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Jane Fonda Interview Marks 40 Years of "The Jane Fonda Workout"

Thanks to Jane Fonda’s Workout, leotards and leg lifts became enduring cultural phenomena. Forty years after the video’s debut, Fonda is still astonished that it worked

ByLinda Wells

April 2, 2022

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“Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce!”

That was the soundtrack in my first New York apartment. I lived behind a bookshelf, where I sheltered my possessions: a remnant square of carpet, bed, desk, typewriter, pile of underlined books, and, newly purchased from Crazy Eddie, TV and VCR. I owned one VHS tape, Jane Fonda’s Workout. Every night I’d pop it in and, for 30 minutes, it was just Jane and me, dancing and ab crunching and leg lifting on my patch of carpet, feeling the burn.

Jane had fluffy hair, a belted leotard, and scrunchy leg warmers. She was energetic and cheerful, and never once breathless. That sweet, girlie workout had a steely center, like Fonda herself.

My introduction to working out coincided with my introduction to working at my first real job. A few months after starting both, as I charged through Grand Central Terminal to pick up lunch for my boss, a man shoved his hand into my bag and grabbed my wallet. I calmly clasped his wrist and told him to get out of there. And he did. That was all Jane.

Jane Fonda’s Workout turns 40 years old this year; Jane turns 85. What started as a way to get fit for a bikini scene and raise money for the Campaign for Economic Democracy, a political action committee run by Fonda and her then husband, Tom Hayden, became a movement in itself.

It sparked the exercise boom, the exercise-video boom, and its subset, the Hollywood Squares–style exercise-video boom (Raquel Welch, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Jenner, Debbie Reynolds).

Jane Fonda’s Workout went on to become one of the best-selling VHS tapes of all time, and Fonda followed the original with 21 variations. Over the years, it spawned imitators and acolytes, and is even experiencing a revival today on a multitude of streaming classes. (“Give me some Jane Fonda!” calls instructor Ally Love during a Peloton barre session.)

One class, Torch’d by Isaac, was my lifeline during the pandemic lockdown. Isaac “Boots” Calpito leads the class on Instagram Live, and much of it—the leg lifts, crunches, V-sits, bridges—comes right out of the Jane Fonda playbook. “I’m a child and a student of Jane Fonda,” says Calpito. “[She] set the tone for everything that came after her.” Calpito, like Fonda, turns his class into a charitable machine, raising more than $1.5 million for No Kid Hungry by soliciting donations from his regulars.

Just before her 82nd birthday, in December 2019, Fonda was arrested for civil disobedience on Capitol Hill during a rally she organized to highlight climate change.

In 1978, Fonda signed up for a dance-and-calisthenics class in Century City taught by Leni Cazden. “That’s L-e-n-i C-a-z-d-e-n,” says Fonda, spelling the name on the phone to make sure I get it right. Cazden’s workout was a killer, and Fonda was quickly hooked.

So much so that Fonda used Cazden’s choreographed moves to create the original Jane Fonda’s Workout. For decades, she didn’t give Cazden credit for the program—not to mention remuneration—and only recently acknowledged that omission.

Workouts and VCRs were fairly novel in 1982, and marrying the two gave new access to a population that had felt excluded from musclehead culture. “There weren’t gyms for women,” says Fonda. “I’m kind of astonished that at the time the Workout started, women didn’t think about having muscles.... Women who couldn’t afford to belong to a club, or didn’t go to a club because they didn’t like the way they looked—it brought all those women to a place of health that they didn’t have before.”

“At the time the Workout started, women didn’t think about having muscles.”

The workout benefited Fonda in other ways besides abs, thighs, and activism. “I’m somebody who had major body dysmorphia, and the workout really helped me,” she says. “It was changing my body and changing my mental attitude about my body.” Many students felt the same. “Women would take the class and after a month say … ‘I can sleep now,’ ‘I stood up to my boss.’”

Fonda acknowledges that the workout could have also contributed to a degree of body dissatisfaction among its participants. The extras in the video and Fonda herself are uniformly slim, uniformly uniform in their high-cut belted leotards.

The words “body” and “positivity” weren’t acquainted then. When I ask her what she thinks of the concept, she says, “You mean obesity?” After a discussion about the high price of quality fruit and vegetables and the perniciousness of fast food, she concludes, “It’s good to feel positive about your body; it’s good to love your body. I hated my body for too long.”

Now she marvels at her strength and the benefit of all those years spent in dance studios. “When my father died, he was seven years younger than I am now. He seemed so old because he was sick. I was much older when I was 20 than I am now. It has to do with my mental attitude and what I did to my body and being strong. Six weeks ago, I had a shoulder replaced. It’s a complicated operation, and it took a long time to recover. Even though I can’t use my arm, my back is strong, my abs are strong, and I’m O.K.”

Fonda is acting in a movie now with Rita Moreno, who’s 90. She’s leading Fire Drill Fridays with Greenpeace USA to raise awareness of the climate crisis and to protest governmental inaction, and has been arrested five times. The final season of Grace and Frankie, the Netflix comedy she stars in alongside Lily Tomlin, premieres on April 29, and she’s proud of what it accomplished, too.” So many women come up to me and say, ‘I look forward to aging now.... It makes me feel that there’s hope.’ That’s a big thing.”

“I’m an older woman, I’m living life, I’m working, I’m getting arrested. People tell me, ‘I’m not afraid of getting old because of you.’”

Fonda offers me some advice. When she learns that I’m calling her from Paris and that my French is fairly appalling, she says, “You need to have an affair with a Frenchman … or a Frenchwoman. I knew French academically, but I really learned to speak it in bed.”

That’s the other Jane Fonda workout. No pain, no gain!

Linda Wells spent 25 years as Allure magazine’s founding editor in chief, served as Revlon’s chief creative officer, and currently consults and sits on the boards of several beauty and apparel companies

Photos: Warner Bros./Photofest; © Carol Guzy/Zuma Press/Newscom

Weedy Workout Mary Jane Fonda Wants You To Get Lit and Fit

Cannabis and fitness go hand in hand. Despite the lazy stereotypes about stoners, lots of cannabis consumers spark up before hitting the gym, yoga class or basketball game, and it enhances their performance. You might find you run a little longer when you're stoned, or feel better in tune with your body's tension as you stretch.

(Christine Dong)

Amarett Jans, a local social media marketer with a passion for fitness and cannabis, knows that she isn't the only person to enjoy those interests at the same time. So she started Mary Jane Fonda, a cannabis-centric aerobic experience that combines the fun of a sexy dance-inspired workout, pre-during-post smoke breaks and stoned yoga, in one.

(Christine Dong)

The tricky part is the venue. For a mid-January class, that meant turning a Northwest Portland nightclub into a fitness studio, and parking a High 5 Tour bus out front. The large second-story space worked well for the 20 or so yoga mats sprawled from the DJ stand to the bar in the back, the in-house speaker system adding to the bass of the live set throughout class.

(Christine Dong)

(Christine Dong)

Thanks to local legislation, the social scene for cannabis consumption has been relegated into the few loopholes. That's resulted in a hotbed of cannabis-infused house parties at private residences. Anyone trying to host an event where people are allowed to enjoy legalization with others has to get creative. But we've been smoking at house parties for a while now. We're getting restless.

I had some reservations about barefoot stretches so close in proximity to bar floors, but really, the dark, red-light decor of this nightlife space is kind of the perfect ambiance for a self-loving booty workout that involves a lot of caressing one's own limbs.

(Christine Dong)

After a few classes, the group that showed up to this $32 session was a combination of newbies and regulars. Some had tuned in via Instagram or knew Heather Craig, the instructor of the Booty Luv class, from other gyms in town. There were also a few diehard Mary Jane Fondas in '80s workout gear. Some more into fitness and some more into cannabis, the mixed group of all ages and genders were quick to start conversations on the smoke bus over East Fork Cultivars CBD joints and cannabis syrup-spiked mocktails mixed by Müru.

Mary Jane Fonda is not something you can fit in between errands—it's a commitment. There's group warm-up and stretching, time to meditate positive affirmations, a trip back to the bus before breaking a sweat with Heather, then maybe another trip to the bus before stretching with Matthew Erwin, a physical therapist specializing in fascial stretching.

(Christine Dong)

It's hard to put your finger on the comfortable vibe when things go right during a cannabis-centric event. It's a little like the hyper energy at high school parties, where everyone is so stoked to finally have alcohol and an unsupervised house to drink it in, that everyone is in the mood to party. Public cannabis events outside the direct realm of dispensaries and growing competitions are so new, they are still a novelty. And even those who feel like they've been wrung out by the industry would be hard-pressed to feel jaded here.

(Christine Dong)

(Christine Dong)

GO: For more information, keep an eye on instagram. com/mjfonda.pdx.

Jane Fonda and 11 of her brightest roles


Collective intelligence

December 21, 2017

Today Jane Fonda celebrates her eightieth birthday, an actress without whom it has been impossible to imagine American cinema for many decades. We chose the brightest roles in her career.

Jane Fonda has long been seen as the rebellious daughter of a famous dad. Henry Fonda had the bluest eyes on screen and a reputation as one of the most earnest actors in and out of the Hollywood industry; they did not have the best relationship with their daughter - which improved only over the years. And after two Oscars (for Klute and Homecoming) - by the way, dad had only one Oscar, for working with Jane - and a huge number of other prizes, even the biggest skeptics had to admit - Jane is not just a daddy's girl, she is also an insanely talented daddy's girl. nine0003

Over a career spanning more than half a century, Jane has starred in European and American films, played on Broadway and television, recorded several video cassettes with aerobics lessons, actively expressed her political position (from the Vietnam War to women's rights) and never, never to show that at least something is too tough for her.

For Jane's 80th birthday, we have selected 11 of her most striking roles.

Corey Bratter - Barefoot in the Park, 1967)

Director : Gene Sax

Cast : Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, Charles Buay, Mildred Netwik

Funny comedy melodrama about newlyweds that settled in a non -built apartment. become one of the many, if not for the wonderful script and actors. First of all, this concerns one of the most harmonious acting duets in Hollywood - Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.

This light comedic role can hardly be called an acting challenge, but Fonda plays her so sincerely and with such charm that she becomes one of the most memorable in the actress's extensive filmography. Her Corey is not just a beautiful doll, but a living person, for whom, towards the end, you even begin to worry a little, and sincerely rejoice when everything is getting better with her. It is not so easy to breathe life into such a character without hiding behind a beautiful appearance, but Fonda succeeded.

Barbarella - “Barbarella” (Barbarella, 1968)

Director : Roger Vadim

Cast : Jane Fund, Anita Pallenberg, John Philip Law, Marseille Marso, Loin Tonyatszi

In the peaceful universe, not only wars, not even the army, have long been gone. When the president of the Earth needs to bring home the scientist who invented the positron beam (what if this invention will be used to build a weapon?), he turns to Barbarella and her power of love - because everyone is busy, it’s not the presidential orchestra to send. nine0003

Yes, as far as love is concerned, it is realized exactly as you thought.

Roger Vadim's fantasy is based on a French comic book from the 60s - and you can learn a lot more about the sixties from this film than about science fiction. Outfits, bouffant, insane storylines and creative shooting - today it is impossible to seriously watch a film, but to enjoy where a lot of things in modern pop culture have grown from is a great idea.

The opening scene with Barbarella taking off her spacesuit (under the theme of the film - with the text that when the hero looks at Barbarella - the stars freeze) did more not even for cinema, but for pop music - “Electric Barbarella” should also say thanks to her Duran Duran, and the clip "Put Yourself In My Place" by Kylie Minogue, their name is legion. By the way, the name of the group Duran Duran is also from Vadim's film. nine0003

How would we have Princess Leia's gold bikini if ​​it wasn't for Barbarella?!

Jane Fonda, who was Vadim's wife at the time of filming, was not the first candidate for the role of Barbarella. However, when the options for producer Dino De Laurentiis — Virna Lisi, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren — dropped out for various reasons, Fonda, already implicated in a couple of nude scandals, became a sex symbol in the United States. Here, too, she does not hesitate to get naked - but not for the purpose of being seductive, but simply because her heroine, Barbarella, is such a child of nature for whom this is all natural. nine0003

Gloria Beatty - They Shoot Horses Don't They (1969)

director: Sidney Pollack , Gig Young, Red Buttons, Bonnie Bedelia, Michael Conrad, Bruce Dern

« We dance around the clock, day after day. Every two hours there is a break of 10 minutes .” In 1932, at the height of the Great Depression, participating in a week-long dance marathon can bring a fantastic prize of fifteen hundred dollars. For the sake of this, it is worth taking a risk - but when the number of days without sleep already goes into dozens, all prospect is lost. "The Hunger Games" against the backdrop of "Driven horses get shot, don't they?" These are very comfortable conditions, you know. nine0003

Jane plays Gloria, cynical and cold, who left her godforsaken corner for fame in Los Angeles - and so far has not caught her in any way. By the will of circumstances, she will have to dance with a partner she has just met, in a room full of strangers, where everyone wants a prize. A couple of actors looking for agents and directors in the crowd of spectators; a middle-aged sailor with a companion who is also by no means young; vagabonds, husband and wife, and she is deeply pregnant; each of them wants to win. By the way, the last couple is played by a young Bruce Dern and a very young Bonnie Bedelia - the future Mrs. John McClain from Die Hard. nine0003

Jane's first Oscar nomination and fourth Golden Globe nomination. Gloria takes her by the fact that she is ready to receive any blow from life, and is no longer surprised by anything ... it would seem. A constantly raised eyebrow, a cigarette and a laugh showing that she knows everything about everyone - but in fact, a completely iron will to win. Fall on the dance floor and drop out because of your weakness? Unthinkable.

Bree Daniels - Klute (1971)

director: Alan J. Pakula 9. If not for him, no one would have known the name of Gordon Willis, Donald Sutherland would have had one less well-played role, and Jane Fonda would not have had an Oscar. Or not, of course, it would be, but later.

Her heroine is a classic femme fatale, but at the same time dependent on a man, which goes against the generally accepted canons. She is also a prostitute who, at the end of the film, repents of her profession, which gives the image a kind of religious symbolism. Fonda manages to create a dramatic image, while retaining her natural magnetism, thanks to which, despite all the other undoubted merits of this film, it is she who becomes its main element. Her movements, her voice, and her dress. nine0003

Night - “Blue Bird” (The Blue Bird, 1976)

Director: George KUUKOR

COMPORTANCE: Elizabeth Taylor, Geinen Vicin, Ava Gartiner, Avve Garter, Avve Hargius Garter, Ava Garter, Ava Garteri Margarita Terekhova

Jane Fonda was married three times, and the beginning of her second marriage to politician Tom Hayden fell on the period of Jane's passion for politics - at that time she openly opposed the war in Vietnam. Fonda took part in pacifist demonstrations, and the apogee of such activity was a very scandalous trip to Vietnam. nine0003

Returning to her homeland with the nickname "Hanoi Jane", the actress went even further and starred in the film "The Blue Bird". The film was shot jointly with the USSR, and even on our territory at the height of the Cold War, and therefore the step itself was bold.

In the painting by George Cukor, based on the play by Maurice Maeterlinck, Jane Fonda performed the image of Night. Tiltil and Mitil come to her in the midst of the search for the Blue Bird.

Kimberly Wells - The China Syndrome, 1979)

Director: James Bridges

Cast: Jane Fund, Jack Lemmon, Michael Douglas

Television journalists visited an atomic power station with an excursion. Everything is going well until the guests witness an incident at a nuclear power plant that almost ends in disaster. The cameraman (Michael Douglas) secretly filmed what was happening, but the TV channel refuses to air the video. Too many people benefit from the silence about what happened at the power plant that day. nine0003

For our heroine, the role of host of an entertainment program turned out to be one of the best in her career. At the peak of her career, Fonda received her fifth nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress, and The China Syndrome itself earned three more nominations, but never received a single statuette. But Jane took home the Golden Globe, and once again proved that dramatic roles are very much her role. And she got partners - God forbid every actor. Hollywood legend Jack Lemmon, who literally stole the film from Jane, and young (oh, he still had everything ahead of him) Michael Douglas as a cameraman (playing a typical young Michael Douglas). nine0003

The name comes from a term that describes the consequences of an accident at a facility with a nuclear reactor - theoretically it can reach China through the soil and the earth's crust.

Judy Bernley - “C 9 to 5” (9 to 5, 1980)

Director : Colin Higgins

Cast : Jane Fund, Lily Tomin, Dolly Parton

after seven years marriage, the heroine is forced to look for work: her husband has spent all his savings and left with his secretary. It is secretarial work that Julie finds; well, the fact that the boss is a sexist, racist and generally a pig is compensated by the fact that now she has girlfriends at work. And three offended women together is a terrible force; you won't envy the boss. nine0003

Fonda, who has already proved everything to everyone, has never forgotten that she succeeds in comedy no less brilliantly than dramatic roles. And it was she who came up with the idea of ​​the film, which at first was supposed to be dramatic, but preaching the ideas turned out to be much more boring than serving them in a humorous sauce.

I really want all those who scream about "finally making films with women in the lead roles" to remember this picture - a box office hit almost forty years ago, where three fantastic actresses starred. The debut of the country singer Dolly Parton in the movie brought her an acting nomination for the Golden Globe. The film was made into a TV series in the 80s, and a musical was made in the 2000s. nine0003

Chelsea - “On the Golden Pond” (on Golden Pond, 1981)

Director: Mark Raidell

Cast: 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000

An elderly couple finds refuge every year in a lake house. And this, almost fiftieth summer of living together, is no exception. Daughter Chelsea comes to them with a new boyfriend and teenage stepson Billy.

A melodrama about the relationship between fathers and children, about family and life in general, which has become a Hollywood classic, and at the same time the first joint work of a daughter and father on the screen. For Henry Fonda, the role of the old grumpy professor was the last. Henry's on-screen couple was Katharine Hepburn, another actress of old, old Hollywood, which now remains only to be remembered. The picture received three Oscars, including two acting ones, because it was impossible not to mention Henry and Catherine. And Jane received only a nomination, and this is not her film by and large, but you must admit that there is something in it to appear in the last film of your father, albeit not for long. nine0003

Viola Fields-“If the mother-in-law is Monster ...” (Monster-In-Law, 2005)

Director: Robert Luketich

C with Jennifer Lopez, Jain Fund, Michael Vartan, Vandanda, Vandand Sykes, Adam Scott, Will Arnett, Stephen Dunham

When Charlie was almost desperate to meet the man of her dreams, fate unexpectedly brought her to Kevin. A charming smart girl and a handsome successful man found each other, and after several happy months spent together, the couple got engaged. Everything would be fine, but Kevin's mother intends in no case to allow someone to take away her beloved son from her! The war of the bride and the future mother-in-law begins - it is quite possible to imagine what the consequences will be . ..

This film marked Jane Fonda's return to the big screen after a 15-year hiatus from her career. Not to say that the return turned out to be triumphant, but definitely spectacular and bright. The image of Viola, a successful and purposeful TV presenter, known all over the world, was embodied by the actress with chic, excitement and a share of self-irony. In addition, Jane, who was well over sixty at the time of filming, demonstrated to everyone her ability to look brilliant regardless of the circumstances.

This film would have lost more than half of its charm if someone else had played Viola. And so a quite solid comedy came out, which does not claim to be a masterpiece, but is able to please the performers of the main roles with energy and positiveness.

Brenda Morel - "Youth" (Youth, 2015)

Director: Paolo Sorrentino

Cast: Michael Caine, Harvey Diana Genalina, Rachel Weisz Foundation0003

Fred is a famous composer and conductor whose works the Queen of Great Britain herself dreams of hearing at her reception. Mick is an Oscar-winning director who is currently working on the script for a testament film. Both are over eighty years old, they have tremendous success and more than half a century of friendship behind them. The friends decide to spend the summer at an alpine resort, but there they are waiting for not so much rest and treatment as reflection and drama of the past that will turn the lives of Fred and Mick upside down.

Paolo Sorrentino has created a visually beautiful and deep film, where even minor characters have fully developed characters. Jane Fonda appears in the film for about seven minutes of screen time, but what seven minutes! The actress not only manages to show a bright and emotional heroine, but also reveals the internal conflict of the older generation of representatives of creative professions. Her Brenda is a kind of collective image of all actresses in years who have to adapt to the current state of affairs in cinema. Either you star in useless films of a director who has gone into circulation, or you agree to a simple role in a stupid series that will bring a noble fee. nine0003

Brenda chose her path, but Jane Fonda herself, in my opinion, still continues to act in those projects where she is allowed to reveal her skills and talent. And the Golden Globe nomination for a supporting role in Youth is proof of that.

Eddie Moore - Our Souls at Night (2017)

Director: Riteish Batra

Cast: Janet Grias Shawnee, Robert Armty Redford, Robert , Bruce Dern

Eddie and Luis live next door for many years and know a lot about each other, but they will only really get to know each other when one day Eddie makes an unexpected proposal. Spending evenings and nights together (platonically), the characters begin to understand something important about themselves and become kindred spirits. But will the burden of the past years and responsibility to loved ones allow Louis and Eddie to find long-awaited happiness?

With all due respect to the skill of the director and the talent of the scriptwriters, without the leading actors, this film would certainly have become just a passing project. Now it is already difficult to imagine anyone else in the place of Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, the actors fit so well to embody the types written on paper. Eddie and Louis came to life on the screens, were able to arouse sincere sympathy, you believe in their stories, you empathize with the characters. nine0003

Jane Fonda embodies with dignity the image of a determined elderly lady with a loving heart and a lively disposition. The heroine is frightened not so much by the very fact of old age, but by the lack of the opportunity to talk heart to heart with someone. If you think about it, it's really scary. The actress herself noted that she gladly agreed to take part in the filming, because she wanted to show the advantages of age. Well, Fonda didn’t want to miss the opportunity to play in the same film with Redford again - the actors starred together in several projects back in the 60s, but even now their on-screen duet looks extremely impressive. nine0003

Jane Fonda - biography, photo, age, personal life, her children 2022

Biography of Jane Fonda

One of the greatest actresses of the 20th century is Jane Fonda. More than 200 roles in the cinema, and, it would seem, everything has been played, but who knows how the brilliant Jane will surprise this world again? She conquered the world not only with screen images. Her fitness and beauty programs are followed by millions of women. In the 60s, she was not afraid to speak out against the militaristic policy of the US Republican Party, for which she, one of the few American women, was known and loved in the USSR. nine0002 Actress Jane Fonda


On December 21, 1937, actor Henry Fonda and his wife Francis had their first child (Jane Seymour Fonda). According to family tradition, the blood of Lady Jane Seymour herself, the wife of the British monarch Henry VIII, flowed in the veins of the woman, and the girl was named after her.

Jane Fonda (left) and her family

A few years later, little Jane had a brother Peter, her father became a movie star of the first magnitude, and her mother began to show the first signs of bipolar disorder. nine0002 Jane Fonda with father

The actress believes that she has absorbed more paternal character traits than maternal ones. She spoke of Henry as "an actor with a Spartan upbringing", and her mother as a spoiled socialite. Her father was more fond of smoky jazz clubs in Harlem, her mother winced at such leisure and preferred dinner parties with the elite in Manhattan.
I am like him, I chose his craft, I, like him, valued honesty and the ability to stand up for myself in people
Jane grew up early, she and her brother Peter were left to their own devices, her father was always busy filming, and her mother either suffered from a bout of depression or was having fun.

When Jane was 11, her parents divorced. A year later, her mother died, as her father explained, from a heart attack, and only many years later did she find out that Francoise had committed suicide in a psychiatric hospital.

Jane Fonda as a child

Henry Fonda was a wonderful father, but the 50s were in the yard, women were required to look perfect, and little Jane constantly heard from her dad: “People only care about your appearance. ” In pursuit of the ideal, a teenage girl began to torment herself with hunger, earning bulimia. nine0002 When she was 16, Greta Garbo came to visit the villa where Henry Fonda was vacationing with his children and his new wife. The actress invited Jane to swim and did not even put on a swimsuit. The girl looked at the body of the star and realized that she is not perfect, but so beautiful, despite her strong physique! Since then, her attitude to beauty has changed. Fonda realized that true beauty is in a healthy, muscular body, not in an emaciated, exhausted one. But she managed to get rid of the consequences of bulimia only by the age of 36. nine0003

Young Jane Fonda

The girl always felt lonely; in order to somehow fill the void in her heart, she went in for sports, danced, and when she was alone, she read voraciously. Having changed several prestigious boarding houses, Jane barely graduated from high school and, after spending several months in Paris, returned to America.

Big story. Career

In New York, the girl began to study acting. Not wanting to ask her father for money to study, she worked as a model, and at the age of 18 she already graced the cover of Vogue. nine0002 Jane Fonda started out as model

At the age of 20, for the sake of interest, she signed up for acting classes with Lee Strasberg. The master of stage art noted the talent of the girl after the first sketch she demonstrated.

Jane Fonda Documentary

In 1959, she took part in the production of the play "Once upon a time there was a little girl ..." in one of the many Broadway theaters. The father did not share with Jane the joy of her first success, but asked his friend to invite Jane to a role in his new film. nine0002 The comedy picture "The Big Story" was released in 1960, the young but already very famous Anthony Perkins became the actress's partner, but this picture went down in history only because Jane played her first film role in it. This was followed by several films in which the actress got the role of cute charmers, which, however, brought her great popularity.

Jane Fonda in The Big Story

In 1963, the unrealistically beautiful duet of Jane Fonda and Alain Delon in the film Predators by Rene Clement became an event in Europe and America, and gave the actress a meeting with Roger Vadim. The brilliant director took Jane in several of his films. The role of an alien beauty in the fantastic comedy "Barbarella" (1968) she did, having already become his wife.

Jane Fonda and Alain Delon

The image of a sexy beauty became stellar for Jane, but quickly got bored with the actress and even became annoying. As is her marriage. Relationships began to weigh on her, the undiscovered potential of a dramatic actress demanded embodiment on the screen, and Jane gladly accepted the invitation of Sydney Pollack to star in the drama "Hunted Horses Are Shooted, Don't They?".

Jane Fonda as Barbarella

Tired woman with dead eyes, frighteningly cynical and angry, who would recognize in her a Barbarella doll wrapped in skin? To get used to the role and convey all the despair of a person who decided on a deadly marathon, Jane danced for fourteen hours, interrupting rehearsals only for a short sleep. The success of the picture exceeded all expectations - the role of Gloria is considered one of the best and most significant works of the actress. nine0002 Jane Fonda in "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?"

Her other significant work is the role of a prostitute in the detective story Klute (1971), for which she received an Oscar.

The second "Oscar" the actress was awarded in 1979 for her role in the film "Homecoming", revealing the terrible consequences of the Vietnam War. But she received the most important award after 2 years. All her life, Jane Fonda, an unattainable star for millions of people, like a little girl, was waiting for recognition from the only person - her father. Such recognition was the participation of Henry Fonda in the film "On the Golden Pond", where he played the role of the father of the main character, played by Jane. Henry Fonda was already ill and soon died. The emotionally stingy father, who never told Jane about how much he loves her, said this in the film when he said goodbye. nine0003

Jane Fonda in Homecoming

In the period from 1985 to 2004, the actress starred a little. Hardly experiencing the death of her father, she literally pulled herself out of depression by taking up gymnastics and developing a set of exercises that scattered around the world on videotapes and brought her a huge fortune.

Jane Fonda created her own aerobics program

Having become a successful entrepreneur, Jane still remained an actress, and returned to the audience in 2005. “Live on your own”, “If the mother-in-law is a monster”, “Youth”, “Fathers and daughters” - no matter what image Jane Fonda tries on herself, she proved that she can do anything. nine0301 Jane Fonda's private life The actress had three marriages. Her first husband was the French director Roger Vadim, from whom a daughter, Vanessa, was born. The marriage lasted 8 years (1965 - 1973). Fonda enthusiastically played the role of an ideal wife: she busied herself with the housework, and also pretended to share Roger's views on free love and participated in orgies organized by him.

Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim

Politician Tom Hayden, a left-wing activist, became the second husband of the actress (1973 - 1990). They were brought together by common views - both opposed the policies of the Republican Party and the paramilitary course of Richard Nixon. From marriage with him was born Troy Garity.

After meeting Hayden, Jane began to make anti-militarist speeches, fund the Veterans Against War Society, and campaign for an end to the Cold War. Largely due to her views, the film “Hunted horses are shot down, isn’t it?” (however, the fact that the film was set during the Great Depression also played a big role). nine0003

Jane Fonda and her second husband Tom Hayden

In the early 70s, Jane Fonda was detained by the police. She was accused of transporting drugs, which turned out to be vitamins. It was a plan of intimidation personally planned by Nixon - "revenge" for the anti-war actions of the actress in Vietnam.

Fonda and Hayden also have an adopted daughter, Mary Luana Williams (born 1967). Since childhood, she has been involved in the Black Panthers, a left-wing radical movement for the rights of blacks. Her biological parents were members of this organization; her father was deprived of liberty, her mother drank herself, and the girl grew up as a kind of "daughter of the regiment." Jane met Mary at a children's camp sponsored by the actress. nine0003

The third husband (1991 - 2001) was Ted Turner, businessman, founder of CNN. They divorced due to their husband's infidelity.

Jane Fonda and her last husband Ted Turner

After that, Fonda felt that she was tired of a serious relationship. After a dozen lovers, she began a stable relationship with music producer Richard Perry, which lasted 8 years, but in 2017 they parted.

Jane Fonda and her children

The woman believes that it is stupid to refuse intimate relationships after sixty: “We, women, with age, on the contrary, it only gets easier. We talk more freely about what we like in bed and what we don't.

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