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Dance Moms follows the mothers of young dancers at the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. One of the main points of the show is seeing the mothers' reactions to what is happening with their daughters.

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Dance Moms

Cathy Nesbitt-Stein is Vivi-Anne's mom. She owns a studio in Ohio called Candy Apple's Dance Center. Their main goal is to beat the Abby Lee Dance Company, and has engaged in various acts of minor comedic villainy. In the third season, she replaced her old team with hand-picked dancers (mostly boys) from across the country. Cathy is most disliked by the other mothers.

Christi Lukasiak, Chloe's mom, gets in the most arguments with Abby, because Abby is constantly favoring Maddie over Chloe. Christi's friendship with Kelly became strained in the third season. She is also friendly with Holly, but is more likely to argue with the other Moms. Fans of the show have voted Christi their favorite Mom repeatedly.

Holly Frazier is Nia’s mom. When Holly previously was working as a school principal and before she completed her doctorate in education,[1] Abby often yelled at her for being absent in supporting her daughter. She is the mom who has been in the least fights with Abby, because she keeps a calm attitude.

Jill Vertes is Kendall's mom. They were new additions to Abby's team during season two, but defected to Cathy's studio, only to later return to Abby's team. She was initially disliked by the other mothers (except for Melissa), but she became better liked upon returning.

Kelly Hyland is the mom of Brooke and Paige. In the show, she is portrayed as a less-demanding mom who supports her kids' choices. She has often fought with Abby, because of the lack of time Abby spends with Brooke and Paige. In Season Four, her physical altercation with Abby led to court battles and tabloid headlines, as well as her departure from the show.

Kira Girard is the mother of Kalani Hilliker. Along with her daughter, she had previously been on the second season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Contest.

Melissa Ziegler is a divorced mother of two, Maddie and Mackenzie. She is determined that her daughters get to the top of the pyramid. Christi and the other Moms have complained that Melissa is sneaky in her methods of advancing her daughters. She is now known as Melissa Gisoni.

Other Dance Moms and Dance Dads

Adriana Smith is the mother of Kamryn Smith. They joined the ALDC in Season 8 for an episode, but left after that same episode after Abby decided that Kamryn wasn't a good fit for the team.

Amanda Hernandez is the mother of Berkleigh Hernandez.

Ann Colin is the mother of Hannah Colin.

Ashlee Allen is the mother of Brynn Rumfallo. Both her and Brynn guest starred on the show in Season 5 before departing without an explanation. Ashlee's sense of superiorty by Brynn's destiny to be "the next Maddie", as well as her negative comments about the other girls on the team and resulted in her being shunned by the other mothers, particularly Jill and Melissa. Both her and Brynn left the show in Season 7 following the disbandment of the team.

Ashley Hosbach is the mother of Pressley Hosbach. Ashley was a dancer of the New York Knicks.

Barb Schrade is the mother of Season 1 Candy Apple's dancer Erika Schrade. Like other parents attending the CADC from before Dance Moms began, she became disenchanted with experiences from the show; and like some of these, her off-show relationship with Cathy soured soon thereafter.

Brigette Triana is the mother of Candy Apple's dancer Lucas Triana. Both she and her son Lucas were previously stars on Dance Moms: Miami.

Camille Bridges is the mother of Camryn Bridges. They joined the ALDC in Season 7 but later that season left with several ALDC members to form The Irreplaceables.

Cheryl Chapman is the mother of Fallon Chapman.


Christy Hunt, also known as "Chrīst-y" and "Christy-with-a-Y" (to distinguish her from Christi), is the mother of Sarah Hunt. She is known for her bellicosity on the show.

Minister Dawn Check is the mother of Regan. She appeared in the series premiere, where she was shown yelling at Abby, when Regan was dismissed from practice for improperly wearing socks and a t-shirt. She later returned briefly, arguing with Abby on how much was owed. Regan confirmed on her YouTube account that they left the ALDC, and she now trains in a different studio.

Diane Pent is Brandon's mother. She appears in one episode of season one of Dance Moms, but her son and daughter Brittany (who has not appeared in Dance Moms) have been dancing at Abby's for some time. As stated by her in the episode, she and Kelly were once really close, but later Kelly started hanging around Christi more, because Chloe and Paige had some of the same classes since they were around the same age. Diane also has a small cameo in The Beginning of the End, where she is seen arguing with Leslie for leaving the kids without a ride when they were in Los Angeles.

Erin Kristich is the mother of Savannah Kristich. Erin and Savannah joined the team in Season 8 but that season left after it was announced that Elliana was returning to the show.

Fernanda Fletcher is the mother of Daviana Fletcher.

Gina Urso-Dudash is the mother of Season 3 and Season 4 Candy Apple's dancer Mari Dudash. She is the artistic director of a studio she founded; and is also director of Energy National Dance Competitions.[2]

Gina Torres is the mother of Season 3 and Season 4 Candy Apple's dancer Lennon Torres. They had previously appeared on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.

Gloria Hampton is Kaeli Ware's mom. She angered Abby by trying to arrange a solo for her daughter with competition officials, without getting Abby's permission. She is a dance teacher and studio owner.

Jackie Lucia is the mother of Sophia Lucia. Christi accused her of saying disparaging things about an amazing dancer in Miami, and suggested playing dirty tricks on Jackie. She has twice mysteriously disappeared from the ALDC, the second time expressing discomfort at the fighting.

Jaime Caes is the mother of Maesi Caes. They joined the ALDC in Season 7 but later that season left along with the other remaining ALDC members. Jaime and Maesi can be seen in the season eight special The New Team but didn't return with the team.

Jeanette Cota is the mother of Ava, and is owner of a dance studio.

Jeannie Quinn is the mother of three, Kaylee Quinn, Rihanna Quinn and Coco Quinn.

Jessalynn Siwa is the mother of JoJo. She had previously been on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition with her daughter, and is owner of a dance studio.

Jo Anne Morales is the mother of Season 4 Candy Apple's dancers Gavin and McKenzie. She has fought with Brigette.

Joanne Paolantonio is the mother of GiaNina Paolantonio.

Jodi Gray is the mother of Kamryn Beck.

Kaya Wiley (aka "Black Patsy") is Nicaya's mother. With her daughter, she briefly joined the ALDC in the second season, but was quickly gone after much fighting with the other mothers. Her daughter competed against the ALDC in the third season, but was disqualified for Kaya's belligerence at the venue. They later joined Candy Apples Dance Center's competition team and competed with the studio against the ALDC at several competitions in Season 3.

Kerri Evans is the mother of Peyton Evans.

Kim Nyugen is the mother of Season 4 guest dancer Chloe Nguyen. She worked in facial rejuvenation, and decided "slumming it" in Pittsburgh wasn't her style.

Kristie Ray is the mother of Asia Monet Ray. The two were first seen on the first season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, where Asia placed third overall in the end. The two later joined the ALDC in Season 3 of Dance Moms, where they traveled with the team to various competitions throughout the 2013 season. The two left the ALDC the week of Nationals after Christi and Leslie's physical fight in New Orleans in The Big, Not So, Easy.

Lakisha Samuels is the mother of Paris Moore.

Leslie Ackerman is the mother of Payton. Her daughter has been dancing at Abby's for awhile. The other Moms aren't fond of Leslie, because of her loud mouth and tendency to say whatever is on her mind.

Liza Smith is the mother of Candy Apple's dancer Chloe Smith.

Loree Cloud is the mother of Jade. She is a dance teacher and studio owner.

Lynn Fay is the mother of Kendyl Fay.

Marcia Hoffheins is Bella's mom. She became upset when Gloria was seeking a solo for Kaeli, thinking Bella would be the only dancer left without one.

Mariel Figueroa is the mother of Yadiel Figueroa.

Maryen Lorrain Miller was Abby's mom. She appeared throughout the first four seasons, and in particular, the episode The Mother of All Specials. She was a dance teacher, and once ran what is now Abby's studio.

Maryen died of colon cancer on February 8th, 2014.

Mary Owen is the mother of Alysa Owen.

Melanie Huelsman is the mother of Candy Apple's dancer Haley Huelsman.

Michelle Georgiana is the mother of Sarah Georgiana. They joined the ALDC in Season 8 but that season left after their loyalty to the ALDC was questioned.

File:S03-BCMC 27-47.jpg

Mickey Cosculluela is the father of Season 3 Candy Apple's dancer Gino Cosculluela. They were kicked out of Cathy's studio when Mickey was suspected as a spy for Abby. (While unmentioned on the show, he is also the father of Kevin Cosculluela.)

Nancy Dickson is the mother of Jane Dickson.

Rick Testerman is the father of Season 3 Candy Apple's dancer Jalen Testerman. Rick was known for his fights with the moms from the ALDC.

Sari Lopez is the mother of Areana Lopez.

Shari Johnson is the mother of Candy Apple's dancer Tara Johnson.

Shelly Serigne is Ally's mom. Christi stated she didn't fit in because of her good behavior, making "birds fly out of her mouth" when she spoke, and causing Holly to look rough by comparison.

Stacey Ketchman is the mother of Lilliana Ketchman. Stacey and her daughter first appeared in Return of the Minis as part of the mini team. They eventually left after Everyone's Replaceable... Even Abby after the Elite Competive team was disbanded. Stacey and Lilliana returned to the show in Season 8 as the only people coming back from seasons 6-7.

Tami Adamson is the mother of Tea'. She is a former professional ballet dancer.[3][4]

Tanya McCort is the mother of Season 1 and Season 2 Candy Apple's dancer Justice McCort. Abby claimed she was interested in moving Justice to the ALDC in Nationals 90210.

Tiffanie Oladi is the mother of Alexus Oladi.

Tracey Reasons is the mother of Sarah Reasons. Her daughter attended the same studio as Kira's daughter Kalani, and she was forced on the defensive when Kira denigrated Sarah's dance ability in comparison with Kalani's.

Tricia Farrar is the mother of Brady Farrar. She and Brady joined the team in Season 8 but that season left due to Abby's favoritism towards Brady caused tension between the mothers. They later returned in Making a Splash in Pittsburgh.

Yvette Walts is Hadley's mom. She appeared with her daughter on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition; she later claimed on Dance Moms that Abby's criticisms had left Hadley haunted. She brought her daughter's team to compete against Abby's replacement team. When asked to join Candy Apples Dance Center's competition team, they accepted the offer and competed with the studio against the ALDC at several competitions in Season 3.

Yolanda Walmsley is the mother of Elliana Walmsley. Yolanda and her daughter were invited to join the Mini Competitive Team in Mini Madness and Elliana joined the elite team in Season 7. They left the show during season seven along the other remaining ALDC members but returned for several episodes in season eight. They were later dismissed by Abby after Yolanda caused tension between her and the cast.


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What the Stars Are Doing Over 10 Years Later

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"Dance Moms" first aired nearly 10 years ago. Jason Merritt/KCA2015/Getty Images
  • The reality show "Dance Moms" first premiered on Lifetime 10 years ago in 2011.
  • JoJo Siwa has gone on to achieve a massive social-media following. 
  • Maddie Ziegler made it big when she danced in Sia's music video.

Maddie Ziegler was 8 years old when "Dance Moms" started filming.

Maddie Ziegler on "Dance Moms." Lifetime

In the first episode, her mom, Melissa Gisoni, proudly declared that Maddie was Abby Lee Miller's, the controversial and strict teacher of the elite Abby Lee Dance Company, favorite student.

The dancer kept that title for most of her ALDC career.

The 19-year-old is one of the most famous dancers to emerge from the show.

Maddie Ziegler appeared in the "West Side Story" remake. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

In 2014, Maddie hit it big when musician Sia tapped her to appear in the "Chandelier" music video. The two have continued to work closely together, and Ziegler starred in Sia's 2021 movie "Music," which has been criticized for casting an able-bodied actor to play a disabled character.

Maddie also played Velma in the 2021 "West Side Story" remake.

In addition to dancing and acting, she judged Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance?" in 2016, released a memoir titled "The Maddie Diaries" in 2017, and launched a makeup collection with Morphe in 2020.

Maddie's younger sister, Mackenzie, was one of the youngest ALDC dancers.

Mackenzie Ziegler on "Dance Moms." Lifetime

Mackenzie was around 6 years old at the start of the show, so she competed in a lower age bracket than the rest of the team.

She was known for her comedic quotes, like when she said she didn't need to be a Broadway dancer, she just wanted to stay home and eat chips.

She's now focusing on an acting and singing career.

Mackenzie Ziegler released an album, "Phases," in 2018. Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

After leaving "Dance Moms," Mackenzie has released music under the stage name Kenzie.

She dropped her first album "Phases" in 2018 and even collaborated with Sia for her 2020 song "Exhale."

With a growing presence on YouTube and TikTok, Kenzie's also branched into acting by starring on the Brat web series "Total Eclipse" and voicing the main character in the US version of the film "Ice Princess Lily" (2019).

Recently, Mackenzie competed as Tulip on Fox's "The Masked Dancer" and came in third place. She also played Ivy in "Let Us In" (2021).

In September 2021, she marked a new era of her music career with her single "Happy for Me," and she also released her collaboration with NOTD, "Worst Thing," in May 2022.

Chloe Lukasiak often played second fiddle to Maddie.

Chloe Lukasiak on "Dance Moms. " Lifetime

Chloe was 9 years old when she first appeared on "Dance Moms," and she was one of Maddie's biggest challengers.

Every week was a battle to see which one of them would win the solo at the competition.

Now, she's a published writer.

Chloe Lukasiak has talked about attending Pepperdine University. John Wolfsohn/Getty Images

Chloe stepped away from the often-toxic competitive-dance world when she left the series at the end of season four. Now, she's 20 years old.

She has a separate Instagram where she posts her poetry, and she previously released a book in 2018 called "Girl on Pointe: Chloe's Guide to Taking on the World."

She also uploads vlogs on YouTube for over 2 million subscribers. In her videos, she talks about attending Pepperdine University and her college experience.

Additionally, Chloe has appeared in various movies like "Center Stage: On Pointe" (2016) and "Loophole" (2019).



Nia Sioux was 10 when her "Dance Moms" journey began.

Nia Sioux on "Dance Moms." Lifetime

Although Abby Lee seemingly didn't consider her one of the top dancers, Nia held her own and even learned how to perfect a difficult signature move — the death drop, in which the dancer falls to the ground in a split-legged pose.

Nia is currently enrolled at UCLA.

Nia Sioux is acting and singing while attending UCLA. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The 20-year-old is attending UCLA while also staying busy with a budding singing and acting career.

She's worked on shows like CBS' "The Bold and the Beautiful" and Brat's web series "Sunnyside Up.

Nia dropped her latest single "Low Key Love" in 2020, and she vlogs on YouTube for over a million subscribers.

In 2021, she started the podcast "Adulting with Teala and Nia" alongside Teala Dunn and played Hanna Brooks in the TV movie "Imperfect High."

She also appeared in the film "I Am Mortal" in 2021. 

Brooke Hyland was the oldest member of the team when the show started.

Brooke Hyland on "Dance Moms." Lifetime

At 13 years old, Brooke had already been dancing for years and seemed, at times, to be getting tired of it.

Throughout the series, she would say that she was missing out on regular high-school activities because she was so focused on dance.

Brooke eventually got the normal school experience she wanted.

Brooke Hyland graduated from Ohio University. Presley Ann/Getty Images

After leaving the show at age 16, Brooke finished up high school and eventually went on to graduate from Ohio University with a marketing degree in 2019.

She tried her hand at a singing career shortly after she left "Dance Moms," but now she runs a popular food-themed Instagram account and occasionally posts on her YouTube channel, which has over 200,000 subscribers. 

She still seems to be close friends with Nia and was pictured hanging out with her in late 2020.

Brooke's younger sister, Paige, was 10 years old when the show started.

Paige Hyland on "Dance Moms." Lifetime

Paige tried hard to keep up with Chloe and Maddie but often found herself relegated to group dances instead of solos.

Kendall Vertes joined the show on season two.

Kendall Vertes on "Dance Moms." Lifetime

Dancing since she was just 18 months old, the then-9-year-old stayed on the show through season seven.


Kendall is now an actress and singer.

Kendall Vertes has appeared in several films. Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Under the stage name Kendall K, she released several albums and singles, with her latest song "Girl Talk" debuting in 2018.

The 19-year-old also branched into acting, recently appearing in the movies "Rapunzel: A Princess Frozen in Time" (2019), "Santa in Training" (2019), and a live-action version of "Anastasia" (2020), about the Romanov royal family.

In 2021, she started hosting "The Kendall K. and Friends Show" on CBS-TV.

She also regularly posts on her Instagram page, which has over 9 million followers.


Asia Monet Ray joined the show during season three.

Asia Monet Ray on "Dance Moms." Lifetime

When she was 8 years old, Asia was brought onto the ALDC team and challenged other performers like Mackenzie.

Asia is now focusing on a singing career.

Asia Monet Ray posts song covers on YouTube. Yuchen Liao/Getty Images

After "Dance Moms," she had her own Lifetime reality show called "Raising Asia" that ran for a single season in 2014.

Asia also jumped into acting, appearing on multiple episodes of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" and FX's "American Crime Story."

These days, the 16-year-old is prioritizing a music career, as she released her single "Real Life" in 2019 and frequently posts song covers on her YouTube page to nearly 500,000 subscribers. 

Kalani Hilliker joined the elite dance team during season four.

Kalani Hilliker on "Dance Moms. " Lifetime

Kalani gained attention on Lifetime's "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition," a "Dance Moms" spin-off in which young performers compete for $100,000 and a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School.

She officially joined the reality-show cast when she was 13 years old.

The 21-year-old is still dancing.

Kalani Hilliker launched a line of prom dresses. Dana Pleasant/Getty Images for

Her Instagram page, which has over 6 million followers, is filled with videos showing off her moves. She captioned one clip, "Dance is always my 1st love."

In addition to dancing, Kalani now vlogs on her YouTube channel for over 800,000 subscribers.

She also dove into the world of fashion with a line of formal dresses for Prom Girl, and several "Dance Moms" alumni, like Nia and Kendall, attended her launch event.

Kalani's also acted in projects like the movie "Swiped" (2018) and on the Brat TV show "Dirt."

She still seems to be friends with Kendall, and shared a selfie with her on Instagram in January 2021.

JoJo Siwa joined the "Dance Moms" cast in 2015.

JoJo Siwa on "Dance Moms." Lifetime

JoJo was a late addition to the series, officially joining during season five.

Before her entrance to the official team, JoJo was on "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition" when she was only 9 years old.

She's one of the most famous stars to come from the show.

JoJo Siwa has millions of followers and subscribers across multiple platforms. Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for GLAAD

JoJo has over 12 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and she's also gained over 41 million followers on TikTok. 

The 19-year-old does a little bit of everything, from acting to singing to vlogging.

JoJo also has an accessories line with Claire's, portrayed T-Rex on Fox's "The Masked Singer," and was named one of Time's 100 most influential people of 2020.  

Recently, she starred in Nickelodeon's dance flick "The J Team" (2021).

She also competed and got second place on season 30 0f ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," though she earned the first perfect score of the season for her and dance partner Jenna Johnson's foxtrot. 


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Congenital pathology of the daughter and rumors of bankruptcy. Imperfect dolce vita Gianluca Vacca

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Six years ago, many were surprised that three million subscribers were interested in the life of an Italian businessman, but now this result seems modest, because the number of followers of Gianluca Vacchi 22 million.

August 6, 2021 16:40125 617

Gianluca Vacca

“I decided to start my own blog to prove that you can succeed even if you are a funny dunce. And I also like to destroy the bourgeois image that develops around wealthy people in Italy, ”Gianluca Vacca described his attitude to life.

A hedonist, an incorrigible optimist, an athlete, and more recently, the father of baby Blue Jerusalem celebrates her 55th birthday on August 5th. For a blogger, this is just a number, because everyone who knows him notes: Vakki is a big child. But is everything so perfect and easy in the life of an entrepreneur, as we see in social networks? nine0005

From time to time there were rumors about the bankruptcy of Gianluca, sometimes his wealth was even called imaginary, invented to create an image on the Web, and legends were made about the betrayals of the dancing millionaire by young lovers. What do we know about the Italian blogger and his family?

With a silver spoon in his mouth

Gianluca's father is no longer alive

In the early 1960s, Gianluca's father founded a company manufacturing packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. The firm soon entered the global market, making the Italian family rich. However, there were not only enterprising businessmen in the family, but also people of art: the aunt of the dancing millionaire created luxurious jewelry that ended up in the British gallery Tate, and the artist's uncle exhibited at Palazzo Pitti in Florence. nine0005

The heir of the founder of a large company received an excellent education: after school, he entered the Faculty of Economics and Commerce of the University of Bologna. As a student, the guy became interested in sports and fashion - his tradition of tucking the left leg of any trousers originates from there.

He worked in Papa Gianluca's company until the age of 29, but he could not be imbued with the company's philosophy. The Italian was much more interested in music, parties, fashion and art. “I only inherited three or four percent of what I own,” Wakki reasoned. — From 25 to 35 years old, I worked in 12 sectors of the economy. He was engaged in the tourist business, motor homes, wristwatches. nine0005

“I'm lucky to have people in my family who can both run a successful business and support it. This allows me to fulfill myself the way I want, ”Gianluca hinted at brother Alberto

In fact, the entrepreneur did not have to bother much, because he lived on dividends from a corporation whose annual turnover exceeded a billion euros. But how much belonged to Gianluca? In 2010, the media wrote about 876 thousand shares of the company, and the statistics were not updated anymore. A businessman had the right not to disclose information about income, and becoming a propagandist of the dolce vita philosophy, he could easily lie about the level of well-being ...

Carelessness and hedonism from his youth reflected the character of Vacca, which, of course, did not hide from his father's attention. Apparently, therefore, he handed over the reins of the corporation not to Gianluca, but to his nephew Alberto. The latter was the exact opposite of the dancing millionaire: a reserved, serious workaholic who started his working day at six in the morning. Alberto Vacca allocated five million euros a year to his cheerful cousin Alberto Vacchi - the Italian media caustically called this a payment for keeping the tattooed handsome man out of the company's affairs. nine0005

Gianluca's own business ventures brought nothing but trouble. He was engaged in plastic wristwatches for only a year, work in a travel agency resulted in problems with the law, the clothing brand went bankrupt. Everything turned out to be confusing with investments: Vacca's First Investments holding provided loans to companies, the lion's share of whose shares belonged to the Italian himself. Whether the man was laundering money or not, in 2017 his yachts, villas and golf club were arrested. Local media claimed that the debt of the entrepreneur reached 60 million euros, and the blogger complained that the figure was too high, and the problems arose due to a bank error in calculating interest on the loan. However, by this time the man already had another reliable source of income - social networks. nine0005

King of social networks and womanizer

An athlete spends two hours a day in the gym

In Italy, Gianluca became a social media star when he started a microblog in 2013. The businessman himself suddenly turned into an investment: a tattooed toned body, a stylish beard, pictures against the background of luxury goods - 30 thousand compatriots found Vacca's page interesting.

A year later, Gianluca gained worldwide fame when he spent his holidays in Sardinia in the company of Zac Efron. The actor kindly advertised the account of an Italian friend, calling him his most interesting acquaintance, and the number of subscribers increased significantly in a matter of days. The basis of Vacca's content was beautiful landscapes: the sea, yachts, luxurious interiors. It is not surprising that the millionaire called his book, which promotes hedonism, Enjoy - "Enjoy". nine0005

Our hero was photographed, as a rule, not alone, but in the company of attractive girls. It is easy to see that Gianluca chose companions 15-25 years younger than himself. No wonder, because the cheerful Italian did not feel like an aging or even a mature man. The media wrote about the businessman's novels with actress Nina Senicar, Argentine TV presenter Belen Rodriguez, and a journalist named Melissa Satta. Wacky was also credited with a relationship with Hollywood stars Michelle Rodriguez and Lindsay Lohan, however, the reporters did not wait for confirmation. nine0005

One of the girlfriends helped the entrepreneur to noticeably increase his popularity on the Internet: hundreds of thousands of users watched the joint dance of the designer of the Wandering fashion brand Georgia Gabriele and Gianluca to Ricky Martin's hit in a few days. It was then that Vakki became interested in Russia, and together with Georgia he came to the show "Let them talk." It was not possible to get away from questions about the wedding: after all, the unambiguous tattoo “I love you, mine” flaunted on the arm of the millionaire. Gabriele calmly explained that the businessman was already married - at 28. The experience was unsuccessful, so the Italian vowed to marry, although he valued his beloved like no one else before. “Georgia is the only woman in my life who gave me the idea of ​​a son,” admitted Gianluca Vacca in the program of Channel One. nine0005

In turn, Georgia did not skimp on compliments to her chosen one. “There is an 18 year difference between us, but believe me, I don’t feel it, because in fact he is a boy at heart,” the designer shared with StarHit. - Gianluca also has a young body, he trains for two hours every day. But we have one problem - everything else, he has a child's fantasy, but I'm happy to play along with him. In general, it seems to me that age is more a psychological state, which depends on how a person relates to life. nine0005

Although Gianluca called the other half his wife, the union with Georgia did not last long: in the summer of 2017, the lovers broke up without explanation. Soon, the place of the slender brunette was taken by "Miss Colombia 2014" Ariadna Gutierrez, whom subscribers tirelessly compared with the previous passion of Vacca. However, only the next chosen one, the Venezuelan model Sharon Fonseca, managed to turn the freedom-loving bachelor into a family man.

Late fatherhood

Fans did not believe that the couple's relationship would last for a long time

How did Sharon win him over?

To begin with, let's clarify who she is, the girl who managed to change the worldview of the dancing millionaire. Sharon was born in 1995, which means that the age difference with Gianluca has reached a record high of 28 years. At 13, Fonseca began her modeling career, moved to America, and then received the specialty "clothing designer" and got an internship in a glossy magazine.

The girl managed to act in films, open a jewelry brand and a tattoo parlor. She also led a page on the social network, where she shared beauty secrets and healthy food recipes. In 2018, Sharon became the heroine of Gianluca's blog - from now on, she was Vacca's constant partner in incendiary dances. nine0005

The millionaire did not aspire to become a dad: once he even mentioned that he never thought of Sharon as a potential mother of his children. However, Gianluca was suspected of paternity for a long time - the young Ginevra Mavilla often appeared in his microblog, whom the media dubbed Vacca's illegitimate daughter.

The businessman does not tire of thanking his beloved for the gift of happiness

“She has been present in my life since the age of five, she is like a daughter to me,” the businessman explained. “It’s hard for me to explain how much I love her, but I can say with confidence that she is an integral part of my life.” nine0005

Whether the millionaire planned or not, he still had to become a dad. On May 10, 2020, Sharon admitted to subscribers that she was pregnant, and Gianluca added that she would make a great mother. In October, the 53-year-old businessman had a daughter, Blue Jerusalem. For discharge, the man prepared a surprise for his loved ones by decorating the house with balls and toys.

Congenital pathology

The millionaire did not immediately tell about the congenital pathology of his daughter

The joy of late fatherhood was overshadowed only by the fact that the girl was born with a cleft palate, known as a wolf's mouth. Outwardly, the pathology is not noticeable, but in the future it can lead to the splitting of soft tissues, so Gianluca and Sharon turned to specialists for help. nine0005

“Our heart and soul was with our daughter, but also with those families that faced the same situation, because this happens to one child out of 700. We are lucky to have an excellent team of doctors, they will soon perform an operation to help my daughter live a normal life. But not all families have this opportunity, so we decided to talk more about it and support funds that help such families, ”the millionaire shared.

Businessman father promised to provide his heiress with a luxurious life

In April 2021, Blue Jerusalem underwent surgery, and Gianluca admitted that he admired the courage of the little girl who went through the test. The fairy tale story in the microblog continued: from now on, the daughter became the main character in Vacca's videos. So, users watched how a happy dad with a baby in his arms learns salsa, and then the businessman took the heiress on a plane for the first time - the family went to Sardinia.

Subscribers have no doubt that, having discovered the joy of fatherhood, the millionaire will want to experience this again. Perhaps soon we will see Gianluca dancing with a whole team of little tanned Italian children who look like him. nine0005

Quotidiano, GraziaMagazine.

Photo: Ada Masella, Europa Press, Emanuele Perrone/Getty Images, social networks

Text author: Alexandra Vlasova

"Mrs. Kiselevsk 2018" - Olesya Vorobieva | Newspaper "Kiselevskie Vesti"

March 4 was the hour of triumph for ten participants of the contest "Mrs. Kiselevsk 2018" (Director - Polina Stolyarova). Now they can breathe freely, relax and enjoy the congratulations, the aftertaste of the royal appearance on the stage in all its splendor, post photos on social networks, feel and realize: they are now not just Kiselyov residents, but crowned ladies! nine0105

During four months of master classes, trainings, photo shoots, rehearsals, the participants improved themselves, transformed externally and internally. They have changed, passed the "jewelry cutting", their beauty has acquired a special expressiveness, nobility and charm. The final show was evaluated by representatives of a decor studio, a beauty salon and a beauty studio, a make-up artist, a fitness trainer, a choreographer, designers, owners of a gym, a sportswear store, an editor-in-chief of one of the city newspapers, a co-owner of a figure modeling studio, participants in the first beauty and motherhood competition in in our city, as well as the operator-designer of the computer layout of the newspaper "Kiselevskiye Vesti" Vitaly Petrakovich. The jury was chaired by "Mrs. Kiselevsk 2017" Marina Khisamutdinova. nine0005

Alena Novoselova

And then a dancing motley mischievous girl company appeared on the stage in the form of retro dudes - a fountain of multi-colored positive! Such a bright, cheerful and dynamic was the prelude of "Business Card". The first to start a self-presentation with greetings in different languages ​​was Olesya Vorobyeva, who did not even have time to catch her breath. However, this did not prevent her from declaring herself as a multifaceted personality, with features inherent in people of several nationalities.
Many contestants talked about themselves, their family, work, dreams, interests in their own poems. Tatyana Glushenko, mother of three children, expressed in rhymed lines the desire to "feel not just a woman, but the best woman in the world." Anastasia Bokova presented sincere declarations of love to her husband Denis, two sons and a sweetheart daughter, and mentioned that dancing, competitions and sports are her element. nine0112 Sweet and modest Alena Novoselova told about her life path and credo: “I can do everything, I can do everything. And you just need to push a little." Oksana Mitrokhina shared her immediate plans to become a business woman and make jewelry from natural stones to order. And she does not tire of repeating that the main thing in her life is her family, her sons, whom she is proud of. Media personality Albina Kuznetsova admitted that her wealth is her family: her beloved husband and daughters Sonya and Ksyushenka. She loves her job as a correspondent for the Kiselevsk TV channel, she likes to be in the thick of things and cover them in the news. Albina is a leader, not afraid of responsibility, knows how to lead, for several years she was the chairman of the Kiselevsky youth parliament. In the meantime, she is on maternity leave, she decided to diversify her everyday life by participating in the competition. nine0112 Nadezhda Babenko, mother of an adult daughter and triplets, made the audience smile with her performance with a share of self-irony and humor. "Brevity is the sister of talent" is the motto of Oksana Moiseeva's business card. Elena Glushkova - bright, alluring, with a beautiful smile - spoke in verse about her maternal and marital happiness, and about everything else that is valuable to her: home comfort, work, fitness, dancing and a healthy lifestyle, and Anastasia Martyshchenko - about woman and her mission.

Oksana Mitrokhina

Anastasia Bokova

Under the "sights" of photo and video cameras, the fixed gazes of the audience and the jury, our Mrs. was worried, sometimes her voice trembled, and words were forgotten, but this is natural, especially if there is little experience in public speaking. To go on stage is a bold act, to be able to adequately and properly behave in front of an audience is worth a lot.
In the next stage - a creative number - the participants passed a kind of exam, demonstrating the fruits of long painstaking work and imagination. Anastasia Martyshchenko and Oksana Mitrokhina tried themselves as vocalists. The joint number of Olesya Vorobyeva and her husband was very original. In the semi-darkness, a couple in white robes entered the stage barefoot. On a blank sheet of paper, they drew a house with different paints, but not with brushes, but with their hands. In these moments, it seemed that their spiritual intimacy and love were felt by everyone who watched them with bated breath. As Olesya explained the meaning of the mini-production during the break: “We are both artists and characters of our life. A family is always the interaction of a husband and wife, creation, help and certainly a sacrifice of oneself, the desire to paint the life of one's children with bright colors. Many thanks to my husband for always supporting me, and this creative act was no exception.” nine0005

If there was a Mrs. Choreography nomination in this competition, then Anastasia Bokova or Tatyana Glushenko would certainly have got it. Performing a temperamental Latin American dance, Anastasia excited the audience with her energy. It got even hotter in the hall! And the blond sons and daughter of Nastya, who supported their mother, touched both the presenter Evgenia Baranova and all those present. It's amazing that Anastasia, with the help of choreographer Inna Anatolyevna Dontsova, learned such a complex dance in just six lessons! That's what motivation means! I had an irresistible desire to start dancing when Tatyana Glushenko and her husband Ivan performed a folk square dance, and daughters Lyubov and Sofia decorated it with elements of acrobatics. nine0005

Alena Novoselova

Nadezhda Babenko

Nadezhda Babenko brought a touch of exoticism and oriental flavor to the competition by demonstrating yoga asanas, which helps her maintain emotional balance, harmony of body and soul, and saves her from stress. Following Nadezhda, her four daughters entered the stage: the adult Nastya and the preschool triplets. Anastasia reminded that the maternal share is never cloudless. And sometimes children injure loving mothers with their actions and words, hurting them, adding gray hair, which they later bitterly regret. Do not forget about this and tell the one who gave you life: "Thank you, dear, for raising me, for what you love, for what you are!" Who reads books to us? Who strokes and caresses us? Who sings songs to us? “Mom”, “mom”, “mom”, - the children's voices of three babies answered in turn. It was so touching that tears welled up in my eyes. How much love fills the heart of the mother of four children! It is her inexhaustible source. And the caring mother Nadezhda, as a symbol of this boundless love and tenderness, gave her daughters a big flower heart. Dad did not stand aside, who joined his family with the words: "I want to make our life not only stronger and happier, but also more beautiful, and as the only man in this female "battalion" I give my girls joy and flowers." nine0112 Surprises from the participants followed one after another. Together with Elena Glushkova, her husband Vadim also sang on stage, for which he received a separate gift from one of the sponsors. Alena Novoselova sang a song... in Ukrainian - "Try it for me," captivating the audience with her feminine image and pure melodic vocals. But that was not all. Swapping out her long white shirt and floral wreath for sportswear, Alena danced to the 2017 hit "Despacito". Looking ahead, these talents could not fail to be noted by the editors of the Kiselevskiye Vesti newspaper with a special prize - an annual subscription to our publication and a gift card from Sportmaster stores. nine0005

Albina Kuznetsova and her team

Sports defile

Albina Kuznetsova received invaluable support from her colleagues in her performance, stylized as the famous Carnival Night, with the song Five Minutes. The intrigue is growing, and the denouement is getting closer! The final stage of the competition was two such different defiles: the first - to the musical accompaniment of the Lyube group - the song "Dusya-aggregate", with the participation of brutal Kiselevsky strongmen playing with muscles. And our charming Mrs. became the models for the demonstration of stylish sportswear from one of the sponsors of the event, confirming that you can look like a king in the fitness room! nine0005

A few minutes later, a magical transformation took place: princesses in chic evening dresses appeared on stage to the sound of an exciting hymn of love! Light steps, smooth movements, shining jewelry and dazzling smiles! A little more - and the girls will become queens! The intensity of passions in the jury reigned serious. It was not easy to choose the best of the best. But after several meetings, the results were still summed up. All participants received gifts from the partners of the competition. Sponsors also expressed their personal sympathy to the contestants, awarding them with prizes, and established their own nominations: "Mrs. Silhouette", "Mrs. Grace", "Mrs. SportLand", "Mrs. Inspiration", "Mrs. Delice". nine0005

Marina Khisamutdinova and Olesya Vorobyeva

And we are pleased to announce that Tatyana Glushenko was recognized as the second Vice-Mrs., Albina Kuznetsova was recognized as the First Vice-Mrs. a kindergarten teacher. This is how it happens: number 1, under which the girl performed, turned out to be prophetic. And by the way, when we talked with Olesya in a coffee shop back in October, she set goals for herself, which became the title of the article: “Win ​​the competition, conquer Elbrus, raise sons and a daughter!” As you can see, it's starting to come true! nine0005

Certificate for participation in the regional stage of the Mrs.

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