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Shooting Starfish is a song performed by Turquoise October.


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  • 2 Other versions
    • 2.1 Shooting Starfish (Single-Player Trailer)
  • 3 Samples and interpolations
    • 3.1 Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape
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Shooting Starfish is an electronic song with fast, short notes and a strong drum beat in the background. After a while, the vocals join in, occasionally pausing before continuing. Later on, the vocals transition into a more choppy rhythm. After this section, the vocals change back into a connected melody. If the vocals in this section of the song are reversed, Callie singing the melody to Maritime Memory can be heard, symbolizing her being brainwashed.

This song can be heard in Splatoon 2 in the Octo Canyon missions Octozeppelin Invasion, Dancing Floors, Towering Heights, and Platform Madhouse. It can also be played in Squid Beatz 2, with maximum scores of 127 and 313 in Normal and Hard modes, respectively.

Other versions

Shooting Starfish (Single-Player Trailer)

This early version of the song was first used in the official trailer for Octo Canyon. The very beginning of the song features notes gradually increasing as a transition from Octo Eight-Step in the trailer. Some other changes are that there are a couple of extra repeating notes and the vocals are removed in certain areas. The song ends with a strong ending as four notes go from low to high slowly, followed by a loud echo.

Samples and interpolations

Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape
Main article: Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape

Shooting Starfish is heard at the beginning of the Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape in between Cephaloparade and Octo Eight-Step. Unlike many of the other songs used, there are no changes to Shooting Starfish in the mixtape.


Shooting Starfish refers to both shooting stars, a phenomenon in space, and starfish, a sea creature, just like the characters in Splatoon 2.

Music of Splatoon 2


Inkoming! (Cloud Demo)Inkopolis NewsWithout a Dop DoubtNew YouDubble Bath (DIY Remix)Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape


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Color PulseOpeningEbb & FlowAcid HuesMuck WarfareNow or Never!Fest ZestParty's Over

Salmon Run

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Octo Canyon

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Octo Expansion

Cap'n Cuttlefish's Theme (Octo)Player EditorTelephone's ThemeInside the Deepsea Metro Subway Car#0 shell#1 progress#2 ripped#4 dunno#5 thirsty#6 frisk#8 regret#9 party#11 above#12 awake#13 shade#14 crush#16 salty#19 blessTEST PASSED!Thang ObtainedCompletionNasty MajestyShark BytesSplattack! (Octo)Actually It's Commander Tartar's ThemeThe PlanLast Battle OpeningFly Octo FlyEbb & Flow (Octo)Into the LightCalamari InkantationEbb & Flow (Demo)#[email protected]%* Dudes Be #[email protected]%* Sleepin

Exclusive amiibo unlocks

Splattack!SeaskapeShellfieSplit & SplatHookedSucker PunchBomb Rush BlushTide Goes Out


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Squid Beatz 2 • Splatune 2OctotuneSplatoon 2 Live in Makuhari

Live performances

Haicalive at Tokaigi 2018 • Off the Hook Concert at Polymanga 2018 • Haicalive at Chokaigi 2018 • Tentalive at Tokaigi 2019 • Haicalive Kyoto Mix

How to Unlock More Emotes

By William Parks

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Players will start Splatoon 3 with just one emote, though they can unlock several more of them using the information in this guide.

Emotes give players the opportunity to express themselves in Splatoon 3, and indeed there are a variety of them available. Fans will have access to only one emote upon starting the game, though, and some players may be unclear about how they are to go about unlocking more of them. This guide is here to shine some light on this matter, and it will help fans start earning new emotes in Splatoon 3.

The first step toward unlocking emotes is to reach Level 4, which requires players to put some amount of effort toward earning XP. Participating in Splatoon 3's online multiplayer matches is a great way to go about obtaining this preliminary XP, and it should not take fans much time at all to hit the requisite level. Upon earning Level 4, players should press X when standing in Splatsville to access its map and then select the General Store to fast travel to it.

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At Splatoon 3's General Store, which is dubbed Hotlantis, players will meet a character named Harmony, and she will provide them with their very first Catalog. This essentially functions as a free battle pass that grants a variety of rewards, and emotes are among them. Indeed, the Catalog is the source for new emotes, and players that want to get their hands on some of them will need to earn Catalog Points and work through its tiers.

With respect to how to earn Catalog Points, they are awarded at the end of multiplayer matches. In fact, players will receive some of these points regardless of the outcome of their matches, though it is wise to get at least one win every day. As such, fans will work through the Catalog simply by engaging with the various game modes in Splatoon 3, and those that want to do so as quickly as possible should strive to perform well during their matches.

To note, the Catalog that is available at the time of writing is connected to Drizzle Season 2022, and it is composed of 100 Tiers. The emotes in this Catalog can be found at Tiers 3, 15, 35, 51, 76, and 98, and fans can preview them through the Nintendo Switch Online app. The Drizzle Season 2022 Catalog will not be available forever, though, and Splatoon players that are interested in its emotes should make sure to claim them before November 30.

Splatoon 3 is available for Nintendo Switch.

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How to Change Your Hairstyle
Splatoon 3 Guide - Collectibles, Weapons, Multiplayer, Customization, and More
Where to Find and Customize Lockers

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Splatoon 2 Review | GameMAG

Overview 0

Squids against octopuses. Part 2. Read our review of the new shooter from Nintendo


Editing: Mikhail Shaginyan (ACE) Denis Korolev (SkyerIst)

Date: 07/18/2017 19:02

the article has not yet caused emotions




Nintendo EPD





In 2015, a new experimental project Nintendo - Splatoon was released. A fresh look at multiplayer shooters - a game where, supposedly, it's more important not to kill, but to paint. The use of ink as cartridges was not only a stylistically interesting solution, but also elegantly served two tasks at once - killing opponents and controlling the territory. As a result, the first part sold five million copies, which seems something incredible for the new IP , especially on the unpopular WiiU .

The first screenings of the sequel for Nintendo Switch were more like an extended remaster of the original than a full-fledged sequel. But now we have the game in our hands and we are ready to share our impressions.

Splatoon 2 still welcomes beginners with training with mandatory motion control, explains the basic principles of movement and interaction with ink. The player can be in one of two states: in humanoid form to shoot and run, or in squid form to quickly swim in paint, hide, regenerate ink and health. But only when it comes to the paint of your color. The inkling gets stuck in other people's ink and loses health.

At the end of training, we are sent to Inkopol square, the main hub of the game. Avatars of other players walk, dance and drink tea on the location. Everything is so fashionable and youthful - very reminiscent of the center of modern Tokyo. There are shops, a rhythm game machine, online and local lobbies, a well with a story, a food truck and a guy in charge of manipulating clothes.

If you dive into the well, you can start the passage of a single player campaign, which, unlike the original Splatoon can really teach you how to use all the main types of weapons in the game, and the shotgun umbrella is only available here for now. As in the first part, each mission is a flying obstacle course, united by some common theme. The sequel brought back elements of levels from the first part, such as sponges swelling with paint and propellers moving platforms. You are accompanied by pop idol Marie, who is in charge of operations and explains both old and new mechanics. Gradually, the story acquires more and more new opportunities and soon begins to inventively combine the existing elements. Enemies become more dangerous, platforming is more difficult, and the campaign is more fun and interesting.

Most of the sections now provide several options for their passage, and with the ability to select weapons, the approach to some missions changes dramatically. Picking up a brush is like setting the maximum level of difficulty.

The first part suffered from a certain lack of completion and unexpectedly ended with a boss that is many times more difficult than anything that came before it. The sequel stepped forward in terms of balanced structure - the game is growing evenly, and we are growing with it.

Splatoon 2 continues to develop the visual concept of the first part, placing levels inside huge balls, where instead of the sky there are monitors with the sky, and instead of the city - its floating remains. Using the power of the new platform, the artists worked hard on materials, effects and characters. Special paint with glitter, clear textures, work with light and volumetric surfaces are complemented by rich animation and a bunch of pleasant little things.

The game works with stable 60FPS and renders the image at a dynamic resolution of approximately 900p to 1080p . This is noticeable in busy scenes, when some lines lose their clarity.

Bosses Splatoon 2 is not only more complex and inventive, but also more epic than those in the original. Major gameplay and graphical improvements are noticeable throughout the game, but it's the single-player mode that allows you to see them in full.

But despite the solid story campaign, multiplayer is the heart of Splatoon 2 . As before, it is divided into three parts: regular fights, where the winner is the one who puts on more makeup; ranked battles, where victory is obtained by completing certain tasks; and private battles where you can play with friends on any map and with any mode. The developers have kept the rotation system with two maps per mode, but now they change every two hours, not four.

Regular battles0032 , where frags have an indirect effect on winning the match. Until the enemy paints, you paint. Here you can easily join a friend's lobby, and all the happy faces from the Splatoon ad are from here.

You can play Ranked Battles ( Elite Battles in Russian translation) only from level 10. Here, players are divided into ranks, which are now different for each of the three ranked modes. This is where the ability to “splash your opponents” starts to really matter.

Project history

  • 08/10/2022 Rock, scissors or paper? Nintendo showed the stars of Splatoon 3 and announced the first free Splatfest
  • 08. 08.2022 The next Nintendo Direct presentation will be about Splatoon 3 - Nintendo will host it this week
  • 07/06/2022 Nintendo has announced the first limited-edition Switch OLED model - it is made in the style of the shooter Splatoon 3
  • 04/26/2022 News with the announcement of the release date of Splatoon 3 for Nintendo Switch entered the top three most popular in the history of Twitter
  • 04/13/2022 Sony and Nintendo have decided to make the auto-renewing system for PS Plus and Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions more fair
  • view all

The modes have changed slightly. In Tower Battles , a local equivalent of escort, where the team must go directly to the object, and not be nearby, added checkpoints on which you need to hold out for a while. This made this mode even more meaty and driving than before.

The reinmaker, which we know as Megacarp , now shoots not slow tornadoes, but clots of paint and something remotely resembles BFG from Doom . This means more understandable hitzones and less embarrassment compared to the original, when a shot could kill through a wall.

The local analogue of the King of the Hill, Fight for Zones , has also undergone some changes, where, finally, the color index of the site has been added.

Having reached the B- rank in ranked competitions, you can enter League Battles , where team battles similar to ranked team battles take place with friends every rotation. For them, there is a separate set of cards in each rotation, and a medal is issued based on the results of a two-hour cycle. Otherwise, there are no differences from the Battles of the Elite.

private battles are now of two types - with and without the smartphone companion app. The first option is needed only for the sake of using voice chat from this application. Otherwise, everything is simple: choose a map, a mode, who is for whom and go ahead. It is in Private Battles that tournaments are held, and the most important addition was the appearance of a rather convenient observer mode.

Eight maps are available from launch, two of which are heavily reworked variations from the first game. They are even better than before. While the new cards are noticeably lacking in verticality. Somewhere you cannot paint the wall, somewhere there is a curb, somewhere you generally have to walk across the bridge and only then you can climb somewhere. Designers seem to be terrified of possible short cuts, which makes it seem like they are trying to limit you. Because of this, the variability of tactics begins to suffer. Given the experience of the first part, there will be much more maps over time (the original Splatoon had six of them at the start, and ten more were added for free during the year), and these will probably be redone, but now the “old” maps are both more fun and more diverse.

Nevertheless, there are many interesting solutions on the new maps, such as large moving elements on Sturgeon shipyards or the almost complete absence of corners on Velozale “9th Val ”. Locations look richer in detail, more decorative elements have appeared.

It is worth noting that the quality of communication is not satisfactory, and with a sufficient number of players, the search for a lobby takes no more than 5-10 seconds. There were no visible delays during the matches. Hits are registered correctly.

An important factor in success in multiplayer is the selection of weapons and equipment. There are dozens of unique weapons in Splatoon 2 , which are sold only in sets of the main, additional and special. Assault rifles, sniper rifles (chargers or superchargers in Russian translation), rollers, blasters, machine guns, brushes and buckets have now been supplemented with submachine guns for shooting from two hands and shotgun umbrellas.

Two of the classic weapon types have received a major overhaul: rollers have received a vertical splash of paint if the character is in the air during an attack, and blowers can now retain their charge for some time even when the player dives into the paint.

Splat Dualies not only allow you to shoot from two hands, but also allow you to use the roll mechanics unique to this type of weapon. By pressing the jump button while shooting, you can make a small somersault in the direction in which the left stick is pointed. Such rolls can be done up to two in a row, after which the character freezes for a split second, but continues to shoot. It is especially interesting to watch the duel of two players with such weapons.

The umbrella is an unusual combination of a shotgun and a shield built into it. If it is open long enough, it unfastens from the handle and rushes forward, leaving a trail of paint behind. This can be used for both attack and defense. Unfortunately, it is not yet available in multiplayer and co-op, but the developers promised to open it a little later - in one of the future updates.

All weapons are radically different in style of play and successfully replace different character classes in other team games. One gun did not go - it is better to switch to another.

Visual overview

Addictive gameplay

Atmosphere - it envelops and absorbs



Sea of ​​fun



This soundtrack makes you want to listen to holes

Popular series - this game already has millions of fans

Famous developer - we love and respect him

Cool guns

sex friendly - girls like it

Replayability - can be played and replayed for many years

Visual overview based on the main features of the game and is addition to the main review.

Additional weapons are a variety of grenades, as well as several items that are responsible for weakening enemies or helping comrades. As before, reloading is carried out by diving into the paint.

After painting enough areas, you can use special weapons, like a multi-barrel rocket launcher or a cloud of paint. If we compare it with the first part, then it simultaneously adds more dynamics to what is happening and is less likely to cause controversial situations. Defensive attacks have a short delay before being used, while attackers have fairly obvious hit zones.

To run faster, swim faster, shoot more, etc., you need to carefully choose your clothes. As before, hats, sweaters and boots divided into brands are on sale. Each item can have from one to three empty slots, but you can drill the missing slots for money or event currency. The latter can be earned by participating in the Splatfests that take place periodically.

You need to upgrade clothes in battles. Empty slots will drop random skills that are three times weaker than large abilities. This or that brand is responsible for the probability of falling out of specific abilities. However, the randomness factor is now greatly reduced thanks to the sea urchin, which not only can add slots and then randomly mix the resulting abilities, but also for a small amount, they can be pulled from one item and then inserted into another. This method was very lacking before, as every percentage of the missing ability in the stats was felt more and more clearly over time.

In the settings, you can now set the sensitivity for the stick and for the motion separately (and if you want, you can turn off the motion) for both desktop or TV mode, and for portable. In the inventory, you can set the sorting method for weapons and equipment. In the lobby, it's easy to see who you can connect to and who you can't. But the news is still not missed, the sensitivity for the optical sight cannot be adjusted separately and the buttons cannot be reassigned, which can be a serious hindrance for some players. Let's hope that the developers will fix all these roughnesses in future patches.

An important innovation was the Salmon Run mode, which opens its doors almost every day for eight or more hours. This is the local equivalent of Horde from Gears of War . On a small map, four players must withstand three waves of incoming bosses and their minions, collect eggs from them, which must be thrown into the vat. In total, at the moment there are two unique locations for this mode in the game.

For each working period, a set of four guns is issued, which players randomly change every wave. Passing raid after raid, the difficulty increases up to 200%.

The most interesting thing is the variety of these waves, among which there are both ordinary and special ones. The former differ due to different combinations of the eight main bosses. And the latter offer special gaming events. Either the water will recede and you have to run ashore to fight back, then night comes, the water will rise, and you have to fight with flying saucers. Sometimes the location is covered with dense fog. And when it already seems that you have seen everything, Splatoon 2 begins to throw up new unusual situations, such as the appearance of powerful stationary turrets and spaceships that steal your eggs.

Completing Salmon Run rewards you with money, experience coupons, clothing and modifiers for it. But the main charm of the mode lies precisely in team interaction, a variety of situations and good difficulty at high percentages. And what a riot of effects is going on here! Everything is exploding, it's raining paint, enemies are splashing colorfully one after another...

The first Splatoon stood out very much for its strange, but extremely catchy mix of electronics and punk rock in multiplayer and gurgling electronics in the single. In the sequel, the general mood of the compositions has not changed much, and in the single player campaign you can even find a couple of old musical themes, but at the same time the sound itself has become richer and more diverse.

In turn, the music of Salmon Run offers another interesting vector - a combination of bowed string instruments and rough electronic music with a broken rhythm. It sounds so powerful that it eats into the subcortex - you want more, and there are only two such tracks in the game so far.

One of the features of the Nintendo Switch is the ability to take it anywhere, and Splatoon 2 proves to be a good companion in this regard. It is quite possible to go through a couple of levels of a single player campaign, sitting on a bus or subway, or waiting for your turn. By gathering with friends who also have a game, you can create a local lobby for competitive or cooperative play. By properly setting up the motion, you can play with it even in portable mode. On screen itself Nintendo Switch the game looks great, but it is worth noting that in multiplayer mode it becomes more difficult to determine the distance to opponents due to the relatively small diagonal and high dynamics of what is happening.

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Splatoon 2 hasn't just become bigger, better and prettier than the first part. It became more interesting and more solid. A full-fledged single-player campaign with platforming elements, a diverse co-op mode and the same dynamic multiplayer promise many hours of fun. It's a pity that the game still lacks a variety of multiplayer maps, but the developers promise a lot of free content updates throughout the year, so you don't have to worry about the future of the game.

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Duration: 15

1-2 evil shit

3-4 not necessary

5-6 public catering

8 7-8 just right

9 very cool

10 masterpiece!

Dive in: Splatoon 2 through the new Splatoon 101 | News

If you're new to the world of Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch , we've prepared a quick guide for you, developed with the help of our friends at the Cephalopod Research Institute.

But first, don't forget to check out the official Splatoon Facebook page and follow us on Twitter . Ready? Then we continue!

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What is Splatoon 2?

Splatoon 2 is a unique fast-paced shooter where the player has to control Inklings - creatures that turn into squids! The goal of the game is to paint as much area as possible with ink of your color within a certain time. When the allotted time expires, the team that was able to paint over the most space wins!

Stop! So I can turn into a squid?

Kalmarovo, right? In the form of a squid, you can dive right into the ink of your team and swim quietly under the surface. Diving in ink also refills ink, so be sure to dive in regularly to keep the ink levels up! And in the form of a squid, you can jump further, climb through the bars and even swim over the walls - if, of course, they are covered in your team's ink.

What about ink from other teams?

They must either be avoided or inked in your own color! Hitting the other team's ink will slow you down and make you an easy target for enemies! After a few enemy hits, you will be plopped down, and while you are recovering, rivals will be able to capture your territory. So don't think twice - get your weapons and defend the area!

Excellent! What weapon to choose?

Weapons in Splatoon 2 come in all shapes and sizes. You can try everything and choose what suits you best. A good old-fashioned dropshooter is usually good for novice Inklings. It has the perfect balance of power, range and rate of fire. There’s also a long-range snipe paint, suitable for quickly grabbing a splat roll, as well as a novelty - spur launchers, with which you can perform graceful somersaults. For more information about the weapons in Splatoon 2, check out Cephalopod Research Institute .

Each primary weapon comes with a secondary and special weapon, opening up tactical possibilities! And yes, great news: the Cephalopod Research Institute reports also contain information on both spare weapons and special weapons!

Which mode should I start with?

To learn the basics, hone your skills and try out different types of weapons, you should start with the "Agent 004" mode. This is an adventure mode without an Internet connection, designed for one player. You will have to fight the octopus. They look completely different from the usual Inklings, so keep your tentacles ready! You can learn more about the "Agent 004" mode in of this entry from Inkling Squid Research Lab .

I'm ready to fight other players!

Then you should start with the District Fight. You can play in both local mode* and online multiplayer** - in any case, you will be able to try your hand at capturing territory. The team that ink fills the most space wins! It doesn't matter if you're eager to fight or want to quietly pour your ink on the sidelines: players of any level and with any style of play will be able to make a worthy contribution to team achievements.

I lack elegance... How can I find my own style?

Once you've got your hands full, go shopping at the mall! The most fashionable Inklings live there. And what stylish types of weapons and equipment are sold there!

Inklings like to keep their finger on the pulse of fashion, so they often buy stunning outfits! Not only is it flashy gear, but it's also a way to gain gear abilities, such as the ability to reduce ink consumption or swim even faster. Different equipment comes with different abilities, so you have the opportunity to create your own unique look. Maybe happiness is not in money, but with money you can buy a new hat, and this, whatever one may say, is almost the same thing. Read about fashion news for the Inklings in this news from the Research Institute for the Study of Cephalopods .

Cool! I think it's time for me to plop my enemies!

Wait. First you need to reach level 10, and then you can join the Elite Battle in Splatoon 2. These online matches** allow players to increase their status. There are four types of elite fights: Zone Fight, Tower Fight, Megacarp, and the recently introduced Ustrobol. Each of them has its own goals! Read about the first three modes or check out the latest report on Ustrobol .

How else can you play with friends?

Do you want something special? Please! Salmon Run is a new cooperative multiplayer mode for 2-4 players. You can play locally*, you can play online**. In this mode, the Inklings must work together to survive three vicious Samonid invasions and collect eggs. The longer your team plays, the more severe the invasions become, so interaction is the only key to victory, especially when encountering Samonid bosses. These monsters lay golden eggs for the Inklings to collect. Do not have time to collect the required amount by the deadline - that's it, the game is over! Here is a special bulletin from the Cephalopod Research Institute on Salmon Run .

Splatfests are constantly being heard, what is it?

Ever had to choose between cool and cool? For example, between ice cream and cake, or between cats and dogs? Inklings love making choices like this at splatfests. Put aside the arguments and take part in the Battles for the District, four against four. If your team wins more matches than the opposing team, victory is in your pocket! Splatfests are held regularly, so keep your ears open!

Detailed information about the game Splatoon 2 can be found on the official website of the game . For possible updates, see on the Splatoon Facebook page or Twitter .

* Local multiplayer requires one console and one copy of the game per player.

** Internet access required to access online mode.

Learn more