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6 Madhuri Dixit Dance Numbers For You To Groove On To

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Here’s a list of her six dance numbers which are timeless.

1.Choli Ke Peeche

Madhuri Dixit's skills as a dancer and an actress were on full display in this legendary song that she gracefully performed. This is something that can be watched on loop and you will never get bored of it.

2.Badi Mushkil Baba Badi Mushkil

The image of Madhuri Dixit moving about in this upbeat song while draped in a saree is surely a stuff that will be remembered for a long time. The song's popularity among listeners can be attributed to the actress's menacing grin as well as her dynamic dance routines.

3.Aaja NachleMadhuri Dixit captivated our attention with her graceful dance moves in the song that was featured in her comeback film. The celebratory tone of the song is carried throughout by Madhuri, who exudes the joyous mood that the song evokes.

4.Dhak Dhak Karne Laga

The bright yellow costume and exquisite dance moves that Madhuri Dixit performed have remained iconic for decades. Due to the overwhelming success of the song, Madhuri came to be recognized as "Bollywood's Dhak Dhak Girl”.

5.Dola Re Dola

The graceful and fluid movements that Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai displayed during this dance sequence will live on forever.The steps and the sync of Madhuri’s feet with beat cannot be matched, and this is what makes it one of the best.

6.Ek Do Teen

This dance number does not require an explanation. In 1988, when this song first came on to the silver screen, Madhuri Dixit wowed listeners with her dazzling performance. In addition, the dance moves thatSaroj Khan choreographed are now considered to be industry standards.

All these songs are classics of all-time, and are still considered as greats, not just in the dancing category but in the music industry as well.

Madhuri Dixit’s 5 best songs and dances with Saroj Khan

Ek do teen, an ordinary tune, so unremarkable that director N Chandra didn’t want it in the film was lifted by the exceptional choreography of Saroj Khan and Madhuri Dixit’s dazzling dancing

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1. Ek do teen (Tezaab): This will remain Madhuri’s swoon song. A very ordinary tune, so unremarkable that director N Chandra didn’t even want it in the film, lifted by the exceptional choreography of Saroj Khan and Madhuri’s dazzling dancing. The hook step remains the single most vital and transformative piece of dancing in Indian cinema. Anil Kapoor got so insecure about the end-product that he demanded his own male version of Ek do teen, which was shot as a tapori number on the streets. But it’s Madhuri who waltzed away to eternal fame with the numbers game. . Shot with a 1,000 junior artistes screaming ‘Mohini Mohini’ (Madhuri’s name in the film) Javed Akhtar’s dummy words(used as makeshift method of shooting until the final lyrics are over) become the darling ditty of generations to come.

2. Maar daala (Devdas): Choreographer Saroj Khan and Madhuri Dixit were the maestros of cine-dancing Their collaboration always meant something special. Madhuri felt Saroj Khan knew exactly how to draw out the best in her. For Maar daala Saroj Khan landed up on the set straight from the airport after a 22-hour flight from Canada. Incidentally, the song was originally recorded in Asha Bhosle’s voice. It was re-recorded in Kavita Krishnamurthy’s voice just days before shooting.

3. Dola re dola (Devdas): The most difficult choreography for Saroj Khan was Dole re dola in Devdas. Not only did she have to match the steps of two superstar dancers Madhuri and Aishwarya, Sarojji was also not well. She was at times lying down on studio floor and choreographing Aishwarya and Madhuri. On the day Devdas released Sarojji was in the hospital. Aishwarya and Bhansali went to meet her. Sarojji in her semi-conscious state asked, ‘Dola re dola pe paise miley ya nahin?’(did the audience shower coins on Dola re dola or not)? Even in that state she wanted to know if her work was being appreciated.

4.Ghar morey pardesiya (Kalank): If Madhuri Dixit agreed to dance to Saroj Khan's tune after 18 years -- the last film they collaborated on was Sanjay Bhansali's Devdas-- it was only because of Karan Johar. The enterprising movie Moghul sat the two ladies down and made them iron out their differences. Nobody knows what it was exactly that triggered off this prolonged Cold War between the danseuse-actress and the legendary choreographer. The last time that they worked together was for the Mujra Maar Dala in Devdas. Thereafter some uncharitable remarks of the temperamental choreographer put Dixit off.

5. Mora piya ghar aaya ho ramji (Yaarana): This could only happen with the Madhuri-Saroj Khan combination: flop film , hit number. Yaarana an unofficial remake of the Julia Roberts starrer Sleeping With The Enemy is today remembered only for Madhuri swaying to the rhythm of this Nurat Fateh Ali Khan ripoff. Another Saroj-Madhuri song-and-dance that worked when the film didn’t , was Channe ke khet mein in Anjam.Saroj Khan admitted Madhuri and she had their differences, but no one could dance like her. Unko nachaane mein mazaa hi kuch aur ttha!!!

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Yesterday, May 15, Madhuri Dixit celebrated her 51st birthday. Bollywood knows her not only as a good actress, but also as a great dancer. What numbers in her career are especially good?

Hai Jaana from Pukar (2000)

Madhuri played the role of girl Anjali, in love with her childhood friend (and now a police major) Jaya. And it seems that her feelings are unrequited: Jai likes the winner of the competition "Miss India"

The opponent will have to make room when the heroine Madhuri will be on stage and demonstrate her plasticity in dance.

Understand what Madhuri's heroine is trying to to tell Jai, you can even without knowing the lyrics of the song - its language is so eloquent body. “You never found out what I really am,” says the beauty to her dance.

Maar Dala from Devdas (2002)

Beautiful courtesan Chandramukhi, alluring and sensual - this is how we see Madhuri Dixit in this romantic drama.

A girl performs kathak with inspiration, which can not be called an accident - Madhuri from early childhood dreamed of becoming dancer and engaged in national choreography from the age of three.

Indian cinema choreographer Sara Khan. For this work, she immediately received two awards in the nomination "Best choreography” - Filmfare Award and National Film Award.

Raat Maheke To Yun Bhi from The Death Sentence/The Dead sequence: Mrityu Dand (19)97)

In this drama, the songs are all featuring Madhuri look very touching, although the actual dance component in there are few of them.

We liked the number Raat Maheke To Yun Bhi the most, where Madhuri Dixit dances Kathak in a gold and white sari. Just look how emotionally she does it!

The actress received 2 for her work in this film film awards: Sansui Awards and Screen Awards.

Watch the Death Sentence tape / Mrityudand (18+) on TV channel ZEE TV Russia May 20 at 11:30.

Didi Tera Devar Deewana from Who Am I for you?”/ Hum Aapke Hai Kaun (1994)

I fell in love with the bright dance of Madhuri Dixit, and the composition, and even the dress of the actress. Violet The open-back outfit, made by Indian designer Anna Singh, has become fashionable.

However, not only Madhuri is good here, but and Salman Khan dancing... on a chandelier!

The choreographer of the painting, Jai Borad, received National Film Award. "For graceful and aesthetic choreography that combines modernity and Indian traditions,” the organizers of the award noted the work of Jaya.

Watch Who Am I to You?0037 Russia May 27 at 11:30.

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