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With all of the Focus On posts in the sea, I CAN’T BELIEVE I haven’t written one about Dance Trance. I have no idea how I skipped it- Dance Trance is one of my favorite cardio workouts! 

I used to own the license to teach here in Tucson (the info on why I stopped is here). I miss it terribly and would do anything to be able to add a class in my weekly rotation. It’s definitely something I’ll seek out next time I’m on the east coast.

(with Katy -who introduced me to Dance Trance!- and Jess, my lovely lulu friend)

For those of you who haven’t tried DT, here’s the down low:

What is it?

A dance-driven cardio workout set to all of the songs you hear on the radio. The choreography is a mix of fitness, jazz and hip hop, and the workout itself is a type of interval training. The dances alternate in intensities, and if you take a Breakdown class, you try the song first, then learn the choreography, then do it again before moving onto the next song.

Dance Trance was originated in Jacksonville, FL (they have gorgeous studios if you’re nearby) and potential studio owners have to purchase the license, attend the instructor workshop,

and then figure out studio arrangements in their city. For me, I purchased the instructor license after I had taken classes in Orlando for a few months (so I had about 18 songs that I knew really well), attended the workshop, and then began renting a studio here in Tucson.

What to expect:

-A music video/club-type atmosphere. It’s dim, many studios have flashing and colored lights and LOUD music. It’s the type of workout where you forget you’re working out- my favorite way to sweat.

-To have no idea what you’re doing the first time. If you attend a “Dance Trance” class, they just put on the music and go- similar to Zumba. Here’s the thing, though: the choreography is far more complicated than Zumba. Yes, the verses and choruses repeat the same moves, but steps aren’t repeated within the 8 counts as often, plus there’s a ton of turning and more technical dance moves. It’s a great class for people with technical dance training who don’t regularly dance anymore. That’s not to say that you can’t take classes or pick up the moves without a dance background, but there is a learning curve. 

What to wear:

Supportive shoes for turning and lateral movement, and comfortable fitness clothes. I usually prefer pants or crops for the kicking -don’t want to flash anyone the goodies- and many DTers will wear Capezio dance sneakers (which I don’t personally love). I’d usually wear Groove pants or crops, a tank, and my Nike huarache sneakers.


-Incredible cardio workout once you learn the moves. In an hour class, I’d easily burn 600+ calories.

-Club feel and judgment-free zone. I love the fact that the lights are low and you can truly get lost in the music. It’s a great stress reliever and endorphin booster.

-Fun events! DT has its own culture and will often host themed events, like “Dance in the Dark” over Halloween. They use black lights and everyone gets dressed up with glow-in-the-dark goodies and glow sticks- it’s a blast.

-Challenging choreography. This is also a con, but I think that DT is the perfect option for someone that wants a more complex dance cardio workout. 

(my favorite- and sadly discontinued- sneaks.)


-Limited availability. Dance Trance is still growing, so you may not have classes offered in your area. I was pretty excited to see that one opened up in Valdosta shortly after we moved.

-Lack of consistency across studios. This can be the case with any type of workout- it really depends on your studio and instructors. You could be you be disappointed or blown away with awesomeness, depending on the studio, instructor and choreography. (For those of you in Orlando, you will be blown.away. with awesomeness. I miss my Orlando DT girls so much and the classes are AMAZING.) Like Zumba, instructors receive DVDs with choreography, but also have the freedom to develop their own dances. This could be a good thing… or a terrible thing.

-Challenging choreography. The first time I went, I watched and followed about a beat and a half behind and didn’t get a great workout. Instead of being frustrated, it really made me want to go back and learn the moves. The great thing is that they offer Breakdown classes, so you can learn the choreography (I think they go over 3 songs during the class) and bust out next time you go to DT.

Have you ever tried a Dance Trance class? Do you think it’s something you would enjoy? There is a list of locations here. 

Fellow dance cardio fans: what’s your favorite?

I love Zumba and DT, but would also love to try Jazzercise or the new Shaun T. STRIDE class.

Whatever you do, make sure to find a cardio option that you love and can look forward to. It’s much easier to make something part of your lifestyle when it’s something you enjoy <3

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#LiquidDance is one of the first dance styles I picked up in the rave scene, and this tutorial I show you how to do basic figure 8s. You can also do this exercise holding a sock with both hands! #liquidpop #ravedance #trance #gloving #flowarts

TikTok video from Tide Super Kleen (@hawaiihousedancer): "#LiquidDance is one of the first dance styles I picked up in the rave scene, and this tutorial I show you how to do basic figure 8s. You can also do this exercise holding a sock with both hands! #liquidpop #ravedance #trance #gloving #flowarts". original sound.


original sound - Tide Super Kleen



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🧡 yes I do! 🧡 #trance #toosieslide #shuffle #shuffledance #tutorial #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #cuttingshapes

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comment faire PSY TRANCE #astrix tutorial! #psytrance #trance #tutorial #french #education #best #edm #danse #musique #education #educational #son

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Seferino Villarreal

Anyone else be like this sometimes? 😅 #shuffle #shuffledance #shuffletutorial #edm #rave #dance #trance #trancemusic #adhd

TikTok video from Seferino Villarreal (@xo.seff): "Anyone else be like this sometimes? 😅 #shuffle #shuffledance #shuffletutorial #edm #rave #dance #trance #trancemusic #adhd". “Wait what was I doing?” | “Oh yeah” . original sound.


original sound - Seferino Villarreal


Jayde Tyger

less than two weeks until transmission! now is the time to learn a few new moves so you’re rave day ready 😮‍💨 #tmaus22 #transmission #trance #rave #melb #edmtiktok #muzzing #tutorial

948 Likes, 13 Comments. TikTok video from Jayde Tyger (@jaydetyger): "less than two weeks until transmission! now is the time to learn a few new moves so you’re rave day ready 😮‍💨 #tmaus22 #transmission #trance #rave #melb #edmtiktok #muzzing #tutorial". ✨Easy ✨Muzz to learn for Transmission | Let’s go! | 3 x elbow! | .... Lighter Than Air.


Lighter Than Air - MaRLo & Feenixpawl



No mask unless you drink or dance? 😷 Drink AND dance 🕺🍺 #ravetok #fylpシ #belfasttiktok #dancetutorial #dancemoves #techno #trancemusic

192 Likes, 5 Comments. TikTok video from willatkinsonofficial (@willatkinson90): "No mask unless you drink or dance? 😷 Drink AND dance 🕺🍺 #ravetok #fylpシ #belfasttiktok #dancetutorial #dancemoves #techno #trancemusic". Rules are rules . original sound.


original sound - willatkinsonofficial

Dance Trance - Trance

Trance dance is based on the state of feeling the rhythm and movement of your body. Trance is a beautiful, energetic style of rhythmic music that penetrates with its sound to the depths of the soul, body and brain, this is a mental state in which a person's consciousness perceives only a small fraction of what is happening around him.

Trance dance

Ever since the beginning of the 90s, techno-maniacs obsessed with electronic music have chosen this small Indian place and began to dance trance in the open air. Indo-Buddhist traditions, cyber-aesthetics, fluoro and techno, mixed, gave rise to another dance style.

The basis of this style " Psy-trans '' is improvisation. Here you can find elements of break , modern , jazz , any familiar plasticity, it all depends on imagination and memory.

-Trance " is not a "children's dance", not a sports, not a traditional " go-go ", it does not have a clear form. It is an improvisation, a dance of the spirit, free from illusions, a dance of power, where the dancer is first of all a personality, an artist, not a performer of someone else's canon.0005

In trance there is no melody and vocals, which frees the dancer from following their will, and the rhythm promotes free improvisation and finding a "new self".

You can know a lot of interesting movements and combinations, perform someone else's ballets all your life, but never learn to dance freely. There is a problem with some experts.

Trance is based on content and condition. The attitude to dance is deeper, it resembles a journey in space and time. Creativity and liberation are important here. It gives strength, energy, raises above everyday life.

The dance is very energy-intensive and is performed in long performances. V him a different approach, you must be able to keep your attention in improvisation for tens of minutes. First you need to stabilize your gaze, concentrate on breathing, straighten, stretch your whole self, feel the "central channel"

Features of dance Trance

DANCE BEGINS with small-amplitude movements. First, the fingers come to life, they represent thoughts. Behind them are included brushes (mind), elbows [soul], shoulders [will].

Eventually, the body begins to move naturally and organically. It flows into the flow of inertia, rests at speed, controls breathing. Everything really appears here from the air: movement, rhythm, fantasies...

DIFFERENT ELEMENTS OVERLOOK THE BODY, it either "flows like water", or "flames like fire", or is carried by the wind, or becomes hard as metal. After the body is turned on, the whole body begins to tremble and jump. Moves evenly over the floor in microjumps with unexpected freezes.

The legs are very bouncy, they either knock out sparks, or trample the floor, or slip out, depriving of support, or take out in an unexpected jump. Hands compact and discharge space, create fields and strike. They either calm down, or vibrate from the energy that overwhelms them.

Energy ripples through the body. Wave-like discharges pulsate - from the center to the periphery and back. Inertia, looking for a way out, breaks out from different parts of the body.

Feeling that everything is shifting relative to each other, the eyes are burning with fire, and the head is surrounded by a sheaf of sparkling dust. The dancer seems to be knocked down by something, but he stubbornly continues the flight, in fact, he watches the phantoms rushing around, denotes spheres.

THE DANCE IS BASED on the swing and vibration, which either spreads throughout the body, or concentrates in the shoulders, elbows, and palms. Trans-artist demonstrates the state of mind in the circle of rebirths. In the Buddhist tradition, this is called the circle of samsara .

Dancer is a mirror that reflects all stages of cultivation - from the hungry spirits of hell to the gods of the higher realms. The goal is to show the frailty of all worldly passions and take the dancer to the Higher spheres. You can dance Shiva or Buddha and they are also a source of inspiration, thoughts and forms. Initially, this is a shamanic, yogic dance, where the deity and his state of mind are embodied in the dance.

Dance Trance releases the energy hidden in the depths of the human soul. It allows people to exchange internal emotions, sharpens the perception of the world.

Dance clubs and schools 

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How to learn to dance in a club

Open set in a group for beginners!

  • Strip plastic
  • Social dancing
  • Club
  • Belly dance

Club dances are, first of all, the ability to hear the rhythm, move naturally and easily, improvise - this is a combination of different dance styles, united in one direction and used in nightclubs, discos and parties. This is an opportunity to dance to any modern music, both alone and in a large company. Learning to club dance is not as easy as it seems. Rhythm is the basis of any "club dance" direction. Only by focusing on the rhythm can one perfectly master one or another direction of club dance. The advantage of Club dances is that you are not limited by any limits - the dance itself implies complete freedom in choosing movements, music and mood.

Club culture has firmly entered modern life. It used to be that learning to dance club dances is the prerogative of young people, but now they are happy to attend club dance classes, parties are quite respectable and mature people.

A little bit from the past of club dances.

Club dances appeared in Russia after the Olympics with the opening of the first dance clubs: Morocco, Rezonans, Blue Bird. The king was then considered "disco-funk" with unique Boni M, Erapshen, Arabesques. Then came the Italian time with its heroes: Andriano Celentano, Albana, Pupo and Romino Power - all this brought a fashionable dance wave.

In 1985-1990, the club dance scene was taken over by Break-dance, and it became clear to everyone that in order to be noticeable on the dance floor, you need to devote some time to training. And also a significant role in the club dance was influenced by video clips with the participation of Pop King Michael Jackson.

1992 - the beginning of the electronic culture of club dances called trance-house - music without words. There is a desire to be harmonious both in clothes and in dance.

From theory to practice - how beautiful and free to dance in a club?

  • First you need to relax. One way to relieve constraint is to choose movements that you know well and do easily and naturally. Remember that most of the time you can't dance exactly the way you did in class at school. The movements should be fairly light and simple. Do not make movements with the maximum amplitude, as the teacher in the classroom tries to make you get physical activity, and tries to give you the maximum movements per unit of time, as a result, compact concentrated and short compositions are obtained, the movements have a stage look. They are good, but not always for the club.
  • Slopes in the club are performed only symbolically, instead of jumps, a barely noticeable push of the feet.
  • Learn to improvise, as different music often plays in discos or clubs, and several styles can be intertwined in one composition at once, feel these transitions. The movements should flow from one to the other, creating an organic and masterful dance.
  • You need to show that you can move to any music, react to any of its unexpected changes, igniting other people with your energy. There should be sensuality in the dance, the nature of the direction of dance you have chosen.
  • You can shift from foot to foot, swing your hips from side to side, move in any direction - these will be the main movements. On them we will layer other movements and combinations with the selected movements.
  • Most importantly, do not stop, do it spontaneously and chaotically, then there will be no fear that you have forgotten the usual order of movements.

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