How do you dance in second life


Below is a list of only some of the animation makers in SL and how you can find the dance times for their animations.  Knowing dance times is helpful when writing sequences as it gives you a good idea of where the animation should change to the next. 

This list is by no means all of the animation makers and pricing is different for many makers.  Some have copy and transfer dances priced differently with the copy versions being higher.  Others, like Abranimations, has one price for all dances and all dances are copy / trans.  (We love Abranimations!)

Also, we recommend trying out the dances in world instead of purchasing from marketplace.  Some that claim to be motion capture are actually NOT motion capture, or, at best, are low quality.  Don't waste your lindens on substandard dances when there are so many quality ones available!  

BEWARE of stolen animations!  When these are discovered by Linden Labs, they will be removed from your inventory and huds and will be replaced with a file called IP_Replacement.  There is nothing you can do about that and they will be lost.  Beware and buy from reputable animation makers!

Newer dances have the time, in seconds, directly added in the name of the dance however previous dance times are on a PDF online.  
Web Link for Dance Times:

A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop
Dances times are listed in the item Properties Description field. 

Provides dance times in the item Properties Description field.

Times of dances are directly in the name of the dance itself.   Not in the older ones. 

Dance times are in the Properties Description field.

Move! Animations
Provides dance times in the Properties Description.
Web Link:
Landmark:  ​ 

Provides the dance times in the Properties Description.
Web Link:

Paragon Dance Animations
Provides the dance times in the Properties Description.
Web Link:
Landmark:  http://maps.​

Studio 4D
Dance times are in the Properties Description field.

Sync'd Motion 
Dance times are in the Properties Description field.
Web Link:
Landmark:   ​

TIS (There In Spirit)
The dance times are in the Properties Description. 

Hybrid Dance Machine

The dance machine firstly needs to be rezzed under the land owning group. To check what group your land is set to, open the About Land dialogue box (using the client toolbar, go to World > Parcel Details). If your land is not owned by a group you can set this here.

In order that the   can use couples dances that you load into it, the land settings where the dance machine will be located will need checking in order that the machine can rez poseballs for avatars to use to dance couples dances.

When you first drag out the TIS   in world the dance machine will go through an initial setup and check that it has permission to rez couples poseballs on the land it is on. The land settings "Build" option needs to be set like this:

The machine will state in chat certain messages dependant on the land settings:

If you receive this message the land is set up correctly and you can then proceed with the set up.

TIS : Poseball creation check - PASSED

If the   was rezzed on land and is not set to the land owning group, you will see a message like this:

TIS : Poseball creation check - FAILED - Unable to rez poseballs when owner is offline. Please set (not deed) the dance machine to the group that owns the land, or place a deeded TIS Poseball Server on this parcel.

If the   was rezzed on land that is group owned, but the group cannot create objects, you will see a message like this:

TIS : Poseball creation check - FAILED - Land is group owned, but members of the group cannot create objects. Either allow the group to rez, or place a deeded TIS Poseball Server on this parcel.

If the   was rezzed on land that is not owned by you, and is not set to the land owning group, you will see a message like this:

TIS : Poseball creation check - FAILED - Unable to rez poseballs. Please set (not deed) the dance machine to the group the land is set to, or place a TIS Poseball Server on this parcel.

If the   was rezzed on land that is not owned by you, has no land owning group, and only the land owner can create objects, you will see a message like this:

TIS : Poseball creation check - FAILED - Land is individually owned, and only the land owner's objects are allowed to rez. Please ask the land owner to place a TIS Poseball Server on this parcel.

If you own the land and have set the machine to the land owning group, but you do not wish to have group members allowed to build, then the only way to provide the machine to rez poseballs is to use the TIS Poseball Server that came with your package.

More information about the TIS Poseball Server can be found here.

If the machine advises that the Poseball creation is Passed, the machine has an inbuilt function that allows users of the TIS Fusion to dance their own dances using their Fusion. This, we found, was a good way of customers being able to use their own couples dances in clubs they frequent!

  1. After setting up your land and receiving the Poseball PASSED message, you should also see in chat the following messages:

    TIS : Please accept the permissions dialogue when requested. You will need to accept the blue drop down at this stage.
    TIS : Load of Hovertext notecard complete.
    TIS : Load of Access notecard complete. Free Memory: 18764 bytes.
    TIS : Poseball creation check - PASSED
    TIS : Retrieving dance settings - Please wait....
    TIS : Settings for 1 couples dances received and menu constructed successfully. - Free memory: 45652 bytes
    TIS : Settings for 2 singles dances received and menu constructed successfully. - Free memory: 42810 bytes

If the machine cannot rez it's poseballs, the message as to why will be presented in chat to you. You only need to follow the details in the chat.

If you have purchased the Standard Version of the machine go to step 7. If you have purchased either the Plus Version, Fully Loaded Version or the Xtreme Version, carry on with step 2. The additional dances for the machine will be in a package in your folder.

  1. Navigate to your folder in your inventory. There will be an object called 'TIS version Dances' (version refers to the version of the machine you have purchased). Drag this object out in world next to your Hybrid Dance Machine. On dragging this object out next to your Hybrid will start its auto loading process and you will get in chat:

    TIS version Dances: Scanning for TIS dance machines...

  2. You will then get a drop down menu asking whether you wish to load the dances into your dance machine. Click the tick mark to start the loading. When the animations are loaded you will receive this message:

    TIS version Dances: Load of animations completed.
    TIS : Animation inventory changes detected - Switching off dance machine. Please switch the dance machine on (click and hold) once changes are complete to load new settings.

  3. On clicking and holding your mouse button on the machine a drop down will appear and you will then have to click OK.
  4. The machine will then state in chat:

    TIS : Retrieving dance settings - Please wait....
    TIS : Settings for n couples dances received and menu constructed successfully. - Free memory: n bytes
    TIS : Settings for n singles dances received and menu constructed successfully. - Free memory: n bytes

  5. Your machine is now ready to use.

If you have purchased either the Plus Version, Fully Loaded Version or the Xtreme Version, we have also included in the package of dances a !!! Settings !!! notecard for your use if you want. The !!! Settings !!! notecard included in the dances has our animations already assigned to specific categories. When you load the dances into the machine the dances will be assigned to the General category. If you replace the !!! Settings !!! notecard that currently resides in your machine with the one included with the dances when you Manage your dances they will be assigned to categories for you to either keep or change to your own.

If you purchased the Standard Version:

  1. To switch the dance machine on and access the menu system, left click on the dance machine and hold your mouse button down until the menu appears. Select 'On', and the menu enters admin mode. You can now start using your machine!

interpretation of dreams about dance according to the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud, Loff

Despite the joy and delight experienced by people dancing in a dream, this is often considered a bad omen that portends difficulties. But is this interpretation always correct? In every popular dream book, this action has its own symbolism and meaning. Let's figure out why we dream of dancing and how to correctly interpret such a dream.

Dance in a dream according to the dream book


According to the interpretation of Miller's dream book, seeing yourself dancing in a dream is a good sign. Your old ideas and dreams will begin to come true.

Also, the interpretation of the dream depends on how the dance was. Fast - you should be careful about the upcoming business, they can be difficult and unsafe. Slow - speaks of your inner desire to relax.

If a girl dreams of dancing children, it means that her family will live in harmony. For men, such a dream is a prerequisite for an interesting pastime.

Old people who were dancing in a dream are considered a sign of the coming succession of successes. But strangers are a bad signal. He says that you are afraid of communicating with others.

Seeing yourself dancing under a tree is a warning. Changes are waiting for you, but it is worth taking certain measures to implement them.

Dancing with friends in a dream will be a harbinger of a good weekend.

Dance in a dream according to the dream book


Freud's dream book also speaks of the good meaning of dancing in a dream. All past problems will pass by themselves, and you will breathe a breath of fresh air.

If the craving for dancing in a dream was never realized, that is, you wanted to dance, but did not dare, then you should think about it. You have a huge potential that you do not want to reveal, referring to the fact that it is not serious and not important.

Watching the most beautiful dance from the side is a cry from the soul. In real life, you have a dream that you are afraid to fulfill. Consciousness prompts that it is still worth deciding on this step, contrary to moral prohibitions.

A dream about a naked dance speaks of a desire for freedom.

An interesting sign is a dream in which among the dancers you see a familiar person. Probably, fate will connect you with him in the future.

A dream where you are dancing in a crowded place speaks of your fear of the public.

Dancing in a dream according to the dream book


The interpretation of dancing according to Hasse's dream book is as follows: the dreamer expects joy and wealth. And if you danced on stage, then a wave of popularity is coming.

According to Hasse's dream book, to see a dance in a dream - joy and wealth await you. Photo: andrea-piacquadio,

A dream about dancing with a representative of the opposite sex suggests that you have a lot of envious people. But if the partner is your loved one, then the dream is interpreted much more pleasantly. Order and complete mutual understanding await your family, and those around you will be sincerely happy about this.

If during the dream the locations in which you danced changed each other, this is a sure sign that you should change the situation or even reconsider your habits.

Dreams of dancing under the sunlight speak of the desire for enlightenment.

A dream is a harbinger of participation in large mass events, where a lot of strangers are dancing besides you.

Dancing in a dream according to the dream book


According to the interpretation of Tsvetkov's dream book, dancing alone is a symbol of success and profit. But dancing with a partner is a harbinger of illness.

People dancing in the twilight in a dream talk about the appearance of a deceiver in your environment in reality.

Dancing under the moon is a sign of aggression that you are skillfully trying to hide.

To see yourself in a dream dancing with professionals - to useful acquaintances.

Dancing by the fire is a positive sign for you. He says that in the near future secret desires will begin to come true.

Parting with a loved one portends a dream where you are dancing in full view of everyone. But this separation will be temporary. Probably, your relative will go abroad or to another city on vacation.

Dancing in a dream according to the dream book


The interpretation of Vanga's dream book, relative to others, is not so positive. According to him, to see yourself dancing in a dream speaks of attracting too much attention to your person. And if you are dancing in a crowd, you are likely to be robbed.

A short but memorable dance is a harbinger of rash acts for which the dreamer will have to apologize.

Long dances - you should reconsider your attitude towards other people. Probably, recently you have become too callous, and do not notice how you use others for your own benefit.

Dancing in a dream according to the dream book


The dream in which you see yourself dancing indicates that the professional field of activity is of particular importance to you. If the movements in the dance look unnatural, your subconscious mind wants to convey the idea of ​​non-recognition by society. A dream about dancing with a partner also indicates an uncomfortable feeling of being among people.

If others are dancing for you in a dream, then you should take a closer look at the dance, as it reflects your attitude towards these people.

A sign of self-doubt in reality is a dream in which music and dance are not compatible, or you are completely dancing without musical accompaniment.

Dancing in a dream according to the Modern dream book

The modern dream book notes dancing in a dream as a symbol of the successful completion of business.

Interpretation depends on the style of dance:

  • waltz - to fleeting experiences;
  • slow dance - to a period of difficult relationships with a loved one;
  • fast dance - to approaching problems;
  • tango - to beautiful courtship.

Also, the interpretation depends on the gender of the dreamer. Dancing in a dream for a girl is a quick joy. For a guy - to the coming ruin.

Expert's comment

In addition to all the above interpretations, experts-psychologists discuss this issue. For us, the answer to the question "why dream of dancing?" gives Veronika Tyurina, psychologist-consultant in the field of interpersonal relations :

When you dream that you are dancing, it speaks of your temperament, your taste for life and your general desire to enjoy socializing with other people. You try to arrange any cooperation in such a way that you are psychologically comfortable.

If you dream that others are dancing, and you stand on the sidelines and watch, this indicates your excessive restraint in communication with people. You do not show yourself enough, you are silent where you could say your word, and deep down you want to fix it.

When you have a dream in which you are dancing, this speaks of your temperament, your taste for life. Photo: silvio-barbosa,

If in a dream you are invited to dance, and you agree, this is a sign of outward favor of someone close to you. There will be favorable conditions and opportunities for the implementation of the plan.
If, in response to an invitation, you are embarrassed and refuse, this indicates your internal unpreparedness for the ongoing changes. You want to slow down and catch your breath a little, you are afraid to make a mistake by following fate.

To dream of an ugly dance means that you are overcome by doubts, uncertainty, inability to make a decision - you may be afraid to part with those people on whom you depend, but at the same time you understand that you cannot tolerate it any longer.

Admire the dance of others in a dream - you give up and do not take the initiative where you could do it, or you think that you are not good enough to openly declare yourself in your professional activities.

While you live, you dance

What is it like doing what you love all your life? Every day to come to the hall, dance and get great pleasure from it? Share your charge and mood with students? It was to these questions that the wonderful dancer Ekaterina Dobrova gave us answers, an interview with which took place at the Shokoladnitsa coffee shop. Katya spoke about her life, her favorite work and shared her plans for the future.

Since when did dancing appear in your life? And why did you decide to connect your life with them?
K.: I started dancing when I was in elementary school. At first there was just rhythm, and then ballroom dancing appeared in the senior classes: waltz, tango and others. That's when it "snapped". Then, at some point in time, I quit dancing and started doing aerobics. When I was 16-17 years old, there was a very popular dance program on TV, I watched it, tried to learn something, repeat it. There was also a famous dance group "Todes", but it was difficult to get there, besides it cost a lot of money. I also loved to go to shifts at the regional children's center "Children's Republic", where I met Natalya Shurganova, the famous choreographer. It was she who was the choreographer who laid the very concept of dance in me.
In what areas have you tried yourself? And what types of dances are your priority right now?
K: At first I danced in a commercial ballet show. Then Natalia invited me to the dance group. With the girls, we performed at the "Student Springs" and won prizes. They mainly performed with the jazz-modern direction. Having danced in this style, I wanted to try something new, and I got carried away with hip-hop, went to various master classes, and developed. In the end, I realized that I wanted to combine directions. Just by that time, jazz-funk was gaining popularity - this is a type of dance that combines various styles, such as: waacking, vogue, latina, hip-hop, jazz. And I plunged into it with my head. I started going to master classes again, watched how popular choreographers dance in this direction, watched their performance, presentation, manner, and improved my technique.

Tell me about what you experience while performing on stage. Surely this is something incredible?
K: Of course, during the performance you experience adrenaline. Especially the first time. I have been performing on stage for quite a long time, so I feel a constant drive, enjoyment from what I am doing. But, it is worth noting that the scene must be afraid, because otherwise what's the point of going to it? At the moment, I am enjoying, that is, I am getting a response from the viewer, and I like it.
What exactly does dance mean to you?
K.: Dance is a state of mind, a state of me. Now dance is not just my profession, it's my life. While you live, you dance.

Tell us about your teaching activities. What ages do you guys work with? And in what directions?
K.: She worked with kids, taught rhythmics in the first grades, and modern dance in the third grades. There were also teenagers. Older girls come to study with me in the direction of high-heels (translated from English - high heels) - this is a dance style that combines many different dance styles, such as jazz funk, Voque, club dance, R'n'B, waacking, Lady's style. This style is used in their videos and on stage by world-famous pop divas, including Madonna, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Ciara and others. There are also corporate clients, for example, for the second year I have been cooperating with Gazprom. We will put numbers for the All-Russian festival for the employees of this company.

Dance trends change and improve often, and you do everything to be on the wave with everyone. How do you achieve this? Do you attend various seminars and workshops? Which ones have you been able to visit lately? And what were your impressions after them?
K: I've been to two big conventions lately. In March, I went to Italy, to the WHES international convention, where there were all the top choreographers, for example, choreographers who choreograph dances for Beyonce and not only. There were real professionals. For four days we were engaged only in dancing, and the rest of the time we rested and walked around Rome. Also in October I was at the Greek Salad dance camp in Greece.

Tell us about a typical day for a dancer?
K.: If I don't have to go anywhere in the morning, I sleep longer.

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