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SHiNE Instructors are so much more than fitness coaches. They are:

  1. Life changers who create a space for students to come alive and gain confidence on AND off the dance floor.
  2. Booty shakers who know how to get down and not hold back, allowing students to do the same. That’s when the magic happens!
  3. Smile makers who know the value of play and don’t take themselves too seriously. Every SHiNE class is full of smiles and authentic joy, and the world needs more of that!

Who can be a Shine Instructor?

We want to tell you right here and now – you DON’T have to be a certain weight, age, or have any dance experience to be a SHiNE Instructor. We’re looking for leaders who are passionate about making a difference in their own life and the lives of others. We want people who value connection and see the bigger picture beyond burning calories and building muscles.


Join other future SHiNE instructors from around the world by participating in a personalized online training program led by the Founder of SHiNE, Kendall Nielson, as well as a dedicated Mentor to guide you through this positive experience. Because SHiNE Instructor training is extensive and we do not want to overwhelm future Instructors, we’ve found the most effective way to do training is over a 3-week period. You’ll get an email every Monday with new content to review and assignments to keep you engaged and connected. You’ll also participate in a weekly virtual call with your training Mentor. SHiNE is recognized by AFAA (11 CEUs Live, 10 CEUs Online), NASM (1.1 CEUs Live, 1.0 CEUs Online), and ACE (1.5 CECs Live, 1.4 CECs Online) as a Continuing Education Provider.

Live, 1-day trainings are offered on occasion, so be sure to see what trainings are currently available!

Live and online trainees are required to submit a video of themselves teaching the signature SHiNE warmup and two pre-selected routines. We’ll walk you through this process so you feel prepared and confident to teach your first official SHiNE class. Here’s what some of our Instructors have to say about the training process.

I appreciate that you’re very clear in what you’re looking for and evaluating in the SHiNE instructor training process, but more than anything, I feel like you’ve created a safe space for gals of any dance skill level to feel comfortable to start out and grow. I’m impressed by the community you’ve created and grateful…

Thanks to SHiNE for an amazing, life changing course that has built my confidence so much!  Thank you for providing literally the best training mentor in the world, and for creating the best brand in the world with the best culture and values.

I am loving this Instructor online training ~ it has been such a fun, helpful, and personal stretching time for me.

This training has been so thorough and helpful in developing me as an instructor. I am a lot more conscious when I learn a new song that I follow the formula of learning choreography, memorising the music, verbal and non verbal cueing, and focussing on the STUDENTS, instead of worrying about ME trying to deliver…

It was really clear in terms of what we needed to do. The evaluation came across as a way to help us become better instructors to ultimately give our participants a more positive, effective, safe and fun experience. It was also clear that the team at SHiNE’s intention is to be supportive, constructive and kind…

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During SHiNE Instructor training, we discuss the power and fundamentals of dance fitness. Participants learn the seven qualities of a successful SHiNE Instructor, as well as how to create a playlist that is safe, effective, and FUN! We teach you the signature SHiNE warmup and break down technique, choreography, cues, modifications, student engagement, and showmanship. Most importantly, you learn to build your own SHiNE Tribe by creating community and opportunities for connection.


SHiNE Instructor training is a one-time investment ranging from $249-$299 depending on training format and early-bird options. This includes CEUs through AFAA (11 CEUs Live, 10 CEUs Online), NASM (1.1 CEUs Live, 1.0 CEUs Online), and ACE (0.7 CECs Live, 1.47 CECs Online).

After completing training and submitting your evaluation video, you’re eligible to join the Instructor portal and our private Instructor Facebook group with hundreds of fellow SHiNE Instructors from all over the world! Joining the Instructor portal grants you access to TONS of perks (check out the list below), and the support in this community is like no other – you feel the love right away! To gain access to all the resources and support, an ongoing SHiNE Instructor Membership is purchased for $24.99/month or $255/year (best value). 

Depending on your chosen business model, you may need to independently lease a location, secure group fitness music licensing and/or liability insurance. SHiNE Dance Fitness does not provide these services but can definitely give recommendations.

Benefits of being a Shine Instructor

  • Full access to our original choreography library (350+ routines & more added monthly!)
  • Monthly Instructor support calls with our Founder & Instructor Relations Manager
  • Oodles of marketing materials including graphics, flyers and high-quality images to promote your classes
  • Join our active, supportive, global “Instructorhood” group on Facebook
  • Discounts on merchandise, including exclusive Instructor items
  • List your classes and contact info on our website

Are you ready to build your own SHiNE Tribe? We’re ready for you! Get certified to teach SHiNE Dance Fitness today!


SHiNE was exactly the right program for me… and my students agree!  Numbers just keep going up at our studio!

SHiNE rekindled my passion for dance and made me feel empowered, confident, and strong.

There is no greater feeling than hearing your favorite inner warrior song blasting while dancing from your heart… surrounded by a tribe of inspiring women.


+ What experience do I need to take this course?

While we do not ask for prerequisites, you'll find the program easier if you have a dance background, can follow beats in the music, or are a fitness professional. We appreciate that those from a dance background may have varied experience, so simply get in touch with us if you have questions.

+ How long will this course take?

It's up to you! You'll have lifetime access to the program and you’ll have plenty of time to rehearse the moves, and learn the skills you need to master dance fitness with CORIO.

Most students complete the course in 3 - 12 months, but if you have experience you may find that you master it faster. (Our live trainings happen over 5 days, so yes, you can do it that quickly!) The key to teaching CORIO Dance is to practice, so going through this training at a slower pace and really taking it all in will help you be fully prepped to stand at the front.

+ Will I need other qualifications to start teaching?

This program will give you everything you need to teach your own dance fitness class straight away, but every employer may require different qualifications.

We recommend all our instructors hold a group fitness certification in their jursidiction if they start teaching regularly as well as CPR and AED certifications.

We recommend you check your potential employers requirements and check your local jurisdiction's requirements for insurance and further training.

+ What makes this training different from other dance certifications, like Zumba?

CORIO Dance is a high quality, creative dance fitness format. Our format blends fitness and dance moves for a workout that feels challenging and ends with a full dance routine to one song, just like on stage!

CORIO Dance is a PRE-FORMATTED class, which means that we give you the outline and the method to teach class, but you have creative freedom to put your own moves and routines into our framework (or use ours, it's up to you!). This means that you don't have to learn lots of new choreography each month or use branded music releases. There are no fees to pay once you've certified either.

+ What kind of music does this training use?

CORIO's vibe is commercial dance x dance cardio class. Think EDM remixes of pop classics and todays hits mixed in with the best of the 90's 00's and 10's. You don’t have to use our playlists, and you have creative freedom to add your music to the mix. We don't supply monthly releases but we do give you access to our sample playlists.

+ Is this suitable if I want to teach low impact classes?

During the training you'll see example of dance fitness as a high impact class with moves that include jumps and turns. However, you can easily teach CORIO Dance as a low impact class. In fact, we did just that for over a year when starting out so we know it’s still an awesome workout! There are low impact options in our library of moves.

+ What if it's not right for me - can I get a refund?

If you decide that this program isn't for you, let us know within 48 hours of your purchase by emailing hello@coriodbody. com and we'll refund your payment. We want you to be entirely happy with your training! After the 48 hour period, we don't offer refunds on this program.

+ Is CORIO Dance training accredited?

We are in the process of applying for accreditation from AFAA and ACE. If you are looking for CEC’s, we can provide a certificate of completion on request, with the hours shown, that you can submit to your awarding body to apply for CEC’s.

+ Do you provide playlists and routines?

This course will teach you how to create your own CORIO Dance classes, from our library of moves.

We give you creative freedom to make your own routines, to add your own moves and music choices, but we also give you access to The CORIO Academy on certification. In there, we've got lots of done-for-you options that you can use for your own classes or for inspiration.

+ Can I teach anywhere in the world?

Yes! This training is valid globally. All of our training is in English.

+ Is there a test out?

Yes, we ask for a theory test for PART 1, and video submissions for sections of the training. You can simply film yourself on your phone teaching to camera, or film teaching a friend. The test out process is very simple and we're here to help you pass it, so please reach out if you have any questions. Test out is also an opporunity to get 1:1 feedback on your classes to make them even better!

+ I've got more questions how can I speak to you?

Email us at [email protected] - we love to talk!

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Dance directions in fitness today are considered one of the most promising directions for conducting group classes, since the combination of sports and dance techniques is available to almost everyone. There is a vacancy for a dance program instructor in almost any fitness club, and obtaining such a profession can be a good prospect for further employment. At the Pedagogical College of Fitness, you can be trained as a dance fitness instructor in a form convenient for you: in person, in absentia or remotely via the Internet.

Learn the details of training dance programs

Specialty: Dance program instructor

Learning time: from 3 days to 6 months

Class schedule:
Top-studied time (any days weeks)



  1. human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics
  2. aerobics (basic level)
  3. latino aerobics
  4. zumba
  5. belly dance
  6. strip aerobics
  7. jazz modern
  8. street aerobics (street dancing)

Payment: lump sum/installment plan

Dance fitness trends are popular all over the world. Clockwork zumba, romantic jazz modern and seductive belly dance, framed in a fitness format, will always find their client. Dance instructors are needed by everyone and always - from elite fitness clubs to private dance schools and charitable organizations. Author's manuals and an individual approach, bright practice and experience passed on to you by the best coaches and teachers in St. Petersburg and abroad are the key success factors for building a career in the field of dance fitness.

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  • Administration
  • Teaching staff
    • Gorodilov Kirill Alexandrovich


      Work experience – 9 years

    • Shevchenko Daria Andreevna


      Work experience - 8 years

    • Alina Albertovna Razina


      Work experience – 7 years

    • Kuruleva Karina Sergeevna


      Work experience – 5 years

    • Igor Sergeevich Savin


      Work experience – 6 years

    • Harutyun V.



      Work experience – 8 years

    • Potapov Daniil Anatolievich


      Work experience – 6 years

    • Irina Vasilievna Loginova

      Senior trainer-teacher

      Work experience – 6 years

    • Marina Vladimirovna Plekhanova

      Dean of full-time studies

      Work experience - 19 years

    • Xenia Alexandrovna Fedorova


      Work experience – 6 years

    • Blumenberg (Voloshko) Yulia Vladimirovna


      Work experience – 18 years


Anna Sokerina | Fitness club Grani

Team "Grani": Anna Sokerina

Life is reflected in movement! Anna Novak, the dance direction coach of the Grani club, taught sports in almost all studios in Syktyvkar, worked for several years in St. Petersburg and abroad. Why did Anya return home from Turkey? What is the difference between the southern dance temperament and the northern one? And how does a girl motivate Syktyvkar residents to move? Read more…

It all started with ballroom dancing: for 11 years I was spinning in the rhythm of this direction. At the age of 18, I began to be interested in other types of dance: hip-hop, jazz funk, dancehall. Then I accidentally got to Zumba Dance classes, and away we go…

I got a job in Turkey through a job search site: I saw a vacancy, sent my resume, got a job! Why did I decide to go to work in such a hot country? It's simple: the sea, the sun, your favorite work - what could be better?

Overcame the language barrier thanks to her knowledge of English. The entire staff of the hotel where I was hired as a fitness instructor was international: Germany, Estonia, Holland, Turkey, Ukraine - we learned to work and understand each other without words.

In order to cheer up my clients during the classes, I tried to learn a couple of phrases in their language, starting the training, for example, with the words: Günaydın, nasılsın? HazIr mIsIn? Bir, iki, üç, dört… (Translated from Turkish: "Good morning, how are you? Are you ready? One, two, three, four").

But my visa expired and I returned home. For a couple of years of work in another country, I really missed Russia, my native language, home, and family.

People from warm countries are more emotional, liberated, they just dance and enjoy the music. They can sing out loud in class, in a restaurant, in a store (loudly enough), clap their hands, beat rhythm on the table - it's crazy cool! They inspire and infect with their spontaneity and ease in expressing themselves.

In the North, people are slowly getting used to this manifestation of feelings and emotions in creativity, in classes, in dances - we just need a little more time for this! Or maybe there's just not enough sun... (smiles)

My most important achievement is to see how my students, after many years, have grown in the dance plan or just develop further in it. Many of them already teach classes themselves, participate in championships, take first places.

Also an achievement over many years of work was the ability to teach dancing to absolutely any person, with any level of dance training and age. This is the hardest thing about teaching, something that only comes with experience and practice.

Grani Fitness Club and Les Mills gave me a chance to learn Body Jam. This is a dance-style cardio workout, and you can try it in Syktyvkar ONLY at Grani.

Grani is the place where I spend all my time. I conduct classes for adults and children, so I always rehearse something, come up with productions, work out the technique for classes.

A trainer is always a professional! He is trained in a certain direction, he will always tell you if we do the exercise incorrectly or do not complete it. After all, from the wrong exercises, you can not only not get the result, but also injure yourself.

My motivation is a great mood, which is guaranteed when dancing. The posture, gait, figure as a whole improves, plasticity, gracefulness appear. Doesn't that motivate everyone?

It is very easy not to put off training - to say to yourself: either now or never! Therefore, forward and only forward - do not give yourself the slightest doubt.

The peculiarity of group classes is to always create and maintain an excellent mood throughout the training session, to motivate everyone to achieve a common result and good performance.

It is interesting to work mirror (face to face) with clients, ie. I do the exercise with the left leg, and I say to do it with the right. Despite the fact that this is not easy, there is a plus in this - you see emotions, the energy of people not through a mirror and you yourself create contact with clients, which helps to achieve results much better and faster.

Dance training is a special atmosphere where we immerse ourselves in the culture of the dance direction that we dance. The most important thing for me, as a coach, is to give people a positive attitude, so that they rest in body and soul, and also “sweat” well. (smiles)

In addition to dancing, I like taking pictures, making videos, editing small videos, drawing, walking, learning foreign languages.

Now for me proper nutrition is what my body requires. Sometimes I arrange myself unloading days. I like salty, sweet in moderation. Perhaps in the future my views on nutrition will change, but now I do not deny myself anything!

- Anna, tell us about the new direction of your work?

- Not so long ago, I completed training in Barcelona in the direction of Zumba Fitness.

My instructor was Jessica Exposito herself - European fitness star, international Zumba instructor. This incredibly bright woman has worked in 40 countries around the world.

Zumba workouts are a fitness party that combines hot Latin American rhythms with easy-to-perform and easy-to-follow choreography. For an hour of dancing, you can burn about 400-500 kcal. Zumba Fitness is a stress reliever that helps you become more confident, positive and relaxed.

- What does it take to become a Zumba Instructor? Were there any fundamental requirements?

- To become an instructor you need to be the most liberated person. The first thing to do is to ask yourself: do I know how to start a crowd? Do I want to create a fitness party atmosphere in the gym? Students must shout, dance, forget about everything and gain self-confidence.

In general, there should be an understanding that you are going to teach people, not just “cram” the program and show off in front of a mirror or show that you are a superstar in the gym. You must make your students superstars, show and teach that everyone can dance!

- Why did you choose to study not in Russia, but in the sunny country of bullfighting?

- I just wanted to. Is that how you can answer? (smiles).
In fact, I planned this training for a long time and carefully chose the instructor. At some point, I saw Jessica's story on Instagram... And here it is, that feeling - MINE! Style, atmosphere, speech inspired me to quickly pack my suitcase and fly away to conquer Spain.

- How were you received in Jessica's group?

- Excellent. The guys are friendly, many from other countries, like me. If someone did not know English, we still spoke and understood each other on an emotional level and sign language.

- What is the most memorable thing you brought back from Spain?

- Emotions and experience! Wanted - done. Gathered things - flew. In life, the actions that we perform in spite of all circumstances are remembered!

- Did Zumba fall in love with the Grani fitness club and why?

- Definitely - YES! Our visitors were happy.
The first master class went off with a bang, there were a lot of people, and everyone was dancing, shouting, having fun.

After the training and the following days, many people came up and told about their positive impressions, about how interesting it was to try so many dance styles in one place. Many were impressed by the fitness load: after a couple of days, the muscles ached pleasantly in the right places (laughs).

After the first master class, I came home, and there was only one thought in my head - what a blessing that I found myself in this fitness direction! It contains everything MINE: favorite dance styles, musical genres, emotions, drive, fitness, sports, communication with people.

- How do you feel while teaching this direction at Grani during and after classes?

- Zumba music and choreography energizes me. It gives strength and confidence. I give myself to the fullest: I am happy to share my experience with my students, I try to convey to them all the energy of the style that we dance, to create a friendly atmosphere, not forgetting to notice the technique of my students, to correct, help ... Relax and immerse them in the rhythm of a dance party .

I love Zumba, it's like no other fitness program!
In my opinion, this is the most incendiary fitness workout, which involves so much that without noticing, we lose a huge amount of calories and work out all muscle groups.

- What about weight loss? Will Zumba and PP help to get the outlines of the figure desired by many?

- It's up to you, didn't you know that? (smiles)

How much you put in the class, your intensity and working out of each movement will be the result after. But what pleases - even practicing at half strength, no one leaves the gym dry! Proper nutrition plus physical activity always go hand in hand in achieving the goal.

- Is it easy for someone who is stiff and not very good at dancing? What to advise such people?

- The most important thing is to take the first step, your instructor will help you with everything else.

Trust me, Zumba is really easy, IT'S FOR EVERYONE!
Training is very relaxed: all movements are simple and repeated from time to time. They are accompanied by physical exercises that are easy, but at the same time effective!

Come, try, join the Zumba crowd!

Briefly about the main thing:

— I remember my first workout because I really liked it, which is why I continue to play sports.

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