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Sara joins Julliard to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a Prima ballerina, but she soon falls in love with hip-hop and a young composer - both of whom challenge her ambitions.Sara joins Julliard to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a Prima ballerina, but she soon falls in love with hip-hop and a young composer - both of whom challenge her ambitions. Sara joins Julliard to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a Prima ballerina, but she soon falls in love with hip-hop and a young composer - both of whom challenge her ambitions.





    • David Petrarca
    • Duane Adler(characters)
    • Kwame Nyanning
  • Stars
    • Izabella Miko
    • Columbus Short
    • Jacqueline Bisset
    • David Petrarca
    • Duane Adler(characters)
    • Kwame Nyanning
  • Stars
    • Izabella Miko
    • Columbus Short
    • Jacqueline Bisset
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    Top cast

    Izabella Miko

    Columbus Short

    Jacqueline Bisset

    • Monique

    Maria Brooks

    • Katrina

    Aubrey Dollar

    Ian Brennan

    Tre Armstrong

    • Candy
    • (as Tracey 'Tré' Armstrong)

    Seana McKenna

    • Simone Eldair

    Diane Fabian

    • Bella the Pianist

    Robert Allan

    Matt Watling

    • Marcus

    Evan Williams

    Brendan Wall

    Michael Hanrahan

    • Mr. Stills

    Mike Spendlove

    Azama Bashir

    • Ballet Dancer

    Katherine Clarke

    • Ballet Dancer
      • David Petrarca
      • Duane Adler(characters)
      • Kwame Nyanning
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    • Quotes

      Miles Sultana: Hip-Hop is. .."Rap"

      Miles Sultana: Hip-Hop is..."Soul"

      Miles Sultana: Hip-Hop is..."R&B"

      Miles Sultana: Hip-Hop is..."Funk"

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    i thought it was going to be poor, but you know what its not bad.....

    I've got to say when I first heard about a Save the last dance 2 I thought cheap knock off can never come near the original. Then when I saw the cast for this film i was even inclined to feeling this was going to be a poor sequel but you know what its not that bad...

    I think that this is a fun lively little film its not a world beating film or anything like that but a good film to watch in the comfort of your home. I find this is probably one of the better dance films on the market at the moment and the love story element flowing in the background carries the film along nicely. I think perhaps 6/10 is a fair mark for this film.



    • lucasrulez
    • Dec 10, 2006

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    • Release date
      • October 10, 2006 (United States)
      • United States
      • English
    • Also known as
      • Steppin' Up: Save the Last Dance 2
      • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    • Production companies
      • Paramount Home Entertainment
      • MTV Films
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    Box office

    Technical specs

    • 1 hour 30 minutes

      • 1. 85 : 1

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    Cast: Julia Stiles Sean Patrick Thomas Kerry Washington Fredro Starr Terry Kinney

    Genres: Drama Family Romance Music

    Director: Thomas Carter

    Release Date: Jan 12, 2001

    After the death of her mother, Sara moves to the South Side of Chicago to live with her father and gets transferred to a majority-black school. Her life takes a turn for the better when befriends Chenille and her brother Derek, who helps her with her dancing skills.

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    Save the Last Dance - wiki.

    A sequel to this film was released in 2006 as a video: The Last Dance 2 .


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    Sarah Johnson leads a peaceful life with her mother after her parents' divorce in Lemont, a quiet town in suburban Chicago. She is a brilliant student and a talented dancer. She is trying to get into the very prestigious Juilliard School in New York. On the day of the hearing, her mother is absent. The girl passes in front of the jury and does not pass the exam. At the same time, as her mother was in a hurry to arrive by car, she died in a traffic accident.

    Sarah must give up her dream and join her father, who lives in a poor neighborhood in South Chicago. She attends a nearby high school where the other students are hostile towards her: she is, in fact, one of the few white girls in the institution. Rejected, she tries to overcome prioritizes others and quickly finds an ally, Chenilla, a young black woman who introduces her to her circle of friends and forces her to discover the places she frequents. One evening, she takes him to the nearby club Stepps, where Sarah discovers hip hop.

    At the same time she meets Derek, Chenille's brother. Derek is a brilliant student. He dreams of going to the prestigious Georgetown Medical School in Washington to become a doctor. Unfortunately, trained by Malakai, a childhood friend, he becomes involved in the activities of a local gang.

    At first irritated by Derek's behavior, who makes fun of her, Sarah eventually approaches him and asks him to teach her hip hop. He gave her back the taste of dance and encouraged her to fulfill her dream. They fall in love with each other and decide to go along with everyone's advice. His ex-girlfriend Nikki tries to get him back after cheating, but Derek refuses to give in to his advances. A jealous, young woman realizes Derek and Sarah's closeness and tries to put a shovel in their wheels. The young couple will have to fight each other's prejudices.


    • Original French name: Save the Last Dance
    • Name of Quebec: Born to dance
    • Director: Thomas Carter
    • Screenplay: Duane Adler and Cheryl Edwards, based on a story by Duane Adler
    • Music: Mark Isham
    • Art Direction: Diane Hughes
    • Sets: Paul Eads
    • Suits: Sandra Hernandez
    • Photo: Robbie Greenberg
    • Sound: Gregory King, Andy Koyama
    • Editing: Peter E. Berger, Jeff Canavan and Fritz Fake.
    • Production: David Madden and Robert W. Court
    Execution Proceedings: Douglas Curtis (uncredited)
    Related production: Scarlett Lacey
    Co-production: Marie Cantin and Douglas Curtis ((uncredited)
    • Film companies: MTV Films and Cort / Madden Productions
    • Distribution:,
      • United States: Paramount Pictures
      • France, Switzerland: United International Pictures
    • Budget: $13, million
    • Country of Origin: USA
    • Source language: English
    • Format: Color - 35mm - 1.85:1 (Panavision) - DTS Sound | Dolby Digital
    • Genre: melodrama, drama, musical
    • Duration: 112 minutes
    • Issue dates:
      • USA, Quebec:
      • Canada: (Direct to DVD output)
      • France, Belgium :
      • Francophone Switzerland:
    • Classification:
      • USA : Recommended Parental Consent , Movie not recommended for children under 13 ( PG-13 - Highly recommended for parents ) .
      • France: Unrated (Visa operating n o 102782 issued ) .


    • Julia Stiles : Sarah Johnson
    • Sean Patrick Thomas (VF: Lucien Jean-Baptiste) : Derek Reynolds
    • Kerry Washington : Chenille Reynolds
    • Fredro Starr (VF: Jean-Paul Pitolin) : Malachi
    • Terry Kinney - Roy Johnson
    • Garland Witt : Kenny
    • Bianca Lawson (VF: Barbara Tissier) : Nikki
    • Vince Green : Snooki
    • Andrew Rothenberg: Judge Stern


    Distribution of roles

    • Director Thomas Carter auditioned for Julia Stiles for the role of Sarah after seeing her "table dance" in Ten Good Reasons to Dump You , the 1999 film.


    • The film was filmed from November 1999 in Chicago and Lemont, Illinois. It includes real scenes from these two cities.

    Original Soundtrack

    Soundtrack (Hollywood Records)

    1. Shine Through (Theme)
    2. You , Lucy Pearl featuring Snoop Dogg
    3. Bonafide , X-2-C
    4. Crazy , K-Ci and Jo-Jo
    5. You make me sick , pink
    6. You Know What Happened Donell Jones and Left Eye
    7. Move Slowly Kevon Edmonds
    8. Murder She Wrote , Chaka Demus and Pliers
    9. You can do it , Ice Cube
    10. My window , soul bone 5
    11. Get It On Tonight , Montell Jordan
    12. Shine Through (Theme)
    13. Faithful , Fatman Scoop

    Other works present in the film:

    • Live your dream , Athena Cage
    • You Can Do It Dr. Dre
    • Da Rock Wilder , Method Man and Redman
    • Get It On Tonight , Montell Jordan


    Between 2001 and 2012, Save the Last Dance was selected 14 times in various categories and received 6 awards.


    • MTV Movie Awards 2001:
      • MTV Movie Award for Best Male Revelation of the Year awarded to Sean Patrick Thomas,
      • MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss went to Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas.
    • Young Audience Prize 2001 :
      • Young Audience Award for Best Actress awarded to Julia Stiles,
      • Young Audience Award for Best Revelation awarded to Kerry Washington,
      • Young Audience Award for Best Action Scene went to Julia Stiles and Bianca Lawson.
    • 2001 Hollywood Young Audience Award. :
      • Outstanding Male Performance Award for Young Hollywood Audiences awarded to Sean Patrick Thomas.


    • MTV Movie Awards 2001:
      • Best Female Performance by Julia Stiles,
      • best dance scene club scene .
    • MTV Video Music Awards 2001: Video of the Year for K.C. Haley and Joe Jo Haley.
    • Young Audience Prize 2001 :
      • Choice Drama/Action Adventure,
      • Best Actor for Sean Patrick Thomas.
    • Sound editors for 2002 films:
      • Best Sound Editing in a Musical Feature Film by Michael T. Ryan.
    • Bobine Noire Award 2002:
      • Best Supporting Actress Kerry Washington,
      • Best Director Thomas Carter.

    Notes and links


    1. ↑ US classification: "PG-13 rating for violence, sexual content, language, and brief drug references". "


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    9. (in) "Save the Last Dance - Awards" at Movie Database at Internet (accessed April 14, 2021).

    See also

    External links

    • (en) Save the last dance in the movie database in the Internet
    • (fr) Save the last dance at Allocine

    Stranger Things watch all seasons and episodes online

    ( Stranger Things)

    1. 10
    2. 8
    3. 7
    4. 6
    5. 5
    6. 4
    7. 3
    8. 2
    9. 1

    8. 0004 1251 Voice





    Original name: “Stranger Things”

    “Mira will turn off your feet”

    , horror, thriller, detective, adventure

    Country: USA

    Release year: 2016

    Director: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer, Shawn Levy


  • 32 Winona Ryder, David Harbor, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Joe Keery, Kara Buono

    NEW* ) from the Netflix channel is a chic American series about the fictional town of Hawkins and the very strange "things" taking place in it, created by the Duffer brothers. All 8 episodes of the first season were released in July 2016 and made a splash, winning a huge army of fans looking forward to the release of new episodes. The second season was released in October 2017, the third was released two years later in July. Now fans are looking forward to the release of the 4th season of this already cult series.

    The story is about a group of guys Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will. They are typical American elementary school children who love to play board games, suffering from ridicule from high school students. But at one point, their whole world is turned upside down when Will disappears. During his search, the guys meet a girl who does not even know her name or where she is from, but who has supernatural powers. She is called Eleven, from the tattoo on her arm. Together they have to escape from their pursuers, defeat villains, monsters and even visit another world, on the other side.

    The adventure is very exciting, mysterious and sometimes frightening, but definitely worth watching. If you love horror, thrillers and superpowers, then this series is for you. Happy viewing!

    Watch online all series of Stranger Things in high quality HD (720) in Russian or in the original voice acting. Also in our online cinema you can watch the series from mobile devices and tablets.

    Do you like the series? Add site to browser bookmarks via Ctrl+D

    Season 4 information


    Stranger Things season 4 will feature more information about Sheriff Hopper, actor David Harbor, who plays him, shared with fans that he knew the whole backstory from the beginning character, and has long wanted to share it with the audience, the time has finally come, and he will be able to show us stories related to Vietnam, show his relationship with his father and life in New York. The actor also announced the original release date for the new season, which was scheduled for early 2021, but due to the freezing of the filming process, the date is likely to be moved closer to the summer of 2021, with plans to continue filming in September 2020.

    Recently the name of the first episode of the new part was revealed, it is planned to be "The Hellfire Club", while the slogan of the season "We're not in Hawkins anymore" may imply that the events will no longer take place in this mysterious small town.

    As it became known from official sources, the first part of the new season will be released on May 27, the second part will be available on July 1. The authors promise that the duration of this season will be almost twice as long as the previous ones. Also, according to them, this is the penultimate part, the fifth season will already be the last.

    According to actress Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy Wheeler, when she saw the script, she was in shock, quote: "Oh my God, wow, wow, wow!", according to her, we are in for something great.



    Eleven or Jane
    Possesses powerful telekinesis abilities. There is a tattoo on her arm with the number 11. As a child, she was kidnapped for experiments in a secret laboratory, when she grew up, she managed to escape. Until a certain point, she had neither family, nor friends, nor love, she acquires them as the story is told.

    Will Byers
    An ordinary guy, after playing Dungeons and Dragons, was riding his bike home at night and disappeared, ended up in the wrong side, or the back side. He is trying to get out of there, to contact his mother, his friends are trying in every possible way to help him.

    Mike Wheeler
    One of the friends trying to find Will. He stumbles upon Odie in the forest and is the first to try to help her, establishes a connection and gives her a name, they spend a lot of time together, both develop romantic feelings for each other.

    Lucas Sinclair
    Also trying to find a missing friend. He is brave, ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of his friends, initially he was wary of Odie, then he was able to overcome himself and become friends.

    Dustin Henderson
    Another one of my friends, kind, doesn't like conflicts and tries to smooth any corners within the company. Tries to find a scientific solution to emerging supernatural problems.

    Joyce Byers
    Missing Will's mother. He tries to raise two sons alone, constantly works, leaving the eldest son to look after the younger one, in an attempt to make ends meet is in constant stress.

    Jim Hopper or Sheriff
    Sheriff in this small, intimidating town. Previously lost his daughter, lonely, likes to drink, had little interest in his work, until Will disappeared. After that, with special zeal, he tries to find him, the best qualities, courage, sympathy, dedication to work and dedication to protect the inhabitants of the town appear.

    Steve Harrington
    High school student, formerly in the company of school bullies, dated Nancy. Mysterious events played a role in shaping his personality, he changes, helps in the fight against monsters and becomes more responsive.

    Nancy Wheeler
    Mike's older sister, her best friend Barb disappears, much like the younger Byers. A smart, diligent student, meets with Steve, initially he influences her not for the better. Cares about loved ones, bold and decisive.

    Jonathan Byers
    Missing boy's older brother. At school, he was an outcast, closed in on himself, sympathetic to Nancy. Strong and independent, brave, loves his family very much and is ready to risk himself to save his little brother.


    All music



    Can't Seem to Make You Mine

    She Has Funny Cars

    I Shall Not Care

    Jenny May

    The Seeds

    Jefferson Airplane

    Pearls Before Swine

    Trader Horne

    Interesting facts about the TV series

    Cast at the Emmy

    Due to its excellent cast, good storyline and dramatic component, Stranger Things won numerous Emmy awards and was nominated thirty times in various categories. The twin brothers Duffer created this mysterious masterpiece, they became producers, screenwriters and directors of the project.

    According to some sources, the cast of the series renewed the contract for the third season, according to which their fee increased significantly. Teenage boys, who used to earn about twenty thousand per episode, in the third season began to receive more than ten times more - two hundred and fifty thousand per episode. The fee of the main character - Eleven, became even higher, rising to three hundred and fifty thousand per episode. Thus, the success of the project brought the cast both recognition and recognition, as well as a good fee.

    Another interesting fact is that the Duffer brothers were sued for plagiarism. It was submitted by Charlie Kessler, the author of the short film "Montauk", which contains the main plot twists of the first season, such as a missing boy, a secret military base, a monster from another world. The brothers deny these accusations and report that they never met Charlie and did not discuss any projects, and their ideas are copyrighted.

    This work borrowed a lot of chips from the main directors of horror films, Stephen King, Guillermo Del Toro and even Steven Spielberg. All these directors spoke positively about the series and advised their fans to watch it. It also has a lot of interesting chips from the 80s of the USA.

    There are many references to Jaws in the series, such as police uniforms and their cars, and the Duffer brothers are inspired by both the horror classic and the anime called Elfsong, some important points are taken from the anime "Akira" from 1988, there are also children with superpowers, they have a certain number tattooed on their hands and they also escape from the laboratory.

    In some episodes you can see references to Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The children name the forest in which, in their opinion, Will was lost - Mirkwood, and also one of the passwords for entering among the guys was Radagast.

    In addition, there are many references to the movie Silent Hill. This is where the idea of ​​a mirrored reverse side comes from, white-gray flakes flying in it, the appearance of portals in the walls, there is even a similarity in the names of the characters. The image of Eleven is very similar to Alessa, they both have the ability of telekinesis, spent a lot of time in the hospital, from which they escape.

    Interesting facts about filming

    Photos of the filming process

    Actress Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, is a very gifted actress whose abilities are developed beyond her years, according to the creators of the series Duffer brothers. But sometimes her age still affected the filming process. So one day, Millie came to the set completely covered in sparkles, making a perplexed look, she had to wash them off for about an hour before filming began.

    It is also interesting that about two hundred and fifty people auditioned for the role of Odie, and Millie was chosen among them, she was able to play the role of an alien being offered to her very convincingly at the auditions.

    Actor Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, was the first to pass the casting.

    The fact that many of the main teenage actors also affect the filming process, they grow and change, for example, Gaten experienced a breakdown of his voice during filming, because of which it was impossible to complete the dialogue for the initial episodes, the voice was too strong was different.


    All comics

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3



    October 11, October 11,

    Debut of “Very strange affairs” in 2016 became a real phenomenon. Other Netflix series have impressed before: House of Cards in 2013 and Orange is the New Black, but it was the nostalgic experiences and thrilling monster chases that really blew the zeitgeist.

    Because the TV series was not accompanied by press releases or promotions to keep it mysterious, Stranger Things by the Duffer Brothers seemed to come out of nowhere. The summer blockbuster, divided into pleasant "chapters", like the exciting pages of an adventure book, made a splash. I sat down to watch ... and watched every episode with a vengeance. Its 1983 setting, complete with countless nods to the past, was perfectly calibrated to engage fans yearning for the on-screen adventures of the Goonies of their youth. Everyone remembers the trademark scenes: a fearless game of Dungeons and Dragons, a frantic mother and a gloomy sheriff decipher a wall of flashing garlands, telekinetic heroine Odie, sparkling with a cropped head with a constantly bleeding nose.

    Season 3 actually debuted almost two years after season 2, but takes place a few months after the last finale. The scruffy kids we first met three years ago are now lanky teenagers struggling to balance their childhood passions with their hormones. A pair of complete opposites spend a summer internship at the local paper while the exiled prom king rolls his eyes as he slathers his ice cream at a gleaming new mall. Cary Elwes becomes the city's slimy mayor and Hopper's eternal adversary. The sheriff himself grits his teeth while Odie, now officially dating Mike, tests his patience and adheres to the "always keep your room doors open" rule.

    The mall proved to be a particularly useful new location, setting the stage for more imaginative battles. The shift of the action from the eerie grays of late autumn to the intense heat of midsummer changes the tone and forces directors to convey creeping anxiety through sweat. The later scenes, set in the full frenzy of the Fourth of July carnival, are so vivid you can almost smell the popcorn and cupcakes.

    Events take place in the summer of 1985, thus emphasizing that time has irrefutably gone. Will, traumatized by his time in "the other side" and the most affectionate member of the group, tries to slow down his friends' maturation as they are obsessed with girls. Steve tries to find his place in the world outside of the school hierarchy, being challenged all the time by his colleague Robin. Max, a well-meaning character often invisible to others, takes it upon himself to befriend Eleven, who is still trying to find herself.

    It also conveniently uses character combinations to break the action into separate stories that eventually come together. Before their inevitable final reunion, the core roster splits into four factions with varying degrees of success. I didn't understand some of the lines, but Max and Odie exude a dizzying energy that makes their forced friendship more fluid and real. Little Erica quickly justifies her confusing appearance in the first team. Steve gets a worthy partner on stage in the person of Robin, their growing friendship is a very bright event of the season.

    In general, everything turned out very worthy, and I definitely recommend watching Stranger Things to everyone!


    April 19, 2020

    Fortunately, Hawkins, Indiana is a fictional city because the place where Stranger Things takes place is cursed land. Watching season 3, I could hardly imagine this town without neon signs, high school dances and kids on bikes, it would be a pity if it became as lifeless these days as the Ukrainian ghost town of Pripyat.

    But how would strange things be without a city steeped in 80s American tradition where you can rely on the cool kids, their parents, the cops, a science teacher, and one telekinesis girl, all willing to put their differences aside for the good of humanity. Of course, by now, the annual bout with the supernatural has become routine. And this pattern has made the TV series as predictable as any movie or comic book franchise that the younger generation is addicted to. But at least this part pleased us with an improved plot and a more interesting dive into the “other side”.

    Odie and Mike's teenage romance is the subject of resentment from her new foster father, the sheriff. Lucas is still in love with Max, and Dustin pines for his nerd camp girlfriend Susie, who no one believes exists, and only Will would rather play Dungeons and Dragons than go on a date. Jonathan and his girlfriend Nancy are both high school graduates and interns at the local newspaper. Steve works as an ice cream vendor in a goofy sailor suit at the mall and takes a liking to Robin's chatty colleague. Hot and violent Billy works as a lifeguard at the local pool. Poor Joyce is relying on Hopper since Bob's death.

    Strange things begin to happen next. Dustin builds a contraption to communicate with Susie, seeking to prove her existence to his friends, but ends up intercepting the Russian message. Eleven's telepathic adventures reveal more nefarious activities in the city than just boys complaining that girls are "a different species". All magnets in the city stop working. And the cast is more or less organically divided into small disparate groups whose plots eventually converge.

    In other words, this is exactly what we expect from the continuation of the story: an 80's family sci-fi horror film, where we observe the real relationship between teens in love and their parents. A battle with supernatural powers proves to be the perfect catalyst for various teenage initiation rites. Teamwork is above all. Children are smart beyond their years, especially the bright 10-year-old Erica (played by Pria Ferguson), amaze with her resourcefulness. And the bittersweet ending...

    While it lacks the freshness of the first part, we are shown an improvement over its predecessor, which simply rehashed the original story with an even bigger budget and an absurd script that sent Odie to Chicago. The ever-growing cast makes it possible to create about five simultaneous storylines, they seem new, but this idea creates some problems. There's just too much going on, especially in the early episodes. Many overly long action sequences are repetitive and move most of the characters back and forth between the beginning and the end of the action. And the Duffers' approach to female puberty seems clumsy: are Audie and Max really that kind of girl...pampering themselves with shopping at the mall? Seriously?

    Also in the third season, in comparison with the first, intrusive advertising appeared: Burger King and Coca-Cola. However, these days it is already everywhere.

    Once again, this television series delighted me with its nostalgic multiple scenes, the action unfolding among the brightly lit corridors of shopping centers, stuffy cinemas, public pools and country fairs. Of course, some of these places still exist, but they are no longer the bustling places of the 20th century.


    September 3, 2019

    The success of Stranger Things was how well it combined the opposite qualities of comfort and fear. This past summer, a Netflix series quickly captivated audiences with its aesthetic and conceptual appeal: kids on bikes fighting monsters, historical cultural references, genuine childish surprise. This work was intended for children, but for adults. Its nostalgic atmosphere was cozy, but there were moments of genuine horror: the otherworldly invasion of little Will, the psychological torture of Eleven, the brutal death of Barb.

    If the first part of the Duffer Brothers' breakthrough hit was their tribute to Steven Spielberg, the second part seems to be closer to Stephen King. Something vile in the city of Hawkins, Indiana, is literally embodied in the Halloween pumpkins in the trailer, which seem to be starting to rot on their vines. At the end of the last ending, Will vomited otherworldly slime in the bathroom and seemed to be on the other side for a moment. The new episodes focus on the question of exactly how Will was affected by his time in the alternate dimension.

    As shown in the final trailer, a larger evil looms over Hawkins, which is connected to the dark government building where Eleven has been imprisoned for most of her life. The second season has the same basic elements as the first. However, the new episodes are deeply connected to the trauma that many characters have endured during past episodes. They communicate their suffering to viewers in more painful and frightening ways than before.

    A decisive factor in the darkness of the sequel is Schnapp's outstanding performance as Will. Absent most of the time, Will is a key player in the new episodes, and Schnapp accurately conveys how isolated he felt because of the terrible events that happened to him. His mother gets a new steely appearance that makes her less cartoonish, as well as a new boyfriend, a good-natured local named Bob. There were also more extended storylines for Lucas and Dustin, two of the most interesting characters. One of them involves Max, another new character - a red-haired girl with a skateboard and an arcade game genius.

    This season returns Eleven, who previously vanished into a cloud when she destroyed the Demogorgon. She will go through a kind of journey of self-discovery in one of the most daring series. I don't mean to criticize Brown, a wonderful young actress, but Eleven functions in a highly imitative universe, like some kind of alien archetype - mysterious, unusual, essentially good, but different. The limitations of the role she plays don't seem to give the girl enough emotional space. It seems that such a character is superfluous in what is happening, it's just that fans may be left disappointed with this part, since the best moments are spent with previously minor characters. The new character Bob, meanwhile, is so pleasant and serious, you involuntarily wonder if he is hiding something. And Paul Reiser plays the new, stable role of Dr. Owens, a government official dealing with recent events in Hawkins.

    At first it seems that the authors are trying to balance the time between new and old characters. However, as the series gains momentum, it becomes an exciting journey. The Duffer Brothers are inspired by Alien, and show a dexterity in the stylistic and structural traditions of horror. However, the authors also demonstrate a desire to delve into the darkness - to use it for real psychological research. In this regard, Stranger Things 2 is much more than just a sequel. It's a thoughtful and engaging journey into uncharted territory and a must-see, with the lights off and a bucket of popcorn.


    May 18, 2019

    Stranger Things is the brainchild of brothers Matt and Ross Duffer and is arguably one of the most popular TV series to date, and for good reason, as I realized when I binge watched the first season. Friends persuaded me to watch it, but I resisted for a long time, but from the very first frames I fell in love with the characters. This work is truly a master class in storytelling and atmosphere, with an outstanding and intriguing cast of characters and many mysteries.

    Personally, I firmly believe that any film, series, book or story will only be good if its characters are good. Was it really that you liked the film, if you do not like any of its characters, it is unlikely. All the characters here are excellent. What really attracted me was how all these characters - of different ages, identities and backgrounds - managed to tell one common story that merged seamlessly at the end. In films like this with a lot of characters, it's often difficult to effectively use the entire cast, but in the first season, the creators manage to involve everyone in one common plot, which is great!

    While watching, I found that I resonated most with the teenage characters, especially Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) and Steve Harrington (Joe Keery). The way the high school popularity ideas were implemented here was unique and refreshing, somewhat reminiscent of my personal experiences in high school. Both Nancy and Steve understand that they don't need peer approval or recognition to do the right thing, but each comes to this realization on their own. Like real teenagers, they had to first understand themselves before getting into a relationship.

    The child actors - Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Eleven and, to a lesser extent, Will - were all believable. From the way they talked and cursed at each other to their awkward pre-teenage ways, their character scripts felt like they were real kids. It showed up in small things - like Mike yelling across the house to answer his mom, or Lucas spitting on his own hand before offering a truce, all of the moments looked very logical and plausible.

    In addition to them, there are a couple of high-profile stars in the cast. For example, Winona Ryder returns to the acting business with the role of Joyce Byers, a single mother who will do anything to save her son and bring him home. Or David Harbour, who plays the stoic yet lovable Chief Jim Hopper, a man on a mission who vows to find a missing child at any cost. Both characters are on a different level of life than children or teenagers, but they also have their own personal problems. All characters have their own problems from different life stages, which they solve in the course of strange events.

    The plot itself is a delightful mystery that makes you want to watch. During the course of events, I always asked questions, such as: “How is Eleven related to the Demogorgon?” or “What is a flipped card and how does it work?”. Surprises awaited me at every turn, such as diner owner Benny and best friend Nancy Barb, who seemingly became the main characters, but immediately after that quickly and suddenly died. I genuinely felt for Hopper when he was caught in the lab, and also for Nancy when she first encountered the Demogorgon upside down, all because of the impossibility of predicting whether the heroes would survive.

    At the end of the season, I was shocked to see Eleven sacrifice herself to kill the monster. I didn't expect this to happen, and the moment she says goodbye to Mike is horrendous. This is a testament to the excellent, unpredictable storytelling and sincere leadership of the Duffer brothers. I have a lot of respect for Stranger Things for taking that risk: Even if Will is saved, someone will still have to pay for it. The ending, while not perfect for our characters, is enjoyable, and even though Will spits up the goo in the final scene, the story feels complete.

    In terms of atmosphere, this series is also amazing. The soundtrack from Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, as well as the excellent set and costume design, convey a wide range of emotions through the screen. From the nostalgic, welcoming Wheeler home to the unsettling, unsettling feel of the Byers home and even the sinister, mysterious laboratory, rich, detailed environments are created. Very few films are capable of immersing us in another time. I think that the Duffers wanted to express their love for the 80s with this piece, and as a result, every scene felt the innermost effort invested in its creation.

    All in all, the first season of Stranger Things is amazing and for me it set the bar for what shows can be.

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