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Wonderlands×Showtime「Positive☆Dance Time feat. Kagamine Rin (Prod. kinoshita)」Lyrics (Romanized)

(iku yo?)
Mamimume moyamoya na kimi mo
Are you ready? junbi wa ii? (haai!)
Sukippu & kurappu de ichi nii san hai!
Pojitibu ☆ dansu taimu

yumeiro wo kanaderu yozora de sa
Shall we dance?
Asu ni warawareru kurai
Shikamettsura otsuki-sama mo issho ni
Shall we dance?
Saikou no kibun ne

123 no rizumu de
123 mahou wo kakete
Kimi dake no suteppu dakara
Sekai ga hora kagayaku no

wake up! wake up!
Okurenaide yo ne
Miwaku no dansu taimu
Jumping! jumping!
Hazukashigarazu ni
Fly! high! fly! high!
High! high! high! high!

(wandahooi! hoe? kyaa!)

Papipupe pojitibu ☆ dansu taimu
Iya na koto mo Let’s dance! Let’s dance! Let’s dance!
Kimi to issho ni odoreba

Ima wa gikochinai rizumu demo
Aozora ni Let’s be ambitious!
Kitto kagayaku kara

naninune norinori na kimi mo
Are you ready? junbi wa ii?
Sukippu & kurappu de ichi nii san hai!
Pojitibu ☆ dansu taimu

kumo iro wo kanaderu yozora de sa
Shall we dance?
Kinou wo waraitobasu kurai
Nakimushi na ohoshi-sama mo issho ni
Shall we dance?
Egao ni shichaou

123 no rizumu de
123 mahou wo kakete
Kimi dake no suteppu dakara
Sekai ga hora kagayaita!

wake up! wake up!
Tomeranaide yo ne
Suteki na dansu taimu
Jumping! jumping!
Mugamuchuu de hora
Fly! high! fly! high! ieei!

Papipupe pojitibu ☆ dansu taimu
Mae wo muite Let’s dance! Let’s dance! Let’s dance!
Kimi to issho ni kanadeyou

Ima wa narenai merodi demo
Yumeiro ni Let’s be ambitious!
Kitto todoku kara

(junbi wa ii?)

wake up! wake up!
Okurenaide yo ne
Chou saikou no dansu taimu
Jumping! jumping!
Omoi no mama hora
Fly! high! fly! high!
High! high! high! high!

dakara subarashii no

Papipupe pojitibu ☆ dansu taimu
Namida fuite Let’s dance! Let’s dance! Let’s dance!
Kimi to issho ni odoreba

Ima wa masshiro na kyanbasu mo
Kimi iro ni Let’s be ambitious!
Egakeru no!

mou ikkai!?
(pojitibu ☆ dansu taimu!)

Papipupe pojitibu ☆ dansu taimu
Minna de saa Let’s dance! Let’s dance! Let’s dance!
Tanoshii! tanoshii! yuushou da ne!

nijiiro no mainichi wo zutto zutto waraitsukareru kurai
Odotteitai Let’s be ambitious!
Demo kyou wa oyasumi

mamimume moyamoya na kimi mo
Are you ready? junbi wa ii?
Sukippu & kurappu de ichi nii san hai!
Pojitibu ☆ dansu taimu

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Wonderlands×Showtime『Positive☆Dance Time feat.

Kagamine Rin (Prod. kinoshita)』Music Video・PV


Lord of the Dance - Lyrics, Hymn Meaning and Story

GodTube Staff

"Lord of the Dance" is a hymn with words written by English songwriter Sydney Carter in 1963. It follows the idea of a traditional English carol, "Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day" which tells the gospel story in the first person voice of Jesus of Nazareth with the device of portraying Jesus' life and mission as a dance.

I danced in the morning when the world was begun,
And I danced in the moon and the stars and the sun,
And I came down from heaven and I danced on the earth:
At Bethlehem I had my birth.

Dance, then, wherever you may be,
I am the Lord of the dance, said he,
And I'll lead you all, wherever you may be,
And I'll lead you all in the dance, said he.

I danced for the scribe and the Pharisee,
But they would not dance and they wouldn't follow me;
I danced for the fishermen, for James and John;
They came with me and the dance went on:

Dance, then, wherever you may be,
I am the Lord of the dance, said he,
And I'll lead you all, wherever you may be,
And I'll lead you all in the dance, said he.

I danced on the Sabbath and I cured the lame:
The holy people said it was a shame.
They whipped and they stripped and they hung me on high,
And they left me there on a cross to die:

Dance, then, wherever you may be,
I am the Lord of the dance, said he,
And I'll lead you all, wherever you may be,
And I'll lead you all in the dance, said he.

I danced on a Friday when the sky turned black;
It's hard to dance with the devil on your back.
They buried my body and they thought I'd gone;
But I am the dance, and I still go on:

Dance, then, wherever you may be,
I am the Lord of the dance, said he,
And I'll lead you all, wherever you may be,
And I'll lead you all in the dance, said he.

They cut me down and I leapt up high;
I am the life that'll never, never die.
I'll live in you if you'll live in me:
I am the Lord of the dance, said he.

Dance, then, wherever you may be,
I am the Lord of the dance, said he,
And I'll lead you all, wherever you may be,
And I'll lead you all in the dance, said he.

Songwriters Sydney Carter Published by © 1963, 2001 Stainer & Bell

The Story Behind Lord of the Dance

In writing the lyrics to "Lord of the Dance" in 1963, Sydney Carter was inspired partly by Jesus, but also partly by a statue of the Hindu God Shiva as Nataraja (Shiva's dancing pose) which sat on his desk, and was partly intending simply to give tribute to Shaker music. He later stated, "I did not think the churches would like it at all. I thought many people would find it pretty far flown, probably heretical and anyway dubiously Christian. But in fact people did sing it and, unknown to me, it touched a chord ... Anyway, it's the sort of Christianity I believe in."

Sydney Carter wrote:

I see Christ as the incarnation of the piper who is calling us. He dances that shape and pattern which is at the heart of our reality. By Christ I mean not only Jesus; in other times and places, other planets, there may be other Lords of the Dance. But Jesus is the one I know of first and best. I sing of the dancing pattern in the life and words of Jesus.

Whether Jesus ever leaped in Galilee to the rhythm of a pipe or drum I do not know. We are told that David danced (and as an act of worship too), so it is not impossible. The fact that many Christians have regarded dancing as a bit ungodly (in a church, at any rate) does not mean that Jesus did.

The Shakers didn't. This sect flourished in the United States in the nineteenth century, but the first Shakers came from Manchester in England, where they were sometimes called the "Shaking Quakers". They hived off to America in 1774, under the leadership of Mother Anne. They established celibate communities - men at one end, women at the other; though they met for work and worship. Dancing, for them, was a spiritual activity. They also made furniture of a functional, lyrical simplicity. Even the cloaks and bonnets that the women wore were distinctly stylish, in a sober and forbidding way.

Their hymns were odd, but sometimes of great beauty: from one of these (Simple Gifts) I adapted this melody. I could have written another for the words of 'Lord of the Dance' (some people have), but this was so appropriate that it seemed a waste of time to do so. Also, I wanted to salute the Shakers.

Sometimes, for a change I sing the whole song in the present tense. 'I dance in the morning when the world is begun...'. It's worth a try.

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Lord Of The Dance

Today's Devotional

A Prayer for When Jesus Brings a Sword to Your Relationships - Your Daily Prayer - October 28

Many are creating a Christianity (and Jesus) to their own liking that allows them to continue to embrace worldly ideologies and philosophies that make them feel better about themselves. But in the gospels, Christ assures us that if we try to hang onto our life, we will lose it. If we want to hold onto the world, we will inevitably lose our soul.

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Poems about dancing - short quatrains about dances and dancers

Our dancing is a sport
And sport is a healthy mind and body
We dance everything and without hassle
Let's go through life boldly.

How beautiful, graceful!
She dances around.
Admire, look -
This is my daughter!

Who hasn't danced at least once?
I didn't get that!
Tango or Charleston,
Rock and roll il waltz boston.

If you can't sleep in the morning,
The dream ran away somewhere,
And it pulls you to start dancing -
So it's dance day!
We will definitely dance
Waltz, latin and foxtrot,
Tango, break and macarena,
This day will not be in vain!

Dance is live music,
And no wonder people say:
Dancer - the embodiment of paradise,
Peace and harmony reign in the dance.

Long live different dances -
Ballet and variety,
Folk and classical,
Sporty and majestic!
Fast and slow,
Ancient, modern -
The art of dance is magical!

Holding hands, running
Let's go dancing in a circle
The round dance flickers,
The earth will disappear from under your feet.
Nine times around, around
Let's go and close the circle.

Let me grow only
I will be a ballerina.
And now for the polka dance
I invite you friends.

And now I ask everyone to stand up,
Let's dance together.
Friendly dance calls everyone
In our merry round dance.

Clockwork we girls.
We don't want to stand on the sidelines.
They decided to surprise everyone -
Invite the guys to dance.
Let's straighten the skirts,
Let's fix the bows,
Let's stomp our heels
And let's spin.
We like to dance.
Aren't they beauties?

In dance, as in life, there is a run in a circle:
Both strength and weakness run one after the other.
In dance: plie, jump and spin.
And in life you need a fall to take off.

Still ringing in my ears
Seventh waltz easy step,
Like a spring breeze,
Like the flutter of bird wings,
Like the world that I discovered
In the interweaving of musical lines.
That waltz still sounds in me,
Like a cloud in the blue,
Like a spring in the grass,
Like a dream that I see in reality,
Like the news that I live
In relationship with nature.

L. Ozerov


Touch, violinist, bow string,
The sound will wake the silence,
And the night ball will strike,
Flying and crazy.
A star flies to us in the night,
This night will separate us,
With you for the last time
We are dancing now.

Ah, night, sorceress, do not rush
By dawn, don't rush.
Separation, torment and villainess, pain of the soul,
Separation is the pain of the soul.

Everything will melt like a mirage,
And our last dance,
And violins gentle sound,
And the tenderness of the eyes and hands.
Come what may, everything is fate,
You remember the night ball.
In the tent of night lights
You give me dance.

L. Rubalskaya


A marvelous melody broke the silence,
Thoughts mixed up musical overflow.
Blind listened to music in a quiet night,
Braiding slowly braids to sad willows ...

And a hand on the waist, strong and tender,
And the bodies intertwine in a cautious dance...
Bright, desirable, sad and sinful,
You touch my lips as if not on purpose ...

Feel the warm breath on your cheek,
Wriggling like a snake from touch . ..
In this flowing mystery you are now insane,
Reveling in the eternity of a brief moment.

In this sincere dance we confess everything
Light movements, not littering with words ...
And the music will subside ... And we will repent of sins,
And we will descend to the ground, shuffling our wings.

We'll meet again in a hundred years,
We'll talk to you again with hot bodies,
Again, like a hundred years ago, silently say goodbye,
Lost in the abyss behind the rains again for a hundred years...

I. Larionov


It can be seen from above the dances sent down,
It was decided by God Himself.
We have been given the talent to dance
All misfortunes and troubles out of spite!
And we can not live differently!

We fantasize, we rejoice!
This waltz swirled like a whirlwind,
Raises from earth to heaven.
Above the ground like birds soar
We fly with our souls.

That's why we dance obliviously,
What is possible to forget about everything,
When the dance is both bold and sinful
As a story about feelings, about love!
From the blues and from boredom, he heals.

G. Bobyleva


I dance with my eyes slightly closed,
Unearthly music sounds…
And takes my soul to heaven
There she soars happy,
And with her I...

I dance, angels are circling nearby
To the beautiful melody of love.
Feeling Like I Can Fly
I don't touch the ground at all,
I am weightless.

I'm dancing, why is it like this
This feeling is mine,
What am I doing with my soul?
This music is calling me
With you!

G. Bobyleva


And why do we love to dance almost from birth?
Yes, dances always express the feelings of our life,
They are an echo of dreams and desires of secret embodiment.
And what words we can not voice,
Passionate and virtuoso movements will be told.

And we choose the dance to our liking, according to our mood,
Sometimes just giving up is not realistic, impossible,
When music is to the heart, for joy, for consolation,
We embody the beauty and charm of the melody with our dance.
The art of dance and the beautiful aspiration.

G. Bobyleva


Sometimes, I confess, it is strange to see,
How strict in ballet is every step
And like dancers dispassionately
Beauties are carried on hand!

Impulses are restrained in ballet,
Subject to the plasticity of law;
There all confessions are silent:
Only pas-de-de, pas-de-trois...

In ballet, even jealousy, quarrel,
Cold jet feud -
Sparkles like porcelain,
Or maybe - from crystal! ..

There are all painful feelings,
Deeds and thoughts of people
magic magic art
Transformed into swans.

And for a short moment they appeared,
Everything earthly is deprived,
In their perfection, ideal,
What should they be.

I. Kobzev


Everything glitters: flowers, kenkets,
Both diamond and turquoise,
Chandeliers, stars, epaulettes,
Earrings, rings and bracelets,
Curls phrases and eyes.
Everything is in motion: air, people.
Blondes, curls and breasts
And worthy of the crown
Feet with their secret vow,
And passions and a corset
Exhausted hearts.
Waltz Storm Tired
Circle, thinning gradually,
Lots of shine of his
Already lost. Whimsical
Couples, burst sparks,
Fall away from him.
As if the dust is invaluable -
Diamond ring dust,
Osp with a magnificent diadem,
Spray from the royal crown;
Like golden stars,
What, leaving heaven,
Suddenly they fly to the ends of the earth,
Like loose sequins,
Iridescent - colored,
From the fire wheel.
Only a couple left,
Just her and him. She wears
Thin gas is whiter than steam;
He is all black clouds.
The Genius of Darkness and the Spirit of Eden,
Mumble, soar in the clouds,
And Copernicus system
Triumphant in their eyes.
Here they fly! — Bows livelier
Throw thunder; couple faster
In the new splendor of celebration
Draws lightning in circles,
And tightly intertwined wings
Unearthly beings.
In vain wants blackwing
Keep your flight: by force
Incomprehensible attraction
Like over the abyss of the ocean,
He flies in layers of fog,
All on fire.
In the sphere of rainbow light
Through chaos and fire and smoke
The dark planet rushes
With a clear companion.
Vain white cherub
Seeking powers or spells
Break the ring of hugs;
Chest languishes, speech breaks,
Fruitless efforts die,
Over Fire Open Shoulders
Blow blonde wings,
The river splashes curls,
There is no place in Persians for breathing,
Sore hand
Strongly gripped by the infernal hand,
And the other is hot
Angel, in the horror of the fall,
Holds the spinning demon
Over the iron shoulder.

V. Benediktov


Yarilo gets hot,
Faces are on fire!
Dance turned heads
For girls and boys,
Blush painted cheeks -
and prowess, and enthusiasm!
Draws a dance
Your intricate pattern.
Round dances spun
Wheel: and around, and back!
The spirit of the people has awakened -
Russian dance cannot be appeased!

S. Strelnikov


Only the waltz gives us this moment,
And only now he disconnects ...
Flipping through time like the pages of books,
Forgotten feeling again intoxicates ...

And who will tell you how to be saved now?
I no longer dare to look away ...
And the waltz is spinning, spinning, like for the first time ...
Soul boundless music embraced ...

You whisper to me softly: "Tu souvien?" *
(But how to forget the April of an unexpected meeting?
When dawn was given to nightingales,
And the sun was seen off every evening? . .)

I will answer casually: “Un peu… Tr?s mal…” **
Suddenly I’ll take my eyes off ... You’ll understand - it’s not true ...
And outside the window a long time ago February ...
And we know that he is justified by fate ...

Draws a waltz melody, look...
In it, every breath reminds us of us ...
And the heart beats in rhythm, one, two, three ...
And the triangle of thoughts closes ...

The last chord melts among the fires...
“I wanted to say so…” - unable to listen
I disappear into the silence of shadows...
Waltz is only an echo in old dreams and souls ...

N. Grebenko

Stuffy hall, ballet parquet,
From sweat wet wall,
Sun, through glass, warmed
Two dancers - he, she...

Pulse beats fractions 220,
Bare feet bloody broken,
Lighting the Flames of Dance
Their bodies are merged into one.

In a cell a cell, in a muscle a muscle
Third day in a row.
Feelings are sharp as a needle.
Dance is a devilish flight.

Shock, hearts are magnets,
One soul for two,
Life - searchlights, spotlights,
Scene. Dance. He she.


Dance - there are feelings and emotions palette -
You can show everything that is hidden in the heart!
Dance - there is a special body language -
Let's talk about what everyone is used to!
You can talk about dance endlessly,
But dance is life, and it will be forever!


Dance if there are no more words -
The dance will say everything better itself.
You will be heard like a hundred voices,
Listen to feelings, not words!

Dance even if the glass is
Will remain a wound in the soul and on the skin,
After all, you will carry that one in your arms,
Who is dearer to you than this life!

When young or gray -
Dance cannot be measured by age:
Dance while being yourself
When you sincerely believe in love.

Dance like the surf -
Furiously, meekly and tenderly,
As if you are the dearest to a stranger -
Beacon light, ray of last hope!

You continue the dance in silence,
Even if the string is broken.
Music that comes from the soul
Millions will be heard!

Dance joyfully and carelessly,
Despite the imminent death,
As if not a sentence, but eternity
You have in stock!

Dance in the dark, in an empty house,
In the wilderness, alone, in grief
But know, be sure of one thing -
Angels are dancing next to you!

Don't wait for approval from others,
Create a dance movement like this,
To all who do not believe in themselves
Hope to inspire!

Excited not knowing how to start the dance,
When blood and fear tear the veins,
Don't be afraid to stand on the edge of the abyss,
Especially in the middle of the stage!

Laugh and cry while you are alive -
In mourning they also dance,
After all, relatives that are in the sky above you,
Living in this dance, rejoice!

stumble, fall, get up
In motion looking for inspiration,
But don't stop dancing,
If the world stops blooming!

It doesn't matter what was and will be with you
You dance be here and now!
Don't dance with your mind, but with your soul
You are in your dance every time!

If your dance is not a prayer,
So what is your life for?
You create a prayer from dance,
And turn to God with her!

Dance not for glory, victory -
Dance For Your Soul
Then not a single defeat
Can't crush you!

Dance in front of an ardent crowd
With a pure heart, with a spring smile,
Even if the dance turns out to be yours
In this life, perhaps the last!

Light one heart with a dance
And bring love to him,
After all, in the crowd he will find himself,
Who will take her away from hell!

Find your new dance
In a wave of your favorite eyelashes,
In the reflection of close eyes,
In the joyful singing of birds.

Find your special rhythm
In the breath of the spring wind,
In the trembling of tender lips,
In the first rays of dawn.

Stop for a moment, freeze -
This also has its own beauty!
Do you feel? Time stands with delight -
The sequel is waiting for you!!!


How strange, sometimes it happens like this:
As if the same hall, and the same faces,
All the same music pulsating beat,
And so the light flickers and flows -

Inviting gesture in a barely perceptible glance,
Already habitual hugs -
And suddenly, as if out of place
The heart beats in anticipation of happiness.

And time-space is no more,
But only the lingering longing of the bandaneon,
Having filled everything with myself, nullified
Everything else is beautiful and bottomless.

And in these sounds, melting and breathing,
A moment ago completely strangers
Two bodies and one soul
They live with each other, as if they were blind.

Then boleos are truly easy,
And ocho flawlessly perfect,
And only a cheek touches a cheek,
And together we are free and imperishable.

And there are no more prohibitions and barriers,
And the fear of misunderstanding recedes,
Breath and heart beat in time,
And the secrets of the universe are available to us ...

How strange, sometimes it happens suddenly,
A short moment ago it could have happened -
But the couples froze, the last sound subsided.
All the same hall around, all the same faces...


Movement, rhythm, melody, steps,
Forward, backward and turn,
Bend, snatch and leg swing,
Who danced - he will understand everything!

Dance is incomparable,
If you often whirl in rhythm,
dance can gradually
Turn into the meaning of life!

There is always time for yourself,
The melody will call everywhere,
Releasing from a busy day,
Beckoning to drop everything and dance . ..

Feel like flying
Spinning smoothly, wave-second!
To be a bird in the sky soaring,
Be real, be yourself!

How to dance - tell the body,
When you sit down, wave your hand.
You will not start moving boldly,
Then you will notice

ease enjoyment
Desire to move, spinning,
Emotions rise and mood -
You can't help but fall in love with it!

Dancing is not for a day,
Not for a year or two!
Dance is not familiar with laziness -
Dance is forever!


Waltz, waltz... so spin me around!
I'm flying up like an autumn leaf.
Sounds pour, beckoning with them.
There is no point in asking for salvation.

One, two, in a moment - three ...
I melt in the dance, in the arms of gentle,
Lunar midnight, melting dawn,
All moments boundless flight.

Tact, breath, moth twinkle
Melt in a moment with a tender kiss . ..
Waltz sounds, don't be sad again
Take hope for love...


The sphere fills with music,
Sweet melody beckons.
Rhythm from the heart
Controls minds.

Lightness, breath of freedom,
Strength and joy of movement -
overcome carelessly
Sinful Earth attraction.

Plasticity, grace, dexterity
Instantly turn into a feeling.
And without a single word
They proclaim a miracle.

Floor deceptive gloss…
Couples in outfits flock.
Dance! Divine dance!
The highest art in the world!


Today is our last dance,
Why useless words?
We don't need to shine,
Kohl in the relationship is emptiness.

Ups and downs forgotten,
Blossoms together, whispering in the dark.
How long have we been captivated by temptations,
Only a year, and we are not the same.

While with you we circle side by side,
As in life, we converge and part again.
But we are beyond love brackets.
The music will stop, and all love will die.


Everything shimmers, sparkles, shines!
This is the flame of love, the dance of passion.
And I press you to me,
And your soul dances with happiness.

We will now break away and higher,
These birds will suddenly take off, and you even
Whisper in my ear - I will hear,
That you will not give me to anyone.

I do not seek to manage you,
I can only feel the heartbeat -
This is us prepared for battle,
Feeling this confusion.

You are like a rose against the dawn,
Your pallor doesn't bother me.
You opened up today and this is
Makes you love even more.


I hear a soft flapping of a wing. ..
As the night is light, as the day swept away ...
And smooth lines moment, wave ...
Oh how she dances...

Body circling… turning…
And feelings flight, whirlpool,
To her a ray of sunset sings a song
The winds kiss on the lips ...

I hear trembling...
And the look, the look of love is similar ...
Look... don't disturb her...
Breathing timid, unsteady ...

The soul soars, like a dream is light ...
There are only clouds around...
And the river echoes with its voice ...
Keeping her smile...

I hear dance... silence...
A string sounds through the darkness...
She must be in love...
And melts like ice...

And let the head spin ...
She doesn't need words anymore...
Captivated by holy sorcery
carefree flamingo...

Poems about dance | Poems


Mari Polyakova

Flickering of legs, entanglement of hands,
And the body is at a break,
And the unity of these two,
And a pause in languor.
Flight and a sharp fall,
Delight and a chilling cry,
And a slow resurrection -
All this dance is a wonderful moment!



Marina Evening

If there is mud in the soul
I don't believe in anything,
Spring will blossom in a waltz,
In samba, longing will dispel.

If there is a thaw in the soul,
We will explode the bad weather with Jive,
With rumba, a playful companion,
Passionately taking off in the summer.

If there is mud in the soul,
Tango will drive away sorrows,
And it will certainly come true
Everything in the dance story.


Cheerful dance

Marina Terekhova

Let's dance dance
Cheerful and perky.
From a Thousand Shades
We will sew a costume for feelings.
And let our faces always blush
And all the colors are black
Let's send to the gloomy hold.
Let them languish there
Sad and hate,
Suffer, indignant
And boil with envy.
And you and I are dancing
Colored cheerful dance
And only sparks of happiness
We are burning in our eyes.



Marina Khakhanova

Cheeks blushed,
Shin extended the heel.
It's only a dance
In the interweaving of hands.

Fingers told me
Everything you kept silent about,
In the rhythm of Cuban salsa
The heel pounded to the beat.

The dress swirled like a whirlwind,
The flesh of the palm listened,
Dance - give a hug,
Dance - light the fire!

Add heat and pepper,
Burn, dance from the heart
Dance - from palm to heart
Kiss sent.


Beauty of movements

Nadezhda Vedenyapina

Diverse dance world,
Various masses of movements in it.
Souls of enthusiastic impulse
From fast sweeps to slips.

Legs and hands flicker in the dance:
Batman, glideslope, entresha,
Alegro speeds up sounds,
Soul floats in adagio.

Pan de bra is very important here,
Turning into balate.
The orchestra is thundering and it's time for you
Spinning in a fast fouette!


The world of dance

Nadezhda Vedenyapina

Beauty lives in the world
Turning into a dance on the stage -
Now murmuring like a quiet river, -
Now rising like a bright rainbow!

Everything can be conveyed in a dance:
The flight of a bee, a bird boy,
Shine with sunrise,
Fog spread over the earth!

The plexus of the arms and the flexibility of the body
Like a wondrous sprout.
And it seems that something, not virgins, -
Magical flowers are blooming!

The art of dance delights
With its graceful simplicity,
Conquers hearts and souls,
Illuminating the world with beauty!



Nelly Vakhrusheva

Lightness for the body - freedom,
Strength and joy of movement -
Carelessly overcome
Sinful Earth's attraction.

Plasticity, grace, dexterity
Feelings to the music of rhythm,
Where without a single word,
We are drawn to the dance by a magnet,

Mimicry, look, expression,
Postures jumping and flying,
In the air of the body whirling,
Turning the head ,

Setting the rhythm with music,
Ups and downs,
We continue to dance,
To overcome attraction.



Nina Bochkareva

Today is a holiday, they say,
Today is a disco,
Grandmothers do not sit at home,
Age is not a hindrance to them.
They dance waltzes and foxtrot,
And even boogie-woogie,
Cheerful grandmothers people,
Forgotten all ailments.
And let the gray hairs at the temples,
Of course, my legs hurt,
They don’t want to grow old in any way,
But they can’t not grow old.
Fleeing from their old age
Here to the disco,
Dance, granny, don't get sick,
You'll forget about the pharmacy!
Even I couldn't sit still,
I haven't danced for a long time,
And I also came to life with them,
I read poetry to them.


Ah, dancing...
Nina Parshakova

Ah dancing...dancing,
I am in your power
from youth to gray hair.
In a white, swan waltz,
barely touching your fingers,
dominating the world, we fly.

Above... into the blue sky.
Forgetting the routine, earthly.
Soar above time in space.
No fuss and unnecessary words,
credulity from children's dreams
in iridescent, colorful decoration.

Flexible mill. Touch.
Takeoff, gravity.
Is the dance spinning like an addiction?
Lightness in the plasticity of movement,
Sigh. A wonderful moment.
Life is a delight and meetings and farewells.

Oh dancing..dancing, I'm in your power.



Oleg Vorotynsky

Magnificent ball in a huge hall,
Bright sparkle of candles in crystal chandeliers,
Necklace around the neck and wine in a glass,
A wonderful look of shining eyes.

Silk fan, white gloves,
Large ribbon, brimless hat.
Bows in a slight disorder on the dress,
Letters of monograms on epaulettes.

Bure's clock stands on a pedestal,
Card table with a deck of Russian cards,
Notebook sheet on the piano
And a languid whisper, roar of firecrackers.

A stringy polonaise for guests,
Dashing quadrille, long cotillon.
Captivating delight of bowed figures,
Sparkling diamond medallion.

The ball is over and the candles have burned out,
The servant has carried away the forgotten flowers.
Seductive shoulders have disappeared,
Only sweet dreams remain.


Dance is life

Raisa Malinka

In dance, as in life, there is a run in a circle:
Both strength and weakness run one after another.
In dance: plie, jump and spin.
And in life you need a fall to take off.

Dance - a palette of all feelings and emotions -
Will show everything that is hidden in the heart!
The dance is solo, very difficult at times.
Loneliness in life is to blame for everything.

Dance is a special language of the body -
Tells about what everyone is used to!
You can talk about it endlessly,
But dance is life, and it will be forever! Shall we dance? without you?..
Forgetting everything, we breathe deeply,
we revel in our delight...
Here, we take off... Higher, higher, higher...
Here, we are already soaring above the cloud...
The blue of the sky has stretched above us...
Below us is the white felt of clouds …
Weightlessness suddenly sets in…
No more gravitation of shackles!..
There is no time, space and other attributes of being!..
After all, we are not on Earth!..
We are in the world of Dance, in which attributes have their own!.



Tamara Minina

I can't find worthy words,
To tell about the magic of movement.
When free and without coercion
The connection of earthly fetters suddenly disappears.

Movement is passion, movement is sorcery,
And fears and resentments fall silent,
When beautiful magical sylphs
Touch my heart with their eyes.

And a silent conversation will flow
Binding hearts and exposing feelings.
Oh dance, this is a wondrous art,
The flight of a dream into an unknown expanse.

Words no longer mean anything
And vain disputes subside,
When in the magical dance of Terpsichore
Soars over the world like a deity.

And this wondrous light born in music.
Sometimes sad, and sometimes careless,
Saves me, protects and heals
In the madness of our crazy years.


Let's dance

Tatyana Dizik

Let's dance,
Tearing down all prohibitions,
Drawing with movements,
Pirouettes of desire.
Let's smile
Hope and luck:
Let's merge to the music,
And everything will be different.
A waltz-entertainer will spin
Through life without looking back,
And tango with wild passion
Will lay on the shoulder blades.
The rumba will awaken joy,
Burning with the fire of love,
Both in youth and in old age,
We will learn a lot.
Let's dance,
Let's smile at each other
Let's give kisses...
And maybe we'll wake up...


Taste the light poison of dancing!

Tatyana Suzdalskaya

Taste the light poison dance!
Taste the flight of your soul!
Feel the subtle aroma of
Breath of music in silence.

You drown in the world of dance.
And spin in a gentle whirlwind.
Look into its mystery,
Passionately plunge into the world of dance.

How much magic in the dance.
Soul and body live together!
Barely touching the floor,
They cannot be caught.

Soul and body are so light.
Body with soul - they say!
Despite all attraction,
Like a swallow in the sky - soar!



Yuri Zharkoy

A chord of a familiar melody sounds.
Nerve sounds immediately down to the feet.
Instantly legs, drawn by music,
Fraction will be beaten to the joy of me and you.

The melody fills the soul.
And the heart, in time with the legs, breaks into a dance,
Trying to break out of the body,
To kiss each of you.

I am in a fast dance, like a bird in flight.
And without wine I get drunk in an arc.
God will suddenly order me to stop,
I definitely can't stop.

It's a pity that the dance does not last forever.
Forgetting everything, I would live in the dance.
And beat rhythms endlessly,
And you would have my friends clapping in harmony.

I know who I was in my past life,
And my karma is unchanged here,
A dancer, of course, and a good one.
I just can't be different.

And in my future life I am the queen of the ball.
The power of the dance over me is immeasurable.
And no matter how much I danced in my life,
I won't be able to dance to my heart's content.


Art. 9 Dance

Alexander Chenin

A cycle of poems: - "Thoughts about Art".

Drawing, music, sculpture
And dance gestures. What else?
Perhaps only the architecture
We can easily understand without words.

Perhaps the most ancient of all is dance.
There was always a gesture and facial expressions.
Let's say you become a foreigner...
What's the matter! The beast will understand you!

A beasts, birds and dolphins; -
What a joy it is to dance!
With his skill men
They want to win love.

It is more difficult for a person
And the essence of it all boils down to
Body movement, posture, gesture -
To say without words - what, why.

Always from the joy of victory,
From the achievement of the mind
Our great-grandfathers began to dance,
Thanks to the fate of the gods.

But the main meaning in life is dance
A hint of sex and for good reason
We are so pleased in the rhythm of tango,
When they touch the body.

From erratic movements
In the ecstasy of the savage dance,
People have reached perfection.
And in ballroom dancing, - Beauty!

And harmonious movements
In the fog of music, love
And hot bodies touch.
Oh! How we need them!

And the dances of every nation
Will tell a lot about him.
And there is no need for translation -
Soul, body we will understand.

I saw the dances of the people of Senegal.
And Esambaev so enchanted,
That I still remember with delight,
What joy I experienced in the hall.

I'll add two verses about dancing here
And I'll try to convey in words,
What I felt, what I experienced, what I know.
As it used to be, many people don’t understand…


On the International Dance Day

Anna Oparina

I love to dance,
Even though I don’t know how to do it very well,
Captive to give myself
Delightful music-fairy -
Submit and swim,
And then break away and soar,
At least for a moment feel
Oneself as a light, bold bird.
There is strength and passion in dance,
Yes, there is also joy for the heart.
Who knew his power,
There is no need to explain much to him!


Eye to eye

Valentina Romashkina-Korshunova

Eye to eye, hand in hand,
Delicate blush on the cheek.
Again the dance circles us with you,
We take off above the bustle!

Throwing away the pain of past losses,
And breaking the chains of barriers,
Subject to music alone,
What carries us away.

Behind the overflow overflow
A well-known motive sounds.
Connected us at this hour
Beautiful dance - Viennese waltz!

Sadness, anxiety and melancholy
In an instant they disappear into nowhere...
One breath for two,
And I'm drowning in your eyes.

You whisper sweet words,
They make me dizzy.
That dance became our destiny,
And we fly over the bustle!


In the rhythm of dance

Vitaly Shvedov

Choreography - a sense of harmony,
Body movements a magical story.
Hypnotizing, the sounds of the melody
With a dance carry the aesthetes into ecstasy.

Subtle magic, rise and fall,
Unearthly connection of the soul with the Divine.
Essence of consciousness and manifestation
Good eternal feeling all around.

Like the poetry of a magic dance
The miracle of love draws us along.
Dreams of desires of the creator of inspiration
Blue dreams open the world.

This is a rite of celebration of the eternal spirit,
The celebration of victory over the forces of darkness.
Light in the Universe on an endless path
Autumn, summer, spring and winter.


Dance of life

Igor Tyutyukin

Bones and spines are dancing.
The brain rejoices. Laughing at the blood.
Lungs and kidneys go crazy.
The stomach celebrates love.

Liver and intestines in ecstasy.
Delighted heart and back.
Get high legs, arms, shoulders.
And the skin is full of joy.

Muscles purr, enjoying.
All cells emit light.
Eyes and lips, smiling,
Greetings to the earth and the sun.

The soul sings. And the body is dancing.
And the spirit shines like a star.
Life is happiness. Our happiness.
And all hardships are nonsense.


Petrovich, burn!

Larisa Rudik

Well, burn it, Petrovich, come on, Zhigan*!
What a pose! (for the soul - a hookah!)
Well, purely - macho! (Where is your revolver?)
Ridiculous dose, almost not drunk.

And I, Vasily, your Carmen!
Not Ira (bored) - Madame Irene!
Look, we hit the whole dance floor.
Do you remember jig and rock and roll?

Under the twist they gave you a thrush!
Yes, legs remember, even though life is not the same.
Let's shake, Petrovich, what we have there.
Crazy youth, fun - hour.


The lights are on

Ludmila Kulikova

The lights of the great hall are on,
The air is saturated with magic.
Hurry, hurry to the beginning of the ball
We invite everyone.

Beautiful ladies, gentlemen
Standing in holiday clothes,
With a subtle and mannered smile
They say something to each other.

And breathing quickens,
Hearing the first note sound.
Last, last charm
Burning eyes and gentle hands!


Dance assortment

Lyudmila Kulikova

The orchestra played the entire score,
I forgot, a note hung on the bow.
And the dark hall revived again
The dance flight phantom.

Oh, dancing, dancing, you are fire and ice,
Doubt explodes in syncopation.
Waltz far, perhaps, will carry away,
A paso doble - get ready for an attack.

A foxtrot will walk at a trot,
We'll leave the Musette to be shown in a ballet,
It's old today and not at all the same,
Fits in a court carriage.

Tango - nerves, feelings to break,
If you look furtively into the eyes.

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