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James brown dance moves - The james brown shuffle move

Learn James brown dance moves in the video below:
The james brown shuffle

Video Transcript:
Alright you guys are doing amazing so far. We’ve already learned some great basic hip hop grooves. The next move we’re about to get into is named after really iconic performer, we’re calling it James Brown dance. We’re going to teach you the James Brown right now. Now this is variation on a move that he always used to do when he performed.

We’ve broken it down to a simper version that you guys can learn right now and be able to take to the club tonight. So take a look at it first and then I’m going to break it down step by step. Six, five, six, five, six, seven, eight and good. And five, six, seven, eight. Alright guys so let’s take that from the top of this move. So it looks a lot more complicated than it really is. I’m going to break it down in the simplest way possible. You’re going to start pointing in towards each other.

So you’re going to basically make a triangle on the floor with your feet. Alright, the first step, this leg is going to step out on the toe, one. The other leg on the other side is going to step in on the heel. Putting us in this position right here. One more time we’re going to repeat the sequence, this foot is going to step out on the toe or on the heel and this leg is going to step in on the toe. We end back where we started.

Now let’s go back the other way. This leg steps out on the toe, one, this leg eat on the heel, two, once again this leg out on the heel, three and this leg in on a toe, four. Alright so we always go from this position with our feet pointing in to this position with our feet pointing out. Alright one more time like that. Start with them pointing in, when I take this leg stepping out on a toe, one, this leg in on a heel, two, this leg out on a heel, three, this leg in on a toe, four. One more time coming back the other way. I’m going to step out on the toe, one, in on a heel, two, out on the heel, three, in on a toe, four. Alright you’ve got that basic movement down. Really practice that, you’ll get it down.

I know it’s awkward at first to be able to control your feet like that but you just have to give it a little bit of practice and it will become second nature in no time. Alright? What we’re going to do now is combine both of those movements that we do with each flip together in one single move. Alright? So starting from the same position, we’re going to turn this leg out on the toe and this leg in on the heel at the same time. Really slowly it goes just like this, and one, so you end up in this position. Alright bring that back to where we started. I’m going to show them one more time.

So from this position, remember this foot is coming out on the toe, this one in on the heel, they move the same time, really slow. Ready, lift it up and set it down, good. Same thing but now opposite, this leg out on a toe or out on a heel and this leg in on a toe, same time. Ready, set, bring it up, set it down, good. Now we’re going to bring it back the other way. So this leg steps out on a toe, this one in on a heel, they move the same time. Six, seven, eight, lift, bring it down. One more time, this leg stepping in on a toe, out on a heel, five, six, seven, eight down, good. Now really practice that, take the time to go over it, this is not going to come easy at first. Something you really got to take time to practice a little bit but after a little while you’ll get it down.

Now what I want you to do is take those two steps and try to do it a little bit faster and one smooth motion. Okay? So I’m going to show you first what I’m going to do, we’re going to go out to this side once, one and then we’re going to go back in to this side, two, and two. So go out again on this side, three, out three, back into the center and four, bring it in, four. Alright? So again it’s going to go out, in, out, in. Starting from this position with your feet, five, six, seven, eight, one, bring it in, two, bring it out, three, bring it in, four. Again just like that, five, six, seven, eight, out one, in two, out three, in four.

Alright one more time. A little bit faster with counts. We’ll go out in, out in. Ready? Five, six, seven, eight we go out, in, out, in, out, in, out, good job guys that’s awesome. Take that, make sure you practice it and you’ll get it better and better, start building up speed as you get comfortable with your feet moving like that. Alright? We’re going to try one more time with counts not stopping. So we’re going to go one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Alright going out to come in. Trying those counts in that first position, five, six, seven, eight and we go one. Two, three, four, five, six, repeat it, eight and one. Two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Awesome.
So we’re getting better and better as we go along. What I want to do now is try it a little bit faster with counts and then we’ll try it with the music. Okay? So this move takes a lot of practice and a lot of repetition.

We’re going to speed it up a little bit now, same counts, here we go, five, six, seven, eight and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, again. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, one more time. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. We’re going to try that same James Brown step again doing a little bit faster this time. I’m going to change with the counts just a little bit but when we do it with music, you’ll be all set.

So starting with your feet facing together, we’re going end counts this time so we step out one, coming on and, two and three, and four, and five, and six, and seven, and eight. Alright so I think you guys are ready to try it music. It’s going to be a little bit faster right now but just remember those counts are one, and two, and three, and four. So with this music it will go one, and two, and three, and four, and five, and six, and seven and eight. So a little faster. I hope you’re for a challenge, give it a try. Starting from here we go five, six, five, six, seven, eight and one, and two, and three, and four, good, just groove it out, side to side with it, keep it up, just like that, get comfortable with it, you can move your hands up, you see at home, your shoulders are really tense, just bring them down, relax them. Remember, this move is all about the legs. Good, just groove it out. Nice guys, and five, six, five, six, seven, eight.

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Hip hop dance moves for beginners

6 James Brown Dance Moves To Make You Get Up Offa That Thing

James Brown's music can make even the stiffest body get on the dancefloor and bust a move. His timeless songs have inspired artists for generations as he pioneered funk and has been sampled countless times in hip-hop. There isn't an artist today in pop, hip hop, or soul that hasn't been influenced by James Brown. He was a force of nature on record and on stage and his incredible dance moves have been imitated by Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, and more.  

Over his 50-year career, Brown had 17 singles reach #1 on the Billboard charts and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. He was also a civil rights advocate and wrote the 1968 black power anthem, "Say It Loud – I'm Black and I'm Proud."

The best part about the dance moves of "The Hardest Working Man In Show Biz" was that he made them up entirely on his own. No fancy choreographers or dance coaches, just soul. Here are 6 dance moves from the "Godfather of Soul" to impress everyone at the next party.  

The Camel WalkDescribed as the "backward Moonwalk," the Camel Walk will find you traveling all over the dancefloor, shimmying your shoulders from side to side with style and pop. While this dance move has been around for decades before Brown, he added his own personal flair and made it all his own. 

The Funky Chicken This one needs a disclaimer. Only a few can actually make the "The Funky Chicken" look cool and James Brown had that gift. Moving your knees back and forth like a bird taking off for flight and swinging your arms simultaneously, this hypnotic dance move is not for the faint of heart. 

The BoogalooA staple of pop-and-lock dancers, the Boogalo will have your feet wide, knees bouncing, and your body shaking. An easy move to start with on your journey to dance like the Godfather Father of Soul. 

The Mashed Potato One of James Brown's signature moves, the Mashed Potato needs some serious footwork if you attempt it. Your feet will frantically squiggle around the dancefloor as you shuffle forwards and backward, often on one foot. 

The RobotAnother move that became a staple for pop-and-lock dancers, you'll have to suddenly stop and rigidly move like a mechanical man to pull this one off. James Brown was able to go from a smooth, flowing move right into the stiff robot and back into his previous routine. 

The Split The tour de force of James Brown dance moves, James Brown's split showed off all his flexibility, charisma, and skill. Getting to the ground is the easy part, the real challenge is getting back up on your feet effortlessly. It is truly the penultimate move to learn if you want to dance like James Brown. 

In honor of Black History Month, check out the Black History Buff podcast on iHeartRadio:

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James Brown - Godfather of Soul




| Street dance

Street dance

James Brown.jpg

Everyone knows the legendary African American singer James Brown. His hits in the 60s did not leave the top lines of the American charts. He inspired such stars as Michael Jackson, Prince. However, not everyone knows that thanks to Brown, the hip-hop dance style appeared. nine0004

James Brown.jpg

James Brown was born on May 3, 1933 in California. Brown began his career as a singer and dancer in the most inappropriate place - in prison. He got there for robbery and petty thefts he regularly committed. In prison, Brown began to entertain the inmates with his composed songs and unusual dances. After leaving prison, he joined The Famous Flames, where he became a leader. James' musical activity was associated with such styles as "gospel" and "rhythm and blues". nine0004


After 1963, Brown became known outside of his home state, although the black audience was already listening to Brown throughout the United States. Brown made rhythm and blues more dynamic and added African energy. James Brown performed all over the country with concerts on the principle - perform longer and show the audience more than they expected to see. After the concerts, Brown was given glucose injections, as he was exhausted to the limit from endless dancing on stage every time. "It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World, "I Feel Good", "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" became popular all over the world. It was Brown who created the first funk compositions. In the early 70s, James moved to the use of recitative in songs. The first hip-hop hits were based on Brown's funk compositions. We can say that thanks to Brown, funk and hip-hop appeared. nine0004

Brown's Dance

It is commonly believed that all breakers in the world are inspired by Brown. James Brown, performing his songs, danced. Soon his signature dance style appeared, which was called Good Foot. Modern breakers have begun playing Good Foot extensively. As a result, they pushed the boundaries of style and hip-hop emerged. Of course, the movements of those dancers were simpler, but it was Good Foot that helped the formation of modern hip-hop.

james brown, hip-hop, gospel, funk

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    American singer James Brown said that any problem can be solved by dancing. And really, have you seen the print of sadness on the faces of the dancers? On the contrary, dancing people glow with cheerfulness and health, as if they know the secret of eternal youth. Dance ennobles the soul, fills with strength and teaches to look at the world around us in a special way. However, chaotic movements to music can hardly be called a dance, even if a person tries very hard. In order for you and your children to learn how to dance well and carry this science through your whole life (and it’s hard to forget the skill even after a long break), you should turn to professionals. About where you and your children will be introduced to the world of dance and taught this most beautiful of the arts, read on. nine0004


    "Classical Dance School" is a kind of "Hogwarts" for future dancers and dancers. Recruitment of children is carried out from the age of 5, and from September to May, in an educational institution, the guys gradually comprehend the art of dancing, gaining all the necessary knowledge. The task of the "Classical Dance School" is the harmonious, comprehensive development of the child's dance skills, so dance education here is comprehensive.

    This means that students are trained in four compulsory disciplines at once: classical dance, modern dance, folk dance and gymnastics. On weekends, additional electives are at the service of pupils: hip-hop, ballroom and pop dance. And all this under the supervision of experienced teachers who specialize in working with children. And this is very important when it comes to a truly high-quality educational process. In addition to specialized teachers, massage therapists also work with children, controlling their development and the condition of the musculoskeletal system. nine0004

    If any problems are noticed, the children will be given a course of baby massage. By the way, during the breaks between classes, the children can relax in the fireplace room: read and draw, as well as drink a milkshake in the phyto-bar. Moreover, parents can also keep their children company, because the school is located on the territory of a large Safari fitness club. Therefore, while the younger generation is learning graceful “pas” and learning to dance, dads and moms can go to the gym or do aerobics and yoga. nine0004

    School of Classical Dance is located at:


    Tamara Istomina's musical studio intertwines choreography, theatre, vocals and, of course, music. However, the totality of these arts is the musical, where one is unthinkable without the other. Maybe that is why children are often brought to Tamara Istomina, who equally want to sing and dance. Fortunately, experienced teachers are able to accurately determine what the child's heart lies to a greater extent - to choreography or, nevertheless, to vocals. Based on this, a training program is built. By the way, over the 7 years of the existence of the studio, its students have already proven themselves very well in numerous concerts, competitions and festivals. Moreover, victories were acquired both by very young children and by older children. nine0004

    Here it is worth noting that children from 4 to 15 years old can play in musicals and dance in the studio. Each age group has its own group and teachers. In addition, there are different directions. It is worth noting that real professionals work in the studio, who not only know their business perfectly, but also know how to communicate with children, and this quality is difficult to overestimate. It is difficult to overestimate the effect that a child receives by participating in the production of musicals. The synthesis of vocals, acting and, of course, choreography affects the development of both imaginative thinking and memory, as well as motor skills and the musculoskeletal system. And besides, the musical is simply fun, interesting and exciting. nine0004

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    If we talk about modern street dances, then the variety of techniques and styles is woven into the overall fabric of a single culture, or rather, a subculture. And here the famous hip-hop movement comes to the fore. It originated in the womb of New York's Brooklyn and has already managed to prove itself in Chelyabinsk's Brooklyn. This is the name of the street dance school, which not only teaches you how to move beautifully to the broken rhythms of hip-hop, but also immerses a person in an atmosphere of friendly jams, desperate battles and endless self-expression. So, in Brooklyn, several basic directions are presented at once, allowing you to reveal yourself and your talents: this, of course, is the legendary breakdance, hip-hop, as well as popping, locking and house. These fundamental areas are available to children, teenagers, and pensioners, so there are no special age restrictions when entering school. The main thing is that a person wants to study and take an active part in the life of the studio, because Brooklyn is not just a dance school, but a kind of club. nine0004

    Seminars with non-resident and even foreign choreographers are regularly held there, pupils of the school participate in domestic and citywide events and hold absolutely grandiose festivals. For example, Brooklyn is the organizer of the international Energy Championship and a number of other large-scale projects. It is not for nothing that such well-known Chelyabinsk bands as Electro and Be Best stood at the origins of the school. By the way, if we talk about traditions and origins, then it is worth noting one interesting feature of the studio. Being a kind of shaolin of street dance masters, Brooklyn selects the most talented students, creates teams, and as soon as the student is ready to go to battle with the teachers, his training is over - further training is free. Another interesting tradition is the involvement of entire families in classes. For example, when a child or teenager learns the tricks of breakdancing, his mother, sister, girlfriend perfects the technique of lady dance or dancehall. Summing up, I would like to draw attention to the social work of the dance school. For example, in the new district of Churilovo, a center was opened where children can dance for free. nine0004

    Dance Studio "Brooklyn" is waiting for you at:


    It turns out that breakdancing in Chelyabinsk began to dance during the Soviet Union! For example, already in 1985, hip-hop studios worked in the city and quite serious festivals were held. One of the mastodons of Chelyabinsk breakdance and hip-hop is the legendary dance school GHETTOBLASTA. It opened in the early 1990s under the auspices of the Chelyabinsk Center for Hip-Hop Culture and continues to work today. One can only guess how much invaluable experience the dancers managed to accumulate here, who train new generations of street art champions here. Many GB graduates have become well-known coaches, opened their own schools or are now conquering foreign scenes. nine0004

    However, you can guess, or you can check everything for yourself! Children, teenagers and even adults of any level of training are allowed to attend school. Here you can choose for yourself any one style or comprehend the art of dance in several directions at once. At the same time, representatives of the school emphasize that we are talking about a comprehensive and very serious approach to learning. Real masters of their craft work with pupils according to special programs, gradually immersing a person in the intricacies of complex street dance techniques. And for those who want to become not just an amateur dancer, but a true professional, in addition to the usual load of 2-3 classes per week, additional classes and a solid amount of useful information from exclusive sources and the hottest promotions will help. Of course, this will take time, effort and patience, but it's worth it! Moreover, every year teams are formed from the pupils of the school, in which they can perform at events and competitions, show themselves favorably and see the world.

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