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un pequeño tutorial de este paso 💜#lmfao #partyrock #shuffledance

9.6K Likes, 49 Comments. TikTok video from ✨𝙆𝙖𝙨𝙨𝙖𝙣𝙖✨ (@mystickassana): "un pequeño tutorial de este paso 💜#lmfao #partyrock #shuffledance". salta mandando el pié con el que saltas al centro, mientras que recoges el otro pié flexionando hacía atrás | Tutorial - party rock lmfao paso del robot | intercala los movimientos y practica primero lento y después rápido | .... Party Rock Anthem.


Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO



Responder a @elchino.012 ahí ta pa 😈💖💖👌🏼#shuffledance #dance #dancegirl #shufflegirl #shuffle #lentejas

43. 2K Likes, 589 Comments. TikTok video from Haydee (@chaydeeuwu): "Responder a @elchino.012 ahí ta pa 😈💖💖👌🏼#shuffledance #dance #dancegirl #shufflegirl #shuffle #lentejas". Party Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock).


Party Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock) - LMFAO


Jesus Adrian V M

Do you remember this 🤖? #party #rock #anthem #dance #tutorial #2011 #happy #foryou #foryoupage

TikTok video from Jesus Adrian V M (@jesusadrianvm): "Do you remember this 🤖? #party #rock #anthem #dance #tutorial #2011 #happy #foryou #foryoupage". Party Rock Anthem.


Party Rock Anthem - Ultimate Dance Hits



Redfoo was Sky Blu’s uncle #fyp #partyrockanthem #lmfao #dancing #POV

144. 3K Likes, 1.2K Comments. TikTok video from Dimi (@dimitribeauchamp): "Redfoo was Sky Blu’s uncle #fyp #partyrockanthem #lmfao #dancing #POV". original sound.


original sound - Dimi



The original party rock anthem sound got taken down #dancerush_stardom #dancerush #dancerushstardom #shuffling #dancing #fyp #foryou

59.7K Likes, 504 Comments. TikTok video from SForM (@paradoxenders): "The original party rock anthem sound got taken down #dancerush_stardom #dancerush #dancerushstardom #shuffling #dancing #fyp #foryou". Party Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock).


Party Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock) - LMFAO



Hahaha watch my lame shuffle #partyrockanthem #partyrock #lmfao #dance #dancing #shuffle #baddancing #shuffling #fyp #piercedgirl

711 Likes, 14 Comments. TikTok video from babysadierocks (@babysadierocks): "Hahaha watch my lame shuffle #partyrockanthem#partyrock#lmfao#dance#dancing#shuffle#baddancing#shuffling#fyp#piercedgirl". Party Rock Anthem.


Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO

Dancing with a box on my head |

A long long time ago, I was in a rock band for a few years. We practiced regularly, worked the local bar circuits, acquired some loyal fans, and came up with some pretty darned good tunes. I even let my hair grow to some really amazing lengths. Unfortunately, none of it was good enough. It’s a hyper-competitive business, and we were missing some indefinable thing. Was it work ethic? We had that by the truckload. Talent? Far worse musicians have had far greater success. Looks? We might have been a bit weak in that department. Great hair? C’mon, get real, we were lock stars.

Regardless, we eventually realized that commercial success was either unattainable or very far into the future. We weren’t hitting the right button, and perhaps we didn’t even know where the right button could be found.

Fast forward a decade or two, when a hip-hop/electronic dance group by the name of LMFAO enjoyed some fleeting success with the catchy tune, “Party Rock Anthem.” The infectiousness of the song was played upon in their video, which featured clever references to modern-day “outbreak” movies such as 28 Days Later. Their videos and stage performances also featured a unique character known as the “Shuffle Bot,” which, well, was basically a guy with a box on his head dancing around. I’ll just wait here a minute while you Google it.

I envied the Shuffle Bot. He wasn’t much to look at, but he carried himself well. His attire was golden, his box-head was symmetrical and oversized just the right amount. His box-eyes were large and somehow full of life, and his box-mouth, while neither turned up nor down, seemed so happy. He was surrounded by talented people and he clearly knew it.

I imagined how satisfying his life must be: instantly recognizable, yet no one really knew him. Undoubtedly making a good living, without having to do a whole lot. Bouncing and twitching around, generally looking happy and golden, while those around him did all the heavy lifting. Kind of like Justin Trudeau, I guess.

Go back a couple decades again, when Bon Jovi released one of the all-time greatest rock anthems, You Give Love a Bad Name. I won’t wait for you to Google it, because we all know it, and we’re all hearing it in our minds right now. My apologies for doing that, but at least it wasn’t Nickelback (oops, I did it again). I swear I never belted it out loud (really, never), but whenever I heard it played, I also felt some envy, this time for what I called the Bracket Guy.

The Bracket Guy screeched out “bad name” every time Jon Bon Jovi finished singing, “you give love a bad name (bad name).” Everyone knows that part, and everyone can screech it about as well as the guy that did screech it. I have no idea what else that guy did, and if I did my research I’m sure I’d learn he’s actually quite talented. I suppose I could Google it, but who has time for that? The point is, he too was surrounded by people way more talented than him, he too enjoyed the riches of his band’s popularity, and all he had to do was screech out the same accusatory mantra. Kind of like Doug Ford, I guess.

Perhaps this means that talent isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for success. Certainly, we’ve all scratched our heads over the years: Milli Vanilli, Britney Spears, anything Kardashian, college admissions, Jagmeet Singh, Sam Oosterhoff. How do you get there? How do you get to that sweet spot where input yields disproportionate amounts of reward? Hard work? Determination? Luck? Or just coming up with that perfect little thing at the perfect time?

Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that talent isn’t always obviously visible. The Shuffle Bot was a fellow by the name of Andrew Furr, a DJ, dancer and rapper. He won a contest to secure a place with a dance crew who had also won a contest to join LMFAO. You can debate the definition of “talent” when it comes to various genres, but Mr. Furr did have to rise above the rest. He had to prove himself to secure the right to wear that box on his head and get paid darned good money to do so. Yes, I Googled it, and yes, I wish I could get paid to dance with a box on my head.

As for Bon Jovi, love them or hate them, nobody can argue their commercial success. They didn’t achieve it overnight. They worked hard for it, and underneath the catchy lines and amazing hair was a base of determination and musical ability.

So what about all those politicians, the rich kids getting into Harvard, the Vanillis and Spears and Kardashians of the world? Meh. I’m instinctively distrustful of the whole lot. Maybe they poured in tons of time and talent and sacrifice. Maybe if I worked hard enough, honed my talents further, and put in more time, I could get to the same lofty perch. Or maybe I’ll just put a box on my head and start dancing and screeching. ♦

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Communication on an equal footing - Е

"A robot cannot harm a person or by its inaction allow a person to be harmed" (science fiction writer Isaac Asimov).

In Moscow there is an interactive museum "Robostation" located at VDNKh. Its purpose is not only to entertain visitors, but also to educate those who have seen robots only in the movies. Now the inhabitants of the station are on tour in Astana, presenting the interactive exhibition "Ball of Robots". The platform for iron performance has become a place that attracts progressive ideas from all over the world - the Nur-Alem pavilion on the territory of EXPO.

The Robot Ball takes place on a separate floor, coming here you find yourself in a world ruled by robots. Visitors to the exhibition are greeted by brass musicians playing dark rock. If you get closer, you can see their mechanism.

Looking at a robot drummer or a violinist, one immediately comes to mind the cartoon "9" by American animation director Shane Acker. But these robots are peaceful and will not become the heroes of cyberpunk films.

“20 robots from Europe, the USA and Russia are collected here, as well as all kinds of interactive games. The main objective of the exhibition is to remove the border between human and robot communication, as well as to show all the diversity of engineering thought”, - says the representative of the ball of robots Subkhon Ziyabaev.

One of the most interesting robots is RoboThespian. His homeland is Great Britain, Cornwall, this is the world's first robot actor. He can sing, dance, read poetry and joke. He has also met with many heads of state and knows forty languages. However, the robot does not yet know how to think, all its abilities are just a set of pre-loaded programs.

Tespian's favorite expression is "I need your clothes and motorcycle", apparently his developer is a big fan of "Terminator".

According to the plans of the developers in the future, Tespian will lecture at universities. You can install any content in it, from an audiobook to a tourist guide. Another feature of this robot is mobility.

“Thespian is interesting for its kinematics. He has twenty-five degrees of freedom, which indicates the great mobility of his limbs, and facial expressions. The movement occurs due to the air that enters under pressure into the pneumatic muscles of the robot, and the muscle either contracts or relaxes.” - says exhibition engineer Maria Tyapkina - The developer company is constantly improving the robot and a model that can walk will soon appear.

Thespian uses speech and motion recognition algorithms to communicate. Thanks to the built-in infrared camera, he can understand who is in front of him a man or a woman, and determine the approximate age.

Thespian is very active on social media. His Instagram account is a good example of how to promote yourself online.

Photo from Tespiana's Instagram.

The robot has been put into serial production and its sales have been going on in the world for a long time. The price of such a robot is comparable to the price of a three-room apartment in the center of Astana.

Robot named Paro, the most fluffy and cute exhibitor. Looking at him, you can’t believe that wires and microcircuits are hidden under soft wool.

Paro is a therapeutic robot designed in the shape of a baby harp seal. It was developed in Japan as a replacement for pets. Its wool is artificial and does not cause allergies.

At home, the robot is actively used in nursing homes, children's hospitals, as an assistant to nurses. It has been proven that constant communication with him improves the mental well-being of patients with dementia. For its qualities, it is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most medical robot in the world.

Paro doesn't just move its paws, it has a lot of tactile sensors and sound pickups. From stroking, he makes a contented sound, as if alive.

The Baxter industrial robot is a real workhorse, packing, unpacking and sorting items weighing up to five kilograms. The robot has special cameras on its hands, with their help it distinguishes the color and shape of objects. He also has a face - an animated display.

According to scientists, by 2020 five million of these robots will be able to replace workers in factories around the world.

Universal chess robot, always happy to play a game with you.

Robot "Pushkin" from a series of anthropomorphic, humanoid robots. The purpose of its creation is educational, the developers plan to supply such robots to schools for literature lessons. "Pushkin" has a very mobile facial expressions, mouth, eyes, eyebrows. The skin is made of soft silicone and feels almost human-like.

The robot reads excerpts from poetry, and can also fully tell any work of the poet.

Robot Boris is a frequenter of holidays and secular parties, he impresses with his ingenuity.

To the remark of one of the visitors: “You are a stupid piece of iron,” Boris retorts: “I am not stupid at all, and I advise you to treat me with respect.” Boris also, like Thespian, tried himself in the human profession. As a real journalist, he hosted a live broadcast on television and even interviewed.

According to Maria Tyapkina, you should not be afraid of robots, you should cooperate with them, because they inspire people and change our lives for the better.

“It is very interesting to watch children and teenagers who come here and ask questions not only about what robots can do, but also about how and what they are made of. We want to generate more interest in people to inspire them to create robots or new applications of these robots. For example, robots like Baxter or the Universal chess robot is an open platform on which you can create your own project, they can be programmed to clean the house or cook food, very wide creative possibilities open up here,” notes Maria.

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The most popular clips of the 19990s: videos from U.N.K.L.E., Guns N’ Roses, Eminem, Nirvana

1. Rabbit in your Headlights



An iconic video not only for the mysterious U.N.K.L.E., but for the entire music industry of the 90s. You will remember the British ballad performed by Thom Yorke and the tense, gloomy video sequence from the first frames, viscous like thick ale.

2. November Rain

Guns N’ Roses


The main hitmakers of the early 90s did not shoot clips, but small films. This one is no exception - it goes 9minutes and contains everything you need: guitars, leather jackets, love and death. Eminem boy bands and senile attempts of mastodons of rock.

4. Smells like teen spirit



A real, 100% hymn to the lost generation of the beginning 90's. Pain, doubts, a feeling of uselessness - three chords and one chorus were enough for Cobain to change our idea of ​​​​music forever.

5. Vogue



The black-and-white masterpiece filmed for Madonna by David Fincher himself in the noir style, as expected, has become one of the most popular in the singer's career - when such magicians meet, it simply cannot turn out badly.

6. Don't Speak

No Doubt


Unknown at 19In 1995, a California band blew up all the charts without exception with their autobiographical ballad about dying love - Gwen Stefani is unusually beautiful and fresh, and the video sequence is as beautiful as the song.

7. Gangsta's Paradise

Coolio (feat. L.V.)


Classic gangsta rap from California music heavyweight Coolio, who absolutely deserved a Grammy for this song. In the 90s, rap was read by tough guys from the outskirts, not whiny schoolchildren with smartphones. As a bonus, you can see the marvelous Michelle Pfeiffer in the video.

8. Freedom!’ 90

George Michael


One of George Michael’s most recognizable hits has found a truly worthy video incarnation – all the major supermodels of the decade are in the frame, stylish interiors and sophisticated sexuality spilled like milk in every frame of the clip. By the way, this is another work by Fincher.

9. Nothing Else Matters



Recognizable from the first chords, the song of the main pop metal band needs no introduction. James Hetfield's penetrating vocals and powerful guitar parts have become an endless soundtrack for the life of a huge army of fans of the group.

10. You Can't Touch This

MC Hammer


Once a super-popular rapper, and later a TV star, a preacher and a full-fledged meme made history with this light, unpretentious thing, the chorus of which, forever settled in our heads, will probably never come out of there.

11. Friday I'm in Love

The Cure


Legendary representatives of the new wave with their favorite hit about "Love on Fridays" and a funny, bright, like a good party clip. Robert Smith and company, as expected, spawned crowds of imitators in the expanses of the post-Soviet space and became a reference point for such groups as Mumiy Troll and Agatha Christie.

12. I Will Always Love You

Whitney Houston


Perhaps the main song of the black pop diva Houston who left us untimely. Of course, everyone remembers the story of a principled bodyguard and an eccentric singer, but it is simply impossible to imagine it without this song.

13. Losing My Religion



The most authoritative and beloved R.E.M. with a song that made them global celebrities and trendsetters in music for many years to come. Echoes of this clip can be found in many other works of rock bands around the world.

14. Black Or White

Michael Jackson


A true hymn of friendship between peoples, equality and peace, indivisible by race and denomination, from the King of Pop with Macaulay Culkin from the Home Alone era as a guest star.

15. The Kids Aren't Alright

The Offspring


Unbridled guys with funny hairstyles and loud guitars from California instantly filled all the screens of music channels and speakers of school discos - well, who didn't want to have the same cool time how are they?

16. Baby One More Time

Britney Spears


Let's just admit that it was in our lives.

17. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing



Another must-have number for all 90s school discos without exception. This time, the mood is romantic - the hysterical ballad Aerosmith still gives rise to a lot of memories of the first timid dance experiences with girls.

18. Ice Ice Baby

Vannila Ice


Well, what can I say, without a nostalgic smile it’s hard to watch such a video now - languid beauties licking vanilla ice cream balls, monumental, high, like the Empire State Building, hairstyles and incredibly wide, like sails, pants.

19. The Show Must Go On



The farewell song of the great Freddie Mercury. By the time of filming, Mercury's health no longer allowed him to participate in the filming himself, and it was decided to make the video in the format of a chronicle of the group's performances from 1980 to 1991.

20. I've got the power



We bet the German dance group Snap! you, of course, managed to forget it tightly, but remember the song and the video instantly. Just click on the link.

21. Enjoy the Silence

Depeche Mode


You can't "Enjoy the Silence" with anyone like with the world's top electronic artists. I wish this song and video would never end.

22. Anybody seen my baby?

The Rolling Stones


Forever young Mick Jagger, charming Angelina Jolie and Keith Richards on the roof of a New York skyscraper. Without a doubt one of the best clips of the decade.

23. My favorite game

The Cardigans


A cabriolet, a tattoo on the shoulder, desert landscapes of the southern states - a very successful video for the then-beginners The Cardigans, who started talking about just after this work.

24. One



The legendary Anton Corbijn's video for U2 became a classic almost immediately after its release on the music channels - like the song that we sing along to every time we hear Bono's vocals.

25. Give it away

Red Hot Chili Peppers


Raging chili peppers with their famous 1991 work that launched the California rock band's worldwide triumph.

26. Virtual Insanity



Jamiroquai's truly breakthrough video for the 1996 single, which became a real hit. The spectacle is still extremely fascinating.

27. Karmacoma

Massive attack


It is not easy to describe what is happening on the screen - it is better to see it once and plunge into the lace of dense beats of these British classics, like in a warm bath. If you haven't seen it yet, then fix the mistake - it's worth it.

28. One more time

Daft Punk


Grammy Award for Best Dance Composition, bright as an aquarium with colorful fish, a clip in the style of Japanese cartoons manga - the French Daft Punk definitely outdid themselves in that already distant 1997.

29. Bitter sweet symphony

The Verve


Favored by critics and crowds of fans, the British band The Verve with their imperishable "symphony". The reminder that you can change only for yourself, and not for someone else, is relevant to this day.

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