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How to complete Zombies coffin dance Easter egg on Die Maschine in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Though each Call of Duty title takes pride in its robust multiplayer mode, there will always be Zombies mode enthusiasts looking for the next challenge with each game release. Starting with World at War in 2009, the Zombies game mode has become a staple part of the franchise.

It’s the perfect getaway for players looking to take a break from the competitive environment of the game or those who want to prove themselves against the artificial intelligence of CoD developers. Alongside enriching the Zombies experience with most CoD releases, developers also enjoy hiding challenging Easter eggs inside Zombies maps.

The Die Maschine map in Black Ops Cold War looks to be the recent hub for Easter eggs for now. Players can check out a dancing pallbearers reference inside the map, in addition to finding and upgrading the D.I.E. Shockwave weapon.

Here’s everything you need to do to see and complete the Zombies coffin dance Easter egg in CoD: Black Ops Cold War’s Die Maschine.

Turn on the power and activate the Pack-a-Punch machine

To turn on the power on Die Maschine, follow the purple arrows starting from the spawn location. Each purple arrow will direct you to a new area blocked by an obstacle. You’ll need to unlock each path by using your cash.

The path will finally lead you to a room with the power button inside. Interact with it to turn on the power.

Next, you’ll need to activate the terminals and step into the Dark Aether portal to find the Pack-a-Punch machine part inside the Medical Bay or Weapons Lab area. Head over to the Particle Accelerator room after picking up the Machine Part while you’re still inside the Aether realm.

You’ll be able to forge the Pack-a-Punch machine inside the Particle Accelerator room. Doing so will make it appear on the other side of the Aether realm as well.

Take down the orbs

After activating the Pack-a-Punch machine, five different white orbs will appear in the Particle Accelerator room. Shoot each of them until you hear a buzzing sound. You can use any weapon type to complete this process. You don’t have to be inside the Dark Aether realm to complete this step, either.

Here’s where you can find each glowing orb.

Orb No. 1

The first orb – Screengrab via Activision

Take a left from the power room and keep moving toward the command center. Look for a chair laying on its side and check out the gap between the computers. That’s where you’ll find this orb.

Orb No. 2

The second orb – Screengrab via Activision

Once you shoot the first orb, turn around and go downstairs. Stick to the wall on your right while moving and you should notice the second orb while looking through the grating.

You won’t be able to shoot the orb through the grating, however, so you’ll need to crouch to find the perfect angle.

Orb No. 3

The third orb – Screengrab via Activision

For the third orb, you’ll need to navigate to the platform underneath the Pack-a-Punch machine. There should be a barrier that zombies come through if you’re in the right place and the orb will be toward the top left corner of this window.

The orb is relatively easy to see if the barrier is broken, but you’ll need to notice it through the wood otherwise.

Orb No. 4

The fourth orb – Screengrab via ActivisionThe fourth orb – Screengrab via Activision

Head over to the platform where the arsenal, which lets you upgrade weapons and armor, is located to find the fourth orb.

Jump over the railing across from the arsenal and land on the machinery. Turn your camera to the dark corner and the glowing orb will be quite noticeable through the darkness.

Orb No. 5 

The fifth orb – Screengrab via Activision

Make your way to the area near Weapons Lab for the fifth and final orb. It’ll be floating above the hole close to the wall around the entrance of the lab. You can hop onto the command center to get a better view of it.

You’ll need to get on the command center on the opposite side of the buttons you pressed earlier to summon the anomaly.

Time to dance with the pallbearers

The zombie pallbearers – Screengrab via Activision

Upon shooting the final orb, you and any other player on the map will be teleported to the Dark Aether realm in front of the Pack-a-Punch machine. You’ll be welcomed by seven zombies dancing while four of them perform the iconic moves of the pallbearers meme with a crate on their shoulders.

As opposed to what you may have grown used to in CoD’s Zombies mode, these zombies won’t attack you, so you can take a step closer to join in on the dance party.

The pallbearers will slowly move toward the middle of the stairway path and then you’ll get teleported out of the Aether dimension. Though the zombies will be gone, the crate they were carrying will make it out of the Aether realm with you.

The loot pallbearers leave behind – Screengrab via Activision

You’ll be able to open it up and loot the useful items inside, including weapons, a free Juggernog, a Cymbal Monkey, and spare parts for the arsenal. The rarity of the items you get out of the chest will be determined by the color of the smiley face on the crate. If you can get it to open while it’s orange, there will be legendary items inside alongside the previously mentioned rewards.

Thriller Zombie Line Dance How To

Zombies are a fad to die for. Since the release of Zombieland, Reinke Costumes in Littleton has hosted the only family friendly Zombie Crawl at high noon of the first Saturday of October. I have had the privilege of teaching the Thriller line dance to the undead since then.

Zombie films in Thriller

Thriller gives a hat tip to many modern zombie films from the 50’s & 60’s. Mr. Jackson’s makeup lightly mimics the skull from “Phantom of the Opera.” The zombies were inspired by “Night of the Living Dead.” Lastly, his glowing eyes capturing the werewolf in “The Company of Wolves.” Zombies are a powerful influence in modern culture today.

History of zombies

Tales of the dead arising date back to antiquity. From the dawn of time cultures have protected themselves from the dead rising. Why do you think there are fences around graveyards? It is to keep the dead in the grave.

Dead rise in the Bible

The Bible talks often about people rising from the grave. Both New and Old Testament prophesy talk about the dead coming to life. Ezekiel cried, them dry bones! The bones start to shake and become covered with muscle and flesh until they’re reanimated yet “there was no breath in them.” The book of Isaiah states, “Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise.” No wonder zombies are associated with the apocalypse.

Hold down the dead in Greece

Greeks were afraid of their dead rising. Dead men don’t tell tails, but their bones do. They buried their dead with heavy stones over the bodies to keep them in the grave. This is the origin of headstones in graveyards.

Zombies out of Africa

The word Zombie may have come from the African word “nzambi” which was a snake god, and later came to mean “reanimated corpse.” Voodoo had a hand in reanimating corpses as well. The voodoo master called Bokor could make a power that emulated death. This was like the potion used in Romeo and Juliet, where the body stilled like death, and when it wore off, the person would come back to life.

Thriller line dance

So now you know about the history of zombies in thriller, now you can learn some of the iconic dance moves from the music video. Don’t Let learning to dance scare you. Have fun learning this Thriller inspired line dance taught at the Littleton Zombie crawl.

Thriller Line Dance How To

Begin by rising aimlessly from the dead.

1 Zombie March with Head tick:

Zombie march forward for 8 counts right, left. With arms hanging limply at your side head tick to right on count 1, 5 & 7. Repeat.

2 Rigamortus:

Step side with your right foot with right arm to side and left arm forward then hip pulse 1,2. Close your feet 3,4. Repeat for 5,6,7,8.

3 Swim & Roar:

Step side, close side tap,(right, left, right, left tap) as arms swim in and out for count 1,2,3 ending on 4 with hands up like a Zombie grab. Repeat to the left for 5,6,7,8.

4 Hip Pop

Step side right hip up & 1,2. Step side right hip down & 3,4. Turn ½ turn to left hip pulse up down snapping in opposition 5,6,7,8.

5 Down up shoulder shimmy

Step side Left foot bending down count 1. Close right foot to left foot bringing hands above head to clap count 2. Step side left foot shimmy shoulders up down for counts 3, &,4, &. Close right foot to left foot count 5,6. Shoulders shrug up down &,7. Head turn right, forward count &,8. Repeat on the opposite side.

6 Zombie Roar

Begin with left foot in the air hands to left count 1,2. Walk forward left, right foe counts 3,4. Swing hands in front 5,6. Swing up to right with right foot in air 7,8. Repeat to right side for counts 1-6. Count 7,8 make an arm circle

7 Zombie hunch

 Jump down into a deep plie or sumo squat hands on knees count 1,2. Right foot pivots around left foot for count 3-4,5-6. On 7-8 look back over your right shoulder. Repeat for 8 more counts. On 7-8 stand up to repeat from the Zombie March. Continue repeating these sequences until the end of the song.

Location and Song

Filmed at Adventures in dance. Background photos from the Littleton Cemetery, home of Alfred Packard, the Colorado cannibal. Instruction by Holly Tomazin. Song, Thriller tango Tony Evans.

Holly Tomazin
WEDDING DANCE instruction
Certified Licentiate in
Ballroom, Latin, Smooth & Rhythm
with ISTD, DIVDA, FADS, & Arthur Murrary’s
author of
Holly’s hot wedding tips, 
Historically Accurate Princess Dances,
Winner of:
The Knot Hall of Fame best wedding dance instruction,
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Adventures in Dance
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History of Zombies from Ancient Times to Pop Culture
A Brief History Of Zombies

8 Impressive K-pop Zombie Dances - K-pop

A.C.E – ZER0 Project

Even in their pre-debut activities, the group created a special project for the holiday Halloween and danced a zombie dance. In addition to the official video, A.C.E also presented this choreography at street concerts.

See also: Top 13 Halloween Costume Ideas Based on Dramas and Movies

BTS – War of Hormone

BTS often presented a special dance practice for Halloween . Here is perhaps the most impressive zombie version from them.

BTOB – Thriller

The theme of the video BTOB for the song "Thriller" became coffins and crypts. And on music shows, their zombie dance took on an ominous tone due to the play of light.

Grace - Zombie High

In Grace's "Zombie High" video, filmed almost like a dance practice, zombies came out to dance on the road.


MONSTA X performed their dance version of 's "HERO" for Halloween , in which they turned into vampire zombies.

SPEED – Zombie Party

SPEED presented a whole zombie party.

Charlie and Shinba - Good Zombie

Good zombies with a touch of retro and nostalgia for the past.

Necrophilia – Zombie dance

Aptly named Korean dance studio Necrophilia has introduced a real female version of the zombie dance.

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Zombie Zoo - Tom Petty

Zombie Zoo

Zoo Zoo


All down the street they're standin' in line
With white lipstick and one thing on their mind
Hey little freak with the lunch pail purse
Underneath the paint you're just a little girl

Dancin' at the Zombie Zoo
Dancin' at the Zombie Zoo
Painted in a corner and all you wanna do
Is dance down at the Zombie Zoo

Cute little dropout, how come you pack a rod
Is your mother in a clinic? Has your father got no job?
Sometimes you're so impulsive, you shaved off all your hair
You look like Boris Karloff and you don't even care and all you wanna do
Is dance down at the Zombie Zoo

She disappears at sunrise
I wonder where she goes until the night
Comes fallin' down again
You show up with your friends, half-alive

Dancin' at the Zombie Zoo
Dancin' at the Zombie Zoo

Well , you can make a big impression
Or go through life unseen
You might wind up restricted and over seventeen
It's so hard to be careful, so easy to be led
Somewhere beyond the pavement
You'll find the living dead

Dancin' at the Zombie Zoo
Dancin' at the Zombie Zoo
Painted in a corner and all she wants to do
Is dance down at the Zombie Zoo

The line stretched along the street,
Everyone has white lipstick on their lips and one desire in their heads.
Hey scary creature with a lunch bag,
Under the paint you're just a little girl,

Zombie Zoo Dancer,
Zombie Zoo Dancer.
You've reached a dead end and you want one thing:
Dance at the Zombie Zoo.

You dropped out of school and carry a gun?
Is your mom in the hospital? Where is your father looking?
You're so impulsive, you shaved your head for no reason,
You look like Boris Karloff 2 but you don't care.

You're dancing at the Zombie Zoo,
You're dancing at the Zombie Zoo,
You're stuck and want one thing:
Dance at the Zombie Zoo.

She disappears at dawn,
Disappears somewhere before nightfall,
When darkness comes
She and her friends are here again, half-dead,

Dancing in the Zombie Zoo,
Dancing at the Zombie Zoo.

You can leave a vivid memory of yourself
Or live your life unnoticed,
You can end up behind bars, and when you turn 17,
It's so hard to protect yourself, so easy to go on about.
Turn a little off the sidewalk,
And meet the living dead,

Zombie Zoo Dancers,
Zombie Zoo Dancers.
She has reached a dead end and wants one thing:
Dance at the Zombie Zoo.

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Full moon fever

Tom Petty

Tracklist (12)

  • Free fallin'
  • I won't back down
  • Love is a long road
  • A face in the crowd
  • Runnin' down a dream
  • Feel a whole lot better
  • Yer so bad
  • Depending on you
  • The apartment song
  • Alright for now
  • A mind with a heart of its own
  • Zombie Zoo

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