How fake is dance moms

Is the Show Scripted? The Cast Reveals the Truth

When Lifetime first thought of the concept for Dance Moms, they had no idea that it would be so successful. But for 8 seasons, fans were absolutely enamored with the talented dancers, their mothers, and the inevitable drama the show fostered. Because the show was so incredibly volatile, fans have often questioned if the show was real or fake. But is the popular reality TV show scripted? The cast got candid about the truth.

Dance Moms Season 2 cast | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Is ‘Dance Moms’ scripted?

Most shows that are branded as “reality” have a scripted component. However, Dance Moms is unique in that the original cast didn’t get a script. Because almost all of the original cast knew each other for years prior to the show filming, they had a history with one another that created natural drama, especially in the early seasons.

The cast got candid about if the show is real or fake

Back in 2020, Holly Hatcher-Frazier, Melissa Gisoni, Kelly Hyland, and Jill Vertes gave a joint interview about their experiences on the show. In the interview, Hatcher-Frazier and Gisoni revealed that Dance Moms fans are constantly questioning them about whether the show was real or fake. “I will say no one ever handed me a script,” Hatcher-Frazier shared with Entertainment Tonight.

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But even though the show wasn’t scripted there were elements that were fabricated or enhanced. The producers would often do clever editing to make the show more interesting. Furthermore, the producers were very skilled at mapping out a storyline and doing everything in their power to manipulate the cast into delivering the storyline that they wanted.

How the ‘Dance Moms’ producers set the cast up

“We never got a script but they knew what they wanted every week and they would set you up,” Gisoni revealed, speaking about the producers of Dance Moms. “That’s really what reality shows are you know.” “The producers would have three storylines that they really manipulated us to get to,” Vertes shared, echoing her long-time friend.

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By listening in on the cast’s conversations, the producers were able to get tons of information that would help feed the narrative that they created. Furthermore, in many instances, it was the producers (not Abby Lee Miller) who controlled who got solos, duos, and trios and determined where the dancers fell on the pyramid. This was another tactic that was used to create drama and heighten already existing tension.

In many ways ‘Dance Moms’ was just like any other reality TV show

While Dance Moms may not be a scripted show, it was still highly produced just like any other reality TV show. Fans need only to look at deleted scenes to see that not everyone was represented accurately. Furthermore, the cast (especially the dancers) had a lot more fun times together that never made it to the screen. Dance Moms may not have been fake, but it wasn’t entirely real either.

What The Dance Moms Cameras Didn't Show You


By Meg Walters/Aug. 7, 2020 5:20 pm EST

Ever since Dance Moms first aired on Lifetime in 2011, people have been hooked on the addictive and super dramatic reality show. And, as fans of the series know, the tiny dancers featured on Dance Moms have gone on to enjoy wildly successful careers after leaving the studio. 

Dance Moms follows young dancers — and, of course, the moms of said dancers — as they navigate the crazy world of competitive dance. Even a casual viewer of the show can attest that life at the Abby Lee Dance Company (or ALDC) is always eventful. From the legendary cat fights between the titular dance moms, to the emotional outbursts of the young girls, as well as Miller's dramatic, made-for-reality-TV tirades — every episode of this show is packed with drama.

But what about all of the drama that never makes it to the screen? As it turns out, some of Dance Moms funniest bloopers — as well as the most controversial moments from the famous Abby Lee Dance Company — were never actually shown on the screen. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at everything the cameras didn't show you on Dance Moms.

Dance Moms' famous dance pyramid segment could take hours to film


Even though Dance Moms was a reality show, some bits took quite a long time to film — much longer, in fact, than it would have taken in real life! 

For instance, the regular Dance Moms pyramid segment reportedly took two to three hours to film on average — even though the actual segment only seemed like a few minutes to viewers. In a 2019 video, former Dance Moms star Chloe Lukasiak confessed that the segment could actually  be pretty harrowing to film. "When pyramid started, that took about . .. I wanna say on average two hours to film," Lukasiak claimed. She explained that this lengthy filming time took its toll on the girls. Added Chloe, "Imagine standing there for two hours listening to your dance teacher talk — and most of the time she's telling five out six children however horrible they are!" 

Apparently, the long hours led to children and moms getting annoyed, which Lukasiak believes naturally led to even more fights and drama between them. That certainly makes sense to us!

The kids had to audition to be on Dance Moms


The drama on Dance Moms — as is the case for the majority of reality shows on the market –was somewhat orchestrated by producers. However, what many people may not realize is that the Dance Moms cast was carefully selected to appear on the show. 

While one might think the girls (and mothers) featured on the show just happened to be members of Abby Lee Miller's dance studio, the girls actually had to go through an audition process to get their places on the team.  Payton Ackerman, one of the former dancers from the show, opened up about how she and her mom wound up on our screens. 

In a candid video, Payton said that the producers asked various girls to film their everyday lives before they attended interviews with their moms. While Payton's dance team audition didn't impress Abby, Payton explained that the producers loved her mom's dramatic outburst so much that they put them on the show as regulars. 

Payton Ackerman claims she was made to look like a villain in the Dance Moms editing room


Payton Ackerman joined Dance Moms in Season 2 when she was 15 years old (via Woman's Day). And it wasn't long before Payton and her mom were quickly established as the new "bad guys" of the Abby Lee Dance Company universe.

In a 2018 YouTube video, Payton revealed the truth about her time on the show. According to the Dance Moms star, the producers of the show were careful to portray the dancer and her mom in a very specific light. "They immediately made us look like the bad people," Payton claimed. She continued, explaining, "You know, like the crazy ones, the bullies, all that stuff." Apparently, according to Payton, some of her interviews were even edited to twist the meaning of what she'd said!

Eventually, Payton started to find the pressure of being portrayed as a bully too much to handle, and she took a step back from filming. "It got to the point where I was getting death threats," she explained.

Some situations were definitely staged on Dance Moms


The team behind Dance Moms always knew how to stir up the drama to create must-watch reality TV — and they weren't afraid to use every trick in the book. 

In addition to the producers twisting reality in order to paint Payton Ackerman and her mother as villains, it seems producers also used their influence to create some other select situations. As Payton said in her confessional video, "They set up situations that might have not actually happened, which causes a reaction.

Nia Sioux also opened up about how certain elements of the show were staged, revealing in a YouTube video, "We had producers, we had things that happened that we didn't control and that people kind of manipulated." However, Nia went on to clarify that the show was never scripted despite having the occasional setup. While we'll probably never know what was real and what was fake, it's pretty clear that Dance Moms viewers should watch the show with a cautious eye and take everything they see onscreen with a grain of salt.

The girls were tutored together while filming Dance Moms


Dance Moms wasn't just fun, games, dancing, and drama! After all, the girls still had homework to do.

As it turns out, filming a reality TV show takes a lot of time — which means there's not much time left for school! However, according to the Dance Moms stars, the young dancers all did their schoolwork together in a doctor's office across the street from the Abby Lee Dance Company studio. As Chloe Lukasiak explained, the girls all used a nearby doctor's office as their "base camp." The office served as a space for breaks, lunch, interviews, and tutoring. According to former Dance Moms star, JoJo Siwa, confirmed that after morning classes and lunch in the base camp, the girls all head to the studio, or "set," as JoJo called it, to film.

Nia Sioux also spoke about the bizarre schooling setup. "We shared a school teacher across many grade levels," Nia said. She continued, recalling, "It's really funny — we all just shared this one tutor for seven years." 

Abby Lee Miller was actually worse when the Dance Moms cameras were off


As Dance Moms know all too well, no one wants to be on the receiving end of the terror and fury of Abby Lee Miller. 

The dance teacher is famous for her super tough approach to teaching the dancers — and her explosive tantrums and tirades are practically legendary. It would be hard to imagine Abby being any worse than she is on the show; however, according to some of the dancers, the cameras didn't always show their teacher's worst outbursts. In an interview with Studio 10, the Dance Moms cast confirmed that Miller's attitude wasn't only real, it was actually toned down for the show. "She would be worse when the cameras weren't around," Jill Vertes, one of the moms said. Jill continued, explaining that Abby toned it down "because she really doesn't want everybody to hate her."

According to Nia Sioux, some of Abby's rages were even edited out. Nia revealed, "There were some things that they couldn't air actually, because they were a little hard." No wonder the kids were apparently "traumatized" by the dance teacher.

The dance solos on Dance Moms weren't actually being judged


Many Dance Moms episodes ended with the team taking part in a dance competition, during which viewers got to see the girls perform their solos and group numbers in front of judges before receiving their scores — and, occasionally, their trophies.  

While everything looked pretty ordinary on screen, the competition dances were far from organic. Instead, former Dance Moms stars insist that even the competitions were set up by the show's producers.

Nia Sioux revealed in a YouTube video that the dances viewers saw on Dance Moms weren't actually the real dances that were judged. Apparently, the girls had to do every dance twice — once for the judges, and once for the cameras. "The second time, not for judging, the judges even leave the room," Nia explained. She continued, saying, "It's just for the cameras so that they can get shots and angles." While Sioux's revelation about the false nature of the competition dances does kind of ruin the illusion of the show, it's easy to see why they'd need to film some of the dances again from different perspectives. 

Dance Moms' Kelly Hyland was arrested after her blowout with Abby Lee Miller


Dance Moms had plenty of incredibly dramatic moments during its time on air. However, some made more of a splash than others. 

In one of the biggest rows in Dance Moms history, Kelly Hyland, Brooke and Paige Hyland's mom, had a massive yelling match with Abby Lee Miller. At one point during the confrontation, Kelly even slapped Abby across the face and yanked on her hair. Apparently, the famous Season 4 fight was so bad that it actually resulted in an assault lawsuit. However, the case wasn't quite as cut and dry as it might appear (via CBS). According to Kelly's attorney, Kelly claimed that she had been encouraged to hit Abby by the show's producers. "It was part of the script," she explained. 

According to ABC News, Kelly was still ultimately charged with assault and ordered to "stay away from [Abby]." For anyone questioning the high tensions on the show, it seems that the "made-for-TV" drama was real enough to result in a shockingly dramatic (and very real) court case.

Dance Moms' Kalani Hilliker was never a part of Abby Lee Miller's studio


Apparently, Dance Moms fibbed about the origins of some of its young dance stars.

Dancer Kalani Hilliker first appeared on Dance Moms in 2014 (via IMDb). However, unlike the other young dancers on the show, Hilliker wasn't actually a student at the Abby Lee Dance Company. This was revealed in 2014, when Melissa Gisoni and her daughters Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler appeared on Afterbuzz TV to reveal some little known facts about the show. The family explained that because Kalani lived in Arizona, she was only ever at the studio for the filming — and not because she was attending a class taught by Abby Lee Miller.

According to Melissa and her dancing daughters, the producers created fake groups of dancers for the sake of the show. In fact, Mackenzie didn't actually dance with the other girls in real life, as she was too young. It certainly seems like the version of reality viewers were fed was a bit further from the truth than Dance Moms ever let on.

The pyramid system was actually invented by the Dance Moms producers


As diehard Dance Moms fans know, one of the most iconic regular sequences in the show was the pyramid scene used to start off each episode. The harsh rating system always seemed like an obvious thing for a cutthroat teacher like Abby Lee Miller to inflict upon her students. However, the setup was actually invented by the show's producers — not by Abby.

Dance Moms' Chloe Lukasiak revealed how it all began in a YouTube video, explaining that pyramid began as "chalkboard." Chloe went on to say, "No, we never did pyramid before the show." The former Dance Moms star joked that it would have been a ridiculous system to do with no cameras around, saying, "It's not a normal thing to do." Chloe continued to sarcastically mock the pyramid ranking system, saying in a mocking tone, "Let's rank children and tell them how terrible they are. [...] It's so healthy."

Of course, Chloe makes a good point! That pyramid segment must have been seriously traumatic for the kids, especially if it was only being done for the sake of the show's drama.

The Dance Moms producers tried to encourage drama whenever they could


A few Dance Moms stars have confessed that the show's most dramatic and unforgettable scenes were nearly always encouraged by the producers.  

According to Camryn Bridges, who appeared on Season 8 of Dance Moms, the producers told the moms they had to fight if they wanted to get paid. She went on to explain that the producers were "mean sometimes," and would instigate fights amongst the moms by spreading rumors and gossip. "It is very heavily produced," Camryn confessed in a YouTube video.

Maddie Ziegler also spoke about the production team to USA Today. "The producers set it up to make us all yell at each other," she explained. Maddie continued, revealing, "The moms have a fake fight sometimes. Afterward they just start talking and laugh about it." Of course, anyone who has watched Dance Moms can probably see for themselves that the fights are a little too intense and much too frequent to be 100 percent genuine and organic in nature. 

Camryn Bridges and Kamyrn Smith experienced racism on Dance Moms


Dance Moms rarely touched upon the topic of racism during its television run; however, it's always been clear that racial tensions ran high at the Abby Lee Dance Company.  

Since leaving the show, some of Dance Moms' Black cast members have opened up about the discrimination and racist treatment they received while filming. In 2020, Adriana Smith — mom to dancer Kamryn Smith — took to Instagram to explain her experience on the show. According to the mom, Abby Lee Miller once told her, "I know you grew up in the [hood] with only a box of [eight] crayons, but I grew up in the Country Club with a box of 64 ... Don't be stupid."

Apparently, Camryn Bridges also found Abby's treatment to be discriminatory. In 2019, Camryn explained in a YouTube video how Abby once made an undeniably racist comment in class. "One time she told me that the bottom of my feet looked weird because the top of my feet were brown and the bottom were white and none of the other people's were like that," Camryn revealed. However, these undeniably racist comments never made it to air.

Abby Lee Miller claims Maddie Ziegler was set up to forget her routine in one memorable Dance Moms episode


In one of Dance Moms' most famous scenes, Maddie Ziegler, who was famously Abby Lee Miller's favorite student, broke down in the middle of a performance after forgetting her routine. According to Abby, however, the moment was all set up by producers of the show. 

Abby wrote about the incident in her book, Everything I Learned In Life, I Learned In Dance Class "They set the ball in motion at the beginning of the week so that Maddie didn't have enough studio time to finish learning her solo," Abby explained (via Radar Online). Apparently, Ziegler was sent out of the studio while she was learning the routine, which meant she had to learn the rest of it the morning of her performance.

According to Abby, the cameraman on the same episode "didn't know what he was doing," and caused four other kids to forget their routines. It seems the production team's influence went a little too far during this upsetting moment.

The Dance Moms dancers only got to be "normal" kids one night per week


Dance Moms stars are no strangers to hard work and long hours.

With school, dance classes, competitions, and filming on their plates, it's hard to imagine that the kids of Dance Moms had time to do, well, much of anything that "normal" kids had time to do!  In a YouTube video, Chloe Lucasiak confirmed that the dancers didn't have much time for anything other than dance. According to Chloe, all of the dancers' time was taken up by schoolwork or dancing — aside from Saturday evenings, which was their only real "day" off. 

"We would watch movies, we would give each other massages, crazy makeup tutorials," Chloe revealed, explaining how she and her fellow dancers spent their time off. She continued, saying, "That was like our one night of the week where we really got to be kids." As fun as that sounds, having only one night off after a huge competition day doesn't seem like quite enough time for young kids to truly kick back, unwind, and just be young. 

Marina Devyatova recovered, Marina Devyatova at Malakhov, Marina Devyatova new songs, Marina Devyatova family |

The audience did not recognize the always fit Marina in the woman on the show


After a long time, the singer and finalist of the project "People's Artist - 3" Marina Devyatova first appeared on a TV show and surprised the audience with a changed appearance. Fans hardly recognized the singer herself in the woman with the sonorous voice of Devyatova. Our colleagues from StarHit compared earlier photos of the performer with footage from the program.

Marina Devyatova appeared in Andrey Malakhov's program to perform the hit "The Nightingale Sang in the Grove" (better known name - "Oh, how I like you") and chat with other participants of the program. But the release of the TV show was remembered by viewers not only for an interesting conversation on the topic of folk songs.

The audience was confused when they saw Marina Devyatova after a long time


The artist gained weight, but this did not stop her from singing and dancing cheerfully. The singer on the TV show spoke about her daughter Ulyana, who was born in 2017 in a marriage with Alexei Pigurenko. According to the woman, the girl did not inherit her mother's vocal abilities.

— You know, such a nuance: we sing out of tune and out of rhythm, but we dance from the heart! Marina shared.

This is how Marina looked in 2016


The singer became widely known thanks to the popular vocal TV show "People's Artist - 3". Now Devyatova is actively performing with a musical program. In social networks, the woman shares numerous concert posters, and in stories she shows how hard she is preparing for performances.

Just a little bit more and the video will load

The singer has a lot of fans

Video: marinadevyatova /

"Are you confused?"

Katya from St. Petersburg: what Paulina Andreeva looked like before her popularity and star marriage - see the photo.

Even they are cheated on: famous beauties who were able to forgive their husbands' infidelity and are happy.


  • January 28, 2022, 10:00 pm

    Goodbye heartbreaker? What does one of the sexual actresses of the 2000s look now-we look at the photo by Jennifer Love Hughitt

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Native smiles shine everywhere,
And congratulations on the soul:
Live as many years as possible,
Let good happiness over you
The sun always shines light!

I want to congratulate you on your birthday
And wish you happiness!
Let only the best moments
Always meet in fate!
Let life flow like a fairy tale,
Let there be true friends.
Sparkles with the spring sun,
Your bright smile!

Holiday Birthday rang the bell,
Congratulations rushed at once from all legs!
You manage to resist this onslaught,
To charm the whole world with charm and a smile!
You step into the future today from “that foot”,
Save the holiday atmosphere in your heart,
So that the soul, like the sun, gives light to everyone,
So that happiness says on your holiday: - Hello!

A bouquet of balloons for you,
And millions of kind words,
Everything you need for happiness:
May there be joy and love,
Good, great health,
Attention of relatives and friends,
And all the best,
To yours wonderful day, birthday day!

Let life be rich in love
And dreams will become reality!
This date is not the time of sunset,
A dawn for your beauty!
Happy birthday to you
And as usual, only from the bottom of my heart,
We wish a lot of happiness in the family
And victorious peaks in your career!

Happy birthday
And I wish from the bottom of my heart,
That plans
And cherished dreams come true.
I wish that in life
There were many bright days,
Prosperity, optimism,
Faithful, devoted friends!

A clear, joyful, happy life
We hasten to sincerely wish you!
And from the date of the festive, beautiful
You do not need to take away the numbers!
Your age - a bouquet of flowers,
What an experience plucked on the way!
We are health, joy, longevity
We wish you to weave into that bouquet!

Happy birthday,
I wish you a bright holiday.
To have pleasures
And favorite gifts!
I wish you a lot of happiness,
Mountains of money and success,
It's always great to have a rest,
Fresh forces, an avalanche of laughter!
I wish as if in a song
Weekdays flow like a waterfall,
Loyal friends, so that together
It was joyful, cozy!

It's not a problem at all,
That the arrow of the year is flying -
It is - and it was,
Well, it will always be like this!
So, the conclusion is - you need to live,
Do not cry and do not grieve,
And with warmth and grace
Surround all space!
Every day must be valued,
After all, the thread of life is thin . ..
And dreams and chances are impossible
Missed and dropped!
Invite happiness to visit,
Take the world - and surprise!
Birthday to the fullest,
Live very brightly!

Happy birthday,
May dreams come true,
And it's time for luck,
Positive, kindness!
Let the house be a full bowl,
Love and peace live in it,
Let it become your joy,
Laughter, care and comfort!

Let life bring miracles like a magician,
Every step brings you closer to the dream,
So that only positive awaits solid ahead
And the heart, like a watch, beat in the chest!
Let the sun pull its gentle ray,
Let fate pick up the key to good luck,
Let them give good and dawn, and sunrise,
And to open the code of happiness on your birthday!

They say that the years
Fly away without a trace...
But all this is not true,
So to speak, rubbish!
Because every year
Life experience gives
And gives strength to some,
And to others - vice versa!
I want to wish you,
So that everything is within my reach,
So that I never go to the pharmacy or the doctor!
To sing and dance,
To pick stars from the sky,
To enjoy life
And never grieve!
May your years
Generously give you water like water!
Happy birthday!
In general - happiness forever!

A year has passed - and the birthday
You celebrate again.
As if in vivid dreams,
May dreams come true!
Let them love you without falsehood
And your smiles are waiting.
Do not be sad, because there will be more
Many joyful minutes!
From the bottom of my heart I wish you
Beautiful stars in the sky!
In a word, congratulations!
Be on horseback all the time!

All the best for you today,
Gifts the best and best words,
On the date of birth, it’s impossible otherwise,
Let the Sun and the Earth congratulate,
And of course, I congratulate you,
All the best to you, and most importantly - good,
May the cherished dream come true,
May there be happiness and love in full!

Happy birthday!
This is the best day ever.
Let only luck bring
A new step in life!
Let everything succeed in everyday life,
Life shines like a diamond,
Let luck smile
Every moment and every hour!

Happy birthday
And I wish you warmly:
Optimism and luck,
More blessings.
As if in a fairy tale, let them come true
All your desires.
The heart will be filled with joy.
Peace, happiness and love!

Just a drop, a tiny bit
You're getting older.
The past years are leaving,
Like children's dreams.
Now for birthdays
Catch the light of youth
With spring streams
Hope and love!

Happy birthday!
Happiness, joy in the soul!
Let COVID affect your mood
Doesn't affect at all!
Let, as before, gather
At the table your friends,
Let poems and toasts flow -
For love and for you!
I wish you all the best,
New goals and victories,
The sky is clear without edge
And healthy for many years!

I wish you laughter on your birthday
In the circle of colleagues, friends, relatives,
A quiet feast, without running,
But with a lot of clockwork games!
Let smile always paint the face,
And things are moving uphill.
So that the Golden Fish in the net
Got caught, gave all the blessings!
I wish you health, happiness,
All my life success and love.
So that joy, prolonging the years,
Was a fellow traveler on the way!

We sincerely want to congratulate you
Happy birthday to you, glorious day!
May luck always shine on you,
Like the sun in the blue sky!
Happiness in the family, success in work,
Bright achievements in fate!
And may your years last forever -
For the joy of everyone (including yourself!)

I congratulate you, loving,
Sincerely, sincerely!
Happy birthday to you,
Happy new rebirth!
Do not count the dates of life,
Looking into the distance with a smile,
Walk boldly according to fate,
As if at a parade!
Only happiness let you
Meets you every day,
Your blue bird
Flies high!

What would you like on your birthday?
Mutual love and prosperity,
Do not know losses and sorrows,
Only smooth roads in life!
Reach the biggest peaks,
Not noticing the years running,
Do not deceive, do not sin,
Become strong, wise, omnipotent!

The clock cannot be stopped,
Slowing down the flow of time.
But still there is no need to be sad
About elusive moments.
After all, every day is like a blank sheet,
And we are partly artists.
And if you are pure in soul,
Then you will draw happiness on it!
Let there be a lot ahead
Discoveries, joyful emotions!
And let on the path of life
Everything you dream about succeeds!

Have a wonderful birthday
We hasten to wish you
Hopes and aspirations
Incarnate in reality!
Good luck and luck,
Smiles and warmth,
So that life is like an adventure,
Was rich!

Let me hug you tightly,
On this wonderful Day of the year,
Everyone must have congratulated,
Now I will say the words:
With all my heart and soul,
Great happiness and love,
And wave your hand at sadness,
After all, the best is yet to come!

Get lost today in congratulations,
And you can drown in gifts,
After all, today is a holiday - a birthday,
And even if you want to feel sad,
I will say one thing - you have no right,
And let a smile shine on your face,
And the main thing to say, of course, is:
Live happily, long on earth!

Birthday! A year in the piggy bank . ..
Life, God forbid, love you passionately,
And fall in love, like at seventeen,
And gain health!
So that you are not afraid of obstacles,
And go ahead, laugh,
Win and conquer,
Do not hit the dirt with your face!
May providence guide you!
Only good to you! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations from us
On your birthday,
We are with friendly passion
We carry from the heart!
To have assets
For a beautiful life!
So that it was for happiness
Absolutely everything!
Let the sun shine!
And ardently plays
Let the flame of desires
In hot blood!
Health, good luck!
A hundredfold return
From good deeds
And feelings of love!

Happy birthday!
Let him be the best!
The most generous for fun,
The most fabulous, lucky!
May fortune on a happy day
Enclose in its arms,
So that they pass by as soon as possible
All hardships and bad weather!
Be prosperous, understanding,
I wish you joy in the family,
All the beauty and prosperity,
Happiness and love without end!

Without any introduction,
Without any ceremony,
I wish you a birthday
Love, kindness, harmony.
Let the disease not torment,
Let the viruses disappear,
So that the “pluses” visit - a cloud
And so that the “minuses” pass by!
Let the heart burn,
Let it be believed and loved!
Everything that the soul desires,
May it come true!

Your holiday has come today,
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
I wish your happiness to be,
Huge, immense and big!
More joyful moments in life,
And only sincere people nearby,
Pleasant words, smiles, compliments,
Reliable, faithful, devoted friends!

The years are running and in their stream
Sometimes we don't notice,
That once a year with love lines
They dedicate to us with all their heart!
And the birthday comes again,
It doesn't matter which time.
Let a miracle come into your life,
The sparkle of happy eyes does not go out!

We wish you on your birthday
Magical, young beauty,
And so that wonderful moments
Suddenly bloom in your soul like a garden!
Let good luck be lit like a beacon
Inside all happiness are lanterns!
And does not spare life for surrender:
Hope, Faith and Love!

Let the superfluous - be erased,
Unnecessary - go away,
Let the sun caress you,
Let luck await!
Let your birthday be
The most beautiful of days!
Let a miracle await you in life
And let happiness await in it!

Let delight reign in the soul,
Let the dream soar between the stars,
Let your charm and charm
Conquer the whole planet!
So as not to appease the enthusiasm,
So as not to blame fate,
To have a heart on your birthday
Embrace the vast world!

We wish you a birthday on this day
(As, indeed, on any day)
Festive mood to you,
Warmth from relatives and friends,
So that sorrows pass away,
So that everything happens, succeed,
So that what you have always dreamed of,
Now it will surely come true!

Of course, there are many days in a year,
But we won't forget this day,
Today the sun is brighter,
I want to drink some wine,
For your good health,
For your personal birthday!
And congratulations on love,
Let the river flow today!

Life flies at full speed,
Here in the archive and again “plus a year”,
Let this “plus” not crush
Soul like a heavy burden.
And let it be the other way around -
He will remove all worries,
Let him dispel all adversity,
So that years will be in the joy of life!
So that problems, troubles - in the negative,
In the minus, so that the disease and the virus ...
Well, in the plus - success, luck,
Happy Birthday!

We heartily congratulate you,
On this date, dear,
And no one will let you cheat,
Only once a year is such a day,
It's your birthday today,
And wishes for you,
All plans at the moment of implementation,
And hundreds of times more happiness!

May you be stormed this evening
Wishes one hundred thousand five hundred!
Clear goals, direct paths
To conquer new heights!
It is necessary to form together desires
And set the direction for fate!
Let all the best in life happen!
Happy birthday! Happiness to you!

The birthday is coming -
This is an occasion for fun!
Let the perky laughter sound!
May success come to you,
Both health and wealth!
Let dreams come true,
As if in a fairy tale, like in a movie!
Everything that has been dreamed of for a long time,
Let it happen soon!
Boldly move forward,
Without losing inspiration!
In a word, happy birthday!

We wish you everything you need in life,
What makes her happy:
Love, health, happiness, friendship.
Wealth, joy in full.
We heartily congratulate you
And we send the warmth of our hearts,
We wish you luck for many years,
Let all troubles come to an end!

Happy Birthday!
And of course - to you!
It's not too late to confess,
That I always love you!
Let health only grow stronger,
Goodness multiplies...
Happy is he who does not notice,
How much has passed!

Eternal leaf fall
Years fly by,
Everyone is in a hurry somewhere
A flock of cranes ...
But there is no need to be sad
Every birthday:
Life will still swirl
You like a spring stream!
In addition to leaf fall,
There are winter and summer,
There will be sunsets,
There will be sunrises!

Happy birthday joyfully
We congratulate you!
And a drink by the degree
We'll put it on the table!
Festively dressed,
We are waiting and languishing:
Happiness, longevity
We strive to wish!
Let the money multiply
In your pocket!
Let everything in life work out
Cool, like in a novel!

Worried about being cunning,
And not finding the right words,
We congratulate you on your birthday
With all my heart now you.
May everything beautiful in the world
You will meet on your way:
Love, good luck, fresh wind,
To have fun happily!

There are different celebrations,
Hundreds of bright days,
But such a holiday
No relatives can be found!
YOUR birthday, after all,
Not for the whole earth -
Here are congratulations
Only to YOU ​​my!
So that sheer joys,
So that dreams fly!
Others from envy
Mouth opened!

Happy birthday to you!
We wish you all the best in life!
Happiness, success, fun, health!
Let the house be filled with light, love!
The fastest career in the world,
Money without measure for this career!
Honors, fame, love and good luck,
Yacht, car and dacha to boot!

Happy birthday! Let it be
Long, joyful your way.
Let luck not forget
Be sure to look in,
Crane or titmouse -
Everyone knows better.
May good things happen
And last for many days

Fascinated by the event,
We will say in rhyme, in time.
British scientists
Discovered this fact:
The more birthdays,
The longer we live.
And that means congratulations
We bring our own to the house.
Having come to the holiday
We are almost in the morning,
We wish you all success,
And all the best!

Once a year, as it should be,
“Let them run” will be sung for you,
And faces will sparkle with kindness,
All relatives will “land” at the table!
There will be a birthday cake, yummy
And a couple of drops of intoxicating wine in a glass,
Congratulations and "many years",
If only it was a joy for you!
If only you were healthy and cheerful,
So that your nose never hangs,
So that luck is in all directions!
Be happy always! Happy Birthday!

Pearly dews and whirlwind of comets,
Fair winds, parades of planets!
Today the whole world sends greetings,
And on your birthday, accept this one too:
Let the sounds become music for you,
And the Guardian Angel will descend from heaven,
Happy lanes in your life
Find and give a happy flight!

Happy birthday from the heart, from the bottom of my heart
I congratulate you today,
I wish you better days and joy,
So that everything is as you decide,
I wish you health and strength,
New achievements at work,
So that there are no worries and regrets,
So that the world is filled with love,
And I also wish happiness,
May it always hover around,
May your friends not forget you,
And may your family always be happy.

And we have prepared a poem for you,
And in every line there is sincerity, kindness.
May all the desires that were not fulfilled,
Rather come true for this celebration,
After all, a birthday is always a special day,
There is a piece of a fairy tale in it, magic,
Based on happiness, joy and miracles,
We wish you all the best, Total!

Congratulations on your birthday
And we wish you, our hero,
Jolly mood:
Just like that - even fall, even stand.
On this significant noisy day
Remember: you are highly respected!
We will celebrate culturally, but violently,
And not only drink for nothing...

Today is your personal holiday!
You spend it perfectly!
I wish the sun to shine overhead
without fail!
Let the wagon be gifts!
One hundred points - mood!
And life will merge into one bottle
Love, health and luck!

Life is like chess... Move... One more move. ..
Move - and now one more year will be lived!
Even though, alas, it is not easy to play with life,
But the outcome is still far away...
So play, dear, do not rush,
So that both in joy and so that from the heart!
Twice, alas, this life cannot be lived,
So know how to cherish every day!
Walk the road with honor through life,
Be always the first, always ahead!

Birthday is a very important holiday,
Congratulations on him today,
So that life gives you everything you want,
At this moment, I sincerely wish,
So that you have good health,
So that all your dreams come true,
So that fate always loves you,
So that ideas are embodied in action .
I want to sincerely wish you more
I wish you great luck now
To help you every day
Solve problems and tasks.

Only kind words,
In a festive verse,
And there are a lot of wishes,
And all of them are for you,
In honor of the birthday from the heart,
Health and money,
And, of course, love,
The price of a hundred carats!

Although they say that
Birthday is a sad holiday,
And someone wants to bypass it,
Not to know different memories,
But stations are needed on the way.

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