring out the thigh "A" - we bring out the leg "ONE". The timing for the syncopated CHA-CHA score is QuickQuick, followed by a slightly prolonged ONE or Slow score. - Syncopated cha cha count as quick quick and slow times is longer and wider.
  • Footwork and lower center . There should not be two bent knees, one knee or two straightened, with steps it is necessary to collect the legs and bring them out through the "brush", stretching the knee of the free leg from the supporting leg. Compression of the rib and thigh should occur simultaneously with the advance.
  • Upper center. Always keep the form in the top center - save the presentation.

- 2 level of dancing in cha-cha-cha: and and isolation are added - swing, rotation, stretching in the ribs.

Forward cha-cha-cha steps are performed from the toe, with the transition to the ball of the foot, then to the entire foot, the knee is fully extended, and the weight of the body is transferred to the supporting leg. Simultaneously with the straightening of the supporting leg, the heel of the free (from the weight of the body) leg rises, and the knee naturally bends, the ball of the foot touches the floor, you need to learn to “feel the floor”.

Steps back are performed first from the ball of the foot, then the toe and again to the ball of the foot with a further transition to the entire foot. The knee is fully extended and the weight of the body is transferred to the supporting leg. The free leg is slightly bent at the knee, remains in front in place, touching the floor with the ball of the foot.

When the weight of the body is transferred to the supporting leg, the steps are performed with pressure on the floor, and the knee of the leg is pushed back. At the same time, the hip of the supporting leg is extended to the side and back so that the position of the upper part of the body remains unchanged. The movements of the hip girdle must be performed with a sense of proportion. Basically, the figures of the cha-cha-cha dance are performed without rises, falls and inclinations of the body.

When performing the steps, the legs remain natural and turn the feet outward. Only in side steps are the feet parallel.

Basic step - Check and lock, lock step, highway:

- Change of legs - Offset of the chest, bending the knee and returning to a flat neutral position on I . The heels are light, the chest is slightly forward
- Back step - we transfer the weight of the body to the back leg but leave the upper center in front and perform stretching, we carry out a quick movement to "D" in the count of two.
- Forward step - When moving forward, the diagonal offset of the main part of the torso is used first.
- Check and Lock, lock step - stop defective step, hind leg with an emphasis on the floor with the big toe with the heel turned inward. Closed knees after the lockstep forward to the count and pull the knee like a bow and foot and take a step for once. We start with back replay. Fours - re, times (comma). Hip kick forward for one (fast pendulum).
- Side step, Highway - Preparation of the side and ribs in the direction of the side step. Highway to the side at a time, a step of medium length, so that there is an opportunity to work out, the foot of the supporting leg is approximately at the level of the ribs. Fast biting nature of the step. Pendulum movement in the hips. Foot culture - using the muscles of the buttocks and sliding the bent leg on the floor and straightening at the very last moment. Flick active offensive.

Impact in hands - starts in slow motion -acceleration -dot! A beautiful finished line, if the arm is to the side, then just below the shoulder.

Types of highway: main highway to the sides , time step chasse , compact chasse (change of feet), ronde of highway (start leg point forward, ronde, step behind, time step, count and 4 and 1), hip twist chasse (count and 4 and 1), slip close chasse, whisk chasse, merengue chasse (running highway forward), volta cross chasse (3 variants), 9 Chasse

Cuban breaks - obligatory swing action in the hips

Music rhythm exercise for beginners - stepping to the beat. Allocation of the account ONCE.
Heels on the floor and transition from foot to foot with rotation of the hips without lifting the heels.
Pelvic rotation - counter-movement of the shoulders and hips.
8 hips - feet on the floor.
Change of legs (Time step) - stretching of the knees and sides
Timing exercises for syncopated cha-cha counting.
Highway to the side - time step (with hip work - figure eight, compression of the shoulder blade and thigh)
Basic forward step (Lock step) - begins with back replace (back step), Cha-cha (comma) ONE - allocation of accounts, do not merge these accounts! In the check, the knees are stretched between themselves, the side is preparing for the execution of the next step, then an active attack, a hip forward kick.
Basic side step (hip up, sides, rotation)
Basic move (forward, backward, lock)
Close basic movement
Open basic movement
New York - . Repetition of New York in one direction, in 2 directions. Adding a clear position in the hands (to the diagonal, to the sides, forefingers, to the body). Stretched lines, wide chest.
Side dribble - step forward, lock - body straight, back side dribble.
Cuban breaks with rotation - Cuban breaks 2, rotation.

Routine 1 : back basic, hip-twist, highway compact, leg collection and the same on the other leg. 5-7 tracks
-2 types of work for timing and stretching - maximum filling on and

Routine 2: Beck basic, Hip twist, compact highway, check twist, rond, compact highway, spot turn, hip twist, highway compact, foot collection.

One step further | TV Mag

“When will the next Step Up come out?” This question has been asked four times already by numerous fans of the famous dance franchise (orig. Step Up). And since the summer of 2014, immediately after the release of the fifth part of the musical saga, the audience is again waiting for news and firmly believe that a new dance story is just around the corner. Franchise producer Adam Shankman also gave hope, not ruling out the appearance of at least two more new parts. And considering that all the previous five films were released exactly every two years, then the next Step Up, if it is worth waiting, is definitely not earlier than 2016. In the meantime, let's remember the first "Steps", while trying to understand the nature of their incredible popularity...

In total, as you know, five full-length stories of the dance franchise were released into wide release: Step Up, Step Up 2: The Streets, Step Up 3D , "Step Up Revolution" (Step Up Revolution) and "Step Up: All or Nothing" (Step Up All In). The premiere of the first film took place in 2006, then episodes appeared at the box office every two years, the date of the first show of the fifth part was scheduled for mid-July 2014. It is worth noting that with the end of filming of the vampire saga "Twilight" Step Up pentalogy has become the most reliable and long-term project of the independent American film studio Summit Entertainment . At the same time, different directors worked on each part of Step Up, except for the second and third, who, however, were able to achieve a sense of integrity of the entire series, despite each of the five plots being different from each other.

The main characters are professional dancers York, on the sultry beaches of Miami or in the fake ring of Las Vegas. In addition, Each of the five films is backed by an unparalleled selection of musical scores and mind-blowing dance performances from . And, of course, the main characters are professional dancers. In life, almost all of them learned to dance from childhood, and only then, much later, they mastered the basics of acting. Perhaps that is why, in the project, one can rarely see deep, heavy thoughts in the eyes of young guys. But the lack of acting skills is more than compensated by their bright personality, crazy energy and excellent sense of rhythm.

And one more interesting detail. It seems that interest in the entire Step Up series is also preserved thanks to secondary characters, who, enchantingly appearing in one part, in further stories receive, which is typical, not much more screen time (if not less), but the shots with their participation are like caps for flexers - add a special spectacle to the film. And this makes all five stories related, but by no means makes them the same. And the words of the funk legend James Brown are the best epigraph to the whole project of the world's most popular dance franchise "Step Up": "Any problem in the world can be solved by dancing"...


Feeling. In this story, everything is subject to feeling, it is a dance, and dance is a plot, to which only details are added to further emphasize the true purpose of the dance - to erase all boundaries and trust the feeling. He is a master of hip-hop, she is studying the classical art of dance. It seems to them that there is an abyss between them, but they just need to take a “step forward” towards each other. And the ballet pas will become a little more relaxed, and the step will become more polished. However, there are not so many differences between the main characters Tyler and Nora: he lives in a foster family, she lives in a prestigious area, but both of them are in no hurry to go home, because they do not understand their love of dancing. For Nora, failing an art school exam is tantamount to death , Tyler and his named brothers can lose their lives without a purpose ...

The first part of the film "Step Up" was released in 2006

The film was directed by Anne Fletcher, fond of dancing since childhood. Now she is an excellent choreographer, staging dances for films and music videos. Sometimes she is pleased with an invitation to the cinema as an actress. So, Ann Fletcher helped in the production work on the legendary project of Paul Thomas Anderson "Boogie Nights", and in the famous "Titanic" she played the role of a dancer. Step Up, starring Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, is her directorial debut. In the film, the protagonist Tyler has a named sister Camille (Alyson Stoner), she will take part in the last three parts of the project. In turn, Channing Tatum himself will be noted for his striking dance in the second story.


Freedom. It is to her that the entire action of the film is subordinated. The dance in this film goes beyond the academic - school and club - walls, becoming part of the street with its transience and unpredictability. Here no one proves which direction in the dance is more important, on the contrary, the problem lies within the dance itself with its usual foundations , which are not so easy to destroy. Surprisingly, even among the most talented students of the art school there are white crows, and in the street fraternity there are outcasts. The main characters of the film Andy West (Brian Evigan) and Chase Collins (Robert Hoffman) will have to unite such unformatted dancers by the standards of school bores and club smarts, urging them to go where it all began - to the streets dancing in the rain...

In 2008 Step Up 2: The Streets won the MTV Channel Award

Worked on the film young director John M. Chu, fresh out of the film department University of Southern California. John was fond of music and dancing from an early age. A little later, while filming family trips, I became interested in creating short films. In his second year at the institute, Chu made a small masterpiece "Quiet Rhythms" - a story, developing to the sounds of tap dancing. The film won numerous awards, and John received a scholarship to continue his studies at the University of Southern California, where he directed another 20-minute film, When the Children Are Away. It's captivating musical journey into the world of motherhood to the sounds of salsa, swing and hip-hop.

Thanks to this short film, which aroused genuine interest in Hollywood, John and drew the attention of the producers of the film "Step Up 2: The Streets", allowing him realize a long-standing dream - to unite love for dancing and directing on the big screen. He also created charming nerd nicknamed "Moose" (Adam J. Sevani), who, not eclipsing the main characters, became a real star of the film and decoration of the whole dance franchise.


Style. It obliges the most beautiful city in the world - New York. The sense of style in this film is noted in everything: from the loft in which the main characters live, to dances, which turn into real dance performances by the third part of the project. And the story of the main characters Luke (Rick Malambri) and Natalie (Sharni Vinson) and their homeless friends is not such a fiction. The fate of Luke, keen on shooting an amateur film and eventually deciding to go to California to study film art, is reminiscent of the life of the director of the film, John M. Chu. The cases of dancers living under the same roof of the "bunker" are also not far from real. So, the Santiago twins (Martin and Facundo Lombard), telling Luke on camera that they lived on $ 15 a week, having moved to New York, is pure truth. Therefore, the plot of the film is based on moving (including "Moose" with Camilla) to a metropolis, where the heroes of the film will have to learn to live according to the laws of a big city without losing themselves.

Film "Step Forward 3D" became the most successful film in the pentalogy in terms of box office receipts

By the way, the Santiago twins were another find of the director along with our old friends from the previous parts of the dance saga. Moreover, when you watch the film, closer to its middle, you catch yourself thinking, they say, "Moose" is no longer the same - matured, bored . And this is where the talent of the young director comes to the fore, because in the very next frame he gives out an incredibly stylish, charming and sophisticated solo number of "Moose" and Camilla - as a tribute to the greatest actor and dancer Fred Astaire, who had the greatest influence on the genre of musical cinema.


Dance revolution. Movement has been replaced by action. Now dance is part of society and part of the art - it is able to speak and be heard. Dance has a voice! This time, the film's protagonists Sean (Ryan Guzman) and Emily (Katherine McCormick) have to defend the life of the old neighborhoods of Miami in front of a conglomerate and Emily's own father, who wants to absorb the romance of these places by building up a pile of someone's memories with new five-star skyscrapers. However, a revolution will take place in the very team of street dancers, capable of not only creating, but also destroying . And save the situation, of course, "Moose", rushing to the rescue in the best traditions of American cinema. And, finally, in the fourth film, the question that, I am sure, was eager to ask more than half of the fans of this dance franchise, will be voiced - "Why, in fact," Elk "?!"...

"Step Up Revolution"

The fourth sequel was directed by another young author, Scott Speer. In fact, his story of getting into the Step Up project is similar to the director of the previous two parts, John M. Chu. For Scott, as well as for John, this film is a feature-length debut. After graduating from the School of Film and Television at the same University of California as John, Scott has been shooting music videos for a long time, as well as writing (quite successfully). And then he was noticed by the producers of the Step Up series. In the end, Scott Speer did not disappoint: he made a stunningly stylish and fashionable film in which cars rock a hip-hop groove, and body art, kitchen appliances and a welding machine alike serve the noble purposes of dancing flash mobs. But at the same time, true values ​​are not forgotten, which cannot be replaced by any computer technology...


Evolution. This is the development of the dance and its final battle, these are the grown-up heroes and their way forward. Everyone in this story will have to ask himself what dance means to him: a great vocation or just a part of something larger and more multifaceted. It is not for nothing that at the beginning of the film, the flashmobers familiar to us from the previous story, led by Sean (Ryan Guzman), find themselves in Los Angeles - the city of the Dream Factory, in which the wildest desires come true and dreams are broken. and it is in this film that Elk's grandparents appear, who in the past were professional dancers , and now they are a family duet, a joy to children and grandchildren. And when no one sees them, they dance quietly, remembering the happy youth of the dance.

The second half of the sequel takes us to La Vegas - a city of illusions and sheer props. It is here that the final fights of the television dance show will take place, in which Sean and Andy (Step 2; Brian Evigan) will take part, and the familiar brethren of dancers from the second, third and fourth parts of the franchise will come to their aid. The name of their team, I think, is also not accidental - LMNTRIX - as it has cooled down to the basics and, on the contrary, a reflection of today's reality with a reality show conveyor, battles and ratings. At the end of the film, our heroes will perform a dance that combines all styles and movements: from funk and swing to jazz and reggae, thanks to which hip-hop was born. And another reminder of the origins of street dance will be the name of James Brown, the grandfather of funk, as if casually mentioned in the middle of the film...

The fifth "Step Up" turned out to be the brightest and most life-affirming film

The director of the fifth story of the franchise was Trish C, a former dancer, now a Grammy winner, choreographer and director of music videos of the famous American band OK Go.

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