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Colorado 5591   79

Mountain   87

The Scar   116

I hope you're happy   71

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Home 117

Coal Makes Diamonds 86

Driver 70

Heart Go Bang 85

I Want It 71

We Know Where You Go 78

The Lucky One 67

Break Ground 102

Leave It In The Dressing Room (Shake It Up) 84

Houston Heights 68

Time Changes Everything 78

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Breathe, It´s Over 85

Sway 185

Angels in Everything 106

Bleed Out 176

Debris 99

Fear 178

Things We Don´t Know About 101

Hard Candy 98

Put It In 84

Light You Up 279

Things We Do At Night 109

Not Broken Anymore 134

To Be 87

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The Feel Again (Stay) 92

The Money Tree 88

For The Love 100

Drama Everything 84

The Chills 89

The Flight 99

Any Man in America 94

You Waited Too Long 95

The Honesty 86

The Getting Over It Part 86

The Worry List 129

The Follow Through 92

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Weight Of The World 215

Say It 296

Dirt Room 159

Been Down 125

My Never 185

Should Be Loved 140

Kangaroo Cry 146

Picking Up Pieces 142

Jump Rope 669

Blue Skies 147

Blue Does 118

The End 158

Graceful Dancing 189

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You Make Me Smile 176

Shes My Ride Home 183

Into The Ocean 456

What If We Could 153

Hate Me 701

Let It Go 119

Congratulations 240

Overweight 197

X - Amount Of Words 202

Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek 165

Sound Of Pulling Heaven Down 228

Everlasting Friend 155

18th Floor Balcony 244

Its Just Me 139

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Ugly Side 156

Clumsy Card House 164

Razorblade 126

Calling You 549

Chameleon Boy 126

Sexual Powertrip (One Big Lie) 119

A Quiet Mind 129

3 Weeks She Sleeps 108

Inner Glow 141

Somebody 113

Come in Closer 145

Amazing 122

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Retarded Disfigured Clown 134

Independently Happy 128

James 128

HRSA 124

Breakfast After 10 287

Balance Beam 236

Holler 101

Schizophrenia 153

Drop 108

Conversation Via Radio (Do You Ever Wonder) 151

Angel 155

Libby Im Listening 146

Amnesia 158

The Answer 176

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The Answer 176

2 AM Lovesick 107

The 21st 120

Breakfast After 10 287

Italian Radio 117

For My Brother 148

Sweet and Somber Pigeon Wings 109

Weaknesses 127

Blue Sunshine 141

Mr Blues Menu 126

Darkest Side of Houstons Finest Day 112

Tomorrow 148

Black Orchid 175

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  •   1. Hate Me
  •   2. Jump Rope
  •   3. Calling You
  •   4. Into The Ocean
  •   5. Say It
  •   6. Breakfast After 10
  •   7. Light You Up
  •   8. 18th Floor Balcony
  •   9. Congratulations
  • 10. Balance Beam

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Blue Tractor! - official site. Poster, tickets, reviews

Go on a journey with the Blue Tractor!

All kids love the Blue Tractor. And those who don't love - they just haven't seen these kind, funny cartoon songs full of catchy jokes that the whole family repeats with pleasure.

The blue tractor is now on stage! A good fairy tale show in a soft plush format for the smallest viewers.

The protagonist Blue Tractor was walking and got lost. His new friends - the Professor, the Girl Masha and the Boy Petya - go on an adventurous journey to find his home.

There are no villains in this fairy tale - children will dance, laugh and enjoy a completely positive performance.
You don't have to sit: a lot of interactive in each show number allows you to have fun to the fullest, next to your seat. There are no boundaries between the stage and the audience!

It will be fun!

Everyone is totally immersed in the action, the fun reaches the back rows thanks to special game props for each spectator. Every child will feel important and irreplaceable.

This will be remembered!

It is based on a simple and understandable plot for children, consisting of successive musical games in which the whole hall participates. At home, the child will be delighted to talk about the show to other family members.

The Blue Tractor concert show is an ideal option for kids to get to know theater for the first time!

Everything is thought of:

— children's pastel colors in the production of scenery, costumes and props;
- the pace of speech and the dynamics of events correspond to the perception of children of this age and support their involvement;
- children are not limited in their activity: they have the opportunity to have fun and touch everything;
- beloved "Blue Tractor" - is a life-size puppet. He is alive, real;
- a huge screen inscribed in the scenery creates the illusion of a real journey not only for children, but also for adults.

Give your child real emotions!

You will be happy how happy your child is from meeting his favorite hero!
The duration of the performance is 55 minutes.

Blue Tractor Traveler!

8 Decemberch18: 00

Balashov Center Culture BMR


Buy Tickets

10 Deechabarsb11: 00

Lesnoyadk Contemporary


Buy tickets

9000 13 Deechabrivt18: 30

Bereznidk Metallurgov


Buy tickets

14 Dekhabrsh18: 30

Chikovsky Palace of Culture


Buy tickets

16 Dekabrpt18: 00

Sarapules "Zarya" Zarya Zarya Zarya


Buy tickets

17 Dekhabarsb11: 00

G. Neftekamskgorod Culture Center


Buy tickets

18 Deechabrvs11: 00

Kamensk-Uralsky DDC


Buy tickets

22 DEMARCHT18: 00

G. Revdakdz "Victory"


Buy tickets

23 Dekagript11: 00

Taganrog Theater named after A.P. Chekhova


Buy tickets

24 Deechabarsb11: 00

Rostov-on-Don, Congress Hall DSTU


Buy tickets

24 DeKabrsb17: 00



Buy tickets

December 24Sat11:00

Rostov-on-Don CONGRESS HALL DSTU, pl. Gagarina, 1


Buy tickets

25 Deechabrvs16: 00

Moscow Izmailovo


Buy tickets

26 Decemberpn18: 00

G. Berezovsky Palace


Buy tickets

2JanuaryMo 11:00 and 14:00

Izhevsk Metallurg

11:00 and 14:00

Buy tickets

3 Yandarvt11: 00

Nizhny Novgorodkz "Jupiter"


Buy tickets

3 Yanvarvt11: 00 and 13:30

Moskvazal Schukino

:30 and 13:30 9000


4 Yandarsh11: 00

Moscow Schukino


Buy tickets

5 Plant11: 00

Yekaterinburgdk Druzhba

002 Novokuznetskteatar of Metallurgov


Buy tickets

16 Frees (00

Dryazchenskdk "Disordski"


Buy Tickets

17FEVALPT18: 00

9000 :00

Buy tickets

19 FebruarySu11:00

BarnaulDK Motostroiteley


Buy tickets

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Information about the show

+7 (495) 295-05-70

© 2019-2022 All rights reserved. The official site of the performance "Blue Tractor"

10 most party places where there is no time to sleep / Chip.Travel Blog

Crimean Kazantip peacefully rested in the Bose, but you still can't calm down? You are not pleased with topless German pensioners in Turkey and are not touched by Thai crocodiles and transvestites. You start stamping your foot even under Agutin, and at the mini-disco in Egypt you took first place in the age group under 10 years old.

Diagnosis is clear - chronic underdancer!

You urgently need a super-megadance event or at least a modest foam-champagne party. Therefore, here is a list of the 10 most party places on the planet. Get ready to club like a child!


One continuous non-stop party! The records of Guetta, Van Buren, Van Dyck, Benassi are played here. Just imagine - 160 km of beaches, and almost everywhere they dance and drink cocktails like it's the last time. By the way, the real name of the island is Ibiza, which means “Have fun until you drop” in Old Spanish.

The party center of Ibiza is the resort of Playa d'en Bossa. And the best hotel for dancing is Ushuaia Ibiza. Of course, you can’t come here with kids, but there is no dress code. The main thing is to go to the disco on two legs on your own.

Another area of ​​unrestrained fun in Ibiza is the area of ​​San Antonio Abad. It is adored by the British, but don't expect to see the prim and seasoned Cumberbatch there. In Ibiza, Queen Elizabeth's subjects drink like horses and party like crazy.

Cafe Del Mar is a place with a special history. Come here to meet the sunset with wonderful accompaniment from local DJs. Music is written specifically for each individual day and is never repeated.

The party season in Ibiza runs from May to October.


Amsterdam is alive not only with coffee shops and porn museums. The Dutch capital is one big incendiary party. And in mid-October, the Amsterdam Dance Festival is held there - a five-day mega-festival of electronic music.

Another iconic event in the world of electronic music is Sensation White. Alas, 2017 will be the final year for the festival, where it is customary to come dressed in white.

Leidseplein is the center of Amsterdam's nightlife. The best clubs of the capital are located there - Paradiso, Escape and Melkweg. By the way, the rules in Dutch clubs are quite strict - dancing continues only until 4-5 in the morning, and a decibel sensor hangs on the wall so that the peaceful sleep of the Amsterdammers is not disturbed.

Every party at The Queen's head is themed. The largest celebrations take place on the Queen's birthday (April 30), as well as during Eurovision.

Ayia Napa

The hot Cypriot town of Ayia Napa attracts 250,000 party goers every year. Nissi Beach is a place for swimming, frankly, so-so. But at night it turns into a giant dance floor.

Ice club hosts foam parties. Do you want to be in a crowd of half-naked youth smeared with foam? That way. Another popular entertainment in the club is painting the bodies of visitors with luminescent paints. In the dark it looks very advantageous.

If you want to rock to Blue Frost and Hands Up, Red Square Russian Bar is for you. The coolest club-bar in Ayia Napa is Senior Frog. Here you will be put on a frog hat and treated to a cocktail in a green glass.


In season, the tiny Greek island never stops having fun. Parties start in the afternoon, and the people are rocking until the morning. Nightlife in Mykonos is most active from the second half of April to the first half of October.

Cavo Paradiso is a dance floor right on the edge of a cliff with a crazy view of the Aegean at night. The best DJs and dancers with a sense of rhythm are at the Space Mykonos Xperience club.


Unexpectedly, but the Icelandic capital, where only lovers of polar lights and Björk fans used to come, now attracts clubbers like a magnet. Party life here is thoroughly decent. There are no five-story clubs at all, and all disco bars are located on the Laugavegur shopping street.

Kaffibarinn is the most famous bar in Reykjavik. The main guests are musicians and hipsters, but they play alternative and electropop here. Bar Ananas is a local tropical resort. Indoors, a warm breeze will blow over you and a fruit-alcohol cocktail will warm you up. And even the floor here is sprinkled with sand.

Reykjavik hosts major music festivals - Iceland Airwaves. Sónar Reykjavík, Secret Solstice and ATP Iceland. An important point for those who like to dance to shofe: Iceland is a country with very expensive alcohol. Therefore, buy drinks during happy hours - usually before 23:00.


Bodrum is the capital of the Turkish party. And the gem of Bodrum is the largest and most beautiful disco in Europe - the Halikarnas club. The highlight of the club is its spectacular location - right on the coast, overlooking the sea and the Bodrum fortress. And the laser show that lights up the sky over Halikarnas nightly will keep you from getting lost, even if you see a little double.

On Fridays and Saturdays, Bodrum is buried in foam, and on Sundays Ladies Nights are held, when the entrance to the clubs for girls is half the price. During the season, life in Bodrum starts after midnight and ends at 6 am. The only thing that confuses tourists is space prices.

Koh Phangan

The Full Moon Party on Haad Rin Beach on this Thai island is a crazy yet laid-back celebration of dance, a healthy body and fun colorful buckets of alcohol. You will have to club for three days in a row with a short break for sleep: discos usually start at midnight and end at one in the afternoon. The event is also called sprat party - in the high season 30 thousand tourists come here, in the low season - 8 thousand.

Full Moon Party is held every month. As the name implies, on a full moon. So that people do not get bored during the other phases of the Earth's satellite, Halfmoon party, Blackmoon party, Shiva Moon Party are organized on Koh Phangan.


Only 2,000 people live in the Croatian town of Novalja on the island of Pag. And from the parties that are held on its beaches, the whole of Europe vibrates! And no wonder - Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren, Sebastian Ingrosso, Tiësto play here.

The most famous club in Pag is Papaya. It often organizes alcoholic parties on the high seas. The Aquarius club was created for a crazy breakaway. The club has two stages, excellent acoustics and light, and the space is designed for 300 people.

Hideout Music Festival takes place in Aquarius and Papaya in July. A little more calm and respectable club Kalypso is a cozy lounge area for guests and access to the beach, where at night even the most serious guys have fun with house and techno.

Twice a year, at the end of June and in the winter before Lent, Pag hosts carnivals with songs, masquerades and refreshments.

Rimini Riccione

From Rimini to Riccione stretches a string of 250 bars and clubs. That same coveted flyer for the best party in life will definitely find you. And take a break from courage on Monday - the so-called dead day.

The official opening of the party season in Rimini Riccione usually takes place on the second Saturday in June. During the peak season (July-August), special buses run between the disco bars all night long. "Disco" routes are distinguished by colors.

Riccione is famous for its beach parties. The most famous are Mojito Beach, Beach Cafe Riccione and Beach Planet Riccione.


South Beach in Miami is home to some really cool electronic music festivals. The most popular of them is Ultra, which gathers a crowd of 70,000 ravers.

Models in discreet bikinis, snow-white beds and gorgeous sunset views, that's Nikki Beach. Another glamorous place is the BED Miami club. It’s worth dressing up here like on the red carpet, and it’s not a fact that they will let you in. Less pompous, but more fun place - Space.

Learn more